Each entry consists of, first, in bold face, the word (as it appears in the Middle English Dictionary), its part of speech (also as in MED), its definition, its headword in the Oxford English dictionary, and finally the "KEY" to be used in searches (not yet ready for use). The second line (and the third in some cases) in the entry contains the word and the number of its uses, and then the various forms that embody the word, with the number of uses of each form.

The headwords from the MED and OED are provided for the use of students wishing to study the words further, one can search the index of spellings click here

Note that the definitons in the Glossary can also be searched, and they thus serve as a kind of make-shift thesaurus.



-- A --



a indef. art. "a," s.v. a adj.\2 OED. KEY: a@indef_art
a indef_art 5543 a 4971 an 572

a interj. "ah," s.v. ah int. OED. KEY: a@interj
a interj 41 a 41

a n1 "the letter a," s.v. a. OED. KEY: a@n1
a n1 22 a 22

Aaron n. "Aaron, Moses' brother (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: aaron@n#propn
aaron n#propn 1 aaron 1

abaishen v. "be abashed, embarrassed; be afraid, perplexed; (ppl. adj.) abashed," s.v. abash v. OED, abashed ppl. a. OED. KEY: abaishen@v abaishen@v#adj
abaishen v#adj 1 abaysed 1
abaishen v 13 abaissen 1 abaist 1 abasht 1 abasschid 1 abasshed 3 abasshen 1 abaysed 1 abayssched 1 abayst 3

abaishing ger. "source of bewilderment," s.v. abashing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: abaishing@ger
abaishing ger 1 abaysschinge 1

abak adv. "backward," s.v. aback adv. OED. KEY: abak@adv
abak adv 3 a-bak 1 abak 2

abakward adv. "backward," s.v. abackward adv. OED. KEY: abakward@adv
abakward adv 1 abakward 1

abandonen v. "abandon, devote (oneself to); yield," s.v. abandon v. OED. KEY: abandonen@v
abandonen v 4 abaundone 1 abaundoneth 2 abawndone 1

abaten v. "abate, reduce, decrease; (math.) subtract," s.v. abate v.\1 OED. KEY: abaten@v
abaten v 15 abate 10 abated 4 abateth 1

abaven v. "(ppl.) confounded, disconcerted," s.v. abave v. OED. KEY: abaven@v
abaven v 1 abaved 1

abbeie n. "abbey (also as adj.)," s.v. abbey OED. KEY: abbeie@n abbeie@n#adj
abbeie n#adj 1 abbey 1
abbeie n 3 abbay 1 abbeye 2

abbesse n. "abbess," s.v. abbess OED. KEY: abbesse@n
abbesse n 1 abbesse 1

abbot n. "abbot," s.v. abbot OED. KEY: abbot@n
abbot n 8 abbot 8

abedde adv. "in bed," s.v. abed adv. OED. KEY: abedde@adv
abedde adv 17 abedde 17

abeggeth adv. "begging," s.v. begged OED. KEY: abeggeth@adv
abeggeth adv 1 a-begged 1

abette n. "incitement," s.v. abet sb. OED. KEY: abette@n
abette n 1 abet 1

abhominable adj. "abominable, (physically) disgusting, (morally) detestable," s.v. abominable a. OED. KEY: abhominable@adj
abhominable adj 10 abhominable 1 abhomynable 9

abhominacioun n. "physical loathing, disgust; (pl.) abominations, disgusting practices," s.v. abomination OED. KEY: abhominacioun@n
abhominacioun n 3 abhomynacion 1 abhomynacions 1 abhomynacioun 1

abiden v. "abide, wait, be patient; delay; remain, stay; experience, endure; refrain," s.v. abide v. OED. KEY: abiden@v
abiden v 96 abid 5 abide 17 abiden 4 abidest 2 abideth 4 abidyng 3 abidynge 1 abit 2 abod 3 abood 4 abyd 2 abyde 43 abyden 4 abydest 1 abydeth 1

abiding ger. "expectation; duration," s.v. abiding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: abiding@ger
abiding ger 2 abydynge 2

abien v. "pay for, suffer," s.v. abye v. OED. KEY: abien@v
abien v 19 abegge 1 abeye 1 abieth 1 aboght 2 aboghte 1 abought 3 aboughte 2 abye 4 abyen 2 abyest 1 abyeth 1

Abigail n. "Abigail, wife of Nabal (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: abigail@n#propn
abigail n#propn 2 abigayl 1 abygail 1

abilite n. "ability," s.v. ability OED. KEY: abilite@n
abilite n 1 abilite 1

a-blakeberied ppl. "(ppl.) astray," s.v. blakeberyed OED. KEY: a-blakeberied@ppl
a-blakeberied ppl_abs 1 a-blakeberyed 1

able adj. "able, competent, capable; suitable; deserving, worthy," s.v. able a. OED. KEY: able@adj
able adj 21 able 21

ablen v. "(ppl.) enabling," s.v. able v. OED. KEY: ablen@v
ablen v 2 ablynge 2

ablucioun n. "(alchem.) chemical purification," s.v. ablution OED. KEY: ablucioun@n
ablucioun n 1 ablucions 1

abod n. "delay, waiting," s.v. abode OED. KEY: abod@n
abod n 4 abod 1 abodes 1 abood 2

aboundaunce n. "abundance, plenty," s.v. abundance OED. KEY: aboundaunce@n
aboundaunce n 13 haboundances 1 haboundaunce 1 habowndance 1 habundance 2 habundances 1 habundaunce 7

aboundaunt adj. "abundant, plentiful," s.v. abundant a. OED. KEY: aboundaunt@adj
aboundaunt adj 7 haboundant 1 haboundaunt 2 habundant 2 habundaunt 2

aboundauntli adv. "abundantly," s.v. abundantly adv. OED. KEY: aboundauntli@adv
aboundauntli adv 1 habundantly 1

abounden v.(1) "abound, be full (of)," s.v. abound v.\1 OED. KEY: abounden@v1
abounden v1 9 habounde 4 habounden 2 haboundeth 2 haboundinge 1

abouten adv. "about; all around; (with bring, come) cause to happen, come to pass," s.v. about adv. and prep. OED. KEY: abouten@adv
abouten adv 79 about 1 aboute 78

abouten adv. as adj. "(after nouns and as predicate) about, around; (with ben) be about (to do something), be diligent, engaged in," s.v. about adv. and prep. OED. KEY: abouten@advas_adj
abouten advas_adj 22 aboute 22

abouten prep. "about, around; approximately; concerning," s.v. about adv. and prep. OED. KEY: abouten@prep
abouten prep 94 about 4 aboute 81 abouten 8 abowte 1

aboven adv. "above; earlier (in a discussion); on top of, on the surface; in a higher rank or situation," s.v. above adv. and prep. OED. KEY: aboven@adv
aboven adv 25 above 23 aboven 2

aboven adv. as adj. "above (after nouns and as predicate)," s.v. above adv. and prep. OED. KEY: aboven@advas_adj
aboven advas_adj 39 above 38 aboven 1

aboven prep. "above; higher in rank or situation; in addition to," s.v. above adv. and prep. OED. KEY: aboven@prep
aboven prep 43 above 19 aboven 24

Abraham n. "Abraham (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: abraham@n#propn
abraham n#propn 1 abraham 1

abreggen v. "abridge, alleviate, reduce; limit," s.v. abridge v. OED. KEY: abreggen@v
abreggen v 9 abregge 9

abregginge ger. "reduction, limiting," s.v. abridging vbl. sb. OED. KEY: abregginge@ger
abregginge ger 3 abregginge 1 abreggynge 2

abreiden v.(1) "move suddenly; awake," s.v. abraid v. str. OED. KEY: abreiden@v1
abreiden v1 10 abrayd 1 abrayde 2 abreyd 1 abreyde 6

abrochen v. "tap (a cask)," s.v. abroach v. OED. KEY: abrochen@v
abrochen v 1 abroche 1

abrode adv.(1) "stretched out," s.v. abroad adv. and prep. OED. KEY: abrode@adv1
abrode adv1 1 abrood 1

absence n. "absence," s.v. absence OED. KEY: absence@n
absence n 16 absence 16

absent adj. (& n.) "(as adj.) absent," s.v. absent a. OED. KEY: absent@adj
absent adj 10 absent 10

absenten v. "absent (oneself)," s.v. absent v. OED. KEY: absenten@v
absenten v 1 absente 1

Absolon n.(1) "Absolon, character in the MilT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: absolon@n1#propn
absolon n1#propn 31 absolon 31

Absolon n.(2) "Absolom, son of King David (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: absolon@n2#propn
absolon n2#propn 2 absolon 2

Absolonem Lat. n. "Absolom (in the Bible)." KEY: absolonem@lat_n#propn
absolonem lat_n#propn 1 absolonem 1

absolucioun n. "absolution," s.v. absolution OED. KEY: absolucioun@n
absolucioun n 2 absolucion 1 absolucioun 1

absolut ppl. "absolute, unrestricted, complete; absolved," s.v. absolute a. OED. KEY: absolut@ppl
absolut ppl 3 absolut 3
absolut ppl_abs 6 absolut 6

absolutli adv. "absolutely, unconditionally," s.v. absolutely adv. OED. KEY: absolutli@adv
absolutli adv 1 absolutly 1

abstinence n. "abstinence, self-denial," s.v. abstinence OED. KEY: abstinence@n
abstinence n 12 abstinence 11 abstynence 1

abstinent adj. "abstemious," s.v. abstinent a. OED. KEY: abstinent@adj
abstinent adj 1 abstinent 1

abusioun n. "deception, falsehood; heresy; shameful act," s.v. abusion OED. KEY: abusioun@n
abusioun n 4 abusioun 4

a-caterwawed adv. "yowling, like a cat in heat," s.v. caterwaul v. OED. KEY: a-caterwawed@adv
a-caterwawed adv 1 a-caterwawed 1

acceptable adj. "acceptable," s.v. acceptable a. OED. KEY: acceptable@adj
acceptable adj 1 acceptable 1

accepten v. "accept, receive graciously," s.v. accept v. OED. KEY: accepten@v
accepten v 11 accepte 5 accepted 1 accepteth 5

accesse n. "fever, ague," s.v. access OED. KEY: accesse@n
accesse n 3 accesse 3

accidental adj. "non-essential," s.v. accidental a. OED. KEY: accidental@adj
accidental adj 1 accidental 1

accident n. "occurrence; outward appearance, non-essential characteristic," s.v. accident OED. KEY: accident@n
accident n 5 accident 5

accidie n. "sloth," s.v. accidie OED. KEY: accidie@n
accidie n 18 accidie 18

accioun n. "act, action," s.v. action OED. KEY: accioun@n
accioun n 4 accioun 1 acciouns 3

accomplisshen v. "accomplish, perform; fulfill, satisfy," s.v. accomplish v. OED. KEY: accomplisshen@v
accomplisshen v 19 accomplice 3 accompliced 3 acomplice 1 acompliced 3 acomplise 1 acomplisse 1 acomplissed 1 acomplissen 3 acomplisseth 2 acomplissid 1

accomplisshing ger. "accomplishment," s.v. accomplishing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: accomplisshing@ger
accomplisshing ger 1 acomplissynge 1

accordable adj. "harmonious," s.v. accordable a. OED. KEY: accordable@adj
accordable adj 2 accordable 2

accord n. "good will; agreement, reconciliation; harmony; decision," s.v. accord OED. KEY: accord@n
accord n 27 accord 14 acord 12 acordes 1

accordaunce n. "agreement, harmony," s.v. accordance OED. KEY: accordaunce@n
accordaunce n 4 accordaunce 4

accordaunt adj. "conforming (to), agreeing (with)," s.v. accordant a. OED. KEY: accordaunt@adj
accordaunt adj 7 accordant 2 accordaunt 1 acordaunt 4

accorden v. "come to an agreement, agree; consent, conspire; be consonant, fitting (with)," s.v. accord v. OED. KEY: accorden@v
accorden v 63 accorde 14 accorded 6 accorden 3 accordest 1 accordeth 9 accordid 1 acorde 7 acorded 14 acordeden 1 acorden 3 acordeth 4

according ppl. "agreeing; corresponding, suiting; suitable, harmonious," s.v. according ppl. a. and adv. OED. KEY: according@prp
according prp_abs 4 according 1 accordynge 2 acordynge 1
according prp 3 accordynge 3

accounte n. "(pl.) financial accounts; account for one's conduct," s.v. account sb. OED. KEY: accounte@n
accounte n 3 acountes 3

accounten v. "reckon, value; recount," s.v. account v. OED. KEY: accounten@v
accounten v 4 accompte 1 acounte 1 acounted 1 acountedest 1

accountinge ger. "computation," s.v. accounting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: accountinge@ger
accountinge ger 1 acontynge 1

accusacioun n. "accusation, charge of misconduct," s.v. accusation OED. KEY: accusacioun@n
accusacioun n 2 accusacioun 2

accusement n. "accusation," s.v. accusement OED. KEY: accusement@n
accusement n 1 accusement 1

accusen v. "accuse (of an offense), blame; reveal, confess," s.v. accuse v. OED. KEY: accusen@v
accusen v 21 accuse 3 accused 10 accusen 5 accusest 1 accusith 1 acused 1

accusinge ger. "accusation (of a crime)," s.v. accusing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: accusinge@ger
accusinge ger 5 accusynge 5

accusour n. "accuser (of a crime)," s.v. accusor OED. KEY: accusour@n
accusour n 16 accusour 6 accusours 10

accustomaunce n. "custom, habit," s.v. accustomance OED. KEY: accustomaunce@n
accustomaunce n 2 acustumaunce 2

Achademicis n. "Academics, followers of Plato"; not in OED (cf. Academic OED), not in MED. KEY: achademicis@n
achademicis n 1 achademycis 1

achat n. "purchasing," s.v. achate sb.\2 OED. KEY: achat@n
achat n 2 achaat 1 achat 1

Achates n. "Achates, Aeneas' companion," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: achates@n#propn
achates n#propn 6 achate 1 achates 5

achatour n. "buyer of provisions," s.v. achatour OED. KEY: achatour@n
achatour n 1 achatours 1

ache n.(1) "aching, pain," s.v. ache sb.\1 OED. KEY: ache@n1
ache n1 1 ache 1

acheken v. "check, choke," s.v. acheck v. OED. KEY: acheken@v
acheken v 2 achoked 1 achoken 1

achekked ppl. "checked, brought to a stop," s.v. acheck v. OED. KEY: achekked@ppl
achekked ppl 1 achekked 1

Acheleous n. "Achelous, a river god," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: acheleous@n#propn
acheleous n#propn 3 achaleous 1 acheleous 1 acheloys 1

Achemenie n. "Persia, including Armenia," place name; not in MED. KEY: achemenie@n#propn
achemenie n#propn 1 achemenye 1

acheven v. "achieve, finish (a task); gain, succeed (in)," s.v. achieve v. OED. KEY: acheven@v
acheven v 10 acheve 4 acheved 4 acheveth 2

Achilles n. "Achilles, Greek hero of the Trojan war," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: achilles@n#propn
achilles n#propn 12 achille 1 achilles 11

Achitofel n. "Achitophel, King David's counselor (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: achitofel@n#propn
achitofel n#propn 2 achitofel 2

acloien v. "overburden," s.v. accloy v. OED. KEY: acloien@v
acloien v 1 acloyeth 1

acoien v. "soothe," s.v. accoy v. OED. KEY: acoien@v
acoien v 2 accoyede 1 acoye 1

acompas adv. "circularly," s.v. a-compass adv. OED. KEY: acompas@adv
acompas adv 1 a-compas 1

acte n. "act, deed," s.v. act OED. KEY: acte@n
acte n 7 act 1 acte 1 actes 5

actif adj. "active," s.v. active a. OED. KEY: actif@adj
actif adj 1 actif 1

actual adj. "actual, in deed," s.v. actual a. OED. KEY: actual@adj
actual adj 1 actueel 1

Actuum Lat. n. "Book of Acts (in the Bible)." KEY: actuum@lat_n
actuum lat_n 1 actuum 1

acursen v. "curse," s.v. accurse v. OED. KEY: acursen@v
acursen v 10 acorse 2 acorsed 2 acursed 6

a-dai phrase & adv. "(as adv.) at daytime; daily, each day; today," s.v. aday, a-days adv. prop. phr. OED, a-dai, adai phrase. & adv. MED. KEY: a_dai@adv
a_dai adv 3 a-day 2 adaye 1

ad Lat. prep. "to." KEY: ad@lat_prep
ad lat_prep 6 ad 6

Adam n.(1) "Adam, first man (in the Bible)," proper n.; s.v. Adam n. MED. KEY: adam@n1#propn
adam n1#propn 22 adam 22

Adam n.(2) "Adam, Chaucer's scrivener," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: adam@n2#propn
adam n2#propn 1 adam 1

adamaunt n. "adamant; lodestone," s.v. adamant OED. KEY: adamaunt@n
adamaunt n 4 adamant 1 adamaunt 1 adamauntes 1 atthamaunt 1

adauen v.(1) "awake," s.v. adaw v.\1 OED. KEY: adauen@v1
adauen v1 2 adawe 1 adawed 1

adden v. "add," s.v. add v. OED. KEY: adden@v
adden v 17 adde 7 added 2 adden 4 addeth 1 addide 1 addith 2

adieu adv. "(as interj.) good-bye, farewell," s.v. adieu int. OED. KEY: adieu@adv#interj
adieu adv#interj 2 adieu 2

adjeccioun n. "addition, qualification," s.v. adjection OED. KEY: adjeccioun@n
adjeccioun n 1 adjeccioun 1

adjuracioun n. "exorcism," s.v. adjuration OED. KEY: adjuracioun@n
adjuracioun n 1 adjuracioun 1

administracioun n. "administering, management," s.v. administration OED. KEY: administracioun@n
administracioun n 1 administracioun 1

administren v. "administer, manage," s.v. administer v. OED. KEY: administren@v
administren v 2 adminystred 1 amynistreth 1

Adoon n. "Adonis, beloved of Venus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: adoon@n#propn
adoon n#propn 2 adoon 1 adoun 1

adoun adv. "down, downward, below," s.v. adown adv. and prep. OED. KEY: adoun@adv
adoun adv 105 a-doun 2 adoun 90 adown 13

adoun prep. "down," s.v. adown adv. and prep. OED. KEY: adoun@prep
adoun prep 1 adown 1

adouren v. "(ppl.) adored, worshipped," s.v. adore v. OED. KEY: adouren@v
adouren v 1 adoured 1

adouring ger. "adoration, worship," s.v. adoring vbl. sb. OED. KEY: adouring@ger
adouring ger 1 adowrynge 1

adournen v. "adorn," s.v. adorn v. OED. KEY: adournen@v
adournen v 1 adorneth 1

Adrastus n. "Adrastus, king of Argos," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: adrastus@n#propn
adrastus n#propn 1 adrastus 1

adreden v. "(ppl.) frightened," s.v. adrad ppl. a.\1 OED. KEY: adreden@v
adreden v 10 adrad 9 adred 1

adressing ger. "control," s.v. addressing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: adressing@ger
adressing ger 1 adressynge 1

Adriane n. "Ariadne, daughter of King Minos," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: adriane@n#propn
adriane n#propn 15 adriane 6 adryane 9

adversaire n. & adj. "(as n.) adversary, enemy," s.v. adversary a. and sb. OED. KEY: adversaire@n
adversaire n 1 adversaire 1

adversarie adj. "adverse, contrary," s.v. adversary a. and. sb. OED. KEY: adversarie@adj
adversarie adj 1 adversarie 1

adversarie n. "adversary, enemy," s.v. adversary a. and. sb. OED. KEY: adversarie@n
adversarie n 31 adversarie 8 adversaries 23

adverse adj. "adverse, contrary," s.v. adverse a. and sb. OED. KEY: adverse@adj
adverse adj 1 adverse 1

adversite n. "adversity, misfortune; hostility," s.v. adversity OED. KEY: adversite@n
adversite n 53 adversite 14 adversitee 29 adversitees 1 adversites 6 adversyte 3

advertence n. "attention; mind," s.v. advertence OED. KEY: advertence@n
advertence n 4 advertence 4

advocacie n. "accusation," s.v. advocacy OED. KEY: advocacie@n
advocacie n 1 advocacies 1

advocat n. "advocate, lawyer," s.v. advocate sb. OED. KEY: advocat@n
advocat n 10 advocat 3 advocattes 2 advocattz 1 advocatz 4

afer adv. "afar, far off," s.v. afar adv. OED. KEY: afer@adv
afer adv 8 afer 8

afered ppl. "afraid; apprehensive, leery," s.v. afeard ppl. a. OED. KEY: afered@ppl
afered ppl_abs 2 aferd 2
afered ppl 11 aferd 3 afered 8

affeccioun n. "affection, emotion; desire, love," s.v. affection sb. OED. KEY: affeccioun@n
affeccioun n 27 affeccions 4 affeccioun 20 affecciouns 3

affect n. "desire," s.v. affect sb. OED. KEY: affect@n
affect n 1 affectis 1

affermen v. "affirm, declare; confirm, ratify; fix in place," s.v. affirm v. OED. KEY: affermen@v
affermen v 9 afferme 1 affermed 5 affermen 1 affermeth 2

affiaunce n. "solemn promise, pledged faith," s.v. affiaunce OED. KEY: affiaunce@n
affiaunce n 1 affiance 1

affilen v. "polish," s.v. affile v. OED. KEY: affilen@v
affilen v 2 affile 2

affinite n. "relationship by marriage, kinship; association, companionship," s.v. affinity OED. KEY: affinite@n
affinite n 3 affinyte 1 affynite 1 affynytee 1

afforcen v. "(ppl.) compelled," s.v. afforce v. OED. KEY: afforcen@v
afforcen v 1 afforced 1

affrai n. "assault, disturbance; fear," s.v. affray sb. OED. KEY: affrai@n
affrai n 7 affraie 1 affray 5 afray 1

affraien v.(1) "frighten; (ppl.) afraid," s.v. affray v. OED, afraid ppl. a. OED. KEY: affraien@v1
affraien v1 8 affraieth 1 affraye 1 affrayed 5 afraied 1

Affrican n. "Scipio Africanus Major," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: affrican@n#propn
affrican n#propn 7 affrican 4 affrycan 3

Affrikan n. "Scipio Africanus Minor," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: affrikan@n#propn
affrikan n#propn 1 affrikan 1

Affrike n. "Africa," place name. KEY: affrike@n#propn
affrike n#propn 5 affrike 2 affryke 1 auffrike 1 auffrikes 1

afire adv. & pred. adj. "on fire; inflamed, excited," s.v. afire adv. and pred. a. OED. KEY: afire@adv&adj
afire adv&adj 12 a-fere 1 a-fyr 1 a-fyre 2 afire 4 afyre 4

afore-seid ppl. "aforesaid," s.v. afore adv. OED. KEY: afore-seid@ppl
afore-seid ppl_abs 2 aforeseyd 2

afor-yen prep. "opposite," s.v. afornens prep. and adv. OED. KEY: afor-yen@prep
afor-yen prep 1 aforyeyn 1

afounden v.(2) "decline," s.v. found v.\5 OED. KEY: afounden@v2
afounden v2 1 affounde 1

afrighten v. "(ppl.) frightened," s.v. affright v. OED. KEY: afrighten@v
afrighten v 1 afright 1

after adv. "after, afterwards, later," s.v. after adv. and prep. OED. KEY: after@adv
after adv 75 after 72 aftir 3

after conj. "after; according to, to the degree that," s.v. after adv. and prep. OED. KEY: after@conj
after conj 39 after 32 aftir 7

after prep. "after, next; in order to get, for; according to, in conformity with; in imitation of, like," s.v. after adv. and prep. OED. KEY: after@prep
after prep 348 after 331 aftir 17

after-dinner n. "time after dinner, afternoon," s.v. after-dinner OED, after- prefix MED. KEY: after-dinner@n
after-dinner n 2 after-dyner 2

after-mete n. "time after dinner, afternoon"; not in OED. KEY: after-mete@n
after-mete n 1 after-mete 1

after-soper n. "time after supper, evening," s.v. after-supper OED, after- prefix MED. KEY: after-soper@n
after-soper n 2 after-soper 2

after-ward adv. "later, afterwards; moreover," s.v. afterward adv. OED. KEY: after-ward@adv
after-ward adv 32 afterward 29 aftirward 3

agame adv. "in game, as a joke," s.v. a-game adv. OED. KEY: agame@adv
agame adv 3 a-game 3

Agamenoun n. "Agamemnon, leader of the Greek army at Troy," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: agamenoun@n#propn
agamenoun n#propn 5 agamenon 4 agamenoun 1

agasten v. "terrify, frighten; (ppl.) aghast, afraid," s.v. aghast v. OED, aghast ppl. a. OED. KEY: agasten@v
agasten v 37 agast 29 agaste 5 agasten 1 agasteth 2

Agaton n. "Agathon, a Greek poet," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: agaton@n#propn
agaton n#propn 1 agaton 1

age n. "age; old age," s.v. age OED. KEY: age@n
age n 76 age 74 ages 2

Agenores n. "(gen.) of Agenor, king of Tyre, father of Europa," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: agenores@n#propn
agenores n#propn 1 agenores 1

aggreggen v. "aggravate," s.v. aggrege v. OED. KEY: aggreggen@v
aggreggen v 5 aggreggeth 1 agregged 1 agreggeden 1 agreggen 2

agilten v. "offend, sin; be guilty of," s.v. aguilt v. OED. KEY: agilten@v
agilten v 20 agilt 10 agilte 4 agilten 2 agylt 2 agylte 2

Aglauros n. "Aglauros, sister of Herse," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: aglauros@n#propn
aglauros n#propn 1 aglawros 1

agon v. "(ppl.) gone, gone away; ago," s.v. ago, agone ppl. a. OED. KEY: agon@v
agon v 59 ago 26 agon 20 agoo 2 agoon 11

agonie n. "agony, fit of anguish," s.v. agony OED. KEY: agonie@n
agonie n 1 agonye 1

agreable adj. "agreeable, pleasing; acceptable, suitable," s.v. agreeable a. OED. KEY: agreable@adj
agreable adj 8 aggreable 2 agreable 5 agreables 1

agreableli adv. "agreeably, willingly; pleasingly," s.v. agreeably adv. OED. KEY: agreableli@adv
agreableli adv 2 aggreablely 1 agreablely 1

agreablete n. "agreeability, equability," s.v. agreeability OED. KEY: agreablete@n
agreablete n 1 aggreablete 1

agreen v. "agree, consent; please," s.v. agree v. OED. KEY: agreen@v
agreen v 3 agre 1 agree 1 agreen 1

agref adv. "(take) amiss," s.v. agrief adv. OED. KEY: agref@adv
agref adv 6 a-grief 2 agref 1 agrief 3

agreven v. "aggrieve, anger; distress, injure," s.v. aggrieve v. OED. KEY: agreven@v
agreven v 5 agreved 4 agreveth 1

agrisen v. "tremble (for fear or pity); frighten; fear, feel horror," s.v. agrise v. OED. KEY: agrisen@v
agrisen v 12 agrise 1 agrisen 1 agrisest 1 agroos 1 agros 2 agryse 4 agrysen 1 agryseth 1

agroteien v. "(ppl.) glutted, surfeited," s.v. agrote v. OED. KEY: agroteien@v
agroteien v 1 agroted 1

ague n. "ague, acute fever," s.v. ague OED. KEY: ague@n
ague n 1 agu 1

aguler n. "needle case," s.v. aguiler OED. KEY: aguler@n
aguler n 1 aguler 1

ai adv. "always, forever; every time; (with comp. adv.) progressively, more," s.v. ay, aye adv. OED. KEY: ai@adv
ai adv 230 ai 1 ay 229

aiel n. "grandfather," s.v. aiel OED. KEY: aiel@n
aiel n 1 aiel 1

air n.(1) "air; the element of air," s.v. air OED. KEY: air@n1
air n1 37 air 9 ayr 9 eir 6 eyr 13

airish adj. "of the air," s.v. airish a. OED, airish bestes phr. MED. KEY: airish@adj
airish adj 2 ayerissh 1 eyryssh 1

aisel n. "vinegar," s.v. eisell OED. KEY: aisel@n
aisel n 1 eisel 1

ajournen v. "fix a day for appearance in court," s.v. adjourn v. OED. KEY: ajournen@v
ajournen v 1 ajourne 1

ajuggen v. "(ppl.) judged, decided," s.v. adjudge v. OED. KEY: ajuggen@v
ajuggen v 1 ajugid 1

ajusten v. "adjust, correct," s.v. adjust v. OED. KEY: ajusten@v
ajusten v 1 ajuste 1

aken v. "ache, be painful," s.v. ache, ake v. OED. KEY: aken@v
aken v 5 ake 4 aken 1

aketoun n. "quilted jacket," s.v. acton OED. KEY: aketoun@n
aketoun n 1 aketoun 1

aking ger. "aching, pain," s.v. aching vbl. sb. OED. KEY: aking@ger
aking ger 1 akyngge 1

aknouen ppl. "confessed of, acknowledged (one's guilt)," s.v. acknow, aknow v. OED. KEY: aknouen@ppl
aknouen ppl 2 aknowe 2

akorn n. "acorn," s.v. acorn OED. KEY: akorn@n
akorn n 3 accornes 2 akkornes 1

al adv. & conj. "(as adv.) all, completely; (as conj.) although, even though," s.v. all a., sb., and adv. OED. KEY: al@adv al@conj
al conj 196 al 191 all 5

al adv 587 al 567 all 17 alle 3
alabastre n. "alabaster," s.v. alabaster OED. KEY: alabastre@n
alabastre n 1 alabastre 1

al lim. adj. & n. "(as adj.) all, the whole of; each; (as n.) all, everything," s.v. all a., sb., and adv. OED. KEY: al@gram_adj al@gram_adjas_n
al gram_adj 2270 al 1316 all 44 alle 910

al gram_adjas_n 439 al 366 alder 2 all 13 alle 55 aller 3

al n. "pointed instrument, awl," s.v. awl OED. KEY: al@n
al n 1 al 1

alai n. "(pl.) alloys, debasing," s.v. allay sb.\1 OED. KEY: alai@n
alai n 1 alayes 1

alambik n. "vessel for distilling," s.v. alembic OED. KEY: alambik@n
alambik n 2 alambikes 1 lambyc 1

alas interj. "alas," s.v. alas int. OED. KEY: alas@interj
alas interj 370 alas 22 allas 348

alaunt n. "large hunting dog," s.v. alan OED. KEY: alaunt@n
alaunt n 1 alauntz 1

albeit conj. "albeit," s.v. albeit conj. OED, al adv. & conj. MED. KEY: albeit@conj
albeit conj 4 albeit 4

albificacioun n. "chemical whitening," s.v. albification OED. KEY: albificacioun@n
albificacioun n 1 albificacioun 1

Albin n. "Decius Albinus, a contemporary of Boethius (identity uncertain)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: albin@n#propn
albin n#propn 2 albyn 2

Albion n. "Britain," place name. KEY: albion@n#propn
albion n#propn 1 albyon 1

Albon n. "Alban, a name the Host uses for the Monk," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: albon@n#propn
albon n#propn 1 albon 1

Alcathoe n. "Alcatho, the citadel at Megera," place name; not in MED. KEY: alcathoe@n#propn
alcathoe n#propn 2 alcathoe 2

Alceste n. "Alcestis, wife of Admetus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alceste@n#propn
alceste n#propn 14 alceste 14

Alcibiades n. "Alcibiades, a Greek general," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alcibiades@n#propn
alcibiades n#propn 3 alcebiades 1 alcibiades 1 alcipyades 1

Alcione n. "Alcyone, wife of Ceyx," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alcione@n#propn
alcione n#propn 8 alcione 6 alcyone 2

al-dai phrase & adv. "(as adv.) all day; every day, always," s.v. alday adv. phr. OED, al dai phr. & adv. MED. KEY: al_dai@adv
al_dai adv 23 alday 23

Aldeboran n. "Aldebaran, a star"; not in OED. KEY: aldeboran@n
aldeboran n 1 aldeberan 1

alder n.(1) "alder, the tree," s.v. alder sb.\1 OED. KEY: alder@n1
alder n1 1 alder 1

alderbest adj. "best of all," s.v. all a., sb., and adv. (D.3) OED, alder- prefix MED. KEY: alderbest@adj
alderbest adj 4 alderbest 1 alderbeste 3

alderbest adv. "best of all," s.v. all a., sb., adv. (D.3) OED, alder- prefix MED. KEY: alderbest@adv
alderbest adv 3 alderbest 3

alderfirst adj. "first of all," s.v. all a., sb., adv. (D.3) OED, alder- prefix MED. KEY: alderfirst@adj
alderfirst adj 2 alderfirste 1 altherferste 1

alderfirst adv. "first of all," s.v. all a., sb., adv. (D.3) OED, alder- prefix MED. KEY: alderfirst@adv
alderfirst adv 12 alderferst 1 alderfirst 8 aldirfirst 2 alther-first 1

alderlast adv. "last of all," s.v. all a., sb., adv. (D.3) OED, alder- prefix MED. KEY: alderlast@adv
alderlast adv 1 alderlast 1

alderlest adv. "least of all," s.v. all a., sb., adv. (D.3) OED, alder- prefix MED. KEY: alderlest@adv
alderlest adv 1 alderlest 1

alderlevest adj. "dearest of all," s.v. all a., sb., adv. (D.3) OED, alder- prefix MED. KEY: alderlevest@adj
alderlevest adj 2 alderlevest 2

alder-man n. "alderman," s.v. alderman OED. KEY: alder-man@n
alder-man n 1 alderman 1

aldermost adv. "most of all," s.v. all a., sb., adv. (D.3) OED, alder- prefix MED. KEY: aldermost@adv
aldermost adv 7 aldermost 4 aldirmost 1 alther-moost 1 althermost 1

aldernexte adv. "nearest of all," s.v. all a., sb., adv. (D.3) OED, aldernexte adv. MED Suppl. KEY: aldernexte@adv
aldernexte adv 1 aldernext 1

alderwisest adj. "wisest of all," s.v. all a., sb., adv. (D.3) OED, alderwisest adj. MED Suppl. KEY: alderwisest@adj
alderwisest adj 1 alderwisest 1

Aldiran n. "Aldiran, a star," n.; not in OED. KEY: aldiran@n
aldiran n 1 aldiran 1

ale n. "ale, the beverage" s.v. ale OED. KEY: ale@n
ale n 23 ale 23

aleie n. "alley, path," s.v. alley OED. KEY: aleie@n
aleie n 4 aleye 1 aleyes 3

Alein n.(1) "Aleyn, a character in RvT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alein@n1#propn
alein n1#propn 23 alayn 5 aleyn 18

Alein n.(2) "Alanus de Insulis," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alein@n2#propn
alein n2#propn 1 aleyn 1

ale-stake n. "tavern sign," s.v. alestake OED, ale n. MED. KEY: ale-stake@n
ale-stake n 2 ale-stake 1 alestake 1

Alete n. "Alecto, a fury," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alete@n#propn
alete n#propn 1 alete 1

Alexander n. "Alexander the Great," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alexander@n#propn
alexander n#propn 8 alexander 1 alexandres 1 alisandre 2 alisaundre 2 alixandre 1 alysaunder 1

Alexandrin n. "Alexandria, in Egypt," place name. KEY: alexandrin@n#propn
alexandrin n#propn 1 alexandryn 1

Alfonce n. "Petrus Alphonsus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alfonce@n#propn
alfonce n#propn 5 alfonce 4 alphonce 1

Algarsif n. "Algarsif, son of Cambuskan in SqT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: algarsif@n#propn
algarsif n#propn 2 algarsif 1 algarsyf 1

al-gates adv. "entirely, in every way; continually; in any case," s.v. algate, -s adv. OED. KEY: al-gates@adv
al-gates adv 61 algate 26 algates 26 algatis 9

Algezir n. "Algericas, in Spain," place name; not in MED. KEY: algezir@n#propn
algezir n#propn 1 algezir 1

Algomeisa n. "the star Procyon"; not in OED. KEY: algomeisa@n
algomeisa n 1 algomeysa 1

Alhabor n. "Sirius, the Dog Star"; not in OED. KEY: alhabor@n
alhabor n 2 alhabor 2

alich adj. "alike, equal," s.v. alike a. OED. KEY: alich@adj
alich adj 1 alyche 1

alienen v. "alienate, separate," s.v. alien v. OED. KEY: alienen@v
alienen v 1 aliene 1

alies n. (pl.) "serviceberries, a fruit"; not in OED. KEY: alies@n
alies n 1 aleys 1

alighten v.(1) "alight, descend; dismount, arrive," s.v. alight v.\1 OED. KEY: alighten@v1
alighten v1 10 alight 1 alighte 8 alyght 1

aline adv. "in a straight line," s.v. aline adv. OED. KEY: aline@adv
aline adv 1 a-lyne 1

Alisaundre n. "Alexandria, in Egypt," place name; not in MED. KEY: alisaundre@n#propn
alisaundre n#propn 3 alisaundre 2 alysaundre 1

Alisoun n.(1) "Alison, character in MilT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alisoun@n1#propn
alisoun n1#propn 13 alison 6 alisoun 7

Alisoun n.(2) "Alison, the Wife of Bath," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alisoun@n2#propn
alisoun n2#propn 2 alisoun 1 alys 1

Alisoun n.(3) "Alison, friend of the Wife of Bath," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alisoun@n3#propn
alisoun n3#propn 2 alisoun 1 alys 1

aliud Lat. adj. "another." KEY: aliud@lat_adj
aliud lat_adj 1 aliud 1

alive adj. & adv. "alive, living," s.v. alive adv. or pred. a. OED. KEY: alive@adj alive@adv
alive adj 14 alyve 14
alive adv 1 alyve 1

Alkabucius n. "Alchabitis, an Arabic astronomer," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alkabucius@n#propn
alkabucius n#propn 1 alkabucius 1

alkali n. "alkali," s.v. alkali OED. KEY: alkali@n
alkali n 1 alkaly 1

alkamistre n. "alchemist," s.v. alchemister OED. KEY: alkamistre@n
alkamistre n 1 alkamystre 1

Alkaron n. "Koran," proper name (literary work). KEY: alkaron@n#propn
alkaron n#propn 1 alkaron 1

al-kinnes adj. "of all kinds," s.v. alkin a. OED. KEY: al-kinnes@adj
al-kinnes adj 1 alleskynnes 1

Alla n. "Alla, king of Northumbria in MLT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alla@n#propn
alla n#propn 29 alla 28 alle 1

allegeaunce n.(2) "relief," s.v. allegeance\1 OED. KEY: allegeaunce@n2
allegeaunce n2 1 alleggeaunce 1

alleggen v.(1) "cite, adduce as proof," s.v. allege v.\2 OED. KEY: alleggen@v1
alleggen v1 4 alegge 1 allegge 3

alleggen v.(2) "(ppl.) alleviated," s.v. allege v.\1 OED. KEY: alleggen@v2
alleggen v2 1 alegged 1

alliaunce n. "alliance; family connection; bond of friendship," s.v. alliance sb. OED. KEY: alliaunce@n
alliaunce n 17 alliance 3 alliaunce 13 allyaunce 1

allie n. "kinsman, relative," s.v. ally sb.\1 OED. KEY: allie@n
allie n 4 allye 3 allyes 1

allien v. "form an alliance, join with; join in marriage," s.v. ally v. OED. KEY: allien@v
allien v 8 allie 1 allied 2 allye 2 allyed 1 allyen 2

allouen v. "praise, commend," s.v. allow v. OED. KEY: allouen@v
allouen v 2 allow 1 allowe 1

Alma Lat. adj. "nourishing, bountiful." KEY: alma@lat_adj
alma lat_adj 5 alma 5

Almachius n. "Almachius, the prefect in SNT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: almachius@n#propn
almachius n#propn 10 almache 3 almachius 7

Almageste n. "astronomical work by Ptolemy," proper name (literary work). KEY: almageste@n#propn
almageste n#propn 3 almageste 3

almaunder n. "almond tree," s.v. almander OED. KEY: almaunder@n
almaunder n 1 alemandres 1

Almena n. "Alcmena, mother of Hercules," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: almena@n#propn
almena n#propn 1 almena 1

almenak n. "set of astronomical tables," s.v. almanac OED. KEY: almenak@n
almenak n 2 almenak 2

almes-dede n. "charitable act," s.v. alms-deed OED. KEY: almes-dede@n
almes-dede n 2 almesdede 1 almus-dede 1

almesse n. "charitable gift; act of charity; merit earned by acts of charity; pity," s.v. alms OED. KEY: almesse@n
almesse n 12 almesse 10 almesses 2

almicanteras n. "(astro.) (pl.) parallels of altitude," s.v. almacantar OED. KEY: almicanteras@n
almicanteras n 31 almycanteras 2 almykanteras 29

al-mighti adj. (& n.) "(as adj.) almighty," s.v. almighty a. OED. KEY: al-mighti@adj
al-mighti adj 23 almighty 2 almyghti 1 almyghty 20

al-most adv. "almost," s.v. almost adv. OED. KEY: al-most@adv
al-most adv 52 almest 5 almoost 28 almost 18 almoste 1

almuri n. "pointer on an astrolabe," s.v. almury OED. KEY: almuri@n
almuri n 9 almury 9

Alnath n. "(astro.) the star Alnath," s.v. alnath OED. KEY: alnath@n
alnath n 1 alnath 1

Alocen n. "Alhazen, an authority on optics," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: alocen@n#propn
alocen n#propn 1 alocen 1

aloes n. "aloe, the tree," s.v. aloe OED. KEY: aloes@n
aloes n 1 aloes 1

alofte adv. "aloft, in the sky," s.v. aloft adv. and prep. OED. KEY: alofte@adv
alofte adv 3 alofte 3

alonde adv. "on land," s.v. aland adv. OED. KEY: alonde@adv
alonde adv 2 a-londe 2

al-one adv. & adj. "(as adj.) alone," s.v. alone a. and adv. OED. KEY: al-one@adj
al-one adj 78 allone 65 alloone 2 alone 9 aloon 1 aloone 1

along adj. "due to, (be) the fault of," s.v. along adj.\1 OED. KEY: along@adj
along adj 2 along 2

along adv. & prep. "(as adv.) along," s.v. along adv. and prep. OED. KEY: along@adv
along adv 2 along 2

alosen v. "praise," s.v. alose v. OED. KEY: alosen@v
alosen v 1 alose 1

aloude adv. "aloud," s.v. aloud adv. OED. KEY: aloude@adv
aloude adv 1 aloude 1

alpe n. "bullfinch, the bird" s.v. alp sb.\2 OED. KEY: alpe@n
alpe n 1 alpes 1

al-redi phrase & adv. "(as adv.) already," s.v. already adv. OED. (Also as two words (19 times, some adjectival). KEY: al_redi@adv
al_redi adv 1 alredy 1

also adv. "also," s.v. also adv. OED. KEY: also@adv
also adv 320 als 6 also 312 alsoo 1 alswa 1

altercacioun n. "argument, strife," s.v. altercation OED. KEY: altercacioun@n
altercacioun n 2 altercacioun 2

alteren v. "alter, change," s.v. alter v. OED. KEY: alteren@v
alteren v 1 altered 1

alther-fairest adj. "fairest of all," s.v. all a., sb., adv. (D.3) OED, alder- prefix MED. KEY: alther-fairest@adj
alther-fairest adj 3 alderfayreste 1 alther-fairest 1 althir-fayrest 1

alther-fastest adv. "fastest of all," s.v. all a., sb., adv. (D.3) OED, alder- prefix Suppl. MED. KEY: alther-fastest@adv
alther-fastest adv 1 alther-fastest 1

alther-worst adj. "worst of all," s.v. all a., sb., adv. (D.3) OED, alder- prefix MED. KEY: alther-worst@adj
alther-worst adj 1 alther-worst 1

al-thogh conj. "although," s.v. although conj. OED. KEY: al-thogh@conj
al-thogh conj 93 altheigh 1 althogh 12 althoghe 3 although 62 althoughe 14 althouhe 1

altitude n. "(astro.) altitude," s.v. altitude OED. KEY: altitude@n
altitude n 65 altitude 60 altitudes 5

al-togeder phrase & adv. "(as adv.) altogether," s.v. altogether a., adv., and OED. KEY: al_togeder@adv
al_togeder adv 1 altogidre 1

alum n. "alum," s.v. alum OED. KEY: alum@n
alum n 2 alum 2

al-wei adv. "always, continually; forever; anyway," s.v. alway adv. OED. KEY: al-wei@adv
al-wei adv 234 allway 1 alway 30 always 1 alweies 1 alwey 196 alweyes 2 alweys 3

amadriades n. (pl.) "hamadryad, wood-nypmph," s.v. hamadryad OED. KEY: amadriades@n
amadriades n 1 amadrides 1

amaien v. "(ppl.) dismayed," s.v. amayed ppl. a. OED. KEY: amaien@v
amaien v 2 amayed 2

amalgaming ger. "blending, alloying," s.v. amalgaming vbl. sb. OED. KEY: amalgaming@ger
amalgaming ger 1 amalgamyng 1

amased ppl. "amazed, dismayed," s.v. amazed ppl. a. OED. KEY: amased@ppl
amased ppl 1 amased 1

Amazones n. (pl.) "Amazons, women warriors," s.v. Amazon OED. KEY: amazones@n
amazones n 1 amazones 1

ambages n. "ambiguity," s.v. ambage OED. KEY: ambages@n
ambages n 1 ambages 1

ambassadour n. "ambassador," s.v. ambassador, embassador OED. KEY: ambassadour@n
ambassadour n 4 embassadour 1 embassadours 3

ambassadrie n. "negotiation," s.v. ambassadry OED. KEY: ambassadrie@n
ambassadrie n 1 embassadrie 1

ambes adj. "double," s.v. ambs-ace OED, ambes-as n. MED. KEY: ambes@adj
ambes adj 1 ambes 1

amble n. "amble, easy walking gait," s.v. amble sb. OED. KEY: amble@n
amble n 1 ambil 1

amblen v. "amble, ride at an easy walking gait; (ppl. adj.) ambling," s.v. amble v. OED, ambling ppl. a. OED. KEY: amblen@v amblen@v#adj
amblen v 1 amble 1
amblen v#adj 1 amblyng 1

amblere n.(1) "saddle horse," s.v. ambler OED. KEY: amblere@n1
amblere n1 1 amblere 1

Ambrose n. "Saint Ambrose," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ambrose@n#propn
ambrose n#propn 2 ambrose 2

ameled ppl. "enamelled," s.v. ameled ppl. a. OED. KEY: ameled@ppl
ameled ppl_abs 1 ameled 1

amen interj. "amen," s.v. amen adv, int., sb. OED. KEY: amen@interj
amen interj 11 amen 11

amendement n. "amendment, correction; redress, compensation; moral improvement," s.v. amendment OED. KEY: amendement@n
amendement n 6 amendement 6

amenden v. "amend, correct; relieve (suffering); excel, surpass; change," s.v. amend v. OED. KEY: amenden@v
amenden v 49 amende 23 amended 15 amenden 9 amendeth 2

amender n. "amender, aid," s.v. amender OED. KEY: amender@n
amender n 1 amendere 1

amendes n. "(pl.) amends, compensation," s.v. amends OED. KEY: amendes@n
amendes n 3 amendes 3

amenusen v. "reduce, impair, belittle; diminish, grow less," s.v. amenuse v. OED. KEY: amenusen@v
amenusen v 14 amenuced 1 amenuse 3 amenused 3 amenusen 1 amenuseth 5 amenusith 1

amenusinge ger. "reduction, diminishment," s.v. amenusing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: amenusinge@ger
amenusinge ger 3 amenusynge 3

amerciment n. "fine," s.v. amercement OED. KEY: amerciment@n
amerciment n 3 amercimentz 3

Amete n. "Admetus, husband of Alcestis," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: amete@n#propn
amete n#propn 1 amete 1

ameven v. "move emotionally; stir, move," s.v. amove v.\1 OED, amoved ppl. a. OED. KEY: ameven@v
ameven v 4 ameved 1 amoeved 3

amiable adj. "amiable, affable; favorable," s.v. amiable a. OED. KEY: amiable@adj
amiable adj 8 amiable 1 amyable 7

amidde adv. & prep. "amid, in the middle, between," s.v. amid adv. & prep. OED. KEY: amidde@adv amidde@prep
amidde adv 6 amidde 1 amiddes 1 amydde 1 amyddes 2 amyddys 1
amidde prep 16 amiddes 2 amyd 2 amydde 10 amyddes 2

amie n. "friend," s.v. am, amie OED, bel-ami n. MED; cf. amie n. MED. KEY: amie@n
amie n 1 amy 1

amis adv. "amiss, wrongly, mistakenly," s.v. amiss adv., pred. a., and sb. OED. KEY: amis@adv
amis adv 43 amys 43

amis pred. adj. "amiss, wrong," s.v. amiss adv., pred. a., and sb. OED. KEY: amis@adj
amis adj 6 amys 6

amonesten v. "admonish, urge," s.v. admonish v. OED. KEY: amonesten@v
amonesten v 4 amonested 1 amonesteth 3

amonestinge ger. "admonition," s.v. admonishing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: amonestinge@ger
amonestinge ger 3 amonestynge 3

amonges adv. "together, intermingled," s.v. among adv. and prep. OED. KEY: amonges@adv
amonges adv 4 among 3 amonges 1

amonges prep. "among, in the presence of; between; (with this) meanwhile," s.v. among adv. and prep. OED, amongst prep. OED. KEY: amonges@prep
amonges prep 127 among 81 amonge 2 amonges 44

amonicioun n. "reminding," s.v. admonition OED. KEY: amonicioun@n
amonicioun n 1 ammonicioun 1

amor Lat. n. "love." KEY: amor@lat_n
amor lat_n 1 amor 1

amorous adj. "amorous, sensual; affectionate," s.v. amorous a. OED. KEY: amorous@adj
amorous adj 14 amorous 11 amorouse 2 amorus 1

amorousli adv. "amorously, ardently," s.v. amorously adv. OED. KEY: amorousli@adv
amorousli adv 1 amorously 1

amorwen adv. "in the morning," s.v. a-morrow adv. phr. OED. KEY: amorwen@adv
amorwen adv 12 a-morwe 8 amorwe 2 o-morwe 2

amounten v. "amount to, mean; add up to," s.v. amount v. OED. KEY: amounten@v
amounten v 6 amounteth 5 amountith 1

amphibologie n. "ambiguity," s.v. amphibology OED. KEY: amphibologie@n
amphibologie n 1 amphibologies 1

Amphiorax n. "Amphiaraus, Argive hero and seer," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: amphiorax@n#propn
amphiorax n#propn 4 amphiorax 4

Amphioun n. "Amphion, king of Thebes," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: amphioun@n#propn
amphioun n#propn 3 amphioun 3

Anaxogore n. "Anaxagorus, Greek philosopher," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: anaxogore@n#propn
anaxogore n#propn 1 anaxogore 1

Anchises n. "Anchises, father of Aeneas," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: anchises@n#propn
anchises n#propn 5 anchises 4 anchyses 1

ancille n. "maid-servant," s.v. ancille OED. KEY: ancille@n
ancille n 1 ancille 1

ancle n. "ankle," s.v. ankle, ancle OED. KEY: ancle@n
ancle n 1 ancle 1

and conj. (& adv.) "(as conj.) and; and yet, but; if," s.v. and conj. OED. KEY: and@conj
and conj 17306 and 17305 ande 1

Androgeus n. "Androgeos, son of King Minos," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: androgeus@n#propn
androgeus n#propn 1 androgeus 1

Andromacha n. "Andromache, wife of Hector," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: andromacha@n#propn
andromacha n#propn 1 andromacha 1

anelas n. "dagger, two-edged knife," s.v. anlace OED. KEY: anelas@n
anelas n 1 anlaas 1

Anelida n. "Anelida, heroine of Anel," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: anelida@n#propn
anelida n#propn 10 anelida 10

an-ende adv. "on end, erect," s.v. an-end phr. OED. KEY: an-ende@adv
an-ende adv 1 an-ende 1

angel-hok n. "fish-hook," s.v. angle-hook OED, angel n. MED. KEY: angel-hok@n
angel-hok n 1 angle-hok 1

angelus Lat. n. "angel." KEY: angelus@lat_n
angelus lat_n 1 angelus 1

anger n. "anger, ill will; distress, suffering," s.v. anger sb. OED. KEY: anger@n
anger n 18 anger 7 angre 11

angle n.(2) "angle; corner, nook; (astro.) house of the zodiac," s.v. angle sb.\2 OED. KEY: angle@n2
angle n2 10 angle 5 angles 4 anglis 1

angri adj. "angry, ill-tempered," s.v. angry a. OED. KEY: angri@adj
angri adj 15 angry 15

angrili adv. "angrily," s.v. angrily adv. OED. KEY: angrili@adv
angrili adv 1 angrily 1

angwisshe n. "anguish, pain; anxiety, distress," s.v. anguish OED. KEY: angwisshe@n
angwisshe n 12 anguyssch 1 anguysshes 1 angwissh 6 angwyse 1 angwyssche 1 angwyssh 2

angwisshen v. "torment, hurt," s.v. anguish v. OED. KEY: angwisshen@v
angwisshen v 1 angwisscheth 1

angwisshous adj. "anxious, worrisome; ardent; painful," s.v. anguishous a. OED. KEY: angwisshous@adj
angwisshous adj 13 anguysschous 2 angwishus 1 angwisshous 1 angwissous 3 angwysous 1 angwysschous 1 angwysshous 1 angwyssous 3

anhongen v. "hang," s.v. anhang v. OED. KEY: anhongen@v
anhongen v 8 anhange 1 anhanged 5 anhonged 2

ani lim. adj. "any; (as n.) any, anyone," s.v. any a. and pron. OED. KEY: ani@gram_adj ani@gram_adjas_n
ani gram_adj 540 any 470 anye 2 eny 48 ony 20
ani gram_adjas_n 27 any 18 eny 7 ony 2

anientishen v. "(ppl.) annihilated," s.v. anientise v. OED. KEY: anientishen@v
anientishen v 1 anientissed 1

anightes adv. "by night, at night," s.v. a-night adv. OED. KEY: anightes@adv
anightes adv 16 a-nyght 12 a-nyghtes 2 anyght 2

animal adj. "of the `animal' faculty," s.v. animal sb. and a. OED. KEY: animal@adj
animal adj 1 animal 1

ani_thing phrase & n. "(as adv.) at all, in any way; (as n.) anything," s.v. anything pro., sb., and adv. OED. KEY: ani_thing@n ani_thing@n#adv
ani_thing n#adv 2 enything 1 enythyng 1
ani_thing n 5 anything 2 anythyng 3

ani-where adv. "anywhere," s.v. anywhere adv. OED. KEY: ani-where@adv
ani-where adv 4 anywher 1 anywhere 3

anker n. "anchor," s.v. anchor sb.\1 OED. KEY: anker@n
anker n 3 ancre 1 ancres 1 anker 1

Anne n.(1) "Saint Anne, mother of Mary," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: anne@n1#propn
anne n1#propn 3 anne 3

Anne n.(2) "Anna, sister of Dido," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: anne@n2#propn
anne n2#propn 5 anne 5

annexen v. "(ppl.) joined, connected," s.v. annex v. OED. KEY: annexen@v
annexen v 5 anexed 1 anexid 1 annexed 3

annueller adj. & n. "(as n.) a priest who sings anniversary masses," s.v. annuller OED. KEY: annueller@n
annueller n 1 annueleer 1

annunciat ppl. "announced in advance," s.v. annunciat ppl. a. OED. KEY: annunciat@ppl
annunciat ppl 1 annunciat 1

anoi n. "annoyance, pain; source of hardship, trouble," s.v. annoy sb. OED. KEY: anoi@n
anoi n 8 anoy 7 anoyes 1

anoiaunce n. "annoyance, trouble," s.v. annoyance OED. KEY: anoiaunce@n
anoiaunce n 2 anoyaunce 1 anoyaunces 1

anoien v. "annoy, displease; trouble, injure; be reluctant, feel uneasy; (ppl. adj.) annoying," s.v. annoy v. OED, annoying ppl. a. OED. KEY: anoien@v anoien@v#adj
anoien v#adj 2 anoyinge 2
anoien v 35 anoieth 2 anoye 6 anoyed 7 anoyen 4 anoyeth 16

anoiful adj. "annoying, troublesome," s.v. annoyful, anoyful a. OED. KEY: anoiful@adj
anoiful adj 1 anoyful 1

anoious adj. "annoying, difficult," s.v. annoyous a. OED. KEY: anoious@adj
anoious adj 6 anoyos 1 anoyous 3 anoyouse 2

anoiousli adv. "annoyingly, in a troublesome way," s.v. annnoyously adv. OED. KEY: anoiousli@adv
anoiousli adv 1 anoyously 1

an-on adv. & conj. "(as adv.) at once, immediately," s.v. anon adv. OED. KEY: an-on@adv
an-on adv 455 anon 363 anoon 92

anon-rightes adv. & conj. "(as adv.) at once, instantly," s.v. anon adv. OED. KEY: anon-rightes@adv
anon-rightes adv 25 anon-right 7 anon-rightes 1 anon-ryght 5 anonright 8 anoon-right 1 anoon-ryght 3

another adj. "another," s.v. another a., pron. (and adv.) OED, other adj. MED. KEY: another@gram_adj
another gram_adj 178 another 169 anothir 9

another pron. "another," s.v. another a., pron. (and adv.) OED, other pro. MED. KEY: another@pron
another pron 65 another 64 anothers 1

Anselm n. "Saint Anselm," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: anselm@n#propn
anselm n#propn 1 anselm 1

answere n. "reply, answer; solution (to a problem)," s.v. answer sb. OED. KEY: answere@n
answere n 31 answer 2 answere 26 answeres 3

answeren v. "answer, reply; be responsible for; be fitting, appropriate; (ppl. adj.) corresponding (to)," s.v. answer v. OED, answering ppl. a. OED. KEY: answeren@v answeren@v#adj
answeren v#adj 3 answeryng 1 answerynge 1 aunswering 1
answeren v 197 andswere 1 answer 1 answerd 7 answerde 133 answerden 2 answere 22 answered 11 answerede 6 answereden 1 answeren 9 answereth 1 answeride 2 answeryd 1

answering ger. "answer, reply," s.v. answering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: answering@ger
answering ger 3 answeryng 3

antartik adj. & n. "(as adj.) southern," s.v. antarctic a. & sb. OED. KEY: antartik@adj
antartik adj 2 antartik 2

Anteclaudian n. "Anticlaudianus, a work by Alanus de Insulis," proper n. (literary work); not in MED. KEY: anteclaudian@n#propn
anteclaudian n#propn 1 anteclaudian 1

Antecrist n. "the Antichrist," proper n. KEY: antecrist@n#propn
antecrist n#propn 1 antecrist 1

anteme n. "anthem," s.v. anthem sb. OED. KEY: anteme@n
anteme n 1 anthem 1

Antenor n. "Antenor, the Trojan who betrayed the city," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: antenor@n#propn
antenor n#propn 21 antenor 17 antenore 3 anthenor 1

Antheus n. "Anteus, a giant," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: antheus@n#propn
antheus n#propn 2 antheus 2

Anthiochus n. "Antiochus Epiphanes, king of Syria (in the Apocrypha)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: anthiochus@n#propn
anthiochus n#propn 1 anthiochus 1

Antigone n. "Antigone, Criseyde's niece in Tr," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: antigone@n#propn
antigone n#propn 7 antigone 6 antygone 1

Antilegius n. "Antilogus, Greek hero of the Trojan War," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: antilegius@n#propn
antilegius n#propn 1 antylegyus 1

Antiochus n. "Antiochus, king of Antioch in the story of Appolonius of Tyre," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: antiochus@n#propn
antiochus n#propn 1 antiochus 1

antiphonere n. "liturgical songbook," s.v. antiphoner OED. KEY: antiphonere@n
antiphonere n 1 antiphoner 1

Antonius n.(1) "Marc Anthony," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: antonius@n1#propn
antonius n1#propn 8 antonius 4 antony 4

Antonius n.(2) "Caracalla (Marcus Aurelius Antoninus), Roman emperor," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: antonius@n2#propn
antonius n2#propn 1 antonyus 1

Antony n. "Saint Anthony of Egypt," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: antony@n#propn
antony n#propn 1 antony 1

anvelt n. "anvil," s.v. anvil OED. KEY: anvelt@n
anvelt n 1 anvelt 1

aornement n. "adornment," s.v. adornment OED, aornement n. MED Suppl. KEY: aornement@n
aornement n 2 aornement 1 aornementes 1

apaien v. "(ppl.) pleased, satisfied," s.v. apay v. OED. KEY: apaien@v
apaien v 28 apaid 1 apayd 15 apayed 10 appayed 2

apallen v. "(ppl. and ppl. adj.) grown pale, enfeebled; grown stale, distasteful," s.v. appal, appall v. OED, appalled ppl. a. OED. KEY: apallen@v apallen@v#adj
apallen v#adj 2 apalled 1 appalled 1
apallen v 2 apalled 1 appalled 1

apart adv. "apart," s.v. apart adv. OED. KEY: apart@adv
apart adv 4 apart 4

apassen v. "(ppl.) passed by," s.v. apass v. OED. KEY: apassen@v
apassen v 1 apassed 1

ape n. "ape, monkey (also as adj.); dupe, fool," s.v. ape sb. OED. KEY: ape@n ape@n#adj
ape n 15 ape 10 apes 5
ape n#adj 1 ape 1

apeiren v. "injure, slander; deteriorate, perish," s.v. appair, apair v. OED. KEY: apeiren@v
apeiren v 6 apaire 1 apayred 1 apeired 1 apeyren 2 appaire 1

Apennin n. "the Apennines, mountains in Italy," place name; not in MED. KEY: apennin@n#propn
apennin n#propn 1 apennyn 1

apert adj. "open, public," s.v. apert a. and adv. OED. KEY: apert@adj
apert adj 5 apert 5

aperteli adv. "openly, publicly," s.v. apertly adv. OED. KEY: aperteli@adv
aperteli adv 5 apertely 3 apertly 2

Apia n. "the Appian Way," place name; not in MED. KEY: apia@n#propn
apia n#propn 1 apia 1

apiken v. "(ppl.) adorned," not in OED. KEY: apiken@v
apiken v 1 apiked 1

Apius n. "Apius, the judge in PhysT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: apius@n#propn
apius n#propn 7 apius 7

Apocalipse n. "Apocalypse, Book of Revelations (in the Bible)"; proper n. (literary work). KEY: apocalipse@n#propn
apocalipse n#propn 2 apocalips 1 apocalipse 1

apoplexie n. "apoplexy," s.v. apoplexy OED. KEY: apoplexie@n
apoplexie n 1 apoplexie 1

aposteme n. "abscess," s.v. apostem(e, -tume, -thume sb. OED. KEY: aposteme@n
aposteme n 2 postum 2

apostle n. "apostle; (with the, as quasi-proper n.) Saint Paul," s.v. apostle OED. KEY: apostle@n
apostle n 23 apostel 5 apostelles 1 apostle 10 apostles 7

apotecarie n. "apothecary, pharmacist," s.v. apothecary OED. KEY: apotecarie@n
apotecarie n 4 apothecarie 1 apothecaries 1 pothecarie 2

apparaunce n. "appearance, physical form; apparition," s.v. appearance OED. KEY: apparaunce@n
apparaunce n 7 aparaunce 1 apparence 5 apparences 1

apparaunt adj. "apparent, manifest," s.v. apparent a. and sb. OED. KEY: apparaunt@adj
apparaunt adj 1 apparaunt 1

appareil n. "apparel, clothing; furnishings, trappings; personal characteristics, behavior," s.v. apparel sb. OED. KEY: appareil@n
appareil n 7 apparaile 1 apparailes 2 apparaille 2 apparayle 2

appareillement n. "ornaments," s.v. apparelment OED. KEY: appareillement@n
appareillement n 1 apparailementz 1

appareillen v. "apparel, clothe; prepare; adorn," s.v. apparel v. OED. KEY: appareillen@v
appareillen v 20 aparayle 1 aparayled 1 apparailed 1 apparailen 2 apparaileth 1 apparaille 3 apparailled 1 apparaillen 3 apparailleth 2 apparayled 3 apparaylen 1 apparayleth 1

appareilling ger. "preparation," s.v. apparelling, -eling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: appareilling@ger
appareilling ger 3 apparaillyng 1 apparaillynge 1 apparailynge 1

appel n. "apple," s.v. apple OED. KEY: appel@n
appel n 9 appil 1 apples 5 applis 1 appul 2

Appelles n. "Appelles, a legendary sculptor," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: appelles@n#propn
appelles n#propn 2 apelles 1 appelles 1

apperceiven v. "perceive; understand, realize," s.v. apperceive v. OED. KEY: apperceiven@v
apperceiven v 12 aperceyve 3 aperceyved 2 aperceyvede 1 aperceyven 2 aperceyvest 1 aperceyveth 3

apperceiving ger. "perceiving, noticing," s.v. apperceiving vbl. sb. OED. KEY: apperceiving@ger
apperceiving ger 1 aperceyvynges 1

apperen v.(1) "appear," s.v. appear v. OED. KEY: apperen@v1
apperen v1 18 apeered 2 apeeren 1 apere 2 apiere 1 apiereth 1 appeere 5 appeered 1 appeereth 1 appere 2 appiere 1 appieren 1

apperen v.(2) "be equal," s.v. apere v. OED. KEY: apperen@v2
apperen v2 1 apperen 1

appertenen v. "appertain, belong; concern; be appropriate, fitting," s.v. appertain v. OED. KEY: appertenen@v
appertenen v 28 aperteignen 1 apertenen 3 aperteneth 18 apertenith 2 apertenyng 1 aperteynyng 1 appertenen 1 apperteyneth 1

appesen v. "appease, pacify; reconcile (conflicts); alleviate, remedy; grow calm," s.v. appease v. OED. KEY: appesen@v
appesen v 13 apaisen 1 apaysed 2 apaysede 1 apese 5 apesed 2 apeseth 1 appeseth 1

appetit n. "appetite, desire; natural inclinations; sexual craving," s.v. appetite sb. OED. KEY: appetit@n
appetit n 24 apetit 1 appetit 14 appetites 5 appetyt 4

appetiten v. "desire, seek," s.v. appetite v. OED. KEY: appetiten@v
appetiten v 1 apetiteth 1

applien v. "combine (with)," s.v. apply v. OED. KEY: applien@v
applien v 1 applien 1

appointen v. "appoint, specify (a time); decide, settle," s.v. appoint v. OED. KEY: appointen@v
appointen v 5 apoynte 2 apoynted 2 apoynteden 1

Appollin n. "Apollo, the classical god, the sun," proper n. KEY: appollin@n#propn
appollin n#propn 14 apollo 4 appollo 9 appolloo 1

Appollonius n. "Appolonius of Tyre," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: appollonius@n#propn
appollonius n#propn 1 appollonius 1

apposen v. "question, examine," s.v. appose v.\1 OED. KEY: apposen@v
apposen v 1 apposed 1

apprentis n. "apprentice," s.v. apprentice sb. OED. KEY: apprentis@n
apprentis n 2 apprentice 1 apprentys 1

appreven v. "approve; test, prove true; (ppl. adj.) proven by experience," s.v. approve v.\1 OED, approved ppl. a. OED. KEY: appreven@v appreven@v#adj
appreven v#adj 3 appreved 2 approved 1
appreven v 5 approve 1 approved 3 approvest 1

approchen v. "approach, come near; come to resemble; be concerned," s.v. approach v. OED. KEY: approchen@v
approchen v 23 approche 5 approched 2 approchen 2 approcheth 3 approchith 1 aproche 3 aprochen 5 aprocheth 1 aprochid 1

approching ger. "approaching, meddling (with)," s.v. approaching vbl. sb. OED. KEY: approching@ger
approching ger 1 approchynge 1

appropren v. "(ppl.) reserved as the exclusive possession," s.v. appropre, approprie v. OED. KEY: appropren@v
appropren v 1 appropred 1

approuer n. "agent," s.v. approver\2, apprower OED. KEY: approuer@n
approuer n 1 approwours 1

appurtenaunce n. "(pl.) appurtenances, equipment," s.v. appertenance OED. KEY: appurtenaunce@n
appurtenaunce n 1 apurtenaunces 1

appurtenaunt adj. & n. "(as adj.) belonging, appropriate," s.v. appurtenant a. and sb. OED. KEY: appurtenaunt@adj
appurtenaunt adj 3 apertenant 1 apertenaunt 1 apertinent 1

April n. "April, the month," s.v. April OED. KEY: april@n
april n 8 aperil 3 aperill 1 april 1 aprill 3

Aprilis Lat. n. "April, the month." KEY: aprilis@lat_n
aprilis lat_n 1 aprilis 1

Aquarie n. "Aquarius, the zodiacal sign," s.v. Aquarius OED. KEY: aquarie@n
aquarie n 3 aquarie 1 aquarius 2

aqueintaunce n. "acquaintance, familiarity; persons of one's acquaintance, companions," s.v. acquaintance OED. KEY: aqueintaunce@n
aqueintaunce n 11 acqueyntance 1 aquayntaunce 2 aqueyntance 1 aqueyntances 1 aqueyntaunce 5 aqueyntaunces 1

aqueinten v. "become acquainted, (reflex.) introduce oneself," s.v. acquaint v. OED. KEY: aqueinten@v
aqueinten v 5 aqueynte 1 aqueynted 3 aqueynteden 1

Aquiloun n. "the north wind," s.v. Aquilon OED. KEY: aquiloun@n
aquiloun n 2 aquilon 1 aquylon 1

aquitaunce n. "release (from obligations), forgiveness," s.v. acquittance OED. KEY: aquitaunce@n
aquitaunce n 3 acquitance 1 acquitaunce 2

aquiten v. "acquit, release (from obligations); repay; (reflex.) conduct oneself," s.v. acquit v. OED. KEY: aquiten@v
aquiten v 5 acquite 2 acquiten 1 acquiteth 1 aquite 1

Arabi n. & adj. "(as n.) Arabia," place name. KEY: arabi@n#propn
arabi n#propn 2 arabe 1 arabye 1

Arabien adj. & n. "(as n.) Arabian," s.v. Arabian a. & sb. OED. KEY: arabien@n
arabien n 3 arabiens 2 arabyen 1

Arabik adj. & n. "(as n.) Arabic, the language," s.v. Arabic a. OED. KEY: arabik@n
arabik n 1 arabik 1

aracen v. "uproot, tear away," s.v. arace v. OED. KEY: aracen@v
aracen v 10 arace 6 araced 1 arased 1 arrace 1 arraced 1

Aragon n. "Aragon, in Spain," place name; not in MED. KEY: aragon@n#propn
aragon n#propn 1 aragon 1

araisen v. "raise up, elevate; incite, stir up; impose (a tax)," s.v. araise v. OED. KEY: araisen@v
araisen v 9 areise 1 areised 2 areysed 2 areysen 2 areyseth 2

arbitracioun n. "power of decision," s.v. arbitration OED. KEY: arbitracioun@n
arbitracioun n 1 arbitracioun 1

arbitre n. "free will," s.v. arbitry OED. KEY: arbitre@n
arbitre n 5 arbitre 1 arbitrie 4

Arcadie n. "Arcadia, in Greece," place name; not in MED; cf. Archade n. MED. KEY: arcadie@n#propn
arcadie n#propn 1 arcadye 1

archangel n.(3) "archangel, a bird (titmouse?)," s.v. archangel OED. KEY: archangel@n3
archangel n3 1 archaungell 1

arche n. "(astro.) arc (of a circle)," s.v. arch sb. OED. KEY: arche@n
arche n 12 arch 9 arches 1 ark 2

arche-bishop n. "archbishop," s.v. archbishop OED. KEY: arche-bishop@n
arche-bishop n 1 erchebisshop 1

arche-deken n. "archdeacon," s.v. archdeacon OED. KEY: arche-deken@n
arche-deken n 5 ercedekenes 2 erchedeken 1 erchedeknes 2

archer n. "archer," s.v. archer OED. KEY: archer@n
archer n 2 archeer 1 archer 1

arche-wif n. "virago," s.v. archwife OED. KEY: arche-wif@n
arche-wif n 1 archewyves 1

Archimoris n. "(gen.) Archemorus, son of Lycurgus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: archimoris@n#propn
archimoris n#propn 1 archymoris 1

Arcite n.(1) "Arcite, one of the heroes of KnT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: arcite@n1#propn
arcite n1#propn 71 arcita 11 arcite 59 arcites 1

Arcite n.(2) "Arcite, lover of Anelida in Anel," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: arcite@n2#propn
arcite n2#propn 17 arcite 17

Arctour n. "Arcturus, the star," s.v. Arcturus OED, Artur n. MED. KEY: artur@n
artur n 2 arctour 1 arcturus 1

Arcturus n. "Arcturus, the constellation," s.v. Arcturus OED, Artur n. MED. KEY: artur@
arcturus n. 1 arctrus 1

ardaunt adj. "ardent," s.v. ardent a. OED. KEY: ardaunt@adj
ardaunt adj 2 ardaunt 2

Ardea n. "Ardea, city in Latium," place name; not in MED. KEY: ardea@n#propn
ardea n#propn 1 ardea 1

ardour n. "ardor," s.v. ardour, ardor OED. KEY: ardour@n
ardour n 1 ardour 1

areden v.(1) "form an opinion, guess; explain, interpret," s.v. aread, arede, areed v. OED. KEY: areden@v1
areden v1 5 arede 5

areste n. "arrest, confinement; seizure; delay; (with in) into position, fewtered," s.v. arrest sb.\1 OED. KEY: areste@n
areste n 7 areest 1 arest 3 arreest 2 arrest 1

aresten v. "arrest, stop; restrain; seize," s.v. arrest v. OED. KEY: aresten@v
aresten v 6 areestid 1 areste 2 aresten 1 aresteth 1 arresten 1

aretten v. "impute, ascribe (blame) to," s.v. aret, arette v. OED. KEY: aretten@v
aretten v 5 arette 1 aretten 1 arrette 1 arretted 1 arretteth 1

Arge n. "Argos (modern Morea), in the Peloponnesus," place name; not in MED. KEY: arge@n#propn
arge n#propn 3 arge 2 argon 1

Argeyes n. "(pl.) Argives, people of Argos;" not in OED, not in MED. KEY: argeyes@n
argeyes n 1 argeyes 1

Argive n.(1) "Argive, mother of Criseyde in Tr," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: argive@n1#propn
argive n1#propn 1 argyve 1

Argive n.(2) "Argia, wife of Polynices," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: argive@n2#propn
argive n2#propn 1 argyves 1

argoille n. "argol, potassium bitartrate," s.v. argol\1 OED. KEY: argoille@n
argoille n 1 argoille 1

Argonauticon n. "the Argonautica, poem by Valerius Flaccus," proper n. (literary work); not in MED. KEY: argonauticon@n#propn
argonauticon n#propn 1 argonautycon 1

arguen v. "argue, debate, dispute," s.v. argue v. OED. KEY: arguen@v
arguen v 6 argue 1 argued 1 argueth 1 arguist 1 arguwe 1 arguynge 1

arguing ger. "argument, disputation," s.v. arguing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: arguing@ger
arguing ger 1 arguynge 1

argument n. "argument, disputation; process of reasoning; evidence; angle used in calculations," s.v. argument OED. KEY: argument@n
argument n 21 argument 8 argumentes 7 argumentz 6

argumenten v. "argue, reason (with oneself)," s.v. argument v. OED. KEY: argumenten@v
argumenten v 2 argumented 1 argumenten 1

Argus n.(1) "Argus, mythical guardian of Io," proper n. KEY: argus@n1#propn
argus n1#propn 4 argus 4

Argus n.(2) "Algus, an arabic mathematician," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: argus@n2#propn
argus n2#propn 1 argus 1

Argus n.(3) "Argus, builder of the ship Argo," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: argus@n3#propn
argus n3#propn 1 argus 1

Aries n. "Aries, the Ram, a zodiacal sign," s.v. Aries OED. KEY: aries@n
aries n 24 aries 22 ariete 2

a-right adv. "rightly, correctly, successfully; directly; precisely, indeed," s.v. aright adv. OED. KEY: a-right@adv
a-right adv 44 aright 31 aryght 13

Arionis n. "(gen.) Arion's (harp), the constellation Lyra," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: arionis@n#propn
arionis n#propn 1 arionis 1

arisen v. "arise, stand, get up; (of a siege) be raised; ascend, rise up; appear, occur," s.v. arise v. OED. KEY: arisen@v
arisen v 71 aris 1 arise 25 arisen 10 ariseth 8 arisith 10 arist 1 aros 4 arys 3 aryse 8 arysen 1

arising ger. "arising, rise," s.v. arising vbl. sb. OED. KEY: arising@ger
arising ger 16 arising 1 arisyng 10 arysynge 3 arysynges 2

arist n. "arising, rise," s.v. arist OED. KEY: arist@n
arist n 1 arist 1

Aristoclides n. "Aristoclides, tyrant of Orchomenos," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: aristoclides@n#propn
aristoclides n#propn 1 aristoclides 1

Aristotle n. "Aristotle," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: aristotle@n#propn
aristotle n#propn 6 aristotile 1 aristotle 5

arivage n. "arrival by sea, landing," s.v. arrivage OED. KEY: arivage@n
arivage n 1 arryvage 1

arivaille n. "arrival by sea, landing," s.v. arrival OED. KEY: arivaille@n
arivaille n 1 aryvayle 1

ariven v. "arrive, reach land; cause (a ship) to reach land," s.v. arrive v. OED. KEY: ariven@v
ariven v 13 arryve 2 arryved 2 arryven 1 aryve 1 aryved 4 aryvede 2 aryveth 1

arm n. "arm (of the body); inlet (of the sea)," s.v. arm sb.\1 OED. KEY: arm@n
arm n 94 arm 27 arme 1 armes 66

armee n. "army, military expedition," s.v. army OED. KEY: armee@n
armee n 1 armee 1

armen v. "equip with weapons and armor; (ppl. adj.) armed, equipped," s.v. arm v.\1 OED, armed ppl. a.\1 OED. KEY: armen@v armen@v#adj
armen v 6 armed 4 armen 1 armeth 1
armen v#adj 10 armed 10

