Historical Events of Chaucer's Time

Texts Relevant to Some Historical Events of Chaucer's Time 

For some excellent collections of source texts see:

Paul Halsall's Internet Medieval Source Book

ORB, The On-line Reference Book, edited by Kathryn Talaricor.

To find other useful sites go to NetSerf, The internet connection for medieval sources

On the Plague, see:

The ORB Page on The Black Death

Boccaccio's account of the Plague in Florence.

On the Peasants' revolt see:

The Literature of Richard II's Reign and the Peasants' Revolt  Edited by James M. Dean. This is on the TEAMS site, another very useful collection of texts (mainly literary).

Anonimalle Chronicle (an account of Wat Tyler). 

Gray's Scalacronica(an account of Wat Tyler)

The Brut or Chronicle of England, an account of Jack Straw's rebellion.

Some other related topics:

Jean Froissart, on the Jacquerie, 1358.

Jean Froissart, on the Hundred Years War (1337-1453).

The ordinance of laborers (1349) 

The Deposition and Death of Richard II and The Accession of Henry IV.