Armenie n. "Armenia," place name. KEY: armenie@n#propn
armenie n#propn 1 ermony 1

armes n. (pl.) "arms, weapons; warfare, deeds of arms; heraldic device," s.v. arm sb.\2 OED. KEY: armes@n
armes n 43 armes 43

arm-gret adj. "thick as an arm," s.v. arm sb.\1 OED. KEY: arm-gret@adj
arm-gret adj 1 arm-greet 1

arm-hol n. "armpit," s.v. arm-hole OED. KEY: arm-hol@n
arm-hol n 1 armholes 1

arming ger. "arming, putting on armor," s.v. arming vbl. sb. OED. KEY: arming@ger
arming ger 1 armynge 1

armipotent adj. "mighty in arms," s.v. armipotent a. OED. KEY: armipotent@adj
armipotent adj 2 armypotente 2

armles adj. "armless," s.v. armless a.\1 OED. KEY: armles@adj
armles adj 1 armlees 1

armoniak adj. "ammoniac," s.v. ammoniac a. and sb. OED. KEY: armoniak@adj
armoniak adj 3 armonyak 3

armonie n. "harmony," s.v. harmony OED. KEY: armonie@n
armonie n 5 armonye 5

Armorik n. "Armorica, coastal Brittany and Normandy," place name; not in MED. KEY: armorik@n#propn
armorik n#propn 3 armorik 2 armorike 1

armure n. "armor, armaments," s.v. armour OED. KEY: armure@n
armure n 10 armoure 1 armure 6 armures 3

armurer n. "armorer," s.v. armourer OED. KEY: armurer@n
armurer n 1 armurers 1

Arnold n. "Arnoldus of Villanova, an alchemical authority," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: arnold@n#propn
arnold n#propn 1 arnold 1

aroue adv. "in a row," s.v. arow adv. OED. KEY: aroue@adv
aroue adv 3 a-rewe 1 a-rowe 1 arowe 1

aroume adv. "in an open space," s.v. a-room adv. OED. KEY: aroume@adv
aroume adv 1 a-roume 1

Arpie n. "Harpy, a mythological creature," s.v. Harpy OED. KEY: arpie@n
arpie n 2 arpies 1 arpiis 1

arrai n. "array, arrangement, order; preparation, behavior; condition, state, treatment; crowd of people; equipment, clothing, adornment (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. array sb. OED. KEY: arrai@n arrai@n#propn
arrai n 77 aray 11 array 66
arrai n#propn 2 aray 1 array 1

arraien v. "array, arrange; plan, plot; equip, adorn (also ppl. adj.); provide, construct," s.v. array v. OED, arrayed pa. pple. a. OED. KEY: arraien@v arraien@v#adj
arraien v#adj 1 arrayed 1
arraien v 30 araied 2 arayed 6 arraied 1 arraieth 1 arraye 3 arrayed 17

Arras n. "Arras, a city in northern France," place name; not in MED. KEY: arras@n#propn
arras n#propn 1 arras 1

arrerage n. "arrears, shortage in one's accounts," s.v. arrearage OED. KEY: arrerage@n
arrerage n 1 arrerage 1

Arrius n. "Arrius, character in story by Walter Map," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: arrius@n#propn
arrius n#propn 2 arrius 2

arrogaunce n. "arrogance," s.v. arrogance OED. KEY: arrogaunce@n
arrogaunce n 2 arrogance 2

arrogaunt adj. "arrogant," s.v. arrogant a. OED. KEY: arrogaunt@adj
arrogaunt adj 1 arrogant 1

ars n. "arse, backside," s.v. arse sb. OED. KEY: ars@n
ars n 9 ers 9

arsenik n. "arsenic," s.v. arsenic sb.\1 OED. KEY: arsenik@n
arsenik n 1 arsenyk 1

ars-metrike n. "arithmetic," s.v. arithmetic sb. OED. KEY: ars-metrike@n
ars-metrike n 2 ars-metrike 2

art n.(1) "art, craft; arts curriculum, academic learning; principles and practice of a craft, knowledge (also as proper n., literary work); scheme, plan; cunning, trickery," s.v. art sb. OED. KEY: art@n1 art@n1#propn
art n1 43 art 41 artes 1 artz 1
art n1#propn 1 art 1

artelrie n. "(pl.) artillery, ballistic engines," s.v. artillery OED. KEY: artelrie@n
artelrie n 1 artelries 1

arten v. "induce," s.v. art v.\1 OED. KEY: arten@v
arten v 1 arten 1

Arthemesie n. "Artemesia, widow of Mausolus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: arthemesie@n#propn
arthemesie n#propn 1 arthemesie 1

Arthour n. "Arthur, legendary king of Britain," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: arthour@n#propn
arthour n#propn 5 arthour 3 arthures 1 artour 1

artificial adj. "(of day) from sunrise to sunset," s.v. artificial a. OED. KEY: artificial@adj
artificial adj 5 artificial 3 artificiall 2

artik adj. & n. "(as adj.) northern," s.v. arctic a. and sb. OED. KEY: artik@adj
artik adj 14 artik 11 artike 1 artyk 1 artyke 1

Artois n. "Artois, the region in northern France," place name; not in MED. KEY: artois@n#propn
artois n#propn 1 artoys 1

Arveragus n. "Arveragus, husband of Dorigen in FranT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: arveragus@n#propn
arveragus n#propn 12 arveragus 12

arwe n. "arrow," s.v. arrow sb. OED. KEY: arwe@n
arwe n 39 arowe 8 arowes 1 arowis 5 arwe 7 arwes 18

as conj. "as, so as, as if," s.v. as adv. (conj. and rel. pron.) OED. KEY: as@conj
as conj 4439 als 5 also 45 as 4389

as n. "one-spot on a die (in the game of dice)," s.v. ace OED. KEY: as@n
as n 2 aas 1 as 1

Ascanius n. "Ascanius, son of Aeneas," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ascanius@n#propn
ascanius n#propn 3 ascanius 1 ascanyus 1 askanius 1

ascaunce adv. & conj. "(as adv.) as if to say; (as conj.) as if," s.v. askance adv. OED, askance(s conj. adv. OED. KEY: ascaunce@adv ascaunce@conj
ascaunce adv 2 ascaunces 2
ascaunce conj 3 ascaunce 2 ascaunces 1

ascenden v. "(astro.) ascend, rise above the horizon," s.v. ascend v. OED. KEY: ascenden@v
ascenden v 22 ascende 2 ascended 2 ascendid 3 ascendith 12 ascendyng 2 ascendynge 1

ascendent n. "(astro.) ascendent, the degree of the ecliptic or zodiac rising at a given moment," s.v. ascendent, -ent a. and sb. OED. KEY: ascendent@n
ascendent n 46 ascendent 44 ascendentes 2

ascending ger. "(astro.) ascension (of an astro. sign)," s.v. ascending vbl. sb. OED. KEY: ascending@ger
ascending ger 1 ascendyng 1

ascensioun n. "(astro.) rising above the horizon; (alchem.) vaporization," s.v. ascension OED. KEY: ascensioun@n
ascensioun n 16 ascencioun 4 ascenciouns 1 ascensions 4 ascensioun 7

ascri n. "outcry, clamor," s.v. ascry sb. OED. KEY: ascri@n
ascri n 1 ascry 1

ashamed ppl. "ashamed, disgraced; embarrassed; diffident, fearful; (as n.) state of shame, embarrassment," s.v. ashamed ppl. a. OED. KEY: ashamed@ppl ashamed@ppl#adj_n
ashamed ppl#adj_n 1 ashamed 1
ashamed ppl 13 aschamed 3 ashamed 7 asschamed 1 asschamid 2

Asia n. "Asia," place name. KEY: asia@n#propn
asia n#propn 2 asye 2

aside adv. "aside," s.v. aside adv., prep., adj., sb. OED. KEY: aside@adv
aside adv 9 aside 4 asyde 5

asken v. "ask (a question), inquire; request; demand, (of things) require," s.v. ask v. OED. KEY: asken@v
asken v 157 aske 12 asked 7 asken 5 asketh 9 axe 48 axed 19 axede 2 axen 17 axest 4 axestow 4 axeth 23 axid 3 axide 2 axinge 2

askinge ger. "asking, request; question," s.v. asking vbl. sb. OED. KEY: askinge@ger
askinge ger 9 asking 1 askyng 2 askynge 1 axing 1 axyng 2 axynge 2

aslaken v. "subside," s.v. aslake v. OED. KEY: aslaken@v
aslaken v 2 aslake 1 aslaked 1

aslepe adv.(1) "asleep," s.v. asleep adv. and pred. a. OED. KEY: aslepe@adv1
aslepe adv1 9 aslepe 9

asonder adv. & pred. adj. "asunder, apart; distant; different," s.v. asunder adv. OED. KEY: asonder@adv&adj
asonder adv&adj 8 asonder 6 asondir 1 asondre 1

aspe n. "aspen, the tree (also as adj.)," s.v. asp\1 OED, aspen a. and sb. OED. KEY: aspe@n aspe@n#adj
aspe n#adj 1 aspen 1
aspe n 5 asp 2 aspe 2 aspes 1

aspect n. "(astro.) aspect, relative position of a planet," s.v. aspect OED. KEY: aspect@n
aspect n 7 aspect 3 aspectes 4

aspie n. "spy," s.v. espy sb. OED. KEY: aspie@n
aspie n 3 espie 2 espye 1

aspien v. "espy, notice, look about; seek, try to find out; discover, waylay; find (time, leisure)," s.v. espy v. OED. KEY: aspien@v
aspien v 83 aspide 1 aspie 4 aspied 5 aspien 2 aspye 3 aspyed 1 espide 4 espie 18 espied 5 espien 4 espyde 1 espye 28 espyed 4 espyen 3

aspiinge ger. "spying," s.v. espying OED. KEY: aspiinge@ger
aspiinge ger 1 espying 1

aspre adj. "harsh, bitter, fierce," s.v. asper, aspre a. OED. KEY: aspre@adj
aspre adj 16 aspere 1 aspre 15

asprenesse n. "harshness, severity," s.v. asperness OED. KEY: asprenesse@n
asprenesse n 2 asprenesse 2

assai n. "assay, test; experiment, evidence; attempt, effort," s.v. assay OED. KEY: assai@n
assai n 16 assay 14 assayes 2

assaien v. "assay, test; investigate, experience, try out; try, attempt," s.v. assay v. OED. KEY: assaien@v
assaien v 43 asaieth 1 asay 1 assaie 2 assaied 2 assaien 1 assaieth 1 assay 5 assaye 13 assayed 12 assayen 3 assayeth 1 assayinge 1

assaillen v. "assail, attack, harass; rebuke; test," s.v. assail v. OED. KEY: assaillen@v
assaillen v 15 asayle 1 assaile 1 assailed 3 assaileden 1 assaille 2 assailled 2 assaillede 1 assailleth 1 assayle 2 assayled 1

assaut n. "assault, attack; affliction, temptation," s.v. assault sb. OED. KEY: assaut@n
assaut n 5 assaut 1 assautes 3 assawtes 1

asse n. "ass, the animal," s.v. ass OED. KEY: asse@n
asse n 13 asse 6 asses 7

assege n. "siege," s.v. assiege sb. OED. KEY: assege@n
assege n 7 asege 1 assege 6

assegen v. "besiege," s.v. assiege v. OED. KEY: assegen@v
assegen v 2 asseged 1 assegeden 1

assemble n. "assembly, gathering; copulation," s.v. assembly OED. KEY: assemble@n
assemble n 5 assemble 3 assemblee 2

assemblen v.(1) "assemble, come together, bring together; copulate," s.v. assemble v.\1 OED. KEY: assemblen@v1
assemblen v1 25 assemble 4 assembled 16 assemblen 4 assemblid 1

assemblinge ger. "assembling, gathering; copulation," s.v. assembling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: assemblinge@ger
assemblinge ger 5 assemblynge 5

assent n. "assent, approval; will, intent; opinion, attitude," s.v. assent sb. OED. KEY: assent@n
assent n 29 assent 29

assenten v. "assent, agree to; agree upon, approve; submit, yield," s.v. assent v. OED. KEY: assenten@v
assenten v 48 assente 33 assented 7 assenteden 1 assentedest 1 assenten 4 assenteth 1 assentynge 1

asshe n.(1) "ash, the tree," s.v. ash sb.\1 OED. KEY: asshe@n1
asshe n1 4 assh 2 asshe 1 asshen 1

asshe n.(2) "ash, residue," s.v. ash sb.\2 OED. KEY: asshe@n2
asshe n2 12 ash 1 asshen 10 asshes 1

asshi adj. "ash-colored," s.v. ashy a. OED. KEY: asshi@adj
asshi adj 1 asshy 1

assignen v. "assign, prescribe; designate, appoint (a place or time); offer (a reason); (ppl. adj.) designated," s.v. assign v. OED, assigned ppl. a. OED. KEY: assignen@v#adj
assignen v#adj 1 assigned 1
assignen v 6 assigne 2 assigned 3 assigneth 1

assise n. "court session; proper place," s.v. assize OED. KEY: assise@n
assise n 5 assise 3 assyse 2

assoilen v. "absolve; loosen, release; resolve, explain," s.v. assoil v. OED. KEY: assoilen@v
assoilen v 10 assoiled 1 assoilen 4 assoille 4 assoilleth 1

assoiling ger. "absolution," s.v. assoiling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: assoiling@ger
assoiling ger 1 assoillyng 1

Assuerus n. "Ahasuerus, king of the Persians (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: assuerus@n#propn
assuerus n#propn 3 assuer 1 assuere 1 assuerus 1

assuraunce n. "assurance, security; formal pledge," s.v. assurance OED. KEY: assuraunce@n
assuraunce n 2 asseuraunce 1 assurance 1

assuren v. "assure, guarantee; promise, pledge; be confident, trust; rely on, entrust; (ppl. adj.) confident," s.v. assure v. OED, assured ppl. a. and sb. OED. KEY: assuren@v assuren@v#adj
assuren v#adj 2 assured 2

assuren v 22 asseured 1 asseureth 1 assure 13 assured 4 assuren 1 assureth 2

asswagen v. "assuage, mitigate; be relieved; appease, placate; lessen, diminish," s.v. assuage v. OED. KEY: asswagen@v
asswagen v 7 asswagen 2 aswage 5

asterten v. "escape, get away; (of words) slip out, escape the lips," s.v. astart v. OED. KEY: asterten@v
asterten v 18 astert 1 asterte 15 asterted 1 asterten 1

astoned ppl. "astonished, dazed, dumbfounded," s.v. astoned, astunned ppl. a. OED, astonied ppl. a. OED. KEY: astoned@ppl
astoned ppl_abs 7 astoned 6 astonyd 1

astoned ppl 10 astoned 8 astonyd 1 astonyed 1

astonen v. "astonish, daze," s.v. astone, astun v. OED. KEY: astonen@v
astonen v 3 astonyed 1 astonyeth 2

astoninge ger. "astonishment," s.v. astoning vbl. sb. OED. KEY: astoninge@ger
astoninge ger 3 astonyenge 1 astonynge 2

astoren v. "(ppl.) provided, stocked," s.v. astore OED. KEY: astoren@v
astoren v 1 astored 1

astrelabie n. "astrolabe, an astronomical instrument," s.v. astrolabe OED. KEY: astrelabie@n
astrelabie n 55 astralabie 2 astralabye 1 astrelabie 35 astrelabies 2 astrelaby 1 astrelabye 6 astrelabyes 1 astrolabie 7

astrologer n. "astrologer, astronomer," s.v. astrologer OED. KEY: astrologer@n
astrologer n 1 astrologer 1

astrologie n.(1) "astrology, astronomy," s.v. astrology OED. KEY: astrologie@n1
astrologie n1 4 astrologie 1 astrologye 3

astrologien n. "astrologer, astronomer," s.v. astrologian sb. and a. OED. KEY: astrologien@n
astrologien n 7 astrologien 2 astrologiens 5

astronomie n.(1) "astronomy, astrology," s.v. astronomy OED. KEY: astronomie@n1
astronomie n1 6 astromye 2 astronomye 4

asur n.(1) & adj. "(as n.) azure, lapis lazuli," s.v. azure sb. and a. OED. KEY: asur@n1
asur n1 5 asure 5

asweved ppl. "dulled, made sleepy," s.v. asweve v. OED. KEY: asweved@ppl
asweved ppl 1 asweved 1

aswouen pred. adj. & adv. "in a swoon, fainted," s.v. a-swoon advb. phr. OED. KEY: aswouen@adj&adv
aswouen adj&adv 10 a-swowe 1 a-swowne 2 aswoune 1 aswowne 6

at prep. "at, in," s.v. at prep. OED. KEY: at@prep
at prep 808 at 806 att 2

ataken v. "overtake," s.v. atake v. OED. KEY: ataken@v
ataken v 5 atake 5

atasten v. "taste, experience," s.v. ataste v. OED. KEY: atasten@v
atasten v 1 ataste 1

atazir n. "(astro.) dominant planet"; not in OED. KEY: atazir@n
atazir n 1 atazir 1

a-temple adv. "in the temple"; not in OED; s.v. on- prefix (2) MED. KEY: a-temple@adv
a-temple adv 1 a-temple 1

Athalante n. "Atalanta, mother of the Pleiades," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: athalante@n#propn
athalante n#propn 3 athalante 1 athalantes 1 atthalante 1

Athalus n. "Attalus III, Philometer, king of Pergamum," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: athalus@n#propn
athalus n#propn 1 athalus 1

Athamante n. "Athamas, king driven mad by Juno," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: athamante@n#propn
athamante n#propn 1 athamante 1

Athenes n. "Athens," place name; not in MED. KEY: athenes@n#propn
athenes n#propn 37 athenes 17 athenis 1 athenys 1 atthenes 18

athinken v. "regret, repent; displease," s.v. athink v. OED. KEY: athinken@v
athinken v 3 athenketh 1 athynken 1 athynketh 1

atir n. "attire, clothing," s.v. attire sb. OED. KEY: atir@n
atir n 3 atir 1 atyr 2

Atiteris n. "Atiteris, a shepherd poet," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: atiteris@n#propn
atiteris n#propn 1 atiteris 1

at-on adv. "in agreement," s.v. at one advb. phr. OED, at one phr. MED. KEY: at_one@adv
at_one adv 3 aton 3

at-ones adv. "simultaneously, in a single action, immediately," s.v. at once advb. phr. OED, at ones phr. MED. KEY: at_ones@adv
at_ones adv 23 at-ones 2 atanes 1 atones 15 atonys 1 attones 4

at-reden v. "outwit," s.v. atrede v. OED. KEY: at-reden@v
at-reden v 2 atrede 2

at-rennen v. "outrun," s.v. atren v. OED. KEY: at-rennen@v
at-rennen v 2 atrenne 2

Atropos n. "Atropos, one of the Fates," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: atropos@n#propn
atropos n#propn 2 atropos 1 attropos 1

attamen v. "(ppl.) begun," s.v. attame v. OED. KEY: attamen@v
attamen v 1 attamed 1

atte prep. "at the," s.v. at prep. OED, at prep. MED. KEY: atte@prep
atte prep 97 atte 97

atteinen v. "attain, achieve; come to (a place); amount to, have significance," s.v. attain v. OED. KEY: atteinen@v
atteinen v 21 atayne 4 ataynt 1 ateyne 1 ateynen 1 ateynt 1 attayne 2 atteine 1 atteyne 8 atteyneth 2

attempraunce n. "temperance, moderation; balance, mixture of qualities," s.v. attemperance OED. KEY: attempraunce@n
attempraunce n 9 atempraunce 4 atempraunces 1 attemperance 1 attemperaunce 2 attempraunce 1

attempre adj. "temperate, moderate; mild, pleasant," s.v. attempre a. OED. KEY: attempre@adj
attempre adj 16 atempre 7 attempre 4 attempree 5

attempreli adv. "temperately, moderately," s.v. attemprely adv. OED. KEY: attempreli@adv
attempreli adv 6 atemprely 2 attemprely 4

attempren v. "temper, restrain; control," s.v. attemper v. OED. KEY: attempren@v
attempren v 7 atempreth 2 atemprith 2 atempryth 1 attempreth 1 attemprith 1

attempringe ger. "guiding"; not in OED. KEY: attempringe@ger
attempringe ger 1 atemprynge 1

attencioun n. "attention," s.v. attention OED. KEY: attencioun@n
attencioun n 1 attencioun 1

attendaunce n. "attention; service, ministration," s.v. attendance OED. KEY: attendaunce@n
attendaunce n 3 attendance 1 attendaunce 1 attendaunces 1

Attheon n. "Actaeon, metamorphosed into a hart by Diana," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: attheon@n#propn
attheon n#propn 2 attheon 2

Attilla n. "Attila, king of the Huns," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: attilla@n#propn
attilla n#propn 1 attilla 1

attri adj. "malicious," s.v. attery, attry a. OED. KEY: attri@adj
attri adj 1 attry 1

attricioun n. "imperfect repentance," s.v. attrition OED. KEY: attricioun@n
attricioun n 1 attricioun 1

Attrides n. "Agamemnon, son of Atreus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: attrides@n#propn
attrides n#propn 1 attrides 1

atwein adv. "in two," s.v. atwain advb. phr. OED. KEY: atwein@adv
atwein adv 1 atweyne 1

atwinne adv. "apart," s.v. a-twin advb. phr.\1 OED. KEY: atwinne@adv
atwinne adv 5 atwynne 5

atwixen prep. "between," s.v. atwixt prep. OED. KEY: atwixen@prep
atwixen prep 4 atwixe 2 atwixen 2

atwo adv. "in two, asunder," s.v. a-two advb. phr. OED. KEY: atwo@adv
atwo adv 22 a-two 11 atwo 11

auctorite n. "authority, legal power; written authority, authoritative passage or book," s.v. authority OED. KEY: auctorite@n
auctorite n 27 auctorite 9 auctoritee 12 auctoritees 3 autorite 2 autoritees 1

auctour n. "author, writer; creator, originator; authority," s.v. author OED. KEY: auctour@n
auctour n 34 auctour 22 auctours 6 authour 1 autour 3 autours 2

audience n. "audience; opportunity to be heard; hearing, (with open, general) hearing of all present," s.v. audience OED. KEY: audience@n
audience n 23 audience 22 audyence 1

auditour n. "auditor, accountant; hearer," s.v. auditor OED. KEY: auditour@n
auditour n 2 auditour 1 auditours 1

aue n. "awe, fear," s.v. awe sb. OED. KEY: aue@n
aue n 6 awe 6

augrim n. "arabic numerals; (as adj.) inscribed with arabic numerals," s.v. algorism OED. KEY: augrim@n augrim@n#adj
augrim n#adj 1 augrym 1
augrim n 3 augrym 3

augurie n. "augury, divination," s.v. augury OED. KEY: augurie@n
augurie n 2 augurye 2

August n. "August, the month," s.v. August sb. OED. KEY: august@n
august n 4 august 2 augustus 2

Augustin n. "Saint Augustine of Hippo," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: augustin@n#propn
augustin n#propn 33 augustin 1 augustinus 1 augustyn 24 austyn 7

Augustus n. "Augustus Caesar, the Roman emperor," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: augustus@n#propn
augustus n#propn 2 augustus 2

auncestre n. "ancestor," s.v. ancestor OED. KEY: auncestre@n
auncestre n 8 auncessours 1 auncestre 2 auncestres 5

auncestrie n. "ancestry, gentle birth," s.v. ancestry OED. KEY: auncestrie@n
auncestrie n 1 auncetrye 1

aungel n. "angel," s.v. angel OED. KEY: aungel@n
aungel n 43 angel 14 angeles 2 angels 4 aungel 14 aungelis 2 aungell 1 aungels 6

aungelik adj. "angelic," s.v. angelic a. (adv.) OED. KEY: aungelik@adj
aungelik adj 1 aungelik 1

aungelik adv. "angelically," s.v. angel-like a. (adv.) OED. KEY: aungelik@adv
aungelik adv 1 aungelyke 1

aunte n. "aunt," s.v. aunt OED. KEY: aunte@n
aunte n 1 aunte 1

auntren v. "venture, take a chance," s.v. adventure v. OED. KEY: auntren@v
auntren v 2 auntre 1 auntred 1

Aurelian n. "Lucius Domitius Aurelianus, Roman emperor," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: aurelian@n#propn
aurelian n#propn 2 aurelian 2

Aurelius n. "Aurelius, the squire in FranT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: aurelius@n#propn
aurelius n#propn 24 aurelie 4 aurelius 19 aurelyus 1

Aurora n.(1) "Aurora, the dawn," proper n.; s.v. aurora n. MED. KEY: aurora@n1#propn
aurora n1#propn 1 aurora 1

Aurora n.(2) "Aurora, a work by Peter of Riga," proper n. (literary work); not in MED. KEY: aurora@n2#propn
aurora n2#propn 1 aurora 1

Auster n. "Auster, the south wind," s.v. Auster OED. KEY: auster@n
auster n 3 auster 3

autentik adj. "authentic, authoritative," s.v. authentic a. (and sb.) OED. KEY: autentik@adj
autentik adj 1 autentyk 1

auter n. "altar," s.v. altar OED. KEY: auter@n
auter n 11 auter 11

autumpne n. "autumn," s.v. autumn OED. KEY: autumpne@n
autumpne n 4 autumpne 4

availen v. "avail, benefit; (impers.) be of use, be helpful; be successful, prosper; prevail (against)," s.v. avail v. OED. KEY: availen@v
availen v 57 availe 1 availeth 7 availle 21 availlen 4 availleth 9 avayle 4 avayled 1 avaylen 2 avayleth 6 avaylle 1 avaylleth 1

avalen v. "descend; remove (headgear, as a sign of respect)," s.v. avale v. OED. KEY: avalen@v
avalen v 3 avale 1 avalen 2

avarice n. "avarice (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. avarice OED. KEY: avarice@n avarice@n#propn
avarice n 29 avarice 26 avaryce 3
avarice n#propn 5 avarice 5

avaricious adj. "avaricious," s.v. avaricious a. OED. KEY: avaricious@adj
avaricious adj 10 avaricious 9 avricious 1

avauncen v. "help, cause to prosper; benefit, be profitable; promote," s.v. advance v. OED. KEY: avauncen@v
avauncen v 13 avaunce 10 avaunced 2 avauncen 1

avauntage n. "advantage, supremacy; advantageous position; benefit, one's best interests; monetary profit," s.v. advantage OED. KEY: avauntage@n
avauntage n 10 avantage 8 avauntage 2

avaunt n. "boast," s.v. avaunt sb.\1 OED. KEY: avaunt@n
avaunt n 6 avant 1 avantes 1 avaunt 4

avaunten v. "boast; praise," s.v. avaunt v.\1 OED. KEY: avaunten@v
avaunten v 11 avante 1 avanten 1 avaunte 6 avaunted 1 avauntynge 1 avawntede 1

avaunting ger. "boasting," s.v. avaunting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: avaunting@ger
avaunting ger 2 avauntyng 1 avauntynge 1

avauntour n. "boaster," s.v. avaunter OED. KEY: avauntour@n
avauntour n 7 avantour 1 avauntour 6

Ave interj. "Hail (Mary)," s.v. Ave v. OED, Ave Marie n. MED; cf. ave n. MED. KEY: ave@interj
ave interj 1 ave 1

Ave-Marie n. "Hail Mary," s.v. Ave Marie, Ave Mary OED. KEY: ave_marie@n
ave_marie n 1 ave-marie 1

avenaunt adj. "attractive," s.v. avenant a. and sb. OED. KEY: avenaunt@adj
avenaunt adj 1 avenaunt 1

avengen v. "(ppl.) avenged," s.v. avenge v. OED. KEY: avengen@v
avengen v 1 avenged 1

aventaille n. "mail neck guard," s.v. aventail, -ayle OED. KEY: aventaille@n
aventaille n 2 aventaille 2

aventure n. "adventure, chance happening; fate, fortune (also as proper n., personified); danger, risk; venture, exploit," s.v. adventure OED. KEY: aventure@n aventure@n#propn
aventure n 84 aventure 72 aventures 12
aventure n#propn 2 aventure 2

aventurous adj. "adventurous, seeking adventure; accidental, by chance," s.v. adventurous a. OED. KEY: aventurous@adj
aventurous adj 4 auntrous 1 aventuros 1 aventurous 1 aventurouse 1

Averil n. "April, the month," s.v. April OED. KEY: averil@n
averil n 1 averill 1

Averrois n. "Averroes, arabic medical authority," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: averrois@n#propn
averrois n#propn 1 averrois 1

Avicen n. "Avicenna, arabic medical authority," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: avicen@n#propn
avicen n#propn 2 avycen 2

avis n. "advice, judgement; thought, deliberation; consultation," s.v. advice OED. KEY: avis@n
avis n 11 avys 11

avise adj. "discreet," s.v. advisy, advisee ppl. a. OED. KEY: avise@adj
avise adj 1 avyse 1

aviseli adv. "advisedly, cautiously; seriously, carefully," s.v. advisely adv. OED. KEY: aviseli@adv
aviseli adv 4 avysely 4

avisement n. "advisement, consultation; (with full) clear view; (with tok) decision," s.v. advisement OED. KEY: avisement@n
avisement n 13 avisement 3 avysement 10

avisen v. "advise, instruct; look at; consult, deliberate, think about; decide,," s.v. advise v. OED. KEY: avisen@v
avisen v 58 avise 10 avised 3 avisede 1 avyse 15 avysed 18 avyseth 8 avysyng 2 avysynge 1

avisioun n. "vision, dream; literary account of a dream," s.v. avision OED. KEY: avisioun@n
avisioun n 13 avision 3 avisions 2 avisioun 2 avisyon 1 avysioun 3 avysiouns 1 avysyoun 1

avoi interj. "shame!" s.v. avoy int. OED. KEY: avoi@interj
avoi interj 1 avoy 1

avoue n. "vow," s.v. avow OED. KEY: avoue@n
avoue n 7 avow 7

avouen v.(1) "avow, acknowledge," s.v. avow v.\1 OED. KEY: avouen@v1
avouen v1 1 avowe 1

avouen v.(2) "vow, pledge," s.v. avow v.\2 OED. KEY: avouen@v2
avouen v2 2 avowe 1 avoweth 1

avouter n. "adulterer," s.v. adulter OED. KEY: avouter@n
avouter n 3 avowtier 1 avowtiers 2

avoutrie n. "adultery," s.v. adultery OED. KEY: avoutrie@n
avoutrie n 15 avouterye 2 avoutrye 1 avowtrie 11 avowtrye 1

awaite n. "ambush; watchfulness, caution; surveillance," s.v. await sb. OED. KEY: awaite@n
awaite n 7 await 3 awayt 3 awaytes 1

awaiten v. "await, wait for; waylay; watch; pay attention," s.v. await v. OED. KEY: awaiten@v
awaiten v 7 awaiteth 3 awaityng 1 awaitynge 1 awayte 1 awayted 1

awaiter n. "one who lies in ambush," s.v. awaiter OED. KEY: awaiter@n
awaiter n 1 awaytour 1

awaiting ger. "attentiveness," s.v. awaiting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: awaiting@ger
awaiting ger 1 awayting 1

awaken v. "awake," s.v. awake v. OED. KEY: awaken@v
awaken v 40 awak 5 awake 20 awaked 3 awaken 2 awaketh 5 awook 5

award n. "judgement, verdict," s.v. award sb. OED. KEY: award@n
award n 1 award 1

awarden v. "judge, decree," s.v. award v.\1 OED. KEY: awarden@v
awarden v 2 awarde 1 awarded 1

awei adv. "away; (as interj.) away with you, get away," s.v. away adv. OED. KEY: awei@adv awei@adv#interj
awei adv 162 away 23 awaye 1 awey 122 aweye 16
awei adv#interj 2 awey 2

awei-ward adv. & pred. adj. "(as adv.) away," s.v. away-ward adv. OED. KEY: awei-ward@adv
awei-ward adv 1 aweyward 1

awepe adv. "into tears"; not in OED. KEY: awepe@adv
awepe adv 1 a-wepe 1

awerke adv. "to work," s.v. a-work advb. phr. OED. KEY: awerke@adv
awerke adv 2 a-werk 1 a-werke 1

awhaped ppl. "amazed, terrified (also as adj.)," s.v. awhape v. OED. KEY: awhaped@ppl awhaped@ppl#adj
awhaped ppl_abs 2 awhaped 2
awhaped ppl#adj 1 awhaped 1
awhaped ppl 2 awhaped 2

awreken v. "avenge," s.v. awreak v. OED. KEY: awreken@v
awreken v 4 awreke 2 awrekith 1 awroken 1

awri adv. "slantedly, askance," s.v. awry adv. and a. OED. KEY: awri@adv
awri adv 1 awry 1

axe n.(1) "axe," s.v. ax, axe sb.\1 OED. KEY: axe@n1
axe n1 5 ax 4 axes 1

ax-tre n. "axle," s.v. ax-tree OED. KEY: ax-tre@n
ax-tre n 2 extre 2

ayen adv. "again, once more; back, away from; in return, in reply," s.v. again adv., prep., conj. OED. KEY: ayen@adv
ayen adv 255 agayn 106 agein 1 agen 2 ageyn 56 ayayn 1 ayein 27 ayen 20 ayeyn 42

ayen prep. "against, in response to; against, in opposition to; in front of, facing toward; in the presence of, before; in return for; in comparison with; in anticipation of, shortly before," s.v. again adv., prep., conj. OED. KEY: ayen@prep
ayen prep 96 again 1 agayn 68 ageyn 5 ayein 7 ayen 8 ayeyn 7

ayenes prep. "against, in response to; against, in opposition to; in front of, facing toward; in the presence of, before; in return for; in comparison with; in anticipation of, shortly before," s.v. against prep. (adv.), conj. OED. KEY: ayenes@prep
ayenes prep 133 agains 1 against 1 agaynes 2 agayns 73 ageynes 1 ageyns 2 ageynst 2 ayeins 11 ayeinst 1 ayens 27 ayenst 1 ayeynes 1 ayeyns 10

ayen-ledinge ppl. adj. "leading back," s.v. again prep. (adv.), conj. OED, ayen- pref. MED. KEY: ayen-ledinge@prp
ayen-ledinge prp#adj 1 ayen-ledynge 1

ayen-ward adv. "backward, back again; on the contrary," s.v. againward adv. OED. KEY: ayen-ward@adv
ayen-ward adv 13 agaynward 1 ageynward 2 ayeinward 3 ayenward 4 ayeynward 3

azimutz n. "(astro.) azimuth," s.v. azimuth OED. KEY: azimutz@n
azimutz n 12 azemutz 1 azimut 2 azimutes 1 azimutz 1 azymut 3 azymutz 4



-- B --



b n. "the letter b," s.v. b OED. KEY: b@n
b n 2 b 2

ba v. "kiss," s.v. ba v. OED. KEY: ba@v
ba v 2 ba 1 pa 1

babewin n. "grotesque carving," s.v. baboon OED. KEY: babewin@n
babewin n 1 babewynnes 1

Babiloine n. "Babylon," place name. KEY: babiloine@n#propn
babiloine n#propn 5 babilan 1 babiloigne 2 babiloyne 1 babyloyne 1

bacheler n. "bachelor, unmarried man; young knight; bachelor of arts," s.v. bachelor OED. KEY: bacheler@n
bacheler n 15 bacheler 10 bacheleris 3 bachelers 1 bachiler 1

bachelerie n. "group of knights, chivalry," s.v. bachelry sb. OED. KEY: bachelerie@n
bachelerie n 2 bachelrye 1 bachilrie 1

Bachus n. "Bacchus, god of wine," proper n. KEY: bachus@n#propn
bachus n#propn 8 bachus 3 bacus 5

bacin n. "basin," s.v. basin sb. OED. KEY: bacin@n
bacin n 5 bacyns 2 basyn 1 basyns 2

bacoun n. "bacon, cured pork," s.v. bacon OED. KEY: bacoun@n
bacoun n 4 bacon 3 bacoun 1

badde adj. "bad, wicked, evil; inferior, worthless; unfortunate, unfavorable," s.v. bad a. (and sb.) OED. KEY: badde@adj
badde adj 19 bad 2 badde 16 badder 1

badde n.(2) "bad one; evil," s.v. bad (and sb.) OED. KEY: badde@n2
badde n2 4 badde 4

baddeliche adv. "badly," s.v. badly adv. OED. KEY: baddeliche@adv
baddeliche adv 2 baddely 2

bagge n.(1) "bag, money bag," s.v. bag sb. OED. KEY: bagge@n1
bagge n1 4 bagges 4

baggen v.(3) "leer," s.v. bagge v. OED. KEY: baggen@v3
baggen v3 1 baggeth 1

bagge-pipe n. "bagpipe," s.v. bagpipe sb. OED. KEY: bagge-pipe@n
bagge-pipe n 1 baggepipe 1

baggingli adv. "with a leer," s.v. baggingly adv. OED. KEY: baggingli@adv
baggingli adv 1 baggyngly 1

bai adj. "bay, reddish brown," s.v. bay a.\1 (and sb.) OED. KEY: bai@adj
bai adj 4 bay 2 baye 2

Baiard n.(1) "a name for a horse," proper n. KEY: baiard@n1#propn
baiard n1#propn 3 bayard 3

baillif n. "agent of a lord," s.v. bailie OED, bailliff OED. KEY: baillif@n
baillif n 4 baillif 2 bailly 2

Bailly n. "Harry Bailly, the host in CT," proper n.; s.v. baillif n. MED. KEY: bailly@n#propn
bailly n#propn 1 bailly 1

baiten v. "bait a hook; harass; feed," s.v. bait v.\1 OED. KEY: baiten@v
baiten v 5 baited 1 baiten 1 baiteth 2 bayte 1

bak n. "back (also as adj.; cf. bakside n.)," s.v. back sb.\1 OED. KEY: bak@n bak@n#adj
bak n 34 bak 33 bakkes 1
bak n#adj 2 bak 2

bak-biten v. "backbite, slander someone behind his back," s.v. backbite v. OED. KEY: bak-biten@v
bak-biten v 1 bakbite 1

bak-bitere n. "backbiter, one who slanders someone behind his back," s.v. backbiter OED. KEY: bak-bitere@n
bak-bitere n 4 bakbitere 3 bakbiteres 1

bak-biting ger. "back-biting, slandering someone behind his back," s.v. backbiting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: bak-biting@ger
bak-biting ger 5 bakbityng 4 bakbitynge 1

baken v. "bake, (ppl. adj.) baked," s.v. bake v. OED, baken ppl. a. OED, baken mete phrase & n. MED. KEY: baken@v baken@v#adj
baken v#adj 3 bake 1 ybake 2
baken v 3 bake 2 baketh 1

baken-mete n. "meat pie," s.v. bake-meat OED, baken mete phrase & n. MED. KEY: baken_mete@n
baken_mete n 1 bake-metes 1

bakere n. "baker," s.v. baker OED. KEY: bakere@n
bakere n 1 bakere 1

bak-half n. "back side," s.v. back-half OED. KEY: bak-half@n
bak-half n 2 bakhalf 2

bak-side n. "back, reverse side," s.v. backside OED. KEY: bak-side@n
bak-side n 2 bakside 2

bak-wardes adv. "backward," s.v. backwards adv. (and a.) OED. KEY: bak-wardes@adv
bak-wardes adv 6 bakward 6

balade n. "ballade," s.v. ballade OED. KEY: balade@n
balade n 5 balade 4 balades 1

bal n. "ball, sphere," s.v. ball sb.\1 OED. KEY: bal@n
bal n 3 bal 2 balles 1

balaunce n. "pair of scales," s.v. balance sb. OED. KEY: balaunce@n
balaunce n 7 balance 1 balaunce 6

Baldeswelle n. "Bawdeswell, in Norfolk," place name; not in MED. KEY: baldeswelle@n#propn
baldeswelle n#propn 1 baldeswelle 1

bale n.(1) "suffering, misery," s.v. bale sb.\1 OED. KEY: bale@n1
bale n1 4 bale 4

balke n. "beam of wood," s.v. balk OED. KEY: balke@n
balke n 3 balke 1 balkes 2

balled adj. "bald; (as n.) bald person," s.v. bald a. OED. KEY: balled@adj balled@adj#n
balled adj 1 balled 1
balled adj#n 1 balled 1

Ballenus n. "Apollonius of Tyana, a disciple of Hermes Trismegistus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ballenus@n#propn
ballenus n#propn 1 ballenus 1

Balthasar n. "Belshazzar (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: balthasar@n#propn
balthasar n#propn 2 balthasar 2

bandoun n. "control, power," s.v. bandon, -oun sb. OED. KEY: bandoun@n
bandoun n 1 baundon 1

bane n. "slayer; destruction," s.v. bane sb.\1 OED. KEY: bane@n
bane n 15 bane 15

banere n. "banner," s.v. banner sb.\1 OED. KEY: banere@n
banere n 7 baner 7

banishen v. "(ppl.) banished," s.v. banish v. OED. KEY: banishen@v
banishen v 2 banysshed 1 ybanysshed 1

banke n.(1) "ridge, hill-side; sea shore," s.v. bank sb.\1 OED. KEY: banke@n1
banke n1 2 bank 1 banke 1

bapteme n. "baptism," s.v. baptism OED. KEY: bapteme@n
bapteme n 6 baptesme 6

baptisen v. "baptize," s.v. baptize v. OED. KEY: baptisen@v
baptisen v 4 baptise 1 baptize 1 baptized 2

Baptist n.(1) "John the Baptist (in the Bible)," proper n. KEY: baptist@n1#propn
baptist n1#propn 1 baptist 1

bar adj. "bare, unadorned; unsheathed; empty, vacant; impoverished, lacking; useless; (as intens.) very," s.v. bare a., adv., sb. OED. KEY: bar@adj
bar adj 28 bare 28

baraine adj. "barren, sterile, fruitless; bare, desolate; devoid (of)," s.v. barren a. and sb. OED. KEY: baraine@adj
baraine adj 8 bareyne 8

Barbar adj. & n. "(as adj.) barbarian, Saracen," s.v. Barbary OED. KEY: barbar@adj
barbar adj 1 barbre 1

Barbarie n. "heathendom," place name. KEY: barbarie@n#propn
barbarie n#propn 1 barbarie 1

barbe n. "part of a woman's head dress," s.v. barb sb.\1 OED. KEY: barbe@n
barbe n 1 barbe 1

barbour n. "barber," s.v. barber sb. OED. KEY: barbour@n
barbour n 1 barbour 1

barel n. "barrel (of)," s.v. barrel sb. OED. KEY: barel@n
barel n 2 barel 2

barel-ful n. "barrelful," s.v. barrel sb. OED. KEY: barel-ful@n
barel-ful n 1 barel-ful 1

bar-fot adj. & adv. "barefoot," s.v. barefoot a. and adv. OED. KEY: bar-fot@adj&adv
bar-fot adj&adv 4 barefoot 2 barefot 2

bargaine n. "business transaction," s.v. bargain sb.\1 OED. KEY: bargaine@n
bargaine n 2 bargayn 1 bargaynes 1

bargaining ger. "fraudulent dealing," s.v. bargaining vbl. sb. OED. KEY: bargaining@ger
bargaining ger 1 bargaynynge 1

barge n. "sailing vessel," s.v. barge sb. OED. KEY: barge@n
barge n 11 barge 11

bark n. "bark (of a tree)," s.v. bark sb.\1 OED. KEY: bark@n
bark n 7 bark 7

barli-breed n. "barley bread," s.v. barley OED, barli n. MED. KEY: barli-breed@n
barli-breed n 2 barly-breed 2

barm n. "bosom, lap," s.v. barm sb.\1 OED. KEY: barm@n
barm n 4 barm 4

barmcloth n. "apron," s.v. barm sb.\1 OED, barm n. MED. KEY: barmcloth@n
barmcloth n 1 barmclooth 1

Barnabo n. "Bernabo Visconti of Milan," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: barnabo@n#propn
barnabo n#propn 1 barnabo 1

barnage n.(1) "body of barons, nobility," s.v. baronage OED. KEY: barnage@n1
barnage n1 2 baronage 2

baroun n. "baron, nobleman," s.v. baron OED. KEY: baroun@n
baroun n 3 baroun 2 barouns 1

barre n. "bar, metal strip; stripe," s.v. bar sb.\1 OED. KEY: barre@n
barre n 5 barre 1 barres 4

barren v. "(ppl.) ornamented with bars," s.v. barred ppl. a. OED. KEY: barren@v
barren v 2 barred 2

barringe ger. "ornamenting with stripes," s.v. barring vbl. sb. OED. KEY: barringe@ger
barringe ger 1 barrynge 1

basilicok n. "basilisk," s.v. basilicock OED. KEY: basilicok@n
basilicok n 1 basilicok 1

Basilie n. "Saint Basil the Great," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: basilie@n#propn
basilie n#propn 1 basilie 1

Basilius n. "one of Boethius' accusers," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: basilius@n#propn
basilius n#propn 1 basilius 1

basket n. "basket," s.v. basket sb. OED. KEY: basket@n
basket n 2 basket 1 baskettes 1

basten v.(1) "(ppl.) sewing," s.v. baste v.\1 OED. KEY: basten@v1
basten v1 1 bastyng 1

bataille n. "battle, conflict; warfare; judicial battle, duel; body of warriors, battalion," s.v. battle sb. OED. KEY: bataille@n
bataille n 49 bataile 7 batailes 1 bataille 23 batailles 7 batayle 6 batayles 4 bataylle 1

bataillen v. "battle, struggle," s.v. battle v.\1 OED. KEY: bataillen@v
bataillen v 2 bataylen 1 batayllen 1

bateren v. "batter, beat," s.v. batter v.\1 OED. KEY: bateren@v
bateren v 1 batereth 1

bath n. "bath," s.v. bath sb.\1 OED. KEY: bath@n
bath n 8 bath 7 bathes 1

Bathe n. "Bath, in southwest England," place name; not in MED. KEY: bathe@n#propn
bathe n#propn 4 bathe 4

bathen v. "bathe, be immersed in; bask," s.v. bathe v. OED. KEY: bathen@v
bathen v 10 bathe 4 bathed 4 bathen 1 ybathed 1

batild ppl. "furnished with battlements," s.v. battled ppl. a. OED. KEY: batild@ppl
batild ppl 1 batailled 1

baude n. "bawd, procurer," s.v. bawd sb.\1 OED. KEY: baude@n
baude n 5 baude 2 baudes 1 bawdes 2

bauderie n.(1) "procuring, pandering," s.v. bawdry\1 OED. KEY: bauderie@n1
bauderie n1 2 bauderye 1 bawderye 1

bauderie n.(2) "gaiety (as proper n., personified)," s.v. baudery OED. KEY: bauderie@n2#propn
bauderie n2#propn 1 bauderie 1

bauderik n. "baldric, ornamental sash," s.v. baldric OED. KEY: bauderik@n
bauderik n 1 bawdryk 1

baudi adj. "soiled, dirty," s.v. bawdy adj. OED. KEY: baudi@adj
baudi adj 1 baudy 1

baume n. "balm, floral fragrance," s.v. balm sb. OED. KEY: baume@n
baume n 2 bawme 2

be n. "bee, the insect," s.v. bee\1 OED. KEY: be@n
be n 11 be 1 bee 1 been 4 bees 4 ben 1

beau adj. "good," s.v. beau a. and sb. OED. KEY: beau@adj
beau adj 2 beau 2

beaute n. "beauty (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. beauty OED. KEY: beaute@n beaute@n#propn
beaute n 117 beaute 62 beautee 47 beautes 3 beute 5
beaute n#propn 12 beaute 9 beautee 2 beute 1

beche n. "beech, the tree," s.v. beech OED. KEY: beche@n
beche n 2 bech 1 beech 1

bechen adj. "of beech wood," s.v. beechen a. OED. KEY: bechen@adj
bechen adj 2 bechen 2

bed n.(1) "bed," s.v. bed sb. OED. KEY: bed@n1
bed n1 121 bed 70 bedde 27 beddes 24

bedden v. "(ppl.) bedded, taken to bed," s.v. bedded ppl. a. OED. KEY: bedden@v
bedden v 1 ybedded 1

bedding ger. "bedclothes," s.v. bedding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: bedding@ger
bedding ger 1 beddynge 1

bede n. "bead of a rosary," s.v. bead sb. OED. KEY: bede@n
bede n 1 bedes 1

beden v. "offer, present; command; request," s.v. bid v. str. OED. KEY: beden@v
beden v 12 bede 4 bedeth 1 beede 4 bode 1 boden 2

bed-reden adj. & n. "(as adj.) bedridden," s.v. bedrid a. and sb. OED. KEY: bed-reden@adj
bed-reden adj 2 bedrede 2

bed-strau n. "straw for bedding," s.v. bedstraw OED, bed n.(1) MED. KEY: bed-strau@n
bed-strau n 1 bedstraw 1

bef n. "beef," s.v. beef sb. OED. KEY: bef@n
bef n 2 beef 1 boef 1

beggen v. "beg," s.v. beg v. OED. KEY: beggen@v
beggen v 5 begge 3 beggen 1 beggeth 1

beggere n. "beggar," s.v. beggar sb. OED. KEY: beggere@n
beggere n 4 beggere 3 beggers 1

beggerli adv. "poorly," s.v. beggarly a. OED. KEY: beggerli@adv
beggerli adv 1 beggarly 1

beggestere n. "female beggar," s.v. begster OED. KEY: beggestere@n
beggestere n 1 beggestere 1

being ger. "existence, being," s.v. being vbl. sb. OED. KEY: being@ger
being ger 16 beinge 5 beynge 10 beynges 1

bek n.(3) "beak of a bird," s.v. beak sb. OED. KEY: bek@n3
bek n3 4 beek 2 bek 1 bekes 1

bekken v. "beck, nod," s.v. beck v. OED. KEY: bekken@v
bekken v 3 bekke 2 bekked 1

bel adj. "fine, good, beautiful," s.v. bel a. and formative OED, bel adj. MED; one entry s.v. bel-ami n. MED. KEY: bel@adj
bel adj 6 beel 1 beele 2 bele 3

belding ger. "(pl.) acts of encouragement, comfort"; not in OED; cf. bielding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: belding@ger
belding ger 1 bildynges 1

Belial n. "the devil (in the Bible)," proper n. KEY: belial@n#propn
belial n#propn 2 belial 2

beli n. "belly; bellows," s.v. belly sb. OED. KEY: beli@n
beli n 3 bely 3

beli-naked adj. "stark naked," s.v. belly sb. OED, beli n. MED. KEY: beli-naked@adj
beli-naked adj 1 bely-naked 1

belle n.(1) "bell; (with bere the) take the prize; (as place name) a tavern in Southwerk," s.v. bell sb.\1 OED. KEY: belle@n1 belle@n1#propn
belle n1 16 belle 13 belles 3
belle n1#propn 1 belle 1

belle n.(2) "cloak"; not in OED. KEY: belle@n2
belle n2 1 belle 1

Bellona n. "Bellona, goddess of war," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: bellona@n#propn
bellona n#propn 1 bellona 1

Belmarie n. "Benmarin (modern Morocco)," place name; not in MED. KEY: belmarie@n#propn
belmarie n#propn 2 belmarye 2

belt n. "belt," s.v. belt sb.\1 OED. KEY: belt@n
belt n 2 belt 2

belwen v. "bellow," s.v. bellow v. OED. KEY: belwen@v
belwen v 1 beloweth 1

bem n. "beam (of wood); ray of light," s.v. beam sb.\1 OED. KEY: bem@n
bem n 20 beem 2 beemes 3 bemes 13 bemys 2

beme n.(1) "trumpet," s.v. beme sb. OED. KEY: beme@n1
beme n1 2 beme 1 bemes 1

ben v. "be," s.v. be v. OED. cf. iben v. KEY: ben@v
ben v 14440 am 323 ar 2 are 5 arn 9 art 156 arte 2 artow 37 arttow 2 be 2214 bee 48 been 823 beeth 4 ben 1233 bene 1 beth 49 bien 4 es 27 is 4767 nam 15 nart 3 nas 121 neere 2 ner 1 nere 44 nis 75 nys 189 ware 2 was 3009 weere 13 weeren 1 wer 1 were 969 weren 121 wern 1 ys 167

benche n. "bench, seat; table," s.v. bench sb. OED. KEY: benche@n
benche n 9 bench 9

benched adj. "provided with benches," s.v. bench v. OED, benched ppl. a. OED. KEY: benched@adj
benched adj 3 benched 2 ybenched 1

bende n.(1) "band, strap," s.v. bend sb.\2 OED. KEY: bende@n1
bende n1 2 band 1 bend 1

benden v.(1) "bend; (ppl. adj.) bent," s.v. bend v. OED, bent ppl. a. OED. KEY: benden@v1 benden@v1#adj
benden v1#adj 4 bente 4
benden v1 11 bende 5 bent 2 bente 3 benten 1

bending ger.(2) "providing (a garment) with stripes," s.v. bending vbl. sb.\2 OED. KEY: bending@ger2
bending ger2 1 bendynge 1

bene n.(1) "bean," s.v. bean OED. KEY: bene@n1
bene n1 9 beene 1 bene 8

benedicite interj. "bless you, bless us," s.v. benedicite int. and sb. OED. KEY: benedicite@interj
benedicite interj 18 bendiste 1 benedicite 9 benedicitee 8

Benedight n. "Saint Benedict of Nursia," proper n. KEY: benedight@n#propn
benedight n#propn 2 benedight 1 beneit 1

benefice n. "benefice, ecclesiastical living," s.v. benefice OED. KEY: benefice@n
benefice n 4 benefice 4

bene-straw n. "refuse of bean plants," s.v. bean OED, bene n.(1) MED. KEY: bene-straw@n
bene-straw n 1 bene-straw 1

benigne adj. "benign, gracious, kind; (of face, expression, etc.) showing kindness; (of weather) mild," s.v. benign a. OED. KEY: benigne@adj
benigne adj 30 benigne 19 benygne 8 benyngne 3

benigneli adv. "benignly, graciously," s.v. benignly adv. OED. KEY: benigneli@adv
benigneli adv 9 benignely 5 benygnely 2 benyngnely 2

benignite n. "benignity, kindness; goodness; (as term of address) (your) graciousness, you," s.v. benignity OED. KEY: benignite@n
benignite n 21 benignite 5 benignitee 4 benignites 1 benignytee 4 benygnete 1 benygnytee 1 benyngnytee 5

benisoun n. "blessing," s.v. benison OED. KEY: benisoun@n
benisoun n 3 benyson 1 benysoun 2

bent n.(1) "grassy field," s.v. bent sb.\1 OED. KEY: bent@n1
bent n1 2 bente 2

berd n.(1) "beard; wattles of a rooster; (with make someone's) trick," s.v. beard sb. OED. KEY: berd@n1
berd n1 27 beerd 1 berd 25 berdys 1

bere n.(1) "bear; (astro.) Ursa (Minor or Major)," s.v. bear sb.\1 OED. KEY: bere@n1 bere@n1#propn
bere n1 12 beer 1 beere 1 bere 5 beres 5
bere n1#propn 2 bere 2

bere n.(3) "pillow case," s.v. bear sb.\4 OED. KEY: bere@n3
bere n3 1 ber 1

bere n.(8) "funeral bier," s.v. bier OED. KEY: bere@n8
bere n8 18 beere 14 bere 4

beren v.(1) "bear, carry; wear; hold up, support; thrust, pierce; have, keep; endure; give birth; (reflex.) conduct oneself; (ppl. adj.) by birth, living," s.v. bear v.\1 str. OED, born pple. and a. OED. KEY: beren@v1 beren@v1#adj
beren v1#adj 4 born 3 borne 1

beren v1 327 baar 25 bar 56 bare 3 baren 2 beer 5 beere 3 ber 7 bere 57 beren 30 berest 1 bereth 32 berin 1 berith 3 berth 5 berynge 1 bore 11 boren 2 born 83

berere n. "conductor, leader," s.v. bearer OED. KEY: berere@n
berere n 1 berere 1

berie n. "berry," s.v. berry sb.\1 OED. KEY: berie@n
berie n 4 bery 1 berye 2 beryis 1

beril n. "beryl, the precious stone," s.v. beryl OED. KEY: beril@n
beril n 2 berile 1 beryle 1

bering ger. "bearing, manners, demeanor," s.v. bearing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: bering@ger
bering ger 6 beryng 2 berynge 4

berken v. "(ppl.) spoken, barked," s.v. bark v.\1 OED. KEY: berken@v
berken v 1 borken 1

berking ger. "barking," s.v. barking vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: berking@ger
berking ger 1 berkyng 1

berme n. "yeast," s.v. barm sb.\2 OED. KEY: berme@n
berme n 1 berme 1

bern n.(2) "barn," s.v. barn sb.\2 OED. KEY: bern@n2
bern n2 5 berne 3 bernes 2

Bernard n.(1) "Saint Bernard of Clairvaux," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: bernard@n1#propn
bernard n1#propn 9 bernard 9

Bernard n.(2) "Bernard Gordan, a medical authority," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: bernard@n2#propn
bernard n2#propn 1 bernard 1

Berwik n. "Berwick-on-Tweed," place name; not in MED but cf. bere-wik n. MED. KEY: berwik@n#propn
berwik n#propn 1 berwyk 1

besaunt-wight n. "weight of a bezant (a coin)," s.v. weight sb.\1 OED, besaunt n. MED. KEY: besaunt-wight@n
besaunt-wight n 1 besaunt-wight 1

best adj. as n. "best," s.v. best a. and adv. OED. KEY: best@adjas_n
best adjas_n 110 best 30 beste 80

best adj. (sup.) "best," s.v. best a. and adv. OED. KEY: best@adj
best adj 35 best 4 beste 31

best adv. (sup.) "best," s.v. best a. and adv. OED. KEY: best@adv
best adv 108 best 104 beste 4

beste n. "beast," s.v. beast OED. KEY: beste@n
beste n 120 beest 24 beeste 5 beestes 31 beestis 7 best 12 beste 12 bestes 27 bestis 2

bestialite n. "brutishness," s.v. bestiality OED. KEY: bestialite@n
bestialite n 1 bestialite 1

bet adj. & adv. as n. "better," s.v. bet adv. (and a.) OED. KEY: bet@adj&advas_n
bet adj&advas_n 1 bet 1

bet adv. & adj. "better," s.v. bet adv. (and a.) OED, bet adv.\2 OED. KEY: bet@adj bet@adv
bet adj 39 bet 39
bet adv 75 bet 75

beten v.(1) "beat, strike; overcome; ornament, adorn; pulsate; border upon; (ppl. adj.) beaten, ornamented," s.v. beat v.\1 str. & wk. OED, beat ppl. a. OED. KEY: beten@v1 beten@v1#adj
beten v1#adj 3 beten 1 ybete 2

beten v1 42 been 1 beet 1 beete 1 bet 2 bete 12 beten 7 beteth 2 betith 1 bette 1 betten 2 betyn 1 betynge 1 ibete 1 ybet 1 ybete 6 ybeten 2

beten v.(2) "mend, remedy; kindle, feed a fire," s.v. beat v.\1 str. & wk. OED. KEY: beten@v2
beten v2 8 beete 4 bete 3 betten 1

Bethulia n. "Bethulia, a city of the Israelites (in the Bible)," place name; not in MED. KEY: bethulia@n#propn
bethulia n#propn 2 bethulia 1 bethulie 1

beting ger.(1) "beating," s.v. beating vbl. sb. OED. KEY: beting@ger1
beting ger1 2 betynge 1 betynges 1

bettre adj. "better; right (arm)," s.v. better a., (sb.), and adv. OED. KEY: bettre@adj
bettre adj 64 beter 4 betere 5 better 8 bettere 1 bettre 46

bettre adv. "better," s.v. better a., (sb.), and adv. OED. KEY: bettre@adv
bettre adv 34 beter 3 betere 2 betre 1 better 4 bettre 24

bettre n. "better," s.v. better a., (sb.), and adv. OED. KEY: bettre@n
bettre n 2 bettre 2

bever n.(1) "(as adj.) of beaver fur," s.v. beaver\1 OED. KEY: bever@n1#adj
bever n1#adj 1 bever 1

Beves n. "Bevis of Hampton, a romance hero," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: beves@n#propn
beves n#propn 1 beves 1

bi adv. "by; (by and by) side by side," s.v. by prep., adv. (a., sb.) OED; some entries s.v. bi and bi phr. MED. KEY: bi@adv
bi adv 33 by 33

bi conj. "by," s.v. by prep., adv. (a., sb.) OED. KEY: bi@conj
bi conj 3 by 3

bi prep. "by," s.v. by prep., adv. (a., sb.) OED. KEY: bi@prep
bi prep 2287 be 80 bi 6 by 2201

bibben v. "(ppl.) drunk," s.v. bib v. OED. KEY: bibben@v
bibben v 1 bibbed 1

bible n. "a large book; the Bible," s.v. bible OED. KEY: bible@n
bible n 9 bible 9

bibleden v. "(ppl.) soiled with blood," s.v. bebleed v. OED. KEY: bibleden@v
bibleden v 2 bibledde 1 bybled 1

Biblis n. "Biblis, lover of her brother Caunus)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: biblis@n#propn
biblis n#propn 1 biblis 1

biblotten v. "make blots on," s.v. beblot v. OED. KEY: biblotten@v
biblotten v 1 biblotte 1

bicause adv. "because," s.v. because adv. and conj. OED, bi cause, bicause phr. & adv. MED. KEY: bi_cause@adv
bi_cause adv 4 because 1 bycause 3

bicause conj. "because," s.v. because adv. and conj. OED. KEY: bicause@conj
bicause conj 5 bycause 5

bicched ppl. adj. "cursed," s.v. bicched ppl. a. OED. KEY: bicched@ppl#adj
bicched ppl#adj 1 bicched 1

biclappen v. "seize," s.v. beclap v. OED. KEY: biclappen@v
biclappen v 1 biclappe 1

bicomen v. "become, happen; suit, befit," s.v. become v. OED. KEY: bicomen@v
bicomen v 21 becam 1 becom 1 become 4 bicam 2 bicom 1 bicome 4 bicomen 4 bycome 1 bycometh 3

bidaffed ppl. "fooled," s.v. bedaff v. OED. KEY: bidaffed@ppl
bidaffed ppl 1 bidaffed 1

bidden v. "bid, ask, plead; demand, order; urge, advise," s.v. bid v. str. OED. KEY: bidden@v
bidden v 119 bad 80 badde 1 bade 1 bede 1 beden 1 bid 7 bidde 14 bidden 1 biddest 1 biddeth 6 biddynge 1 bit 3 byd 2

biddinge ger. "bidding, request, command," s.v. bidding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: biddinge@ger
biddinge ger 3 biddyng 3

bidelven v. "(ppl.) buried," s.v. bedelve v. OED. KEY: bidelven@v
bidelven v 1 bydolven 1

biden v. "bide, remain; wait, wait for," s.v. bide v. OED. KEY: biden@v
biden v 11 bid 1 bide 3 bood 2 byd 1 byde 4

bideuen v. "moisten," s.v. bedew v. OED. KEY: bideuen@v
bideuen v 1 bydeweth 1

bidoten v. "infatuate," s.v. bedote v. OED. KEY: bidoten@v
bidoten v 1 bedote 1

bien v. "buy, purchase, pay for; earn," s.v. buy v. OED, bought ppl. a. OED. KEY: bien@v bien@v#adj
bien v#adj 1 boght 1
bien v 50 beye 5 beyeth 1 boght 4 boghte 10 boghten 1 bought 7 boughte 4 boughten 2 bye 5 byen 5 byeth 1 yboght 2 ybought 3

bifallen v. "befall, happen, occur," s.v. befall v. OED. KEY: bifallen@v
bifallen v 74 befalle 5 befel 3 befil 1 befille 1 befyl 1 bifalle 12 bifalleth 2 bifel 30 bifelle 1 bifil 3 byfalle 7 byfallen 4 byfalleth 2 byfel 2

bifallinge ger. "happening, event," s.v. befalling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: bifallinge@ger
bifallinge ger 2 bifallyng 1 byfallynge 1

biforen adv. "before, previously; in front, ahead; beforehand," s.v. before adv., prep., and conj. OED. KEY: biforen@adv
biforen adv 113 before 6 beforn 2 bifoore 7 bifore 17 biforen 1 biforn 40 byfore 7 byforn 32 byforne 1

biforen conj. "before," s.v. before adv., prep., and conj. OED. KEY: biforen@conj
biforen conj 6 biforn 2 byforen 1 byforn 3

biforen prep. "before, in front of, ahead; earlier than, previous to; superior to; (with God) by," s.v. before adv., prep., and conj. OED. KEY: biforen@prep
biforen prep 119 before 10 beforn 5 bifore 25 biforen 1 biforn 54 byfor 3 byfore 7 byforn 14

biforen-hond adv. "beforehand," s.v. beforehand adv. OED. KEY: biforen-hond@adv
biforen-hond adv 1 biforen-hand 1

big adj. "strong, sturdy," s.v. big a. OED. KEY: big@adj
big adj 4 big 1 bigge 1 byg 2

bigamie n. "bigamy," s.v. bigamy OED. KEY: bigamie@n
bigamie n 5 bigamye 5

bigilen v. "beguile, deceive; betray, lead into error; (with time) wile away, pass," s.v. beguile v. OED. KEY: bigilen@v
bigilen v 38 begile 4 begiled 3 begylde 1 begyle 1 begyled 1 bigile 9 bigiled 4 bigilen 1 bigilestow 1 bigyle 5 bigyled 3 bygile 2 bygyle 3

bigiler n. "beguiler, deceiver," s.v. beguiler OED. KEY: bigiler@n
bigiler n 1 bigileres 1

biginnen v. "begin; (as auxiliary; cf. ginnen) does, did," s.v. begin v.\1 OED. KEY: biginnen@v
biginnen v 207 began 19 beginneth 1 begonne 2 begonnen 1 begunne 2 begynne 4 begynneth 3 begynnyst 1 begynnyth 2 bigan 66 biginneth 1 bigonne 23 bigonnen 2 bigynne 35 bigynnen 1 bigynneth 4 bygan 12 bygonne 6 bygunne 2 bygyn 1 bygynne 12 bygynnen 2 bygynneth 5

biginner n. "beginner, creator," s.v. beginner OED. KEY: biginner@n
biginner n 1 bygynnere 1

biginninge ger. "beginning," s.v. beginning vbl. sb. OED. KEY: biginninge@ger
biginninge ger 49 begynnyng 22 begynnynge 4 bigynnyng 6 bygynnyng 2 bygynnynge 12 bygynnynges 3

bigon v. "(ppl.) covered; beset by, in a state of (woe, prosperity, etc.)," s.v. bego v. OED. KEY: bigon@v
bigon v 19 begon 3 begoon 1 bigon 7 bigonnen 1 bigoo 1 bigoon 1 bygon 4 bygoon 1

bihalve n. "behalf," s.v. behalf OED. KEY: bihalve@n
bihalve n 3 bihalve 1 byhalf 1 byhalve 1

bihated ppl. "hated, detested," s.v. behate ppl. a. OED. KEY: bihated@ppl
bihated ppl 1 byhated 1

biheste n. "promise, pledge (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. behest sb. OED. KEY: biheste@n biheste@n#propn
biheste n 20 biheeste 2 biheste 9 bihestes 3 byheeste 1 byheste 5
biheste n#propn 1 byheste 1

biheuen v. "(ppl.) adorned," s.v. behew v. OED. KEY: biheuen@v
biheuen v 1 behewe 1

bihinde prep. "behind, in back of," s.v. behind adv., prep. (sb.) OED. KEY: bihinde@prep
bihinde prep 16 behynde 4 bihynde 6 byhynde 5 byhynden 1

bihinden adv. & pred. adj. "behind, in back, at the rear; still to come," s.v. behind adv., prep. (sb.) OED. KEY: bihinden@adv&adj
bihinden adv&adj 20 behynde 6 bihynde 10 byhynde 4

biholden v. "behold, look at; observe, notice; consider," s.v. behold v. OED. KEY: biholden@v
biholden v 109 beheld 5 behelde 1 behelden 1 behold 1 beholde 18 biheeld 1 biheld 2 biholde 32 biholdyng 1 bihoold 4 byheld 3 byhelde 1 byholde 14 byholden 5 byholdest 1 byholdeth 11 byholding 1 byholdith 1 byholdynge 2 byhoold 2 byhoolden 1 byhooldyng 1

biholdere n. "beholder, one who sees," s.v. beholder OED. KEY: biholdere@n
biholdere n 2 byholdere 2

biholding ger. "beholding, seeing," s.v. beholding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: biholding@ger
biholding ger 1 byholdynge 1

bihoten v. "promise, assure," s.v. behight v. OED. KEY: bihoten@v
bihoten v 30 behete 1 behetist 1 behette 1 behoteth 1 behyght 1 biheete 1 biheteth 1 bihight 4 bihighte 3 bihighten 2 bihooteth 1 bihote 1 bihyght 1 bihyghte 1 byheete 1 byheeten 3 byheten 1 byhetist 1 byhetynge 1 byhighten 1 byhyght 2

bihove n. "use, advantage," s.v. behoof OED. KEY: bihove@n
bihove n 1 byhove 1

bihoveli adj. "useful, advantageous; necessary," s.v. behovely a. OED. KEY: bihoveli@adj
bihoveli adj 3 bihovely 3

bihoven v. "behoove, be appropriate; need, be necessary," s.v. behove, behoove v. OED. KEY: bihoven@v
bihoven v 44 behoved 1 behoveth 1 bihooveth 1 bihove 1 bihoven 1 bihoveth 13 boes 1 byhoveth 19 byhovide 1 byhovith 5

biinge ger. "buying, purchase," s.v. buying vbl. sb. OED. KEY: biinge@ger
biinge ger 2 beyinge 1 byynge 1

bijapen v. "(ppl.) tricked, deceived," s.v. bejape v. OED. KEY: bijapen@v
bijapen v 5 byjaped 5

biker n.(2) "quarrel," s.v. bicker sb.\2 OED. KEY: biker@n2
biker n2 1 biker 1

biknouen v. "make known, acknowledge; confess, reveal," s.v. beknow v. OED. KEY: biknouen@v
biknouen v 14 beknowe 1 biknew 1 biknewe 1 biknowe 3 biknowen 1 biknoweth 2 byknowe 1 byknowen 4

bilden v. "build, construct; settle, dwell," s.v. build v. OED. KEY: bilden@v
bilden v 8 bilde 1 bilden 1 bilt 2 bulte 1 buylde 1 buylden 1 buyldeth 1

bildere n. "(as adj.) useful for building," s.v. builder OED. KEY: bildere@n#adj
bildere n#adj 1 byldere 1

bildinge ger. "building," s.v. building vbl. sb. OED. KEY: bildinge@ger
bildinge ger 1 buyldynge 1

bile n.(1) "bill, beak of a bird," s.v. bill sb.\2 OED. KEY: bile@n1
bile n1 2 biles 1 byle 1

bileve n. "belief, faith," s.v. belief OED. KEY: bileve@n
bileve n 7 beleve 1 bileeve 2 bileve 3 byleve 1

bileven v.(1) "leave, depart; remain, stay," s.v. beleave, -eve v. OED. KEY: bileven@v1
bileven v1 9 bileve 1 bleve 4 bleven 3 byleve 1

bileven v.(2) "believe," s.v. believe v. OED. KEY: bileven@v2
bileven v2 15 beleve 3 bileeve 3 bileeven 1 bileve 4 bileveth 2 byleeven 1 bylevest 1

bille n. "petition, formal document; letter," s.v. bill n.\3 OED. KEY: bille@n
bille n 14 bille 14

bilongen v. "belong, pertain, be proper to," s.v. belong v. OED. KEY: bilongen@v
bilongen v 4 bilongen 1 bilongeth 2 bilongith 1

biloved ppl. "beloved, admired," s.v. beloved ppl. a. and sub. OED. KEY: biloved@ppl
biloved ppl_abs 6 beloved 1 biloved 5
biloved ppl 8 biloved 8

Bilyea n. "Bilia, wife of the Roman general Dullius," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: bilyea@n#propn
bilyea n#propn 1 bilyea 1

binden v. "bind, tie, fetter; bind (a book); join, unite; oblige, (reflex.) pledge; (ppl. adj.) tied, bound," s.v. bind v. OED, bound ppl. adj.\2 OED. KEY: binden@v binden@v#adj
binden v#adj 6 bounde 1 ibounden 1 ybounde 4

binden v 66 bond 6 boond 4 bounde 9 bounden 9 bownde 2 bynd 1 bynde 19 bynden 1 byndest 1 byndeth 3 byndynge 1 bynt 2 ibounden 1 ybounde 5 ybounden 2

bindinge ger. "binding, bond; injunction," s.v. binding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: bindinge@ger
bindinge ger 3 byndinge 1 byndyng 1 byndynge 1

binethen adv. "beneath, below," s.v. beneath adv. and prep. OED. KEY: binethen@adv
binethen adv 3 bynethe 3

binethen prep. "beneath, below; inferior (to)," s.v. beneath adv. and prep. OED. KEY: binethen@prep
binethen prep 8 benethen 1 bynethe 5 bynethen 2

binimen v. "take away, remove," s.v. benim v. OED. KEY: binimen@v
binimen v 17 benymen 1 binymeth 1 bynemeth 1 bynomen 3 bynomyn 1 bynyme 1 bynymen 2 bynymeth 7

binne n. "grain bin," s.v. bin sb. OED. KEY: binne@n
binne n 1 bynne 1

bi-path n. "bypath," s.v. bypath, by-path OED. KEY: bi-path@n
bi-path n 1 bi-path 1

biquethen v. "bequeath," s.v. bequeath v. OED. KEY: biquethen@v
biquethen v 5 bequethe 1 biquethe 3 byqueth 1

birche n. "birch tree," s.v. birch sb. OED. KEY: birche@n
birche n 1 birch 1

birde n.(1) "young lady," s.v. bride sb.\1 OED. KEY: birde@n1
birde n1 1 byrde 1

bireinen v. "besprinkle," s.v. berain v. OED. KEY: bireinen@v
bireinen v 1 byreyned 1

bireven v. "take away, rob; remove, deprive," s.v. bereave v. OED. KEY: bireven@v
bireven v 43 berafte 1 bereft 1 bereve 1 biraft 8 birafte 6 bireve 6 bireved 1 bireven 3 bireveth 8 byraft 2 byrafte 1 byreeve 1 byreft 1 byrefte 1 byreve 1 byreven 1

biriels n. "burial places," s.v. burial OED. KEY: biriels@n
biriels n 1 buryeles 1

birien v. "bury, inter," s.v. bury v. OED. KEY: birien@v
birien v 15 berie 1 beryed 2 buried 1 burien 1 burieth 2 bury 1 burye 1 buryed 3 iburied 1 yburyed 2

biriinge ger. "burial (also as adj.)," s.v. burying vbl. sb. OED, burying-place OED. KEY: biriinge@ger biriinge@ger#adj
biriinge ger#adj 1 buriyng 1
biriinge ger 3 buryinge 3

birthe n. "birth, parentage, lineage," s.v. birth sb.\1 OED. KEY: birthe@n
birthe n 10 birthe 3 burthe 4 byrthe 3

birthen n. "burden, suffering," s.v. burden, burthen OED. KEY: birthen@n
birthen n 1 burdene 1

biscornen v. "(ppl.) scoffed at, scorned," s.v. be- pref. OED. KEY: biscornen@v
biscornen v 1 byscorned 1

bisechen v. "beseech, beg, pray; seek for," s.v. beseech v. OED. KEY: bisechen@v
bisechen v 86 beseche 6 besechen 1 beseke 2 besekynge 1 besoghte 1 besoughten 1 biseche 25 bisecheth 1 bisechyng 1 bisechynge 2 biseeche 1 biseeching 1 biseeke 1 biseke 14 biseken 3 bisekynge 5 bisoght 1 bisoghte 3 bisoughte 5 bisoughtest 1 byseche 3 bysechen 1 bysechyng 2 byseken 1 bysoughte 3

bisegen v. "besiege," s.v. besiege v. OED. KEY: bisegen@v
bisegen v 9 beseged 1 besegeth 1 biseged 5 bysegeden 1 bysegid 1

bisen v. "(ppl.) (well, evil, etc.) looking, equipped," s.v. besee v. OED. KEY: bisen@v
bisen v 5 beseye 2 biseye 2 biseyn 1

bisetten v. "employ, use; bestow, set (one's desires on); use up, expend; arrange," s.v. beset v. OED. KEY: bisetten@v
bisetten v 22 beset 4 besette 5 biset 6 bisette 4 byset 3

bishenden v. "ruin," s.v. beshend v. OED. KEY: bishenden@v
bishenden v 1 beshende 1

bishetten v. "(ppl.) confined," s.v. beshut v. OED. KEY: bishetten@v
bishetten v 1 bishet 1

bishop n. "bishop," s.v. bishop sb. OED. KEY: bishop@n
bishop n 10 bishopes 1 bisshop 5 bisshopes 2 bisshoppes 1 bysshop 1

bishreuen v. "curse," s.v. beshrew v. OED. KEY: bishreuen@v
bishreuen v 2 bishrewe 2

bisi adj. "busy, occupied; diligent, industrious; attentive, solicitous, anxious; intense, continual," s.v. busy a. OED. KEY: bisi@adj
bisi adj 41 besy 15 bisier 1 bisy 23 busy 1 bysi 1

bisi adv. "intensely," s.v. busy a. OED. KEY: bisi@adv
bisi adv 1 bysy 1

bisides adv. "beside, alongside; nearby; (go) astray, escape; besides, also, moreover," s.v. beside adv. and prep. OED. KEY: bisides@adv
bisides adv 13 besyde 1 biside 5 bisides 1 bisyde 6

bisides prep. "beside, next to, by the side of; near, close to; without (leave)," s.v. beside adv. and prep. OED. KEY: bisides@prep
bisides prep 33 besyde 9 besydes 1 biside 9 bisides 1 bisyde 13

bisien v. "busy oneself, attend to; stir up (water), precipitate (fortune)," s.v. busy v. OED. KEY: bisien@v
bisien v 11 besyede 1 bisie 1 bisieth 2 bisye 4 bisyed 1 bysien 2

bisili adv. "busily, diligently; attentively, zealously; earnestly," s.v. busily adv. OED. KEY: bisili@adv
bisili adv 29 besely 1 besily 2 besyly 2 bisely 1 bisily 19 bisyly 3 bysyly 1

bisinesse n. "business, work, task; diligence, effort; solicitude, concern; anxiety (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. business OED. KEY: bisinesse@n bisinesse@n#propn
bisinesse n 57 besinesse 2 besynesse 8 besynesses 1 bisinesse 1 bisynesse 38 bysinesse 1 bysynes 2 bysynesse 4
bisinesse n#propn 1 bisynesse 1

bi-smare n. "mockery," s.v. bismer sb. OED. KEY: bi-smare@n
bi-smare n 1 bisemare 1

bismoken v. "(ppl. adj.) darkened with smoke," s.v. besmoke v. OED. KEY: bismoken@v#adj
bismoken v#adj 1 besmokede 1

bismotered ppl. "bespattered," s.v. besmottered ppl. a. OED. KEY: bismotered@ppl
bismotered ppl_abs 1 bismotered 1

bispeten v. "(ppl.) spit upon," s.v. bespete v. OED. KEY: bispeten@v
bispeten v 2 bispet 2

bispotten v. "cover with spots, sully," s.v. bespot OED. KEY: bispotten@v
bispotten v 1 byspotten 1

bisprengen v. "(ppl. adj.) sprinkled, spattered," s.v. besprent ppl. a. OED. KEY: bisprengen@v#adj
bisprengen v#adj 1 bespreynt 1

bistad ppl. "beset, in distress," s.v. bested pa. pple. OED. KEY: bistad@ppl
bistad ppl 2 bistad 2

bistouen v. "bestow, give; place (in a good position); treat (well)," s.v. bestow v. OED. KEY: bistouen@v
bistouen v 10 bestowed 1 bistowe 2 bistowed 5 bystowed 1 bystowyd 1

bistriden v. "bestride," s.v. bestride v. OED. KEY: bistriden@v
bistriden v 1 bistrood 1

bitaken v. "give, hand over to; entrust," s.v. betake v. OED. KEY: bitaken@v
bitaken v 10 betake 1 betakest 1 bitake 5 bitook 1 bytaken 2

bite n. "bit, mouthpiece of a bridle," s.v. bit sb.\1 OED. KEY: bite@n
bite n 1 bit 1

bitechen v. "give, commit to," s.v. beteach v. OED. KEY: bitechen@v
bitechen v 1 biteche 1

biten v.(1) "bite, gnaw; cut, pierce; sting, burn, consume," s.v. bite v. OED. KEY: biten@v1
biten v1 21 bite 3 biten 2 biteth 2 boot 2 byte 10 byten 2

bithinken v. "think, consider; think of, remember; imagine, devise," s.v. bethink v. OED. KEY: bithinken@v
bithinken v 23 bethenke 2 bethoghte 2 bethoughte 1 bethynke 3 bithenke 1 bithinke 1 bithoghte 1 bithought 2 bithynke 5 bithynken 1 bithynketh 1 bythoght 1 bythought 1 bythynke 1

bitiden v. "betide, befall, come to pass," s.v. betide v. OED. KEY: bitiden@v
bitiden v 93 betide 4 betiden 1 betideth 1 betidith 1 betyd 4 betyde 5 betyden 10 betydeth 3 betydith 1 bitid 2 bitidde 3 bitide 6 bitiden 1 bitit 2 bityd 1 bityde 23 bityden 2 bitydeth 1 bytidde 1 bytidden 1 bytide 2 bytiden 8 bytideth 4 bytyd 1 bytydde 1 bytyde 1 bytyden 2 bytydeth 1

bitidinge ger. "occurrence, happening," s.v. betiding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: bitidinge@ger
bitidinge ger 21 betidynge 1 betydinge 3 betydynge 2 bytidynge 3 bytidynges 1 bytydinge 1 bytydinges 1 bytydingis 1 bytydynge 4 bytydynges 3 bytydyngis 1

bi-time adv. "soon, quickly," s.v. betime adv. OED. KEY: bi-time@adv
bi-time adv 3 bitymes 1 bytyme 2

biting ppl. "(as adj.) biting, piercing, sharp; pungent, bitter; severe, painful," s.v. biting ppl. a. OED. KEY: biting@prp#adj
biting prp#adj 6 bitynge 2 bytynge 4

bitinge ger. "biting, pain," s.v. biting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: bitinge@ger
bitinge ger 2 bytynge 1 bytynges 1

bitingli adv. "bitingly, sharply," s.v. bitingly adv. OED. KEY: bitingli@adv
bitingli adv 1 bytyngely 1

bitoknen v. "signify," s.v. betoken v. OED. KEY: bitoknen@v
bitoknen v 5 bitokeneth 2 bitokneth 3

bitour n. "bittern, the bird," s.v. bittern sb.\1 OED. KEY: bitour@n
bitour n 1 bitore 1

bitraien v. "betray; deceive," s.v. betray v. OED. KEY: bitraien@v
bitraien v 11 betrayed 7 bitrayed 1 bitrayen 1 bytraien 1 bytrayed 1

bitraishen v. "betray; deceive," s.v. betraise, -traish v. OED. KEY: bitraishen@v
bitraishen v 14 betraysed 2 bitraised 2 bitrasshed 1 bitraysed 4 bitraysen 1 bitrayseth 1 bytraise 1 bytraised 1 bytrasshed 1

bitraisinge ger. "betrayal," s.v. betraising vbl. sb. OED. KEY: bitraisinge@ger
bitraisinge ger 1 betraysynge 1

bitrenden v. "encircle, entwine," s.v. betrend v. OED. KEY: bitrenden@v
bitrenden v 2 bytrent 2

bitter adj. as n. "bitterness, torment," s.v. bitter a. and sb.\1 OED. KEY: bitter@adjas_n
bitter adjas_n 1 bittre 1

bitter adj. "bitter, disagreeable; painful, severe; malicious, cruel," s.v. bitter a. and sb.\1 OED. KEY: bitter@adj
bitter adj 27 bitter 10 bittere 1 bittre 14 byttere 2

bitterli adv. "bitterly, severely," s.v. bitterly adv. OED. KEY: bitterli@adv
bitterli adv 4 bitterly 4

bitternesse n. "bitterness, suffering; ill will," s.v. bitterness OED. KEY: bitternesse@n
bitternesse n 18 bitternesse 16 bitternesses 1 bytternesse 1

bitwene adv. "between, meanwhile," s.v. between prep. and adv. OED. KEY: bitwene@adv
bitwene adv 6 bitwene 5 bytwene 1

bitwene prep. "between," s.v. between prep. and adv. OED. KEY: bitwene@prep
bitwene prep 16 betweene 1 bitwene 14 bytweene 1

bitwixe prep. "between," s.v. betwixen, -twixe prep. OED. KEY: bitwixe@prep
bitwixe prep 115 betwex 1 betwix 2 betwixe 3 betwixen 2 bitwix 12 bitwixe 54 bitwixen 20 bitwyxe 3 bytwixe 9 bytwixen 8 bytwyxen 1

biwailen v. "bewail, lament," s.v. bewail v. OED. KEY: biwailen@v
biwailen v 26 bewaille 1 bewayle 1 bewayled 1 bewayleth 1 biwaille 8 biwailled 1 biwaillen 2 biwayle 3 biwaylen 1 bywaille 1 bywayledest 1 bywaylen 1 bywayleth 2 bywayling 1 bywaylinge 1

biwaren v. "(ppl.) employed, used," s.v. beware v.\2 OED. KEY: biwaren@v
biwaren v 1 bewared 1

biwepen v. "weep over, lament," s.v. beweep v. OED. KEY: biwepen@v
biwepen v 6 biwepe 2 bywepe 1 bywepte 1 byweptest 1 bywopen 1

bi-word n. "proverb, saying," s.v. byword OED. KEY: bi-word@n
bi-word n 1 by-word 1

biwreien v. "reveal, divulge," s.v. bewray v. OED. KEY: biwreien@v
biwreien v 23 bewreye 1 bewrye 1 biwrey 1 biwreyd 1 biwreye 10 biwreyed 2 biwreyen 1 biwreyest 3 bywreye 2 bywreyen 1

biwreiing ger. "revealing," s.v. bewraying vbl. sb. OED. KEY: biwreiing@ger
biwreiing ger 3 biwreiyng 1 biwreying 1 biwreyyng 1

biyeten v. "beget," s.v. beget v. OED. KEY: biyeten@v
biyeten v 5 begat 1 bigat 1 bigete 1 bigeten 2

biyonde prep. "beyond," s.v. beyond adv. and prep. OED. KEY: biyonde@prep
biyonde prep 4 beyonde 1 biyonde 2 byyonde 1

bladdre n. "bladder," s.v. bladder OED. KEY: bladdre@n
bladdre n 1 bladdre 1

blade n. "blade (of a sword); sword," s.v. blade OED. KEY: blade@n
blade n 2 blade 2

blak adj. "black," s.v. black a. OED. KEY: blak@adj
blak adj 55 blak 18 blake 37

blak n. "black color, blackness, black thing," s.v. black sb. OED. KEY: blak@n
blak n 17 blak 16 blake 1

blaken v. "(ppl.) blackened," s.v. black v. OED. KEY: blaken@v
blaken v 1 blaked 1

blame n. "blame, censure, reproach; guilt, fault; disgrace, shame," s.v. blame sb. OED. KEY: blame@n
blame n 29 blame 28 blames 1

blameful adj. "censorious, slanderous," s.v. blameful a. OED. KEY: blameful@adj
blameful adj 1 blameful 1

blamen v. "blame, impute guilt to; rebuke, reproach; (with ben to) be guilty," s.v. blame v. OED. KEY: blamen@v
blamen v 44 blame 25 blamed 7 blamen 4 blamest 1 blamestow 1 blameth 4 iblamed 1 yblamed 1

blanket n. "woolen cloth," s.v. blanket sb. OED. KEY: blanket@n
blanket n 1 blanket 1

blank-manger n. "a mousse-like dish," s.v. blancmange, -manger OED. KEY: blank-manger@n
blank-manger n 1 blankmanger 1

blase n. "blaze, flame," s.v. blaze sb.\1 OED. KEY: blase@n
blase n 1 blase 1

blasen v.(2) "blow (a trumpet)," s.v. blaze v.\2 OED. KEY: blasen@v2
blasen v2 1 blasen 1

blasfemen v. "(ppl.) blasphemed," s.v. blaspheme v. OED. KEY: blasfemen@v
blasfemen v 1 blasphemed 1

blasfemie n. "blasphemy," s.v. blaspheme sb.\2 OED. KEY: blasfemie@n
blasfemie n 2 blaspheme 2

blasfeminge ger. "blaspheming," s.v. blaspheming vbl. sb. OED. KEY: blasfeminge@ger
blasfeminge ger 1 blasphemynge 1

blasfemour n. "blasphemer," s.v. blasphemer OED. KEY: blasfemour@n
blasfemour n 2 blasphemour 2

blast n. "blast, gust of wind," s.v. blast sb. OED. KEY: blast@n
blast n 6 blast 1 blastes 5

blasten v. "blow (a trumpet)," s.v. blast v. OED. KEY: blasten@v
blasten v 1 blaste 1

Blaunche n. "Blanche, duchess of Lancaster," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: blaunche@n#propn
blaunche n#propn 1 blaunche 1

blaundishen v. "blandish, flatter, please; (ppl. adj.) pleasing, gentle," s.v. blandish v. OED, blandishing ppl. a. OED. KEY: blaundishen@v blaundishen@v#adj
blaundishen v#adj 3 blaundyssching 1 blaundysschinge 1 blaundysschyng 1
blaundishen v 1 blandise 1

blaunk adj. "white," s.v. blanch a. OED. KEY: blaunk@adj
blaunk adj 1 blaunche 1

blechen v.(1) "(ppl. adj.) bleached, whitened," s.v. bleached ppl. a. OED. KEY: blechen@v1#adj
blechen v1#adj 1 bleched 1

bleden v. "bleed, bleed to death," s.v. bleed v. OED. KEY: bleden@v
bleden v 18 bledde 5 blede 12 bledynge 1

bledinge ger. "bleeding to death," s.v. bleeding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: bledinge@ger
bledinge ger 1 bledyng 1

Blee n. "Blean forest, near Canterbury," place name; not in MED. KEY: blee@n#propn
blee n#propn 2 blee 2

bleine n. "blemish," s.v. blain OED. KEY: bleine@n
bleine n 1 bleyne 1

blemishen v. "(ppl.) disparaged, dishonored," s.v. blemish v. OED. KEY: blemishen@v
blemishen v 1 blemessched 1

blenchen v. "dodge, move suddenly; move away," s.v. blench v.\1 OED. KEY: blenchen@v
blenchen v 3 bleynte 2 ybleynt 1

blenden v.(1) "blind; deceive, delude," s.v. blend v.\1 OED. KEY: blenden@v1
blenden v1 21 blende 6 blenden 1 blendith 1 blent 10 blente 1 yblent 2

bleren v.(1) "blear (one's eye), hoodwink," s.v. blear v.\1 OED. KEY: bleren@v1
bleren v1 3 blere 1 blered 2

bleringe ger.(1) "blearing (one's eye), hoodwinking," s.v. blearing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: bleringe@ger1
bleringe ger1 1 bleryng 1

blessed ppl. "(as adj.) blessed," s.v. blessed, blest ppl. a. OED. KEY: blessed@ppl#adj
blessed ppl#adj 7 blessed 2 blissed 5

blessen v. "bless; (reflex.) cross oneself," s.v. bless v.\1 OED. KEY: blessen@v
blessen v 49 blesse 25 blessed 12 blessen 1 blesseth 1 blessynge 1 blisse 1 blissed 2 blisseth 1 i-blessed 1 yblessed 4

blessinge ger. "blessing," s.v. blessing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: blessinge@ger
blessinge ger 3 blessyng 1 blessynge 2

bleu adj. "blue in color," s.v. blue a. OED. KEY: bleu@adj
bleu adj 10 blew 5 blewe 5

bleu n. "blue, the color," s.v. blue sb. OED. KEY: bleu@n
bleu n 4 blew 4

blind adj. "blind, sightless; undiscerning, heedless, deluded; (of a lane) closed at one end," s.v. blind a. OED. KEY: blind@adj
blind adj 50 blind 1 blinde 2 blynd 23 blynde 24

blind n. "blind person," s.v. blind sb. OED. KEY: blind@n
blind n 1 blynde 1

blinden v. "blind, delude," s.v. blind v. OED. KEY: blinden@v
blinden v 2 blynde 1 blyndeth 1

blindnesse n. "blindness, obtuseness," s.v. blindness OED. KEY: blindnesse@n
blindnesse n 3 blyndnesse 3

blinnen v. "cease, desist," s.v. blin, blinn v. OED. KEY: blinnen@v
blinnen v 2 bilynne 1 blynne 1

blisful adj. "blissful, happy, joyful; blessed; fortunate, praiseworthy, beautiful," s.v. blissful a. OED. KEY: blisful@adj
blisful adj 115 blisful 102 blisfull 1 blissful 2 blysful 10

blisfulli adv. "blissfully, happily," s.v. blissfully adv. OED. KEY: blisfulli@adv
blisfulli adv 3 blisfully 3

blisfulnesse n. "blissfulness, happiness," s.v. blissfulness OED. KEY: blisfulnesse@n
blisfulnesse n 86 blisfulnesse 80 blisfulnesses 1 blissefulnes 1 blysfulnesse 4

blisse n. "bliss, happiness; rejoicing; source of joy; heavenly bliss," s.v. bliss sb. OED. KEY: blisse@n
blisse n 94 blesse 1 blis 12 blisse 62 blisses 3 blys 3 blysse 13

blithe adj. "blithe, joyful, happy," s.v. blithe a. (sb. and adv.) OED. KEY: blithe@adj
blithe adj 18 blithe 14 blythe 4

blithe adv. "blithefully, happily," s.v. blithe a. (sb. and adv.) OED. KEY: blithe@adv
blithe adv 1 blythe 1

blitheli adv. "blithefully, happily," s.v. blithely adv. OED. KEY: blitheli@adv
blitheli adv 2 blythely 2

blithnesse n. "blitheness, happiness," s.v. blitheness OED. KEY: blithnesse@n
blithnesse n 1 blithnesse 1

blive adv. "actively, vigorously; quickly, (with als, as) as soon as possible, at once," s.v. belive adv. OED. KEY: blive@adv
blive adv 29 blyve 28 bylyve 1

blo adj. "bluish grey," s.v. blo a. OED. KEY: blo@adj
blo adj 1 bloo 1

blod n.(1) "blood, the humor of blood; lineage, kin," s.v. blood sb. OED. KEY: blod@n1
blod n1 93 blod 10 blood 83

blodi adj. "bloody, blood-stained; war-like," s.v. bloody a. and adv. OED. KEY: blodi@adj
blodi adj 23 blody 22 bloody 1

blod-shedinge n. "bloodshed," s.v. bloodshedding vbl. sb. OED, blod n.(1) MED. KEY: blod-shedinge@n
blod-shedinge n 1 blod-shedynge 1

blonderen v. "blunder, act blindly," s.v. blunder v. OED. KEY: blonderen@v
blonderen v 2 blondren 1 blondreth 1

blosme n. "blossom, flower," s.v. blossom OED. KEY: blosme@n
blosme n 3 blosme 1 blosmes 2

blosmen v. "blossom, bloom," s.v. blossom v. OED, blossomed ppl. a. OED. KEY: blosmen@v
blosmen v 2 blosmed 1 blosmeth 1

blosmi adj. "blossomy, covered with blossoms," s.v. blossomy a. OED. KEY: blosmi@adj
blosmi adj 3 blosmy 3

blot n. "blot, stain (of sin)," s.v. blot sb.\1 OED. KEY: blot@n
blot n 1 blotte 1

blouen v.(1) "blow; spread abroad, make known," s.v. blow v.\1 OED. KEY: blouen@v1
blouen v1 51 blew 12 blewe 1 blow 4 blowe 17 blowen 5 bloweth 3 blowynge 3 iblowe 2 yblowe 4

blouing ger.(1) "blowing (with bellows) a fire," s.v. blowing vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: blouing@ger1
blouing ger1 1 blowyng 1

bobaunce n. "boast," s.v. bobance OED. KEY: bobaunce@n
bobaunce n 2 bobance 1 bobaunce 1

Bobbe-up-and-doun n. "Harbledown, near Canterbury," place name; not in MED. KEY: bobbe-up-and-doun@n#propn
bobbe-up-and-doun n#propn 1 bobbe-up-and-doun 1

bocche n. "tumor, corrupt person," s.v. botch sb.\1 OED. KEY: bocche@n
bocche n 1 boch 1

boce n. "boss, raised center of a shield," s.v. boss sb.\1 OED. KEY: boce@n
boce n 2 boce 1 boos 1

bocher n. "butcher," s.v. butcher sb. OED. KEY: bocher@n
bocher n 1 bocher 1

bod n.(1) "delay," s.v. bode n.\3 OED. KEY: bod@n1
bod n1 1 bode 1

bod n.(2) "omen," s.v. bode sb.\2 OED. KEY: bod@n2
bod n2 1 bode 1

boden v.(1) "signify, betoken," s.v. bode v.\1 OED. KEY: boden@v1
boden v1 2 bodeth 1 bodith 1

bodi n. "body; physical object, substance; person, individual, (pl.) people; (alchem.) metallic substance, metal," s.v. body OED. KEY: bodi@n
bodilich adj. "bodily, physical, fleshly," s.v. bodily a. OED. KEY: bodilich@adj
bodilich adj 19 bodily 19

bodiliche adv. "bodily, physically," s.v. bodily adv. OED. KEY: bodiliche@adv
bodiliche adv 1 bodily 1

bodi n 280 bodies 17 body 245 bodyes 18

Boece n. "Boethius; Chaucer's translation of the Consolation of Philosophy," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: boece@n#propn
boece n#propn 35 boece 34 boecius 1

Boetes n. "the star Arcturus"; not in OED. KEY: boetes@n
boetes n 2 boetes 2

Boghtoun n. "Boughton under Blean, near Canterbury," place name; not in MED. KEY: boghtoun@n#propn
boghtoun n#propn 1 boghtoun 1

boidekin n. "dagger," s.v. bodkin OED. KEY: boidekin@n
boidekin n 3 boidekyn 1 boydekyns 2

boie n.(1) "boy, lad; servant; knave, rascal," s.v. boy sb.\1 OED. KEY: boie@n1
boie n1 4 boy 3 boye 1

boillen v. "boil, cook by boiling; seethe, burn (with emotion); (ppl. adj.) surging, violently agitated," s.v. boil v. OED, boiling ppl. a. OED. KEY: boillen@v boillen@v#adj
boillen v#adj 2 boylynge 2
boillen v 3 boille 1 boyled 1 boyleth 1

boillinge ger. "boiling up, surging," s.v. boiling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: boillinge@ger
boillinge ger 1 boylynge 1

boiste n. "box, container," s.v. boist sb. OED. KEY: boiste@n
boiste n 3 boyste 2 boystes 1

boistous adj. "rude, simple, unlearned," s.v. boistous a. OED. KEY: boistous@adj
boistous adj 1 boystous 1

boistousli adv. "rudely," s.v. boistously adv. OED. KEY: boistousli@adv
boistousli adv 1 boistously 1

bok n.(1) "book," s.v. book sb. OED. KEY: bok@n1
bok n1 181 bok 16 bokes 37 bokis 1 book 93 bookes 32 bookis 1 bookys 1

bokel n. "buckle," s.v. buckle sb. OED. KEY: bokel@n
bokel n 1 bokel 1

bokelen v. "(ppl.) buckling," s.v. buckle v. OED. KEY: bokelen@v
bokelen v 1 bokelynge 1

bokeler n.(1) "buckler, small shield," s.v. buckler sb.\2 OED. KEY: bokeler@n1
bokeler n1 6 bokeleer 1 bokeler 5

boket n. "bucket," s.v. bucket sb.\1 OED. KEY: boket@n
boket n 1 boket 1

bolas n. "plum," s.v. bullace OED. KEY: bolas@n
bolas n 1 bolas 1

bold adj. "bold, brave; confident; brash, shameless; powerful, strong; (of speech) excellent," s.v. bold a. OED. KEY: bold@adj
bold adj 21 bold 8 bolde 2 boold 11

bolde adj. as n. "shameless person," s.v. bold a. OED. KEY: bolde@adjas_n
bolde adjas_n 1 boold 1

boldeliche adv. "boldly, bravely, confidently; recklessly; vigorously," s.v. boldly adv. OED. KEY: boldeliche@adv
boldeliche adv 16 boldely 15 booldely 1

bolden v. "grow bold, cheer up," s.v. bold v. OED. KEY: bolden@v
bolden v 1 bolde 1

boldnesse n. "boldness, self-assurance; arrogance, impudence," s.v. boldness OED. KEY: boldnesse@n
boldnesse n 3 boldnesse 1 booldnesse 2

bole n.(1) "bull; (astro.) the zodiacal sign of the Bull," s.v. bull sb.\1 OED. KEY: bole@n1
bole n1 13 bole 8 boles 5

bole n.(3) "Armenian bole, an astringent," s.v. bole sb.\2 OED. KEY: bole@n3
bole n3 1 boole 1

bolle n. "bowl, vessel," s.v. bowl sb.\1 OED. KEY: bolle@n
bolle n 2 boles 1 bolle 1

Boloigne n.(1) "Boulogne, in France," place name; not in MED. KEY: boloigne@n1#propn
boloigne n1#propn 1 boloigne 1

Boloigne n.(2) "Bologna, in Italy," place name; not in MED. KEY: boloigne@n2#propn
boloigne n2#propn 5 boloigne 5

bolt adv. "(with upright) flat (on one's back)," s.v. bolt adv. OED, bolt-upright adj. & adv. MED. KEY: bolt@adv
bolt adv 2 bolt 2

bolt n. "crossbow bolt, arrow," s.v. bolt sb.\1 OED. KEY: bolt@n
bolt n 1 bolt 1

bomblen v. "boom, make a booming sound," s.v. bumble v.\1 OED. KEY: bomblen@v
bomblen v 1 bombleth 1

bon adj. "good," s.v. boon a. (and adv.) OED. KEY: bon@adj
bon adj 1 bon 1

bon n.(1) "bone," s.v. bone sb. OED. KEY: bon@n1
bon n1 47 banes 1 bon 2 bones 33 boon 11

bon n.(2) "boon, prayer, request; favor, grant," s.v. boon sb.\1 OED. KEY: bon@n2
bon n2 15 bone 7 boone 8

bond n. "bond, shackle; pledge, obligation; controlling or binding force, power," s.v. bond sb.\1 OED. KEY: bond@n
bond n 35 bond 19 bonde 1 bondes 4 boond 8 boondes 3

bonde n.(2) & adj. "(as adj.) bound, enslaved; (as n.) thrall, slave," s.v. bond sb.\2 and a. OED, bonde n.(1) MED, bonde n.(2) & adj. MED. KEY: bonde@adj bonde@n2
bonde n2 1 bonde 1
bonde adj 8 bonde 8

bonde-folk n. "serfs"; not in OED, cf. bond sb.(2) and a. OED; s.v. bonde n.(2) & adj. MED. KEY: bonde-folk@n
bonde-folk n 2 bonde-folk 1 boonde-folk 1

bonde-man n. "serf," s.v. bondman OED. KEY: bonde-man@n
bonde-man n 2 bonde-men 1 boonde-men 1

bor n. "boar, male pig; wild boar," s.v. boar OED. KEY: bor@n
bor n 27 boor 20 bor 4 bores 3

boras n. "borax," s.v. borax OED. KEY: boras@n
boras n 2 boras 2

bord n. "board, plank; table, dining table; (with to) as a boarder; (on) board (a ship)," s.v. board sb. OED. KEY: bord@n
bord n 20 bord 20

bordel n.(1) "house of prostitution; (as adj.) prostituted," s.v. bordel sb. OED. KEY: bordel@n1 bordel@n1#adj
bordel n1#adj 1 bordel 1
bordel n1 1 bordels 1

bordure n. "border (of a garment); edge, rim," s.v. border sb. OED. KEY: bordure@n
bordure n 47 border 1 bordure 46

bore n.(1) "opening, hole," s.v. bore sb.\1 OED. KEY: bore@n1
bore n1 1 bore 1

Boreas n. "the north wind," s.v. Boreas OED. KEY: boreas@n
boreas n 2 boreas 2

borgh n. "pledge, surety; guarantor," s.v. borrow sb. OED. KEY: borgh@n
borgh n 13 borowe 2 borugh 2 borwe 7 borwes 2

borwen v. "borrow," s.v. borrow v.\1 OED. KEY: borwen@v
borwen v 11 borwe 9 borwed 2

borwing ger. "borrowing," s.v. borrowing vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: borwing@ger
borwing ger 1 borwynge 1

bosom n. "bosom," s.v. bosom sb. OED. KEY: bosom@n
bosom n 6 bosom 6

bost n. "boast, bragging; arrogance, pride; threat; elaborate narrative," s.v. boast sb. OED. KEY: bost@n
bost n 12 boost 8 bost 4

bosten v. "boast, brag," s.v. boast v.\1 OED. KEY: bosten@v
bosten v 4 bosted 1 bosten 1 bosteth 2

bot n.(1) "boat," s.v. boat OED. KEY: bot@n1
bot n1 5 boot 5

bote n.(1) "help, advantage; relief, remedy; deliverance, salvation," s.v. boot sb.\1 OED. KEY: bote@n1
bote n1 26 boot 1 boote 17 bote 8

bote n.(2) "boot, footwear," s.v. boot sb.\3 OED. KEY: bote@n2
bote n2 2 bootes 2

botel n.(1) "bottle, flask," s.v. bottle sb.\2 OED. KEY: botel@n1
botel n1 4 botel 2 botelles 1 botels 1

botel n.(2) "bundle," s.v. bottle sb.\3 OED. KEY: botel@n2
botel n2 1 botel 1

boteler n.(1) "cup-bearer, servant in charge of wine," s.v. butler OED. KEY: boteler@n1
boteler n1 2 botiller 1 butiller 1

boteles adj.(1) "without remedy," s.v. bootless adj.\1 OED. KEY: boteles@adj1
boteles adj1 1 booteles 1

bothe num. "both (as adj., conj., and n.)," s.v. both a. and adv. OED. KEY: bothe@num_adj bothe@num_conj bothe@num_n
bothe num_adj 127 bathe 2 booth 1 both 1 bothe 123
bothe num_conj 197 bathe 1 boothe 1 both 20 bothe 175
bothe num_n 19 bothe 17 bother 1 bothes 1

botme n. "bottom," s.v. bottom OED. KEY: botme@n
botme n 11 botme 10 botom 1

botme-les adj. "bottomless," s.v. bottomless a. OED. KEY: botme-les@adj
botme-les adj 2 botmeles 1 botomles 1

boue n.(1) "bow, for an archer; (as part of place name) arched bridge," s.v. bow sb.\1 OED. KEY: boue@n1
boue n1 31 bowe 28 bowes 3

bouen v.(1) "bow, kneel; bend; submit," s.v. bow v.\1 OED. KEY: bouen@v1
bouen v1 12 bowe 4 bowen 2 boweth 4 bowide 1 bowynge 1

bough n. "bough, twig," s.v. bough sb. OED. KEY: bough@n
bough n 11 bough 1 bow 1 bowe 3 bowes 5 bowgh 1

bouk n. "trunk of the body," s.v. bouk OED. KEY: bouk@n
bouk n 1 bouk 1

boun adj. "ready, prepared," s.v. bound ppl. adj.\1 OED. KEY: boun@adj
boun adj 1 bown 1

bounde n. "boundary, limit," s.v. bound sb.\1 OED. KEY: bounde@n
bounde n 16 boundes 12 bowndes 4

bounden v. "(ppl.) enclosed," s.v. bound v.\1 OED. KEY: bounden@v
bounden v 1 bownded 1

bounte n. "goodness, virtue (also as proper n., personified); benevolence, mercy," s.v. bounty OED. KEY: bounte@n bounte@n#propn
bounte n 64 bontee 1 bounte 20 bountee 35 bountees 2 bountes 2 bownte 3 bowntee 1
bounte n#propn 5 bounte 3 bountee 2

bountevous adj. "good, virtuous," s.v. bounteous a. OED. KEY: bountevous@adj
bountevous adj 2 bountevous 2

bour n. "dwelling; bedroom," s.v. bower sb.\1 OED. KEY: bour@n
bour n 9 bour 5 boures 4

bourde n. "jesting, joking," s.v. bourd sb. OED. KEY: bourde@n
bourde n 1 bourde 1

bourden v.(1) "jest, joke," s.v. bourd v.\1 OED. KEY: bourden@v1
bourden v1 2 bourde 1 bourded 1

box n.(1) "box-tree," s.v. box sb.\1 OED. KEY: box@n1
box n1 3 box 3

box n.(2) "box, container; strongbox," s.v. box sb.\2 OED. KEY: box@n2
box n2 3 box 3

box n.(3) "box, blow," s.v. box n.\3 OED. KEY: box@n3
box n3 1 box 1

boxtre n. "box-tree," s.v. box-tree OED, box n.(1) MED. KEY: boxtre@n
boxtre n 2 boxtre 1 boxtree 1

bracer n. "archer's arm guard," s.v. bracer\2 OED. KEY: bracer@n
bracer n 1 bracer 1

Bradwardin n. "Thomas Bradwardine, a theologian," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: bradwardin@n#propn
bradwardin n#propn 1 bradwardyn 1

bragot n. "beverage made of ale and honey," s.v. bragget OED. KEY: bragot@n
bragot n 1 bragot 1

brain n. "brain," s.v. brain sb. OED. KEY: brain@n
brain n 5 brayn 4 braynes 1

bran n. "bran, ground husks," s.v. bran\1 OED. KEY: bran@n
bran n 3 bren 3

brand n. "firebrand, torch," s.v. brand sb. OED. KEY: brand@n
brand n 6 brond 3 bronde 1 brondes 2

bras n. "brass, copper," s.v. brass sb. OED. KEY: bras@n
bras n 16 bras 16

brasile n. "red dye from brazilwood," s.v. brazil\1 OED. KEY: brasile@n
brasile n 1 brasile 1

brat n. "cloak of coarse cloth," s.v. brat sb.\1 OED. KEY: brat@n
brat n 1 brat 1

braun n. "brawn, muscle; meat," s.v. brawn sb. OED. KEY: braun@n
braun n 7 braunes 2 brawen 1 brawn 2 brawnes 2

braunch n. "branch, twig; line of descent; species," s.v. branch sb. OED. KEY: braunch@n
braunch n 23 branche 1 branches 2 braunche 7 braunches 13

braunchen v. "(ppl. adj.) provided with branches," s.v. branch v. OED. KEY: braunchen@v#adj
braunchen v#adj 1 branched 1

brech n. "breeches, trousers; underpants; crotch," s.v. breech sb. OED. KEY: brech@n
brech n 4 breche 1 breches 1 breech 2

bred n.(1) "bread; food," s.v. bread sb.\1 OED. KEY: bred@n1
bred n1 18 bred 1 breed 17

brede n.(1) "roasted or grilled meat," s.v. brede sb.\1 OED. KEY: brede@n1
brede n1 1 brede 1

brede n.(2) "breadth, width," s.v. brede sb.\2 OED. KEY: brede@n2
brede n2 14 brede 13 breede 1

breden v.(3) "breed, beget; grow, originate," s.v. breed v. OED. KEY: breden@v3
breden v3 7 bred 2 bredde 1 brede 2 breden 1 bredeth 1

bred-ful adj. "brimful, chock-full," s.v. bret-full a. OED. KEY: bred-ful@adj
bred-ful adj 3 bret-ful 2 bretful 1

breid n.(1) "start, sudden movement," s.v. braid sb. OED. KEY: breid@n1
breid n1 2 braid 1 breyd 1

breiden v.(1) "start up, move suddenly; pull; awaken suddenly; (ppl.) embroidered," s.v. braid v.\1 OED. KEY: breiden@v1
breiden v1 13 brayde 1 breyd 1 breyde 10 broyden 1

breken v. "break; (with heart) lose composure; break into, enter; violate (a prohibition, law, or agreement); interrupt; (ppl. adj.) broken; interrupted; (of a voice) subdued or quavering," s.v. break v. OED, broken ppl. a. OED. KEY: breken@v breken@v#adj
breken v#adj 6 broken 3 brokene 1 ybroke 1 ybroken 1
breken v 65 brak 11 breeke 1 brek 2 breke 20 breken 9 breketh 5 brekith 1 broke 2 broken 13 ibroke 1

brekere n. "breaker," s.v. breaker sb.\1 OED. KEY: brekere@n
brekere n 1 brekers 1

brekinge ger. "breaking, violation (of a prohibition, law, or promise)," s.v. breaking vbl. sb. OED. KEY: brekinge@ger
brekinge ger 6 brekynge 6

brekke n. "blemish," s.v. breck OED. KEY: brekke@n
brekke n 1 brekke 1

brembel n. "bramble, thorny shrub," s.v. bramble\1 OED. KEY: brembel@n
brembel n 1 brembul 1

breme adv. "fiercely," s.v. breme a. OED. KEY: breme@adv
breme adv 2 breme 2

breme n. "bream, a fish," s.v. bream sb. OED. KEY: breme@n
breme n 1 breem 1

brennen v. "burn, burn up; inflame (with passion), be impassioned; (pt. ppl. adj.) refined, pure; (pr. ppl. adj.) burning, glowing; impassioned," s.v. burn v.\1 OED, burnt, burned ppl. a. OED, burning ppl. a. OED. KEY: brennen@v brennen@v#adj
brennen v#adj 10 brend 3 brennynge 6 brent 1
brennen v 98 brend 3 brende 22 brenden 1 brendest 1 brenne 19 brenned 1 brennen 9 brenneth 9 brenninge 1 brennyng 1 brennynge 7 brent 11 brente 7 brynne 1 ybrend 3 ybrent 2

brenninge ger. "burning; ardor, fervency," s.v. burning vbl. sb. OED. KEY: brenninge@ger
brenninge ger 8 brennyng 2 brennynge 6

brenningli adv. "ardently, passionately," s.v. burningly adv. OED. KEY: brenningli@adv
brenningli adv 2 brennyngly 2

brer n. "briar, thorn," s.v. brier, briar OED. KEY: brer@n
brer n 4 brere 2 breres 2

Breseida n. "Briseis, lover of Achilles," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: breseida@n#propn
breseida n#propn 2 breseyda 1 brixseyde 1

brest n.(1) "breast, chest (also as adj.); mammary glands; breastplate; seat of the emotions," s.v. breast adj. OED, brest-bon n. MED. KEY: brest@n1 brest@n1#adj
brest n1#adj 1 brest 1
brest n1 56 breest 4 breestis 1 brest 44 breste 1 brestes 5 brestez 1

bresten v. "burst, break," s.v. burst v. OED. KEY: bresten@v
bresten v 40 brast 9 braste 2 brest 3 breste 17 bresten 2 broste 1 brosten 5 bruste 1

bresting ger. "bursting, breaking," s.v. bursting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: bresting@ger
bresting ger 1 brestyng 1

brest-plate n. "breast-plate, chest armor," s.v. breast-plate OED. KEY: brest-plate@n
brest-plate n 1 brestplate 1

breth n.(1) "breath," s.v. breath OED. KEY: breth@n1
breth n1 22 breeth 10 breth 12

brethen v.(1) "breathe," s.v. breathe v. OED. KEY: brethen@v1
brethen v1 1 brethith 1

breuen v. "brew, contrive, bring about," s.v. brew v. OED. KEY: breuen@v
breuen v 1 brew 1

breu-hous n. "brewery, tavern," s.v. brewhouse OED. KEY: breu-hous@n
breu-hous n 1 brewhous 1

briben v. "steal, extort," s.v. bribe sb. OED. KEY: briben@v
briben v 2 brybe 2

briberie n. "thefts, extortions," s.v. bribery OED. KEY: briberie@n
briberie n 1 briberyes 1

brid-ale n. "wedding feast," s.v. bridal sdb. (a.) OED. KEY: brid-ale@n
brid-ale n 1 bridale 1

brid n. "bird; sweetheart," s.v. bird OED. KEY: brid@n
brid n 62 brid 7 bridd 2 bridde 1 briddes 29 briddis 8 bryd 11 bryddes 4

bride n.(1) "bride," s.v. bride sb.\1 OED. KEY: bride@n1
bride n1 5 bryd 2 bryde 3

bridel n. "bridle (of a horse); control, dominance; restraint," s.v. bridle sb. OED. KEY: bridel@n
bridel n 23 bridel 6 bridelis 3 bridil 1 bridles 2 brydel 9 brydles 2

bridelen v. "bridle (a horse); control, restrain," s.v. bridle v. OED. KEY: bridelen@v
bridelen v 4 bridle 1 bridlede 1 brydeleth 1 ybrydeled 1

brige n. "strife," s.v. brigue sb. OED. KEY: brige@n
brige n 1 bryge 1

brigge n. "bridge," s.v. bridge sb. OED. KEY: brigge@n
brigge n 1 brigge 1

bright adj. "bright, shining; fair, beautiful; splendid," s.v. bright a. and sb. OED. KEY: bright@adj
bright adj 132 bright 48 brighte 47 brighter 1 brightest 1 bryght 16 bryghte 19

bright n. "brightness," s.v. bright adj. and sb. OED. KEY: bright@n
bright n 1 bright 1

brighte adv. "brightly; splendidly," s.v. bright adv. OED. KEY: brighte@adv
brighte adv 21 bright 5 brighte 10 bryght 1 bryghte 5

brightnesse n. "radiance; splendor," s.v. brightness OED. KEY: brightnesse@n
brightnesse n 6 brightnesse 4 bryghtnesse 2

brike n.(2) "predicament," s.v. brike OED. KEY: brike@n2
brike n2 1 brike 1

brimme n. "shore, bank (of a river)," s.v. brim sb.\2 OED. KEY: brimme@n
brimme n 1 brymme 1

brim-ston n. "brimstone, sulphur," s.v. brimstone OED. KEY: brim-ston@n
brim-ston n 8 brymston 2 brymstoon 6

bringen v. "bring, fetch, convey; bring to (a state), bring (about)," s.v. bring v. OED. KEY: bringen@v
bringen v 281 bring 2 bringe 9 bringen 1 bringest 1 broght 34 broghte 35 broghten 4 broghtest 1 brought 46 broughte 12 broughten 1 bryng 5 brynge 77 bryngen 30 brynges 2 bryngeth 17 bryngith 2 bryngyn 1 bryngynge 1

bringer n. "bringer," s.v. bringer OED. KEY: bringer@n
bringer n 1 bryngere 1

brinke n. "brink, edge; seashore, riverbank," s.v. brink OED. KEY: brinke@n
brinke n 6 brinke 1 brinkes 1 brynke 3 brynkes 1

bristel n. "bristle," s.v. bristle sb. OED. KEY: bristel@n
bristel n 2 brustles 2

bristled ppl. "(adj.) having bristles," s.v. bristled ppl. a. OED. KEY: bristled@ppl#adj
bristled ppl#adj 1 bristilede 1

Britaine n. "Britain; Brittany," place name. KEY: britaine@n#propn
britaine n#propn 10 britaigne 5 britayne 3 briteyne 2

Brit n. "Briton, Welshman," s.v. Brit, brett sb.\2 OED. KEY: brit@n
brit n 1 bret 1

Britoun n. & adj. "Celt; Breton," s.v. Briton sb. (a.) OED. KEY: britoun@adj britoun@n
britoun adj 3 briton 2 britoun 1
britoun n 5 britons 3 britoun 1 britouns 1

broche n.(1) "brooch, ornamental clasp," s.v. brooch OED. KEY: broche@n1
broche n1 16 broch 3 broche 7 broches 3 brooch 2 brooches 1

brod adj. "broad, wide; large, spacious; (of a weapon) with a broad blade or head," s.v. broad a. OED. KEY: brod@adj
brod adj 32 brod 4 brodder 2 brode 15 brood 11

brod n.(2) "brood, offspring," s.v. brood sb. OED. KEY: brod@n2
brod n2 1 brood 1

brode adv. "broadly, widely; (of eyes) wide open; frankly, freely," s.v. broad a. OED. KEY: brode@adv
brode adv 7 brode 5 broode 2

broilen v.(1) "broil," s.v. broil v.\1 OED. KEY: broilen@v1
broilen v1 1 broille 1

brokage n. "use of an agent," s.v. brokage, brocage OED. KEY: brokage@n
brokage n 1 brocage 1

Brok n.(2) "a horse in FrT," proper n. KEY: brok@n2#propn
brok n2#propn 1 brok 1

brok n.(3) "brook, stream," s.v. brook sb. OED. KEY: brok@n3
brok n3 3 brook 3

brokken v. "(ppl.) trilling (?)," s.v. brock v. OED. KEY: brokken@v
brokken v 1 brokkynge 1

brom n. "broom, a shrub," s.v. broom sb. OED. KEY: brom@n
brom n 2 brom 1 bromes 1

Bromeholm n. "Bromholm Priory, in Yorkshire," place name; not in MED. KEY: bromeholm@n#propn
bromeholm n#propn 1 bromeholm 1

brotel adj. "brittle, fragile," s.v. brotel, brotle a. OED. KEY: brotel@adj
brotel adj 9 brotel 6 brotil 2 brutel 1

brotelnesse n. "brittleness, fragility, instability; fickleness," s.v. brotelness OED. KEY: brotelnesse@n
brotelnesse n 5 brotelnesse 4 brotilnesse 1

brother n. "brother," s.v. brother sb. OED. KEY: brother@n
brother n 161 bretheren 16 brethren 3 broother 3 brother 132 brotheres 2 brothir 4 brothres 1

brotherhede n. "brotherhood; fraternal organization," s.v. brotherhood OED. KEY: brotherhede@n
brotherhede n 3 bretherhed 1 bretherhede 2

brouded ppl. "braided; embroidered," s.v. browd v. OED, browden ppl. a. OED. KEY: brouded@ppl
brouded ppl_abs 1 ybrouded 1
brouded ppl 2 brouded 1 broyded 1

brouding ger. "embroidery," s.v. browding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: brouding@ger
brouding ger 1 browdynge 1

broue n. "eyebrow," s.v. brow sb.\1 OED. KEY: broue@n
broue n 10 browe 1 browes 6 browis 3

brouken v. "enjoy, make use of; perform (an act), do," s.v. brook v. OED. KEY: brouken@v
brouken v 5 broken 1 brouke 2 browke 1 browken 1

broun adj. "brown, dark; dark-complexioned," s.v. brown a. OED. KEY: broun@adj
broun adj 12 broun 12

Brugges n. "Brugges, in Flanders (Belgium)," place name; not in MED. KEY: brugges@n#propn
brugges n#propn 5 brugges 5

brutal adj. "like an animal," s.v. brutal a. and sb. OED. KEY: brutal@adj
brutal adj 1 brutyl 1

Brut n.(2) "Brutus, legendary founder of Britain," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: brut@n2#propn
brut n2#propn 1 brutes 1

Brutus n.(1) "Lucius Junius Brutus, founder of the Roman Republic," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: brutus@n1#propn
brutus n1#propn 1 brutus 1

Brutus n.(2) "Marcus Junius Brutus, conspirator against Caesar," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: brutus@n2#propn
brutus n2#propn 2 brutus 2

Brutus n.(3) "Brutus and Cassius (as one person)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: brutus@n3#propn
brutus n3#propn 1 brutus 1

Brutus n.(4) "Brutus (identity uncertain)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: brutus@n4#propn
brutus n4#propn 1 brutus 1

buf interj. "sound of a belch," s.v. buff sb.\5 and int. OED. KEY: buf@interj
buf interj 1 buf 1

buffet n.(2) "buffet, hitting with the fist," s.v. buffet sb.\1 OED. KEY: buffet@n2
buffet n2 1 buffettes 1

bugle n.(1) "buffalo," s.v. bugle sb.\1 OED. KEY: bugle@n1
bugle n1 1 bugle 1

bukke n. "buck, male goat or deer," s.v. buck sb.\1 OED. KEY: bukke@n
bukke n 4 buk 1 bukke 1 bukkes 2

Bukton n. "Robert or Peter Bukton," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: bukton@n#propn
bukton n#propn 1 bukton 1

bulle n. "seal attached to a papal edict; papal decree," s.v. bull sb.\2 OED. KEY: bulle@n
bulle n 7 bulle 3 bulles 4

bulten v.(1) "sift," s.v. bolt, boult v.\1 OED. KEY: bulten@v1
bulten v1 1 bulte 1

Burdeux n. "Bordeaux, in France," place name. KEY: burdeux@n#propn
burdeux n#propn 1 burdeux 1

Burdeux-ward n. "the direction of Bordeaux," s.v. -ward suffix OED, Burdeaux-ward MED Suppl. KEY: burdeux-ward@n
burdeux-ward n 1 burdeux-ward 1

burdoun n.(2) "bass part of a song," s.v. bourdon\2, burdoun OED. KEY: burdoun@n2
burdoun n2 2 burdon 1 burdoun 1

burel n.(1) "woolen garment; (as adj.) lay, uneducated," s.v. burel\1 OED. KEY: burel@n1 burel@n1#adj
burel n1#adj 4 borel 1 burel 2 burell 1
burel n1 1 borel 1

burgeis n. "citizen of a town, businessman; civic official," s.v. burgess sb. OED. KEY: burgeis@n
burgeis n 3 burgeys 3

burgh n.(1) "burg, town," s.v. borough OED. KEY: burgh@n1
burgh n1 1 burghes 1

Burgoigne n. & adj. "(as n.) Burgundy," place name. KEY: burgoine@n#propn
burgoine n#propn 1 burgoyne 1

Burnel n. "Burnellus, hero of a satirical work by Nigel Wireker," proper n. (literary work); not in MED. KEY: burnel@n#propn
burnel n#propn 1 burnel 1

burnen v. "burnish, polish (speech, manners); (ppl. adj.) burnished, polished, shining," s.v. burn v.\2 OED, burned ppl. a.\2 OED. KEY: burnen@v burnen@v#adj
burnen v#adj 5 burned 5
burnen v 1 borneth 1

burnet n.(1) & adj. "(as adj.) cloth," s.v. burnet a. and adv.\1 OED. KEY: burnet@adj
burnet adj 1 burnet 1

bush n.(1) "bush, shrub; grove, underbrush," s.v. bush sb.\1 OED. KEY: bush@n1
bush n1 17 bush 3 bushes 1 busk 2 buskes 2 bussches 1 bussh 7 busshes 1

Busirus n. "Busiris, legendary king of Egypt," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: busirus@n#propn
busirus n#propn 2 busirus 1 busyrides 1

busshel n.(1) "bushel, a measure (also as adj.); a large amount; bushel container," s.v. bushel sb.\1 OED. KEY: busshel@n1 busshel@n1#adj
busshel n1#adj 4 busschel 1 busshel 3

busshel n1 4 busshel 3 busshels 1

but conj. "but; except, unless," s.v. but prep., conj., adv. OED. KEY: but@conj
but conj 2850 but 2850

but n.(3) "exception or objection," s.v. but sb.\1 OED. KEY: but@n3
but n3 1 but 1

buter-flie n. "butterfly," s.v. butterfly OED. KEY: buter-flie@n
buter-flie n 3 boterflye 3

buttok n. "buttocks, rump," s.v. buttock sb. OED. KEY: buttok@n
buttok n 5 buttok 2 buttokes 3

buxom adj. "humble, obedient, meek," s.v. buxom a. OED. KEY: buxom@adj
buxom adj 5 buxom 5

buxomli adv. "meekly," s.v. buxomly adv. OED. KEY: buxomli@adv
buxomli adv 1 buxomly 1

buxomnesse n. "humility," s.v. buxomness OED. KEY: buxomnesse@n
buxomnesse n 1 buxumnesse 1



-- C --



c n. "the letter c," s.v. c OED. KEY: c@n
c n 3 c 3

cable n. "thick rope," s.v. cable sb. OED. KEY: cable@n
cable n 1 cable 1

cacchen v. "catch, capture; grasp, seize; get, obtain; receive; perceive, catch sight of," s.v. catch v. OED. KEY: cacchen@v
cacchen v 92 cacche 10 cacchen 1 cache 3 caught 38 caughte 19 icawght 1 ikaught 1 kacchen 1 kaught 10 kaughte 4 kecche 1 ykaught 3

Cacus n. "Cacus, a monster," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cacus@n#propn
cacus n#propn 3 cacus 1 kacus 2

cadence n. "cadence, rhythm," s.v. cadence sb. OED. KEY: cadence@n
cadence n 1 cadence 1

Cadmus n. "Cadmus, founder of Thebes," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cadmus@n#propn
cadmus n#propn 2 cadme 1 cadmus 1

cage n. "cage, confinement," s.v. cage sb. OED. KEY: cage@n
cage n 14 cage 12 cages 2

Caim n. "Cain (in the Bible)," proper n. KEY: caim@n#propn
caim n#propn 1 caym 1

cainard n. "slob," s.v. caynard OED. KEY: cainard@n
cainard n 1 kaynard 1

caitif adj. "captive, enslaved; wretched," s.v. caitiff sb. and a. OED. KEY: caitif@adj
caitif adj 10 caityf 1 caytif 3 caytyf 4 kaytifs 1 kaytyf 1

caitif n. "captive, prisoner; wretch," s.v. catiff sb. and a. OED. KEY: caitif@n
caitif n 11 caytif 1 caytifs 1 caytyf 5 caytyves 3 kaityf 1

cake n. "cake, loaf," s.v. cake sb. OED. KEY: cake@n
cake n 5 cake 5

cakeling ger. "cackling," s.v. cackling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: cakeling@ger
cakeling ger 1 kakelynge 1

calcinacioun n. "(alchem.) reduction to powder," s.v. calcination OED. KEY: calcinacioun@n
calcinacioun n 1 calcinacioun 1

calcining n. "(alchem.) reducing to powder," s.v. calcining vbl. sb. OED. KEY: calcining@n
calcining n 1 calcenyng 1

calculen v. "calculate, compute," s.v. calcule v. OED. KEY: calculen@v
calculen v 3 calcule 1 calculed 1 kalkuled 1

calculer n. "pointer of an astrolabe," s.v. calculer OED. KEY: calculer@n
calculer n 1 calculer 1

calculing ger. "calculation," s.v. calculing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: calculing@ger
calculing ger 2 calkullynge 1 calkulynge 1

Calde n. "Chaldea (modern Iraq)," place name. KEY: calde@n#propn
calde n#propn 1 chaldeye 1

calender n. "calendar; model," s.v. calendar sb. OED. KEY: calender@n
calender n 6 kalender 4 kalenderes 1 kalenders 1

calendes n. "first day, beginning," s.v. calends, kalends sb. pl. OED. KEY: calendes@n
calendes n 2 kalendes 2

calf n.(1) "calf, young of cattle," s.v. calf\1 OED. KEY: calf@n1
calf n1 3 calf 3

calf n.(2) "calf of the leg," s.v. calf\2 OED. KEY: calf@n2
calf n2 1 calf 1

Calidoigne n. "Calydon, kingdom of Tydeaus," place name; not in MED. KEY: calidoigne@n#propn
calidoigne n#propn 2 calydoigne 1 calydoyne 1

Caliope n. "Caliope, mother of Orpheus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: caliope@n#propn
caliope n#propn 3 caliope 2 callyope 1

Calipsa n. "Calypso, a nymph who loved Odysseus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: calipsa@n#propn
calipsa n#propn 1 calipsa 1

Calistopee n. "Callisto, loved by Jupiter," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: calistopee@n#propn
calistopee n#propn 2 calistopee 1 calyxte 1

Calkas n. "Calchas, Criseyde's father in Tr," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: calkas@n#propn
calkas n#propn 19 calcas 1 calkas 18

calle n. "hairnet, decorative head dress," s.v. caul sb.\1 OED. KEY: calle@n
calle n 3 calle 3

callen v. "call, cry out; summon, invite; name, designate," s.v. call v. OED. KEY: callen@v
callen v 130 cal 1 calden 1 calle 58 called 52 callede 1 callen 9 callest 1 calleth 3 callyng 1 kallen 1 ycalled 2

calme adj. "calm, free of storms," s.v. calm a. OED. KEY: calme@adj
calme adj 2 calm 2

Cambalus n. "Cambulus, Cambuskan's son in SqT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cambalus@n#propn
cambalus n#propn 3 cambalo 2 cambalus 1

Cambises n. "Cambises, king of Persia," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cambises@n#propn
cambises n#propn 1 cambises 1

Cambiuskan n. "Cambuskan, king of Sarray in SqT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cambiuskan@n#propn
cambiuskan n#propn 7 cambyuskan 7

camel n. "camel, dromedary," s.v. camel OED. KEY: camel@n
camel n 1 camaille 1

Campaine n. "Campania, in Italy," place name; not in MED. KEY: campaine@n#propn
campaine n#propn 1 campayne 1

camus adj. "pug-nosed," s.v. camois, camus a. (and sb.) OED. KEY: camus@adj
camus adj 2 camus 1 kamus 1

Canaan n. "Canaan, son of Ham (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: canaan@n#propn
canaan n#propn 1 canaan 1

Canacee n.(1) "Canacee, heroine of SqT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: canacee@n1#propn
canacee n1#propn 18 canacee 16 canacees 2

Canacee n.(2) "Canacee, incestuous lover of her brother Macareus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: canacee@n2#propn
canacee n2#propn 2 canace 1 canacee 1

Canane n. & adj. "(as adj.) of Cana (in the Bible)"; not in MED. KEY: canane@adj
canane adj 1 cananee 1

Candace n.(1) "Candace, queen of Nubia," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: candace@n1#propn
candace n1#propn 1 candace 1

Candace n.(2) "Candace, identity uncertain," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: candace@n2#propn
candace n2#propn 1 candace 1

candel n. "candle, taper," s.v. candle sb. OED. KEY: candel@n
candel n 7 candel 3 candele 1 candels 2 candle 1

candel-light n. "light from a candle," s.v. candlelight OED, candel n. MED. KEY: candel-light@n
candel-light n 1 candel-lyght 1

candle-stikke n. "candlestick," s.v. candlestick OED. KEY: candle-stikke@n
candle-stikke n 1 candle-stikke 1

Cane n. "Cana (in the Bible)," place name; not in MED. KEY: cane@n#propn
cane n#propn 1 cane 1

canel n.(1) "cinnamon," s.v. canel, canell(e OED. KEY: canel@n1
canel n1 1 canell 1

canel-boon n. "collarbone," s.v. cannel-bone OED, canel n.(2) MED. KEY: canel-boon@n
canel-boon n 1 canel-boon 1

canevas n. "canvas," s.v. canvas, canvass sb. OED. KEY: canevas@n
canevas n 1 canevas 1

Canios n. "Canii, the followers of Canius"; not in OED; not in MED. KEY: canios@n
canios n 1 canyos 1

Canius n. "Julius Canius (or Canus)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: canius@n#propn
canius n#propn 2 canyus 2

canked-ort n. "predicament," s.v. kankedort OED. KEY: canked-ort@n
canked-ort n 1 kankedort 1

canker n.(1) "tumor, cancer," s.v. canker sb. OED. KEY: canker@n1
canker n1 1 cancre 1

Canker n.(2) "Cancer, the zodiacal sign," s.v. Cancer sb. OED. KEY: canker@n2
canker n2 19 cancer 13 cancre 5 cancro 1

canoun n.(1) "set of rules; authoritative book," s.v. canon sb.\1 OED. KEY: canoun@n1
canoun n1 3 canon 2 canoun 1

canoun n.(2) "canon, a type of clergyman," s.v. canon sb.\2 OED. KEY: canoun@n2
canoun n2 43 chanon 6 chanons 3 chanoun 33 chanounes 1

Cantebregge n. "Cambridge," place name; not in MED. KEY: cantebregge@n#propn
cantebregge n#propn 2 cantebregge 1 cantebrigge 1

cantel n. "part, portion," s.v. cantle sb. OED. KEY: cantel@n
cantel n 1 cantel 1

cap n. "cape, headland," s.v. cape n.\3 OED. KEY: cap@n
cap n 1 cape 1

capel n. "horse, cart horse," s.v. caple, capul OED. KEY: capel@n
capel n 6 caples 1 capul 5

capen v. "gape, stare," s.v. gape v. OED. KEY: capen@v
capen v 5 cape 3 caped 1 capyng 1

capitain n. "leader of an army, general," s.v. captain OED. KEY: capitain@n
capitain n 3 capitayn 3

capital adj. "capital, upper case; large letter," s.v. capital a. and sb. OED. KEY: capital@adj
capital adj 4 capital 1 capitale 1 capitals 2

Capitolie n. "the Capitol in Rome," place name. KEY: capitolie@n#propn
capitolie n#propn 2 capitolie 2

capitulo Lat. n. "chapter." KEY: capitulo@lat_n
capitulo lat_n 3 capitulo 3

capoun n. "capon," s.v. capon sb. OED. KEY: capoun@n
capoun n 4 capon 1 capoun 2 capouns 1

Cappaneus n. "Capaneus, one of the seven against Thebes," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cappaneus@n#propn
cappaneus n#propn 3 campaneus 1 capaneus 1 cappaneus 1

cappe n. "cap," s.v. cap sb.\1 OED. KEY: cappe@n
cappe n 4 cappe 4

Capricorn n. "Capricorn, the zodiacal sign," s.v. Capricorn OED. KEY: capricorn@n
capricorn n 25 capricorn 2 capricorne 22 capricornus 1

captivite n. "captivity, enslavement," s.v. captivity OED. KEY: captivite@n
captivite n 1 captivyte 1

carbuncle n. "carbuncle, a precious stone," s.v. carbuncle OED. KEY: carbuncle@n
carbuncle n 3 carbuncle 1 charbocle 1 charboncle 1

cardiacle n. "palpitation, heart attack," s.v. cardiacle OED. KEY: cardiacle@n
cardiacle n 1 cardynacle 1

cardinal n. "cardinal of the church," s.v. cardinal sb. OED. KEY: cardinal@n
cardinal n 3 cardinal 1 cardinales 1 cardynales 1

care n.(1) "care, sorrow; pain, distress, trouble; anxiety, concern," s.v. care sb.\1 OED. KEY: care@n1
care n1 61 care 50 cares 10 kare 1

careful adj. "care-filled, sorrowful," s.v. careful a. OED. KEY: careful@adj
careful adj 3 careful 3

careine n. "carrion, corpse," s.v. carrion sb. and a. OED. KEY: careine@n
careine n 5 carayne 1 careyne 4

caren v. "care about, be anxious, concerned; grieve," s.v. care v. OED. KEY: caren@v
caren v 6 care 5 careth 1

cariage n. "feudal service, tax," s.v. carriage OED. KEY: cariage@n
cariage n 4 cariage 2 cariages 2

Caribdis n. "Charybdis, whirlpool in the straights of Messina," place name. KEY: caribdis@n#propn
caribdis n#propn 1 caribdis 1

carien v. "carry, convey," s.v. carry v. OED. KEY: carien@v
carien v 23 carie 8 caried 4 carieden 1 carien 2 carieth 1 cary 1 carye 1 caryed 1 caryeden 1 caryinge 1 ycaried 1 ycaryed 1

cariing ger. "carrying," s.v. carrying vbl. sb. OED. KEY: cariing@ger
cariing ger 1 cariynge 1

carike n.(1) "large sailing ship," s.v. carrack, carack OED. KEY: carike@n1
carike n1 1 carryk 1

carl n. "churl, fellow," s.v. carl, carle sb.\1 OED. KEY: carl@n
carl n 4 carl 4

carole n. "carol, song; round dance," s.v. carol sb. OED. KEY: carole@n
carole n 6 carole 1 caroles 1 karole 2 karoles 1 karoll 1

carolen v. "sing carols, dance," s.v. carol v. OED. KEY: carolen@v
carolen v 3 carole 1 karoled 1 karolede 1

carole-wise n. "in the manner of a carol"; not in OED; s.v. carole n. MED. KEY: carole-wise@n
carole-wise n 1 carole-wyse 1

caroling ger. "caroling, singing; dancing," s.v. caroling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: caroling@ger
caroling ger 3 carolynge 1 karolyng 2

carpen v. "chatter, gossip," s.v. carp v.\1 OED. KEY: carpen@v
carpen v 1 carpe 1

carpenter n. "carpenter," s.v. carpenter sb. OED. KEY: carpenter@n
carpenter n 34 carpenteer 1 carpenter 26 carpenteres 2 carpenteris 5

Carrenar n. "Kara-Nor, on the east of the Gobi Desert," place name; not in MED. KEY: carrenar@n#propn
carrenar n#propn 1 carrenar 1

Cartage n.(1) "Carthage, in Northern Africa," place name; not in MED. KEY: cartage@n1#propn
cartage n1#propn 10 cartage 10

Cartage n.(2) "Cartagena, in Spain (probably)," place name; not in MED. KEY: cartage@n2#propn
cartage n2#propn 1 cartage 1

cart n. "cart, wagon; chariot," s.v. cart sb. OED. KEY: cart@n
cart n 23 cart 10 carte 11 cartes 2

carte-hors n. "cart-horse," s.v. cart-horse OED, cart n. MED. KEY: carte-hors@n
carte-hors n 1 carte-hors 1

carter n. "carter, wagon driver," s.v. carter\1 OED. KEY: carter@n
carter n 8 carter 1 cartere 7

cart-wheel n. "cart-wheel," s.v. cart-wheel OED, cart n. MED. KEY: cart-wheel@n
cart-wheel n 2 cartwheel 2

cas n. "case; situation, circumstance; event, occurrence; chance, fate; matter, concern; type of situation, law case," s.v. case sb.\1 OED. KEY: cas@n
cas n 142 caas 28 cas 114

case n.(1) "quiver for arrows," s.v. case sb.\2 OED. KEY: case@n1
case n1 4 caas 2 cas 2

Cassandre n. "Cassandra, Troilus' sister in Tr," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cassandre@n#propn
cassandre n#propn 5 cassandra 1 cassandre 4

Cassidorus n. "Flavius Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus, Latin author," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cassidorus@n#propn
cassidorus n#propn 6 cassidore 4 cassidorie 1 cassidorus 1

Cassius n. "(Brutus and) Cassius, the conspirators, taken as one," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cassius@n#propn
cassius n#propn 1 cassius 1

cast n. "casting (stones); plot, scheme; situation, occasion," s.v. cast sb.\2 OED. KEY: cast@n
cast n 6 cast 5 castes 1

castel n. "castle, fortress," s.v. castle sb. OED. KEY: castel@n
castel n 28 castel 25 castell 1 castelles 1 castels 1

castelen v. "(ppl.) decorated (with paper battlements, etc.)," s.v. castle v. OED. KEY: castelen@v
castelen v 1 castelled 1

castel-yate n. "castle gate"; not in OED; s.v. castel n. MED. KEY: castel-yate@n
castel-yate n 1 castel-yate 1

casten v. "cast, throw; turn, direct (one's attention, one's eye); throw (away); emit, shed; move quickly; reckon, calculate; consider, reflect; perceive, notice; plan, arrange, premeditate," s.v. cast v. OED. KEY: casten@v
casten v 178 cast 39 caste 108 casten 17 castest 1 casteth 9 kaste 3 ycast 1

castigacioun n. "castigation, punishment," s.v. castigation OED. KEY: castigacioun@n
castigacioun n 1 castigacioun 1

casting ger. "casting forth, emitting," s.v. casting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: casting@ger
casting ger 1 castynge 1

Castor n. "Castor, twin of Pollux, who together form Gemini," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: castor@n#propn
castor n#propn 1 castor 1

casuel adj. "due to chance, transitory," s.v. casual a. (sb.) OED. KEY: casuel@adj
casuel adj 1 casuel 1

casuelli adv. "by chance, accidentally," s.v. casually adv. OED. KEY: casuelli@adv
casuelli adv 2 casuelly 2

Cataloigne n. "Catalonia, in Spain," place name; not in MED. KEY: cataloigne@n#propn
cataloigne n#propn 1 cataloigne 1

cat n. "cat," s.v. cat sb.\1 OED. KEY: cat@n
cat n 9 cat 7 cattes 2

catapuce n. "the herb spurge," s.v. catapuce OED. KEY: catapuce@n
catapuce n 1 katapuce 1

catel n. "property, possessions," s.v. cattle sb. OED. KEY: catel@n
catel n 27 catel 27

Catoun n.(1) "Dionysius Cato, author of the Distichs," proper n.; s.v. Caton n. MED. KEY: catoun@n1#propn
catoun n1#propn 12 caton 4 catoun 8

Catoun n.(2) "M. Porcius Cato, the Censor," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: catoun@n2#propn
catoun n2#propn 1 catoun 1

Catoun n.(3) "Cato Uticensis, the Orator," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: catoun@n3#propn
catoun n3#propn 1 catoun 1

Catoun n.(4) "Marcia Catoun, faithful Roman wife," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: catoun@n4#propn
catoun n4#propn 1 catoun 1

Catullus n. "Gaius Valerius Catullus, the Roman author," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: catullus@n#propn
catullus n#propn 1 catullus 1

Caucasus n. "Caucasus, the mountain range," place name; not in MED. KEY: caucasus@n#propn
caucasus n#propn 2 caucasus 1 kaukasous 1

Caunterbury n. "Canterbury," place name; not in MED. KEY: caunterbury@n#propn_adj caunterbury@n#propn
caunterbury n#propn_adj 1 caunterbury 1
caunterbury n#propn 7 caunterbury 7

Caunterbury-ward n. "the direction of Canterbury"; not in OED; s.v. Caunterbury-ward n. MED Suppl. KEY: caunterbury-ward@n
caunterbury-ward n 1 caunterbury-ward 1

causa Lat. n. "cause." KEY: causa@lat_n
causa lat_n 2 causa 2

cause n. "cause, source; occasion, situation; (with by, for) reason, sake; motive, justification; aim, purpose; legal action, charge; affair, undertaking," s.v. cause sb. OED. KEY: cause@n
cause n 357 cause 290 causes 66 causez 1

causeles adj. "without a cause," s.v. causeless a. OED. KEY: causeles@adj
causeles adj 2 causelees 1 causeles 1

causeles adv. "without cause, unjustly, to no purpose," s.v. causeless a. OED. KEY: causeles@adv
causeles adv 14 causelees 2 causeles 12

causen v.(1) "cause; induce, impel," s.v. cause v.\1 OED. KEY: causen@v1
causen v1 40 cause 2 caused 8 causen 6 causest 1 causeth 21 causyng 1 causynge 1

causer n.(1) "causer, source," s.v. causer\1 OED. KEY: causer@n1
causer n1 1 causer 1

cave n.(1) "cave," s.v. cave sb.\1 OED. KEY: cave@n1
cave n1 22 cave 19 caves 2 kaves 1

caverne n. "cavern," s.v. cavern sb. OED. KEY: caverne@n
caverne n 1 cavernes 1

cavillacioun n. "quibbling," s.v. cavillation OED. KEY: cavillacioun@n
cavillacioun n 1 cavillacioun 1

Cecile n. "Saint Cecelia," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cecile@n#propn
cecile n#propn 26 cecile 19 cecilie 7

Cedasus n. "Scedasus of Boetia," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cedasus@n#propn
cedasus n#propn 1 cedasus 1

cedre n. "cedar, the tree," s.v. cedar OED. KEY: cedre@n
cedre n 2 cedre 1 cedres 1

ceint n. "sash, girdle," s.v. ceinte OED. KEY: ceint@n
ceint n 2 ceint 1 ceynt 1

celebrable adj. "celebrated, famous," s.v. celebrable a. OED. KEY: celebrable@adj
celebrable adj 2 celebrable 2

celebrite n. "celebrity, fame," s.v. celebrity OED. KEY: celebrite@n
celebrite n 1 celebrete 1

celer n.(1) "cellar, storeroom," s.v. cellar sb. OED. KEY: celer@n1
celer n1 2 celer 1 seler 1

celerere n. "cellarer, monastic officer in charge of provisions," s.v. cellarer OED. KEY: celerere@n
celerere n 1 celerer 1

celestial adj. "celestial, divine; (astro.) of the visible heavens," s.v. celestial a. and sb. OED. KEY: celestial@adj
celestial adj 19 celestial 13 celestiall 4 celestialle 1 celestials 1

celle n. "cell, subordinate monastery; compartment of the brain," s.v. cell sb.\1 OED. KEY: celle@n
celle n 3 celle 3

celo Lat. n. "the heavens." KEY: celo@lat_n
celo lat_n 1 celo 1

cendal n. "silk cloth," s.v. sendal OED. KEY: cendal@n
cendal n 1 sendal 1

Cenobia n. "Zenobia, queen of Palmyra," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cenobia@n#propn
cenobia n#propn 2 cenobia 1 cenobie 1

censen v. "(ppl.) censing, incensing," s.v. cense v.\1 OED. KEY: censen@v
censen v 1 sensynge 1

censer n.(1) "censer, thurible," s.v. censer sb.\1 OED. KEY: censer@n1
censer n1 1 sencer 1

Centaur n. "Philo the Centaur (probably)," proper n. KEY: centaur@n#propn
centaur n#propn 2 centauris 1 centauros 1

centesimus Lat. adj. "hundred." KEY: centesimus@lat_adj
centesimus lat_adj 1 centesimus 1

centorie n. "centaury plant," s.v. centaury OED. KEY: centorie@n
centorie n 1 centaure 1

centre n. "center; position of equilibrium (of an astrolabe); point representing a star on the rete of an astrolabe; (pl.) table of planetary positions," s.v. centre, center sb. and a. OED. KEY: centre@n
centre n 20 centre 19 centris 1

ceptre n. "scepter; sovereign authority," s.v. sceptre sb. OED. KEY: ceptre@n
ceptre n 9 ceptre 5 sceptre 2 septre 2

Cerberus n. "Cerberus, watch-dog of Hades," proper n. KEY: cerberus@n#propn
cerberus n#propn 4 cerberus 4

cercle n 66 cercle 49 cercles 7 cerkle 1 cerklis 2 circles 1 sercle 6

cerclen v. "circle about, encircle," s.v. circle v. OED. KEY: cerclen@v
cerclen v 3 cercled 1 cerclen 1 cerclith 1

Ceres n. "Ceres, goddess of agriculture," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ceres@n#propn
ceres n#propn 2 ceres 2

cerial adj. "evergreen," s.v. cerrial a. OED. KEY: cerial@adj
cerial adj 1 cerial 1

cerimonie n. "ceremony, religious rite," s.v. ceremony OED. KEY: cerimonie@n
cerimonie n 1 cerymonyes 1

certain adj. "certain, specified, fixed; definite but unspecified amount or number of; particular, specific; true, reliable; inevitable, predetermined, invariable; confident," s.v. certain a., sb., and adv. OED. KEY: certain@adj
certain adj 122 certayn 1 certein 47 certeine 8 certeins 1 certeyn 57 certeyne 8

certain adv. "certainly, indeed," s.v. certain a., sb., and adv. OED. KEY: certain@adv
certain adv 98 certayn 10 certein 21 certeyn 67

certain n. "certainty, assurance; definite but unspecified amount or number," s.v. certain a., sb., and adv. OED; some entries s.v. certain adj. MED. KEY: certain@n
certain n 17 certayn 4 certein 5 certeyn 8

certainli adv. "certainly, indeed," s.v. certainly adv. OED. KEY: certainli@adv
certainli adv 64 certaynly 1 certeinli 1 certeinly 29 certeynli 1 certeynlich 1 certeynly 30 serteynly 1

certes adv. "certainly, indeed," s.v. certes adv. OED. KEY: certes@adv
certes adv 503 certes 486 certis 12 certys 4 sertes 1

ceruse n. "white lead," s.v. ceruse OED. KEY: ceruse@n
ceruse n 1 ceruce 1

Cesar n.(1) "Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor," proper n.; s.v. cesar n. MED. KEY: cesar@n1#propn
cesar n1#propn 3 cesar 3

Cesar n.(2) "Octavius Caesar, Roman Emperor," proper n.; s.v. cesar n. MED. KEY: cesar@n2#propn
cesar n2#propn 3 cesar 3

Cesar n.(3) "Gaius Caesar, Caligula, Roman Emperor," proper n.; s.v. cesar n. MED. KEY: cesar@n3#propn
cesar n3#propn 1 cesar 1

Cesar n.(4) "Augustus Caesar, Roman Emperor," proper n.; s.v. cesar n. MED. KEY: cesar@n4#propn
cesar n4#propn 2 cesar 2

Cesar n.(5) "Caesar, as a metonymy for king or ruler," proper n.; s.v. cesar n. MED. KEY: cesar@n5#propn
cesar n5#propn 1 cesar 1

cesen v. "cease, stop; cause to stop, put an end to," s.v. cease v. OED. KEY: cesen@v
cesen v 30 cese 4 cesen 5 ceseth 2 cesse 10 cessed 4 cessede 1 cesseth 4

Cesiphus n. "Sisyphus, king of Corinth," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cesiphus@n#propn
cesiphus n#propn 1 cesiphus 1

chacen v. "chase, pursue; harass; drive out, expel; pursue, go on with (a subject)," s.v. chase, chace v.\1 OED. KEY: chacen@v
chacen v 28 chace 8 chaced 6 chacedest 1 chacen 1 chaceth 2 chased 4 chasen 2 chaseth 2 chasith 1 chasynge 1

chaf n. "chaff, husks," s.v. chaff sb.\1 OED. KEY: chaf@n
chaf n 3 chaf 3

chaffare n. "trade, business dealing; goods, merchandise," s.v. chaffer sb.\1 OED. KEY: chaffare@n
chaffare n 9 chaffare 9

chaffaren v. "trade, do business," s.v. chaffer v.\1 OED. KEY: chaffaren@v
chaffaren v 1 chaffare 1

chaiere n. "chair, sedan-chair; throne; professorial chair," s.v. chair sb. OED. KEY: chaiere@n
chaiere n 7 chayer 3 chayere 1 chayeres 3

chaine n. "chain, fetter; ornamental chain; restraining force, bond," s.v. chain sb. OED. KEY: chaine@n
chaine n 21 chaynes 1 cheyne 12 cheynes 8

chainen v. "(ppl.) chained," s.v. chain v. OED. KEY: chainen@v
chainen v 1 ycheyned 1

chalaundre n. "lark," s.v. chalandre OED. KEY: chalaundre@n
chalaundre n 3 chalaundre 1 chalaundres 1 chelaundre 1

chalengen v. "challenge, claim," s.v. challenge v. OED. KEY: chalengen@v
chalengen v 3 chalange 1 chalanged 1 chalenge 1

chalenginge ger. "challenging, claim," s.v. challenge v. OED. KEY: chalenginge@ger
chalenginge ger 1 chalangyng 1

chalice n. "chalice," s.v. chalice OED. KEY: chalice@n
chalice n 1 chalice 1

chalk n. "chalk," s.v. chalk sb. OED. KEY: chalk@n
chalk n 5 chalk 5

chaloun n. "bedspread," s.v. chalon OED. KEY: chaloun@n
chaloun n 1 chalons 1

champartie n. "equality in power," s.v. champerty OED. KEY: champartie@n
champartie n 1 champartie 1

champioun n. "athlete, wrestler; defender in a judicial duel," s.v. champion sb.\1 OED. KEY: champioun@n
champioun n 9 champion 2 champioun 7

chaped ppl. "mounted, trimmed," s.v. chape v.\1 OED. KEY: chaped@ppl
chaped ppl 1 chaped 1

chapele n. "(as adj.) chapel," s.v. chapel sb. OED. KEY: chapele@n#adj
chapele n#adj 1 chapel 1

chapelein n. "chaplain, priest officiating in a chapel; nun who serves as secretary to an abbess," s.v. chaplain OED. KEY: chapelein@n
chapelein n 2 chapeleyne 1 chapelleyns 1

chapelet n. "chaplet, garland," s.v. chaplet OED. KEY: chapelet@n
chapelet n 4 chapelet 3 chapelett 1

chapitre n. "chapter of a book; meeting of members of a religious house; ecclesiastical court," s.v. chapter sb. OED. KEY: chapitre@n
chapitre n 13 chapitre 10 chapitres 3

chap-man n. "merchant," s.v. chapman OED. KEY: chap-man@n
chap-man n 6 chapman 3 chapmen 3

chapmanhede n. "trading, business," s.v. chapmanhood, -head OED. KEY: chapmanhede@n
chapmanhede n 2 chapmanhede 1 chapmanhod 1

char n.(2) "chariot, carriage," s.v. chair sb.\2 OED. KEY: char@n2
char n2 10 chaar 5 char 5

charge n. "charge, command; burden, load; hardship; duty, obligation; concern, matter to be discussed; importance, significance," s.v. charge sb. OED. KEY: charge@n
charge n 33 charge 33

chargeaunt adj. "burdensome, troublesome," s.v. chargeant a. OED. KEY: chargeaunt@adj
chargeaunt adj 2 chargeant 1 chargeaunt 1

chargen v. "charge, command; load; burden, weigh down; have importance," s.v. charge v. OED. KEY: chargen@v
chargen v 24 charge 9 charged 10 chargen 1 chargeth 3 chargid 1

char-hors n. "chariot horse"; not in OED; s.v. char n.(2) MED. KEY: char-hors@n
char-hors n 1 char-hors 1

chariote n. "chariot, carriage," s.v. chariot OED. KEY: chariote@n
chariote n 3 chariet 1 chariettes 1 chariottes 1

charitable adj. "charitable, benevolent; loving, devout," s.v. charitable a. OED. KEY: charitable@adj
charitable adj 7 charitable 7

charite n. "charity, love; good deed, act of kindness; benevolence, good will," s.v. charity OED. KEY: charite@n
charite n 26 charite 8 charitee 17 charyte 1

Charles n. "(gen.) Charlemagne's," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: charles@n#propn
charles n#propn 1 charles 1

charme n. "charm, magical incantation (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. charm sb.\1 OED. KEY: charme@n charme@n#propn
charme n 5 charme 2 charmes 3
charme n#propn 1 charmes 1

charmeresse n. "enchantresss, sorceress," s.v. charmeress OED. KEY: charmeresse@n
charmeresse n 1 charmeresses 1

chartre n.(1) "charter, legal document, deed," s.v. charter sb.\1 OED. KEY: chartre@n1
chartre n1 3 chartre 1 chartres 2

chaste adj. "chaste, sexually pure; sexually faithful," s.v. chaste a. OED. KEY: chaste@adj
chaste adj 19 chaast 9 chast 2 chaste 8

chaste adv. "chastely, virtuously"; not in OED. KEY: chaste@adv
chaste adv 1 chaast 1

chasten v. "(ppl.) chastised, punished," s.v. chaste v. OED. KEY: chasten@v
chasten v 1 chasted 1

chastisen v. "chastise, punish; reprove, reprimand," s.v. chastise v. OED. KEY: chastisen@v
chastisen v 10 chastise 5 chastised 2 chastisede 1 chastisen 1 chastiseth 1

chastisinge ger. "chastising, reprimanding," s.v. chastising vbl. sb. OED. KEY: chastisinge@ger
chastisinge ger 5 chastisinge 1 chastisynge 4

chastite n. "chastity; virginity; sexual faithfulness," s.v. chastity OED. KEY: chastite@n
chastite n 31 chastete 2 chastite 2 chastitee 27

chastnesse n. "chastity, virginity," s.v. chasteness OED. KEY: chastnesse@n
chastnesse n 1 chaastnesse 1

chateringe ger. "chattering, idle talk," s.v. chattering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: chateringe@ger
chateringe ger 1 chaterynge 1

Chaucer n2. "(Geoffrey) Chaucer," proper n.; s.v. chaucer n.(2) MED. KEY: chaucer@n2#propn
chaucer n2#propn 1 chaucer 1

chaumberere n. "lady's maid," s.v. chamberer OED. KEY: chaumberere@n
chaumberere n 3 chamberere 2 chambereres 1

chaumberlein n. "household attendant," s.v. chamberlain OED. KEY: chaumberlein@n
chaumberlein n 1 chamberleyn 1

chaumbre n. "chamber (also as adj.; cf. chaumbre-dore n.), private room; bedroom; abode," s.v. chamber sb. OED. KEY: chaumbre@n chaumbre@n#adj
chaumbre n 79 chamber 2 chambre 55 chambres 5 chaumberes 1 chaumbers 1 chaumbre 14 chaumbris 1
chaumbre n#adj 1 chambre 1

chaumbre-dore n. "bedroom door," s.v. chamber sb. OED, chaumbre n. MED. KEY: chaumbre-dore@n
chaumbre-dore n 1 chambre-dore 1

chaunce n. "chance happening, unexpected event; fate, luck; throw in dice," s.v. chance sb. OED. KEY: chaunce@n
chaunce n 20 chaunce 18 chaunces 2

chauncel n. "chancel," s.v. chancel OED. KEY: chauncel@n
chauncel n 1 chauncel 1

chaungeable adj. "changeable, impermanent," s.v. changeable a. OED. KEY: chaungeable@adj
chaungeable adj 3 chaungeable 3

chaunge n. "change; exchange," s.v. change sb. OED. KEY: chaunge@n
chaunge n 4 chaunge 4

chaungen v. "change, vary; move; replace, exchange; (pt. ppl. adj.) changed; (pr. ppl. adj.) varying," s.v. change v. OED, changed ppl. a. OED, changing ppl. adj. OED. KEY: chaungen@v chaungen@v#adj%ppl chaungen@v#adj_%prp
chaungen v#adj 6 chaunged 4 chaungynge 2
chaungen v 92 change 2 changed 3 changen 1 changeth 1 chaunge 29 chaunged 24 chaungen 13 chaungeth 10 chaungid 2 chaungith 4 chaungyd 1 ichaunged 1 ychaunged 1

chaunginge ger. "changing; exchanging," s.v. changing vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: chaunginge@ger
chaunginge ger 12 chaunging 1 chaungyng 1 chaungynge 9 chaungynges 1

Chauntecleer n. "Chauntecleer, the cock-hero of NPT," proper n.; s.v. chaunte-cler n. MED. KEY: chaunte-cler@n#propn
chaunte-cleer n#propn 20 chauntecleer 19 chauntecleres 1

chaunten v.(1) "chant, sing," s.v. chant v. OED. KEY: chaunten@v1
chaunten v1 2 chaunteth 2

chaunte-pleure n. "sing and weep," s.v. chantepleure OED. KEY: chaunte-pleure@n
chaunte-pleure n 1 chaunte-pleure 1

chaunterie n.(1) "chantry, endowment to pray for the dead," s.v. chantry OED. KEY: chaunterie@n1
chaunterie n1 1 chaunterie 1

chef adj. "chief, principal, preeminent; (of sin) capital," s.v. chief a. and quasi-adv. OED. KEY: chef@adj
chef adj 11 chef 5 chief 6

chef n. "chief, leader; most important member of a group," s.v. chief sb. OED. KEY: chef@n
chef n 5 cheef 2 chef 1 chief 2

chek interj. & n. "(as interj.) check, checkmate," s.v. check int. and sb. OED; one entry s.v. chek-mat adj. MED. KEY: chek@interj
chek interj 2 chek 2

cheke n. "cheek; jaw, jawbone," s.v. cheek sb. OED. KEY: cheke@n
cheke n 14 cheke 9 chekes 5

cheker n.(1) "chessboard," s.v. chequer, checker OED. KEY: cheker@n1
cheker n1 1 chekker 1

chep n. "good bargain, abundance," s.v. cheap sb. OED. KEY: chep@n
chep n 3 cheep 1 chep 1 chepe 1

Chep n. "Cheapside, in London," place name; s.v. chep n. MED. KEY: chep@n2#propn
chep n2#propn 5 chepe 5

chepen v. "bargain; bid for," s.v. cheap v. OED. KEY: chepen@v
chepen v 1 chepe 1

chere n.(1) "face, facial expression; outward appearance, gesture; manner; mood; good humor, entertainment," s.v. cheer sb. OED. KEY: chere@n1
chere n1 170 cheer 1 cheere 83 cheeres 1 chere 60 cheres 2 cheris 1 chiere 22

cheri n. "cherry," s.v. cherry sb. OED. KEY: cheri@n
cheri n 1 cherys 1

cherishen v. "cherish, hold dear; take care of, treat; favor," s.v. cherish v. OED. KEY: cherishen@v
cherishen v 10 cherice 3 chericen 1 cherish 1 cherisse 1 cherisseth 2 cheryce 2

cherishinge ger. "affection, love," s.v. cherishing vbl sb. OED. KEY: cherishinge@ger
cherishinge ger 1 cherisynge 1

cherl n. "churl, boor; peasant; ruffian, villain," s.v. churl sb. OED. KEY: cherl@n
cherl n 44 cherl 33 cherles 11

cherlish adj. "churlish, villainous," s.v. churlish a. OED. KEY: cherlish@adj
cherlish adj 2 cherlyssh 2

cherubin n. "cherub, an angel," s.v. cherub OED. KEY: cherubin@n
cherubin n 1 cherubynnes 1

ches n. "chess," s.v. chess sb.\1 OED. KEY: ches@n
ches n 6 ches 6

chese n. "cheese," s.v. cheese sb.\1 OED. KEY: chese@n
chese n 4 chese 4

chesen v. "choose, select, decide," s.v. choose v. OED. KEY: chesen@v
chesen v 81 chees 16 cheese 2 cheest 1 ches 9 chese 31 chesen 3 cheseth 3 chesith 1 chose 4 chosen 11

chesinge ger. "choosing," s.v. choosing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: chesinge@ger
chesinge ger 3 chesynge 3

chest n. "contention," s.v. chest sb.\2 OED. KEY: chest@n
chest n 1 cheeste 1

cheste n. "chest, container; strongbox; coffin," s.v. chest sb.\1 OED. KEY: cheste@n
cheste n 9 cheste 7 chiste 2

chesteine n. "chestnut tree," s.v. chesteine, chesten OED. KEY: chesteine@n
chesteine n 2 chasteyn 1 chesteynes 1

cheuen v.(1) "chew," s.v. chew v. OED. KEY: cheuen@v1
cheuen v1 1 cheweth 1

chevalrie n. "chivalry, knighthood; knightly virtues; the nobility as a class; knightly deeds, warfare," s.v. chivalry OED. KEY: chevalrie@n
chevalrie n 19 chevalrie 1 chivalrie 9 chivalry 2 chivalrye 4 chyvalrie 1 chyvalrye 2

chevalrous adj. "chivalrous; brave," s.v. chivalrous a. OED. KEY: chevalrous@adj
chevalrous adj 2 chevalrous 1 chivalrous 1

chevauche n. "cavalry raid; cavalcade; horsemanship," s.v. chevachee OED. KEY: chevauche@n
chevauche n 3 chevache 1 chyvachee 1 chyvachie 1

cheven v. "fare," s.v. cheve, chieve v. OED. KEY: cheven@v
cheven v 1 cheeve 1

chevesel n. "collar," s.v. chevesaile OED. KEY: chevesel@n
chevesel n 1 chevesaile 1

chevetaine n. "chief, leader," s.v. chieftain n.OED. KEY: chevetaine@n
chevetaine n 3 chieftayn 1 chieftaynes 2

chevisaunce n. "financial transaction; loan," s.v. chevisance\1 OED. KEY: chevisaunce@n
chevisaunce n 5 chevysaunce 1 chevyssaunce 4

chevishen v. "bear up, sustain oneself," s.v. chevise v. OED. KEY: chevishen@v
chevishen v 1 chevise 1

Chiche-vache n. "Chichevache, a legendary cow," proper n. KEY: chiche-vache@n#propn
chiche-vache n#propn 1 chichevache 1

chiden v. "chide, criticize; scold, nag; complain; (ppl. adj.) nagging, quarrelsome," s.v. chide v. OED, chiding ppl. a. OED. KEY: chiden@v chiden@v#adj
chiden v#adj 3 chidyng 1 chidynge 1 chydynge 1
chiden v 25 chidde 2 chide 11 chiden 2 chidest 1 chideth 3 chit 1 chyde 5

chideresse n. "quarrelsome woman, scold," s.v. chideress OED. KEY: chideresse@n
chideresse n 1 chideresse 1

chidestere n. "quarrelsome woman, scold," s.v. chidester OED. KEY: chidestere@n
chidestere n 1 chidestere 1

chidinge ger. "chiding, scolding; quarreling; idle talk," s.v. chiding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: chidinge@ger
chidinge ger 11 chidyng 1 chidynge 6 chidynges 4

chierte n. "love, affection," s.v. cherte, -tee OED. KEY: chierte@n
chierte n 3 chiertee 3

chiken n. "chicken," s.v. chick sb.\1 OED, chicken OED. KEY: chiken@n
chiken n 2 chike 1 chiknes 1

child n. "child; young man; noble youth," s.v. child sb. OED. KEY: child@n
child n 208 child 125 childe 7 childes 2 children 73 chyldren 1

childhod n. "childhood," s.v. childhood OED. KEY: childhod@n
childhod n 5 childhede 5

childish adj. "childish, foolish," s.v. childish a. OED. KEY: childish@adj
childish adj 2 childissh 1 childyssh 1

childishli adv. "childishly, clumsily," s.v. childishly adv. OED. KEY: childishli@adv
childishli adv 1 childisshly 1

childli adj. "child-like, simple," s.v. childly a. and adv. OED. KEY: childli@adj
childli adj 1 childly 1

chilindre n. "portable sun-dial," s.v. chilindre OED. KEY: chilindre@n
chilindre n 1 chilyndre 1

chimb n. "barrel rim," s.v. chime, chimb sb.\2 OED. KEY: chimb@n
chimb n 1 chymbe 1

chimben v. "chime, toll (as a bell)," s.v. chime v.\1 OED. KEY: chimben@v
chimben v 1 chymbe 1

chimene n. "chimney, fireplace," s.v. chimney sb. OED. KEY: chimene@n
chimene n 3 chemeneyes 1 chymenee 1 chymeneye 1

chin n. "chin," s.v. chin sb. OED. KEY: chin@n
chin n 4 chyn 3 chynne 1

chinche adj. & n. "(as n.) miser," s.v. chinch a. and sb. OED. KEY: chinche@n
chinche n 2 chynche 2

chincherie n. "miserliness," s.v. chinchery OED. KEY: chincherie@n
chincherie n 1 chyncherie 1

chinen v.(1) "(ppl.) gaping," s.v. chine v.\1 OED. KEY: chinen@v1
chinen v1 1 chynynge 1

chippe n. "chip of wood," s.v. chip sb.\1 OED. KEY: chippe@n
chippe n 1 chippes 1

chirche n. "church, church building (also as adj.); the church as an institution," s.v. church sb. OED, some adjectival uses s.v. chirche-dore MED. KEY: chirche@n chirche@n#adj
chirche n 69 cherche 1 chirche 60 chirches 8
chirche n#adj 3 chirche 3

chirche-haue n. "churchyard," s.v. church-hawe OED. KEY: chirche-haue@n
chirche-haue n 2 chirche-hawes 1 chirchehawe 1

chirken v. "creak, groan," s.v. chirk v. OED. KEY: chirken@v
chirken v 2 chirketh 1 chirkynge 1

chirkinge ger. "creaking, groaning," s.v. chirk v. OED. KEY: chirkinge@ger
chirkinge ger 3 chirkyng 1 chirkynge 1 chirkynges 1

Chiron n. "Eacides Chiron, a centaur," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: chiron@n#propn
chiron n#propn 1 chiron 1

chisel n. "chisel," s.v. chisel sb.\1 OED. KEY: chisel@n
chisel n 1 chisels 1

chiteren v. "chatter, twitter," s.v. chitter v. OED. KEY: chiteren@v
chiteren v 1 chiteren 1

chiteringe ger. "twittering," s.v. chittering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: chiteringe@ger
chiteringe ger 1 cheterynge 1

chois n. "choice; decision; will," s.v. choice sb. OED. KEY: chois@n
chois n 12 chois 3 choys 9

choppen v.(1) "chop, strike, hit at," s.v. chop v.\1 OED. KEY: choppen@v1
choppen v1 1 choppen 1

Chorus n. "the northwest wind"; not in OED. KEY: chorus@n
chorus n 2 chorus 2

chose n. "thing," s.v. chose OED. KEY: chose@n
chose n 2 chose 2

choughe n. "jackdaw," s.v. chough OED. KEY: choughe@n
choughe n 2 chough 1 cow 1

chuk n. "cluck, clucking of a chicken," s.v. chuck sb.\1 OED. KEY: chuk@n
chuk n 1 chuk 1

chukken v. "cluck, clucking of a chicken," s.v. chuck v.\1 OED. KEY: chukken@v
chukken v 1 chukketh 1

Cibella n. "Cybele, goddess of fertility," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cibella@n#propn
cibella n#propn 1 cibella 1

Cilenios n. "Cyllenius (Mercury, as planet)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cilenios@n#propn
cilenios n#propn 2 cilenios 1 cilenius 1

cimenting ger. "(alchem.) combining alchemical ingredients," s.v. cementing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: cimenting@ger
cimenting ger 1 cementyng 1

Cimerie n. "Cimmerians (modern Crimeans)"; not in OED; not in MED. KEY: cimerie@n
cimerie n 1 cymerie 1

cinamome n. "cinnamon, the spice (as term of endearment)," s.v. cinnamon OED. KEY: cinamome@n
cinamome n 1 cynamome 1

cink n.(1) "five on a die in the game of dice," s.v. cinque, cinq OED. KEY: cink@n1
cink n1 2 cynk 2

Cinthia n. "Cynthia (Diana), the moon," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cinthia@n#propn
cinthia n#propn 2 cinthia 1 cynthea 1

Cipres n.(1) "the island of Cyprus," place name. KEY: cipres@n1#propn
cipres n1#propn 1 cipre 1

cipresse n. "cypress," s.v. cypress\1 OED. KEY: cipresse@n
cipresse n 3 ciprees 1 cipres 1 cipresse 1

Ciprian n. "Cyprian, an accuser of Boethius," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ciprian@n#propn
ciprian n#propn 1 cyprian 1

Cipride n. "the Cypriot (Venus)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cipride@n#propn
cipride n#propn 5 cipride 2 cipris 2 cypride 1

Circes n. "Circe, the enchantress," proper n. KEY: circes@n#propn
circes n#propn 6 cerces 1 circes 5

Circo n. "the Circus Maximus, in Rome," place name; not in MED. KEY: circo@n#propn
circo n#propn 1 circo 1

circuite n. "circuit, circumference," s.v. circuit OED. KEY: circuite@n
circuite n 1 circuit 1

circuler adj. "circular," s.v. circular a. and sb. OED. KEY: circuler@adj
circuler adj 1 circuler 1

circulus Lat. n. "circle." KEY: circulus@lat_n
circulus lat_n 2 circulo 1 circulus 1

circumscriben v. "circumscribe, confine, restrain," s.v. circumscrive v. OED. KEY: circumscriben@v
circumscriben v 1 circumscrive 1

circumstaunce n. "circumstance, attendant condition; relevant aspect, detail; due propriety," s.v. circumstance sb. OED. KEY: circumstaunce@n
circumstaunce n 20 circumstance 3 circumstances 6 circumstaunce 6 circumstaunces 5

ciren v. "(ppl. adj.) impregnated with wax, waterproofed," s.v. cered ppl. a. OED. KEY: ciren@v#adj
ciren v#adj 1 cered 1

Cirrea n. "Cirra, a home of the Muses," place name; not in MED. KEY: cirrea@n#propn
cirrea n#propn 1 cirrea 1

cirurgie n. "surgery," s.v. surgery OED. KEY: cirurgie@n
cirurgie n 2 surgerye 2

cirurgien n. "surgeon," s.v. surgeon sb. OED. KEY: cirurgien@n
cirurgien n 6 surgien 2 surgiens 4

Cirus n. "Cyrus the Great, founder of the Persian empire," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cirus@n#propn
cirus n#propn 4 cirus 4

cisours n. (pl.) "scissors," s.v. scissors sb. pl. OED. KEY: cisours@n
cisours n 1 sisoures 1

cite n. "city," s.v. city OED. KEY: cite@n
cite n 87 cite 28 citee 47 citees 8 cites 1 cyte 2 cytes 1

Citherea n. "Venus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: citherea@n#propn
citherea n#propn 3 citherea 1 citheria 1 cytherea 1

Citheroun n. "Mount Cithaeron in Greece," place name; not in MED. KEY: citheroun@n#propn
citheroun n#propn 2 citheron 1 citheroun 1

citisein n. "citizen, inhabitant," s.v. citizen OED. KEY: citisein@n
citisein n 7 citezeens 3 citezeins 2 citezen 1 citezeyn 1

citole n. "cithara, a stringed instrument," s.v. citole OED. KEY: citole@n
citole n 1 citole 1

citrinacioun n. "(alchem.) turning a substance yellow," s.v. citrination OED. KEY: citrinacioun@n
citrinacioun n 1 citrinacioun 1

citrine adj. & n. "(as adj.) yellow," s.v. citrine a. and sb. OED. KEY: citrine@adj
citrine adj 1 citryn 1

civitate Lat. n. "city." KEY: civitate@lat_n
civitate lat_n 1 civitate 1

claimen v. "claim, demand; declare oneself to be," s.v. claim v. OED. KEY: claimen@v
claimen v 9 clayme 6 claymeth 1 cleyme 1 cleymen 1

clamour n. "clamor, uproar; shouting, outcry," s.v. clamour, -or sb. OED. KEY: clamour@n
clamour n 3 clamour 3

claper n.(2) "burrow," s.v. clapper sb.\2 OED. KEY: claper@n2
claper n2 1 clapers 1

clappe n. "clap, loud noise," s.v. clap sb.\1 OED. KEY: clappe@n
clappe n 2 clappe 2

clappen v. "clap, slam; knock; talk loudly," s.v. clap v.\1 OED. KEY: clappen@v
clappen v 10 clappe 1 clappeth 5 clapte 4

clapping ger. "noise, chatter," s.v. clapping vbl. sb. OED. KEY: clapping@ger
clapping ger 1 clappyng 1

clare n.(1) "sweetened spiced wine," s.v. clary sb.\1 OED. KEY: clare@n1
clare n1 5 clarre 1 clarree 4

Clare n. "Saint Clara of Assissi," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: clare@n#propn
clare n#propn 1 clare 1

clarioun n. "clarion, a shrill trumpet," s.v. clarion sb. OED. KEY: clarioun@n
clarioun n 12 clarion 1 clarions 1 clarioun 6 clariounes 1 clariouns 1 claryoun 1 claryouns 1

clariouning ger. "trumpeting"; not in OED. KEY: clariouning@ger
clariouning ger 1 clarionynge 1

claspen v. "(ppl.) clasped (with buckles)," s.v. clasp v. OED. KEY: claspen@v
claspen v 1 clasped 1

clateren v. "clatter, chatter," s.v. clatter v. OED. KEY: clateren@v
clateren v 3 clatereden 1 clateren 1 clatereth 1

clatering ger. "clattering, clanging," s.v. clattering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: clatering@ger
clatering ger 3 claterynge 3

Claudian n. "Claudius Claudianus, the Roman author," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: claudian@n#propn
claudian n#propn 4 claudian 2 claudyan 2

Claudius n.(1) "Claudius Gothicus, Roman emperor," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: claudius@n1#propn
claudius n1#propn 1 claudius 1

Claudius n.(2) "Claudius, character in PhysT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: claudius@n2#propn
claudius n2#propn 3 claudius 3

claue n.(1) "claw, talon; claw-like interstices of a spider web," s.v. claw sb. OED. KEY: claue@n1
claue n1 8 clawes 7 clowes 1

clauen v. "claw, scratch," s.v. claw v. OED. KEY: clauen@v
clauen v 5 clawe 1 clawed 1 clawen 1 clew 1 yclawed 1

clause n. "brief statement, stipulation," s.v. clause OED. KEY: clause@n
clause n 6 clause 6

clei n. "clay, potter's clay," s.v. clay OED. KEY: clei@n
clei n 2 cley 2

Clemence n. "Clementia, goddess of mercy," proper n. KEY: clemence@n#propn
clemence n#propn 1 clemence 1

clenchen v. "(ppl.) riveted," s.v. clench v.\1 OED. KEY: clenchen@v
clenchen v 1 yclenched 1

clene adj. "clean, clear; pure, chaste; elegant," s.v. clean a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: clene@adj
clene adj 31 cleene 4 clene 27

clene adv. "clean; brightly, elegantly; completely," s.v. clean a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: clene@adv
clene adv 13 clene 13

clenli adv. "cleanly, carefully," s.v. cleanly a. OED. KEY: clenli@adv
clenli adv 1 clenly 1

clennesse n. "purity, chastity," s.v. cleanness OED. KEY: clennesse@n
clennesse n 9 clennesse 9

clensen v. "cleanse, purify," s.v. cleanse v. OED. KEY: clensen@v
clensen v 3 clense 1 clenseth 2

Cleo n. "Clio, the muse of history," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cleo@n#propn
cleo n#propn 1 cleo 1

Cleopatre n. "Cleopatra, queen of Egypt," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cleopatre@n#propn
cleopatre n#propn 7 cleopataras 2 cleopatras 1 cleopatre 4

clepen v. "speak, call; call by name; summon, invite; recall, call (forth)," s.v. clepe v. OED. KEY: clepen@v
clepen v 268 clepe 46 cleped 76 clepen 29 clepest 2 clepeth 23 clepid 64 clepide 1 clepist 1 clepith 3 clept 1 clepte 1 clepyd 3 clepyn 1 clepyng 1 icleped 1 ycleped 12 yclepid 2 yclept 1

cler adj. "clear, bright; pure; beautiful; keen, perspicacious," s.v. clear a., adv. and sb. OED. KEY: cler@adj
cler adj 94 cleer 31 cleere 14 cler 19 clere 28 clerer 2

cler adv. "clearly, brightly; loudly," s.v. clear a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: cler@adv
cler adv 28 cleere 10 cler 3 clere 15

cleren v. "become clear, shine; clarify (eyesight, mind)," s.v. clear v. OED. KEY: cleren@v
cleren v 5 cleere 1 clere 3 cleren 1

clergeoun n. "schoolboy," s.v. clergion OED. KEY: clergeoun@n
clergeoun n 1 clergeon 1

clergial adj. "scholarly," s.v. clergial a. OED. KEY: clergial@adj
clergial adj 1 clergial 1

clergie n. "theology," s.v. clergy OED. KEY: clergie@n
clergie n 1 clergye 1

clerk n. "clergyman, minor cleric; student; learned person, author," s.v. clerk sb. OED. KEY: clerk@n
clerk n 122 clerc 1 clerk 55 clerkes 60 clerkis 4 clerkys 2

clerli adv. "clearly, brightly; obviously; completely," s.v. clearly adv. OED. KEY: clerli@adv
clerli adv 13 cleerly 6 clerly 7

clernesse n. "clearness, brightness; fame; clear-sightedness," s.v. clearness sb. OED. KEY: clernesse@n
clernesse n 26 cleernesse 15 clerenesse 1 clernesse 10

cler-seinge adj. "clear-seeing"; not in OED; s.v. cler adj. MED. KEY: cler-seinge@adj
cler-seinge adj 1 cleer-seynge 1

cleue n. "clew, ball of thread," s.v. clew sb.\1 OED. KEY: cleue@n
cleue n 3 clewe 3

cleven v.(1) "cleave, adhere," s.v. cleave v.\2 OED. KEY: cleven@v1
cleven v1 13 cleven 2 clyven 6 clyveth 3 clyvynge 2

cleven v.(2) "cleave, split; (ppl. adj.) cleft, dimpled," s.v. cleave v.\1 OED, cloven ppl. OED. KEY: cleven@v2 cleven@v2#adj
cleven v2#adj 1 clove 1
cleven v2 6 clefte 1 cleve 3 clove 1 cloven 1

clif n.(1) "cliff," s.v. cliff sb.\1 OED. KEY: clif@n1
clif n1 3 clyf 1 clyves 2

clift n. "cleft, crack, chink," s.v. clift sb.\2 OED. KEY: clift@n
clift n 7 clifte 4 clyft 1 clyfte 2

cliket n.(1) "latch-key," s.v. clicket sb. OED. KEY: cliket@n1
cliket n1 5 cliket 2 clyket 3

climat n. "region of earth or sky," s.v. climate sb. OED. KEY: climat@n
climat n 9 climat 2 climates 1 clymat 4 clymates 2

climben v. "climb," s.v. climb v. OED. KEY: climben@v
climben v 22 clamb 2 clamben 1 clomb 1 clombe 1 clomben 4 cloumbe 1 cloumben 1 clymbe 4 clymben 4 clymbeth 2 clymbith 1

climbing ger. "climbing," s.v. climbing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: climbing@ger
climbing ger 1 climbing 1

clinken v. "clink," s.v. clink v.\1 OED. KEY: clinken@v
clinken v 2 clynke 1 clynken 1

clinking ger. "clinking," s.v. clinking vbl. sb. OED. KEY: clinking@ger
clinking ger 1 clynkyng 1

clippen v.(1) "embrace," s.v. clip v.\1 OED. KEY: clippen@v1
clippen v1 3 clippe 1 clippeth 1 clyppeth 1

clippen v.(2) "clip, cut off, trim (hair)," s.v. clip v.\2 OED. KEY: clippen@v2
clippen v2 3 clippe 2 clipped 1

clipping ger.(1) "embracing," s.v. clipping vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: clipping@ger1
clipping ger1 1 clypping 1

Clitermistra n. "Clytemnestra, wife of Agamemnon," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: clitermistra@n#propn
clitermistra n#propn 1 clitermystra 1

cloddred ppl. "(adj.) clotted," s.v. clottered ppl. a. OED. KEY: cloddred@ppl#adj
cloddred ppl#adj 1 clothered 1

cloistre n. "cloister, enclosed place; monastery," s.v. cloister sb. OED. KEY: cloistre@n
cloistre n 5 cloistre 1 cloystre 4

cloistrer n. "monk," s.v. cloisterer OED. KEY: cloistrer@n
cloistrer n 3 cloisterer 1 cloysterer 2

cloke n.(1) "cloak," s.v. cloak sb. OED. KEY: cloke@n1
cloke n1 4 cloke 4

clokke n. "clock," s.v. clock sb.\1 OED. KEY: clokke@n
clokke n 18 clokke 18

clom n.(1) "(as interj.) hush," s.v. clum sb.\1 (int.) OED. KEY: clom@n1#interj
clom n1#interj 3 clom 3

clos n. "close, enclosed place," s.v. close sb.\1 OED. KEY: clos@n
clos n 3 cloos 1 clos 2

closen v. "close, shut, fold up; enclose; summarize; (ppl. adj.) closed, shut, secluded, private; (ppl. adj. with -ed) engulfed in darkness," s.v. close v. OED, close a. OED, closed ppl. a. OED. KEY: closen@v closen@v#adj
closen v#adj 9 cloos 6 clos 2 closed 1
closen v 11 close 4 closed 2 closen 2 closeth 1 closid 1 iclosed 1

closet n. "private room (also as adj.)," s.v. closet sb. OED. KEY: closet@n closet@n#adj
closet n#adj 1 closet 1
closet n 4 closet 4

closing ger. "enclosure, barrier," s.v. closing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: closing@ger
closing ger 1 closing 1

closure n. "enclosure, fence," s.v. closure OED. KEY: closure@n
closure n 1 closure 1

clote-leef n. "leaf of burdock, an herb," s.v. clote OED, clote n. MED. KEY: clote-leef@n
clote-leef n 1 clote-leef 1

cloth n. "cloth, clothing; drapery; bedclothes," s.v. cloth sb. OED. KEY: cloth@n
cloth n 65 clooth 16 cloth 12 clothes 35 clothis 2

clothen v. "clothe, dress; cover, bind (a book)," s.v. clothe v. OED. KEY: clothen@v
clothen v 58 clad 18 cladde 4 cladden 1 cled 2 cledde 1 cloth 1 clothe 7 clothed 16 clothen 3 clothid 1 yclad 2 yclothed 2

clothing ger. "clothing, garb; cloth covering," s.v. clothing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: clothing@ger
clothing ger 32 clothyng 23 clothynge 9

clothles adj. "without adequate clothing," s.v. clotheless a. OED. KEY: clothles@adj
clothles adj 1 cloothlees 1

cloth-making n. "cloth-making," s.v. cloth-making OED, cloth n. MED. KEY: cloth-making@n
cloth-making n 1 clooth-makyng 1

cloud n. "cloud," s.v. cloud sb. OED. KEY: cloud@n
cloud n 22 cloude 10 cloudes 7 clowde 4 clowdes 1

cloudeles adj. "cloudless," s.v. cloudless a. OED. KEY: cloudeles@adj
cloudeles adj 2 cloudeles 2

cloudi adj. "cloudy, darkened, dim," s.v. cloudy a. OED. KEY: cloudi@adj
cloudi adj 4 cloudy 4

clout n.(1) "rag, shred," s.v. clout sb.\1 OED. KEY: clout@n1
clout n1 5 clout 1 cloutes 3 clowt 1

clouten v.(1) "(ppl.) clothed with rags," s.v. clout v. OED. KEY: clouten@v1
clouten v1 1 clouted 1

clowe-gilofre n. "clove, the spice," s.v. clove-gillyflower OED, clove n.(2) MED. KEY: clowe-gilofre@n
clowe-gilofre n 2 clowe-gelofre 1 clowe-gylofre 1

clubbed adj. "club-shaped, knobbed," s.v. clubbed ppl. a. OED. KEY: clubbed@adj
clubbed adj 1 clobbed 1

clustred ppl. "covered with clouds," s.v. clustered ppl. a. OED. KEY: clustred@ppl
clustred ppl 1 clustred 1

coagulat ppl. "(adj.) coagulated, solidified (matter)," s.v. coagulate ppl. a. OED. KEY: coagulat@ppl#adj
coagulat ppl#adj 1 coagulat 1

cod n.(1) "stomach," s.v. cod sb.\1 OED. KEY: cod@n1
cod n1 1 cod 1

coempcioun n. "monopoly of a market," s.v. coemption OED. KEY: coempcioun@n
coempcioun n 3 coempcioun 3

coeterne adj. "coeternal," s.v. coeterne a. OED. KEY: coeterne@adj
coeterne adj 1 coeterne 1

cofre n. "coffer, money box; wardrobe; basket; coffin," s.v. coffer sb. OED. KEY: cofre@n
cofre n 9 cofre 9

cogge n.(1) "ship, sailing vessel," s.v. cog sb.\1 OED. KEY: cogge@n1
cogge n1 1 cog 1

coi adj. (& adv.) "(as adj.) modest, quiet," s.v. coy a. OED. KEY: coi@adj
coi adj 3 coy 3

coien v. "pacify, appease," s.v. coy v.\1 OED. KEY: coien@v
coien v 1 coye 1

coilons n. (pl.) "testicles," s.v. cullion OED. KEY: coilons@n
coilons n 1 coillons 1

coin n.(1) "coin," s.v. coin sb. OED. KEY: coin@n1
coin n1 2 coyn 1 coyne 1

coin n.(2) "quince, the fruit," s.v. coyn, coyne sb. OED. KEY: coin@n2
coin n2 1 coynes 1

coinen v. "(ppl.) coined, minted," s.v. coin v.\1 OED. KEY: coinen@v
coinen v 1 ycoyned 1

coitu Lat. n. "coition." KEY: coitu@lat_n
coitu lat_n 1 coitu 1

cok interj. "a clucking sound"; not in OED; s.v. cok, cok! (Imitative) MED. KEY: cok@interj
cok interj 2 cok 2

cok n.(1) "cock, rooster," s.v. cock sb.\1 OED. KEY: cok@n1
cok n1 20 cok 16 cokkes 3 kok 1

cok n.(5) " (gen.) God's," s.v. cock sb.\8 OED. KEY: cok@n5
cok n5 2 cokkes 2

cok n.(6) "cook," s.v. cook sb. OED. KEY: cok@n6
cok n6 15 cook 13 cookes 2

cokenei n.(2) "milksop, weakling," s.v. cockney sb. OED. KEY: cokenei@n2
cokenei n2 1 cokenay 1

cokewold n. "cuckold," s.v. cuckold sb.\1 OED. KEY: cokewold@n
cokewold n 7 cokewold 7

cokkel n. "cockle, a weed," s.v. cockle sb.\1 OED. KEY: cokkel@n
cokkel n 1 cokkel 1

cokkou n. "cuckoo; (as interj.) cuckoo," s.v. cuckoo sb. OED. KEY: cokkou@n cokkou@n#interj
cokkou n 6 cokkow 3 cukkow 1 kokkow 2
cokkou n#interj 4 cokkow 3 kokkow 1

col adj. "cool, dull," s.v. cool a. OED. KEY: col@adj
col adj 1 col 1

col n.(2) "coal, the mineral fuel; coal, ember," s.v. coal sb. OED. KEY: col@n2
col n2 19 col 1 cole 8 coles 10

Colatin n. "Lucius Tarquinius Collatinus, husband of Lucretia," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: colatin@n#propn
colatin n#propn 5 colatyn 4 colatynes 1

col-blak adj. "coal-black," s.v. coal-black a. OED, col n.(2) MED. KEY: col-blak@adj
col-blak adj 2 col-blak 2

Colcos n. "Colchis, on the Black Sea," place name; not in MED. KEY: colcos@n#propn
colcos n#propn 4 colcos 4

cold adj. "cold, cooled off; painful, fatal, unfortunate; dominated by the quality of cold," s.v. cold a. OED. KEY: cold@adj
cold adj 73 cold 15 colde 43 coold 13 coolde 2

cold n. "cold, coldness; the elementary quality of coldness," s.v. cold sb. OED. KEY: cold@n
cold n 24 cold 16 coldes 1 coold 7

colde adv. "coldly, distressingly"; not in OED. KEY: colde@adv
colde adv 1 colde 1

colden v. "grow cold," s.v. cold v. OED. KEY: colden@v
colden v 9 colde 8 colden 1

coldnesse n. "coldness," s.v. coldness OED. KEY: coldnesse@n
coldnesse n 2 coldnesse 1 cooldnesse 1

coler n. "collar," s.v. collar sb. OED. KEY: coler@n
coler n 6 coler 6

colered ppl. "provided with a collar," s.v. collared ppl. a. OED. KEY: colered@ppl
colered ppl_abs 1 colered 1

colerik adj. "choleric, dominated by bile; irascible," s.v. choleric a. OED. KEY: colerik@adj
colerik adj 3 colerik 2 coleryk 1

col-fox n. "a kind of fox," s.v. colfox OED. KEY: col-fox@n
col-fox n 1 col-fox 1

collacioun n. "discussion, reasoning; comparison," s.v. collation sb. OED. KEY: collacioun@n
collacioun n 5 collacioun 5

collateral adj. "subordinate, less important," s.v. collateral a. and sb. OED. KEY: collateral@adj
collateral adj 1 collateral 1

Colle n.(2) "Colle, an English illusionist," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: colle@n2#propn
colle n2#propn 1 colle 1

Colle n.(3) "Colle, a dog in NPT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: colle@n3#propn
colle n3#propn 1 colle 1

collecten v. "(ppl. adj.) collected (in groups of years)," s.v. collect ppl. a. OED. KEY: collecten@v#adj
collecten v#adj 1 collect 1

college n. "college," s.v. college sb. OED. KEY: college@n
college n 1 collegge 1

collusioun n. "collusion, conspiracy," s.v. collusioun OED. KEY: collusioun@n
collusioun n 1 collusioun 1

Coloine n. "Cologne, on the Rhine," place name. KEY: coloine@n#propn
coloine n#propn 1 coloigne 1

Colossenses Lat. n. "Colossians (in the Bible)." KEY: colossenses@lat_n
colossenses lat_n 1 colossenses 1

colour n. "color, pigment; complexion; rhetorical device; pretext, pretence," s.v. colour, color OED. KEY: colour@n
colour n 43 colour 29 coloures 2 colours 12

colouren v. "(ppl.) colored," s.v. colour, color v. OED. KEY: colouren@v
colouren v 3 coloured 3

colre n. "choler, the humor bile," s.v. choler sb.\1 OED. KEY: colre@n
colre n 2 colera 1 colere 1

colt n. "colt," s.v. colt sb. OED. KEY: colt@n
colt n 4 colt 2 coltes 2

coltish adj. "frisky as a colt, playful," s.v. coltish a. OED. KEY: coltish@adj
coltish adj 1 coltissh 1

columbine adj. "dove-like," s.v. columbine a. and sb. OED. KEY: columbine@adj
columbine adj 1 columbyn 1

Columpnis n. "(Guido de) Collonne, historian of Troy," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: columpnis@n#propn
columpnis n#propn 1 columpnis 1

comb n. "comb; comb of a cock," s.v. comb sb.\1 OED. KEY: comb@n
comb n 2 comb 1 coomb 1

combren v. "(ppl.) encumbered," s.v. cumber v. OED. KEY: combren@v
combren v 1 combryd 1

combre-world n. "burden to all," s.v. cumber-world OED. KEY: combre-world@n
combre-world n 1 combre-world 1

combust ppl. "(as adj.) burnt, calcined; (astro.) rendered powerless by the sun," s.v. combust a. OED. KEY: combust@ppl combust@ppl#adj
combust ppl#adj 1 combust 1
combust ppl 2 combust 2

come n.(1) "coming, advent," s.v. come sb.\1 OED. KEY: come@n1
come n1 1 come 1

comedie n.(1) "comedy," s.v. comedy\1 OED. KEY: comedie@n1
comedie n1 1 comedye 1

comen v. "come; come about, happen; (with of) come on, hurry; come from, arise; befit, become; (with therby) attain, find; (ppl. adj.) which is to come, coming," s.v. come v. OED, coming ppl. a. OED. KEY: comen@v comen@v#adj
comen v#adj 13 comyng 3 comynge 10
comen v 932 cam 106 came 5 com 115 come 258 comen 179 comest 2 comestow 1 cometh 108 comith 5 commeth 1 comth 113 comyn 4 comyng 2 comynge 5 comyth 3 coom 1 coome 5 coomen 5 icomen 1 ycome 4 ycomen 9

comfort n. "comfort," s.v. comfort sb. OED. KEY: comfort@n
comfort n 37 comfort 20 confort 16 counfort 1

comforten v. "comfort," s.v. comfort v. OED. KEY: comforten@v
comforten v 24 comfort 1 comforte 3 comforted 1 comforten 1 comfortid 1 conforte 3 conforted 3 conforten 8 conforteth 2 confortynge 1

comin n. "cumin, the spice," s.v. cumin, cummin OED. KEY: comin@n
comin n 1 comyn 1

cominge ger. "coming, arrival," s.v. coming vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: cominge@ger
cominge ger 16 commyng 1 comyng 7 comynge 8

comlili adv. "gracefully," s.v. comelily adv. OED. KEY: comlili@adv
comlili adv 1 comlily 1

comlinesse n. "graciousness," s.v. comelinesse OED. KEY: comlinesse@n
comlinesse n 3 comlynesse 3

commaundement n. "commandment, bidding; dominion," s.v. commandment OED. KEY: commaundement@n
commaundement n 34 comandement 15 comandementz 7 comaundement 5 comaundementz 5 commandement 1 commaundement 1

commaunden v. "command," s.v. command v. OED. KEY: commaunden@v
commaunden v 53 comande 6 comanded 16 comanden 3 comandest 1 comandeth 5 comandid 1 comandide 1 comandynge 1 comaunde 4 comaunded 4 comaundede 2 comaundest 2 comaundeth 4 comaundynge 1 commaundeth 1 commaundynge 1

commaundour n. "commander," s.v. commander OED. KEY: commaundour@n
commaundour n 1 comandour 1

commendable adj. "commendable," s.v. commendable a. OED. KEY: commendable@adj
commendable adj 1 comendable 1

commendacioun n. "commendation, praise," s.v. commendation OED. KEY: commendacioun@n
commendacioun n 2 commendacioun 2

commenden v. "commend, praise; recommend," s.v. commend v. OED. KEY: commenden@v
commenden v 14 comende 2 comended 1 comendeden 1 comenden 2 comendeth 1 commende 1 commended 1 commendeden 1 commendeth 2 commendynge 2

commeven v. "move, drive, stimulate; move to pity," s.v. commove v. OED. KEY: commeven@v
commeven v 7 comeveden 1 commeve 1 commeveth 1 commoevde 1 commoeve 1 commoeveth 1 commoevynge 1

commissioun n. "delegated authority," s.v. commission sb.\1 OED. KEY: commissioun@n
commissioun n 1 commissioun 1

committen v. "commit, entrust," s.v. commit v. OED. KEY: committen@v
committen v 4 comitted 1 committe 1 committest 1 committeth 1

communalte n. "community; common property," s.v. commonality OED. KEY: communalte@n
communalte n 4 comunalites 3 comynalite 1

commune adj. "common, shared; unanimous; public; usual, ordinary; familiar, widely known; general; (as n. with in) generally," s.v. common a. OED. KEY: commune@adj commune@adj#n
commune adj 55 commune 20 comoun 1 comune 34
commune adj#n 4 commune 2 comune 2

commune n. "common property; citizenry," s.v. common sb. OED. KEY: commune@n
commune n 5 commune 2 comune 3

communeli adv. "commonly, usually; unanimously, every one," s.v. commonly adv. OED. KEY: communeli@adv
communeli adv 12 communely 1 communly 2 comonly 1 comounly 2 comunli 1 comunly 5

communen v. "commune, converse, associate (with)," s.v. commune v. OED. KEY: communen@v
communen v 2 commune 1 comune 1

communes n. "common people," s.v. commons OED. KEY: communes@n
communes n 1 communes 1

communioun n. "communion," s.v. communion OED. KEY: communioun@n
communioun n 1 communyoun 1

compaignable adj. "companionable, sociable," s.v. companable a. OED. KEY: compaignable@adj
compaignable adj 2 compaignable 2

compaignie n. "company; professional group; fellowship, companionship; sociability (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. company sb. OED. KEY: compaignie@n compaignie@n#propn
compaignie n 117 compaignie 9 compaignye 77 compaignyes 1 companye 29 compaynye 1
compaignie n#propn 1 compaignye 1

comparisoun n. "comparison," s.v. comparsion OED. KEY: comparisoun@n
comparisoun n 21 comparison 2 comparisoun 8 comparysoun 11

comparisounen v. "(ppl.) compared, matched," s.v. comparison v. OED. KEY: comparisounen@v
comparisounen v 1 comparysoned 1

compas n. "ingenuity, cunning, plan; image; circle, circumference, extent; compass (drawing instrument)," s.v. compass sb.\1 (a. and adv.) OED. KEY: compas@n
compas n 32 compace 1 compas 30 compasses 1

compassement n. "scheme, plot," s.v. compassment OED. KEY: compassement@n
compassement n 1 compassement 1

compassen v. "scheme, plot; encompass, enclose," s.v. compass v.\1 OED. KEY: compassen@v
compassen v 8 compased 1 compasse 1 compassed 5 compasseth 1

compassinge ger. "scheming, plotting; artifact; perimeter," s.v. compassing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: compassinge@ger
compassinge ger 4 compassing 1 compassinges 1 compassyng 1 compassynges 1

compassioun n. "compassion," s.v. compassion OED. KEY: compassioun@n
compassioun n 19 compassion 1 compassioun 17 compassyoun 1

compellen v. "compel," s.v. compel v. OED. KEY: compellen@v
compellen v 4 compelle 1 compelled 2 compelleth 1

comper n. "compeer, companion," s.v. compeer OED. KEY: comper@n
comper n 2 compeer 2

compilatour n. "compiler," s.v. compilator OED. KEY: compilatour@n
compilatour n 1 compilator 1

compleinen v. "complain; lament, mourn; appeal (for justice)," s.v. complain v. OED. KEY: compleinen@v
compleinen v 55 complayne 3 compleignen 1 compleyndest 1 compleyne 26 compleyned 9 compleynede 2 compleynedest 1 compleynen 1 compleyneth 6 compleynyng 4 compleynynge 1

compleininge ger. "complaining, complaint; lamenting, lamentation," s.v. complaining vbl. sb. OED. KEY: compleininge@ger
compleininge ger 9 complaynynge 1 compleynyng 4 compleynynge 4

compleinte n. "complaint; lamentation; sorrow; poem of complaint; legal complaint," s.v. complaint OED. KEY: compleinte@n
compleinte n 34 complaynt 1 complaynte 1 compleint 3 compleintes 1 compleynt 12 compleynte 12 compleyntes 4

complete adv. "completely, perfectly," s.v. complete a. OED. KEY: complete@adv
complete adv 1 complet 1

completen v. "(ppl.) completed; (ppl. adj.) complete, entire," s.v. complete v. OED, complete a. OED. KEY: completen@v completen@v#adj
completen v#adj 1 compleet 1
completen v 1 compleet 1

complexioun n. "constitution, temperament as determined by the humors," s.v. complexion sb. OED. KEY: complexioun@n
complexioun n 9 compleccioun 3 complecciouns 1 complexions 2 complexioun 2 complexiouns 1

compline n. "compline, the seventh canonical hour," s.v. complin, compline OED. KEY: compline@n
compline n 2 complyn 2

comporten v. "endure," s.v. comport v. OED. KEY: comporten@v
comporten v 1 comporte 1

composicioun n. "agreement; combination, arrangement," s.v. composition OED. KEY: composicioun@n
composicioun n 3 composicioun 2 composiciouns 1

compotent adj. "having full control," s.v. compotent OED. KEY: compotent@adj
compotent adj 1 compotent 1

compouned ppl. "compounded, mixed together; designed; (astro.) disposed, tempered by the influence," s.v. compounded ppl. a. OED. KEY: compouned@ppl
compouned ppl_abs 4 compouned 2 compowned 2
compouned ppl 7 compouned 2 compowned 5

compounen v. "compound, combine; compose," s.v. compound v. OED. KEY: compounen@v
compounen v 2 compoune 1 compounen 1

comprehenden v. "comprehend, understand; contain, include," s.v. comprehend v. OED. KEY: comprehenden@v
comprehenden v 38 comprehende 8 comprehended 7 comprehenden 5 comprehendeth 4 comprehendid 3 comprehendith 10 comprende 1

compressen v. "(ppl.) compressed," s.v. compressed ppl. adj. OED. KEY: compressen@v
compressen v 1 compressid 1

conceite n. "mind; concept, opinion," s.v. conceit sb. OED. KEY: conceite@n
conceite n 8 conceite 2 conceyt 1 conceyte 2 conceytes 1 conseit 1 conseyte 1

conceiven v. "conceive, engender; feel (an emotion); perceive, comprehend," s.v. conceive v. OED. KEY: conceiven@v
conceiven v 17 conceived 1 conceyve 3 conceyved 13

concentrik adv. "in a concentric manner; (as adj.) parallel, concentric," s.v. concentric a. (a. and sb.) OED. KEY: concentrik@adv concentrik@adv#adj
concentrik adv#adj 1 consentrike 1
concentrik adv 3 consentrik 3

concepcioun n. "conception," s.v. conception OED. KEY: concepcioun@n
concepcioun n 3 concepcioun 3

concluden v. "conclude (a speech etc.), summarize; include; deduce; decide," s.v. conclude v. OED. KEY: concluden@v
concluden v 26 conclude 10 concluded 10 concluden 6

conclusioun n. "conclusion, end; purpose; result; success; inference, judgement; (mathematical) proposition, problem," s.v. conclusion OED. KEY: conclusioun@n
conclusioun n 80 conclusion 8 conclusions 9 conclusioun 53 conclusiouns 5 conclusyon 2 conclusyoun 2 conclusyouns 1

concorde n. "concord, harmony, peace," s.v. concord sb. OED. KEY: concorde@n
concorde n 4 concord 4

concorden v. "(ppl. adj.) harmonious, agreeing," s.v. concord v. OED. KEY: concorden@v#adj
concorden v#adj 1 concordynge 1

concubine n. "concubine," s.v. concubine OED. KEY: concubine@n
concubine n 2 concubyn 1 concubynes 1

concupiscence n. "concupiscence, carnal desire," s.v. concupiscence OED. KEY: concupiscence@n
concupiscence n 9 concupiscence 9

condempnen v. "(ppl.) condemned," s.v. condemn v. OED. KEY: condempnen@v
condempnen v 1 condempned 1

condescenden v. "condescend, consent (to a request); come down; descend (to particulars); decide," s.v. condescend v. OED. KEY: condescenden@v
condescenden v 5 condescende 2 condescended 2 condescendith 1

condicional adj. "conditional, contingent," s.v. conditional a. and sb. OED. KEY: condicional@adj
condicional adj 3 condicioneel 1 condicionel 2

condicioun n. "condition; social status, situation; quality, aspect; disposition, character; stipulation," s.v. condition sb. OED. KEY: condicioun@n
condicioun n 55 condicion 13 condicions 1 condicioun 34 condiciouns 6 condyciouns 1

conduit n. "conduit," s.v. conduit sb. OED. KEY: conduit@n
conduit n 2 condit 1 condys 1

confederacie n. "confederacy," s.v. confederacy OED. KEY: confederacie@n
confederacie n 1 confederacye 1

confederen v. "(ppl.) confederated, joined in an alliance," s.v. confeder v. OED. KEY: confederen@v
confederen v 2 confedered 1 confedred 1

confermen v. "confirm, ratify, approve; strengthen, promote; resolve," s.v. confirm v. OED. KEY: confermen@v
confermen v 16 conferme 8 confermed 3 confermedest 1 confermen 2 confermeth 1 confirme 1

confessen v. "confess," s.v. confess v. OED. KEY: confessen@v
confessen v 18 confesse 9 confessed 2 confessen 6 confessid 1

confessioun n. "confession," s.v. confession OED. KEY: confessioun@n
confessioun n 39 confession 2 confessioun 36 confessiouns 1

confessour n. "confessor," s.v. confessor OED. KEY: confessour@n
confessour n 10 confessour 9 confessours 1

Confiteor n. "Confiteor, prayer of general confession," s.v. Confiteor OED. KEY: confiteor@n
confiteor n 1 confiteor 1

confiture n. "concoction," s.v. confiture OED. KEY: confiture@n
confiture n 1 confiture 1

conformen v. "conform; obey, consent," s.v. conform v. OED. KEY: conformen@v
conformen v 3 conforme 1 conformed 1 conformynge 1

confounden v. "confound, perplex; harass, defeat; encumber (the mind)," s.v. confound v. OED. KEY: confounden@v
confounden v 23 confounde 7 confounded 5 confounden 1 confoundeth 1 confoundid 1 confownde 2 confownded 1 confownden 1 confowndeth 2 confowndide 1 confunded 1

confused ppl. "(adj.) confused, perplexed; obscured," s.v. confuse a. OED. KEY: confused@ppl#adj
confused ppl#adj 7 confus 7

confusio Lat. n. "ruin." KEY: confusio@lat_n
confusio lat_n 1 confusio 1

confusioun n. "confusion, disorder; destruction, damnation; humiliation, shame," s.v. confusion OED. KEY: confusioun@n
confusioun n 24 confusion 3 confusioun 21

congeien v. "send away, dismiss," s.v. congee, conge v. OED. KEY: congeien@v
congeien v 1 congeyen 1

congelen v. "(ppl. adj.) congealed, solidified," s.v. congealed ppl. a. OED. KEY: congelen@v#adj
congelen v#adj 1 congeled 1

congregacioun n. "congregation, assembly, meeting," s.v. congregation OED. KEY: congregacioun@n
congregacioun n 9 congregacion 1 congregacioun 7 congregaciouns 1

coning n. "cony, rabbit," s.v. cony, coney sb. OED. KEY: coning@n
coning n 2 conies 1 conyes 1

conjecten v. "conjecture, suppose," s.v. conject v. OED. KEY: conjecten@v
conjecten v 6 conjecte 3 conjecten 1 conjectest 1 conjecteth 1

conjectinge ger. "conjecture," s.v. conjecting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: conjectinge@ger
conjectinge ger 2 conjectynge 1 conjectynges 1

conjecture n. "conjecture," s.v. conjecture sb. OED. KEY: conjecture@n
conjecture n 1 conjecture 1

conjoinen v. "join together, unite; compose, form a whole," s.v. conjoin v. OED. KEY: conjoinen@v
conjoinen v 12 conjoigned 1 conjoyned 6 conjoynen 1 conjoyneth 1 conjoynid 2 conjoynt 1

conjoining ger. "joining, composition (of two things)," s.v. conjoining vbl. sb. OED. KEY: conjoining@ger
conjoining ger 1 conjoynynge 1

conjunccioun n. "conjunction, joining together; (astro.) apparent proximity of planets," s.v. conjunction OED. KEY: conjunccioun@n
conjunccioun n 9 conjunccion 1 conjunccions 1 conjunccioun 5 conjunccyoun 2

conjuracioun n. "invocation of spirits; conspiracy," s.v. conjuration OED. KEY: conjuracioun@n
conjuracioun n 3 conjuracioun 3

conjuren v. "conjure, solemnly charge," s.v. conjure v. OED. KEY: conjuren@v
conjuren v 4 conjure 3 conjureth 1

connen v. "can; know; know how; (with thank) be grateful," s.v. can v./1 irreg. OED. KEY: connen@v
connen v 835 can 75 canst 8 conne 3 coude 35 coudest 1 couth 6 couthe 2 kan 393 kanst 16 kanstow 6 konne 48 konnen 2 koud 4 koude 220 koudest 1 kouth 5 kouthe 5 kowde 2 kowthe 1 kunne 1 ykoud 1

Connigaste n. "Conigastus, mentioned in Boece," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: connigaste@n#propn
connigaste n#propn 1 connigaste 1

conning ppl. "(adj.) cunning, skilful, clever," s.v. cunning a. OED. KEY: conning@prp#adj
conning prp#adj 6 konnyng 2 konnynge 2 konnyngeste 1 kunnyng 1

conninge ger. "cunning, skill, cleverness; understanding, wisdom," s.v. cunning vbl. sb. OED. KEY: conninge@ger
conninge ger 29 connyng 4 connynge 1 cunnyng 1 konnyng 13 konnynge 5 kunnyng 1 kunnynge 4

conningli adv. "cunningly, skilfully, courteously," s.v. cunningly adv. OED. KEY: conningli@adv
conningli adv 2 cunnyngly 1 konnyngly 1

conqueren v. "conquer," s.v. conquer v. OED. KEY: conqueren@v
conqueren v 8 conquered 5 conquereden 1 conqueren 2

conquering ger. "conquering, effort to win," s.v. conquering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: conquering@ger
conquering ger 1 conquerynge 1

conquerour n. "conqueror," s.v. conquerour OED. KEY: conquerour@n
conquerour n 16 conqueror 1 conquerour 12 conqueroures 2 conquerours 1

conqueste n. "conquest (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. conquest sb. OED. KEY: conqueste@n conqueste@n#propn
conqueste n 2 conquest 2
conqueste n#propn 1 conquest 1

conscience n. "conscience, scrupulousness; sensibility, feeling," s.v. conscience OED. KEY: conscience@n
conscience n 35 conscience 34 consciences 1

consecraten v. "(ppl.) consecrated," s.v. consecrate ppl. a. OED. KEY: consecraten@v
consecraten v 1 consecrat 1

consentaunt adj. & n. "(as adj.) consenting, acquiescent," s.v. consentant a. OED. KEY: consentaunt@adj
consentaunt adj 1 consentant 1

consentement n. "consent," s.v. consentment OED. KEY: consentement@n
consentement n 1 consentement 1

consenten v. "consent, agree; be adequate; grant, submit; acquiesce (in a crime, etc.); (ppl. adj.) acquiescent (to a crime)," s.v. consent v. OED, consenting ppl. a. OED. KEY: consenten@v consenten@v#adj
consenten v#adj 1 consentynge 1
consenten v 22 consente 10 consented 2 consenteden 2 consenten 5 consenteth 3

consentinge ger. "consent, agreement; approval, acquiescence," s.v. consenting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: consentinge@ger
consentinge ger 13 consentyng 1 consentynge 11 consentynges 1

consequence n. "consequence, result," s.v. consequence sb. OED. KEY: consequence@n
consequence n 7 consequence 5 consequens 2

consequent n. "consequence, result," s.v. consequent sb. OED. KEY: consequent@n
consequent n 2 consequent 2

conservacioun n. "conservation, preservation," s.v. conservation OED. KEY: conservacioun@n
conservacioun n 1 conservacioun 1

conservatif adj. & n. "(as adj.) conservative, tending to preserve," s.v. conservative a. and sb. OED. KEY: conservatif@adj
conservatif adj 1 conservatyf 1

conserven v. "conserve, preserve; protect," s.v. conserve v. OED. KEY: conserven@v
conserven v 10 conserve 3 conserved 6 conserveth 1

consideracioun n. "consideration," s.v. consideration OED. KEY: consideracioun@n
consideracioun n 2 consideracioun 2

consideren v. "consider, take into account; think about; observe," s.v. consider v. OED, considering ppl. a. OED. KEY: consideren@v
consideren v 89 considere 41 considered 21 consideren 2 considerest 1 considereth 8 considerid 1 considerynge 5 considre 5 considred 2 considrid 1 considryng 1 consydre 1

consistorie n. "consistory, court, council," s.v. consistory OED. KEY: consistorie@n
consistorie n 3 consistorie 3

consolacioun n. "consolation," s.v. consolation OED. KEY: consolacioun@n
consolacioun n 3 consolacione 1 consolacioun 2

conspiracie n. "conspiracy," s.v. conspiracy OED. KEY: conspiracie@n
conspiracie n 2 conspiracie 1 conspiracye 1

conspiren v. "(ppl.) conspired," s.v. conspire v. OED. KEY: conspiren@v
conspiren v 1 conspired 1

constable n. "governor of a castle," s.v. constable OED. KEY: constable@n
constable n 17 constable 17

constablesse n. "wife of a governor of a castle," s.v. constabless OED. KEY: constablesse@n
constablesse n 1 constablesse 1

Constantin n. "Constantinus Africanus, a medical authority," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: constantin@n#propn
constantin n#propn 2 constantyn 2

constaunce n. "constancy," s.v. constance OED. KEY: constaunce@n
constaunce n 5 constance 4 constaunce 1

constaunt adj. "constant in virtue, steadfast," s.v. constant a. (sb.) OED. KEY: constaunt@adj
constaunt adj 3 constant 3

constellacioun n. "(astro.) planetary position, horoscope," s.v. constellation OED. KEY: constellacioun@n
constellacioun n 6 constellacion 2 constellacioun 4

constreinen v. "constrain, compel, impel; control, dominate; (ppl. adj.) constraining," s.v. constrain v. OED, constraining ppl. a. OED. KEY: constreinen@v constreinen@v#adj
constreinen v#adj 1 constreynynge 1

constreinen v 48 constrenith 1 constreyne 5 constreyned 20 constreynede 3 constreynest 1 constreyneth 17 constreynith 1

constreininge ger. "constraint, compulsion," s.v. constraining vbl. sb. OED. KEY: constreininge@ger
constreininge ger 2 constreinynge 1 constreynynge 1

constreinte n. "affliction, distress," s.v. constraint sb. OED. KEY: constreinte@n
constreinte n 2 constreinte 1 constreynte 1

construen v. "construe, explain; translate; understand," s.v. construe v. OED. KEY: construen@v
construen v 3 construe 2 construeth 1

consul n. "consul," s.v. consul sb. OED. KEY: consul@n
consul n 3 consul 2 consules 1

consuler n. "one of consular rank," s.v. consular a. and sb. OED. KEY: consuler@n
consuler n 2 consulers 2

consumen v. "consume; (ppl. adj.) consumed, wasted away," s.v. consume v.\1 OED, consumpt ppl. a. OED. KEY: consumen@v consumen@v#adj
consumen v#adj 1 consumpt 1
consumen v 3 consume 1 consumed 2

contagioun n. "contamination," s.v. contagion OED. KEY: contagioun@n
contagioun n 1 contagioun 1

contagious adj. "corrupting, evil," s.v. contagious a. OED. KEY: contagious@adj
contagious adj 1 contagious 1

conteinen v. "contain, include, consist of; take up, fill; hold together," s.v. contain v. OED. KEY: conteinen@v
conteinen v 23 contene 3 contened 3 contenen 3 conteneth 5 contenith 5 contenyde 1 contenyng 2 contienith 1

contek n. "strife (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. conteck sb. OED. KEY: contek@n contek@n#propn
contek n 3 contek 3
contek n#propn 1 contek 1

contemplacioun n. "contemplation," s.v. contemplation OED. KEY: contemplacioun@n
contemplacioun n 3 contemplacion 1 contemplacioun 2

contemplatif adj. & n. "(as adj.) contemplative," s.v. contemplative a. (sb.) OED. KEY: contemplatif@adj
contemplatif adj 1 contemplatif 1

contemplaunce n. "contemplation"; not in OED. KEY: contemplaunce@n
contemplaunce n 1 contemplaunce 1

contenaunce n. "behavior, conduct; self-control, composure; appearance, attitude; gesture, expressive movement," s.v. countenance sb. OED. KEY: contenaunce@n
contenaunce n 49 contenance 10 contenaunce 23 contenaunces 2 countenaunce 12 countenaunces 2

continence n. "continence," s.v. continence OED. KEY: continence@n
continence n 3 continence 3

continuacioun n. "continuation, perseverance," s.v. continuation OED. KEY: continuacioun@n
continuacioun n 1 contynuacioun 1

continuaunce n. "continuation, perseverance," s.v. continuance OED. KEY: continuaunce@n
continuaunce n 2 continuance 1 continuaunce 1

continuel adj. "continuous, permanent," s.v. continual a. OED. KEY: continuel@adj
continuel adj 5 continueel 2 contynuel 3

continuelli adv. "continuously," s.v. continually adv. OED. KEY: continuelli@adv
continuelli adv 4 continuelly 2 continuely 1 contynuely 1

continuen v. "continue; persevere, persist," s.v. continue v. OED. KEY: continuen@v
continuen v 16 continue 7 continued 2 continuynge 2 contynue 2 contynued 2 icontynued 1

continuinge ger. "continuation, persistence," s.v. continuing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: continuinge@ger
continuinge ger 1 continuyng 1

contract n. "contract, legal document," s.v. contract sb.\1 OED. KEY: contract@n
contract n 1 contractes 1

contracten v. "(ppl.) contracted, incurred," s.v. contract ppl. a. amd sb. OED. KEY: contracten@v
contracten v 1 contract 1

contraire adj. & adv. "contrary, adverse," s.v. contrair a., sb., (adv.) OED. KEY: contraire@adj contraire@adv
contraire adj 2 contraire 1 contrayre 1
contraire adv 1 contraire 1

contrarie adj. "contrary, adverse, hostile; opposite, discordant," s.v. contrary a., sb., (adv.) OED. KEY: contrarie@adj
contrarie adj 16 contrarie 14 contrarye 2

contrarie n. "contrary, opposite; opponent, opposition, hostile act; adverse condition, difficulty," s.v. contrary a., sb. (adv.) OED. KEY: contrarie@n
contrarie n 49 contraire 2 contrarie 39 contraries 4 contrarye 3 contrayre 1

contrarien v. "oppose, resist; offend, contradict," s.v. contrary v. OED. KEY: contrarien@v
contrarien v 5 contrarie 1 contraried 2 contrarien 2

contrarious adj. "contrary, opposing; unfavorable, hostile," s.v. contrarious a. OED. KEY: contrarious@adj
contrarious adj 17 contrarious 11 contrariouse 2 contrarius 1 contraryous 3

contrariousete n. "opposite quality," s.v. contrariosity OED. KEY: contrariousete@n
contrariousete n 1 contrarioustee 1

contree n. "country," s.v. country OED. KEY: contree@n
contree n 108 contre 27 contree 58 contrees 5 countre 1 cuntre 14 cuntrees 1 cuntrey 2

contre-folk n. "countrymen"; not in OED; s.v. contree n. MED. KEY: contre-folk@n
contre-folk n 1 contre-folk 1

contre-houses n. (pl.) "houses of one's country"; not in OED; s.v. contree n. MED. KEY: contre-houses@n
contre-houses n 1 contre-houses 1

contre-ward adv. or phr. "(as n.) the direction of one's country," s.v. country-ward a. and adv. OED. KEY: contre-ward@adv#n
contre-ward adv#n 1 contre-ward 1

contricioun n. "contrition," s.v. contrition OED. KEY: contricioun@n
contricioun n 29 contricion 4 contricioun 25

contrit adj. "contrite," s.v. contrite a. (and sb.) OED. KEY: contrit@adj
contrit adj 2 contrit 2

contubernial adj. "familiar, intimate," s.v. contubernial a. OED. KEY: contubernial@adj
contubernial adj 1 contubernyal 1

contumacie n. "contumacy, rebelliousness," s.v. contumacy OED. KEY: contumacie@n
contumacie n 1 contumacie 1

contumax adj. "contumacious, rebellious," s.v. contumax a. OED. KEY: contumax@adj
contumax adj 1 contumax 1

contumelie n. "contumely, rebelliousness," s.v. contumely sb. OED. KEY: contumelie@n
contumelie n 1 contumelie 1

conveien v. "convey, accompany; communicate," s.v. convey v. OED. KEY: conveien@v
conveien v 4 conveyed 2 conveyen 1 conveyeth 1

convenient adj. "suitable, appropriate," s.v. convenient a. and sb. OED. KEY: convenient@adj
convenient adj 5 convenient 3 convenientz 1 convenyent 1

conversacion n. "way of life, behavior," s.v. conversation OED. KEY: conversacion@n
conversacion n 1 conversacion 1

convers n.(3) "the other side(?)," s.v. convers ? sb. OED. KEY: convers@n3
convers n3 1 convers 1

conversen v.(1) "(ppl.) dwelt," s.v. converse v. OED. KEY: conversen@v1
conversen v1 1 conversed 1

converten v. "convert, change; change one's mind; turn aside," s.v. convert v. OED. KEY: converten@v
converten v 15 converte 4 converted 7 converten 1 converteth 1 convertyd 1 convertynge 1

convertible adj. "interchangeable," s.v. convertible a. (sb.) OED. KEY: convertible@adj
convertible adj 1 convertible 1

convicten v. "(ppl.) convicted (of a crime); defeated," s.v. convict v. OED. KEY: convicten@v
convicten v 3 convict 2 convicte 1

cop n. "summit, top," s.v. cop sb.\2 OED. KEY: cop@n
cop n 5 cop 5

cope n. "cope, cloak; canopy or cloak of the sky," s.v. cope sb.\1 OED. KEY: cope@n
cope n 5 cope 5

coper n. "copper, the metal," s.v. copper sb.\1 OED. KEY: coper@n
coper n 7 coper 7

copie n. "copy," s.v. copy sb. (a.) OED. KEY: copie@n
copie n 1 copie 1

corage n. "courage, valor; heart; feelings, disposition; inclination, desire," s.v. courage sb. OED. KEY: corage@n
corage n 94 corage 78 corages 15 courage 1

corageous adj. "courageous, brave; vigorous," s.v. courageous a. OED. KEY: corageous@adj
corageous adj 3 corageous 2 corageus 1

coral n.(1) "coral," s.v. coral sb.\1 OED. KEY: coral@n1
coral n1 3 coral 3

cor Lat. n. "heart." KEY: cor@lat_n
cor lat_n 1 cor 1

corbet n. "corbel, architectural bracket," s.v. corbet OED. KEY: corbet@n
corbet n 1 corbetz 1

cord n. "(musical) chord," s.v. cord sb.\1 OED. KEY: cord@n
cord n 1 cordes 1

corde n. "rope (as noose, instrument of torture, bond); string on a musical instrument," s.v. cord sb.\1 OED. KEY: corde@n
corde n 6 corde 5 cordes 1

corden v.(1) "be suitable," s.v. cord v.\2 OED. KEY: corden@v1
corden v1 1 cordeth 1

cordewane n. "cordovan leather," s.v. cordwain OED. KEY: cordewane@n
cordewane n 1 cordewane 1

cordial n. "tonic for the heart," s.v. cordial a. and sb. OED. KEY: cordial@n
cordial n 1 cordial 1

Coribant n. "priest of Cybele," s.v. Corybant OED. KEY: coribant@n
coribant n 2 coribantes 2

Corinne n. "Corinne, probably a Theban poetess," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: corinne@n#propn
corinne n#propn 1 corynne 1

Corinthe n. "Corinth, in Greece," place name; not in MED. KEY: corinthe@n#propn
corinthe n#propn 1 corynthe 1

cormeraunt n. "cormorant," s.v. cormorant OED. KEY: cormeraunt@n
cormeraunt n 1 cormeraunt 1

corn n. "corn, grain; grain crop; kernel; best part," s.v. corn sb.\1 OED. KEY: corn@n
corn n 41 coorn 1 corn 36 cornes 4

cornemuse n. "horn-pipe," s.v. cornemuse OED. KEY: cornemuse@n
cornemuse n 1 cornemuse 1

corner n.(1) "corner," s.v. corner sb.\1 OED. KEY: corner@n1
corner n1 4 corner 4

corni adj. "malty, strong (ale)," s.v. corny a.\1 OED. KEY: corni@adj
corni adj 2 corny 2

countour n1 4 contour 1 countour 3

corniculer n. "assistant officer," s.v. corniculer OED. KEY: corniculer@n
corniculer n 1 corniculer 1

corolarie n. "corollary," s.v. corrolary OED. KEY: corolarie@n
corolarie n 3 corolarie 2 corrolarie 1

coroune n. "crown, garland; top of the head; reward; finest example," s.v. crown OED. KEY: coroune@n
coroune n 41 corone 4 corones 7 coroune 11 corounes 1 corowne 8 croun 2 croune 3 crounes 1 crowne 4

corounen v.(1) "(ppl.) crowned; (ppl. adj.) provided with a crown; sovereign, consummate," s.v. crown v.\1 OED, crowned ppl. a. OED. KEY: corounen@v1 corounen@v1#adj
corounen v1#adj 3 crouned 1 crowned 2
corounen v1 11 coroned 1 corouned 2 corowned 3 crouned 1 crowned 2 ycorouned 1 ycrowned 1

corour n. "courier," s.v. courier OED. KEY: corour@n
corour n 1 currours 1

corporal adj. "corporeal, physical," s.v. corporal a. (sb.) OED. KEY: corporal@adj
corporal adj 2 corporeel 2

correccioun n. "correction, punishment; jurisdiction," s.v. correction OED. KEY: correccioun@n
correccioun n 10 correccioun 10

correcten v. "correct; punish, rebuke; admonish," s.v. correct v. OED. KEY: correcten@v
correcten v 12 correcte 5 corrected 4 correcten 1 correcteth 2

corrigen v. "correct, amend," s.v. corrige v. OED. KEY: corrigen@v
corrigen v 2 coriged 1 corrigith 1

corrosif adj. & n. "(as adj.) corrosive," s.v. corrosive a. and sb. OED. KEY: corrosif@adj
corrosif adj 1 corosif 1

corrumpable adj. "subject to decay," s.v. corrumpable a. OED. KEY: corrumpable@adj
corrumpable adj 1 corrumpable 1

corrumpen v. "corrupt, ruin," s.v. corrump v. OED. KEY: corrumpen@v
corrumpen v 6 corrumpe 1 corrumped 1 corrumpen 2 corrumpeth 1 icorrumped 1

corrumping ger. "corruption, disintegration"; not in OED. KEY: corrumping@ger
corrumping ger 1 corrumpynge 1

corrupcioun n. "corruption, contamination; decayed matter; corrupting influence," s.v. corruption OED. KEY: corrupcioun@n
corrupcioun n 8 corrupcion 1 corrupcioun 6 corupcioun 1

corrupten v. "corrupt, decay; destroy; contaminate; (ppl. adj.) decayed; infectious," s.v. corrupt v. OED, corrupt ppl. a. OED. KEY: corrupten@v corrupten@v#adj
corrupten v#adj 7 corrupt 7

corrupten v 6 corrupt 4 corrupte 1 corrupteth 1

cors n. "corpse, body," s.v. corse sb. OED. KEY: cors@n
cors n 20 corps 5 corpus 5 cors 10

cor-seint n. "saint's body," s.v. corsaint OED. KEY: cor-seint@n
cor-seint n 1 corseynt 1

cosinage n. "kinship," s.v. cousinage OED. KEY: cosinage@n
cosinage n 3 cosynage 3

cosine n. "kinsman, blood relative; closely related thing," s.v. cousin OED. KEY: cosine@n
cosine n 28 cosyn 24 cosynes 1 cosyns 3

costage n. "cost, expense," s.v. costage OED. KEY: costage@n
costage n 5 costage 4 costages 1

cost n.(2) "cost, expense, expenditure," s.v. cost sb.\2 OED. KEY: cost@n2
cost n2 18 cost 18

coste n. "coast, shore; region; (astro.) division of the heavens," s.v. coast sb.\1 OED. KEY: coste@n
coste n 4 coost 2 cost 1 costes 1

costeien v. "(ppl.) moving along the coast," s.v. coast v. OED. KEY: costeien@v
costeien v 1 costeiyng 1

costen v. "cost," s.v. cost v. OED. KEY: costen@v
costen v 7 coste 7

cost-leue adj. "costly, sumptuous," s.v. costlew a. OED. KEY: cost-leue@adj
cost-leue adj 3 costlewe 3

costret n. "flask, keg," s.v. costret OED. KEY: costret@n
costret n 1 costret 1

cotage n. "cottage," s.v. cottage OED. KEY: cotage@n
cotage n 2 cotage 2

cote n.(1) "cote, shed for animals; hut, cell," s.v. cote sb.\1 OED. KEY: cote@n1
cote n1 3 cote 3

cote n.(2) "coat, outer garment," s.v. coat sb. OED. KEY: cote@n2
cote n2 11 coote 1 cote 9 cotes 1

cote-armure n. "coat of arms, garment blazoned with armorial bearings," s.v. coat-armour OED. KEY: cote-armure@n
cote-armure n 7 cote-armour 1 cote-armure 4 cote-armures 2

cou n. "cow," s.v. cow sb.\1 OED. KEY: cou@n
cou n 4 cow 3 keen 1

couard adj. "cowardly," s.v. coward sb. and a. OED. KEY: couard@adj
couard adj 7 coward 7

couard n. "coward," s.v. coward sb. and a. OED. KEY: couard@n
couard n 3 coward 3

couardie n. "cowardice," s.v. cowardy OED. KEY: couardie@n
couardie n 1 cowardye 1

couardise n. "cowardice," s.v. cowardice OED. KEY: couardise@n
couardise n 2 cowardise 2

couardli adv. "cowardly," s.v. cowardly adv. OED. KEY: couardli@adv
couardli adv 1 cowardly 1

couche n. "couch," s.v. couch sb.\1 OED. KEY: couche@n
couche n 4 couche 4

couchen v. "lie, place; spread over, adorn; lay a fire; cower," s.v. couch v.\1 OED. KEY: couchen@v
couchen v 12 couche 1 couched 7 couchede 1 couchen 1 cowched 1 kouche 1

couching ger. "placement," s.v. couching vbl. sb. OED. KEY: couching@ger
couching ger 1 kouching 1

cough n. "cough," s.v. cough sb. OED. KEY: cough@n
cough n 1 coughe 1

coughen v. "cough," s.v. cough v. OED. KEY: coughen@v
coughen v 4 coghe 1 cogheth 1 coughen 1 cougheth 1

counseil n. "council, assembly (of advisers); advice, counsel; secret," s.v. counsel sb. OED. KEY: counseil@n
counseil n 185 conseil 162 conseile 1 conseiles 2 conseilles 1 conseils 6 conseyl 4 counseil 6 counseyl 3

counseilen v. "counsel, advise, instruct; persuade," s.v. counsel v. OED. KEY: counseilen@v
counseilen v 44 consaille 1 conseile 1 conseiled 1 conseilest 1 conseileth 1 conseille 17 conseilled 11 conseilleden 4 conseyle 1 consyled 1 counsaile 1 counseilled 1 counseillen 1 counseyled 1 counseylled 1

counseiler n. "counsellor, adviser (also as adj.)," s.v. counsellor, -elor OED. KEY: counseiler@n counseiler@n#adj
counseiler n#adj 2 conseylers 1 conseylours 1
counseiler n 31 conseileris 1 conseiller 2 conseillour 4 conseillours 22 conseyleres 1 counseillour 1

counseiling ger. "counsel, advice; giving advice; council, consultation," s.v. counselling, -eling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: counseiling@ger
counseiling ger 27 conseiling 1 conseillyng 19 conseillynge 2 conseillynges 2 conseilyng 1 conseilynge 2

counten v. "account, value," s.v. count v. OED. KEY: counten@v
counten v 7 counte 6 counted 1

countesse n. "countess," s.v. countess OED. KEY: countesse@n
countesse n 2 countesse 2

counting-bord n. "counting table," s.v. counting vbl. sb. OED, counting ger. MED. KEY: counting-bord@n
counting-bord n 1 countyng-bord 1

countour n.(1) "accountant, auditor of taxes; mathematician; counting house," s.v. countour, -or OED. KEY: countour@n1
countour-dore n. "counting house door," s.v. counter n.\3 OED, countour n. MED. KEY: countour-dore@n
countour-dore n 2 countour-dore 2

countour-hous n. "counting house," s.v. counter n.\3 OED, countour n. MED. KEY: countour-hous@n
countour-hous n 1 countour-hous 1

countrefet ppl. "(adj.) affected, deceitful," s.v. counterfeited ppl. a. OED. KEY: countrefet@ppl#adj
countrefet ppl#adj 3 contrefeted 1 countrefeted 2

countrefeten v. "counterfeit, forge; imitate, emulate; copy; pretend," s.v. counterfeit v. OED. KEY: countrefeten@v
countrefeten v 18 contrefete 2 contrefetin 1 counterfete 1 countrefete 10 countrefeted 3 countrefeteth 1

countrepeisen v. "counterbalance," s.v. counterpoise v. OED. KEY: countrepeisen@v
countrepeisen v 2 contrepeise 1 countrepese 1

countrepleten v. "(ppl.) argued against," s.v. counterplead v. OED, countre- pref. MED. KEY: countrepleten@v
countrepleten v 1 countrepleted 1

countretaille n. "counter blow, reprisal," s.v. countertail OED. KEY: countretaille@n
countretaille n 1 countretaille 1

countrewaiten v. "watch out for," s.v. counterwait v. OED, countre- prefix MED. KEY: countrewaiten@v
countrewaiten v 2 contrewayte 1 countrewaite 1

coupable adj. & n. "(as adj.) culpable, sinful," s.v. culpable a. (and sb.) OED. KEY: coupable@adj
coupable adj 4 coupable 3 cowpable 1

coupe n.(2) "culpability, guilt," s.v. culp(e OED. KEY: coupe@n2
coupe n2 1 culpe 1

couple n. "couple," s.v. couple sb. OED. KEY: couple@n
couple n 1 couples 1

couplen v. "(ppl.) coupled, joined," s.v. couple v. OED. KEY: couplen@v
couplen v 3 coupled 1 couplid 1 ycoupled 1

couren v. "cower," s.v. cower v. OED. KEY: couren@v
couren v 1 coured 1

cours n. "course, movement, orbit; run, pursuit (of game); process, span of life; established procedure; course of a meal," s.v. course sb. OED. KEY: cours@n
cours n 41 cours 38 course 1 courses 1 coursis 1

courser n. "courser, swift horse," s.v. courser\2 OED. KEY: courser@n
courser n 13 courser 11 courseres 1 coursers 1

court n.(1) "court, noble household; courtyard; court of law," s.v. court sb.\1 OED. KEY: court@n1
court n1 36 court 35 courtes 1

courteis adj. & n. "(as adj.) courteous, courtly, refined," s.v. courteous a. OED. KEY: courteis@adj
courteis adj 11 corteys 1 curteis 4 curteys 6

courteisie n. "courtesy, good manners (also as proper n., personified); graciousness, kindness; act of good manners," s.v. courtesy sb. OED. KEY: courteisie@n courteisie@n#propn
courteisie n 27 curteisie 5 curteisye 16 curtesie 1 curtesye 3 curteysie 1 curteysye 1
courteisie n#propn 6 curtesie 2 curtesye 3 curteysie 1

courteisliche adv. "courteously; discreetly," s.v. courteously adv. OED. KEY: courteisliche@adv
courteisliche adv 10 curtaysly 1 curteisly 8 curteysly 1

courte-pi n. "short coat," s.v. courtepy OED. KEY: courte-pi@n
courte-pi n 3 courtepy 3

court-man n. "courtier," s.v. court-man OED, court n.(1) MED. KEY: court-man@n
court-man n 1 court-man 1

couth adj. (& n.) "(as adj.) known; (as adv.) familiarly," s.v. couth pa. pple. and a. (sb.) OED, couth adv. OED. KEY: couth@adj couth@adj#adv
couth adj#adv 1 kouth 1
couth adj 5 couth 2 kouth 1 kowth 1 kowthe 1

coveiten v. "covet, strongly desire," s.v. covet v. OED. KEY: coveiten@v
coveiten v 25 coveite 3 coveiten 2 coveiteth 5 coveyte 1 coveyted 1 coveyteden 1 coveyten 6 coveytest 1 coveyteth 5

coveiting ger. "covetousness, desire," s.v. coveting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: coveiting@ger
coveiting ger 1 coveytynge 1

coveitise n. "covetousness, greed," s.v. covetise OED. KEY: coveitise@n
coveitise n 54 coveitise 32 coveityse 2 covetise 10 covetyse 4 coveytise 5 coveytyse 1

coveitour n. "one who covets," s.v. coveter OED. KEY: coveitour@n
coveitour n 1 covetour 1

coveitous adj. "covetous, greedy," s.v. covetous a. OED. KEY: coveitous@adj
coveitous adj 7 coveitous 4 coveytous 3

covenable adj. "suitable, appropriate," s.v. covenable a. OED. KEY: covenable@adj
covenable adj 24 covenable 24

covenabli adv. "suitably," s.v. covenably adv. OED. KEY: covenabli@adv
covenabli adv 2 covenably 2

covenaunt n. "covenant, agreement; conditional provision," s.v. covenant sb. OED. KEY: covenaunt@n
covenaunt n 12 covenant 6 covenantz 1 covenaunt 5

covent n. "convent, members of a religious house; group of friars or monks," s.v. convent sb. OED. KEY: covent@n
covent n 14 covent 14

cover-chef n. "kerchief, head covering," s.v. coverchief OED. KEY: cover-chef@n
cover-chef n 6 coverchef 2 coverchief 3 coverchiefs 1

covercle n. "pot cover," s.v. covercle sb. OED. KEY: covercle@n
covercle n 1 covercle 1

coveren v.(1) "cover; (ppl. adj.) covered, hidden," s.v. cover v.\1 OED, covered ppl. a. OED. KEY: coveren@v1 coveren@v1#adj
coveren v1 41 covere 6 covered 21 coveren 3 covereth 1 coverid 1 covred 1 icovered 1 kevered 3 ycovered 4
coveren v1#adj 1 covered 1

coveren v.(2) "recover," s.v. cover v.\2 OED. KEY: coveren@v2
coveren v2 2 covered 1 kevere 1

covertli adv. "covertly, privately," s.v. covertly adv. OED. KEY: covertli@adv
covertli adv 1 covertly 1

coverture n. "cover, covering; concealment," s.v. coverture OED. KEY: coverture@n
coverture n 4 coverture 1 covertures 2 coverturis 1

covine n. "fraud," s.v. covin sb. OED. KEY: covine@n
covine n 2 covyne 1 covynes 1

crabbed ppl. "(adj.) spiteful," s.v. crabbed a. OED. KEY: crabbed@ppl#adj
crabbed ppl#adj 1 crabbed 1

cracching ger. "scratching," s.v. cratch v. OED. KEY: cracching@ger
cracching ger 1 cracchynge 1

cradel n. "cradle," s.v. cradle OED. KEY: cradel@n
cradel n 10 cradel 10

craft n.(1) "craft, skill, cleverness (also as proper n., personified); art; cunning, trick; trade, trade guild," s.v. craft sb.\1 OED. KEY: craft@n1 craft@n1#propn
craft n1 61 craft 60 craftes 1
craft n1#propn 1 craft 1

crafti adj. "crafty, skilful, ingenious; subtle, deceitful," s.v. crafty a. OED. KEY: crafti@adj
crafti adj 7 craftier 1 crafty 6

craftili adv. "craftily, skilfully, artfully," s.v. craftily adv. OED. KEY: craftili@adv
craftili adv 8 craftely 4 craftily 3 craftyly 1

crag n. "crag," s.v. crag sb.\1 OED. KEY: crag@n
crag n 1 cragges 1

craken v. "speak loudly; sing, trill," s.v. crake v.\1 OED. KEY: craken@v
craken v 2 craketh 2

craking ger. "creaking," s.v. crake v.\1 OED. KEY: craking@ger
craking ger 1 crakkynge 1

crammen v. "(ppl.) crammed, stuffed," s.v. cram v. OED. KEY: crammen@v
crammen v 2 crammed 1 ycrammed 1

crampe n.(1) "cramp, violent contraction," s.v. cramp sb.\1 OED. KEY: crampe@n1
crampe n1 1 crampe 1

crampishen v. "twist," s.v. crampish v. OED. KEY: crampishen@v
crampishen v 1 craumpyssheth 1

crane n.(1) "crane, the bird," s.v. crane sb.\1 OED. KEY: crane@n1
crane n1 1 crane 1

crasen v. "(ppl.) shattered, cracked," s.v. crazed ppl. a. OED. KEY: crasen@v
crasen v 2 crased 1 ycrased 1

Crassus n. "Marcus Licinius Crassus, a Roman general," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: crassus@n#propn
crassus n#propn 1 crassus 1

craven v. "crave, beg for," s.v. crave v. OED. KEY: craven@v
craven v 2 crave 2

creacioun n. "creation," s.v. creation OED. KEY: creacioun@n
creacioun n 1 creacion 1

creat ppl. "created," s.v. create ppl. OED. KEY: creat@ppl
creat ppl 4 creat 4

creatour n. "creator," s.v. creator OED. KEY: creatour@n
creatour n 9 creatour 9

creature n. "creature," s.v. creature OED. KEY: creature@n
creature n 122 creature 112 creatures 9 creaturis 1

creaunce n. "credence, belief, faith," s.v. creance sb. OED. KEY: creaunce@n
creaunce n 3 creance 2 creaunce 1

creauncen v. "borrow money, obtain credit," s.v. creance v. OED. KEY: creauncen@v
creauncen v 3 creanced 1 creaunce 1 creaunceth 1

creaunt adj. & n. "(as adj.) (I am) defeated," s.v. creant adj.\1 OED. KEY: creaunt@adj
creaunt adj 1 creant 1

crede n.(2) "creed," s.v. creed sb. OED. KEY: crede@n2
crede n2 2 crede 2

credence n. "credence, faith, trust," s.v. credence sb. OED. KEY: credence@n
credence n 6 credence 6

credible adj. "credible," s.v. credible a. OED. KEY: credible@adj
credible adj 1 credible 1

Creon n. "Creon, tyrant of Thebes," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: creon@n#propn
creon n#propn 7 creon 7

crepel n. "cripple," s.v. cripple sb. and a. OED. KEY: crepel@n
crepel n 1 crepel 1

crepen v. "creep, crawl; move cautiously; (ppl. adj.) creeping," s.v. creep v. OED, creeping ppl. a. OED. KEY: crepen@v crepen@v#adj
crepen v#adj 1 crepynge 1
crepen v 29 creep 2 crepe 10 crepen 1 crepeth 5 crepinge 1 crept 1 crepte 4 crepten 1 crepyn 1 cropen 3

crepuscule n. "(astro.) twilight," s.v. crepuscule OED. KEY: crepuscule@n
crepuscule n 2 crepuscles 1 crepuscules 1

cresse n. "cress, the common herb," s.v. cress OED. KEY: cresse@n
cresse n 1 kers 1

creste n.(1) "crest (of a helmet)," s.v. crest sb.\1 OED. KEY: creste@n1
creste n1 1 creest 1

Cresus n. "Croesus, king of Lydia," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cresus@n#propn
cresus n#propn 8 cresus 8

Crete n. "the island of Crete," place name; not in MED. KEY: crete@n#propn
crete n#propn 4 crete 4

Creusa n. "Creusa, wife of Aeneas," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: creusa@n#propn
creusa n#propn 3 creusa 3

crevace n. "crevice," s.v. crevice sb. OED. KEY: crevace@n
crevace n 2 crevace 2

crie n. "cry, shout; crying out, lamentation," s.v. cry sb. OED. KEY: crie@n
crie n 9 cri 1 cry 8

crien v. "cry out, shout; announce; lament, weep; implore, beg for; complain, demand justice," s.v. cry v. OED. KEY: crien@v
crien v 154 cride 18 criden 5 cridestow 1 crie 33 cried 8 criede 2 crieden 1 crien 8 crieth 8 criynge 1 cryd 2 cryde 8 cryden 4 crye 37 cryed 4 cryede 2 cryeden 1 cryen 5 cryeth 3 cryinge 3

criing ger. "crying, weeping, lamentation," s.v. crying vbl. sb. OED. KEY: criing@ger
criing ger 4 criyng 2 criynge 1 cryinges 1

crike n.(1) "inlet of the sea; trick, stratagem," s.v. creek sb.\1 OED. KEY: crike@n1
crike n1 3 crekes 1 cryke 1 krikes 1

crime n. "crime, accusation of crime," s.v. crime sb. OED. KEY: crime@n
crime n 2 cryme 2

crinkled ppl. "crinkled," s.v. crinkle v. OED. KEY: crinkled@ppl
crinkled ppl 1 krynkeled 1

Criseyde n. "Criseyde, heroine of Tr; Chaucer's Tr," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: criseyde@n#propn
criseyde n#propn 173 creiseyde 1 creseyde 4 criseda 2 criseide 1 criseyda 2 criseyde 151 criseydes 6 crisseyde 2 cryseyde 4

Crisippus n. "Chrysippus, a stoic philosopher," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: crisippus@n#propn
crisippus n#propn 1 crisippus 1

Crisostom n. "Saint John Chrysostom," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: crisostom@n#propn
crisostom n#propn 1 crisostom 1

crisp adj. "curly," s.v. crisp a. OED. KEY: crisp@adj
crisp adj 4 crips 1 crisp 1 crispe 2

cristal adj. "crystal," s.v. crystal sb. and a. OED. KEY: cristal@adj
cristal adj 4 cristal 1 cristall 3

cristal n. "crystal," s.v. crystal sb. and a. OED. KEY: cristal@n
cristal n 4 cristal 1 cristall 3

Crist n. "Christ," proper n. KEY: crist@n#propn
crist n#propn 271 crist 215 cristes 53 cryste 1 crystes 1 xristus 1

Criste-masse n. "Christmas," s.v. Christmas sb. OED. KEY: criste-masse@n
criste-masse n 2 cristemasse 2

Cristen adj. & n. "Christian," s.v. Christian a. and sb. OED. KEY: cristen@adj cristen@n
cristen n 1 cristen 1

cristen adj 26 cristen 19 cristene 6 cristien 1

Cristendom n. "Christendom," s.v. Christendom OED. KEY: cristendom@n
cristendom n 8 cristendom 8

cristenli adv. "in a Christian manner," s.v. Christenly adv. OED. KEY: cristenli@adv
cristenli adv 1 cristenly 1

Cristianite n. "Christianity," s.v. Christianity OED. KEY: cristianite@n#propn
cristianite n#propn 1 cristyanytee 1

cristnen v. "christen, baptize," s.v. christen v. OED. KEY: cristnen@v
cristnen v 6 cristned 5 ycristned 1

Cristofre n. "image of Saint Christopher," s.v. Christopher OED. KEY: cristofre@n
cristofre n 1 cristopher 1

crois n. "cross," s.v. cross sb. OED. KEY: crois@n
crois n 16 croce 1 crois 2 croys 13

crok n. "hook," s.v. crook sb. and a. OED. KEY: crok@n
crok n 1 crokes 1

croked ppl. "(adj.) crooked; crippled; (adj. as n.) evil," s.v. crooked a. OED. KEY: croked@ppl#adj croked@ppl#adj_n
croked ppl#adj 10 croked 8 crokid 1 crooked 1
croked ppl#adj_n 1 croked 1

crokedli adv. "crookedly," s.v. crookedly adv. OED. KEY: crokedli@adv
crokedli adv 1 crokedly 1

crokke n. "crock," s.v. crouke, crowke OED. KEY: crokke@n
crokke n 2 crokke 1 crowke 1

crome n. "crumb," s.v. crumb, crum sb. OED. KEY: crome@n
crome n 1 crommes 1

crone n. "crone, hag" s.v. crone sb. OED. KEY: crone@n
crone n 1 krone 1

cronicle n. "chronicle," s.v. chronicle sb. OED. KEY: cronicle@n
cronicle n 1 cronycle 1

crop n. "sprout, foliage; (with and root) top to bottom, whole thing," s.v. crop sb. OED. KEY: crop@n
crop n 9 crop 5 crope 1 croppes 3

cros n. "cross," s.v. cross sb. OED. KEY: cros@n
cros n 10 cros 7 cross 3

crosselet n.(2) "(alchem.) crucible," s.v. crosslet\1 OED. KEY: crosselet@n2
crosselet n2 9 crosletz 1 crosselet 8

crossen v. "cross, intersect," s.v. cross v. OED. KEY: crossen@v
crossen v 1 crossith 1

cross-line n. "intersecting line," s.v. cross-line OED, cros n. MED. KEY: cross-line@n
cross-line n 1 cross-lyne 1

crou n. "crow (of a cock), dawn," s.v. crow sb.\2 OED. KEY: crou@n
crou n 1 crowe 1

crouchen v.(1) "bless with the sign of the cross," s.v. crouch v.\2 OED. KEY: crouchen@v1
crouchen v1 2 crouche 1 croucheth 1

crouden v.(1) "crowd together; push, impel," s.v. crowd v.\1 OED. KEY: crouden@v1
crouden v1 3 croude 1 crowde 1 crowdest 1

croudinge ger.(1) "crowding, shoving; thrust," s.v. crowding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: croudinge@ger1
croudinge ger1 2 crowdyng 2

croue n. "crow," s.v. crow sb.\1 OED. KEY: croue@n
croue n 14 crowe 12 crowes 2

crouen v. "crow," s.v. crow v. OED. KEY: crouen@v
crouen v 8 crew 2 crowe 4 croweth 1 ycrowe 1

crouinge ger. "crowing," s.v. crowing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: crouinge@ger
crouinge ger 2 crowyng 2

croupe n. "crupper, hindquarters (of a horse)," s.v. croup, croupe sb.\1 OED. KEY: croupe@n
croupe n 1 croupe 1

crouper n. "crupper, cover for the hindquarters of a horse," s.v. crupper sb. OED. KEY: crouper@n
crouper n 2 croper 1 crouperes 1

crucifien v. "crucify," s.v. crucify v. OED. KEY: crucifien@v
crucifien v 2 crucified 1 crucifiede 1

crude adj. "crude," s.v. crude a. OED. KEY: crude@adj
crude adj 1 crude 1

cruel adj. "cruel, harsh," s.v. cruel a. OED. KEY: cruel@adj
cruel adj 89 crewel 10 crueel 21 cruel 47 cruele 4 cruwel 4 crwel 3

cruelli adv. "cruelly," s.v. cruelly adv. OED. KEY: cruelli@adv
cruelli adv 8 cruelich 1 cruelly 5 cruely 1 cruwely 1

cruelte n. "cruelty (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. cruelty OED. KEY: cruelte@n cruelte@n#propn
cruelte n 19 cruelte 8 crueltee 11
cruelte n#propn 7 cruelte 5 crueltee 2

crul adj. "curly," s.v. crull a. OED. KEY: crul@adj
crul adj 2 crul 1 crulle 1

cubite n. "cubit, a measurement," s.v. cubit OED. KEY: cubite@n
cubite n 2 cubite 1 cubites 1

cucurbite n. "gourd-shaped vessel," s.v. cucurbit\1 OED. KEY: cucurbite@n
cucurbite n 1 cucurbites 1

culpa Lat. n. "guilt." KEY: culpa@lat_n
culpa lat_n 1 culpa 1

culpoun n. "strands of hair; piles of faggots," s.v. culpon sb. OED. KEY: culpoun@n
culpoun n 2 colpons 2

culter n. "coulter, plow blade," s.v. coulter, colter OED. KEY: culter@n
culter n 4 kultour 4

culver n. "dove," s.v. culver\1 OED. KEY: culver@n
culver n 1 culver 1

cum Lat. prep. "with." KEY: cum@lat_prep
cum lat_prep 2 cum 2

Cupide n. "Cupid, god of love," proper n. KEY: cupide@n#propn
cupide n#propn 17 cupide 10 cupides 1 cupido 6

cupiditas Lat. n. "greed." KEY: cupiditas@lat_n
cupiditas lat_n 2 cupiditas 2

cuppe n. "cup," s.v. cup sb. OED. KEY: cuppe@n
cuppe n 7 coppe 2 coppes 2 coupe 1 cuppe 2

curacioun n. "cure, healing," s.v. curation OED. KEY: curacioun@n
curacioun n 4 curacion 1 curacioun 3

curat n. "curate," s.v. curate OED. KEY: curat@n
curat n 7 curaat 3 curat 2 curates 1 curatz 1

cure n.(1) "cure, medical treatment; attention, heed; effort; duty, charge; care, concern," s.v. cure sb.\1 OED. KEY: cure@n1
cure n1 45 cure 43 cures 2

curen v.(2) "cure," s.v. cure v.\1 OED. KEY: curen@v2
curen v2 7 cure 1 cured 4 curen 1 cureth 1

curfeu-time n. "curfew time," s.v. curfew OED, curfeu n. MED. KEY: curfeu-time@n
curfeu-time n 1 corfew-tyme 1

curious adj. "curious, elaborate; careful, diligent; skilful, expert; difficult, abstruse," s.v. curious a. OED. KEY: curious@adj
curious adj 13 curious 9 curiouse 1 curius 1 curyous 1 curyus 1

curiousite n. "curiosity, inquisitiveness; skill, subtlety," s.v. curiosity OED. KEY: curiousite@n
curiousite n 5 curiosite 3 curiositee 2

curiousli adv. "skilfully," s.v. curiously adv. OED. KEY: curiousli@adv
curiousli adv 1 curiously 1

curre n. "cur," s.v. cur OED. KEY: curre@n
curre n 1 curre 1

curs n. "curse," s.v. curse sb. OED. KEY: curs@n
curs n 6 curs 5 curses 1

cursed ppl. "(adj.) cursed," s.v. cursed, curst ppl. a. OED. KEY: cursed@ppl#adj
cursed ppl#adj 58 corsed 4 cursed 48 cursede 6

cursedli adv. "cursedly, sinfully," s.v. cursedly adv. OED. KEY: cursedli@adv
cursedli adv 3 cursedly 3

cursednesse n. "cursedness, evil," s.v. cursedness OED. KEY: cursednesse@n
cursednesse n 16 corsednesse 1 cursednesse 14 cursydnesse 1

cursen v. "curse," s.v. curse v. OED. KEY: cursen@v
cursen v 15 corse 2 corsen 1 corseth 2 cursed 2 cursen 4 curseth 4

cursing ger. "cursing; excommunication," s.v. cursing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: cursing@ger
cursing ger 6 cursyng 2 cursynge 3 cursynges 1

curtine n. "curtain," s.v. curtain sb.\1 OED. KEY: curtine@n
curtine n 3 curtyn 3

Custaunce n. "Custance, heroine of MLT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: custaunce@n#propn
custaunce n#propn 58 custance 55 custances 2 custaunce 1

custume n. "custom," s.v. custom sb. OED. KEY: custume@n
custume n 6 custom 1 customes 1 custume 2 custumes 2

cut n.(2) "straw for drawing lots; lot," s.v. cut sb.\1 OED. KEY: cut@n2
cut n2 8 cut 8

Cutberd n. "Saint Cuthbert," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: cutberd@n#propn
cutberd n#propn 1 cutberd 1

cutten v.(1) "cut; (ppl. adj.) cut short," s.v. cut v. OED, cutted ppl. a. OED. KEY: cutten@v1 cutten@v1#adj
cutten v1#adj 1 kutted 1
cutten v1 12 cut 1 cutted 1 kit 1 kitte 3 kut 3 kutte 1 kutten 1 kutteth 1

cuttinge ger. "cutting," s.v. cutting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: cuttinge@ger
cuttinge ger 1 kuttynge 1



-- D --



daffe n. "fool," s.v. daff sb. OED. KEY: daffe@n
daffe n 1 daf 1

daggen v.(1) "(ppl. adj.) with hems ornamented with slits," s.v. dag v.\1 OED. KEY: daggen@v1#adj
daggen v1#adj 1 dagged 1

daggere n. "dagger," s.v. dagger sb. OED. KEY: daggere@n
daggere n 4 daggere 4

dagginge ger. "ornamenting hems with slits," s.v. dagging vbl. sb. OED. KEY: dagginge@ger
dagginge ger 1 daggynge 1

dagoun n. "piece of cloth," s.v. dagon\1 OED. KEY: dagoun@n
dagoun n 1 dagon 1

dai n. "day," s.v. day sb. OED. KEY: dai@n
dai n 744 dai 1 daies 9 dawes 1 day 669 daye 2 dayes 62

daie n. "dairy-woman," s.v. dey\1 OED. KEY: daie@n
daie n 1 deye 1

daierie n. "dairy; dairy herd," s.v. dairy sb. OED. KEY: daierie@n
daierie n 2 dayerye 1 dayeryes 1

daies-ie n. "daisy," s.v. daisy OED. KEY: daies-ie@n
daies-ie n 14 dayesie 3 dayesye 7 dayseie 1 daysie 1 daysye 1 daysyes 1

dai-light cpd. & phr. "(as n.) daylight," s.v. daylight OED, dai-light, daies light cpd. & phr. MED. KEY: dai-light@n
dai-light n 1 daylyght 1

dai-sterre n. "day-star," s.v. day-star OED. KEY: dai-sterre@n
dai-sterre n 2 day-sterre 2

dale n. "dale," s.v. dale\1 OED. KEY: dale@n
dale n 4 dale 4

daliaunce n. "sociability, social conversation; (with don) (be) sociable, converse; flirting, flirtation," s.v. dalliance OED. KEY: daliaunce@n
daliaunce n 11 daliance 3 daliaunce 7 daliaunces 1

Dalida n. "Delilah (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: dalida@n#propn
dalida n#propn 3 dalida 2 dalyda 1

damage n. "damage, injury, loss," s.v. damage sb. OED. KEY: damage@n
damage n 17 damage 11 damages 6

damageous adj. "damaging, injurious," s.v. damageous a. OED. KEY: damageous@adj
damageous adj 1 damageous 1

Damascene adj. as n. "of Damascus," s.v. damascene adj. and sb. OED. KEY: damascene@adjas_n
damascene adjas_n 1 damyssene 1

Damascien n. "Johannes Damascenus, a medical authority," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: damascien@n#propn
damascien n#propn 1 damascien 1

Damasie n. "Pope Damasus I," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: damasie@n#propn
damasie n#propn 1 damasie 1

dame n. "dame, lady (in titles as quasi-adj.); mother," s.v. dame OED. KEY: dame@n dame@n#adj
dame n#adj 46 dame 46
dame n 31 dame 30 dames 1

Damian n. "Damyan, the squire in MerT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: damian@n#propn
damian n#propn 25 damyan 25

damisele n. "damsel, young gentlewoman; maid in waiting," s.v. damsel OED. KEY: damisele@n
damisele n 5 damoysele 2 damoysels 1 damyseles 1 damysell 1

dampnable adj. (& adv.) "(as adj.) damnable," s.v. damnable a. OED. KEY: dampnable@adj
dampnable adj 7 dampnable 7

dampnableli adv. "damnably," s.v. damnably adv. OED. KEY: dampnableli@adv
dampnableli adv 2 dampnablely 1 dampnably 1

dampnacioun n. "damnation," s.v. damnation OED. KEY: dampnacioun@n
dampnacioun n 7 dampnacioun 7

dampnen v. "damn, condemn; (ppl. adj.) damned," s.v. damn v. OED, damned ppl. a. OED. KEY: dampnen@v dampnen@v#adj
dampnen v#adj 1 dampned 1
dampnen v 25 damned 1 dampne 2 dampned 19 dampneth 1 dampnyd 1 ydampned 1

Danao n. "Danaus, uncle of Hypermnestra," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: danao@n#propn
danao n#propn 3 danao 3

Dane n. "Daphne, loved by Apollo," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: dane@n#propn
dane n#propn 3 dane 3

Daniel n. "Daniel (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: daniel@n#propn
daniel n#propn 6 daniel 5 danyel 1

Dante n. "Dante Alighieri," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: dante@n#propn
dante n#propn 6 dant 3 dante 1 dantes 1 daunte 1

dappel adj. "dappled, spotted," s.v. dapple-grey a. (sb.) OED, dappel-grai adj. & n. MED. KEY: dappel@adj
dappel adj 1 dappull 1

Dardanus n. "Dardanus, a gate of Troy," place name; not in MED. KEY: dardanus@n#propn
dardanus n#propn 1 dardanus 1

daren v. "be motionless (for fear)," s.v. dare v.\2 OED. KEY: daren@v
daren v 1 dare 1

Dares n. "Dares Phrygius, historian of the Trojan War," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: dares@n#propn
dares n#propn 4 dares 4

Darius n.(1) "Darius III, king of Persia," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: darius@n1#propn
darius n1#propn 1 daryus 1

Darius n.(2) "Darius the Mede (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: darius@n2#propn
darius n2#propn 2 darius 2

dart n. "dart, spear," s.v. dart sb. OED. KEY: dart@n
dart n 11 dart 3 darte 3 dartes 5

darten v. "(ppl.) pierced," s.v. dart v. OED. KEY: darten@v
darten v 1 idarted 1

daswen v. "grow dim," s.v. daswen v. OED. KEY: daswen@v
daswen v 2 daswed 1 daswen 1

date n.(2) "date, point in time," s.v. date sb.\2 OED. KEY: date@n2
date n2 2 date 2

date-tree n. "date-tree," s.v. date sb.\1 OED, date n.(1) MED. KEY: date-tree@n
date-tree n 1 date-tree 1

dauen v. "dawn," s.v. daw v.\1 OED. KEY: dauen@v
dauen v 7 dawe 4 dawed 1 daweth 2

dauinge ger. "dawn," s.v. dawing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: dauinge@ger
dauinge ger 1 dawyng 1

daun n. "(as title, quasi-adj.) sir, lord," s.v. dan.\1 OED. KEY: daun@n#adj
daun n#adj 59 dan 1 daun 58

daunce n. "dance, dancing; procession of dancers; way of doing things, all the tricks," s.v. dance sb. OED. KEY: daunce@n
daunce n 34 daunce 25 daunces 9

dauncen v. "dance; (ppl. adj.) dancing," s.v. dance v. OED, dancing ppl. a. OED. KEY: dauncen@v dauncen@v#adj
dauncen v#adj 2 daunsynge 2
dauncen v 63 daunce 32 daunced 13 dauncen 7 daunceth 4 dauncith 1 dauncyng 1 daunsedyn 1 daunseth 1 daunsyng 1 daunsynge 2

daunger n. "danger, peril; domination, power; resistance; disdain; (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. danger sb. OED. KEY: daunger@n daunger@n#propn
daunger n 13 danger 1 daunger 11 daungers 1
daunger n#propn 6 daunger 6

daungerous adj. "domineering; disdainful, aloof; niggardly," s.v. dangerous a. OED. KEY: daungerous@adj
daungerous adj 11 dangerous 1 daungerous 10

dauninge ger. "dawn," s.v. dawning vbl. sb. OED. KEY: dauninge@ger
dauninge ger 8 dawenyng 5 dawenynge 3

daunten v. "daunt, intimidate; defeat, dominate; subdue, tame," s.v. daunt v. OED. KEY: daunten@v
daunten v 11 daunte 2 daunted 2 daunten 2 dauntest 2 daunteth 2 dawntide 1

David n. "King David (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: david@n#propn
david n#propn 18 david 17 davit 1

de Lat. prep. "of." KEY: de@lat_prep
de lat_prep 3 de 3

de n. "(pl.) dice, game of dice," s.v. die sb.\1 OED. KEY: de@n
de n 12 dees 7 dys 5

de prep. "of"; not in OED; s.v. ?de prep. MED. KEY: de@prep
de prep 4 de 4

debat n. "debate, dispute, quarrel; warfare, battle," s.v. debate sb.\1 OED. KEY: debat@n
debat n 11 debaat 9 debat 2

debaten v.(1) "debate, quarrel, fight; resist," s.v. debate v.\1 OED. KEY: debaten@v1
debaten v1 4 debate 3 debatyng 1

debonaire adj. & n. "(as adj.) debonair, courteous; meek, gentle; (as n.) gracious person," s.v. debonaire, -bonnaire a. (sb.) OED. KEY: debonaire@adj debonaire@n
debonaire adj 21 debonaire 14 debonayre 6 debonere 1
debonaire n 4 debonaire 3 debonayre 1

debonaireli adv. "debonairly, courteously; meekly, submissively," s.v. debonairly adv. OED. KEY: debonaireli@adv
debonaireli adv 11 debonairely 1 debonairly 7 debonayrely 1 debonayrly 1 debonerly 1

debonairete n. "debonairness, courtesy; meekness, patience," s.v. debonairty OED. KEY: debonairete@n
debonairete n 11 debonairetee 9 debonairte 1 debonairtee 1

deceite n. "deceit, trickery, illusion," s.v. deceit OED. KEY: deceite@n
deceite n 12 deceit 1 deceite 8 deceites 1 deceyte 1 desceytes 1

deceivable adj. "deceitful, unfaithful, false," s.v. deceivable a. OED. KEY: deceivable@adj
deceivable adj 10 deceivable 1 deceyvable 4 desceyvable 4 dissevable 1

deceivaunce n. "deception," s.v. deceivance OED. KEY: deceivaunce@n
deceivaunce n 1 deceyvaunce 1

deceiven v. "deceive; (ppl. adj.) deceiving," s.v. deceive v. OED, deceiving ppl. a. OED. KEY: deceiven@v deceiven@v#adj
deceiven v#adj 2 desceyvynge 2
deceiven v 40 deceyve 7 deceyved 10 deceyven 2 deceyvest 1 deceyveth 2 deceyvyd 1 desceyve 1 desceyved 3 desceyvedest 1 desceyveth 1 desseyved 2 desseyvede 1 disceyve 1 disseyved 3 disseyvid 3 disseyvistow 1

deceiving ger. "deception," s.v. deceiving vbl. sb. OED. KEY: deceiving@ger
deceiving ger 1 disseyvyng 1

Decembre n. "December, the month," s.v. December OED. KEY: decembre@n
decembre n 6 december 1 decembre 5

declamen v. "discuss," s.v. declaim v. OED. KEY: declamen@v
declamen v 1 declamed 1

declaracioun n. "explanation; evidence; corollary." s.v. declaration OED. KEY: declaracioun@n
declaracioun n 10 declaracions 1 declaracioun 9

declaren v. "declare, tell; explain, elucidate; reveal," s.v. declare v. OED. KEY: declaren@v
declaren v 37 declare 21 declared 11 declaren 3 declarith 1 declarynge 1

declaring ger. "explanation; corollary," s.v. declaring vbl. sb. OED. KEY: declaring@ger
declaring ger 2 declaryng 1 declarynges 1

declinacioun n. "(astro.) declination, angular distance from the equator," s.v. declination OED. KEY: declinacioun@n
declinacioun n 24 declinacion 1 declinacions 1 declinacioun 18 declinacyoun 1 declynacion 2 declynacioun 1

declinen v. "decline, deteriorate; turn aside, turn," s.v. decline v. OED. KEY: declinen@v
declinen v 5 declinen 1 declineth 1 declynen 1 declyneth 2

decoped ppl. "decorated by slashings," s.v. decoped ppl. a. OED. KEY: decoped@ppl
decoped ppl_abs 1 decoped 1

Decorat n. "Decoratus, Roman quaestor," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: decorat@n#propn
decorat n#propn 2 decorat 2

decre n. "decree, edict; law, canon law; decision, rule," s.v. decree sb. OED. KEY: decre@n
decre n 8 decree 6 decrees 1 decretz 1

ded adj. "dead; deadly, deathlike," s.v. dead a. (sb., adv.) OED. KEY: ded@adj
ded adj 194 ded 66 dede 38 deed 89 deede 1

Dedalus n. "Daedelus, builder of the Labyrinth," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: dedalus@n#propn
dedalus n#propn 4 dedalus 2 dedaly 1 didalus 1

ded n. "death," s.v. dead a. (sb., adv.) OED. KEY: ded@n
ded n 1 ded 1

dede n. "deed, action; effect, result; (with in) actuality, action, fact," s.v. deed OED. KEY: dede@n
dede n 129 dede 103 dedes 20 dedis 2 deede 4

deden v. "deaden, grow dull," s.v. dead v. OED. KEY: deden@v
deden v 1 dede 1

dedicat ppl. "dedicated, consecrated," s.v. dedicate pa. pple. and ppl. a. OED. KEY: dedicat@ppl
dedicat ppl_abs 1 dedicaat 1

dedli adj. "deadly, mortal; deathlike, lifeless; grievous," s.v. deadly a. OED. KEY: dedli@adj
dedli adj 59 dedly 8 deedly 51

dedli adv. "deadly, deathlike; to the death, mortally; exceedingly," s.v. deadly adv. OED. KEY: dedli@adv
dedli adv 6 dedlich 1 dedly 3 deedly 2

deduit n. "pleasure," s.v. deduit sb. OED. KEY: deduit@n
deduit n 1 deduyt 1

def adj. "deaf," s.v. deaf a. OED. KEY: def@adj
def adj 7 deef 6 deve 1

defacen v. "deface, spoil; obliterate," s.v. deface v. OED. KEY: defacen@v
defacen v 6 deface 5 defaced 1

defamacioun n. "defamation," s.v. defamation OED. KEY: defamacioun@n
defamacioun n 1 diffamacioun 1

defame n. "infamy, dishonor, disgrace," s.v. defame sb. OED. KEY: defame@n
defame n 4 defame 2 diffame 2

defamen v. "defame, accuse, slander; dishonor, disgrace," s.v. defame v. OED. KEY: defamen@v
defamen v 6 defame 1 defamed 2 defamen 1 diffame 2

defaute n. "fault, defect; guilt, sin; lack; loss (of scent in hunting)," s.v. default sb. OED. KEY: defaute@n
defaute n 38 defaute 31 defautes 7

defendaunt n. "defense," s.v. defendant a. and sb. OED. KEY: defendaunt@n
defendaunt n 1 defendaunt 1

defenden v. "defend, protect; prohibit, forbid; restrain," s.v. defend v. OED. KEY: defenden@v
defenden v 56 defende 13 defended 10 defendeden 1 defenden 8 defendeth 2 deffende 2 deffended 6 deffenden 7 deffendeth 7

defendour n. "defender; defense attorney," s.v. defender OED. KEY: defendour@n
defendour n 2 deffendour 1 deffendours 1

defense n. "defense, means of defense; (with at) on guard, ready for battle; protection, remedy; prohibition, hindrance," s.v. defence, defense sb. OED. KEY: defense@n
defense n 17 defence 6 defense 4 deffense 5 diffence 1 diffense 1

defet ppl. (& n.) "(adj.) disfigured," s.v. defeit, defete a. OED. KEY: defet@ppl#adj
defet ppl#adj 2 defet 2

defeten v. "(ppl.) overcome," s.v. defeat v. OED. KEY: defeten@v
defeten v 1 desfeted 1

defien v.(1) "defy the power of, renounce; scorn," s.v. defy v.\1 OED. KEY: defien@v1
defien v1 12 deffie 3 deffye 1 defye 4 diffye 3 dyffye 1

defoulen v. "defile, disfigure; trample on, injure," s.v. defoul, defoil v. OED. KEY: defoulen@v
defoulen v 26 defoule 1 defouled 18 defoulen 4 defouleth 2 defowled 1

degre n. "degree, status, social rank; state, condition; step, tier; degree (as measurement); (in phrases, with in, at) manner, way," s.v. degree sb. OED. KEY: degre@n
degre n 301 degre 133 degree 74 degrees 77 degres 17

deien v. "dye (cloth, hair, etc.)," s.v. dye v. OED. KEY: deien@v
deien v 9 deeyen 1 deien 1 deyed 1 deyen 2 dye 1 dyed 2 dyen 1

deier n. "dyer, one who dyes (cloth)," s.v. dyer OED. KEY: deier@n
deier n 1 dyere 1

deinen v.(1) "deign, condescend, permit," s.v. deign v. OED. KEY: deinen@v1
deinen v1 12 deigne 1 deigned 3 deyne 1 deyned 3 deynest 1 deyneth 3

deinous adj. "disdainful, scornful," s.v. deignous a. OED. KEY: deinous@adj
deinous adj 2 deignous 1 deynous 1

deinte adj. "excellent, pleasing," s.v. dainty a. OED. KEY: deinte@adj
deinte adj 8 deynte 3 deyntee 5

deinte n. "pleasure, esteem; excellence; delicacy," s.v. dainty sb. OED. KEY: deinte@n
deinte n 16 deynte 3 deyntee 8 deyntees 5

deintevous adj. "delicious, delightful," s.v. dainteous a. OED. KEY: deintevous@adj
deintevous adj 2 deyntevous 2

Deiphebus n. "Deiphobos, son of King Priam," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: deiphebus@n#propn
deiphebus n#propn 27 deiphebe 2 deiphebus 25

deis n. "dais," s.v. dais OED. KEY: deis@n
deis n 7 dees 3 deys 4

Deiscorides n. "Dioscorides, a medical authority," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: deiscorides@n#propn
deiscorides n#propn 1 deyscorides 1

deite n. "deity, godhead; godly dominion," s.v. deity OED. KEY: deite@n
deite n 7 deite 1 deitee 5 deyte 1

deken n. "deacon," s.v. deacon sb. OED. KEY: deken@n
deken n 2 dekne 1 deknes 1

delaie n. "delay," s.v. delay sb. OED. KEY: delaie@n
delaie n 9 delay 7 delayes 2

delaien v.(1) "delay," s.v. delay v.\1 OED. KEY: delaien@v1
delaien v1 2 delaye 2

del n.(2) "bit; part, portion; amount," s.v. deal sb.\1 OED. KEY: del@n2
del n2 48 deel 28 deell 1 del 14 dell 5

delectable adj. "delectable," s.v. delectable a. OED. KEY: delectable@adj
delectable adj 1 dilectable 1

delen v. "deal, have to do with; have sexual relations with; divide," s.v. deal v. OED. KEY: delen@v
delen v 11 deele 1 deelen 2 dele 4 deled 3 delte 1

deliberacioun n.(1) "deliberation; time for consultation," s.v. deliberation.\1 OED. KEY: deliberacioun@n1
deliberacioun n1 14 deliberacion 6 deliberacioun 8

deliberen v. "deliberate; decide," s.v. deliber v. OED. KEY: deliberen@v
deliberen v 3 delibered 2 deliberen 1

delicacie n. "pleasure; wantonness," s.v. delicacy OED. KEY: delicacie@n
delicacie n 3 delicacye 1 delicasie 1 delicasye 1

delicat adj. "delicate, fastidious; delightful, splendid; sensual," s.v. delicate a. and sb. OED. KEY: delicat@adj
delicat adj 10 delicaat 7 delicat 3

delice n. "pleasure, delight, self-indulgence," s.v. delice OED. KEY: delice@n
delice n 26 delices 23 delyces 3

delicious adj. "delightful," s.v. delicious a. OED. KEY: delicious@adj
delicious adj 2 delicious 1 delycious 1

deliciousli adv. "delightfully, luxuriously," s.v. deliciously adv. OED. KEY: deliciousli@adv
deliciousli adv 3 deliciously 3

delie n. "(as adj.) fine, delicate," s.v. delie, delye a. OED. KEY: delie@n#adj
delie n#adj 1 delye 1

delitable adj. "delightful, sensually pleasing," s.v. delitable a. OED. KEY: delitable@adj
delitable adj 9 delitable 6 delitables 1 delytable 2

delitabli adv. "delightfully," s.v. delitably adv. OED. KEY: delitabli@adv
delitabli adv 1 delitably 1

delite n.(1) "delight, sensual pleasure (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. delight sb. OED. KEY: delite@n1 delite@n1#propn
delite n1 82 delit 58 delites 4 delitz 2 delyt 18
delite n1#propn 1 delyt 1

deliten v. "delight, take pleasure in," s.v. delight v. OED. KEY: deliten@v
deliten v 35 delite 7 delited 2 deliten 6 deliteth 11 delitynge 1 delyte 7 delyten 1

delitous adj. "delightful," s.v. delitous a. OED. KEY: delitous@adj
delitous adj 2 delytous 2

deliveraunce n. "deliverance, release," s.v. deliverance OED. KEY: deliveraunce@n
deliveraunce n 1 deliveraunce 1

delivere adj. "nimble, agile," s.v. deliver a. OED. KEY: delivere@adj
delivere adj 2 delyver 1 delyvere 1

deliveren v. "deliver, set free, save," s.v. deliver v.\1 OED. KEY: deliveren@v
deliveren v 38 delivere 12 delivered 6 deliveren 4 delivereth 4 delivred 1 delyvere 7 delyvered 2 delyvre 1 delyvren 1

deliverliche adv. "nimbly, quickly," s.v. deliverly adv. OED. KEY: deliverliche@adv
deliverliche adv 2 deliverliche 1 delyverly 1

delivernesse n. "agility," s.v. deliverness OED. KEY: delivernesse@n
delivernesse n 2 delivernesse 2

Delphicus adj. "of Delphi," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: delphicus@adj
delphicus adj 1 delphicus 1

Delphin n. "the constellation Dolphin"; not in OED; cf. Dolphin n. OED; s.v. dolfin n. MED. KEY: delphin@n
delphin n 1 delphyn 1

Delphos n. "Delphi, in Greece," place name; not in MED. KEY: delphos@n#propn
delphos n#propn 2 delphos 2

deluge n. "deluge; Noah's flood," s.v. deluge sb. OED. KEY: deluge@n
deluge n 3 deluge 1 diluge 2

delven v. "delve, dig," s.v. delve v. OED. KEY: delven@v
delven v 10 dalf 6 delve 2 dolven 1 dulve 1

delver n. "delver, digger," s.v. delver OED. KEY: delver@n
delver n 1 delvere 1

demaunde n. "question; request," s.v. demand sb.\1 OED. KEY: demaunde@n
demaunde n 10 demande 3 demandes 2 demaunde 4 demaundes 1

demeine n.(1) "possession, rule," s.v. demesne OED. KEY: demeine@n1
demeine n1 1 demeyne 1

demeinen v. "govern, control," s.v. demean v.\1 OED. KEY: demeinen@v
demeinen v 1 demeyne 1

demen v. "deem, regard; suppose, expect; perceive, determine; judge, pass judgment; condemn; order; argue, express an opinion," s.v. deem v. OED. KEY: demen@v
demen v 136 deeme 6 deemed 2 deemen 3 deemeth 3 deme 33 demed 13 demede 1 demen 42 demest 1 demestow 6 demeth 23 demyd 2 demyth 1

Demetrius n. "Demetrius, king of Sparta," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: demetrius@n#propn
demetrius n#propn 1 demetrius 1

deming ger. "deeming, judging," s.v. deeming vbl. sb. OED. KEY: deming@ger
deming ger 1 demynge 1

Demociones n. (gen.) "Demotion, a Greek prince," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: demociones@n#propn
demociones n#propn 1 demociones 1

demoniak n. "person possessed (by the devil)," s.v. demoniac a. and sb. OED. KEY: demoniak@n
demoniak n 2 demonyak 2

demonstracioun n. "logical proof," s.v. demonstration OED. KEY: demonstracioun@n
demonstracioun n 4 demonstracion 2 demonstracioun 1 demonstracyons 1

demonstratif adj. & n. "(as adj.) logical," s.v. demonstrative a. and sb. OED. KEY: demonstratif@adj
demonstratif adj 1 demonstratif 1

Demophon n. "Demophon, beloved of Phyllis," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: demophon@n#propn
demophon n#propn 10 demophon 8 demophoun 2

den n.(1) "den, lair," s.v. den sb.\1 OED. KEY: den@n1
den n1 2 den 1 dennes 1

Denmark n. "Denmark," place name; s.v. Dene-marche n. MED. KEY: dene-marche@n#propn
denmark n#propn 1 denmark 1

denien v. "deny," s.v. deny v. OED. KEY: denien@v
denien v 19 denye 15 denyed 3 denyestow 1

Denis n. "Saint Denis of France," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: denis@n#propn
denis n#propn 1 denys 1

denticle n. "toothlike projection," s.v. denticle sb. (a.) OED. KEY: denticle@n
denticle n 1 denticle 1

dep adj. "deep; profound," s.v. deep a. OED. KEY: dep@adj
dep adj 18 deep 4 dep 1 depe 12 deppere 1

dep n. "depth; deep water," s.v. deep sb. OED. KEY: dep@n
dep n 2 depe 2

de-par-dieux adv. "certainly, indeed," s.v. depardieu int. OED. KEY: de-par-dieux@adv
de-par-dieux adv 4 depardieux 4

departen v. "depart, leave; separate, part; (arith.) divide; differentiate; (ppl. adj.) divided," s.v. depart v. OED, departed ppl. a. OED. KEY: departen@v departen@v#adj
departen v#adj 1 departed 1
departen v 84 depart 1 departe 26 departed 27 departen 15 departeth 12 departid 2 departith 1

departinge ger. "departure; separation; dividing," s.v. departing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: departinge@ger
departinge ger 10 departyng 2 departynge 8

depe adv. "deeply; thoroughly; profoundly; passionately," s.v. deep adv. OED. KEY: depe@adv
depe adv 29 depe 25 depper 3 deppere 1

Depeford n. "Deptford, near London," place name; not in MED. KEY: depeford@n#propn
depeford n#propn 1 depeford 1

depeinten v. "(ppl.) depicted, portrayed," s.v. depaint v. OED, depaint ppl. a. OED. KEY: depeinten@v
depeinten v 12 depeint 1 depeynted 11

depli adv. "deeply, thoroughly," s.v. deeply adv. OED. KEY: depli@adv
depli adv 1 deepliche 1

depnesse n. "depth, profundity, mystery," s.v. deepness OED. KEY: depnesse@n
depnesse n 3 depnesse 3

depraven v. "calumniate, vilify," s.v. deprave v. OED. KEY: depraven@v
depraven v 1 depraven 1

depressioun n. "(astro.) angular distance below the horizon," s.v. depression OED. KEY: depressioun@n
depressioun n 1 depressioun 1

depriven v. "(with fro, of) deprive (of)," s.v. deprive v. OED. KEY: depriven@v
depriven v 3 deprive 1 deprived 1 depryved 1

deraie n. "confusion, trouble," s.v. deray sb. OED. KEY: deraie@n
deraie n 1 desray 1

der n. "deer, animal," s.v. deer OED. KEY: der@n
der n 8 deer 6 der 2

dere adj.(1) "dear, beloved; honored, excellent; pleasing; expensive," s.v. dear adj.\1 and sb.\2 OED. KEY: dere@adj1
dere adj1 270 deer 1 deere 216 dere 52 derre 1

dere adv. "dearly, at a high price; fervently, solemnly," s.v. dear adv. OED. KEY: dere@adv
dere adv 25 deere 14 dere 9 derre 2

dereinen v. "fight, win by battle," s.v. deraign v.\1 OED. KEY: dereinen@v
dereinen v 4 darreyne 4

dereling n. "darling," s.v. darling sb. and a. OED. KEY: dereling@n
dereling n 1 deerelyng 1

deren v. "harm, injure," s.v. dere v. OED. KEY: deren@v
deren v 4 dere 4

dere-worthe adj. "valuable, precious," s.v. dearworth, derworth a. OED. KEY: dere-worthe@adj
dere-worthe adj 3 dereworth 1 derworthe 2

deriven v. "derive," s.v. derive v. OED. KEY: deriven@v
deriven v 2 dirryved 1 dirryveth 1

derk adj. "dark, dull; obscure, mysterious; gloomy; deceptive; morally unclean; inauspicious," s.v. dark a. OED. KEY: derk@adj
derk adj 54 derk 24 derke 20 derkeste 2 dirk 3 dirke 5

derk n. "darkness," s.v. dark sb. OED. KEY: derk@n
derk n 3 derk 2 derke 1

derken v. "darken, grow dim; tarnish, make dark; hide in the dark; (ppl. adj.) darkened," s.v. dark v. OED. KEY: derken@v derken@v#adj
derken v#adj 2 derked 1 dyrkyd 1
derken v 9 darketh 1 derked 1 derken 2 dirked 4 dirken 1

derkliche adv. "darkly, obscurely," s.v. darkly adv. OED. KEY: derkliche@adv
derkliche adv 1 derkly 1

derknen v. "darken, tarnish," s.v. darken v. OED. KEY: derknen@v
derknen v 1 derkne 1

derknesse n. "darkness; obscurity; ignorance; evil," s.v. darkness OED. KEY: derknesse@n
derknesse n 32 derknes 1 derkness 1 derknesse 24 derknesses 1 dirknesse 3 dirknesses 2

derne adj. "secret, discreet," s.v. dern a. and sb. OED. KEY: derne@adj
derne adj 3 deerne 3

Dertemouthe n. "Dartmouth, on the English Channel," place name; not in MED. KEY: dertemouthe@n#propn
dertemouthe n#propn 1 dertemouthe 1

derthe n. "dearth, costliness," s.v. dearth sb. OED. KEY: derthe@n
derthe n 2 derthe 2

descenden v. "descend; derive from; decline, deteriorate; proceed (to particulars in a discussion)," s.v. descend v. OED. KEY: descenden@v
descenden v 44 descende 12 descended 10 descendede 1 descenden 3 descendeth 5 descendid 1 descending 1 descendith 5 descendynge 2 desscendeth 1 discende 1 discendid 1 discending 1

descensioun n. "(astro.) decline in influence," s.v. descension OED. KEY: descensioun@n
descensioun n 2 descencioun 1 discencioun 1

descensorie n. "(alchem.) vessel for distillation," s.v. descensory sb. OED. KEY: descensorie@n
descensorie n 1 descensories 1

descent n. "descent," s.v. descent OED. KEY: descent@n
descent n 1 descente 1

descripcioun n. "description, account; interpretation; design; representation," s.v. description OED. KEY: descripcioun@n
descripcioun n 10 descripcion 1 descripcioun 6 descripsion 1 descripsioun 1 discripsioun 1

descriven v. "describe, recount; descry, discover; inscribe," s.v. descrive v. OED. KEY: descriven@v
descriven v 24 descrive 2 descryve 2 descryven 2 discrived 1 discryve 9 discryved 1 discryven 5 discryveth 1 dyscryve 1

descrivinge ger. "description, account," s.v. descriving vbl. sb. OED. KEY: descrivinge@ger
descrivinge ger 1 discryvyng 1

desert n.(1) "deserts, merit, worthiness," s.v. desert sb.\1 OED. KEY: desert@n1
desert n1 22 desert 6 deserte 1 desertes 5 desserte 1 dessertes 3 dissert 1 disserte 1 dissertes 4

desert n.(2) "desert, wasteland," s.v. desert sb.\2 OED. KEY: desert@n2
desert n2 6 desert 5 desertes 1

desert ppl. "(adj.) deserted, forsaken, barren," s.v. desert a. OED. KEY: desert@ppl#adj
desert ppl#adj 2 desert 2

deserven v. "deserve, merit; repay," s.v. deserve v. OED. KEY: deserven@v
deserven v 60 deserve 16 deserved 14 deservedest 1 deserven 1 deserveth 1 desserve 1 desserved 2 desservedest 1 desserveth 1 desservid 2 desservyd 1 disserve 6 disserved 7 disserven 1 disserveth 1 disservid 2 disservide 1 disservyd 1

desespeiren v. "(ppl.) deprived," s.v. desespeire v. OED. KEY: desespeiren@v
desespeiren v 1 desespaired 1

desesperat ppl. "(adj.) hopeless," s.v. desesperat a. OED. KEY: desesperat@ppl#adj
desesperat ppl#adj 1 disesperat 1

desesperaunce n. "despair," s.v. desesperance, -aunce OED. KEY: desesperaunce@n
desesperaunce n 2 disesperaunce 2

desir n. "desire (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. desire sb. OED. KEY: desir@n desir@n#propn
desir n 60 desir 52 desires 2 desyr 6
desir n#propn 5 desir 4 desyr 1

desiren v. "desire, wish; seek after; incline toward; (ppl. adj.) desirous," s.v. desire v. OED, desiring ppl. a. OED. KEY: desiren@v desiren@v#adj
desiren v#adj 1 desirynge 1
desiren v 173 desire 39 desired 34 desirede 2 desiredest 1 desiren 38 desirest 4 desirestow 2 desireth 41 desirist 1 desiryng 2 desyre 4 desyred 2 desyren 1 desyreth 1 desyrynge 1

desiringe ger. "desire, longing," s.v. desiring vbl. sb. OED. KEY: desiringe@ger
desiringe ger 6 desiryng 2 desirynge 1 desirynges 1 desyrynges 2

desirous adj. "desirous, eager," s.v. desirous a. OED. KEY: desirous@adj
desirous adj 9 desiros 1 desirous 5 desirus 1 desyrous 2

deske n. "desk," s.v. desk sb. OED. KEY: deske@n
deske n 1 desk 1

deslave adj. "unbridled, immoderate," s.v. delavy, des-, d-, dis- a. OED. KEY: deslave@adj
deslave adj 2 deslavee 2

desolate adj. "desolate, deserted; alone, lonely; powerless, (with of) lacking," s.v. desolate ppl. a. (sb.) OED. KEY: desolate@adj
desolate adj 9 desolaat 3 desolat 6

despeir n. "despair," s.v. despair sb. OED. KEY: despeir@n
despeir n 12 despeer 1 despeir 4 disespeir 1 disespeyr 1 dispayr 2 dispeir 1 dispeyr 2

despeiren v. "despair, lose hope; (with of) be deprived (of) hope," s.v. despair v. OED, despaired ppl. a. OED. KEY: despeiren@v
despeiren v 16 despeired 9 despeireth 1 despeyred 2 dispaire 1 dispeire 1 dispeired 1 dispeyred 1

desperacioun n. "despair, hopelessness," s.v. desperation OED. KEY: desperacioun@n
desperacioun n 2 desperacion 1 desperacioun 1

despisen v. "despise, scorn; refuse (to do something); disparage, blaspheme; (ppl. adj.) despised)," s.v. despise v. OED, despised ppl. a. OED. KEY: despisen@v despisen@v#adj
despisen v#adj 1 despised 1
despisen v 47 despise 14 despised 5 despisen 3 despiseth 10 despisynge 1 despysed 3 despysen 2 despyseth 3 dispise 4 dispised 1 dispisest 1

despit n. "scorn, disdain; insult, injury; defiance, spite; malice; resentment, anger," s.v. despite sb. OED. KEY: despit@n
despit n 47 despit 36 dispit 11

despitous adj. "scornful, disdainful; recalcitrant; pitiless, cruel," s.v. despitous a. OED. KEY: despitous@adj
despitous adj 12 despitous 5 despitus 1 dispitous 4 dispitouse 2

despitousli adv. "mercilessly, cruelly; angrily, violently," s.v. despitously adv. OED. KEY: despitousli@adv
despitousli adv 7 despitously 5 dispitously 2

despoilen v. "despoil, plunder; disrobe; deprive," s.v. despoil v. OED. KEY: despoilen@v
despoilen v 8 despoiled 2 despoyled 5 dispoillen 1

despoilinge ger. "spoil, booty," s.v. despoiling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: despoilinge@ger
despoilinge ger 1 dispoilynge 1

desputeison n. "disputation, discussion, reasoning," s.v. disputisoun OED. KEY: desputeison@n
desputeison n 4 disputesoun 1 disputison 1 disputisoun 2

destinable adj. "destined, determined by destiny," s.v. destinable a. OED. KEY: destinable@adj
destinable adj 1 destinable 1

destinal adj. "destined, determined by destiny," s.v. destinal a. OED. KEY: destinal@adj
destinal adj 6 destinal 2 destynal 4

destine n. "destiny, fate," s.v. destiny sb. OED. KEY: destine@n
destine n 39 destine 5 destinee 10 destyne 19 destynee 5

destrer n. "war horse," s.v. destre, destrier OED. KEY: destrer@n
destrer n 1 dextrer 1

destroien v. "destroy, ruin; kill; damage, injure," s.v. destroy v. OED. KEY: destroien@v
destroien v 55 destroie 1 destroied 4 destroien 1 destroye 3 destroyed 20 destroyeden 1 destroyen 12 destroyeth 8 destruye 1 distroieth 1 distroyed 2 distroyen 1

destroiere n. "destroyer," s.v. destroyer OED. KEY: destroiere@n
destroiere n 1 destroyours 1

destruccioun n. "destruction," s.v. destruction OED. KEY: destruccioun@n
destruccioun n 26 destruccion 5 destruccioun 17 destrucciouns 2 destruction 1 distruccioun 1

determinate adj. "determinate, fixed," s.v. determinate ppl. a. OED. KEY: determinate@adj
determinate adj 3 determinat 2 determynat 1

determinen v. "determine, decide; conclude; discuss," s.v. determine v. OED. KEY: determinen@v
determinen v 6 determined 2 determinen 1 determyne 2 determynen 1

deth n. "death; the plague; (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. death OED. KEY: deth@n deth@n#propn
deth n 300 deeth 143 deth 152 dethe 3 dethes 1 dethis 1
deth n#propn 9 deeth 9

detraccioun n. "detraction, slander," s.v. detraction OED. KEY: detraccioun@n
detraccioun n 4 detraccion 3 detraccioun 1

dette n. "debt, indebtedness; obligation; marital obligation to engage in intercourse," s.v. debt sb. OED. KEY: dette@n
dette n 16 dette 16

detteles adj. "debtless, free of debt," s.v. debtless a. OED. KEY: detteles@adj
detteles adj 1 dettelees 1

dettour n. "debtor," s.v. debtor OED. KEY: dettour@n
dettour n 4 dettour 3 dettours 1

deu n. "dew," s.v. dew sb. OED. KEY: deu@n
deu n 4 dew 3 dewes 1

Deum Lat. n. "God"; s.v. Te Deum n. MED. KEY: deum@lat_n
deum lat_n 1 deum 1

Deus Lat. n. "God"; s.v. deus n.(1) MED. KEY: deus@lat_n
deus lat_n 2 deus 2

devel n. "devil; (as adj. with way; cf. devel-wey n.) (in the) devil's (name)," s.v. devil sb. OED. KEY: devel@n devel@n#adj
devel n#adj 5 devel 5
devel n 95 devel 66 develes 27 develis 1 devil 1

devel-wey n. "(in the) devil's name," s.v. devil sb. OED, devel n. MED. KEY: devel-wey@n
devel-wey n 1 devel-wey 1

dever n. "duty," s.v. devoir sb. OED. KEY: dever@n
dever n 5 devoir 5

devis n. "device, contrivance; intrigue, stratagem; (at one's) desire, (according to one's) opinion; (with point) (in every) way," s.v. device sb. OED. KEY: devis@n
devis n 10 devys 8 devyse 1 devyses 1

devisen v. "devise, contrive, compose; inspect, look at; think about, imagine; prepare; tell, converse; command, advise," s.v. devise v. OED. KEY: devisen@v
devisen v 118 devise 10 devisest 1 devyse 98 devysed 1 devysen 4 devysest 1 devyseth 2 divyse 1

devisinge ger. "fashioning, workmanship," s.v. devising vbl. sb. OED. KEY: devisinge@ger
devisinge ger 1 devisynge 1

devocioun n. "devotion, reverence; prayer, meditation; earnestness, serious attention," s.v. devotion sb. OED. KEY: devocioun@n
devocioun n 24 devocion 6 devocioun 17 devocyoun 1

devouren v. "devour," s.v. devour v. OED. KEY: devouren@v
devouren v 17 devoure 5 devoured 7 devouren 3 devoureth 1 devourynge 1

devourer n. "devourer, despoiler," s.v. devourer OED. KEY: devourer@n
devourer n 2 devourer 1 devourere 1

devout adj. "devout," s.v. devout a. and sb. OED. KEY: devout@adj
devout adj 5 devout 4 devoute 1

devoutli adv. "devoutly," s.v. devoutly adv. OED. KEY: devoutli@adv
devoutli adv 4 devoutly 4

diademe n. "diadem," s.v. diadem sb. OED. KEY: diademe@n
diademe n 5 diademe 5

diamaunt n. "diamond," s.v. diamond sb. OED. KEY: diamaunt@n
diamaunt n 1 dyamauntz 1

diametre n. "diameter," s.v. diameter OED. KEY: diametre@n
diametre n 1 dyametre 1

Diane n. "Diana, goddess of chastity, hunting, and the moon," proper n. KEY: diane@n#propn
diane n#propn 15 diane 5 dianes 1 dyane 9

Dianira n. "Deianira, wife of Hercules," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: dianira@n#propn
dianira n#propn 4 dianira 1 dianire 1 dianyre 1 dyanira 1

diapren v. "(ppl.) adorned with a geometrical pattern," s.v. diaper v. OED. KEY: diapren@v
diapren v 2 diapred 1 dyapred 1

diche n. "ditch," s.v. ditch sb.\1 OED. KEY: diche@n
diche n 4 dich 1 dych 3

dichen v. "ditch, dig ditches," s.v. ditch v.\1 OED. KEY: dichen@v
dichen v 3 dyched 1 dychen 1 dyke 1

Dido n. "Dido, queen of Carthage," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: dido@n#propn
dido n#propn 26 dido 23 dydo 3

dien v. "die," s.v. die v.\1 OED. KEY: dien@v
dien v 310 deide 2 deiden 1 deidest 1 deie 1 deien 1 dey 1 deyd 1 deyde 30 deyden 1 deye 73 deyed 1 deyede 3 deyen 9 deynge 1 deyth 1 die 2 died 2 diede 1 dieth 1 dyde 9 dye 114 dyed 4 dyen 42 dyeth 8

diete n. "diet," s.v. diet sb.\1 OED. KEY: diete@n
diete n 5 diete 5

difference n. "difference," s.v. difference sb. OED. KEY: difference@n
difference n 18 difference 18

differren v. "(ppl. adj.) differing," s.v. differing ppl. a. OED. KEY: differren@v#adj
differren v#adj 1 differynge 1

difficulte n. "difficulty," s.v. difficulty OED. KEY: difficulte@n
difficulte n 8 difficulte 5 difficultee 3

diffinen v. "define, describe; state exactly, specify; conclude, come to an end," s.v. define v. OED. KEY: diffinen@v
diffinen v 6 diffyne 4 diffyned 1 diffynen 1

diffinicioun n. "definition, limitation," s.v. diffinition OED. KEY: diffinicioun@n
diffinicioun n 1 diffinicioun 1

diffinishen v. "define, explain," s.v. definish v. OED. KEY: diffinishen@v
diffinishen v 8 diffinysched 1 diffinyssched 1 diffinysshen 1 diffynisse 1 diffynyscheth 1 diffynysschid 1 diffynysseth 1 dyffinysshed 1

diffinitif adj. "definitive," s.v. definitive a. and sb. OED. KEY: diffinitif@adj
diffinitif adj 1 diffynytyf 1

diffusioun n. "diffusion, copious outpouring (of words)," s.v. diffusion OED. KEY: diffusioun@n
diffusioun n 1 diffusioun 1

digestible adj. "digestible," s.v. digestible OED. KEY: digestible@adj
digestible adj 1 digestible 1

digestif adj. & n. "(as n.) (pl.) digestive medicines," s.v. digestive a. and sb. OED. KEY: digestif@n
digestif n 1 digestyves 1

digestioun n. "digestion," s.v. digestion OED. KEY: digestioun@n
digestioun n 1 digestioun 1

diggen v. "dig," s.v. dig v. OED. KEY: diggen@v
diggen v 1 diggen 1

dighten v. "prepare, arrange; dress, equip (oneself); go, hasten; destine, dispose; copulate (with)," s.v. dight v. OED. KEY: dighten@v
dighten v 20 dight 5 dighte 8 dyght 1 dyghte 5 ydight 1

digne adj. "suitable, worthy; honorable; haughty," s.v. digne a. OED. KEY: digne@adj
digne adj 35 digne 33 dygne 2

digneli adv. "suitably; pretentiously, haughtily," s.v. dignely adv. OED. KEY: digneli@adv
digneli adv 3 digneliche 1 dignely 1 dygneliche 1

dignite n. "dignity, excellence; esteem; high rank, honor; (astro.) position of heightened planetary influence," s.v. dignity OED. KEY: dignite@n
dignite n 69 dignete 1 dignite 1 dignitee 9 dignitees 1 dignites 1 dignyte 17 dignytee 3 dignytees 20 dignytes 13 dygnite 2 dygnytes 1

digression n. "digression," s.v. digression OED. KEY: digression@n
digression n 1 digression 1

diinge ger. "dying, death," s.v. dying vbl. sb. OED. KEY: diinge@ger
diinge ger 5 deyinge 2 deyynge 1 diyng 1 diynge 1

dilatacioun n. "amplification," s.v. dilatation OED. KEY: dilatacioun@n
dilatacioun n 1 dilatacioun 1

diligence n. "diligence, persistent effort; eagerness, attention," s.v. diligence\1 OED. KEY: diligence@n
diligence n 36 diligence 36

diligent adj. "diligent, dutiful," s.v. diligent a. (adv.) OED. KEY: diligent@adj
diligent adj 8 diligent 8

diligentli adv. "diligently, dutifully," s.v. diligently adv. OED. KEY: diligentli@adv
diligentli adv 3 diligently 3

dim adj. "dim, faint," s.v. dim a. and sb. OED. KEY: dim@adj
dim adj 2 dym 1 dymme 1

diminucioun n. "diminution," s.v. diminution OED. KEY: diminucioun@n
diminucioun n 1 dymynucioun 1

dimmen v. "(ppl.) dimmed," s.v. dim v. OED. KEY: dimmen@v
dimmen v 1 ydymmed 1

dinen v.(2) "dine," s.v. dine v. OED. KEY: dinen@v2
dinen v2 11 dyne 11

diner n. "dinner," s.v. dinner sb. OED. KEY: diner@n
diner n 6 dyner 6

dint n. "stroke, thunderbolt," s.v. dint sb. OED. KEY: dint@n
dint n 1 dynt 1

diocise n. "diocese," s.v. diocese OED. KEY: diocise@n
diocise n 1 diocise 1

Diogenes n. "Diogenes, the Greek philosopher," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: diogenes@n#propn
diogenes n#propn 1 diogenes 1

Diomede n. "Diomede, Greek suitor of Criseyde in Tr," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: diomede@n#propn
diomede n#propn 29 diomede 29

Diomedes n. "Diomedes, king of Thrace," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: diomedes@n#propn
diomedes n#propn 1 diomedes 1

Dione n. "Dione, mother of Venus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: dione@n#propn
dione n#propn 1 dyone 1

direct adj. "(astro.) aligned with the sun," s.v. direct a. and adv. OED. KEY: direct@adj
direct adj 3 direct 3

direct adv. "directly, exactly; straight," s.v. direct a. and adv. OED. KEY: direct@adv
direct adv 3 direct 3

directen v. "direct (a letter), dedicate," s.v. direct v. OED. KEY: directen@v
directen v 1 directe 1

directus Lat. adj. "direct." KEY: directus@lat_adj
directus lat_adj 1 directus 1

disarmen v. "disarm," s.v. disarm v. OED. KEY: disarmen@v
disarmen v 1 desarmen 1

disavauncen v. "repulse," s.v. disadvance v. OED. KEY: disavauncen@v
disavauncen v 1 disavaunce 1

disaventure n. "misadventure, misfortune," s.v. disadventure OED. KEY: disaventure@n
disaventure n 4 disaventure 3 dysaventure 1

disblamen v. "acquit, exonerate," s.v. disblame v. OED. KEY: disblamen@v
disblamen v 1 disblameth 1

discernen v. "discern, see; perceive, understand," s.v. discern v. OED. KEY: discernen@v
discernen v 8 descerne 1 discerne 5 discernith 2

discerning ger. "discerning, perceiving," s.v. discerning vbl. sb. OED. KEY: discerning@ger
discerning ger 1 discernynge 1

dischargen v. "unburden, relieve," s.v. discharge v. OED. KEY: dischargen@v
dischargen v 3 descharge 2 deschargen 1

dischevele adj. & ppl. "(as adj.) bareheaded," s.v. dishevel a. OED. KEY: dischevele@adj
dischevele adj 5 dischevele 3 dischevelee 1 dishevele 1

disciple n. "disciple," s.v. disciple sb. OED. KEY: disciple@n
disciple n 7 disciple 5 disciples 2

discipline n. "discipline, branch of knowledge; self-punishment," s.v. discipline sb. OED. KEY: discipline@n
discipline n 3 discipline 1 disciplyne 2

disclaundre n. "slander," s.v. disclander sb. OED. KEY: disclaundre@n
disclaundre n 1 disclaundre 1

disclaundren v. "slander, bring into disrepute," s.v. disclander v. OED. KEY: disclaundren@v
disclaundren v 4 desclandred 1 desclaundred 1 disclaundre 1 disclaundred 1

discolouren v. "(ppl.) discolored, changed in color," s.v. discoloured ppl. a. OED. KEY: discolouren@v
discolouren v 1 discoloured 1

discomfiten v. "discomfit, defeat," s.v. discomfit v. OED. KEY: discomfiten@v
discomfiten v 4 disconfite 1 disconfited 1 disconfiteth 1 discounfited 1

discomfiting ger. "discomfiture, defeat," s.v. discomfit v. OED. KEY: discomfiting@ger
discomfiting ger 1 disconfitynge 1

discomfiture n. "discomfiture, defeat; frustration, dejection," s.v. discomfiture OED. KEY: discomfiture@n
discomfiture n 4 discomfiture 2 disconfiture 2

discomfort n. "discomfort, distress, misfortune; discouragement," s.v. discomfort sb. OED. KEY: discomfort@n
discomfort n 5 discomfort 2 disconfort 3

discomforten v. "dismay, discourage," s.v. discomfort v. OED. KEY: discomforten@v
discomforten v 1 disconforten 1

disconsolate adj. "disconsolate," s.v. disconsolate a. OED. KEY: disconsolate@adj
disconsolate adj 1 disconsolat 1

discordable adj. "discordant, conflicting," s.v. discordable a. OED. KEY: discordable@adj
discordable adj 3 discordable 3

discordaunt adj. & n. "(as adj.) discordant, conflicting," s.v. discordant a. OED. KEY: discordaunt@adj
discordaunt adj 3 discordant 1 discordaunt 2

discorde n. "discord, disagreement, strife," s.v. discord sb. OED. KEY: discorde@n
discorde n 12 discord 9 discordes 3

discorden v. "disagree, differ; (ppl. adj.) disagreeing," s.v. discord v.\1 OED, discording ppl. a. OED. KEY: discorden@v discorden@v#adj
discorden v#adj 1 discordynge 1
discorden v 6 discorden 6

discours n. "discourse, reasoning," s.v. discourse sb. OED. KEY: discours@n
discours n 1 discours 1

discoveren v. "discover, reveal; disclose, betray," s.v. discover v. OED. KEY: discoveren@v
discoveren v 18 discovere 4 discovered 4 discoveren 2 discoverest 1 discovereth 4 discoveryd 1 discovre 1 discure 1

discovert n. "(in an) exposed, vulnerable position," s.v. discovert a. and sb. OED. KEY: discovert@n
discovert n 1 discovert 1

discrecioun n. "discretion, sound judgement; moderation; power to decide; solution to a problem; distinction," s.v. discretion OED. KEY: discrecioun@n
discrecioun n 25 discrecion 1 discrecioun 24

discrete adj. "discreet, discerning; judicious, prudent; polite, respectful," s.v. discreet a. (adv. and sb.) OED. KEY: discrete@adj
discrete adj 17 discreet 11 discret 4 discrete 2

discreteli adv. "discreetly, prudently; politely, respectfully," s.v. discreetly adv. OED. KEY: discreteli@adv
discreteli adv 6 discreetly 5 discretly 1

discussen v. "(ppl.) decided; dispelled," s.v. discuss v. OED. KEY: discussen@v
discussen v 2 discussed 2

disdeine n. "disdain, scorn (also as proper n., personified); anger," s.v. disdain sb. OED. KEY: disdeine@n disdeine@n#propn
disdeine n#propn 1 disdayn 1
disdeine n 16 desdayn 8 desdaynes 1 desdeyn 5 disdayn 1 disdeyn 1

disdeinen v. "disdain, scorn; be angered," s.v. disdain v. OED. KEY: disdeinen@v
disdeinen v 2 desdeyne 1 disdaignen 1

disencresen v. "decrease," s.v. disincrease v. OED. KEY: disencresen@v
disencresen v 1 disencresith 1

disese n. "distress, discomfort; harm," s.v. disease sb. OED. KEY: disese@n
disese n 26 disese 26

disesen v. "distress, cause pain," s.v. disease v. OED. KEY: disesen@v
disesen v 4 disese 2 disesed 1 disesen 1

disfigurat adj. "disfigured," s.v. disfigurate a. OED. KEY: disfigurat@adj
disfigurat adj 1 disfigurat 1

disfigure n. "disfigurement," s.v. disfigure sb. OED. KEY: disfigure@n
disfigure n 1 disfigure 1

disfiguren v. "disfigure; disguise," s.v. disfigure v. OED. KEY: disfiguren@v
disfiguren v 4 disfigure 2 disfigured 2

disgise adj. "elaborate, fashionable"; not in OED. KEY: disgise@adj
disgise adj 1 degise 1

disgisen v. "disguise," s.v. disguise v. OED. KEY: disgisen@v
disgisen v 2 desgise 1 disgised 1

disgisenesse n. "fashionable novelty of attire," s.v. disguisiness OED. KEY: disgisenesse@n
disgisenesse n 1 degisynesse 1

disgising ger. " fashionable elaboration of attire," s.v. disguising vbl. sb. OED. KEY: disgising@ger
disgising ger 1 disgisynge 1

dish n. "dish," s.v. dish sb. OED. KEY: dish@n
dish n 1 dyssh 1

disheriten v. "disinherit, deprive," s.v. disherit v. OED. KEY: disheriten@v
disheriten v 4 desherite 1 desherited 1 disherited 2

dish-mete n. "(pl.) casseroles," s.v. dish sb. OED, dish n. MED. KEY: dish-mete@n
dish-mete n 1 dissh-metes 1

dishoneste adj. "unjust, shameful; immodest," s.v. dishonest a. OED. KEY: dishoneste@adj
dishoneste adj 6 deshonest 1 dishonest 4 dishoneste 1

dishoneste n. "disgrace, dishonor," s.v. dishonesty OED. KEY: dishoneste@n
dishoneste n 1 deshonestee 1

dishonour n. "dishonor, disgrace," s.v. dishonour, -honor OED. KEY: dishonour@n
dishonour n 7 dishonour 7

disjointe n. "difficult circumstance, plight," s.v. disjoint sb. OED. KEY: disjointe@n
disjointe n 5 disjoynt 3 disjoynte 2

dismaien v. "be dismayed, become alarmed," s.v. dismay v.\1 OED. KEY: dismaien@v
dismaien v 1 dismaye 1

dismal n. & adj. "(as n.) unlucky days," s.v. dismal sb.\1 and \2 and a. OED. KEY: dismal@n
dismal n 1 dismal 1

dismembren v. "dismember," s.v. dismember v. OED. KEY: dismembren@v
dismembren v 2 dismembre 1 dismembred 1

dismembring ger. "dismembering," s.v. dismembering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: dismembring@ger
dismembring ger 1 dismembrynge 1

disobeien v. "disobey," s.v. disobey v. OED. KEY: disobeien@v
disobeien v 2 disobeye 1 disobeyeth 1

disobeissaunt adj. "disobedient," s.v. disobeisant a. and sb. OED. KEY: disobeissaunt@adj
disobeissaunt adj 2 disobeisaunt 1 disobeysaunt 1

disordeine adj. "disordinate, excessive," s.v. disordeine, disordeny a. (sb.) OED. KEY: disordeine@adj
disordeine adj 3 desordeynee 2 disordene 1

disordinate adj. "disordinate, excessive," s.v. disordinate a. OED. KEY: disordinate@adj
disordinate adj 3 desordinat 1 disordinat 2

disordinaunce n. "disorderly behavior; rebelliousness; mental disorder," s.v. disordinance OED. KEY: disordinaunce@n
disordinaunce n 5 disordenaunce 1 disordinaunce 2 disordinaunces 1 dysordynaunce 1

disparage n. "dishonor (from marrying below one's rank)," s.v. disparage sb. OED. KEY: disparage@n
disparage n 1 disparage 1

disparagen v. "dishonor (by marrying below one's rank)," s.v. disparage v. OED. KEY: disparagen@v
disparagen v 2 disparage 1 disparaged 1

dispenden v. "spend; squander, waste; distribute," s.v. dispend v. OED. KEY: dispenden@v
dispenden v 14 despende 1 despended 5 despenden 1 despendest 1 dispende 3 dispended 1 dispenden 2

dispendour n. "steward, treasurer," s.v. dispender OED. KEY: dispendour@n
dispendour n 1 despendours 1

dispensacion n. "dispensation," s.v. dispensation OED. KEY: dispensacion@n
dispensacion n 2 dispensacion 2

dispense n. "expenditure (also as proper n., personified); cost; living expenses," s.v. dispense sb.\1 OED. KEY: dispense@n dispense@n#propn
dispense n 17 despence 2 despenses 1 dispence 12 dispense 2
dispense n#propn 1 despense 1

dispensen v. "dispense, distribute," s.v. dispense v. OED. KEY: dispensen@v
dispensen v 2 dispenseth 1 dispensynge 1

displaien v. "display," s.v. display v. OED. KEY: displaien@v
displaien v 1 desplayeth 1

displesaunce n. "displeasure, annoyance; source of displeasure," s.v. displeasance OED. KEY: displesaunce@n
displesaunce n 5 displesances 1 displesaunce 4

displesaunt adj. "displeasing, offensive," s.v. displeasant a. OED. KEY: displesaunt@adj
displesaunt adj 3 displesant 2 displesaunt 1

displesen v. "displease; offend, annoy," s.v. displease v. OED. KEY: displesen@v
displesen v 23 displese 15 displesed 3 displesen 1 displeseth 4

disponen v. "dispose, regulate," s.v. dispone v. OED. KEY: disponen@v
disponen v 8 dispone 1 disponith 3 disponyd 1 disponyde 1 disponyth 2

disport n. "disport, amusement; source of comfort; deportment," s.v. disport sb. OED. KEY: disport@n
disport n 23 desport 8 disport 15

disporten v. "disport, amuse oneself; cheer up, entertain," s.v. disport v. OED. KEY: disporten@v
disporten v 9 desporte 1 disporte 6 disporten 2

disposen v. "dispose, arrange, prepare; regulate, deal with; decide; be inclined, about to (do something); (with wel) be in (good) health; (astro.) be favorable," s.v. dispose v. OED. KEY: disposen@v
disposen v 13 disposed 10 disposeth 1 disposid 1 disposide 1

disposicioun n. "disposition, preparation, arrangement; regulation, power to dispose; attitude, frame of mind; (astro.) aspect of a planet," s.v. disposition OED. KEY: disposicioun@n
disposicioun n 17 disposicion 1 disposicioun 15 disposiciounis 1

dispreisen v. "dispraise, disparage," s.v. dispraise v. OED. KEY: dispreisen@v
dispreisen v 3 dispreisen 1 dispreisynge 1 dispreyse 1

dispreisinge ger. "dispraise, disparagement," s.v. dispraise v. OED. KEY: dispreisinge@ger
dispreisinge ger 2 dispreisynge 2

disputen v. "dispute, reason, argue," s.v. dispute v. OED. KEY: disputen@v
disputen v 6 desputen 1 desputestow 1 dispute 1 disputed 1 disputedest 1 disputyng 1

disputinge ger. "disputation, reasoning," s.v. disputing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: disputinge@ger
disputinge ger 1 disputynge 1

dissencioun n. "dissension, disagreement, dispute," s.v. dissension OED. KEY: dissencioun@n
dissencioun n 3 dissencion 1 dissensioun 2

disseveraunce n. "disseverance, separation," s.v. disseverance OED. KEY: disseveraunce@n
disseveraunce n 2 disseveraunce 2

disseveren v. "separate, depart; get away from," s.v. dissever v. OED. KEY: disseveren@v
disseveren v 8 desevere 1 dissevere 3 dissevered 1 disseveren 1 disseverid 1 disseveryd 1

dissimulacioun n. "dissimulation, dissembling; act of hypocrisy," s.v. dissimulation OED. KEY: dissimulacioun@n
dissimulacioun n 2 dissymulacions 1 dissymulacioun 1

dissimulen v. "dissimulate, dissemble; conceal," s.v. dissimule v. OED. KEY: dissimulen@v
dissimulen v 5 dissimilen 2 dissimule 1 dissimulen 1 dissymuleth 1

dissimuler n. "dissimulator, dissembler," s.v. dissimuler OED. KEY: dissimuler@n
dissimuler n 2 dissimulour 1 dissymulour 1

dissimulinge ger. "dissimulation, dissembling," s.v. dissimule v. OED. KEY: dissimulinge@ger
dissimulinge ger 3 dissymelyng 1 dissymulynge 1 dissymulynges 1

dissolven v. "dissolve, break up; separate (the soul)," s.v. dissolve v. OED. KEY: dissolven@v
dissolven v 3 dissolved 1 dissolveth 1 dissolvid 1

distaf n. "distaff, holder for spinning wool or flax," s.v. distaff OED. KEY: distaf@n
distaf n 4 distaf 3 dystaf 1

distaunce n. "distance in space; interval of time," s.v. distance sb. OED. KEY: distaunce@n
distaunce n 6 distance 3 distaunce 3

distaunt adj. "distant," s.v. distant a. OED. KEY: distaunt@adj
distaunt adj 2 distant 1 distantz 1

disteinen v. "make dim, pale; sully," s.v. distain v. OED. KEY: disteinen@v
disteinen v 5 desteyned 1 disteyne 3 dysteyne 1

distemperaunce n. "intemperance, excess; bad weather," s.v. distemperance OED. KEY: distemperaunce@n
distemperaunce n 3 distemperance 1 distemperaunce 1 distempraunce 1

distemperen v. "distemper, disorder, upset (the humors); anger," s.v. distemper v.\1 OED. KEY: distemperen@v
distemperen v 3 distempre 2 distempred 1

distempre adj. "upset, disordered," s.v. distempre a. OED. KEY: distempre@adj
distempre adj 1 distempre 1

distillen v. "(of tears) be bathed (in)," s.v. distil, distill v. OED. KEY: distillen@v
distillen v 1 distille 1

distinccioun n. "distinctive nature," s.v. distinction OED. KEY: distinccioun@n
distinccioun n 1 distinccioun 1

distincten v. "(ppl.) distinct, differentiated," s.v. distinct ppl. a. (sb.) OED. KEY: distincten@v
distincten v 1 distinct 1

distinctli adv. "distinctly," s.v. distinctly adv. OED. KEY: distinctli@adv
distinctli adv 1 distinctly 1

distinguen v. "(ppl.) distinguished, made illustrious," s.v. distingue v. OED. KEY: distinguen@v
distinguen v 1 distyngwed 1

distourbaunce n. "disturbance, distress," s.v. disturbance OED. KEY: distourbaunce@n
distourbaunce n 1 disturbaunce 1

distourben v. "disturb, hinder; prevent," s.v. disturb v. OED. KEY: distourben@v
distourben v 23 destourbe 4 destourbed 3 destourben 5 destourbeth 2 desturbe 1 distorbed 2 distorben 1 distorbeth 1 distourbeth 2 distourbith 1 disturbed 1

distourbinge ger. "disturbance, distress," s.v. disturbing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: distourbinge@ger
distourbinge ger 1 desturbyng 1

distracten v. "(ppl.) distracted," s.v. distract ppl. a. OED. KEY: distracten@v
distracten v 1 distract 1

distreinen v. "retain, hold; restrain; constrain; torment," s.v. distrain v. OED. KEY: distreinen@v
distreinen v 15 destrayned 1 destreyne 2 destreyned 1 destreyneth 4 distrayneth 1 distreyne 3 distreyned 2 distreyneth 1

distresse n. "distress, hardship, misfortune; suffering, grief; (with in) constraint, control; compulsion," s.v. distress sb. OED. KEY: distresse@n
distresse n 64 destresse 23 distresse 41

distroublen v. "disturb, trouble," s.v. distrouble v. OED. KEY: distroublen@v
distroublen v 1 destroubled 1

disturnen v. "turn aside, avert," s.v. disturn v. OED. KEY: disturnen@v
disturnen v 1 disturne 1

Dite n. "Dictys Cretensis, historian of the Trojan War," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: dite@n#propn
dite n#propn 2 dite 1 tytus 1

dite n. "ditty, song, melody; literary composition, poem," s.v. dite sb. OED. KEY: dite@n
dite n 8 dite 3 ditee 1 ditees 2 dytees 2

diurnal adj. "diurnal, daily," s.v. diurnal a. and sb. OED. KEY: diurnal@adj
diurnal adj 1 diurnal 1

diurne adj. "diurnal, daily," s.v. diurn(e a. OED. KEY: diurne@adj
diurne adj 1 diurne 1

diverse adj. "diverse, different; various; variegated; separate, distinct; contrary, hostile," s.v. diverse a. OED. KEY: diverse@adj
diverse adj 107 divers 15 diverse 77 dyvers 10 dyverse 5

diverseli adv. "diversely, in differing ways," s.v. diversely adv. OED. KEY: diverseli@adv
diverseli adv 10 diversely 6 diversly 2 dyversely 1 dyversly 1

diversen v. "vary, change," s.v. diverse v. OED. KEY: diversen@v
diversen v 1 diverseth 1

diversite n. "diversity, variety; difference; distinction, discrimination," s.v. diversity OED. KEY: diversite@n
diversite n 9 diversite 7 diversitee 1 diversites 1

Dives n. "Dives, the rich man in the parable (in the Bible)," proper n. KEY: dives@n#propn
dives n#propn 1 dives 1

dividen v. "divide, separate; specify, fix (times, seasons)," s.v. divide v. OED. KEY: dividen@v
dividen v 37 devyde 1 devyded 6 devydest 1 devydeth 1 divide 1 divided 11 dividen 2 divideth 3 dividid 4 dividith 1 divyded 1 divyden 1 divydest 1 dyvided 1 dyvidid 1 dyvyded 1

divinacioun n. "divination," s.v. divination OED. KEY: divinacioun@n
divinacioun n 2 divynaciouns 1 dyvynaciouns 1

divinaille n. "divination," s.v. divinail OED. KEY: divinaille@n
divinaille n 1 divynailes 1

divine adj. "divine," s.v. divine a. and sb.\1 OED. KEY: divine@adj
divine adj 65 devyne 60 devynes 1 divine 2 divyn 1 dyvyne 1

divine n. "theologian; soothsayer," s.v. divine sb.\2 OED. KEY: divine@n
divine n 3 devyn 1 divines 1 dyvynys 1

divinen v. "divine, guess, suspect; practice divination; ponder, think; imagine," s.v. divine v. OED. KEY: divinen@v
divinen v 15 devyne 11 devynen 1 devyneth 1 divyne 1 dyvynynge 1

divineresse n. "female soothsayer," s.v. divineress OED. KEY: divineresse@n
divineresse n 1 devyneresse 1

divininge ger. "divination; conjecturing," s.v. divining vbl. sb. OED. KEY: divininge@ger
divininge ger 2 devynynge 1 divynynge 1

divinistre n. "theologian," s.v. divinister OED. KEY: divinistre@n
divinistre n 1 divinistre 1

divinite n. "divine nature; Divine Being; theology," s.v. divinity OED. KEY: divinite@n
divinite n 10 devynite 1 divinitee 2 dyvinite 4 dyvinyte 1 dyvynytee 2

divinour n. "soothsayer," s.v. diviner OED. KEY: divinour@n
divinour n 1 divynour 1

divisioun n.(1) "division; difference, distinction; clan, party; dividing line; disagreement, enmity," s.v. division OED. KEY: divisioun@n1
divisioun n1 18 devisioun 1 devysioun 1 division 1 divisioun 8 divisiouns 5 dyvisioun 1 dyvisiouns 1

do n. "doe, female deer," s.v. doe OED. KEY: do@n
do n 2 does 2

doctour n. "authority, expert, teacher; Church Father, theologian; holder of a doctoral degree," s.v. doctor sb. OED. KEY: doctour@n
doctour n 8 doctour 5 doctours 3

doctrine n. "doctrine," s.v. doctrine sb. OED. KEY: doctrine@n
doctrine n 15 doctrine 13 doctryne 2

doere n. "doer," s.v. doer OED. KEY: doere@n
doere n 3 doere 2 doeris 1

dogge n. "dog," s.v. dog sb. OED. KEY: dogge@n
dogge n 7 dogge 3 dogges 3 doggis 1

doggerel adj. "worthless, mongrel," s.v. doggerel a. and sb. OED. KEY: doggerel@adj
doggerel adj 1 dogerel 1

doinge ger. "doing," s.v. doing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: doinge@ger
doinge ger 16 doing 1 doinge 2 doinges 1 doyng 3 doynge 8 doynges 1

doke n. "duck," s.v. duck sb.\1 OED. KEY: doke@n
doke n 4 doke 3 dokes 1

dokke n. "dock, an herb," s.v. dock sb.\1 OED. KEY: dokke@n
dokke n 1 dok 1

dokken v. "(ppl.) docked, cut short," s.v. dock v.\1 OED. KEY: dokken@v
dokken v 1 dokked 1

dom n. "doom, destiny; judgement, administering justice; (with sweren in) (swear an) oath; judicial decision; case at law; Last Judgement; opinion," s.v. doom sb. OED. KEY: dom@n
dom n 35 dom 8 domes 4 doom 21 doomes 2

domb adj. "dumb, mute," s.v. dumb a. (sb.) OED. KEY: domb@adj
domb adj 8 domb 1 dombe 2 doumb 2 doumbe 1 dowmb 1 dowmbe 1

domes-man n. "judge," s.v. doomsman OED. KEY: domes-man@n
domes-man n 3 domesman 3

dominacioun n. "domination, power," s.v. domination OED. KEY: dominacioun@n
dominacioun n 7 dominacioun 5 domynacioun 2

dominus Lat. n. "Lord." KEY: dominus@lat_n
dominus lat_n 1 dominus 1

Domus Lat. n. "house." KEY: domus@lat_n
domus lat_n 1 domus 1

don adj. "dun, dark," s.v. dun a. OED. KEY: don@adj
don adj 3 donne 2 dun 1

don v.(1) "do, put; act, behave; cause, (with inf.) cause (something to be done); do (as aux. with inf. forming periphrastic or emphatic present and past tenses)," s.v. do v. OED. KEY: don@v1
don v1 1679 dede 2 dedest 1 did 16 dide 124 diden 14 didest 1 do 414 don 248 done 19 doo 19 doon 487 doone 37 doost 8 dooth 143 dost 3 dostow 6 doth 100 dyd 1 dyde 5 ido 2 idon 2 idoon 11 y-doo 1 ydo 6 ydon 2 ydoon 7

don v.(2) "don, put on," s.v. don v.\1 OED. KEY: don@v2
don v2 2 don 2

Donegild n. "Donegild, mother of Alla in MLT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: donegild@n#propn
donegild n#propn 5 donegild 5

dong n.(1) "dung," s.v. dung sb. OED. KEY: dong@n1
dong n1 8 dong 6 donge 2

dong-carte n. "dung-cart," s.v. dung-cart OED, dong n.(1) MED. KEY: dong-carte@n
dong-carte n 1 dong-carte 1

dongen v. "fertilize with dung," s.v. dung v. OED. KEY: dongen@v
dongen v 1 donge 1

dong-hil n. "dunghill," s.v. dunghill sb. OED, dong-hep, -hil, -hupel n. MED. KEY: dong-hil@n
dong-hil n 1 donghil 1

dongoun n. "dungeon, chief fortification," s.v. dungeon sb. OED. KEY: dongoun@n
dongoun n 2 dongeoun 2

dore n.(1) "door," s.v. door OED. KEY: dore@n1
dore n1 59 door 1 doore 1 dore 41 dores 16

Dorigen n. "Dorigen, heroine of FranT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: dorigen@n#propn
dorigen n#propn 12 dorigen 12

dormaunt adj. & n. "(as adj.) permanently set up," s.v. dormant a. and sb. OED. KEY: dormaunt@adj
dormaunt adj 1 dormant 1

dortour n. "dormitory," s.v. dortour, dorter OED. KEY: dortour@n
dortour n 1 dortour 1

doseine num. "(as n.) dozen," s.v. dozen sb. OED. KEY: doseine@num_n
doseine num_n 1 duszeyne 1

doser n. "dosser, large basket," s.v. dosser\1 OED. KEY: doser@n
doser n 1 dossers 1

dotage n. "dotage, senility," s.v. dotage OED. KEY: dotage@n
dotage n 4 dotage 4

dotard n. "dotard, senile fool; (as adj.) foolish, senile," s.v. dotard sb. and a. OED. KEY: dotard@n dotard@n#adj
dotard n#adj 2 dotard 1 dotardes 1
dotard n 1 dotard 1

doten v. "dote, act foolishly; become feeble-minded; (ppl. adj.) foolish, feeble-minded," s.v. dote v.\1 OED, doted, doated ppl. a. OED. KEY: doten@v doten@v#adj
doten v#adj 2 doted 2
doten v 3 dote 2 doten 1

double adj. "double; duplicitous, treacherous," s.v. double a. (adv.) OED. KEY: double@adj
double adj 14 double 14

doublen v. "double," s.v. double v. OED. KEY: doublen@v
doublen v 4 doubleth 3 doublide 1

doublenesse n. "duplicity, treachery," s.v. doubleness OED. KEY: doublenesse@n
doublenesse n 5 doublenesse 5

doucet adj. & n. "(as n.) a flute-like musical instrument," s.v. doucet, dowset OED. KEY: doucet@n
doucet n 1 doucet 1

douen v.(2) "endow, bestow," s.v. dow v.\2 OED. KEY: douen@v2
douen v2 1 dowe 1

douere n. "dowry," s.v. dower sb.\2 OED. KEY: douere@n
douere n 2 dowaire 1 dowere 1

doughter n. "daughter," s.v. daughter OED. KEY: doughter@n
doughter n 127 doghter 76 doghtre 2 doghtren 3 doghtres 6 doughter 36 doughtren 2 doughtres 1 dowhter 1

doughti adj. & n. "(as adj.) doughty, bold," s.v. doughty a. OED. KEY: doughti@adj
doughti adj 5 doghty 2 doughty 3

doun adv. "down, downward; (with up and) everywhere, in every way," s.v. down adv. OED. KEY: doun@adv
doun adv 263 doun 203 down 58 downer 2

doun n. "down, soft feathers," s.v. down sb.\2 OED. KEY: doun@n
doun n 2 doun 1 down 1

doun prep. "down, along," s.v. down prep. OED. KEY: doun@prep
doun prep 2 doun 2

doune n. "hill," s.v. down sb.\1 OED. KEY: doune@n
doune n 1 downe 1

doun-right adv. "outright," s.v. downright adv., adj., and sb. OED. KEY: doun-right@adv
doun-right adv 1 dounright 1

doun-ward adv. "down, downward," s.v. downward adv. (prep.) and adj. OED. KEY: doun-ward@adv
doun-ward adv 11 dounward 9 downward 2

doun-ward prep. "down," s.v. downward adv. (prep.) and adj. OED. KEY: doun-ward@prep
doun-ward prep 1 downward 1

doutaunce n. "doubt, uncertainty," s.v. doubtance OED. KEY: doutaunce@n
doutaunce n 3 doutaunce 2 doutaunces 1

doute Fr. n. "doubt." KEY: doute@fr_n
doute fr_n 1 doute 1

doute n. "doubt, uncertainty; anxiety, fear; awe, reverence; danger," s.v. doubt sb.\1 OED. KEY: doute@n
doute n 70 doute 65 doutes 4 dowte 1

douteles adj. "doubtless, certain," s.v. doubtless a. and adv. OED. KEY: douteles@adj
douteles adj 1 douteles 1

douteles adv. "doubtlessly, certainly," s.v. doubtless a. and adv. OED. KEY: douteles@adv
douteles adv 29 doutelees 17 douteles 10 dowtelees 1 dowteles 1

douten v. "doubt, be uncertain; fear, be afraid," s.v. doubt v. OED. KEY: douten@v
douten v 40 doute 15 douted 3 doutedest 1 douten 7 doutest 2 douteth 11 dowtestow 1

doutous adj. "doubtful, uncertain; unreliable," s.v. doubtous, doutous a. OED. KEY: doutous@adj
doutous adj 5 doutous 5

doutremer phr. as adj. "from overseas"; not in OED. KEY: doutremer@adj
doutremer adj 1 doutremer 1

douve n. "dove," s.v. dove sb. OED. KEY: douve@n
douve n 10 douve 1 dowve 3 dowves 6

Dovere n. "Dover, on the English Channel," place name; not in MED. KEY: dovere@n#propn
dovere n#propn 1 dovere 1

draf n. "chaff, refuse of grain," s.v. draff OED. KEY: draf@n
draf n 2 draf 2

draf-sak n. "sack of rubbish," s.v. draffsack OED, draf n. MED. KEY: draf-sak@n
draf-sak n 1 draf-sak 1

dragoun n. "dragon; (astro.) (with tail of the) point at which the moon crosses the ecliptic," s.v. dragon\1 OED. KEY: dragoun@n
dragoun n 11 dragon 4 dragoun 7

drake n.(2) "drake, male duck," s.v. drake sb.\2 OED. KEY: drake@n2
drake n2 3 drake 3

drasti adj. "crude, worthless," s.v. drasty a. OED. KEY: drasti@adj
drasti adj 2 drasty 2

drauen v. "draw, pull; bring, take; attract; go, come, move; make a drawing," s.v. draw v. OED. KEY: drauen@v
drauen v 103 draw 2 drawe 27 drawen 22 drawest 1 drawestow 1 draweth 16 drawith 1 drawynge 2 drew 1 drogh 2 drough 8 drow 7 drowe 3 drowh 1 idrawe 1 idrawen 1 ydrawe 6 ydrawen 1

draught n. "draught, drink; move (in chess)," s.v. draught sb. OED. KEY: draught@n
draught n 16 draghte 1 draught 1 draughte 11 draughtes 2 drawght 1

drecchen v. "delay; trouble, vex," s.v. dretch v.\1 OED, dretch v.\2 OED. KEY: drecchen@v
drecchen v 4 drecche 3 drecched 1

drecchinge ger. "delaying, procrastination," s.v. dretch v.\2 OED. KEY: drecchinge@ger
drecchinge ger 2 drecchyng 1 drecchynge 1

drede n. "dread, anxiety (also as proper n., personified); awe, reverence; doubt; danger," s.v. dread sb. OED. KEY: drede@n drede@n#propn
drede n 192 drede 189 dredes 2 dreede 1
drede n#propn 1 drede 1

dredeful adj. "dreadful, frightening; timid, fearful; reverent," s.v. dreadful a. (adv. and sb.) KEY: dredeful@adj
dredeful adj 21 dredeful 3 dredefull 1 dredefulle 1 dredefulleste 1 dredful 14 dredfull 1

dredefulli adv. "fearfully," s.v. dreadfully adv. OED. KEY: dredefulli@adv
dredefulli adv 2 dredfully 2

dredeles adv. "fearlessly; doubtlessly, certainly," s.v. dreadless a. and adv. OED. KEY: dredeles@adv
dredeles adv 14 dredelees 1 dredeles 11 dredles 1 dreedles 1

dreden v. "dread, be afraid; revere; avoid, abhor; doubt, be in doubt; (ppl. adj.) dreaded," s.v. dread v. OED. KEY: dreden@v dreden@v#adj
dreden v#adj 1 ydred 1

dreden v 111 drad 1 dradde 4 dradden 1 drat 1 dred 5 dredd 1 dredde 8 dredden 1 dreddest 1 drede 44 dreden 14 dredest 1 dredeth 21 dredith 4 dreed 2 dreede 1 ydradd 1

drem n.(2) "dream," s.v. dream sb.\2 OED. KEY: drem@n2
drem n2 70 dreem 15 drem 22 dremes 33

dremen v.(2) "dream; daydream, imagine," s.v. dream v.\2 OED. KEY: dremen@v2
dremen v2 23 dreme 8 dremed 5 dremen 6 dremest 1 dremeth 3

dreming ger.(2) "dreaming, dream," s.v. dream v.\2 OED. KEY: dreming@ger2
dreming ger2 1 dremynges 1

drenchen v. "drench, inundate; drown; sink; (ppl. adj.) drowned," s.v. drench v. OED, drent ppl. a. OED. KEY: drenchen@v drenchen@v#adj
drenchen v#adj 3 dreynte 3
drenchen v 34 dreinte 1 drenche 7 drenched 1 drenchen 3 drencheth 3 dreynt 11 dreynte 8

drenchinge ger. "drowning; sinking," s.v. drenching vbl. sb. OED. KEY: drenchinge@ger
drenchinge ger 4 drenchyng 2 drenchynge 2

dreri adj. "sad; frightened," s.v. dreary a. OED. KEY: dreri@adj
dreri adj 7 drery 7

drerinesse n. "sadness, misery," s.v. dreariness OED. KEY: drerinesse@n
drerinesse n 3 drerinesse 1 drerynesse 2

dressen v. "dress, arm (oneself); prepare, get ready; put, arrange; care for (equipment); turn to, direct (oneself) to; go, move, put oneself; guide; treat, deal with," s.v. dress v. OED. KEY: dressen@v
dressen v 32 dresse 21 dressed 6 dressen 1 dresseth 2 dressynge 1 ydressed 1

drie adj.(1) "dry," s.v. dry a. (adv.) OED. KEY: drie@adj1
drie adj1 24 dreye 5 drie 5 drye 14

drie n.(1) "dry weather; dryness, the elementary quality of dryness," s.v. dry sb. OED. KEY: drie@n1
drie n1 4 dreye 1 drye 3

drien v.(1) "dry up, make dry" s.v. dry v. OED. KEY: drien@v1
drien v1 9 dreyed 1 dreyeth 1 drye 2 dryede 1 dryen 2 dryeth 2

drien v.(2) "endure, suffer, experience," s.v. dree v. OED. KEY: drien@v2
drien v2 12 drieth 1 drye 8 dryen 2 dryeth 1

drinke n. "drink, beverage; potion; drinking," s.v. drink sb. OED. KEY: drinke@n
drinke n 49 drinke 1 drynk 1 drynke 39 drynkes 8

drinkeles adj. "without drink," s.v. drinkless a. OED. KEY: drinkeles@adj
drinkeles adj 1 drynkeles 1

drinken v. "drink," s.v. drink v. OED. KEY: drinken@v
drinken v 88 drank 17 dronk 1 dronke 7 dronken 13 drynk 1 drynke 23 drynken 16 drynketh 9 ydronke 1

drinkinge ger. "drinking," s.v. drinking vbl. sb. OED. KEY: drinkinge@ger
drinkinge ger 4 drynkynge 4

driven v. "drive, chase, compel; be driven; drive (a cart); go, move rapidly; conclude (a bargain); (with forth) endure; pass, spend (time)," s.v. drive v. OED. KEY: driven@v
driven v 71 drif 3 drifth 1 drive 1 driven 3 driveth 1 drof 5 droof 2 dryf 1 dryve 36 dryven 9 dryveth 5 dryvynge 2 ydriven 1 ydryven 1

drivere n. "driver," s.v. driver OED. KEY: drivere@n
drivere n 1 dryvere 1

drogge n. "drug," s.v. drug sb.\1 OED. KEY: drogge@n
drogge n 1 drogges 1

dronke-leue adj. "addicted to drunkenness," s.v. drunkelew, drunklew a. (sb.) OED. KEY: dronke-leue@adj
dronke-leue adj 5 dronkelewe 5

dronken ppl. "(as adj.) drunk, intoxicated; (as n.) drunkenness," s.v. drunken ppl. a. OED. KEY: dronken@ppl#adj dronken@ppl#adj_n
dronken ppl#adj 26 dronke 15 dronken 11
dronken ppl#adj_n 2 dronken 2

dronkenesse n. "drunkenness," s.v. drunkenness OED. KEY: dronkenesse@n
dronkenesse n 13 dronkenesse 13

drope n.(1) "drop," s.v. drop sb. OED. KEY: drope@n1
drope n1 14 drope 11 dropes 3

droppen v. "drop; drip, run with moisture; bespatter; (ppl. adj.) dripping, leaking," s.v. drop v. OED, dropping ppl. a. OED. KEY: droppen@v droppen@v#adj
droppen v#adj 3 droppyng 1 droppynge 2
droppen v 5 dropped 1 droppeth 2 droppiddest 1 ydropped 1

droppinge ger. "dripping," s.v. dropping vbl. sb. OED. KEY: droppinge@ger
droppinge ger 2 droppyng 1 droppynge 1

droughte n. "drought, dryness," s.v. drought, drouth OED. KEY: droughte@n
droughte n 5 droghte 4 drowghte 1

drounen v.(1) "(ppl.) drowned, sunk," s.v. drown v. OED. KEY: drounen@v1
drounen v1 1 drowned 1

droupen v. "droop," s.v. droop v. OED. KEY: droupen@v
droupen v 1 drouped 1

drovi adj. "dirty, turbid," s.v. drovy a. OED. KEY: drovi@adj
drovi adj 1 drovy 1

druerie n. "love," s.v. druery, drury OED. KEY: druerie@n
druerie n 1 druery 1

druggen v. "drudge," s.v. drug v.\1 OED. KEY: druggen@v
druggen v 1 drugge 1

dubben v. "(ppl.) knighted," s.v. dub v.\1 OED. KEY: dubben@v
dubben v 1 dubbed 1

ducat n. "gold or silver coin," s.v. ducat OED. KEY: ducat@n
ducat n 1 ducat 1

Duch adj. & n. "(as adj.) German," s.v. Dutch a., sb. (adv.) OED. KEY: duch@adj
duch adj 1 duche 1

duchesse n. "duchess," s.v. duchess OED. KEY: duchesse@n
duchesse n 6 duchesse 4 duchesses 2

due adj. "due, proper, suitable; legal, customary; payable; obligatory, inevitable," s.v. due a. and adv. OED. KEY: due@adj
due adj 9 dewe 1 due 6 duewe 1 duwe 1

duelie adv. "duly, justly," s.v. duly adv. OED. KEY: duelie@adv
duelie adv 1 duweliche 1

duete n. "duty, obligation; tax, payment due; what is proper," s.v. duty OED. KEY: duete@n
duete n 7 dewete 1 duetee 6

duk n. "duke," s.v. duke sb. OED. KEY: duk@n
duk n 39 duc 31 duk 4 dukes 4

dul adj. "dull," s.v. dull a. OED. KEY: dul@adj
dul adj 10 dul 7 dulle 3

dulcarnoun n. "puzzle, dilemma," s.v. dulcarnon OED. KEY: dulcarnoun@n
dulcarnoun n 2 dulcarnoun 2

dullen v. "weaken; depress, bore; grow bored," s.v. dull v. OED. KEY: dullen@v
dullen v 9 dulle 1 dulled 2 dullen 1 dulleth 4 dullid 1

dulnesse n. "dullness," s.v. dullness, dulness OED. KEY: dulnesse@n
dulnesse n 1 dulnesse 1

Dun n. "Dun, a name for a horse," proper n.; s.v. don n. MED. KEY: dun@n#propn
dun n#propn 1 dun 1

Dunmowe n. "Little Dunmowe, in Essex," place name; not in MED. KEY: dunmowe@n#propn
dunmowe n#propn 1 dunmowe 1

Dunstan n. "Saint Dunstan," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: dunstan@n#propn
dunstan n#propn 1 dunstan 1

durabilite n. "durability," s.v. durability OED. KEY: durabilite@n
durabilite n 1 durablete 1

durable adj. "durable, lasting," s.v. durable a. OED. KEY: durable@adj
durable adj 1 durable 1

duracioun n. "duration, specified period of time," s.v. duration OED. KEY: duracioun@n
duracioun n 2 duracioun 2

duren v. "endure, last, continue; remain," s.v. dure v. OED. KEY: duren@v
duren v 35 dure 26 duren 7 dureth 2

duresse n. "harm, distress," s.v. duress, duresse sb. OED. KEY: duresse@n
duresse n 2 duresse 2

during ppl. adj. "enduring, lasting, continuing," s.v. during ppl. a. OED. KEY: during@prp#adj
during prp#adj 2 during 1 durynge 1

during prep. "during," s.v. during pres. pple. and prep. (conj.) OED. KEY: during@prep
during prep 4 durynge 4

duringe ger. "duration," s.v. during vbl. sb. OED. KEY: duringe@ger
duringe ger 1 durynge 1

durren v. "dare," s.v. dare v.\1 OED. KEY: durren@v
durren v 203 dar 118 dare 1 darst 7 darstou 1 darstow 2 dorst 6 dorste 49 dorstestow 1 durre 1 durst 2 durste 15

durring ger. "daring (to do feats of arms)," s.v. derring do, derring-do OED, durring don, durring-do phr. & cpd. MED. KEY: durring@ger
durring ger 1 durryng 1

dusken v. "grow dim, darken," s.v. dusk v. OED. KEY: dusken@v
dusken v 2 dusked 1 duskid 1

dust n. "dust," s.v. dust sb.\1 OED. KEY: dust@n
dust n 2 dust 2

dwale n. "sleeping potion," s.v. dwale sb.\2 OED. KEY: dwale@n
dwale n 1 dwale 1

dwellen v. "dwell, reside; delay, take time; detain; remain, stay; continue, persist; (ppl. adj.) lasting, continuing," s.v. dwell v. OED. KEY: dwellen@v dwellen@v#adj
dwellen v#adj 1 duellynge 1
dwellen v 203 duelle 13 duelled 1 duellen 14 duellest 1 duelleth 13 duellynge 6 dwelle 75 dwelled 12 dwellen 14 dwelleth 16 dwellith 2 dwellten 1 dwellyng 3 dwellynge 15 dwelt 3 dwelte 9 dwelten 4 dweltest 1

dwellinge ger. "dwelling, residence; delay; remaining, continuance," s.v. dwelling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: dwellinge@ger
dwellinge ger 17 duellinge 1 duellynge 5 duellynges 1 dwellyng 5 dwellynge 5

dwinen v. "(ppl. adj.) withered," s.v. dwine v. OED. KEY: dwinen@v#adj
dwinen v#adj 1 dwyned 1

dy Fr. v. "say"; cf. je vous die interj. MED. KEY: dy@fr_v
dy fr_v 2 dy 2



-- E --



Eacides n. "Eacides (Chiron), a centaur," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: eacides@n#propn
eacides n#propn 1 eacides 1

ebbe n. "ebb-tide," s.v. ebb sb. OED. KEY: ebbe@n
ebbe n 1 ebbe 1

ebben v. "ebb," s.v. ebb v. OED. KEY: ebben@v
ebben v 3 ebbe 1 ebben 1 ebbeth 1

Ebraik adj. "Hebrew," s.v. Hebraic a. OED. KEY: ebraik@adj
ebraik adj 3 ebrayk 2 hebrayk 1

Ebreu n. "Hebrew," s.v. Hebrew sb. and a. OED. KEY: ebreu@n
ebreu n 1 ebrew 1

ecclesiast n. "clergyman," s.v. ecclesiast OED. KEY: ecclesiast@n
ecclesiast n 1 ecclesiaste 1

Ecclesiaste n. "Ecclesiasticus, Jesus of Sirach (in the Bible)," proper n.; s.v. ecclesiast n. MED. KEY: ecclesiaste@n#propn
ecclesiaste n#propn 2 ecclesiaste 2

Ecco n.(2) "Echo, a nymph who loved Narcissus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ecco@n2#propn
ecco n#propn 1 ekko 1

Ecco n. "echo (as proper n., personified)," s.v. echo sb. OED. KEY: ecco@n#propn
ecco n2#propn 3 echo 1 ecquo 1 ekko 1

ech pron. "(as adj.) each, every; (as pron.) each (one), every (one)," s.v. each a. (quasi-pron.) OED. KEY: ech@pron ech@pron_gram_adj
ech pron 83 ecch 2 ech 79 iche 2

echinus n. "sea urchin," s.v. echinus OED. KEY: echinus@n
echinus n 1 echynnys 1

echon pron. "each one, everyone," s.v. each a. (quasi-pron.) OED, ech on pron. phr. MED. KEY: ech_on@pron
ech_on pron 16 echon 9 echone 4 echoon 3
ech pron_gram_adj 32 ecch 1 ech 31

eclipse n. "(astro.) eclipse," s.v. eclipse OED. KEY: eclipse@n
eclipse n 2 eclips 1 eclipse 1

ecliptik adj. & n. "(astro.) ecliptic, apparent path of the sun," s.v. ecliptic a. and sb. OED. KEY: ecliptik@adj ecliptik@n
ecliptik adj 12 ecliptik 12
ecliptik n 12 ecliptik 9 ecliptyk 3

Eclympasteyr n. "Eclympasteyr, a son of Morpheus in BD," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: eclympasteyr@n#propn
eclympasteyr n#propn 1 eclympasteyr 1

Ector n. "Hector, Trojan hero," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ector@n#propn
ector n#propn 31 ector 30 ectores 1

Ecuba n. "Hecuba, wife of Priam, mother of Troilus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ecuba@n#propn
ecuba n#propn 1 ecuba 1

edifice n. "edifice, building," s.v. edifice OED. KEY: edifice@n
edifice n 5 edifice 2 edifices 3

edifien v. "(ppl.) built," s.v. edify v. OED. KEY: edifien@v
edifien v 1 edified 1

Edippus n. "Oedipus, king of Thebes," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: edippus@n#propn
edippus n#propn 2 edippe 1 edippus 1

Edward n. "Saint Edward the Confessor," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: edward@n#propn
edward n#propn 1 edward 1

effect n. "effect, realization; result, completion; efficacy; consequence; substance, gist; significance; purpose," s.v. effect sb. OED. KEY: effect@n
effect n 76 effect 70 effectes 5 effectz 1

effectual adj. "effective," s.v. effectual a. OED. KEY: effectual@adj
effectual adj 1 effectueel 1

efficient adj. "effective," s.v. efficient a. and sb. OED. KEY: efficient@adj
efficient adj 2 efficiens 1 efficient 1

eft adv. "again, another time; afterwards; likewise," s.v. eft adv. OED. KEY: eft@adv
eft adv 41 eft 41

eft-sones adv. "again, another time, immediately; back, in return," s.v. eftsoon, -soons adv. OED. KEY: eft-sones@adv
eft-sones adv 25 eft-sones 3 eft-sonys 1 eft-soone 1 eft-soones 1 eftsone 1 eftsones 8 eftsonys 3 eftsoone 5 eftsoones 2

egal adj. "equal, sufficient; (as adv.) equally," s.v. egall a. OED. KEY: egal@adj egal@adj#adv
egal adj#adv 1 egal 1
egal adj 2 egal 2

egalite n. "equanimity, impassiveness," s.v. egality OED. KEY: egalite@n
egalite n 2 egalitee 1 egalyte 1

egalli adv. "equably, indifferently," s.v. egall a. OED. KEY: egalli@adv
egalli adv 2 egaly 2

Egeus n. "Aegeus, king of Athens, father of Theseus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: egeus@n#propn
egeus n#propn 3 egeus 3

egge n.(2) "edge," s.v. edge sb. OED. KEY: egge@n2
egge n2 2 egge 2

eggement n. "egging on, instigation," s.v. eggment OED. KEY: eggement@n
eggement n 1 eggement 1

eggen v.(1) "egg on, incite," s.v. egg v.\1 OED. KEY: eggen@v1
eggen v1 2 eggen 1 eggith 1

egging ger.(1) "egging on, incitement," s.v. egging vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: egging@ger1
egging ger1 1 eggyng 1

Egipcien n. & adj. "Egyptian," s.v. Egyptian a. and sb. OED. KEY: egipcien@adj egipcien@n
egipcien n 1 egipcien 1
egipcien adj 1 egipcien 1

Egipte n. "Egypt," place name. KEY: egipte@n#propn
egipte n#propn 6 egipt 2 egipte 3 egypte 1

Egistus n. "Aegyptus, father of Hypermnestra," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: egistus@n#propn
egistus n#propn 4 egiste 2 egistes 1 egistus 1

egle n. "eagle," s.v. eagle sb. OED. KEY: egle@n
egle n 22 egle 18 egles 4

Eglentine n. "Madame Eglentyne, the Prioress," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: eglentine@n#propn
eglentine n#propn 1 eglentyne 1

egre adj. "bitter (in taste), strong (medicine); bitter, fierce," s.v. eager a. OED. KEY: egre@adj
egre adj 7 egre 7

eremoine n. "agrimony, an herb," s.v. agrimony OED. KEY: egremoine@n
egremoine n 1 egremoyne 1

egren v. "urge, incite," s.v. eager v. OED. KEY: egren@v
egren v 1 egren 1

ei interj. "ah, oh," s.v. ay int. OED. KEY: ei@interj
ei interj 18 ey 10 i 8

ei n.(1) "egg," s.v. egg sb. OED. KEY: ei@n1
ei n1 2 ey 2

eie n.(1) "eye," s.v. eye sb.\1 OED. KEY: eie@n1
eie n1 259 eie 1 eien 13 eighe 3 eighen 12 eye 17 eyen 123 eyghen 3 ie 1 ye 50 yen 36

eied ppl. "provided with eyes," s.v. eyed ppl. a. OED. KEY: eied@ppl
eied ppl 1 eyed 1

eighte card. num. "(as adj.) eight," s.v. eight a. and sb. OED. KEY: eighte@num_adj
eighte num_adj 5 eight 1 eighte 4

eighte-tene card. num. "(as adj.) eighteen," s.v. eighteen a. (sb.) OED. KEY: eighte-tene@num_adj
eighte-tene num_adj 1 eighteteene 1

eighte-tenthe ord. num. "(as adj.) eighteenth," s.v. eighteenth a. OED. KEY: eighte-tenthe@num_adj
eighte-tenthe num_adj 1 eightetethe 1

eightethe ord. num. "(as adj.) eighth," s.v. eighth a. and sb. OED. KEY: eightethe@num_adj
eightethe num_adj 2 eighte 1 eighthe 1

eilen v. "ail, afflict; trouble," s.v. ail v. OED. KEY: eilen@v
eilen v 22 aileth 1 ailleth 1 ayleth 3 eiled 1 eyle 1 eyled 2 eylen 1 eyleth 12

either conj. "either," s.v. either a. (pron.) and adv. (conj.) OED. KEY: either@conj
either conj 29 either 15 eyther 14

either pron. "(as adj.) either, each; (as pron.) either, each (one)," s.v. either a. (pron.) and adv. (conj.) OED. KEY: either@pron either@pron_adj
either pron_adj 16 either 8 eyther 8
either pron 3 eyther 3

ek adv. & conj. "(as adv.) also," s.v. eke adv. OED. KEY: ek@adv
ek adv 928 eek 497 eeke 1 ek 260 eke 170

eken v. "increase, add," s.v. eche v. OED. KEY: eken@v
eken v 7 eche 5 eched 1 echid 1

elacioun n. "arrogance," s.v. elation OED. KEY: elacioun@n
elacioun n 2 elacioun 2

elat adj. "arrogant, haughty," s.v. elate a. OED. KEY: elat@adj
elat adj 1 elaat 1

elboue n. "elbow," s.v. elbow OED. KEY: elboue@n
elboue n 1 elbowe 1

Elcanor n. "Elcanor (unidentified)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: elcanor@n#propn
elcanor n#propn 1 elcanor 1

elde n. "age, old age (also as proper n., personified); aging," s.v. eld sb.\1 OED. KEY: elde@n elde@n#propn
elde n#propn 2 elde 2
elde n 18 eelde 4 elde 14

elde-fader n. "grandfather," s.v. eldfather OED. KEY: elde-fader@n
elde-fader n 1 eldefader 1

elden v.(1) "age, grow old," s.v. eld v.\1 OED. KEY: elden@v1
elden v1 5 elde 1 elden 2 eldith 2

eldre n. "(pl.) elders, ancestors," s.v. elder a. and sb.\3 OED. KEY: eldre@n
eldre n 10 eldres 10

ele n.(3) "eel," s.v. eel OED. KEY: ele@n3
ele n3 2 eles 2

eleccioun n. "election, choice; (astro.) choice of a favorable time," s.v. election OED. KEY: eleccioun@n
eleccioun n 7 eleccion 2 eleccions 1 eleccioun 4

Eleine n.(1) "Helen of Troy," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: eleine@n1#propn
eleine n1#propn 25 eleyne 25

Eleine n.(2) "Saint Helena," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: eleine@n2#propn
eleine n2#propn 1 eleyne 1

element n. "element," s.v. element sb. OED. KEY: element@n
element n 11 element 4 elementes 1 elementis 1 elementz 5

elenge adj. "miserable," s.v. elenge a. OED. KEY: elenge@adj
elenge adj 2 alenge 2

elevacioun n. "(astro.) elevation, altitude," s.v. elevation OED. KEY: elevacioun@n
elevacioun n 2 elevacioun 2

elevat ppl. "(astro.) elevated above the horizon," s.v. elevate pa. pple. and ppl. a. OED. KEY: elevat@ppl
elevat ppl 1 elevat 1

elf n. "elf," s.v. elf sb. OED. KEY: elf@n
elf n 4 elf 2 elves 2

elf-queene n. "elf queen," s.v. elf sb. OED, elf n. MED. KEY: elf-queene@n
elf-queene n 5 elf-queene 5

Eliachim n. "Joachim, the high priest of Bethulia (in the Apocrypha)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: eliachim@n#propn
eliachim n#propn 1 eliachim 1

Eliaticis n. "Eliatics, of the school of Zeno of Elea"; not in OED, not in MED. KEY: eliaticis@n
eliaticis n 1 eliaticis 1

Elicon n. "Mount Helicon, the seat of the Muses," place name; not in MED. KEY: elicon@n#propn
elicon n#propn 3 elicon 1 elicone 1 elycon 1

Elie n. "Elijah (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: elie@n#propn
elie n#propn 3 elye 3

Elise n. "Elisha (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: elise@n#propn
elise n#propn 1 elise 1

Elisos n. "Elysium," place name; not in MED. KEY: elisos@n#propn
elisos n#propn 1 elisos 1

elixir n. "the philosophers' stone," s.v. elixir sb. OED. KEY: elixir@n
elixir n 1 elixer 1

ellebre n. "hellebore, an herb," s.v. hellebore OED. KEY: ellebre@n
ellebre n 1 ellebor 1

elles adj. "else, more, other," s.v. else a. OED. KEY: elles@adj
elles adj 30 elles 26 ellis 4

elles adv. "else, otherwise," s.v. else adv. OED. KEY: elles@adv
elles adv 319 elles 270 ellis 46 ellys 3

elleswher adv. "elsewhere," s.v. elleswhere adv. OED. KEY: elleswher@adv
elleswher adv 12 elleswhere 10 elliswhere 2

elleven card. num. "(as adj.) eleven," s.v. eleven a. and sb. OED. KEY: elleven@num_adj
elleven num_adj 1 ellevene 1

elme n. "elm," s.v. elm sb. OED. KEY: elme@n
elme n 3 elm 2 elmes 1

elongacioun n. "(astro.) elongation, angular distance," s.v. elongation OED. KEY: elongacioun@n
elongacioun n 1 elongacioun 1

eloquence n. "eloquence," s.v. eloquence OED. KEY: eloquence@n
eloquence n 5 eloquence 5

Elpheta n. "Elpheta, wife of Cambuskan in SqT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: elpheta@n#propn
elpheta n#propn 1 elpheta 1

Eltham n. "Eltham, royal residence near London," place name; not in MED. KEY: eltham@n#propn
eltham n#propn 1 eltham 1

elvish adj. "elf-like, mysterious, otherworldly," s.v. elvish a. OED. KEY: elvish@adj
elvish adj 3 elvyssh 1 elvysshe 2

em n.(1) "uncle," s.v. eme OED. KEY: em@n1
em n1 18 em 16 emes 2

embatailled adj. "provided with battlements," s.v. embattled ppl. a.\2 OED. KEY: embatailled@adj
embatailled adj 1 enbatailled 1

embaumen v. "embalm; impregnate with fragrance," s.v. embalm v. OED. KEY: embaumen@v
embaumen v 2 enbaume 1 enbawmed 1

embelif adj. "(astro.) oblique," s.v. embelif adv. and a. OED. KEY: embelif@adj
embelif adj 8 embelif 7 embilif 1

embelif adv. "(astro.) obliquely," s.v. embelif adv. and a. OED. KEY: embelif@adv
embelif adv 2 embelif 1 embelyf 1

embelishen v. "enhance (moral excellence)," s.v. embellish v. OED. KEY: embelishen@v
embelishen v 2 embelished 1 embelysed 1

embiben v. "(ppl. adj.) (alchem.) absorbing," s.v. imbibe v. OED. KEY: embiben@v#adj
embiben v#adj 1 enbibyng 1

embocen v. "(ppl.) ornamented in relief," s.v. emboss v.\1 OED. KEY: embocen@v
embocen v 1 enbosede 1

embosen v. "(ppl.) exhausted (from being hunted)," s.v. emboss v.\2 OED. KEY: embosen@v
embosen v 1 embosed 1

embracen v. "embrace, hold; encompass; comprehend," s.v. embrace v.\2 OED. KEY: embracen@v
embracen v 31 embrace 6 embraced 1 embraceden 1 embraceth 6 embrase 1 embraseth 2 enbrace 6 enbracest 1 enbraceth 2 enbrasen 1 enbraseth 4

embracing ger. "embrace," s.v. embracing vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: embracing@ger
embracing ger 2 embracynge 1 embracynges 1

embrouden v. "embroider, ornament," s.v. embrowd, embrawd v. OED. KEY: embrouden@v
embrouden v 6 embrouded 1 enbroude 1 enbrouded 3 enbrowded 1

embrouding ger. "embroidering"; not in OED. KEY: embrouding@ger
embrouding ger 1 embrowdynge 1

embushement n. "ambush," s.v. ambushement OED. KEY: embushement@n
embushement n 1 embusshementz 1

Emeleward n. "the direction of Emilia"; not in OED; s.v. Emeleward n. MED Suppl. KEY: emeleward@n
emeleward n 1 emele-ward 1

Emelie n. "Emelye, sister of Hippolyte in KnT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: emelie@n#propn
emelie n#propn 48 emelie 1 emelya 2 emelye 45

emelle prep. "among," s.v. imelle prep. and adv. OED. KEY: emelle@prep
emelle prep 1 ymel 1

emeraude n. "emerald," s.v. emerald OED. KEY: emeraude@n
emeraude n 3 emeraude 2 emeraudes 1

Emetreus n. "Emetreus, King of India in KnT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: emetreus@n#propn
emetreus n#propn 3 emetreus 3

emisperie n. "(astro.) half of the celestial sphere," s.v. hemisphere OED. KEY: emisperie@n
emisperie n 3 emysperies 1 hemysperie 2

empeiren v. "impair, lessen the worth (of); harm, injure," s.v. impair v. OED. KEY: empeiren@v
empeiren v 4 empeireden 1 empeiren 1 empeyre 1 enpeyren 1

emperesse n. "empress," s.v. empress sb.\1 OED. KEY: emperesse@n
emperesse n 9 emperesse 2 emperice 3 emperise 2 emperisse 2

emperie n. "legal authority," s.v. empery sb. OED. KEY: emperie@n
emperie n 1 imperie 1

emperour n. "emperor," s.v. emperor OED. KEY: emperour@n
emperour n 28 emperour 19 emperoures 7 emperours 2

emplastren v. "gloss over," s.v. emplaster v. OED. KEY: emplastren@v
emplastren v 1 emplastre 1

empoisonere n. "poisoner," s.v. empoisoner OED. KEY: empoisonere@n
empoisonere n 1 empoysonere 1

empoisounen v. "poison," s.v. empoison v. OED. KEY: empoisounen@v
empoisounen v 4 empoisoned 1 empoysone 1 empoysoned 2

empoisouning ger. "poisoning," s.v. empoisoning vbl. sb. OED. KEY: empoisouning@ger
empoisouning ger 3 empoisonyng 1 empoisonynge 1 empoysonyng 1

emprenten v. "imprint, impress," s.v. imprint v. OED. KEY: emprenten@v
emprenten v 8 emprented 2 emprenteth 1 empriented 1 emprientid 2 enprented 1 enprientid 1

emprenting ger. "impression," s.v. imprinting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: emprenting@ger
emprenting ger 1 emprentyng 1

emprise n. "undertaking, enterprise; knightly courage; difficult task," s.v. emprise sb. OED. KEY: emprise@n
emprise n 19 emprise 14 empryse 4 enprise 1

empten v. "empty, exhaust; (ppl. adj.) emptied," s.v. empt v. OED, emptied ppl. a. OED. KEY: empten@v empten@v#adj
empten v#adj 1 emptid 1
> empten v 4 empte 1 empten 1 emptid 2

empti adj. "empty," s.v. empty a. and sb. OED. KEY: empti@adj
empti adj 8 empty 8

enamoured ppl. "enamoured," s.v. enamour v. OED. KEY: enamoured@ppl
enamoured ppl_abs 2 enamored 1 enamoured 1

encens n. "incense," s.v. incense sb. OED. KEY: encens@n
encens n 5 encens 5

encensen v.(1) "incense, cense," s.v. incense v.\1 OED. KEY: encensen@v1
encensen v1 3 encense 2 encensed 1

enchargen v. "(ppl.) charge, command," s.v. encharge v. OED. KEY: enchargen@v
enchargen v 1 encharged 1

enchauntement n. "enchantment, use of magic," s.v. enchantment OED. KEY: enchauntement@n
enchauntement n 5 enchauntement 3 enchauntementz 2

enchaunten v. "enchant," s.v. enchant v. OED. KEY: enchaunten@v
enchaunten v 3 enchanted 1 enchaunted 1 enchaunten 1

enchaunteresse n. "enchantress," s.v. enchantress OED. KEY: enchaunteresse@n
enchaunteresse n 1 enchaunteresse 1

enchauntour n. "enchanter," s.v. enchanter OED. KEY: enchauntour@n
enchauntour n 2 enchauntours 2

enchesoun n. "cause, reason," s.v. encheason OED. KEY: enchesoun@n
enchesoun n 8 enchesoun 8

enclinen v. "incline, bend, bow; turn aside; guide, direct; be disposed; submit; (ppl. adj.) bending down," s.v. incline v. OED, inclining ppl. a. OED. KEY: enclinen@v enclinen@v#adj
enclinen v#adj 1 enclynynge 1
enclinen v 33 enclined 1 enclyne 8 enclyned 16 enclynede 1 enclyneth 4 enclynynge 3

enclining ger. "inclination, tendency," s.v. inclining vbl. sb. OED. KEY: enclining@ger
enclining ger 1 enclynyng 1

enclosen v. "enclose," s.v. enclose, inclose v. OED. KEY: enclosen@v
enclosen v 17 enclos 1 enclosed 12 enclosen 2 encloseth 1 enclosid 1

encombraunce n. "encumbrance," s.v. encumbrance OED. KEY: encombraunce@n
encombraunce n 1 encombraunce 1

encombren v. "encumber, hinder; clog, choke; get stuck," s.v. encumber v. OED. KEY: encombren@v
encombren v 6 encombre 1 encombred 5

encombrous adj. "cumbersome, troublesome, difficult," s.v. encumbrous a. OED. KEY: encombrous@adj
encombrous adj 2 encomberous 1 encombrous 1

encorporing ger. "(alchem.) forming a compound," s.v. encorpore v. OED. KEY: encorporing@ger
encorporing ger 1 encorporyng 1

encountren v. "(ppl.) encountering, coming together," s.v. encounter v. OED. KEY: encountren@v
encountren v 1 encontrynge 1

encountring ger. "encountering," s.v. encountering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: encountring@ger
encountring ger 1 encountrynge 1

encres n. "increase; gain, profit; assistance," s.v. increase sb. OED. KEY: encres@n
encres n 13 encrees 7 encres 6

encresen v. "increase; set forth (a proposition)," s.v. increase v. OED. KEY: encresen@v
encresen v 44 encreced 2 encrecen 1 encreesceden 1 encreescen 2 encreesceth 1 encreese 1 encreessen 2 encreesseth 5 encrescen 1 encrescith 1 encrese 1 encresed 1 encresede 1 encreseth 2 encresing 1 encresse 8 encressed 2 encressen 6 encresseth 5

endamagen v. "harm, damage," s.v. endamage v. OED. KEY: endamagen@v
endamagen v 2 endamaged 1 endamagen 1

ende n.(1) "end, conclusion; purpose, goal; extremity; limit, edge, border," s.v. end sb. OED. KEY: ende@n1
ende n1 196 eende 6 eendes 2 ende 184 endes 4

endeles adj. "endless, perpetual, unlimited," s.v. endless a. and adv. OED. KEY: endeles@adj
endeles adj 8 endelees 5 endeles 1 endlees 1 endles 1

endeles adv. "endlessly, perpetually," s.v. endless a. and adv. OED. KEY: endeles@adv
endeles adv 1 endeles 1

endelong adv. "lengthwise, from end to end," s.v. endlong prep., adv., and a. OED. KEY: endelong@adv
endelong adv 4 endelong 3 endlong 1

endelong prep. "along, across, from end to end," s.v. endlong prep., adv., and a. OED. KEY: endelong@prep
endelong prep 5 endelong 5

enden v. "end, conclude; result; (ppl. adj.; cf. ending dai n. MED) final," s.v. end v.\1 OED, ending ppl. a. OED. KEY: enden@v enden@v#adj
enden v#adj 2 endyng 2
enden v 33 eended 1 ende 5 ended 12 enden 1 endeth 12 endith 1 endyd 1

endenting ger. "indenting, scalloping," s.v. indenting vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: endenting@ger
endenting ger 1 endentynge 1

ender n. "ender," s.v. ender sb. OED. KEY: ender@n
ender n 3 endere 3

endetted ppl. "indebted," s.v. indebted ppl. a. OED. KEY: endetted@ppl
endetted ppl 1 endetted 1

endinge ger. "end, conclusion, result," s.v. ending vbl. sb. OED. KEY: endinge@ger
endinge ger 3 endyng 2 endynge 1

enditement n. "indictment, accusation," s.v. indictment OED. KEY: enditement@n
enditement n 1 enditementz 1

enditen v. "write, compose; dictate (poems); prescribe rules," s.v. indite v. OED. KEY: enditen@v
enditen v 47 endite 32 endited 1 enditen 3 enditest 1 enditeth 3 enditynge 1 endyte 6

enditinge ger. "writing, composition," s.v. inditing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: enditinge@ger
enditinge ger 4 endityng 2 enditynges 1 endyting 1

endouten v. "(ppl.) (reflex.) feared"; not in OED. KEY: endouten@v
endouten v 1 endouted 1

enduren v. "endure, last, remain; bear, suffer," s.v. endure v. OED. KEY: enduren@v
enduren v 79 endure 65 endured 5 enduren 7 endurest 1 endureth 1

enduring ger. "enduring, continued existence," s.v. enduring vbl. sb. OED. KEY: enduring@ger
enduring ger 1 endurynge 1

Eneas n. "Aeneas, hero of the Aeneid," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: eneas@n#propn
eneas n#propn 44 eneas 42 enee 1 enyas 1

Eneidos n. "Virgil's Aeneid," proper n. (literary work); not in MED. KEY: eneidos@n#propn
eneidos n#propn 3 eneyde 1 eneydos 2

enemi n. "enemy," s.v. enemy sb. and a. OED. KEY: enemi@n
enemi n 70 enemy 38 enemys 32

enemite n. "enmity, hostility; (astro.) hostile influence," s.v. enmity OED. KEY: enemite@n
enemite n 3 enemyte 1 enemytee 1 enmyte 1

enfamined ppl. "starving," s.v. enfamine v. OED. KEY: enfamined@ppl
enfamined ppl_abs 1 enfamyned 1

enforcen v. "force; (reflex.) try, strive; strengthen; grow stronger," s.v. enforce v. OED. KEY: enforcen@v
enforcen v 38 enforce 8 enforced 2 enforcede 2 enforceden 1 enforcedest 1 enforcen 17 enforcest 1 enforcestow 1 enforceth 5

enfortunen v. "provide with power to influence fortune," s.v. enfortune v. OED. KEY: enfortunen@v
enfortunen v 1 enfortuned 1

enfourmen v. "inform, tell; instruct, form by instruction; imbue (with)," s.v. inform v. OED. KEY: enfourmen@v
enfourmen v 8 enforme 2 enformed 4 enformedest 1 enformyd 1

Engelond n. "England," place name. KEY: engelond@n#propn
engelond n#propn 9 engelond 9

engendren v. "engender, produce; beget, procreate," s.v. engender OED. KEY: engendren@v
engendren v 20 engendered 1 engendre 3 engendred 9 engendren 2 engendreth 4 engendrid 1

engendring ger. "engendering, cause; condition," s.v. engendering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: engendring@ger
engendring ger 4 engendrynge 4

engendrure n. "engendering, act of procreation; offspring," s.v. engendrure OED. KEY: engendrure@n
engendrure n 10 engendrure 9 engendrures 1

engin n. "ingenuity, skill; trickery; contrivance, mechanism; siege engine," s.v. engine sb. OED. KEY: engin@n
engin n 9 engyn 9

enginen v. "(ppl.) tortured," s.v. engine v. OED. KEY: enginen@v
enginen v 1 engyned 1

English adj. "English," s.v. English a. and sb. OED. KEY: english@adj
english adj 1 englyssh 1

English n. "the English language," s.v. English a. and sb. OED. KEY: english@n
english n 23 english 3 englissh 15 englysh 1 englyssh 4

engreggen v. "burden," s.v. engrege v. OED. KEY: engreggen@v
engreggen v 1 engreggen 1

enhabiten v. "inhabit, dwell; be devoted," s.v. inhabit v. OED. KEY: enhabiten@v
enhabiten v 8 enhabit 1 enhabited 2 enhabiten 1 enhabiteth 1 enhabitynge 2 enhabyten 1

enhauncen v. "enhance, raise, exalt; advance; aspire," s.v. enhance v. OED. KEY: enhauncen@v
enhauncen v 14 enhaunced 5 enhauncen 2 enhauncest 1 enhaunceth 2 enhaunse 1 enhaunsed 1 enhaunsen 1 enhawnsen 1

enhauncing ger. "(astro.) elevation," s.v. enhancing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: enhauncing@ger
enhauncing ger 1 enhaunsyng 1

enhorten v. "exhort, urge," s.v. enhort v. OED. KEY: enhorten@v
enhorten v 2 enhorte 2

enjoinen v. "enjoin, order, prescribe," s.v. enjoin v. OED. KEY: enjoinen@v
enjoinen v 6 enjoyne 2 enjoyned 3 enjoynen 1

enlacen v. "entangle, involve," s.v. enlace v. OED. KEY: enlacen@v
enlacen v 3 enlaced 2 enlaceth 1

enluminen v. "illuminate; adorn, color," s.v. enlumine v. OED. KEY: enluminen@v
enluminen v 5 enlumyne 1 enlumyned 4

enluting ger. "(alchem.) sealing," s.v. enlute v. OED. KEY: enluting@ger
enluting ger 1 enlutyng 1

Ennok n. "Enoch (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ennok@n#propn
ennok n#propn 1 ennok 1

Ennopie n. "Oenopia, the island Aegina," place name; not in MED. KEY: ennopie@n#propn
ennopie n#propn 1 ennopye 1

enointen v. "anoint," s.v. anoint v. OED. KEY: enointen@v
enointen v 5 anoynten 1 enoynt 2 enoynted 2

enqueren v. "inquire, ask; seek, find out," s.v. inquire, enquire v. OED. KEY: enqueren@v
enqueren v 20 enquere 16 enquered 1 enqueren 2 enqueryng 1

enquering ger. "inquiry," s.v. inquiring, enquiring vbl. sb. OED. KEY: enquering@ger
enquering ger 1 enquerynge 1

ensaumple n. "example, illustrative story, exemplum; model, pattern," s.v. ensample sb. OED. KEY: ensaumple@n
ensaumple n 66 ensample 41 ensamples 13 ensaumple 8 ensaumples 3 exemple 1

ensaumplere n. "exemplar," s.v. ensampler OED. KEY: ensaumplere@n
ensaumplere n 1 ensaumpler 1

enselen v. "(ppl.) ratified, confirmed; sealed up," s.v. enseal v. OED. KEY: enselen@v
enselen v 2 enseled 2

ensigne n. "ensign, battle flag," s.v. ensign OED. KEY: ensigne@n
ensigne n 1 ensaigne 1

enspiren v.(2) "inspire, induce; blow into," s.v. inspire v. OED. KEY: enspiren@v2
enspiren v2 4 enspire 2 enspyre 1 inspired 1

ensuren v. "ensure, promise," s.v. ensure v. OED. KEY: ensuren@v
ensuren v 2 ensure 1 ensuren 1

entaille n.(1) "shape, fashion," s.v. entail sb.\1 OED. KEY: entaille@n1
entaille n1 2 entayle 2

entaillen v.(1) "carve, sculpt," s.v. entail v.\1 OED. KEY: entaillen@v1
entaillen v1 2 entaile 1 entailled 1

entalenten v. "stimulate," s.v. entalent v. OED. KEY: entalenten@v
entalenten v 1 entalenten 1

entamen v. "touch, reopen (a wound)," s.v. entame v.\1 OED. KEY: entamen@v
entamen v 1 entame 1

entechen v. "affect, imbue (with good or evil) (also as ppl. adj.)," s.v. entach, entech v. OED. KEY: entechen@v entechen@v#adj
entechen v#adj 1 entecched 1
entechen v 3 enteccheth 1 entecchid 2

entencioun n. "intention, purpose; desire, will, disposition; opinion," s.v. intention sb. OED. KEY: entencioun@n
entencioun n 32 entencion 4 entencioun 28

entendement n. "intellect, understanding," s.v. intendment OED. KEY: entendement@n
entendement n 2 entendement 2

entenden v. "intend, desire, be inclined; strive; listen to, heed; pay attention, care for," s.v. intend v. OED. KEY: entenden@v
entenden v 22 entende 9 entended 1 entendede 1 entendeden 1 entenden 2 entendeth 6 entendynge 1 intendestow 1

entente n. "intent, will; reason, purpose; plan; heed, attention, care; meaning; legal claim," s.v. intent sb. OED. KEY: entente@n
entente n 159 entent 6 entente 151 ententes 2

ententif adj. "intent, diligent; eager, desirous; inclined to," s.v. intentive a. OED. KEY: ententif@adj
ententif adj 14 ententif 5 ententyf 9

ententifli adv. "eagerly, diligently," s.v. intentively adv. OED. KEY: ententifli@adv
ententifli adv 3 ententiflich 1 ententyfliche 1 ententyfly 1

enterchaungeable adj. "reciprocal, mutual," s.v. interchangeable a. OED. KEY: enterchaungeable@adj
enterchaungeable adj 2 entrechaungeable 2

enterchaungen v. "interchange, reciprocate; alternate; exchange; (pt. ppl. adj.) confused; (pr. ppl. adj.) mingling," s.v. interchange v. OED, interchanged ppl. a. OED, interchanging ppl. adj. OED. KEY: enterchaungen@v enterchaungen@v#adj%ppl enterchaungen@v#adj%prp
enterchaungen v#adj 2 entrechaunged 1 entrechaungynge 1
enterchaungen v 6 entrechaunge 1 entrechaunged 1 entrechaungeden 1 entrechaungen 1 entrechaungith 2

enterchaunging ger. "interchange, exchange; change, reversal," s.v. interchanging vbl. sb. OED. KEY: enterchaunging@ger
enterchaunging ger 3 enterchaungynges 1 entrechaungynge 1 entrechaungynges 1

entercomunen v. "associate, have dealings," s.v. intercommune v. OED. KEY: entercomunen@v
entercomunen v 1 entrecomunen 1

entercomuning ger. "exchange, trading," s.v. intercommuning vbl. sb. OED. KEY: entercomuning@ger
entercomuning ger 1 entrecomunynge 1

enterditen v. "(ppl.) interdicted," s.v. interdict v. OED. KEY: enterditen@v
enterditen v 2 enterdited 1 entredited 1

enterlacen v. "(ppl.) interlaced, entangled," s.v. interlace v. OED. KEY: enterlacen@v
enterlacen v 1 entrelaced 1

enterli adv. "entirely," s.v. entirely adj. and adv. OED. KEY: enterli@adv
enterli adv 2 entierly 2

entermedlen v. "(ppl.) mixed, blended," s.v. intermeddle v. OED. KEY: entermedlen@v
entermedlen v 3 entermedled 1 entremedled 1 entremedlyd 1

entermes n. "interval, entertainment between courses at a feast," s.v. entremess OED. KEY: entermes@n
entermes n 1 entremes 1

entermeten v. "meddle, concern oneself," s.v. entermete v. OED. KEY: entermeten@v
entermeten v 6 entermeten 1 entremete 1 entremette 1 entremetteth 2 entremettith 1

enterparten v. "share," s.v. enterpart v. OED. KEY: enterparten@v
enterparten v 1 entreparten 1

enticement n. "enticement, temptation," s.v. enticement OED. KEY: enticement@n
enticement n 1 enticement 1

enticen v. "entice, tempt," s.v. entice v. OED. KEY: enticen@v
enticen v 1 enticed 1

enticere n. "enticer, instigator," s.v. enticer OED. KEY: enticere@n
enticere n 1 enticere 1

enticing ger. "enticement, temptation," s.v. enticing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: enticing@ger
enticing ger 2 entissyng 1 entisynge 1

entitelen v. "(ppl.) entitled, named," s.v. entitle v. OED. KEY: entitelen@v
entitelen v 1 entitled 1

entrailles n. "entrails, intestines; inner parts," s.v. entrail sb.\1 OED. KEY: entrailles@n
entrailles n 5 entraille 2 entrayles 3

entre n. "entry; beginning; sanctuary, store of knowledge (?)," s.v. entry OED. KEY: entre@n
entre n 10 entre 5 entree 4 entrees 1

entren v. "enter; record," s.v. enter v. OED. KEY: entren@v
entren v 40 entre 11 entred 13 entren 5 entrest 1 entreth 1 entring 1 entrist 1 entrith 5 entryng 2

entriken v. "entangle, ensnare," s.v. entrike v. OED. KEY: entriken@v
entriken v 2 entriked 1 entriketh 1

entringe ger. "entering; beginning; entrance," s.v. entering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: entringe@ger
entringe ger 6 entring 2 entryng 2 entrynge 2

entune n. "tune, melody," s.v. entune sb. OED. KEY: entune@n
entune n 1 entewnes 1

entunen v. "intone, sing," s.v. entune v. OED. KEY: entunen@v
entunen v 2 entune 1 entuned 1

envenimen v. "envenom, infuse with poison; poison; infect, ruin," s.v. envenom v. OED. KEY: envenimen@v
envenimen v 5 envenyme 2 envenymed 2 envenymeth 1

enveniming ger. "envenoming, poisoning," s.v. envenoming vbl. sb. OED. KEY: enveniming@ger
enveniming ger 2 envenymynge 2

envie n. "envy, resentment; ill will, spite; desire," s.v. envy sb. OED. KEY: envie@n
envie n 61 envie 12 envye 49

envien v.(1) "envy, feel ill will (toward)," s.v. envy v. OED. KEY: envien@v1
envien v1 1 envye 1

envien v.(2) "vie with, contend," s.v. envy v.\2 OED. KEY: envien@v2
envien v2 4 envie 1 envien 1 envye 2

envined ppl. "(adj.) stocked with wine," s.v. envined ppl. a. OED. KEY: envined@ppl#adj
envined ppl#adj 1 envyned 1

envious adj.(1) "envious, spiteful, ill willed; (as n.) envious person," s.v. envious a. OED. KEY: envious@adj1 envious@adj1#n
envious adj1 9 envious 1 envyous 7 envyouse 1
envious adj1#n 1 envious 1

enviroun adv. "round about," s.v. environ adv. and prep. OED. KEY: enviroun@adv
enviroun adv 1 enviroun 1

envirounen v. "encircle, surround; comprehend," s.v. environ v. OED. KEY: envirounen@v
envirounen v 8 enviroune 1 envyronyng 1 envyrounde 1 envyrouned 1 envyrouneth 1 envyrowned 2 envyrowneth 1

envirouninge ger. "circumference," s.v. environing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: envirouninge@ger
envirouninge ger 5 envirounynge 1 envyrounynge 3 envyrownynge 1

envolupen v. "(ppl.) enveloped, involved (in sin)," s.v. envelop v. OED. KEY: envolupen@v
envolupen v 1 envoluped 1

Eolus n. "Aeolus, god of the winds," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: eolus@n#propn
eolus n#propn 14 eolus 14

Ephesios Lat. n. "Ephesians (in the Bible)." KEY: ephesios@lat_n
ephesios lat_n 1 ephesios 1

epicicle n. "(astro.) epicycle," s.v. epicycle sb. OED. KEY: epicicle@n
epicicle n 1 epicicle 1

Epicurien n. "Epicurean, follower of Epicurus," s.v. Epicurean a. and sb. OED. KEY: epicurien@n
epicurien n 3 epycuriens 2 epycuryens 1

Epicurus n. "Epicurus, the Greek philosopher," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: epicurus@n#propn
epicurus n#propn 2 epicurus 2

epistel n. "epistle, letter; message; Epistle (in the Bible)," s.v. epistle sb. OED. KEY: epistel@n
epistel n 14 epistel 3 episteles 1 epistels 1 epistle 5 epistles 2 pistel 2

equacioun n. "(astro.) division into astronomical houses," s.v. equation OED. KEY: equacioun@n
equacioun n 8 equacions 3 equacioun 1 equaciouns 4

equal adj. "equal," s.v. equal a. and sb. OED. KEY: equal@adj
equal adj 8 equal 2 equales 5 equals 1

equalli adv. "equally," s.v. equally adv. OED. KEY: equalli@adv
equalli adv 2 equally 2

Equator n. "(astro.) the celestial equator," s.v. Equator OED. KEY: equator@n
equator n 1 equator 1

equinox n. "(astro.) equinox," s.v. equinox OED. KEY: equinox@n
equinox n 1 equinoxiis 1

equinoxial adj. "(astro.) equinoctial," s.v. equinoctial a. and sb. OED. KEY: equinoxial@adj
equinoxial adj 12 equinoxial 2 equinoxiall 10

equinoxial n. "(astro.) celestial equator," s.v. equinoctial a. and sb. OED. KEY: equinoxial@n
equinoxial n 36 equinoxial 12 equinoxiall 23 equynoxial 1

equite n. "equity, justice," s.v. equity OED. KEY: equite@n
equite n 5 equite 2 equitee 2 equytee 1

er adv. "ere, before; formerly," s.v. ere adv., prep., and conj. OED. KEY: er@adv
er adv 6 er 4 or 2

er conj.(1) "ere, before," s.v. ere adv., prep., and conj. OED. KEY: er@conj1
er conj1 269 er 225 or 44

er prep. "ere, before," s.v. ere adv., prep., and conj. OED. KEY: er@prep
er prep 66 er 53 or 13

ere n.(1) "ear, the organ of hearing," s.v. ear sb.\1 OED. KEY: ere@n1
ere n1 64 eere 3 eeres 1 eeris 4 ere 28 eres 16 eris 5 erys 7

ere n.(2) "ear of grain," s.v. ear sb.\2 OED. KEY: ere@n2
ere n2 2 ere 1 erys 1

erect adj. "erect, upright," s.v. erect a. and sb. OED. KEY: erect@adj
erect adj 1 erect 1

eren v.(1) "plow; (ppl. adj.) plowed," s.v. ear v.\1 OED. KEY: eren@v1 eren@v1#adj
eren v1#adj 1 eryd 1
eren v1 2 ere 2

erende n. "message, delivery of a message," s.v. errand OED. KEY: erende@n
erende n 2 erand 1 erande 1

erest adj. (sup.) "(absol. as quasi noun with at) (for) the first time," s.v. erst a. and adv. OED. KEY: erest@adj#n
erest adj#n 11 erst 7 erste 4

erest adv. "before, earlier," s.v. erst a. and adv. OED. KEY: erest@adv
erest adv 30 erst 30

Eriphilem n. "Eriphyle, wife of Amphiaraus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: eriphilem@n#propn
eriphilem n#propn 1 eriphilem 1

erl n. "earl," s.v. earl sb. OED. KEY: erl@n
erl n 11 erl 8 erles 3

erli adv. "early, soon," s.v. early adv. OED. KEY: erli@adv
erli adv 12 eerly 1 erly 11

ermen v. "grieve," s.v. erme v. OED. KEY: ermen@v
ermen v 2 erme 2

Ermin adj. & n. "(as n.) Armenian"; not in OED. KEY: ermin@n
ermin n 1 ermyn 1

ernest n. "earnestness, serious matter; passion," s.v. earnest sb.\1 OED. KEY: ernest@n
ernest n 20 ernest 20

ernestful adj. "earnest, grave," s.v. earnestful OED. KEY: ernestful@adj
ernestful adj 2 ernestful 2

erratik adj. & n. "(as adj.) wandering (star; i.e., planet)," s.v. erratic a. and sb. OED. KEY: erratik@adj
erratik adj 1 erratik 1

erraunt adj. "arrant, notorious; (of a pawn in chess) achieving checkmate," s.v. errant a. (sb.) OED. KEY: erraunt@adj
erraunt adj 2 errant 1 erraunt 1

erren v.(1) "err, blunder; wander, deviate; do wrong," s.v. err v.\1 OED. KEY: erren@v1
erren v1 19 erre 3 erred 10 erren 4 errest 1 errid 1

errour n.(1) "error, deviation from truth, sin; fickleness," s.v. error OED. KEY: errour@n1
errour n1 24 errour 22 errours 1 errowr 1

errour n.(2) "perplexity, confusion," s.v. error OED. KEY: errour@n2
errour n2 2 errour 2

erthe n.(1) "earth, the world; ground, soil, clay," s.v. earth sb.\1 OED. KEY: erthe@n1
erthe n1 118 eerthe 1 erthe 105 erthes 11 erthis 1

ertheli adj. "earthly, worldly, mortal," s.v. earthly a. OED. KEY: ertheli@adj
ertheli adj 34 erthely 12 erthli 1 erthliche 2 erthly 19

erthen adj. "earthen, clay," s.v. earthen a. OED. KEY: erthen@adj
erthen adj 1 erthen 1

eructavit Lat. v. "has uttered." KEY: eructavit@lat_v
eructavit lat_v 1 eructavit 1

Erudice n. "Eurydice, wife of Orpheus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: erudice@n#propn
erudice n#propn 2 erudice 1 erudyce 1

escapen v. "escape, get free; recover (from an injury)," s.v. escape v. OED. KEY: escapen@v
escapen v 33 ascapen 1 escape 14 escaped 10 escapen 5 escapeth 2 escapyn 1

Escaphilo n. "Ascalaphus, whom Proserpina changed into an owl," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: escaphilo@n#propn
escaphilo n#propn 1 escaphilo 1

eschaufen v. "heat; inflame, excite," s.v. eschaufe v. OED. KEY: eschaufen@v
eschaufen v 10 eschaufed 1 eschaufede 1 eschaufen 1 eschaufeth 5 eschawfed 1 eschawfeth 1

eschaufinge ger. "heating; excitement (of passion)," s.v. eschaufe v. OED. KEY: eschaufinge@ger
eschaufinge ger 2 eschawfynge 1 eschawfynges 1

eschaunge n. "exchange; money changing; interchange," s.v. exchange sb. OED. KEY: eschaunge@n
eschaunge n 7 eschaunge 6 eschaunges 1

escheu adj. "loath, unwilling," s.v. eschew a. OED. KEY: escheu@adj
escheu adj 2 eschew 1 eschu 1

escheuen v. "eschew, avoid, abstain from; flee from, escape," s.v. eschew v.\1 OED. KEY: escheuen@v
escheuen v 45 eschewe 7 eschewed 1 eschue 21 eschued 3 eschuen 4 eschueth 5 eschuw 1 eschuwe 2 eschuwen 1

escheuinge ger. "eschewing, avoiding," s.v. eschew v.\1 OED. KEY: escheuinge@ger
escheuinge ger 3 eschewing 1 eschewynge 1 eschuynge 1

Esculapius n. "Aesculapius, god of medicine," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: esculapius@n#propn
esculapius n#propn 1 esculapius 1

ese n. "ease, comfort; pleasure, enjoyment; benefit; relief, refreshment; means, ability," s.v. ease sb. OED. KEY: ese@n
ese n 64 eise 1 ese 62 eyse 1

esement n. "(Law) redress, compensation," s.v. easement OED. KEY: esement@n
esement n 2 esement 2

esen v. "ease, entertain; help, benefit; comfort, accommodate; soothe, relieve," s.v. ease v. OED. KEY: esen@v
esen v 18 ease 1 ese 7 esed 7 esen 2 eseth 1

esi adj. "easy; comfortable; suitable; lenient, gentle; (with pas) slow; not difficult, moderate," s.v. easy a. KEY: esi@adj
esi adj 17 esier 1 esy 15 esyere 1

esili adv. "easily; comfortably; gently; slowly," s.v. easily adv. OED. KEY: esili@adv
esili adv 12 esely 3 esilich 1 esily 8

esing ger. "easing, comforting," s.v. easing vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: esing@ger
esing ger 1 esyng 1

Eson n. "Aeson, father of Jason," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: eson@n#propn
eson n#propn 2 eson 2

espace n. "space of time," s.v. espace OED. KEY: espace@n
espace n 1 espace 1

espece n. "species," s.v. espece OED, espece n. MED Suppl. KEY: espece@n
espece n 1 especes 1

especial adj. "special, intimate; particular; (as n. with in) (to) particulars, specifically," s.v. especial a. OED. KEY: especial@adj especial@adjas_n
especial adjas_n 2 especial 2
especial adj 2 especial 1 especiale 1

espiaille n. "spying; spies," s.v. espial OED. KEY: espiaille@n
espiaille n 2 espiaille 2

espirituel adj. "spiritual," s.v. espiritual a. OED. KEY: espirituel@adj
espirituel adj 17 espiritueel 11 espirituel 2 espirituels 4

Essex n. "Essex, the county," place name; not in MED. KEY: essex@n#propn
essex n#propn 1 essex 1

essoine n. "(Law) excuse," s.v. essoin, essoign sb. OED. KEY: essoine@n
essoine n 1 essoyne 1

establishen v. "establish, ordain; impose (by decree); establish (a fact), prove," s.v. establish v. OED, establishen v. Suppl. MED. KEY: establishen@v
establishen v 18 establissched 2 establisschid 3 establissed 6 establisseth 1 establisshed 2 establissheth 1 establisshid 1 establissyde 1 establysschid 1

est Lat. v. "is." KEY: est@lat_v
est lat_v 4 est 4

est n. "(as n.) east; (as adj.) east, eastern; (as adv.) east, eastward," s.v. east adj., sb., and a. OED. KEY: est@n#adj est@n#adv est@n
est n#adv 11 eest 1 est 10
est n 29 eest 2 est 26 este 1
est n#adj 32 est 32

estat n. "state, condition; status, power; class, rank; term of office; pomp, display," s.v. estate sb. OED. KEY: estat@n
estat n 124 estaat 70 estat 52 estats 1 estatz 1

estatli adj. "stately, noble; befitting one's rank," s.v. estately a. and adv. OED. KEY: estatli@adj
estatli adj 4 estaatly 1 estatlich 2 estatly 1

estatute n. "statute, rule," s.v. estatute OED, estatute n. MED Suppl. KEY: estatute@n
estatute n 1 estatutz 1

Ester n. "Esther (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ester@n#propn
ester n#propn 5 ester 3 hester 2

Estern n. "(as adj.) Easter," s.v. Easter a. sb.\1 OED. KEY: estern@n#adj
estern n#adj 2 estre 2

estimacioun n. "estimation, judgement," s.v. estimation OED. KEY: estimacioun@n
estimacioun n 3 estimacion 2 estimacioun 1

estre n. "(pl.) interior parts; recesses (in a building), paths (in a garden)," s.v. estre OED. KEY: estre@n
estre n 5 estrees 1 estres 3 estris 1

estward adv. "eastward," s.v. eastward adv. and a. OED. KEY: estward@adv
estward adv 8 estward 8

et Fr. conj. "and." KEY: et@fr_conj
et fr_conj 2 et 2

et Lat. conj. "and." KEY: et@lat_conj
et lat_conj 3 et 3

etc. abbrev. "et cetera," s.v. et cetera, etcetera, OED, et cetera MED. KEY: et_cetera@abbrev
et_cetera abbrev 4 etc 4

eten v. "eat," s.v. eat v. OED. KEY: eten@v
eten v 77 eet 9 eete 1 et 2 ete 34 eten 26 eteth 3 etith 1 etyng 1

eternal adj. "eternal," s.v. eternal a. and sb. OED. KEY: eternal@adj
eternal adj 3 eterneel 2 eternel 1

eternalli adv. "eternally," s.v. eternally adv. OED. KEY: eternalli@adv
eternalli adv 8 eternalich 1 eternalli 1 eternally 3 eternaly 3

eterne adj. "eternal," s.v. eterne a. OED. KEY: eterne@adj
eterne adj 27 eterne 27

eternite n. "eternity," s.v. eternity OED. KEY: eternite@n
eternite n 7 eternite 5 eternyte 2

ethe adv. "easily," s.v. eath, eith a. and adv. OED. KEY: ethe@adv
ethe adv 1 ethe 1

ethe pred. adj. "easy," s.v. eath a. and adv. OED. KEY: ethe@adj
ethe adj 1 ethe 1

Ethiocles n. "Eteocles, son of Oedipus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ethiocles@n#propn
ethiocles n#propn 2 ethiocles 2

Ethiopien n. "Ethiopian," s.v. Ethiopian a. and sb. OED. KEY: ethiopien@n
ethiopien n 1 ethiopeen 1

Ethna n. "Mount Etna, in Sicily," place name; not in MED. KEY: ethna@n#propn
ethna n#propn 3 ethna 3

Etik n.(1) "Etik (unidentified)," proper n. KEY: etik@n1#propn
etik n1#propn 1 etik 1

etinge ger. "eating," s.v. eating vbl. sb. OED. KEY: etinge@ger
etinge ger 5 etynge 5

eu n. "yew, the tree," s.v. yew sb. OED. KEY: eu@n
eu n 3 ew 3

Euclide n. "Euclid, the Greek mathematician," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: euclide@n#propn
euclide n#propn 1 euclide 1

Eufrates n. "Euphrates, the river in Mesopotamia," place name; not in MED. KEY: eufrates@n#propn
eufrates n#propn 2 eufrates 2

Euripidis n. "Euripides, the Greek playwright," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: euripidis@n#propn
euripidis n#propn 1 euripidis 1

Eurippe n. "Eurippus, the channel between Boetia and Euboea," place name; not in MED. KEY: eurippe@n#propn
eurippe n#propn 2 eurippe 2

Europa n. "Europa, loved by Zeus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: europa@n#propn
europa n#propn 1 europe 1

Europe n. "Europe, the continent," place name; s.v. Europe n. MED Suppl. KEY: europe@n#propn
europe n#propn 2 europe 2

Eurus n. "the east wind," s.v. Eurus OED. KEY: eurus@n
eurus n 2 eurus 2

Evander n. "Evander, Arcadian settler of Italy," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: evander@n#propn
evander n#propn 2 evander 2

evangelie n. "Gospel (in the Bible)," s.v. evangel\1 evangile OED. KEY: evangelie@n
evangelie n 3 evangile 1 evaungelie 1 evaungiles 1

evangelist n. "evangelist (in the Bible)," s.v. evangelist OED. KEY: evangelist@n
evangelist n 4 evaungelist 4

Eve n. "Eve, first woman (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: eve@n#propn
eve n#propn 9 eva 2 eve 7

even adj. "even, level; equal; impartial, fair; moderate, average; calm, steadfast; harmonious," s.v. even a. OED. KEY: even@adj
even adj 24 even 1 evene 23

even adv. "evenly, equally; straight, horizontally; directly, exactly; correctly; calmly; fully, indeed," s.v. even adv. OED. KEY: even@adv
even adv 36 even 9 evene 27

even n. "evening; (also as adj.; cf. eve-sterre n.)," s.v. eve sb.\1 OED, even sb.\1 OED, as adj. s.v. even-sterre n. MED. KEY: even@n even@n#adj
even n 32 eve 22 even 8 evene 1 evenes 1
even n#adj 1 eve 1

evene-Cristene n. "fellow Christian," s.v. even-Christian OED, even adj. MED. KEY: evene-cristene@n
evene-cristene n 5 evene-cristen 1 evene-cristene 4

evenforth prep. "according to, to the extent of," s.v. emforth adv. and prep. OED. KEY: evenforth@prep
evenforth prep 5 emforth 5

evening n.(1) "evening (of the day)," s.v. evening sb.\1 OED. KEY: evening@n1
evening n1 3 evenyng 3

evenli adj. "equal; the same, like," s.v. evenly a. OED. KEY: evenli@adj
evenli adj 3 evene-lyke 1 evenelyk 1 evenelyke 1

evenli adv. "equally," s.v. evenly adv. OED. KEY: evenli@adv
evenli adv 2 eveneliche 2

even-song n. "vespers," s.v. evensong OED. KEY: even-song@n
even-song n 2 even-song 1 evensong 1

even-sterre n. "evening star," s.v. eve-star OED. KEY: even-sterre@n
even-sterre n 1 eve-sterre 1

even-tide n. "evening (of the day)," s.v. eventide OED. KEY: even-tide@n
even-tide n 2 eve-tyde 1 even-tyde 1

ever adv. "ever, always, continually," s.v. ever adv. OED. KEY: ever@adv
ever adv 446 euere 1 ever 88 evere 357

everich-on pron. "each, everyone," s.v. every a. (quasi-pron.) OED. KEY: everich-on@pron
everich-on pron 51 everechon 1 everichon 16 everichone 9 everichoon 5 everychon 13 everychone 2 everychoon 5

everi-del n. & adv. "(as n.) everything; (as adv.) entirely, in every way," s.v. everydeal OED. KEY: everi-del@adv everi-del@n
everi-del adv 16 everideel 2 everydeel 2 everydeell 1 everydel 6 everydell 5

everi-del n 3 everydeel 1 everydel 2

everi pron. "every, each (also as adj.)," s.v. every a. (quasi-pron.) OED. KEY: everi@pron everi@pron_gram_adj
everi pron 64 everich 45 everiche 5 every 1 everych 11 everyche 2
everi pron_gram_adj 664 everi 9 everich 23 every 625 everych 6 everyche 1

everiwhere adv. "everywhere," s.v. everywhere adv. OED. KEY: everiwhere@adv
everiwhere adv 5 everywheere 1 everywhere 4

ever-lasting ppl. "(adj.) everlasting," s.v. everlasting a. and sb. OED. KEY: ever-lasting@prp#adj
ever-lasting prp#adj 1 everelastynge 1

ever-mor adv. "always, continually, perpetually," s.v. evermore adv. OED. KEY: ever-mor@adv
ever-mor adv 84 everemo 27 everemoo 1 everemoore 21 everemore 5 evermo 14 evermoo 1 evermor 1 evermore 14

evidence n. "evidence, indication," s.v. evidence sb. OED. KEY: evidence@n
evidence n 1 evydences 1

evidentli adv. "clearly, indubitably," s.v. evidently adv. OED. KEY: evidentli@adv
evidentli adv 3 evidently 2 evydently 1

exaltacioun n.(1) "(astro.) exaltation, position of greatest planetary influence," s.v. exaltation OED. KEY: exaltacioun@n1
exaltacioun n1 4 exaltacion 1 exaltacioun 3

exaltat adj. "(astro.) in the position of greatest planetary influence," s.v. exaltate pple. OED. KEY: exaltat@adj
exaltat adj 1 exaltat 1

exametron n. "hexameter," s.v. hexameter a. and sb. OED, exametron n. MED Suppl. KEY: exametron@n
exametron n 1 exametron 1

examinacion n. "examination, investigation," s.v. examination OED. KEY: examinacion@n
examinacion n 1 examynacion 1

examinen v. "examine, investigate," s.v. examine v. OED. KEY: examinen@v
examinen v 11 examine 1 examinen 1 examineth 1 examyne 4 examyned 4

examining ger. "examining, scrutiny," s.v. examining vbl. sb. OED. KEY: examining@ger
examining ger 1 examynynge 1

exceden v. "exceed," s.v. exceed v. OED. KEY: exceden@v
exceden v 3 exceden 1 excedid 1 excedith 1

excellence n. "excellence," s.v. excellence OED. KEY: excellence@n
excellence n 17 excellence 17

excellent adj. "excellent," s.v. excellent pple., a., and adv. OED. KEY: excellent@adj
excellent adj 16 excelent 1 excellent 14 excellente 1

excepcioun n. "exception; reservation, exemption," s.v. exception OED. KEY: excepcioun@n
excepcioun n 3 excepcion 1 excepcioun 2

excess n. "excess, intemperance; sin, wrong-doing," s.v. excess OED. KEY: excess@n
excess n 7 excesse 7

exciten v. "excite, stir up, rouse; incite, urge, exhort," s.v. excite v. OED. KEY: exciten@v
exciten v 9 excited 4 exciten 1 exciteth 3 excitynge 1

exciting ger. "exciting, incitement," s.v. exciting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: exciting@ger
exciting ger 1 excitynge 1

excusable adj. "excusable," s.v. excusable a. OED. KEY: excusable@adj
excusable adj 1 excusable 1

excusacioun n. "excuse, justification," s.v. excusation OED. KEY: excusacioun@n
excusacioun n 3 excusacioun 2 excusacyouns 1

excuse n. "excuse," s.v. excuse sb. OED. KEY: excuse@n
excuse n 2 excuse 2

excusen v. "excuse," s.v. excuse v. OED. KEY: excusen@v
excusen v 37 excuse 12 excused 9 excusen 7 excusest 2 excuseth 4 excusid 1 excusynge 2

execucioun n. "execution (of an order); punishment," s.v. execution OED. KEY: execucioun@n
execucioun n 8 execucion 3 execucioun 5

executen v. "execute, put in effect," s.v. execute v. OED. KEY: executen@v
executen v 2 execut 1 executeth 1

executour n. "executor, agent, one who carries out orders," s.v. executor OED. KEY: executour@n
executour n 1 executour 1

executrice n. "executrix, female agent, one who carries out orders," s.v. executrice OED. KEY: executrice@n
executrice n 1 executrice 1

exempt ppl. "exempt," s.v. exempt ppl. a. and sb. OED. KEY: exempt@ppl
exempt ppl 1 exempt 1

exercen v. "exercise (jurisdiction)," s.v. exerce v. OED. KEY: exercen@v
exercen v 1 exercen 1

exercise n. "exercise (physical); (improvement from) experience," s.v. exercise sb. OED. KEY: exercise@n
exercise n 3 excercise 1 exercise 2

exercisen v. "exercise, perform, carry out; practice (a craft); exert; train," s.v. exercise v. OED. KEY: exercisen@v
exercisen v 9 excercise 2 excercised 1 exercise 4 exercised 1 exerciseth 1

exercising ger. "improvement by training," s.v. exercising vbl. sb. OED. KEY: exercising@ger
exercising ger 2 exercisynge 2

exercitacioun n. "exercise, use," s.v. exercitation OED. KEY: exercitacioun@n
exercitacioun n 1 exercitacioun 1

exil n.(1) "exile," s.v. exile sb.\1 OED. KEY: exil@n1
exil n1 7 exil 7

exiled ppl. "(adj.) exiled," s.v. exiled1 ppl. a. OED. KEY: exiled@ppl#adj
exiled ppl#adj 13 exiled 12 exyled 1

exilen v. "exile," s.v. exile v. OED. KEY: exilen@v
exilen v 2 exile 2

exiling ger. "exiling, exile," s.v. exiling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: exiling@ger
exiling ger 2 exilynge 2

existence n. "existence," s.v. existence OED. KEY: existence@n
existence n 1 existence 1

Exodi Lat. n. "Exodus (in the Bible)." KEY: exodi@lat_n
exodi lat_n 1 exodi 1

exorcisacioun n. "calling up spirits," s.v. exorcization OED. KEY: exorcisacioun@n
exorcisacioun n 1 exorsisacions 1

expans adj. "(of astro. tables) expanded (in groups of years)," s.v. expanse a. OED. KEY: expans@adj
expans adj 1 expans 1

expellen v. "expel," s.v. expel v. OED. KEY: expellen@v
expellen v 1 expelle 1

experience n. "experience, proof by observation," s.v. experience sb. OED. KEY: experience@n
experience n 22 experience 22

expert ppl. adj. "experienced, wise through experience," s.v. expert a.\1 OED. KEY: expert@ppl#adj
expert ppl#adj 6 expert 6

exposicioun n. "exposition," s.v. exposition OED. KEY: exposicioun@n
exposicioun n 1 exposicioun 1

expounen v. "expound, explain, interpret," s.v. expound v. OED. KEY: expounen@v
expounen v 11 expounde 4 expounden 2 expoune 1 expowne 1 expowned 3

expres adj. "express, explicit," s.v. express a. adv. and sb.\1 OED. KEY: expres@adj
expres adj 2 expres 2

expresse adv. "expressly, explicitly, outright," s.v. express a. adv. and sb.\1 OED. KEY: expresse@adv
expresse adv 8 expres 8

expresseli adv. "expressly, explicitly," s.v. expressly adv. OED. KEY: expresseli@adv
expresseli adv 1 expresly 1

expressen v. "express, put in words; describe, tell," s.v. express v. OED. KEY: expressen@v
expressen v 12 expresse 9 expressed 2 expresseth 1

expulsif adj. "having the power to expel," s.v. expulsive a. and sb. OED. KEY: expulsif@adj
expulsif adj 1 expulsif 1

extenden v. "extend, stretch out," s.v. extend v. OED. KEY: extenden@v
extenden v 1 extenden 1

extensa Lat. adj. "extended." KEY: extensa@lat_adj
extensa lat_adj 1 extensa 1

extorcioun n. "extortion," s.v. extortion OED. KEY: extorcioun@n
extorcioun n 6 extorcions 4 extorcioun 2

Ezechias n. "Hezekiah (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ezechias@n#propn
ezechias n#propn 1 ezechias 1

Ezechiel n. "Ezekial, the prophet (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ezechiel@n#propn
ezechiel n#propn 4 ezechie 1 ezechiel 3



-- F --



f n. "the letter f," s.v. f OED. KEY: f@n
f n 15 f 15

fable n. "fictional story, fiction; falsehood; idle talk," s.v. fable sb. OED. KEY: fable@n
fable n 15 fable 10 fables 5

Fabricius n. "Gaius Fabricius Luscinus, a Roman consul," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: fabricius@n#propn
fabricius n#propn 1 fabricius 1

face n. "face; expression; appearance; (astro.) division of a zodiacal sign," s.v. face sb. OED. KEY: face@n
face n 137 face 135 faces 2

facioun n. "fashion, shape, appearance; structure, established order," s.v. fashion sb. OED. KEY: facioun@n
facioun n 7 fasoun 6 fassoun 1

facound adj. "eloquent," s.v. facund a. OED. KEY: facound@adj
facound adj 1 facound 1

facounde n. "eloquence, manner of speaking," s.v. facund sb. OED. KEY: facounde@n
facounde n 3 facound 1 facounde 2

faculte n. "power, ability; field of knowledge, profession," s.v. faculty OED. KEY: faculte@n
faculte n 5 faculte 4 facultee 1

fade adj. "pale, feeble," s.v. fade adj.\2 OED. KEY: fade@adj
fade adj 2 fade 2

faden v.(1) "grow pale," s.v. fade v.\1 OED. KEY: faden@v1
faden v1 4 fade 2 faded 1 faden 1

fader n. "father," s.v. father sb. OED. KEY: fader@n
fader n 189 fader 144 faderes 3 faders 2 fadir 11 fadre 1 fadres 27 fadris 1

fader_in_laue n 2 fadres-in-lawe 1 fadyr-in-lawe 1

fader-in-lawe n. "father in law," s.v. father-in-law OED, fader in laue n. MED. KEY: fader_in_laue@n
fadme n. "(pl.) fathom (about six feet)," s.v. fathom sb. OED. KEY: fadme@n
fadme n 4 fadme 3 fadome 1

faile n. "(with without, saunz) (without) doubt, certainly," s.v. fail sb.\2 OED. KEY: faile@n
faile n 13 faille 8 fayle 5

failen v. "fail, disappoint; be unsuccessful, fail (to do something); lack; grow weak," s.v. fail v. OED. KEY: failen@v
failen v 80 faile 1 failed 1 failen 7 failest 1 faileth 11 failide 1 faille 26 failled 2 faillen 3 failleth 2 fayle 13 fayled 2 faylede 1 faylen 3 fayleth 5 faylle 1

failinge ger. "failure; cessation," s.v. failing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: failinge@ger
failinge ger 3 failynge 2 faylyng 1

fain adj. "glad, well pleased, eager," s.v. fain a. and adv. OED. KEY: fain@adj
fain adj 24 fawe 1 fayn 18 fayner 1 feyn 4

fain adv. "gladly, willingly, eagerly," s.v. fain a. and adv. OED. KEY: fain@adv
fain adv 46 fawe 1 fayn 41 fayner 1 faynest 1 feyn 2

fair adj. "fair, attractive; shining; favorable; gracious; just, morally good; (as form of address) dear," s.v. fair a. and sb.\2 OED. KEY: fair@adj
fair adj 301 fair 120 faire 103 fairer 17 fairere 1 fairest 4 faireste 6 fayr 19 fayre 15 fayrer 5 fayrest 1 fayreste 3 feir 5 feire 1 feyr 1

fair n. "beauty; good fortune," s.v. fair a. and sb.\2 OED. KEY: fair@n
fair n 4 fair 2 faire 2

faire adv. "handsomely; well; neatly; courteously, gently; fully, completely; directly," s.v. fair adv. OED. KEY: faire@adv
faire adv 67 fair 2 faire 55 fairer 1 fairere 1 faireste 1 fayr 1 fayre 5 feyre 1

faire n. "affair, business," s.v. fair sb.\1 OED. KEY: faire@n
faire n 1 fair 1

Faire-Semblaunt n. "fair appearance (as proper n., personified)"; not in MED. KEY: faire-semblaunt@n#propn
faire-semblaunt n#propn 1 faire-semblaunt 1

fairie n. "fairies; fairyland; enchantment," s.v. fairy sb. and a. OED. KEY: fairie@n
fairie n 11 fairye 4 fayerye 6 fayeryes 1

fairnesse n. "fairness, beauty, graciousness," s.v. fairness OED. KEY: fairnesse@n
fairnesse n 12 fairenesse 1 fairnesse 8 fayrnesse 2 feyrnesse 1

fal n. "fall, falling down," s.v. fall sb.\1 OED. KEY: fal@n
fal n 4 fal 4

falding n. "coarse woolen cloth," s.v. falding OED. KEY: falding@n
falding n 2 faldyng 2

fallen v. "fall, descend; decrease; fall into, come (to a condition); befall, occur," s.v. fall v. OED. KEY: fallen@v
fallen v 334 falle 130 fallen 45 falles 2 fallest 1 falleth 24 fallith 2 fallynge 1 fel 22 fell 1 felle 1 fellen 3 fil 71 fille 12 fillen 4 fyl 5 ifalle 1 yfalle 6 yfallen 3

falling ppl. "(astro.) declining; (as adj.) felling, causing to fall," s.v. falling ppl. a. OED. KEY: falling@prp falling@prp#adj
falling prp#adj 1 fallyng 1
falling prp 1 fallyng 1

fallinge ger. "fall, toppling; occurrence," s.v. falling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: fallinge@ger
fallinge ger 7 fallyng 2 fallynge 5

fals adj. "false, untrue; spurious, counterfeit; deceitful, treacherous; wicked, wrong," s.v. false a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: fals@adj
fals adj 226 fals 112 false 113 falser 1

fals adv. "falsely," s.v. false a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: fals@adv
fals adv 2 fals 2

fals n. "falsehood, deceit," s.v. false a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: fals@n
fals n 2 fals 2

falsen v. "falsify, misrepresent; deceive, betray," s.v. false v. OED. KEY: falsen@v
falsen v 12 false 2 falsed 4 falsen 5 falsest 1

falshede n. "falseness, deceitfulness, infidelity," s.v. falsehood OED. KEY: falshede@n
falshede n 5 falshede 5

falsli adv. "falsely, deceitfully, untruly, dishonestly; wrongfully," s.v. falsely adv. OED. KEY: falsli@adv
falsli adv 26 falsly 26

falsnesse n. "falseness, deceitfulness, dishonesty; error," s.v. falseness OED. KEY: falsnesse@n
falsnesse n 13 falsnes 1 falsnesse 12

falteren v. "falter, tremble," s.v. falter v.\1 OED. KEY: falteren@v
falteren v 1 faltren 1

falwe adj.(2) "sallow, brownish yellow," s.v. fallow adj.\1 OED. KEY: falwe@adj2
falwe adj2 2 falow 1 falwe 1

falwe n. "fallow land," s.v. fallow sb. OED. KEY: falwe@n
falwe n 1 falwes 1

fame n.(1) "fame, reputation; news, rumor; (also as proper n., personified)" s.v. fame sb.\1 OED. KEY: fame@n1 fame@n1#propn
fame n1 54 fame 51 fames 3
fame n1#propn 27 fame 18 fames 9

familiarite n. "friendliness, intimacy," s.v. familiarity OED. KEY: familiarite@n
familiarite n 2 familiarites 1 famylarite 1

familier adj. "of one's household; intimate, sociable," s.v. familiar a. and sb. OED. KEY: familier@adj
familier adj 5 familer 1 famulier 3 famylier 1

familier n. "member of one's household; close associate," s.v. familiar a. and sb. OED. KEY: familier@n
familier n 8 familiers 3 familyer 2 famylier 2 famylieres 1

famine n. "famine," s.v. famine OED. KEY: famine@n
famine n 3 famyne 3

famous adj. "famous," s.v. famous a. OED. KEY: famous@adj
famous adj 6 famous 6

famous adv. "famously"; not in OED. KEY: famous@adv
famous adv 1 famous 1

fane n.(1) "weather vane," s.v. fane sb.\1 OED. KEY: fane@n1
fane n1 1 fane 1

fanne n. "fan; quintain," s.v. fan sb.\1 OED. KEY: fanne@n
fanne n 2 fan 1 fanne 1

fantasie n. "fantasy, imagination; delusion; desire, inclination," s.v. fantasy, phantasy sb. OED. KEY: fantasie@n
fantasie n 28 fantasie 11 fantasies 5 fantasye 12

fantastik adj. "of the mental faculty of fantasy," s.v. fantastic a. and sb. OED. KEY: fantastik@adj
fantastik adj 1 fantastik 1

fantom n. "phantom, delusion; delusory dream," s.v. phantom sb. OED. KEY: fantom@n
fantom n 3 fantome 3

fare n.(1) "behavior, conduct; commotion, fuss, ado; condition, state," s.v. fare sb.\1 OED. KEY: fare@n1
fare n1 23 fare 23

fare-carte n. "wagon for hauling goods"; not in OED; s.v. fare n.(1) MED. KEY: fare-carte@n
fare-carte n 1 fare-carte 1

faren v. "fare, go, travel; behave; happen; seem; (ppl. adj. ) (with wel; cf. wel-faringe adj.) handsome," s.v. fare v.\1 OED, faring ppl. a. OED. KEY: faren@v faren@v#adj
faren v#adj 2 farynge 2
faren v 145 far 6 fare 56 faren 18 fares 1 farest 2 fareth 27 farst 1 ferd 2 ferde 27 ferden 2 yfare 3

farewel interj. "farewell," s.v. farewell int. OED, faren v. MED. KEY: farewel@interj
farewel interj 32 far-wel 2 fare-wel 1 fareweel 1 farewel 17 farwel 10 farwell 1

farmacie n. "medicine," s.v. pharmacy OED. KEY: farmacie@n
farmacie n 1 fermacies 1

farsen v. "(ppl.) stuffed, embellished," s.v. farce v.\1 OED. KEY: farsen@v
farsen v 2 farced 1 farsed 1

fast adj. "fast, rapid; firm, thick," s.v. fast a. OED. KEY: fast@adj
fast adj 5 fast 1 faste 1 faster 2 fastere 1

faste adv. "fast, tightly, firmly; quickly, eagerly; (as intens.) severely, vigorously; closely," s.v. fast adv. OED. KEY: faste@adv
faste adv 224 fast 6 faste 217 fastere 1

fasten n. "fast, abstinence from food," s.v. fast sb.\1 OED. KEY: fasten@n
fasten n 1 fast 1

fasten v.(1) "(ppl.) joined in marriage," s.v. fast v.\1 OED. KEY: fasten@v1
fasten v1 1 fast 1

fasten v.(2) "fast, abstain from food; (ppl. adj.) fasting," s.v. fast v.\2 OED, fasting ppl. a. OED. KEY: fasten@v2 fasten@v2#adj
fasten v2#adj 1 fastyng 1
fasten v2 20 faste 7 fasted 4 fasten 2 fasteth 3 fasting 1 fastyng 1 fastynge 2

fastinge ger.(2) "fasting, abstinence from food," s.v. fasting vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: fastinge@ger2
fastinge ger2 9 fasting 1 fastynge 7 fastynges 1

fastnen v. "fasten," s.v. fasten v. OED. KEY: fastnen@v
fastnen v 6 fastne 2 fastned 1 fastnede 1 festne 1 festnyd 1

fat adj. "fat," s.v. fat a. and sb.\2 OED. KEY: fat@adj
fat adj 12 fat 10 fatt 1 fatte 1

fatal adj. "predestined; concerned with fate," s.v. fatal a. OED. KEY: fatal@adj
fatal adj 5 fatal 5

fate n. "fate, destiny," s.v. fate sb. OED. KEY: fate@n
fate n 3 fate 3

fatten v. "fatten," s.v. fatten v. OED. KEY: fatten@v
fatten v 1 fatte 1

fattish adj. "fattish, well rounded," s.v. fattish a. OED. KEY: fattish@adj
fattish adj 1 fattyssh 1

fauconer n. "falconer," s.v. falconer\1 OED. KEY: fauconer@n
fauconer n 1 fauconers 1

faucoun n. "falcon," s.v. falcon sb. OED. KEY: faucoun@n
faucoun n 17 faucon 9 faucoun 5 faukon 2 faukoun 1

faun n. "a rural god"; not in OED. KEY: faun@n
faun n 2 fawnes 1 fawny 1

faunen v.(1) "fawn upon," s.v. fawn v.\1 OED. KEY: faunen@v1
faunen v1 1 fauned 1

favourable adj. "favorable, well disposed; partial," s.v. favourable, favorable a. OED. KEY: favourable@adj
favourable adj 2 favorable 2

favour n. "favor, good will; partiality, graciousness," s.v. favour, favor sb. OED. KEY: favour@n
favour n 17 favour 17

favouren v. "favour," s.v. favour, favor v. OED. KEY: favouren@v
favouren v 1 favourede 1

fe n.(2) "fee, payment; property," s.v. fee sb.\2 OED. KEY: fe@n2
fe n2 6 fee 3 fees 3

feble adj. "feeble; (comp. as n.) the feebler ones," s.v. feeble a. and sb. OED. KEY: feble@adj feble@adj#n
feble adj 30 feble 19 feblere 2 fieble 9
feble adj#n 1 feblere 1

feblenesse n. "feebleness, weakness," s.v. feebleness OED. KEY: feblenesse@n
feblenesse n 1 feblenesse 1

feblesse n. "feebleness, weakness," s.v. feebless OED. KEY: feblesse@n
feblesse n 10 feblesse 8 fieblesse 2

febliche adv. "feebly, weakly," s.v. feebly adv. OED. KEY: febliche@adv
febliche adv 1 febly 1

Februarie n. "February, the month," s.v. February OED. KEY: februarie@n
februarie n 3 februarie 1 februarius 1 feverer 1

fecche n. "vetch, a weed," s.v. vetch OED. KEY: fecche@n
fecche n 1 fecches 1

fecchen v. "fetch, bring back; take away," s.v. fetch v. OED. KEY: fecchen@v
fecchen v 19 fecche 12 fecchen 5 feche 1 fechen 1

fecching ger. "fetching away, abduction," s.v. fetching vbl. sb. OED. KEY: fecching@ger
fecching ger 1 fecchynge 1

feden v. "feed," s.v. feed v. OED. KEY: feden@v
feden v 16 fed 2 fedde 5 fede 2 feden 2 fedeth 1 fedyn 1 feede 3

feding ger. "food, nourishment," s.v. feeding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: feding@ger
feding ger 1 feedyng 1

feffen v. "enfeoff, put in possession of, give," s.v. feoff v. OED. KEY: feffen@v
feffen v 4 feffe 2 feffed 1 feffedestow 1

feinen v. "feign, falsify; pretend, dissemble; devise, invent; imitate; evade (a duty or order); (ppl. adj.) feigned, false," s.v. feign v. OED, feigned ppl. a. OED. KEY: feinen@v feinen@v#adj
feinen v#adj 15 feyned 13 feynede 2
feinen v 39 fayned 1 feyne 15 feyned 11 feynede 2 feynen 1 feynest 2 feyneth 2 feynynge 3 yfeyned 2

feining ger. "feigning, pretense," s.v. feigning vbl. sb. OED. KEY: feining@ger
feining ger 3 feynyng 1 feynynge 2

feint adj. "feigned, pretended," s.v. feint a. OED. KEY: feint@adj
feint adj 1 feynt 1

feinten v. "grow faint, weaken," s.v. faint v. OED. KEY: feinten@v
feinten v 4 faynte 1 feynte 2 feyntest 1

feinting ger. "deception," s.v. feint v. OED. KEY: feinting@ger
feinting ger 1 feyntyng 1

feire n. "fair, market," s.v. fair sb.\1 OED. KEY: feire@n
feire n 3 faire 2 fayre 1

feith n. "faith, religious belief; confidence, credence; loyalty, pledged word," s.v. faith sb. OED. KEY: feith@n
feith n 108 faith 1 fay 4 fayth 1 feith 66 fey 21 feyth 15

feithed ppl. "(adj.) provided with faith," s.v. faithed ppl. a. OED. KEY: feithed@ppl#adj
feithed ppl#adj 1 feythed 1

feithful adj. "faithful, loyal; devout," s.v. faithful a. OED. KEY: feithful@adj
feithful adj 8 feithful 8

feithfulli adv. "faithfully, loyally; devoutly; sincerely; truly, indeed," s.v. faithfully adv. OED. KEY: feithfulli@adv
feithfulli adv 15 feithfully 10 feythfully 5

fel adj. "fell, fierce; dreadful," s.v. fell a. and adv. OED. KEY: fel@adj
fel adj 11 fel 6 felle 5

fel n.(1) "skin," s.v. fell sb.\1 OED. KEY: fel@n1
fel n1 1 fel 1

felaue n. "fellow, companion; man, chap; associate, equal partner; fellow (of a college)," s.v. fellow sb. OED. KEY: felaue@n
felaue n 80 felawe 59 felawes 20 felowe 1

felaushipe n. "fellowship, companionship; partnership; household," s.v. fellowship sb. OED. KEY: felaushipe@n
felaushipe n 14 felaweshipe 9 felawship 1 felawshipe 3 felawsshyppe 1

felaushipen v. "accompany; join," s.v. fellowship v. OED. KEY: felaushipen@v
felaushipen v 4 felawschipeth 2 felawschipith 1 ifelaschiped 1

feld n. "field," s.v. field sb. OED. KEY: feld@n
feld n 45 feeld 16 feeldes 12 feeldis 1 feld 11 feldes 5

felde-fare n. "thrush," s.v. fieldfare OED. KEY: felde-fare@n
felde-fare n 2 feldefare 2

fele indef. num. "(as adj.) many," s.v. fele adv. (quasi-sb.) and a. OED. KEY: fele@num_adj
fele num_adj 11 feele 1 fele 10

fele-fold adj. "manifold, multiple," s.v. felefold a. (adv.) OED. KEY: fele-folde@adj
fele-folde adj 1 felefolde 1

felen v.(1) "feel; think, believe; inquire indirectly; perceive, realize; experience; (ppl. adj.) sentient, capable of feeling," s.v. feel v. OED, feeling ppl. a. OED. KEY: felen@v1 felen@v1#adj
felen v1#adj 1 felyng 1
felen v1 117 feele 15 feeled 1 feelede 1 feelen 3 feeleth 6 feelist 1 feelynge 1 fele 22 feled 3 felen 3 feleth 5 felid 1 felistow 1 felt 11 felte 38 felten 3 feltest 1 felyng 1

felicite n. "felicity, happiness," s.v. felicity OED. KEY: felicite@n
felicite n 19 felicite 8 felicitee 10 felycite 1

felinge ger.(1) "feeling, emotion, sensation," s.v. feeling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: felinge@ger1
felinge ger1 14 feelynge 4 felyng 6 felynge 4

felingli adv. "feelingly," s.v. feelingly adv. OED. KEY: felingli@adv
felingli adv 2 feelyngly 1 felyngly 1

fellen v. "fell, cause to fall," s.v. fell v. OED. KEY: fellen@v
fellen v 3 feld 1 felden 1 felle 1

felliche adv. "fiercely," s.v. felly adv. OED. KEY: felliche@adv
felliche adv 1 felliche 1

felnesse n. "fierceness," s.v. fellness OED. KEY: felnesse@n
felnesse n 1 felnesse 1

felonie n. "felony, crime; wickedness, malice," s.v. felony sb.\1 OED. KEY: felonie@n
felonie n 27 felonie 2 felonies 1 felonye 16 felonyes 8

felonous adj. "felonious, criminal; wicked, hostile," s.v. felonous a. OED. KEY: felonous@adj
felonous adj 18 felenous 3 felonous 10 felonows 1 felonus 4

feloun adj. "felonious, hostile," s.v. felon a. and sb.\1 OED. KEY: feloun@adj
feloun adj 1 feloun 1

feloun n.(1) "felon, criminal," s.v. felon a. and sb.\1 OED. KEY: feloun@n1
feloun n1 3 felons 1 feloun 1 felouns 1

femele adj. & n. "female," s.v. female a. and sb. OED. KEY: femele@adj femele@n
femele adj 1 femele 1
femele n 2 femele 2

Femenie n. "Femenie, land of the Amazons," place name. KEY: femenie@n#propn
femenie n#propn 2 femenye 2

feminine adj. & n. "(as adj.) feminine," s.v. feminine a. and sb. OED. KEY: feminine@adj
feminine adj 1 femynyne 1

femininite n. "femininity," s.v. femininity OED. KEY: femininite@n
femininite n 1 femynynytee 1

fen n.(1) "fen, marsh," s.v. fen sb.\1 OED. KEY: fen@n1
fen n1 3 fen 3

fen n.(3) "section in Avicenna's Canon," s.v. fen sb.\3 OED. KEY: fen@n3
fen n3 1 fen 1

fend n. "fiend, devil," s.v. fiend OED. KEY: fend@n
fend n 55 feend 46 feendes 4 fend 4 fendes 1

fendliche adj. "fiendish, devilish," s.v. fiendly a. OED. KEY: fendliche@adj
fendliche adj 7 feendly 5 feendlych 1 fendly 1

fenel n. "fennel, the herb," s.v. fennel OED. KEY: fenel@n
fenel n 1 fenell 1

fenix n. "the Phoenix, the mythical bird," s.v. phoenix1, phenix OED. KEY: fenix@n
fenix n 1 fenix 1

fer adj.(1) "far; (as n.) (those living) farthest (away)," s.v. far a. OED. KEY: fer@adj1 fer@adj1#n
fer adj1 9 fer 8 ferre 1
fer adj1#n 1 ferreste 1

fer adv. "far," s.v. far adv. OED. KEY: fer@adv
fer adv 99 far 2 fer 92 ferre 3 ferrer 1 ferrest 1

fer n.(1) "fear; danger," s.v. fear sb. OED. KEY: fer@n1
fer n1 61 feere 28 fer 1 fere 32

ferde n.(1) "fear, being afraid," s.v. ferd sb.\2 OED. KEY: ferde@n1
ferde n1 5 ferd 1 ferde 3 fered 1

fere n.(1) "companion, spouse; equal," s.v. fere sb.\1 OED. KEY: fere@n1
fere n1 6 feere 2 fere 3 feres 1

fere n.(2) "companionship," s.v. fere sb.\2 OED. KEY: fere@n2
fere n2 1 fere 1

fered ppl. "frightened, afraid," s.v. feared ppl. a. OED. KEY: fered@ppl
fered ppl_abs 1 fered 1
fered ppl 2 fered 2

feren v.(1) "frighten," s.v. fear v. OED. KEY: feren@v1
feren v1 1 fere 1

fer-forth adv. "so far as, so much as, to the extent that," s.v. far-forth adv. OED. KEY: fer-forth@adv
fer-forth adv 29 ferforth 29

ferforthli adv. "completely, so far as, to the extent that," s.v. far-forth a. OED. KEY: ferforthli@adv
ferforthli adv 4 ferforthly 4

ferful adj. "fearful," s.v. fearful a. OED. KEY: ferful@adj
ferful adj 2 fereful 1 ferfulleste 1

ferli adj. "wondrous, amazing," s.v. ferly a. and sb. OED. KEY: ferli@adj
ferli adj 1 ferly 1

ferm adj. "firm, steadfast; certain," s.v. firm a. and adv. OED. KEY: ferm@adj
ferm adj 5 ferme 5

ferme adv. "firmly, steadfastly, unswervingly," s.v. firm a. and adv. OED. KEY: ferme@adv
ferme adv 4 ferme 4

ferme n.(2) "payment," s.v. farm sb.\2 OED. KEY: ferme@n2
ferme n2 1 ferme 1

fermeli adv. "firmly, steadfastly, faithfully," s.v. firmly adv. OED. KEY: fermeli@adv
fermeli adv 9 feermely 1 fermely 8

fermen v.(3) "make firm," s.v. firm v. OED. KEY: fermen@v3
fermen v3 1 ferme 1

fermentacioun n. "fermentation," s.v. fermentation OED. KEY: fermentacioun@n
fermentacioun n 1 fermentacioun 1

fermerer n. "officer in charge of a monastic infirmary," s.v. fermerer\1 OED. KEY: fermerer@n
fermerer n 1 fermerer 1

fermour n. "tax collector," s.v. farmer\2 OED. KEY: fermour@n
fermour n 1 fermour 1

fern adj. "previous, past," s.v. fern a. and adv. OED, fern- adj. (in cpds.) MED. KEY: fern@adj
fern adj 1 ferne 1

fern adv. "for a long time," s.v. fern a. and adv. OED. KEY: fern@adv
fern adv 1 fern 1

fern n.(1) "fern," s.v. fern sb. OED. KEY: fern@n1
fern n1 2 feern 1 fern 1

fern-asshen n. "ashes of fern," s.v. fern sb. OED, fern n.(1) MED. KEY: fern-asshen@n
fern-asshen n 1 fern-asshen 1

Ferrare n. "Ferrara, in Italy," place name; not in MED. KEY: ferrare@n#propn
ferrare n#propn 1 ferrare 1

ferrene adj. "far off, distant," s.v. ferren adv. and a. OED. KEY: ferrene@adj
ferrene adj 2 ferne 2

fers adj. "fierce, bold, dangerous," s.v. fierce a. OED. KEY: fers@adj
fers adj 14 feirs 1 ferse 1 fiers 6 fierse 5 fyerse 1

fers n. "chess piece, queen in chess," s.v. fers OED. KEY: fers@n
fers n 6 fers 5 ferses 1

fersli adv. "fiercely," s.v. fiercely adv. OED. KEY: fersli@adv
fersli adv 1 fiersly 1

fert n. "fart," s.v. fart OED. KEY: fert@n
fert n 9 fart 8 fartes 1

ferthe num. "(as adj. and n.) fourth," s.v. fourth a. and sb. OED. KEY: ferthe@num_adj ferthe@num_n
ferthe num_adj 33 ferthe 12 fourthe 21
ferthe num_n 10 ferthe 4 fourthe 6

ferther adj. "farther," s.v. farther adv. and a. OED. KEY: ferther@adj
ferther adj 2 ferther 2

ferther adv. "further," s.v. farther adv. and a. OED. KEY: ferther@adv
ferther adv 20 ferther 20

ferther-over adv. "furthermore, moreover," s.v. furtherover adv. OED. KEY: ferther-over@adv
ferther-over adv 1 ferther-over 1

ferthest adj. & n. "(as adj.) farthest," s.v. farthest a. and adv. OED. KEY: ferthest@adj
ferthest adj 1 ferthest 1

ferthing n. "farthing, quarter of a penny," s.v. farthing sb. OED. KEY: ferthing@n
ferthing n 3 ferthyng 3

ferting ger. "farting," s.v. fart v. OED. KEY: ferting@ger
ferting ger 1 fartyng 1

fervent adj. "fervent, hot," s.v. fervent a. OED. KEY: fervent@adj
fervent adj 1 fervent 1

ferventli adv. "fervently, ardently," s.v. fervently adv. OED. KEY: ferventli@adv
ferventli adv 1 ferventliche 1

fesaunt n. "pheasant," s.v. pheasant OED. KEY: fesaunt@n
fesaunt n 1 fesaunt 1

fese n. "rush, blast," s.v. feeze sb. OED. KEY: fese@n
fese n 1 veze 1

feste n. "feast, banquet; festival, festivity; (with maken) (treat with) respect," s.v. feast sb. OED. KEY: feste@n
feste n 78 feeste 32 feestes 5 feste 33 festes 8

festen v. "feast, dine; entertain," s.v. feast v. OED. KEY: festen@v
festen v 7 feeste 3 feste 2 festeiynge 1 festeth 1

festinge ger. "feast; entertainment," s.v. feasting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: festinge@ger
festinge ger 2 festeyinge 1 festeynges 1

festivalli adv. "wittily," s.v. festivally adv. OED. KEY: festivalli@adv
festivalli adv 1 festyvaly 1

festli adj. "fond of festivity," s.v. feastly a. OED. KEY: festli@adj
festli adj 1 feestlych 1

fet n. "skill, practices," s.v. feat sb. OED. KEY: fet@n
fet n 1 feet 1

feter n. "fetter, shackle," s.v. fetter sb. OED. KEY: feter@n
feter n 3 feteres 1 fettres 2

feteren v. "(pt. sg. and ppl.) fettered, shackled," s.v. fetter v.\1 OED. KEY: feteren@v
feteren v 5 fetered 3 fettred 1 yfetered 1

fether n. "feather," s.v. feather sb. OED. KEY: fether@n
fether n 19 fethere 1 fetheres 13 fetheris 3 fethers 1 fethres 1

fetherbed n. "feather-bed," s.v. feather-bed OED, fether n. MED. KEY: fetherbed@n
fetherbed n 2 fether-bed 1 fetherbed 1

fetheren v.(1) "cover with feathers; (of birds) copulate," s.v. feather v.\1 OED. KEY: fetheren@v1
fetheren v1 6 fethered 5 fethred 1

fetis adj. "elegant, well made," s.v. featous a. OED. KEY: fetis@adj
fetis adj 10 fetys 10

fetisli adv. "elegantly, neatly," s.v. featously adv. OED. KEY: fetisli@adv
fetisli adv 10 fetisly 8 fetysly 2

fetten v. "fetch, bring," s.v. fet v. OED. KEY: fetten@v
fetten v 20 fet 6 fette 12 yfet 2

feture n.(1) "feature," s.v. feature sb. OED. KEY: feture@n1
feture n1 2 fetures 2

feue indef. pron. (pl.) "(as adj. and pron.) few," s.v. few a. OED. KEY: feue@pron feue@pron_gram_adj
feue pron 10 fewe 10
feue pron_gram_adj 33 fewe 33

fever n. "fever," s.v. fever sb.\1 OED. KEY: fever@n
fever n 6 fevere 4 fevre 2

fi interj. "fie," s.v. fie int. OED. KEY: fi@interj
fi interj 24 fy 24

fichen v.(1) "fix, fasten; establish, found; place (letters)," s.v. ficche v.\1 OED. KEY: fichen@v1
fichen v1 9 ficche 1 ficched 1 ficcheth 1 fycched 1 fycchen 4 ifycchid 1

fif-tene card. num. "(as adj.) fifteen," s.v. fifteen a. and sb. OED. KEY: fif-tene@num_adj
fif-tene num_adj 2 fiftene 2

fifte ord. num. "(as adj. and n.) fifth," s.v. fifth a. and sb. OED. KEY: fifte@num_adj fifte@num_n
fifte num_adj 16 fifte 3 fifthe 11 fyfte 2
fifte num_n 5 fifte 3 fifthe 2

fifti card. num. "(as adj.) fifty," s.v. fifty a. and sb. OED. KEY: fifti@num_adj
fifti num_adj 5 fifty 5

fige n. "fig," s.v. fig sb.\1 OED. KEY: fige@n
fige n 2 fige 1 fyges 1

fight n. "fight," s.v. fight sb. OED. KEY: fight@n
fight n 3 fight 2 fyght 1

fighten v. "fight," s.v. fight v. OED. KEY: fighten@v
fighten v 37 faught 5 faughte 1 fighte 13 fighten 4 fighteth 2 fightyng 1 foghte 1 foghten 1 foughte 1 foughten 2 fyght 1 fyghte 4 fyghten 1

fightinge ger. "fighting," s.v. fighting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: fightinge@ger
fightinge ger 3 fightyng 3

figure n. "figure, appearance, shape; image, illustration; parable; stylistic device; (astro.) configuration (of planets); numerical figure," s.v. figure sb. OED. KEY: figure@n
figure n 41 figure 24 figures 17

figuren v. "(ppl.) symbolized; marked," s.v. figure v. OED. KEY: figuren@v
figuren v 2 figured 2

figuringe ger. "symbolic meaning," s.v. figuring vbl. sb. OED. KEY: figuringe@ger
figuringe ger 2 figurynge 2

fikelnesse n. "fickleness," s.v. fickleness OED. KEY: fikelnesse@n
fikelnesse n 1 fikelnesse 1

file n.(1) "file, rasp," s.v. file sb.\1 OED. KEY: file@n1
file n1 1 fyle 1

filen v.(1) "file, sharpen," s.v. file v.\1 OED. KEY: filen@v1
filen v1 2 file 1 fyled 1

filet n. "fillet, headband," s.v. fillet sb. OED. KEY: filet@n
filet n 1 filet 1

filius Lat. n. "son." KEY: filius@lat_n
filius lat_n 1 filius 1

fille n.(1) "fill," s.v. fill sb.\1 OED. KEY: fille@n1
fille n1 10 fille 10

fillen v. "fill," s.v. fill v. OED. KEY: fillen@v
fillen v 5 fild 3 fille 1 filled 1

filth n. "filth; moral foulness, infamy; sinfulness," s.v. filth sb. OED. KEY: filth@n
filth n 18 felthe 1 filthe 13 filthes 2 fylthe 2

fin adj. "fine, excellent, refined," s.v. fine a. OED. KEY: fin@adj
fin adj 40 fyn 28 fyne 9 fyner 1 fynest 1 fyneste 1

final adj. "final; ultimate; (as n. with for) conclusively," s.v. final a. and sb. OED. KEY: final@adj final@adjas_n
final adjas_n 1 fynal 1
final adj 5 final 4 fynal 1

finalli adv. "finally, conclusively; definitely, completely," s.v. finally adv. OED. KEY: finalli@adv
finalli adv 33 finally 12 finaly 6 fynally 8 fynaly 7

fin n.(1) "fin (of a fish)," s.v. fin sb. OED. KEY: fin@n1
fin n1 1 fynnes 1

fin n.(2) "end, conclusion; result, outcome; aim, purpose," s.v. fine sb.\1 OED. KEY: fin@n2
fin n2 32 fyn 32

finch n. "finch," s.v. finch OED. KEY: finch@n
finch n 3 fynch 2 fynches 1

finden v. "find, discover; provide, provide for; arrange, devise; fabricate, invent; assume (a facial expression)," s.v. find v. OED. KEY: finden@v
finden v 402 finde 2 fond 71 fonde 1 fonden 1 foond 31 found 7 founde 50 founden 19 fownde 2 fownden 2 fynd 3 fynde 180 fynden 22 fyndes 1 fyndeth 6 fynt 4

findere n. "originator," s.v. finder OED. KEY: findere@n
findere n 2 fynder 2

finding ger. "provision (of sustenance), support," s.v. finding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: finding@ger
finding ger 1 fyndyng 1

fine adv.(1) "well, thoroughly," s.v. fine a. OED. KEY: fine@adv1
fine adv1 2 fyn 1 fyne 1

finen v.(1) "end, cease, finish," s.v. fine v.\1 OED. KEY: finen@v1
finen v1 5 fyne 5

finen v.(3) "(ppl.) embellished, beautified," s.v. fine v.\3 OED. KEY: finen@v3
finen v3 1 fyned 1

finger n. "finger," s.v. finger sb. OED. KEY: finger@n
finger n 20 fingres 1 fynger 11 fyngeres 1 fyngres 7

fingering ger. "fingering, plucking (strings of a musical instrument)," s.v. fingering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: fingering@ger
fingering ger 1 fyngerynge 1

finishen v. "(ppl.) finished," s.v. finish v. OED. KEY: finishen@v
finishen v 1 fynissched 1

Finistere n. "Cape Finisterre, in Spain," place name; not in MED. KEY: finistere@n#propn
finistere n#propn 1 fynystere 1

fiole n. "vial," s.v. viol sb.\1 OED. KEY: fiole@n
fiole n 1 violes 1

fir n. "fire; the element fire; erysipelas (a skin disease)," s.v. fire sb. OED. KEY: fir@n
fir n 155 feere 1 fieres 1 fir 50 fire 9 fires 6 fuyer 1 fyer 5 fyr 77 fyre 2 fyres 3

fir-brond n. "torch," s.v. fire-brand OED. KEY: fir-brond@n
fir-brond n 2 fyrbrond 2

firen v. "(ppl.) inflamed," s.v. fire v.\1 OED. KEY: firen@v
firen v 1 yfyred 1

firi adj. "fiery, flaming," s.v. fiery a. OED. KEY: firi@adj
firi adj 11 fery 1 firi 1 firy 7 fyry 2

fir-makinge n. "fire-making"; not in OED; s.v. fir n. MED Suppl. KEY: fir-makinge@n
fir-makinge n 1 fyr-makynge 1

firmament n. "firmament, heavens; (astro.) celestial sphere," s.v. firmament OED. KEY: firmament@n
firmament n 16 firmament 16

firre n.(1) "fir," s.v. fir OED. KEY: firre@n1
firre n1 2 firre 1 fyr 1

fir-red adj. "fire-red," s.v. fire-red a. OED, fir n. MED; cf. firi adj. MED. KEY: fir-red@adj
fir-red adj 1 fyr-reed 1

first adv. "first," s.v. first a. (sb.) and adv. OED. KEY: first@adv
first adv 248 ferst 1 firsst 1 first 240 fyrst 6

first ord. num. "(as adj. and n.) first," s.v. first a. (sb.) and adv. OED. KEY: first@num_adj first@num_n
first num_adj 119 ferste 1 first 26 firste 91 fyrst 1
first num_n 14 first 4 firste 10

fish n. "fish; (astro.) Pisces, the zodiacal sign," s.v. fish sb.\1 OED. KEY: fish@n
fish n 19 fish 1 fishes 1 fissh 9 fisshes 2 fysches 1 fyssche 1 fyssches 1 fyssh 3

fishen v. "fish, fish for," s.v. fish v.\1 OED. KEY: fishen@v
fishen v 6 fisshe 4 fisshed 1 fisshen 1

fishere n. "fisherman," s.v. fisher OED. KEY: fishere@n
fishere n 1 fissher 1

Fisshstrete n. "Fishstreet, in London," place name; s.v. fish n. MED. KEY: fisshstrete@n#propn
fisshstrete n#propn 1 fysshstrete 1

fist n.(1) "fist," s.v. fist sb.\1 OED. KEY: fist@n1
fist n1 6 fest 5 fistes 1

fit n.(1) "division of a narrative," s.v. fit sb.\1 OED. KEY: fit@n1
fit n1 1 fit 1

fit n.(2) "experience," s.v. fit sb.\2 OED. KEY: fit@n2
fit n2 3 fit 3

fithele n. "fiddle, stringed musical instrument," s.v. fiddle sb. OED. KEY: fithele@n
fithele n 1 fithele 1

five card. num. "(as adj. and n.) five," s.v. five a. and sb. OED. KEY: five@num_adj five@num_n
five num_adj 40 five 1 fyf 1 fyve 38
five num_n 7 fyve 7

fix ppl. & adj. "(as adj.) fixed," s.v. fix a. (adv.) OED. KEY: fix@adj
fix adj 25 fix 14 fixe 10 fixes 1

fixe ppl. & adv. "(as adv.) firmly," s.v. fix a. (adv.) OED. KEY: fixe@adv
fixe adv 5 fix 5

fixen v. "(ppl.) placed firmly," s.v. fix v. OED. KEY: fixen@v
fixen v 5 fix 2 fixed 3

flake n.(1) "flake (of snow)," s.v. flake sb.\2 OED. KEY: flake@n1
flake n1 1 flakes 1

flanke n. "flank," s.v. flank sb.\1 OED. KEY: flanke@n
flanke n 1 flankes 1

flat adj. "flat, even," s.v. flat a. adv. and sb.\3 OED. KEY: flat@adj
flat adj 2 flat 2

flat n.(1) "flat (of a sword)," s.v. flat sb.\3 OED. KEY: flat@n1
flat n1 1 flat 1

flateren v.(1) "flatter; (ppl. adj.) flattering," s.v. flatter v.\1 OED, flattering ppl. a. OED. KEY: flateren@v1 flateren@v1#adj
flateren v1#adj 5 flaterynge 5
flateren v1 7 flater 1 flatere 2 flaterest 1 flateryd 1 yflatered 2

flaterer n. "flatterer," s.v. flatterer OED. KEY: flaterer@n
flaterer n 12 flaterere 1 flatereres 11

flaterie n. "flattery (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. flattery OED. KEY: flaterie@n flaterie@n#propn
flaterie n 18 flaterie 5 flateries 1 flaterye 12
flaterie n#propn 2 flaterye 2

flatering ger. "flattering, flattery," s.v. flattering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: flatering@ger
flatering ger 5 flaterynge 3 flaterynges 2

flatour n. "flatterer," s.v. flatter OED. KEY: flatour@n
flatour n 1 flatour 1

flaume n. "flame," s.v. flame sb. OED. KEY: flaume@n
flaume n 14 flambe 1 flambes 3 flaumbe 5 flaumbes 3 flaume 1 flawmes 1

Flaundres n. "Flanders," place name; not in MED, but cf. Flaundres n. MED. KEY: flaundres@n#propn
flaundres n#propn 5 flaundres 5

Flaundres-ward n. "the direction of Flanders"; not in OED.; s.v. Flaundres-ward n. MED Suppl. KEY: flaundres-ward@n
flaundres-ward n 1 flaundres-ward 1

Flaundrish adj. "Flemish, from Flanders," s.v. Flandrish a. OED. KEY: flaundrish@adj
flaundrish adj 1 flaundryssh 1

fle n. "flea, the insect," s.v. flea sb. OED. KEY: fle@n
fle n 1 fleen 1

Flegitoun n. "Phlegethon, a river in the classical underworld," place name; not in MED. KEY: flegitoun@n#propn
flegitoun n#propn 1 flegitoun 1

fleing ger.(2) "fleeing," s.v. fleeing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: fleing@ger2
fleing ger2 1 fleynge 1

flekked ppl. "(adj.) flecked," s.v. flecked ppl. a. OED. KEY: flekked@ppl#adj
flekked ppl#adj 2 flekked 2

flemen v.(1) "drive away, banish; (ppl. adj.) banished," s.v. fleme v. OED. KEY: flemen@v1 flemen@v1#adj
flemen v1#adj 1 flemed 1
flemen v1 3 fleemeth 1 fleme 1 flemen 1

flemer n. "driver-out," s.v. fleme v. OED. KEY: flemer@n
flemer n 1 flemere 1

fleming ger. "banishment," s.v. fleme v. OED. KEY: fleming@ger
fleming ger 1 flemyng 1

Fleming n. "native of Flanders," s.v. Fleming\1 OED. KEY: fleming@n
fleming n 3 flemyng 3

flen v.(1) "flee, run away; escape; go away, depart; avoid, shun; (ppl. adj.) fleeing," s.v. flee v.\1 OED, fleeing ppl. a. OED. KEY: flen@v1 flen@v1#adj
flen v1 100 fle 12 fled 9 fledde 13 fledden 4 flee 32 fleeinge 1 fleen 17 fleest 1 fleeth 6 fleigh 1 flen 2 fleth 1 yfled 1

flen v1#adj 2 fleinge 1 fleynge 1
flen v.(2) "(ppl.) flayed," s.v. flay v. OED. KEY: flen@v2
flen v2 1 flayne 1

fles n. "fleece," s.v. fleece sb. OED. KEY: fles@n
fles n 9 flees 2 fleezes 2 fles 5

flesh n. "flesh; body; physical nature; meat," s.v. flesh sb. OED. KEY: flesh@n
flesh n 57 fleesh 1 flesh 6 flessh 50

flesh-hook n. "meat hook," s.v. flesh-hook OED, flesh n. MED. KEY: flesh-hook@n
flesh-hook n 1 flesshhook 1

fleshi adj. "plump, shapely," s.v. fleshy a. and adv. OED. KEY: fleshi@adj
fleshi adj 1 flesshy 1

fleshliche adj. "fleshly, physical, carnal; plump, shapely," s.v. flesshly a. and adv. OED. KEY: fleshliche@adj
fleshliche adj 17 flesshly 17

fleshliche adv. "physically, carnally," s.v. flesshly a. and adv. OED. KEY: fleshliche@adv
fleshliche adv 4 flesshly 4

fleten v.(1) "float, drift; swim; luxuriate in; overflow, be filled with; (ppl. adj.) flowing; floating, aimless," s.v. fleet v.\1 OED, fleeting ppl. a. OED. KEY: fleten@v1 fleten@v1#adj
fleten v1#adj 3 fleetynge 2 fletyng 1
fleten v1 23 fleet 1 fleete 1 fleetyn 1 flete 5 fleten 5 fleteth 1 fletith 3 fletyng 1 fletynge 5

flex n. "flax," s.v. flax sb. OED. KEY: flex@n
flex n 1 flex 1

Flexippe n. "Flexippe, Criseyde's niece in Tr," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: flexippe@n#propn
flexippe n#propn 1 flexippe 1

flie n.(1) "fly, housefly; flying insect," s.v. fly sb.\1 OED. KEY: flie@n1
flie n1 14 flye 10 flyes 4

flien v. "fly (with wings); (ppl. adj.) flying," s.v. fly v.\1 OED, flying ppl. a. OED. KEY: flien@v flien@v#adj
flien v#adj 1 flyenge 1
flien v 37 flaugh 1 fle 6 flee 8 fleen 4 fleeth 5 fleigh 5 fley 1 fleynge 2 flowen 2 flyen 2 flygh 1

flight n.(1) "flight, fleeing (from danger or battle)," s.v. flight sb.\1 OED. KEY: flight@n1
flight n1 7 flight 1 flighte 4 flyght 1 flyghte 1

flight n.(2) "flight, flying (with wings)," s.v. flight sb.\2 OED. KEY: flight@n2
flight n2 3 flight 2 flyght 1

fliing ger.(1) "flying (with wings)," s.v. flying vbl. sb. OED. KEY: fliing@ger
fliing ger 1 fleynge 1

flikeren v. "flutter," s.v. flicker v. OED. KEY: flikeren@v
flikeren v 2 flikered 1 flikerynge 1

flint n. "flint," s.v. flint sb. OED. KEY: flint@n
flint n 2 flint 1 flyntes 1

flitten v. "move; transfer, transport; change, vary; (ppl. adj.) fleeting, impermanent," s.v. flit v. OED, flitting ppl. a. OED. KEY: flitten@v flitten@v#adj
flitten v#adj 5 flyttynge 5
flitten v 5 flitte 1 flitted 1 flytte 1 flytteth 1 iflyt 1

flo n. "arrow," s.v. flo OED. KEY: flo@n
flo n 1 flo 1

flod n. "flood, deluge; river; high tide," s.v. flood sb. OED. KEY: flod@n
flod n 26 flod 2 flodes 5 flood 14 floodes 5

flok n.(1) "flock," s.v. flock sb.\1 OED. KEY: flok@n1
flok n1 2 flok 1 flokkes 1

flok-mele adv. "in groups," s.v. flock-meal adv. OED. KEY: flok-mele@adv
flok-mele adv 1 flokmeele 1

flor n. "floor," s.v. floor sb.\1 OED. KEY: flor@n
flor n 12 floor 10 flor 2

Flora n. "Flora, goddess of flowers," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: flora@n#propn
flora n#propn 2 flora 2

floren n. "florin, a gold coin," s.v. florin OED. KEY: floren@n
floren n 6 floreyns 1 floryn 2 floryns 3

Florence n. "Florence, in Italy," place name; not in MED. KEY: florence@n#propn
florence n#propn 1 florence 1

florishen v. "flourish, prosper; produce flowers; (ppl. adj.) flourishing," s.v. flourish v. OED, flourishing ppl. a. OED. KEY: florishen@v florishen@v#adj
florishen v#adj 1 florysschyng 1
florishen v 2 florissheth 1 florissynge 1

florishing ger. "bloom, blossom; decoration," s.v. flourishing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: florishing@ger
florishing ger 2 florisshinges 1 florisshynge 1

floteren v. "flutter, waver, be unstable; (ppl. adj.) unstable," s.v. flutter v. OED, fluttering ppl. a. OED. KEY: floteren@v floteren@v#adj
floteren v#adj 1 floterynge 1
floteren v 1 floteren 1

flotri adj. "fluttering," s.v. fluttery a. OED. KEY: flotri@adj
flotri adj 1 flotery 1

flouen v. "flow; rise to high tide; (ppl. adj.) wavering, mutable," s.v. flow v. OED, flowing ppl. a. OED. KEY: flouen@v flouen@v#adj
flouen v#adj 2 flowinge 1 flowynge 1
flouen v 6 flowen 3 floweth 1 flowynge 2

flour n.(1) "flower, flowering plant; (with of) best, model; best part; prime of life," s.v. flower sb. OED. KEY: flour@n1
flour n1 124 flour 69 floure 2 floures 51 flouris 1 flourys 1

flour n.(2) "flour, ground grain," s.v. flour sb. OED. KEY: flour@n2
flour n2 5 flour 5

flour-de-lice n. "lily flower," s.v. fleur-de-lis OED. KEY: flour-de-lice@n
flour-de-lice n 1 flour-de-lys 1

flouren v.(1) "flower, bloom, flourish," s.v. flower v. OED. KEY: flouren@v1
flouren v1 6 floure 1 floured 1 flouren 1 floureth 3

flouret n. "little flower, bud," s.v. floweret OED. KEY: flouret@n
flouret n 1 flourettes 1

flouri adj.(1) "flowery, filled with flowers," s.v. flowery a. OED. KEY: flouri@adj1
flouri adj1 3 floury 3

flouroun n. "little flower, petal(?)," s.v. fleuron OED. KEY: flouroun@n
flouroun n 3 florouns 1 flourouns 1 flowrouns 1

floute n. "flute," s.v. flute sb.\1 OED. KEY: floute@n
floute n 1 flowte 1

flouten v. "(ppl.) playing the flute," s.v. flute v. OED. KEY: flouten@v
flouten v 1 floytynge 1

flouter n. "flutist," s.v. fluter OED. KEY: flouter@n
flouter n 1 flowtours 1

fnesen v. "wheeze," s.v. fnese v. OED. KEY: fnesen@v
fnesen v 1 fneseth 1

fnorten v. "snore loudly (like a horse's snort)"; not in OED. KEY: fnorten@v
fnorten v 2 fnorteth 2

fo n. "foe," s.v. foe a. and sb. OED. KEY: fo@n
fo n 59 fo 16 foes 5 fon 1 foo 29 foon 2 foos 6

fodder n. "fodder," s.v. fodder sb. OED. KEY: fodder@n
fodder n 2 fodder 1 foddre 1

fode n.(1) "food," s.v. food sb. OED. KEY: fode@n1
fode n1 6 foode 6

foinen v. "stab, thrust," s.v. foin v. OED. KEY: foinen@v
foinen v 3 foyne 1 foynen 1 foyneth 1

foisoun n. "abundance," s.v. foison sb. OED. KEY: foisoun@n
foisoun n 3 foisoun 1 foyson 2

fol adj. "foolish; lecherous," s.v. fool sb.\1 and a. OED. KEY: fol@adj
fol adj 9 fol 1 fool 8

fol n. "fool; sinner; court jester," s.v. fool sb.\1 and a. OED. KEY: fol@n
fol n 76 fol 6 foles 8 fool 45 fooles 13 foolis 3 foolys 1

fold n.(1) "sheepfold; flock," s.v. fold sb.\2 OED. KEY: fold@n1
fold n1 2 folde 2

for prep. "for, because of; for the sake of, on behalf of; by means of; for the purpose of; to prevent, avoid; as, as being, as regards; during; (with to and inf.; also as one word; cf. forto adv. & particle) in order to; even if (or as intens.)," s.v. for prep. and conj. OED. KEY: for@prep for@prep_part
for prep 2241 for 2241
for prep_part 1138 for 1138

forsaken v. "forsake, abandon; repudiate, disavow, deny; refuse, reject," s.v. forsake v. OED. KEY: forsaken@v
forsaken v 38 forsake 16 forsaken 9 forsaketh 4 forsok 2 forsook 7

forshapen v. "(ppl.) transformed," s.v. forshape v. OED. KEY: forshapen@v
forshapen v 1 forshapen 1

forshright ppl. "exhausted from screaming"; not in OED; s.v. forshright ppl. MED Suppl. KEY: forshright@ppl
forshright ppl_abs 1 forshright 1

forsleuthen v. "neglect, waste through laziness," s.v. forsloth v. OED. KEY: forsleuthen@v
forsleuthen v 2 forsleweth 1 forslewthen 1

forsluggen v. "neglect, spoil through sluggishness," s.v. for- pref\1 OED. KEY: forsluggen@v
forsluggen v 1 forsluggeth 1

forasmuche adv. "forasmuch," s.v. forasmuch adv. OED, for as much adv. phrase & conj. MED. KEY: for_as_muche@adv
for_as_muche adv 5 forasmoche 1 forasmuche 4

forbeden v. "forbid," s.v. forbid v. OED. KEY: forbeden@v
forbeden v 45 forbad 6 forbede 25 forbedeth 4 forbeede 5 forbet 1 forbode 2 forboden 2

forberen v. "forbear, endure; forgo, refrain from," s.v. forbear v. OED. KEY: forberen@v
forberen v 13 forbar 2 forbere 9 forberen 1 forbereth 1

forbering ger. "forbearing, abstinence, refraining from (sin)," s.v. forbearing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: forbering@ger
forbering ger 3 forberynge 3

forbi adv. & conj. "(as adv.) by, past (in space)," s.v. forby prep. and adv. OED. KEY: forbi@adv
forbi adv 6 forby 6

forbi prep. "by, past (in space)," s.v. forby prep. and adv. OED. KEY: forbi@prep
forbi prep 1 forby 1

forbod n. "prohibition," s.v. forbode sb. OED. KEY: forbod@n
forbod n 1 forbode 1

forbreken v. "break into (a speech), interrupt," s.v. forbreak v. OED. KEY: forbreken@v
forbreken v 1 forbrak 1

forbrused ppl. "severely bruised," s.v. forbruise v. OED. KEY: forbrused@ppl
forbrused ppl_abs 1 forbrused 1

force n. "force, physical power (also as proper n., personiofied); necessity, compulsion; (with no, what) importance, value," s.v. force sb.\1 OED. KEY: force@n force@n#propn
force n 65 force 32 fors 33
force n#propn 1 force 1

forcracchen v. "scratch severely," s.v. for- prefix\1 OED. KEY: forcracchen@v
forcracchen v 1 forcracchen 1

forcutten v. "cut off," s.v. forcut v. OED. KEY: forcutten@v
forcutten v 1 forkutteth 1

ford n. "ford (of a river)," s.v. ford sb. OED. KEY: ford@n
ford n 1 foordes 1

fordon v. "destroy, ruin; kill; break, violate (a law)," s.v. fordo, foredo v. OED. KEY: fordon@v
fordon v 16 fordide 1 fordo 7 fordon 4 fordoo 1 fordoon 3

fordriven v. "(ppl.) driven about, tossed," s.v. fordrive v. OED. KEY: fordriven@v
fordriven v 1 fordryven 1

fordronken ppl. "(adj.) very drunk," s.v. fordrunken ppl. a. OED. KEY: fordronken@ppl#adj
fordronken ppl#adj 1 fordronke 1

fordwinen v. "(ppl.) wasted away, shriveled," s.v. fordwine v. OED. KEY: fordwinen@v
fordwinen v 1 fordwyned 1

fore n. "track, footsteps," s.v. fore sb. OED. KEY: fore@n
fore n 2 foore 2

fore-bisnen v. "teach by examples," s.v. forbysen v. OED. KEY: fore-bisnen@v
fore-bisnen v 1 forbise 1

forein adj. "foreign; outside, external," s.v. foreign a. and sb. OED. KEY: forein@adj
forein adj 19 forense 1 foreyne 18

forein n. "privy, latrine," s.v. foreign a. and sb. OED. KEY: forein@n
forein n 1 foreyne 1

fore-knouen v. "(ppl. adj.) knowing beforehand," s.v. foreknow v. OED. KEY: fore-knouen@v#adj
fore-knouen v#adj 1 forknowynge 1

fore-knouing ger. "foreknowledge," s.v. forknow v. OED. KEY: fore-knouing@ger
fore-knouing ger 1 foreknowynge 1

fore-said ppl. "(adj.) aforesaid, previously mentioned," s.v. foresaid ppl. a. OED. KEY: fore-said@ppl#adj
fore-said ppl#adj 65 foreseide 1 foreseyde 1 forseid 1 forseide 46 forseyde 16

fore-seing ger. "foresight," s.v. foresee OED. KEY: fore-seing@ger
fore-seing ger 1 forseynge 1

fore-sight n. "foresight," s.v. foresight OED. KEY: fore-sight@n
fore-sight n 1 forsight 1

forest n. "forest," s.v. forest sb. OED. KEY: forest@n
forest n 17 forest 15 forestes 2

forever adv. "forever," s.v. forever adv. OED, for prep. MED. KEY: forever@adv
forever adv 1 forever 1

fore-ward adv. "forward, onwards; foremost," s.v. forward a., adv. and sb. OED. KEY: fore-ward@adv
fore-ward adv 5 forward 5

fore-ward n. "agreement, promise," s.v. foreward sb.\1 OED. KEY: fore-ward@n
fore-ward n 12 foreward 4 forward 8

fore-witen v. "know beforehand," s.v. forewit v. OED. KEY: fore-witen@v
fore-witen v 4 forwoot 3 forwot 1

fore-witer n. "one who knows beforehand," s.v. forewit v. OED. KEY: fore-witer@n
fore-witer n 1 forwytere 1

fore-witing ger. "foreknowledge," s.v. forewit v. OED. KEY: fore-witing@ger
fore-witing ger 1 forwityng 1

forfered ppl. "terrified," s.v. forfear v. OED. KEY: forfered@ppl
forfered ppl_abs 1 forfered 1

forfeten v. "transgress, sin," s.v. forfeit v. OED. KEY: forfeten@v
forfeten v 1 forfeted 1

forge n. "forge," s.v. forge sb. OED. KEY: forge@n
forge n 1 forge 1

forgen v. "forge, shape metal; invent," s.v. forge v.\1 OED. KEY: forgen@v
forgen v 9 forge 4 forged 1 forgen 1 forgeth 2 yforged 1

forgon v. "forgo, give up; refrain from; forfeit, lose; lack, be without; exhaust," s.v. forgo, forego v. OED. KEY: forgon@v
forgon v 25 forgo 6 forgon 9 forgoon 7 forgoth 2 foryede 1

forhed n. "forehead," s.v. forehead OED. KEY: forhed@n
forhed n 8 forheed 6 forheved 2

forken v. "(ppl. adj.) forked," s.v. forked ppl. a. OED. KEY: forken@v#adj
forken v#adj 1 forked 1

forkerven v. "cut to pieces," s.v. forcarve v. OED. KEY: forkerven@v
forkerven v 1 forkerveth 1

forlesen v. "lose completely; waste," s.v. forlese v. OED. KEY: forlesen@v
forlesen v 9 forleseth 1 forlore 2 forlorn 6

forleten v. "leave, forsake; cease; lose; (ppl. adj.) neglected," s.v. forlet v.\1 OED. KEY: forleten@v forleten@v#adj
forleten v#adj 2 forleten 2
forleten v 49 forleete 2 forleeten 3 forlete 5 forleten 18 forleteth 11 forletith 10

forleven v.(1) "(ppl.) left off, given up," s.v. forleave v. OED. KEY: forleven@v1
forleven v1 1 forlaft 1

forlinen v. "degenerate; (ppl. adj.) degenerate," s.v. forline v. OED. KEY: forlinen@v forlinen@v#adj
forlinen v#adj 1 forlyned 1
forlinen v 1 forlynen 1

forloine n. "hunting call, indicating hounds have lost the game," s.v. forloin sb. OED. KEY: forloine@n
forloine n 1 forloyn 1

forlosen v. "(ppl. and ppl. adj.) completely lost," s.v. forlose v. OED. KEY: forlosen@v forlosen@v#adj
forlosen v#adj 1 forlost 1
forlosen v 1 forlost 1

formal adj. "formative (cause)," s.v. formal a. and sb. OED. KEY: formal@adj
formal adj 1 formal 1

formalli adv. "logically, by the essential nature of things," s.v. formally adv. OED. KEY: formalli@adv
formalli adv 2 formely 2

forme adj. "first," s.v. forme a. OED, forme-fader n. MED. KEY: forme@adj
forme adj 1 forme 1

forme n. "form, shape, appearance; manner, proper manner; pattern; literary style; lair of a hare," s.v. form sb. OED. KEY: forme@n
forme n 60 foorme 1 foormes 2 forme 46 formes 8 fourme 3

formel adj. & n. "female bird," s.v. formel, formal sb. OED. KEY: formel@adj formel@n
formel adj 2 formel 2
formel n 5 formel 5

formen v. "form, create," s.v. form v.\1 OED. KEY: formen@v
formen v 22 forme 2 formed 11 formede 1 formedest 1 formen 1 fourmed 1 ifourmed 1 yformed 4

former adj. "former, earlier, first," s.v. former a. OED. KEY: former@adj
former adj 2 former 2

formere n. "former, creator," s.v. former sb.\1 OED. KEY: formere@n
formere n 1 formere 1

formest adj. (sup.) "foremost," s.v. foremost a. and adv. OED. KEY: formest@adj
formest adj 1 formest 1

forn-cast ppl. "premeditated," s.v. forne adv., a. and prep. OED. KEY: forn-cast@ppl
forn-cast ppl_abs 2 forncast 2
forn-cast ppl 1 forncast 1

fornicacioun n. "fornication," s.v. fornication sb.\1 OED. KEY: fornicacioun@n
fornicacioun n 5 fornicacioun 5

forpampred ppl. "spoiled, overindulged," s.v. for- pref\1 OED. KEY: forpampred@ppl
forpampred ppl 1 forpampred 1

forpassing ppl. "surpassing," s.v. forpass v. OED. KEY: forpassing@prp
forpassing prp_abs 1 forpassynge 1

forpinen v. "(ppl. adj.) tormented; wasted away," s.v. forpine v. OED. KEY: forpinen@v#adj
forpinen v#adj 4 forpyned 4

forsongen ppl. "exhausted by singing," s.v. for pref\1 OED. KEY: forsongen@ppl
forsongen ppl 1 forsongen 1

forsoth adv. "truly, indeed," s.v. forsooth adv. OED. KEY: forsoth@adv
forsoth adv 32 forsoothe 1 forsothe 31

forster n. "forester," s.v. foster sb.\3 OED. KEY: forster@n
forster n 2 foresteres 1 forster 1

forstraught adj. "distraught," s.v. forstraught pa. pple. OED. KEY: forstraught@adj
forstraught adj 1 forstraught 1

forsweren v. "swear to a falsehood; break an oath; be a traitor," s.v. forswear v. OED, forsworn ppl. a. OED. KEY: forsweren@v
forsweren v 7 forswor 1 forswore 2 forsworn 4

forswering ger. "swearing to a falsehood, perjury," s.v. forswear v. OED. KEY: forswering@ger
forswering ger 5 forsweryng 2 forswerynge 2 forswerynges 1

forth adv. "forth, onwards; away; out, out of," s.v. forth adv., prep., and sb. OED. KEY: forth@adv
forth adv 291 foorth 1 forth 285 forthe 1 furth 4

forth-bi adv. "past (in space)," s.v. forthby adv. OED. KEY: forth-bi@adv
forth-bi adv 1 forthby 1

for-thi pronominal adv. & conj. "therefore, for this reason," s.v. forthy conj. OED. KEY: for-thi@adv&conj
for-thi adv&conj 49 forthi 34 forthy 15

forthinken v. "cause grief, displease; be displeased," s.v. forthink v. OED. KEY: forthinken@v
forthinken v 4 forthoughte 1 forthynke 2 forthynketh 1

forth-right adv. "directly, straightforwardly," s.v. forthright a. and adv. OED. KEY: forth-right@adv
forth-right adv 1 forth-right 1

forth-ward adv. "forward, ahead," s.v. forthward OED. KEY: forth-ward@adv
forth-ward adv 3 forthward 3

forth-with adv. "immediately," s.v. forthwith adv. OED. KEY: forth-with@adv
forth-with adv 2 forth-with 1 forthwith 1

fortitude n. "fortitude," s.v. fortitude OED. KEY: fortitude@n
fortitude n 2 fortitudo 2

forto adv. & particle (with infinitive) "to, in order to"; not in OED. KEY: forto@part
forto part 3 forto 3

fortreden v. "(ppl.) trampled," s.v. fortread v. OED. KEY: fortreden@v
fortreden v 2 fortroden 2

fortuit adj. "fortuitous, accidental," s.v. fortuit a. OED. KEY: fortuit@adj
fortuit adj 2 fortuit 2

Fortuna n. "(with Major) greater fortune, a group of stars"; not in OED; s.v. fortuna major n. MED. KEY: fortuna@n
fortuna n 1 fortuna 1

fortunat adj. "fortunate, favored by fortune; beneficent, happy; (astro.) favorable, propitious," s.v. fortunate a. (and sb.) OED. KEY: fortunat@adj
fortunat adj 11 fortunaat 1 fortunat 10

fortunel adj. "fortuitous, accidental," s.v. fortunel a. OED. KEY: fortunel@adj
fortunel adj 1 fortunel 1

fortunen v. "allot destiny; happen; (ppl. with wel) favored by Fortune; (astro.) calculate planetary position," s.v. fortune v., fortuned ppl. a. OED. KEY: fortunen@v
fortunen v 4 fortuned 2 fortunen 1 fortunest 1

fortune n. "fortune, destiny, fortune (also as proper n., personified); chance; state or possessions given by fortune," s.v. fortune sb. OED. KEY: fortune@n fortune@n#propn
fortune n 124 fortune 118 fortunes 6
fortune n#propn 103 fortune 101 fortunes 2

fortunous adj. "fortuitous, accidental, subject to fortune," s.v. fortunous a. OED. KEY: fortunous@adj
fortunous adj 8 fortunous 5 fortunows 3

forwaked ppl. "exhausted by lack of sleep," s.v. for pref\1 OED. KEY: forwaked@ppl
forwaked ppl_abs 2 forwaked 2

forwe n. "furrow; track, trace," s.v. furrow sb. OED. KEY: forwe@n
forwe n 2 forwes 1 furwe 1

forwelked ppl. "(as adj.) withered," s.v. forwelk v. OED. KEY: forwelked@ppl#adj
forwelked ppl#adj 1 forwelked 1

forwepen v. "(ppl.) exhausted by weeping," s.v. forweep v. OED. KEY: forwepen@v
forwepen v 1 forweped 1

forweren v. "(ppl.) worn out," s.v. forwear v. OED. KEY: forweren@v
forweren v 1 forwered 1

for-whi pronominal adv. & conj. "(as conj.) why, wherefore; because, therefore," s.v. forwhy adv. and conj. OED. KEY: for-whi@conj
for-whi conj 40 for-whi 6 for-why 14 forwhi 6 forwhy 14

forwrappen v. "(ppl.) wrapped up, concealed," s.v. forwrap v. OED. KEY: forwrappen@v
forwrappen v 2 forwrapped 2

foryelden v. "recompense, repay," s.v. foryield v. OED. KEY: foryelden@v
foryelden v 2 foryelde 2

foryetelnesse n. "forgetfulness," s.v. forgetel a. OED. KEY: foryetelnesse@n
foryetelnesse n 1 foryetelnesse 1

foryeten v. "forget; (with mynde, wit) lose (one's mind)," s.v. forget v. OED. KEY: foryeten@v
foryeten v 56 forgat 10 forgate 1 forget 8 forgete 4 forgeten 7 foryat 1 foryet 2 foryete 6 foryeten 15 foryeteth 2

foryetful adj. "forgetful," s.v. forgetful a. OED. KEY: foryetful@adj
foryetful adj 1 foryetful 1

foryeting ger. "forgetting," s.v. forgetting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: foryeting@ger
foryeting ger 3 foryetynge 3

foryeven v. "forgive, pardon," s.v. forgive v. OED. KEY: foryeven@v
foryevenesse n. "forgiveness," s.v. forgiveness OED. KEY: foryevenesse@n
foryevenesse n 11 foryevenesse 2 foryifnesse 9

foryeven v 45 forgaf 2 forgave 1 forgyve 1 foryaf 3 foryeve 20 foryeven 5 foryevest 1 foryeveth 4 foryive 6 foryiveth 1 foryyve 1

foryeving ger. "forgiving," s.v. forgiving vbl. sb. OED. KEY: foryeving@ger
foryeving ger 1 forgyvyng 1

foryift n. "forgiveness," s.v. forgift OED. KEY: foryift@n
foryift n 1 forgyft 1

fostren v. "foster, nourish; raise, educate; cherish; support; (ppl. adj.) nourished, raised," s.v. foster v. OED. KEY: fostren@v fostren@v#adj
fostren v#adj 2 fostred 1 yfostred 1
fostren v 18 fostre 3 fostred 12 fostreth 1 yfostred 2

fostring ger. "fostering, nourishment," s.v. fostering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: fostring@ger
fostring ger 1 fostryng 1

fot n. "foot; step; foot (unit of measurement); poetic foot," s.v. foot sb. OED. KEY: fot@n
fot n 90 feet 41 feete 1 fet 10 fete 2 foot 23 foote 7 fot 1 fote 5

fot-brede n. "one foot (in length)," s.v. foot-breadth, -brede OED. KEY: fot-brede@n
fot-brede n 1 fote-brede 1

fother n. "cart-load," s.v. fother sb. OED. KEY: fother@n
fother n 2 fother 2

fot-hot adv. "immediately," s.v. foot-hot adv. OED. KEY: fot-hot@adv
fot-hot adv 2 foot-hoot 1 fot-hot 1

fot-man n. "foot servant," s.v. footman OED. KEY: fot-man@n
fot-man n 1 footmen 1

fot-mantel n. "woman's riding garment," s.v. foot-mantel OED, fot n. MED. KEY: fot-mantel@n
fot-mantel n 1 foot-mantel 1

foudre n. "lightning, thunderbolt," s.v. foulder OED. KEY: foudre@n
foudre n 1 fouder 1

foul adj. "foul, dirty; ugly, wretched; hideous, frightening; evil, wicked; shameful; painful; (as n.) bad situation, bad luck," s.v. foul a., adv. and sb. OED. KEY: foul@adj foul@adj#n
foul adj 118 foul 58 foule 39 fouler 7 foulere 1 fouleste 6 fowl 1 fowle 4 fowlere 1 fowleste 1
foul adj#n 2 foul 2

foul n. "fowl, bird; flying insect," s.v. fowl sb. OED. KEY: foul@n
foul n 49 foughles 1 foul 11 foules 23 fowel 7 foweles 5 fowles 2

foule adv. "foully, shamefully; badly, miserably; hideously," s.v. foul a., adv. and sb. OED. KEY: foule@adv
foule adv 17 foul 1 foule 16

foulere n. "fowler, bird catcher," s.v. fowler OED. KEY: foulere@n
foulere n 2 foweler 2

foun n. "fawn, young deer; offspring," s.v. fawn sb.\1 OED. KEY: foun@n
foun n 2 founes 1 fownes 1

foundacioun n. "construction (of a wall)," s.v. foundation OED. KEY: foundacioun@n
foundacioun n 1 fundacioun 1

foundement n. "foundation (of a building); basis (of reasoning); anus," s.v. fundament OED. KEY: foundement@n
foundement n 6 foundement 2 foundementz 1 fundament 1 fundement 2

founden v.(1) "attempt; seek," s.v. found v.\1 OED. KEY: founden@v1
founden v1 2 founde 2

founden v.(2) "found, establish, provide a basis; construct, build; train (in virtue)," s.v. found v.\2 OED. KEY: founden@v2
founden v2 9 founde 1 founded 3 founden 1 fownden 2 ifounded 1 yfounded 1

foundren v.(1) "stumble," s.v. founder v. OED. KEY: foundren@v1
foundren v1 1 foundred 1

four num. "(as adj. and n.) four," s.v. four a. and sb. OED. KEY: four@num_adj four@num_n
four num_adj 37 foure 37
four num_n 2 foure 2

fourte-night n. "fortnight," s.v. fortnight OED. KEY: fourte-night@n
fourte-night n 5 fortenyght 1 fourtenyght 4

fourti num. "(as adj.) forty," s.v. forty a. and sb. OED. KEY: fourti@num_adj
fourti num_adj 10 fourty 10

fox n. "fox," s.v. fox sb. OED. KEY: fox@n
fox n 22 fox 18 foxes 4

fraccioun n. "fraction," s.v. fraction sb. OED. KEY: fraccioun@n
fraccioun n 2 fraccions 2

frainen v. "ask," s.v. frayne, freyne v. OED. KEY: frainen@v
frainen v 4 frayneth 1 freyne 1 freyned 2

fraknes n. (pl.) "freckles," s.v. frecken sb. OED. KEY: fraknes@n
fraknes n 1 frakenes 1

framen v.(2) "frame (timber)," s.v. frame v. OED. KEY: framen@v2
framen v2 1 frame 1

frank n.(2) "franc, a French gold coin," s.v. franc OED. KEY: frank@n2
frank n2 10 frankes 10

frankelein n. "franklin, country gentleman," s.v. franklin OED. KEY: frankelein@n
frankelein n 5 frankeleyn 4 frankeleyns 1

frape n. "company," s.v. frape\1 OED. KEY: frape@n
frape n 1 frape 1

fraternite n. "fraternity, guild," s.v. fraternity OED. KEY: fraternite@n
fraternite n 1 fraternitee 1

fraude n. "fraud, deceit, dishonesty," s.v. fraud sb. OED. KEY: fraude@n
fraude n 10 fraude 7 fraudes 2 frawdes 1

fraughten v. "(ppl.) loaded (with cargo)," s.v. fraught pple. and ppl. a. OED. KEY: fraughten@v
fraughten v 1 fraught 1

Fraunce n. "France," place name. KEY: fraunce@n#propn
fraunce n#propn 9 france 2 fraunce 7

Fraunceys n. "Francis (Petrarch)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: fraunceys@n#propn
fraunceys n#propn 1 fraunceys 1

fraunchise n. "freedom; generosity, nobility of character (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. franchise sb. OED. KEY: fraunchise@n fraunchise@n#propn
fraunchise n 5 franchise 4 fraunchise 1
fraunchise n#propn 3 fraunchise 3

fre adj. "free (not servile); free, unrestrained; free, unconstrained (in choice, will, etc.); unobstructed; noble, generous in spirit; generous, liberal (in spending)," s.v. free a. OED. KEY: fre@adj
fre adj 110 fre 41 free 69

fre adv. "freely, without restriction; eagerly," s.v. free a. OED. KEY: fre@adv
fre adv 4 fre 1 free 3

fredom n. "freedom, liberty; (national) independence; nobility of character, generosity (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. freedom OED. KEY: fredom@n fredom@n#propn
fredom n 27 fredam 2 fredom 25
fredom n#propn 1 fredom 1

frele adj. "frail, weak; fragile, transitory," s.v. frail a. OED. KEY: frele@adj
frele adj 4 freel 2 freele 2

frelete n. "frailty, moral weakness; sinfulness, lechery," s.v. frailty OED. KEY: frelete@n
frelete n 6 freletee 6

freli adv. "freely, without restriction; willingly; nobly, generously," s.v. freely adv. OED. KEY: freli@adv
freli adv 18 freely 1 frely 17

frelnesse n. "frailty, weakness," s.v. frailness OED. KEY: frelnesse@n
frelnesse n 1 freelnesse 1

fremed adj. "foreign, strange; reserved, distant; wild," s.v. fremd a. OED. KEY: fremed@adj
fremed adj 4 fremde 4

frend n. "friend; relative," s.v. friend sb. and a. OED. KEY: frend@n
frend n 235 freend 41 freendes 86 freendis 2 frend 70 frendes 36

frendli adj. "friendly," s.v. friendly a. (sb.) and adv. OED. KEY: frendli@adj
frendli adj 18 freendlich 1 freendly 3 frendlieste 2 frendly 11 frendlyer 1

frendli adv. "in a friendly manner, as a friend," s.v. friendly a. (sb.) and adv. OED. KEY: frendli@adv
frendli adv 5 freendly 2 frendly 3

frendshipe n. "friendship," s.v. friendship OED. KEY: frendshipe@n
frendshipe n 17 freendshipe 8 frendship 2 frendshipe 6 frendshippe 1

frenesie n. "frenzy, fit of madness," s.v. frenzy, phrenzy sb. and a. OED. KEY: frenesie@n
frenesie n 2 frenesie 1 frenesye 1

frenetik adj. "frenzied, delirious," s.v. phrenetic a. (sb.) OED. KEY: frenetik@adj
frenetik adj 1 frenetik 1

frenge n. "fringe," s.v. fringe sb. OED. KEY: frenge@n
frenge n 2 frenges 2

Frensh adj. "French; (as n.) the French language," s.v. French a. and sb. OED. KEY: frensh@adj frensh@adj#n
frensh adj 1 frenshe 1
frensh adj#n 2 frenssh 2

frere n. "friar (also, as a title, as adj.)," s.v. friar sb. OED. KEY: frere@n frere@n#adj
frere n#adj 3 frere 3
frere n 71 frere 51 freres 20

fresen v. "freeze," s.v. freeze v. OED. KEY: fresen@v
fresen v 1 freseth 1

fresh adj. "new, young; bright, gay; lovely, blooming; vigorous," s.v. fresh a. adv., and sb.\1 OED. KEY: fresh@adj
fresh adj 113 fresh 12 freshe 8 fressh 36 fresshe 53 fressher 2 fresshest 2

freshe adv. "freshly, recently; gaily," s.v. fresh a., adv. and sb.\1 OED. KEY: freshe@adv
freshe adv 7 fressh 7

freshen v. "refresh," s.v. fresh v. OED. KEY: freshen@v
freshen v 1 fresshe 1

freshli adv. "(with newe) freshly, recently, anew; gaily, joyously," s.v. freshly adv. OED. KEY: freshli@adv
freshli adv 5 fresshly 5

fret n.(2) "net-like covering (for the head)," s.v. fret sb.\1 OED. KEY: fret@n2
fret n2 3 fret 3

freten v.(1) "devour, gnaw (of or like an animal)," s.v. fret v.\1 OED. KEY: freten@v1
freten v1 13 freeten 1 fret 1 frete 5 freten 5 fretyn 1

freten v.(2) "(ppl.) adorned," s.v. fret v.\2 OED. KEY: freten@v2
freten v2 1 fretted 1

Fri-dai n. "Friday," s.v. Friday OED. KEY: fri-dai@n
fri-dai n 5 friday 5

Frideswide n. "Saint Frideswide, of Oxford," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: frideswide@n#propn
frideswide n#propn 1 frydeswyde 1

frien v.(3) "fry," s.v. fry v.\1 OED. KEY: frien@v3
frien v3 2 frye 2

Frigius n. "Dares Phrygius, historian of the Trojan War," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: frigius@n#propn
frigius n#propn 1 frygius 1

Frise n.(1) "Frisia," place name. KEY: frise@n1#propn
frise n1#propn 2 frise 2

frogge n. "frog," s.v. frog\1 OED. KEY: frogge@n
frogge n 1 frogges 1

from adv. "fro," s.v. from prep. (adv., conj.) OED. KEY: from@adv
from adv 35 fra 1 fro 34

from prep. "from," s.v. from prep. (adv., conj.) OED. KEY: from@prep
from prep 849 fram 1 fro 581 from 267

frost n. "frost," s.v. frost sb. OED. KEY: frost@n
frost n 4 frost 3 frostes 1

frosti adj. "frosty," s.v. frosty a. OED. KEY: frosti@adj
frosti adj 6 frosty 6

froten v. "rub," s.v. frot v. OED. KEY: froten@v
froten v 2 frote 1 froteth 1

frothen v. "froth," s.v. froth v. sb. OED. KEY: frothen@v
frothen v 1 frothen 1

frounce n.(1) "fold," s.v. frounce sb.\1 OED. KEY: frounce@n1
frounce n1 1 frownce 1

frounceles adj. "unwrinkled," s.v. frounce sb.\1 OED. KEY: frounceles@adj
frounceles adj 1 frounceles 1

frouncen v. "(ppl.) wrinkled," s.v. frounce v. OED. KEY: frouncen@v
frouncen v 2 frounced 2

frounen v. "(ppl. adj.) frowning," s.v. frowning ppl. a. OED. KEY: frounen@v#adj
frounen v#adj 1 frownyng 1

frount n. "forehead," s.v. front sb. OED. KEY: frount@n
frount n 1 frownt 1

fructifien v. "bear fruit; (ppl. adj.) fruitful, beneficial," s.v. fructify v. OED. KEY: fructifien@v fructifien@v#adj
fructifien v#adj 1 fructifyenge 1
fructifien v 1 fructyfye 1

fructuous adj. "fruitful, edifying," s.v. fructuous a. OED. KEY: fructuous@adj
fructuous adj 1 fructuous 1

fructus Lat. n. "fruit." KEY: fructus@lat_n
fructus lat_n 1 fructus 1

fruit n. "fruit, product; result, fruition; offspring; best part; essential part," s.v. fruit sb. OED. KEY: fruit@n
fruit n 53 fruit 3 fruites 3 fruyt 46 fruytes 1

fruitestere n. "female fruit seller," s.v. fruitester OED. KEY: fruitestere@n
fruitestere n 1 frutesteres 1

fruitful adj. "fruitful, beneficial," s.v. fruitful a. OED. KEY: fruitful@adj
fruitful adj 1 fruytful 1

fugitif adj. "fleeing," s.v. fugitive a. and sb. OED. KEY: fugitif@adj
fugitif adj 1 fugityf 1

ful adj. "filled with, sated; complete, entire," s.v. full a., sb.\3, and adv. OED. KEY: ful@adj
ful adj 246 ful 222 full 4 fulle 20

ful adv. "completely, fully; (as intens.) very," s.v. full a., sb.\3, and adv. OED. KEY: ful@adv
ful adv 1107 ful 1076 full 31

ful-fillen v. "fill up; satisfy; carry out, accomplish, execute; complete," s.v. fulfil v. OED. KEY: ful-fillen@v
ful-fillen v 60 fulfelle 1 fulfild 21 fulfildest 1 fulfille 19 fulfilled 11 fulfilleden 1 fulfillen 2 fulfilleth 2 fulfyld 2

ful-filling ger. "fulfillment, satisfaction," s.v. fulfilling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: ful-filling@ger
ful-filling ger 2 fulfillynge 1 fulfillynges 1

fulle n.(1) "full extent," s.v. full a., sb.\3, and adv. OED. KEY: fulle@n1
fulle n1 13 fulle 13

fulli adv. "fully, completely," s.v. fully adv. OED. KEY: fulli@adv
fulli adv 60 fulli 1 fullich 2 fulliche 1 fully 55 fullyche 1

fulsomnesse n. "fulsomeness, excess," s.v. fulsomeness OED. KEY: fulsomnesse@n
fulsomnesse n 1 fulsomnesse 1

fume n. "fume, vapor; vapor generated within the body," s.v. fume sb. OED. KEY: fume@n
fume n 2 fume 1 fumes 1

fumetere n. "fumitory, the herb," s.v. fumitory OED. KEY: fumetere@n
fumetere n 1 fumetere 1

fumigacioun n. "incensing as part of an incantation," s.v. fumigation OED. KEY: fumigacioun@n
fumigacioun n 1 fumygacions 1

fumosite n. "vapor generated within the body," s.v. fumosity OED. KEY: fumosite@n
fumosite n 2 fumositee 2

funeral adj. "funereal," s.v. funeral a. and sb. OED. KEY: funeral@adj
funeral adj 4 funeral 4

furial adj. "furious, fierce," s.v. furial a. OED. KEY: furial@adj
furial adj 1 furial 1

furie n. "fury, rage; Fury, avenging spirit," s.v. fury sb. OED. KEY: furie@n
furie n 12 furie 6 furies 3 furiis 1 fury 1 furye 1

furious adj. "furious, raging; (with torment) severe," s.v. furious a. OED. KEY: furious@adj
furious adj 3 furious 2 furyus 1

furlong n. "furlong, measure of space and time (also as adj.; cf. furlong wey n.); race track," s.v. furlong OED. KEY: furlong@n furlong@n#adj
furlong n#adj 10 forlong 2 furlong 8
furlong n 3 forlonge 1 furlong 2

furlong-wey n. "time to walk a furlong, two and one-half minutes," s.v. furlong OED, furlong n. MED. KEY: furlong-wey@n
furlong-wey n 1 furlong-wey 1

furnaise n. "furnace; cauldron; (alchem.) oven," s.v. furnace sb. OED. KEY: furnaise@n
furnaise n 9 forneys 2 fourneys 7

furre n. "fur," s.v. fur sb.\1 OED. KEY: furre@n
furre n 1 furre 1

furren v. "(ppl. adj.) trimmed or lined with fur," s.v. furred ppl. a. OED. KEY: furren@v#adj
furren v#adj 3 furred 3

furring ger. "trimming with fur," s.v. furring vbl. sb. OED. KEY: furring@ger
furring ger 1 furrynge 1

further adv. "further, farther; advanced (in age)," s.v. further adv. OED. KEY: further@adv
further adv 28 forther 24 forthere 1 further 3

furtheren v. "further, help; benefit, advance," s.v. further v. OED. KEY: furtheren@v
furtheren v 15 fortheren 3 forthereth 1 forthre 1 forthred 1 forthren 6 further 1 furthered 1 furthred 1

furthering ger. "furthering, help; betterment," s.v. furthering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: furthering@ger
furthering ger 3 fortheryng 2 furtherynges 1

further_more adv 11 ferthermoore 1 forthermo 2 forthermoor 1 forthermoore 7

further-more phrase & adv. "(as adv.) furthermore," s.v. furthermore adv. OED, further more, further-more phrase & adv. MED. KEY: further_more@adv

fusible adj. "(of metal) capable of being melted," s.v. fusible a. OED. KEY: fusible@adj
fusible adj 1 fusible 1

fustian n. "coarse cloth," s.v. fustian sb. and a. OED. KEY: fustian@n
fustian n 1 fustian 1

future adj. "future," s.v. future a. and sb. OED. KEY: future@adj
future adj 5 futur 3 future 1 futures 1

future n. "future, future event," s.v. future a. and sb. OED. KEY: future@n
future n 7 future 2 futures 4 futuris 1



-- G --



gabben v. "gab, speak foolishly; lie," s.v. gab v.\1 OED. KEY: gabben@v
gabbere n. "gabber, idle talker," s.v. gabber sb.\1 OED. KEY: gabbere@n
gabbere n 1 gabbere 1

gable n.(1) "gable," s.v. gable sb.\1 OED. KEY: gable@n1
gable n1 1 gable 1

Gabrielles n. (gen.) "of Gabriel, the archangel (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gabrielles@n#propn
gabrielles n#propn 1 gabrielles 1

gadeling n. "scoundrel," s.v. gadeling sb.\2 OED. KEY: gadeling@n
gadeling n 1 gadelyng 1

gaderen v. "gather, collect; conclude," s.v. gather v. OED. KEY: gaderen@v
gaderen v 19 gadere 3 gadered 3 gadereth 1 gaderid 1 gaderyd 1 gaderyn 1 gadre 1 gadred 1 gadrede 1 gadreth 2 gadrid 3 gadryd 1

gaderinge ger. "gathering, accumulating," s.v. gathering vbl. sb. OED. KEY: gaderinge@ger
gaderinge ger 1 gaderynge 1

gai adj. "gay, merry; attractive, bright; gaily dressed; pleasing," s.v. gay a. OED. KEY: gai@adj
gai adj 41 gay 35 gaye 5 gayer 1

gai adv. "gaily, splendidly," s.v. gay adv. OED. KEY: gai@adv
gai adv 2 gay 1 gaye 1

gaillard adj. & n. "(as adj.) lively, gay," s.v. galliard a. OED. KEY: gaillard@adj
gaillard adj 2 gaillard 1 gaylard 1

gaioler n. "jailer," s.v. jailer OED. KEY: gaioler@n
gaioler n 13 gayler 12 gaylere 1

gaitris n. "buckthorn(?)," s.v. gaiter sb.\2 OED. KEY: gaitris@n
gaitris n 1 gaitrys 1

Gaius n. "Caligula, Gaius Caesar, the Roman emperor," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gaius@n#propn
gaius n#propn 1 gaius 1

Galathee n. "Galatea, heroine of Pamphilus de amore," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: galathee@n#propn
galathee n#propn 1 galathee 1

galauntine n. "galantine, a sauce," s.v. galantine OED. KEY: galauntine@n
galauntine n 2 galantyne 1 galauntyne 1

Galaxie n. "the Milky Way," s.v. Galaxy OED. KEY: galaxie@n
galaxie n 2 galaxie 1 galaxye 1

galen v. "cry out, complain," s.v. gale v.\1 OED. KEY: galen@v
galen v 2 gale 2

Galgopheie n. "Gargaphia (probably), a valley in Greece," place name; not in MED. KEY: galgopheie@n#propn
galgopheie n#propn 1 galgopheye 1

Galice n. "Galicia, in Spain," place name; not in MED. KEY: galice@n#propn
galice n#propn 1 galice 1

Galien n.(2) "Galen, the Greek medical authority," proper n.; s.v. Galien n. MED. KEY: galien@n2#propn
galien n2#propn 3 galien 1 galyen 2

Galien n.(3) "Gallienus, the Roman emperor," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: galien@n3#propn
galien n3#propn 1 galien 1

galien n. "(pl.) medicinal drinks," s.v. galianes n. pl. OED. KEY: galien@n
galien n 1 galiones 1

Galilee n. "Gallilee, in Palestine," place name; not in MED. KEY: galilee@n#propn
galilee n#propn 1 galilee 1

galingale n. "galingale, a spice," s.v. galingale OED. KEY: galingale@n
galingale n 1 galyngale 1

galle n.(1) "gall bladder, bile; bitterness; (with of dragon) poison," s.v. gall sb.\1 OED. KEY: galle@n1
galle n1 9 galle 8 galles 1

galle n.(2) "sore on the skin, tender spot," s.v. gall sb.\2 OED. KEY: galle@n2
galle n2 1 galle 1

Gallus n. "Sulpicius Gallus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gallus@n#propn
gallus n#propn 1 gallus 1

galoche n. "sandal," s.v. galosh OED. KEY: galoche@n
galoche n 1 galoche 1

galoun n. "gallon," s.v. gallon OED. KEY: galoun@n
galoun n 1 galon 1

galpen v. "(ppl. & ppl. adj.) yawning," s.v. galp v. OED. KEY: galpen@v galpen@v#adj
galpen v#adj 1 galpyng 1
galpen v 1 galpynge 1

galwe n. "(pl.) gallows," s.v. gallows OED. KEY: galwe@n
galwe n 3 galwes 3

game n. "game, joy, amusement; revelry; amorous play; joke; scheme, trick," s.v. game OED. KEY: game@n
game n 63 game 61 gamen 1 games 1

gamen v. "(impers.) please," s.v. game v. OED. KEY: gamen@v
gamen v 1 gamed 1

gang n. "privy, latrine," s.v. gong sb.\1 OED. KEY: gang@n
gang n 1 gong 1

Ganymede n. "Ganymede, cup-bearer to Jove," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ganymede@n#propn
ganymede n#propn 1 ganymede 1

gap n. "gap, opening in a forest," s.v. gap sb.\1 OED. KEY: gap@n
gap n 2 gappe 2

gapen v. "gape, open the mouth wide; stare fixedly; desire greedily," s.v. gape v. OED, gaping ppl. a. OED. KEY: gapen@v
gapen v 8 gape 2 gapeden 1 gapeth 1 gapyn 1 gapyng 2 gapynge 1

gapinge ger. "gaping, greedy desire," s.v. gaping vbl. sb. OED. KEY: gapinge@ger
gapinge ger 1 gapynges 1

gardin n. "garden," s.v. garden OED. KEY: gardin@n
gardin n 61 garden 2 gardeyn 1 gardyn 57 gardyns 1

gardin-ward n. "direction of the garden," s.v. garden OED, gardin n. MED. KEY: gardin-ward@n
gardin-ward n 2 gardyn-ward 2

gargate n. "throat," s.v. garget sb.\1 OED. KEY: gargate@n
gargate n 1 gargat 1

gar-lek n. "garlic," s.v. garlic OED. KEY: gar-lek@n
gar-lek n 1 garleek 1

garnement n. "garment," s.v. garment OED. KEY: garnement@n
garnement n 2 garnement 2

garnisoun n. "body of armed men; defense," s.v. garnison OED. KEY: garnisoun@n
garnisoun n 4 garnisoun 1 garnysoun 3

gasen v. "gaze," s.v. gaze v. OED. KEY: gasen@v
gasen v 1 gazed 1

gastli adj. "ghastly, terrifying," s.v. ghastly a. OED. KEY: gastli@adj
gastli adj 1 gastly 1

gastnesse n. "threat, fear," s.v. gastness OED. KEY: gastnesse@n
gastnesse n 1 gastnesse 1

gate n.(1) "gate," s.v. gate sb.\1 OED. KEY: gate@n1
gate n1 39 gate 18 gates 4 yate 11 yates 6

Gatesden n. "John of Gaddesden, a medical authority," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gatesden@n#propn
gatesden n#propn 1 gatesden 1

gat-tothed adj. "with teeth set wide apart," s.v. gat-toothed a. OED. KEY: gat-tothed@adj
gat-tothed adj 2 gat-tothed 2

gaude n. "trick, prank," s.v. gaud sb.\2 OED. KEY: gaude@n
gaude n 3 gaude 2 gawdes 1

gauded ppl. "adorned with large beads," s.v. gaud v.\1 OED. KEY: gauded@ppl
gauded ppl_abs 1 gauded 1

Gaudencius n. "Gaudencius, an accuser of Boethius," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gaudencius@n#propn
gaudencius n#propn 1 gaudencius 1

gaudi adj. "yellowish," s.v. gaudy adj.\1 OED. KEY: gaudi@adj
gaudi adj 1 gaude 1

Gaufred n. "Geoffrey of Vinsauf, a rhetorician," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gaufred@n#propn
gaufred n#propn 1 gaufred 1

Gaufride n. "Geoffrey of Monmouth, historian of Britain," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gaufride@n#propn
gaufride n#propn 1 gaufride 1

Gaule n. "Galatia, in Asia Minor," place name; not in MED. KEY: gaule@n#propn
gaule n#propn 1 gawle 1

Gaunt n. "Ghent, in Flanders (Belgium)," place name; not in MED. KEY: gaunt@n#propn
gaunt n#propn 2 gaunt 2

gauren v. "stare, gaze," s.v. gaure v. OED. KEY: gauren@v
gauren v 6 gaure 1 gauren 4 gaureth 1

Gawain n. "Sir Gawain, hero of romance," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gawain@n#propn
gawain n#propn 1 gawayn 1

Gazan n. "Gaza, in Palestine," place name; not in MED. KEY: gazan@n#propn
gazan n#propn 1 gazan 1

geaunt n. & adj. "(as n.) giant," s.v. giant OED. KEY: geaunt@n
geaunt n 10 geant 3 geaunt 5 geauntes 1 geauntis 1

Geffrey n. "Geoffrey (Chaucer)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: geffrey@n#propn
geffrey n#propn 1 geffrey 1

gein n. "gain, benefit," s.v. gain sb.\1 OED. KEY: gein@n
gein n 1 geyn 1

geinen v. "avail, help," s.v. gain v.\1 OED. KEY: geinen@v
geinen v 4 gayned 1 gayneth 3

gelden v. "geld, castrate," s.v. geld v.\1 OED. KEY: gelden@v
gelden v 1 gelde 1

gelding n. "gelding," s.v. gelding OED. KEY: gelding@n
gelding n 1 geldyng 1

gemetrie n. "geometry," s.v. geometry OED. KEY: gemetrie@n
gemetrie n 1 geometrie 1

gemetrien n. "geometrician," s.v. geometrian OED. KEY: gemetrien@n
gemetrien n 1 geometriens 1

Gemini n. "Gemini, the zodiacal sign," s.v. Gemini OED. KEY: gemini@n
gemini n 8 gemini 4 geminis 4

gemme n. "gem, precious stone," s.v. gem OED. KEY: gemme@n
gemme n 10 gemme 4 gemmes 6

gendre n. "kind, class," s.v. gender OED. KEY: gendre@n
gendre n 1 gendres 1

Gene n. "Genoese coin," s.v. jane OED. KEY: gene@n
gene n 2 jane 2

Genelon n. "Ganelon, betrayer of Roland," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: genelon@n#propn
genelon n#propn 3 genelloun 1 genylon 2

Genelon-Olyver n. "Genylon-Olyver, a traitor," proper n. KEY: genelon-olyver@n#propn
genelon-olyver n#propn 1 genylon-olyver 1

generacioun n. "generation, procreation," s.v. generation OED. KEY: generacioun@n
generacioun n 4 generacion 2 generacioun 2

general adj. & n. "(as adj.) general, universal, complete; couched in general terms, not specific; chief; (as n.) class of things, (with in) as a rule, without exception," s.v. general adj. & sb. OED. KEY: general@adj general@n
general adj 19 general 15 generale 1 generall 3
general n 17 general 16 generall 1

generalli adv. "generally, without exception; as a rule; in a general way," s.v. generally adv. OED. KEY: generalli@adv
generalli adv 21 generally 13 generaly 8

Genesis Lat. n. "Genesis (in the Bible)." KEY: genesis@lat_n#propn
genesis lat_n#propn 1 genesis 1

gent adj. "elegant, noble," s.v. gent a. OED. KEY: gent@adj
gent adj 4 gent 3 gente 1

gentil adj. "gently born, noble; gracious, refined; excellent," s.v. gentle a. OED. KEY: gentil@adj
gentil adj 117 gentil 103 gentile 1 gentilest 1 gentileste 2 gentilleste 5 gentyl 5

gentil n. "(pl.) gentlefolk, gentry, nobles," s.v. gentle OED. KEY: gentil@n
gentil n 5 gentils 5

gentilesse n. "gentleness, nobility of birth; nobility of character; graciousness, courtesy; excellence; (also as proper n., personified)" s.v. gentilesse OED. KEY: gentilesse@n gentilesse@n#propn
gentilesse n 77 gentilesse 36 gentillesse 41
gentilesse n#propn 3 gentilesse 3

gentilli adv. "genteelly, courteously, generously," s.v. gently adv. OED. KEY: gentilli@adv
gentilli adv 7 gentilly 6 gentily 1

gentil-man n. "gentleman, man of gentle birth," s.v. gentleman OED. KEY: gentil-man@n
gentil-man n 3 gentil-man 1 gentil-men 1 gentilman 1

gentilnesse n. "gentility, nobility, graciousness," s.v. gentleness OED. KEY: gentilnesse@n
gentilnesse n 2 gentilnesse 2

gentrie n. "gentility, noble conduct; good character, graciousness," s.v. gentry OED. KEY: gentrie@n
gentrie n 8 genterye 2 gentrie 5 gentrye 1

gentrise n. "gentility, nobility," s.v. gentrice OED. KEY: gentrise@n
gentrise n 1 gentrice 1

gere n. "gear, equipment; apparel; possessions; behavior, manner," s.v. gear OED. KEY: gere@n
gere n 14 geere 5 geeris 1 gere 7 geres 1

gerful adj. "changeable, capricious," s.v. gerful a. OED. KEY: gerful@adj
gerful adj 2 gereful 1 gerful 1

geri adj. "changeable, capricious," s.v. gery a. OED. KEY: geri@adj
geri adj 1 geery 1

Gerland n. "Gerland, a dog in NPT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gerland@n#propn
gerland n#propn 1 gerland 1

gerlond n. "garland, wreath," s.v. garland OED. KEY: gerlond@n
gerlond n 16 garlond 2 garlondes 2 gerland 9 gerlandes 1 gerlond 2

germain adj. "related by blood," s.v. german a.\1 OED. KEY: germain@adj
germain adj 1 germayns 1

Germaines n.(2) (gen.) "of Germanicus, the Roman emperor," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: germaines@n#propn
germaines n#propn 1 germaynes 1

Gernade n. "Granada, in Spain," place name; not in MED. KEY: gernade@n#propn
gernade n#propn 1 gernade 1

gerner n. "granary, storehouse," s.v. garner OED. KEY: gerner@n
gerner n 3 garner 1 gerneeris 1 gerner 1

Gerounde n. "Gironde, the river in France," place name; not in MED. KEY: gerounde@n#propn
gerounde n#propn 1 gerounde 1

Gerveis n. "Gervays, a character in MilT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gerveis@n#propn
gerveis n#propn 4 gerveys 4

gessen v. "guess, estimate; suppose, imagine; infer, conclude," s.v. guess v. OED. KEY: gessen@v
gessen v 71 gesse 68 gessen 2 gessyng 1

gessinge ger. "guess, conjecture, opinion; reputation," s.v. guessing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: gessinge@ger
gessinge ger 3 gessynge 3

gest n. "guest, visitor; lodger, paying guest," s.v. guest OED. KEY: gest@n
gest n 15 gest 7 gestes 8

geste n.(1) "story, history; notable deed," s.v. gest sb.\1 OED. KEY: geste@n1
geste n1 14 geeste 2 geestes 4 geste 2 gestes 6

gesten v.(2) "recite (romances)," s.v. gest v.\2 OED. KEY: gesten@v2
gesten v2 1 geeste 1

gestour n. "reciter of romances," s.v. gester OED. KEY: gestour@n
gestour n 2 geestours 1 gestiours 1

get n.(1) "fashion, style; contrivance," s.v. jet sb.\2 OED. KEY: get@n1
get n1 2 jet 2

get n.(2) "jet, dense black coal," s.v. jet sb.\1 OED. KEY: get@n2
get n2 1 jeet 1

geten v.(1) "get, obtain; bring, take; (with life) preserve; beget," s.v. get v. OED. KEY: geten@v1
geten v1 117 gat 17 get 3 gete 35 geten 47 getest 2 geteth 5 getin 1 gette 1 igeten 2 yeten 1 ygeten 3

getinge ger.(1) "getting, acquiring," s.v. getting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: getinge@ger1
getinge ger1 11 getyng 1 getynge 10

gibete n. "gibbet, gallows," s.v. gibbet sb.\1 OED. KEY: gibete@n
gibete n 1 gebet 1

gide n. "guide, leader," s.v. guide OED. KEY: gide@n
gide n 8 gide 2 gyde 6

giden v. "guide, lead," s.v. guide v. OED. KEY: giden@v
giden v 16 gide 3 gided 1 gyde 8 gyden 1 gydeth 3

gideresse n. "guide (female)," s.v. guideress OED. KEY: gideresse@n
gideresse n 1 gyderesse 1

gidinge ger. "guiding," s.v. guiding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: gidinge@ger
gidinge ger 2 gyding 1 gydyng 1

gien v. "guide, lead; conduct oneself; rule; protect," s.v. guy v.\1 OED. KEY: gien@v
gien v 18 guye 2 gye 16

gigge n.(2) "squeaking sound," s.v. gig n.\3 OED. KEY: gigge@n2
gigge n2 1 gygges 1

gigging n. "fitting armstraps to shields," s.v. gigge v. OED. KEY: gigging@n
gigging n 1 giggynge 1

Gilbertin n. "Gilbertus Anglicus, a medical authority," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gilbertin@n#propn
gilbertin n#propn 1 gilbertyn 1

gilde-halle n. "guild-hall," s.v. guild-hall OED. KEY: gilde-halle@n
gilde-halle n 1 yeldehalle 1

gilden v. "(ppl. adj.) gilded, golden," s.v. gilte ppl. a. OED. KEY: gilden@v#adj
gilden v#adj 6 gilde 1 gilte 5

gile n.(3) "guile, deceit; deception," s.v. guile OED. KEY: gile@n3
gile n3 7 gile 2 gyle 5

Gile n. "Saint Giles (Saint Aegidius)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gile@n#propn
gile n#propn 2 gile 1 gyle 1

Gille n. "Gill, a maid in MilT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gille@n#propn
gille n#propn 1 gille 1

gilour n. "guiler, deceiver," s.v. guiler OED. KEY: gilour@n
gilour n 1 gylour 1

gilt n.(1) "guilt, culpability; crime, sin; fault," s.v. guilt OED. KEY: gilt@n1
gilt n1 49 gilt 34 giltes 11 gylt 4

gilti adj. "guilty," s.v. guilty a. OED. KEY: gilti@adj
gilti adj 8 gilty 7 gylty 1

giltif adj. "guilty," s.v. guilty a. OED. KEY: giltif@adj
giltif adj 3 giltif 2 gyltyf 1

giltles adj., adv., n. "(adj.) guiltless, innocent; (adv.) guiltlessly; (n.) innocent person," s.v. guiltless OED. KEY: giltles@adj giltles@adv giltles@n
giltles adj 6 giltelees 3 gilteles 1 giltlees 2
giltles adv 14 giltelees 7 gilteles 6 giltles 1
giltles n 2 gilteles 1 giltlees 1

ginge-bred n. "preserved ginger," s.v. gingerbread OED. KEY: ginge-bred@n
ginge-bred n 1 gyngebreed 1

gingivere n. "ginger," s.v. ginger OED. KEY: gingivere@n
gingivere n 1 gyngevre 1

ginglen v. "jingle," s.v. jingle v. OED. KEY: ginglen@v
ginglen v 1 gynglen 1

ginne n. "contrivance, trick; trap," s.v. gin sb.\1 OED. KEY: ginne@n
ginne n 6 gyn 4 gynnes 2

ginnen v. "begin; do (as marker of periphrastic present and past)," s.v. gin v.\1 OED. KEY: ginnen@v
ginnen v 692 gan 622 gonne 35 gonnen 14 gunne 9 gynne 3 gynnen 2 gynneth 7

ginninge ger. "beginning," s.v. ginning vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: ginninge@ger
ginninge ger 4 gynning 1 gynnyng 1 gynnynge 2

gipser n. "purse, belt pouch," s.v. gipser OED. KEY: gipser@n
gipser n 1 gipser 1

girdel n. "girdle, belt; baldric," s.v. girdle OED. KEY: girdel@n
girdel n 8 girdel 5 girdell 1 girdles 1 gurdel 1

girdel-stede n. "waist," s.v. girdlestead OED. KEY: girdel-stede@n
girdel-stede n 1 girdilstede 1

girden v.(1) "gird (oneself)," s.v. gird v.\1 OED. KEY: girden@v1
girden v1 3 girt 2 girte 1

girden v.(2) "cut, strike," s.v. gird v.\2 OED. KEY: girden@v2
girden v2 1 girden 1

girle n. "young person; girl," s.v. girl OED. KEY: girle@n
girle n 2 gerl 1 girles 1

gise n. "guise, custom, fashion; manner, way," s.v. guise OED. KEY: gise@n
gise n 29 gise 11 gises 1 gyse 17

Gisen n. "Gyndes, a tributary of the Tigris," place name; not in MED. KEY: gisen@n#propn
gisen n#propn 1 gysen 1

giser n. "liver," s.v. gizzard OED. KEY: giser@n
giser n 1 gyser 1

giste n.(2) "stopping place, lodgings," s.v. gist sb.\1 OED. KEY: giste@n2
giste n2 1 gistes 1

gite n.(3) "gown," s.v. gite sb.\1 OED. KEY: gite@n3
gite n3 2 gyte 1 gytes 1

giterne n. "gittern, a guitar-like musical instrument," s.v. gittern OED. KEY: giterne@n
giterne n 5 giterne 1 gyterne 3 gyternes 1

giterninge ger. "playing the gittern," s.v. gittern v. OED. KEY: giterninge@ger
giterninge ger 1 gyternynge 1

glad adj. "glad, joyful, happy," s.v. glad a. OED. KEY: glad@adj
glad adj 133 glad 103 gladde 2 gladder 5 gladdest 1 glade 22

gladen v. "gladden, cheer; rejoice; comfort, please," s.v. glad v. OED. KEY: gladen@v
gladen v 37 glaade 1 gladded 1 glade 18 gladed 5 gladede 1 gladen 7 gladeth 4

gladere n. "one who gladdens," s.v. gladder OED. KEY: gladere@n
gladere n 1 gladere 1

gladli adv. "gladly, willingly; fittingly; regularly, customarily," s.v. gladly adv. OED. KEY: gladli@adv
gladli adv 43 gladlier 1 gladly 42

gladnesse n. "gladness, happiness (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. gladness OED. KEY: gladnesse@n gladnesse@n#propn
gladnesse n 41 gladnesse 41
gladnesse n#propn 2 gladnesse 2

gladsom adj. "pleasant," s.v. gladsome a. OED. KEY: gladsom@adj
gladsom adj 1 gladsom 1

glaire n. "white of an egg," s.v. glair sb.\1 OED. KEY: glaire@n
glaire n 1 gleyre 1

glaren v. "glare, glitter; (ppl. adj.) glittering, staring," s.v. glare v. OED, glaring ppl. a. OED. KEY: glaren@v glaren@v#adj
glaren v#adj 1 glarynge 1
glaren v 1 glareth 1

glas n. "glass," s.v. glass sb.\1 OED. KEY: glas@n
glas n 21 glas 20 glasses 1

Glascurion n. "Glascurion, a British bard," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: glascurion@n#propn
glascurion n#propn 1 glascurion 1

glasen v. "glaze, provide window glass; cover with an illusory protection," s.v. glaze v.\1 OED. KEY: glasen@v
glasen v 2 glaze 1 yglased 1

glasinge ger. "glazing, window glass," s.v. glazing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: glasinge@ger
glasinge ger 1 glasynge 1

gle n.(1) "entertainment; musical instrument, tune," s.v. glee OED. KEY: gle@n1
gle n1 5 glee 3 glees 2

glede n.(2) "glowing coal, spark; fire," s.v. gleed OED. KEY: glede@n2
glede n2 11 glede 2 gledes 2 gleede 5 gleedes 2

gledi adj. "burning," s.v. gledy a. OED. KEY: gledi@adj
gledi adj 1 gledy 1

glem n. "gleam," s.v. gleam OED. KEY: glem@n
glem n 1 glem 1

glenen v. "(ppl.) gleaning," s.v. glean v. OED. KEY: glenen@v
glenen v 1 glenyng 1

glenten v. "glance," s.v. glent v. OED. KEY: glenten@v
glenten v 1 glente 1

gleuen v.(2) "glue," s.v. glue v. OED. KEY: gleuen@v2
gleuen v2 2 gliwe 1 yglewed 1

gliden v. "glide, move; travel, go," s.v. glide v. OED. KEY: gliden@v
gliden v 9 glide 1 glood 2 glyde 5 glyden 1

glimsinge ger. "glimpse, imperfect vision," s.v. glimpsing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: glimsinge@ger
glimsinge ger 1 glymsyng 1

gliteren v. "glitter," s.v. glitter v. OED. KEY: gliteren@v
gliteren v 4 gliterynge 2 glytered 1 glyteren 1

glorie n. "glory," s.v. glory OED. KEY: glorie@n
glorie n 57 glorie 50 glorye 7

glorifien v. "glorify, praise; boast, exult, be proud," s.v. glorify v. OED. KEY: glorifien@v
glorifien v 9 glorifie 4 glorifien 2 glorifye 2 gloryfien 1

glorious adj. "glorious," s.v. glorious a. OED. KEY: glorious@adj
glorious adj 16 glorious 15 gloryouse 1

glosa Lat. n. "gloss." KEY: glosa@lat_n
glosa lat_n 4 glosa 4

glose n. "gloss, interpretation; deception," s.v. gloze OED. KEY: glose@n
glose n 12 glose 12

glosen v. "gloss, interpret (a text); flatter, cajole; use fair words; deceive; (ppl. adj.) deceptive," s.v. gloze v.\1 OED, glossing ppl. a. OED. KEY: glosen@v glosen@v#adj
glosen v#adj 1 glosynge 1
glosen v 11 glose 8 glosen 2 yglosed 1

glosinge ger. "glossing, interpretation (of texts)," s.v. glozing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: glosinge@ger
glosinge ger 1 glosynge 1

glotonie n. "gluttony; (pl.) greedy desires," s.v. gluttony OED. KEY: glotonie@n
glotonie n 22 glotenye 1 glotonie 1 glotonye 19 glotonyes 1

glotonous adj. "gluttonous," s.v. gluttonous a. OED. KEY: glotonous@adj
glotonous adj 1 glotonos 1

glotoun n. "glutton," s.v. glutton OED. KEY: glotoun@n
glotoun n 3 glotoun 3

glouen v.(1) "glow, radiate light or heat; (ppl. adj.) glowing," s.v. glow v.\1 OED, glowing ppl. a. OED. KEY: glouen@v1 glouen@v1#adj
glouen v1#adj 1 glowynge 1
glouen v1 5 glowe 2 glowede 1 gloweden 1 glowen 1

glove n. "glove," s.v. glove OED. KEY: glove@n
glove n 3 glove 1 gloves 2

gnat n. "gnat," s.v. gnat sb.\1 OED. KEY: gnat@n
gnat n 3 gnat 3

gnauen v. "gnaw," s.v. gnaw v. OED. KEY: gnauen@v
gnauen v 7 gnaw 1 gnawe 3 gnaweth 1 gnawynge 1 gnow 1

gnauinge ger. "gnawing," s.v. gnawing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: gnauinge@ger
gnauinge ger 1 gnawynge 1

gnodden v. "rub, remove husks," s.v. gnodde v. OED. KEY: gnodden@v
gnodden v 1 gnodded 1

gnof n. "churl, lout," s.v. gnoff OED. KEY: gnof@n
gnof n 1 gnof 1

gobet n. "fragment, lump," s.v. gobbet OED. KEY: gobet@n
gobet n 3 gobbettes 1 gobet 2

god adj. "good," s.v. good a. OED. KEY: god@adj
god adj 620 god 3 gode 47 good 414 goode 156

god adv. "good, well," s.v. good adv. OED. KEY: god@adv
god adv 2 god 1 good 1

God, god n.(1) "(as proper n.) God, the deity; (as common n.) god, a pagan deity," s.v. God OED. KEY: god@n1 god@n1#propn
god n1 158 god 98 goddes 52 goddis 6 goddys 2
god n1#propn 1352 god 1210 goddes 132 goddis 4 goddys 1 gode 1 godes 2 godis 2

god n.(2) "goodness, virtue; good (deed, thing, words); useful knowledge; benefit; possessions, goods," s.v. good OED. KEY: god@n2
god n2 338 god 2 gode 4 godes 7 good 231 goode 12 goodes 76 goodis 6

goddesse n. "goddess," s.v. goddess OED. KEY: goddesse@n
goddesse n 43 goddesse 41 goddesses 1 godesse 1

god-fader n. "godfather," s.v. godfather OED. KEY: god-fader@n
god-fader n 1 godfader 1

godhede n.(1) "godhead," s.v. godhead sb.\1 OED. KEY: godhede@n1
godhede n1 3 godhede 3

godli adj.(2) "goodly, pleasing, gracious; (as n.) excellent person," s.v. goodly a. OED. KEY: godli@adj2 godli@adj2#n
godli adj2 32 goodlich 2 goodliche 2 goodlieste 3 goodly 25

godli adj2#n 2 goodly 2
godli adv.(2) "goodly, graciously, willingly; intently; (as intens.) possibly, well," s.v. goodly adv. OED. KEY: godli@adv2
godli adv2 26 goodly 26

godlihede n. "goodness, virtue; beauty; graciousness," s.v. goodlihead OED. KEY: godlihede@n
godlihede n 7 godlyhed 1 godlyhede 1 goodlihed 1 goodlihede 2 goodlyhede 1 goodlyheede 1

god-man phr. & n. "(as n.) head of the household," s.v. goodman OED, god man phr. & n. MED. KEY: god_man@n
god_man n 2 good-man 2

godnesse n.(2) "goodness; kindness; good deed," s.v. goodness OED. KEY: godnesse@n2
godnesse n2 76 godnesse 3 goodnesse 72 goodnesses 1

god-sibbe n. "godparent of one's child; close friend," s.v. gossip OED. KEY: god-sibbe@n
god-sibbe n 6 godsib 1 godsibbes 1 gossib 2 gossyb 2

goinge ger. "going, movement; departure," s.v. going vbl. sb. OED. KEY: goinge@ger
goinge ger 9 goinge 3 goinges 1 goyng 2 goynge 3

gold adj. "golden," s.v. gold sb.\1 OED. KEY: gold@adj
gold adj 2 gold 2

gold n. "gold, precious metal" s.v. gold sb.\1 OED. KEY: gold@n
gold n 149 gold 149

gold-bete adj. "adorned with gold," s.v. gold sb.\1 OED, gold n. MED. KEY: gold-bete@adj
gold-bete adj 2 gold-bete 1 gold-ybete 1

golde n. "marigold, the flower," s.v. gold sb.\2 OED. KEY: golde@n
cercle n. "circle; conjurer's magic circle; circlet, diadem; (astro.) circular belt of stars, sphere; orbit," s.v. circle sb. OED. KEY: cercle@n
golden adj. "golden," s.v. golden a. OED. KEY: golden@adj
golden adj 7 golden 4 goldene 3

golde n 1 gooldes 1

gold-finch n. "goldfinch," s.v. goldfinch OED. KEY: gold-finch@n
gold-finch n 1 goldfynch 1

gold-hewen adj. "adorned with gold," s.v. gold sb.\1 OED, gold n. MED. KEY: gold-hewen@adj
gold-hewen adj 1 gold-hewen 1

goldles adj. "without money," s.v. goldless a. OED. KEY: goldles@adj
goldles adj 1 goldlees 1

gold-smith n. "goldsmith," s.v. goldsmith OED. KEY: gold-smith@n
gold-smith n 2 goldsmyth 2

gold-smithrie n. "products of a goldsmith," s.v. goldsmith OED. KEY: gold-smithrie@n
gold-smithrie n 1 goldsmythrye 1

gold-tressed adj. "golden haired"; not in OED; s.v. gold n. MED. KEY: gold-tressed@adj
gold-tressed adj 1 gold-tressed 1

gole n.(2) "mouthful (of talk)," s.v. golee OED. KEY: gole@n2
gole n2 1 golee 1

golet n. "gullet," s.v. gullet OED. KEY: golet@n
golet n 1 golet 1

goliardeis n. "buffoon, joker," s.v. goliardeys OED. KEY: goliardeis@n
goliardeis n 1 goliardeys 1

Golias n. "Goliath (in the Bible)," proper n. KEY: golias@n#propn
golias n#propn 1 golias 1

gomme n. "aromatic gum," s.v. gum sb.\2 OED. KEY: gomme@n
gomme n 1 gomme 1

gon v. "go, walk," s.v. go v. OED. KEY: gon@v
gon v 753 ga 2 gas 1 geen 1 geth 1 go 248 goinge 1 gon 156 gone 1 goo 30 goon 135 goost 5 gooth 85 gost 1 goth 83 goynge 3

gonen v. "gape, yawn," s.v. gane v. OED. KEY: gonen@v
gonen v 1 ganeth 1

gonne n. "gun, cannon," s.v. gun OED. KEY: gonne@n
gonne n 2 gonne 2

Goodelief n. "Goodelief, Harry Bailly's wife," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: goodelief@n#propn
goodelief n#propn 1 goodelief 1

Gootlond n. "Gotland, an island in the Baltic," place name; not in MED. KEY: gootlond@n#propn
gootlond n#propn 1 gootlond 1

gore n.(2) "gore, triangular insert; gown," s.v. gore sb.\2 OED. KEY: gore@n2
gore n2 2 goore 2

gos n. "goose," s.v. goose OED. KEY: gos@n
gos n 14 gees 2 goos 11 goses 1

gos-hauk n. "goshawk," s.v. goshawk OED. KEY: gos-hauk@n
gos-hauk n 2 goshauk 2

gosish adj. "goose-like, silly," s.v. goosish a. OED. KEY: gosish@adj
gosish adj 1 goosissh 1

gospel n. "gospel; Bible (New Testament); truth," s.v. gospel OED. KEY: gospel@n
gospel n 16 gospel 16

gos-somer n. "film of fine cobwebs," s.v. gossamer OED. KEY: gos-somer@n
gos-somer n 1 goss
omer 1

gost n. "ghost, soul; spirit, mind; evil spirit, demon," s.v. ghost OED. KEY: gost@n
gost n 48 goost 35 goostes 1 gost 12

gostli adj. "spiritual," s.v. ghostly a. OED. KEY: gostli@adj
gostli adj 6 goostly 6

gostli adv. "spiritually; truthfully(?)," s.v. ghostly adv. OED. KEY: gostli@adv
gostli adv 2 goostly 1 gostly 1

got n. "goat," s.v. goat OED. KEY: got@n
got n 2 goot 2

goter n.(1) "gutter; window opening onto a roof gutter," s.v. gutter sb.\1 OED. KEY: goter@n1
goter n1 3 goter 3

Gothes n. pl. "Goths (Ostrogoths)," s.v. Goth OED. KEY: gothes@n
gothes n 1 gothes 1

goune n. "gown," s.v. gown OED. KEY: goune@n
goune n 5 gowne 3 gownes 2

goune-cloth n. "material to make a gown," s.v. gown OED, goune n. MED. KEY: goune-cloth@n
goune-cloth n 2 gowne-clooth 2

gounfanoun n. "flag, emblem (as mark of preeminence)," s.v. gonfanon OED. KEY: gounfanoun@n
gounfanoun n 1 gounfanoun 1

gourde n. "flask," s.v. gourd sb.\1 OED. KEY: gourde@n
gourde n 2 gourde 2

goute n.(1) "gout," s.v. gout sb.\1 OED. KEY: goute@n1
goute n1 1 goute 1

governail n. "government, control, mastery," s.v. governail OED. KEY: governail@n
governail n 2 governaille 1 governayles 1

governaunce n. "government, control; behavior, self-control," s.v. governance OED. KEY: governaunce@n
governaunce n 59 governance 8 governaunce 51

governement n. "government, control," s.v. government OED. KEY: governement@n
governement n 10 governement 5 governementis 1 governementz 4

governen v. "govern, control; conduct oneself," s.v. govern v. OED. KEY: governen@v
governen v 73 governe 21 governed 22 governede 4 governeden 1 governen 1 governest 2 governeth 18 governyd 1 governyde 1 governynge 1 igoverned 1

governeresse n. "governess, ruler," s.v. governeress OED. KEY: governeresse@n
governeresse n 2 governeresse 1 governouresse 1

governinge ger. "governing, rule, control," s.v. governing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: governinge@ger
governinge ger 5 governyng 2 governynge 2 governynges 1

governour n. "governor, ruler," s.v. governor OED. KEY: governour@n
governour n 21 gouvernours 1 governour 18 governours 2

Gower n. "John Gower, friend of Chaucer," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gower@n#propn
gower n#propn 1 gower 1

grace n. "grace, divine favor, divine help; providence, fortune; good will, favor; graciousness, goodness (also as proper n., personified); (with yelden) thanks; gracious action," s.v. grace OED. KEY: grace@n grace@n#propn
grace n 260 grace 258 graces 1 gras 1
grace n#propn 1 grace 1

graceles adj. "without (a lady's) grace, favor," s.v. graceless a. OED. KEY: graceles@adj
graceles adj 2 gracelees 1 graceles 1

gracious adj. "gracious, benevolent," s.v. gracious a. OED. KEY: gracious@adj
gracious adj 5 gracious 5

graciousli adv. "luckily, successfully," s.v. graciously adv. OED. KEY: graciousli@adv
graciousli adv 1 graciously 1

graciousnesse n. "graciousness, attractiveness," s.v. graciousness OED. KEY: graciousnesse@n
graciousnesse n 1 graciousnesse 1

grain n. "grain crop; seed; scarlet dye," s.v. grain sb.\1 OED. KEY: grain@n
grain n 14 grayn 2 greyn 10 greynes 2

grame n. "anger; sorrow; injury," s.v. grame OED. KEY: grame@n
grame n 5 grame 5

gramerci n. & interj. "(as interj.) thanks," s.v. gramercy int. OED. KEY: gramerci@interj
gramerci interj 2 gramercy 1 grauntmercy 1

gramere n. "grammar," s.v. grammar OED. KEY: gramere@n
gramere n 1 grammeere 1

grape n.(1) "grape," s.v. grape sb.\1 OED. KEY: grape@n1
grape n1 4 grape 1 grapes 3

grapenel n. "grappling iron," s.v. grapnel OED. KEY: grapenel@n
grapenel n 1 grapenel 1

gras n. "grass; (as adj.) green, youthful," s.v. grass sb.\1 OED. KEY: gras@n gras@n#adj
gras n#adj 1 gras 1
gras n 21 gras 15 grass 3 grasses 2 gres 1

graspen v. "grasp, grope about," s.v. grasp v. OED. KEY: graspen@v
graspen v 2 graspe 1 graspeth 1

graunge n. "granary; outlying farm," s.v. grange OED. KEY: graunge@n
graunge n 3 grange 1 graunges 2

Graunson n. "Oton de Graunson, the French poet," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: graunson@n#propn
graunson n#propn 1 graunson 1

graunt adj. "great," s.v. grand a. OED, all entries s.v. gramerci n. & interj. MED. KEY: graunt@adj
graunt adj 13 grant 4 graunt 9

graunt n. "grant, gift; privilege; decree," s.v. grant sb.\1 OED. KEY: graunt@n
graunt n 4 graunt 4

graunten v. "grant, allow; agree, consent, admit (a fact); ordain, appoint," s.v. grant v. OED. KEY: graunten@v
graunten v 134 grante 4 granten 2 granteth 1 graunt 1 graunte 60 graunted 31 graunten 15 grauntestow 1 graunteth 7 grauntid 3 grauntide 3 grauntith 1 igrauntid 1 ygraunted 4

grauntinge ger. "grant, permission; agreement," s.v. granting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: grauntinge@ger
grauntinge ger 2 grauntyng 1 grauntynge 1

grave n.(1) "grave," s.v. grave sb.\1 OED. KEY: grave@n1
grave n1 9 grave 9

gravel n. "gravel," s.v. gravel OED. KEY: gravel@n
gravel n 3 gravel 1 gravelis 1 gravell 1

graven v.(1) "engrave, carve; bury, dig; (ppl. adj.) carved," s.v. grave v.\1 OED, graven ppl. a. OED. KEY: graven@v1 graven@v1#adj
graven v1#adj 1 grave 1
graven v1 28 grave 18 graven 5 ygrave 5

gre n.(1) "degree," s.v. gree sb.\1 OED. KEY: gre@n1
gre n1 1 gree 1

gre n.(2) "favor, good will," s.v. gree sb.\2 OED. KEY: gre@n2
gre n2 7 gre 1 gree 6

Grece n. "Greece," place name. KEY: grece@n#propn
grece n#propn 14 grece 12 greces 1 grees 1

gredi adj. "greedy," s.v. greedy a. OED. KEY: gredi@adj
gredi adj 6 gredy 6

gredili adv. "greedily," s.v. greedily adv. OED. KEY: gredili@adv
gredili adv 1 gredily 1

gref n. "grief, trouble, pain," s.v. grief OED. KEY: gref@n
gref n 8 grief 8

Gregorie n. "Pope Gregory the Great," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: gregorie@n#propn
gregorie n#propn 10 gregorie 10

gre-hound n. "grayhound," s.v. greyhound OED. KEY: gre-hound@n
gre-hound n 1 grehoundes 1

grei adj. & n. "(as adj.) gray; (as n.) gray-haired person," s.v. grey adj. OED. KEY: grei@adj grei@n
grei adj 15 gray 5 grey 5 greye 5
grei n 1 greye 1

greithen v. "prepare; dress, clothe," s.v. graith v. OED. KEY: greithen@v
greithen v 4 graythe 1 greithen 1 greythed 1 greythen 1

Grek adj. "Greek," s.v. Greek a. OED. KEY: grek@adj
grek adj 4 greek 2 grek 1 grekes 1

Grek n. "Greek," s.v. Greek OED. KEY: grek@n
grek n 69 grec 1 greek 1 grek 9 greke 1 grekes 33 grekis 23 grekys 1

Grekish adj. & n. "(as adj.) Greek," s.v. Greekish a. OED. KEY: grekish@adj
grekish adj 3 grekissch 1 grekyssh 1 grykkyssche 1

grene adj. "green," s.v. green a. OED. KEY: grene@adj
grene adj 70 greene 3 grene 67

grene n.(1) "green color; grassy place, field," s.v. green OED. KEY: grene@n1
grene n1 32 grene 32

grenehede n. "greenness, inexperience," s.v. greenhead sb.\1 OED. KEY: grenehede@n
grenehede n 1 grenehede 1

Grenewich n. "Greenwich, near London," place name; not in MED. KEY: grenewich@n#propn
grenewich n#propn 1 grenewych 1

grene-wode n. "(as adj.) greenwood," s.v. greenwood OED, grene adj. MED. KEY: grene-wode@n#adj
grene-wode n#adj 1 grene-wode 1

grenish adj. "greenish," s.v. greenish a. OED. KEY: grenish@adj
grenish adj 1 grenyssh 1

grennen v. "(ppl.) grinning, grimacing," s.v. grin v.\2 OED. KEY: grennen@v
grennen v 1 grennyng 1

grese n. "grease," s.v. grease OED. KEY: grese@n
grese n 3 grece 2 greesse 1

gret adj. & adv. & n. "(as adj.) great, big (in size); coarse; great (in degree, quality, or status); chief, most important, consummate; diligent; (as n.) chief part, substance; high-ranking people; the greater part," s.v. great adj. OED. KEY: gret@adj gret@n
gret adj 848 great 3 greet 355 greete 4 gret 200 grete 222 gretter 29 grettere 4 grettest 11 gretteste 16 grettist 4
gret n 12 greet 2 greete 1 gret 1 grete 8

greten v.(2) "greet," s.v. greet v.\1 OED. KEY: greten@v2
greten v2 18 greete 1 gret 1 grete 4 grette 12

gretli adv. "greatly, completely," s.v. greatly adv. OED. KEY: gretli@adv
gretli adv 44 greetly 19 gretly 25

gretnesse n. "greatness, enormity," s.v. greatness OED. KEY: gretnesse@n
gretnesse n 7 greetnesse 1 gretnesse 6

grevaunce n. "grievance, injury, annoyance, pain; sorrow, affliction," s.v. grievance OED. KEY: grevaunce@n
grevaunce n 19 grevance 5 grevances 4 grevaunce 9 grevaunces 1

greve n.(1) "grove, shrub, branch," s.v. greave sb.\1 OED. KEY: greve@n1
greve n1 6 greve 1 greves 5

greven v. "grieve, injure, cause pain; anger, annoy; (reflex.) take offense," s.v. grieve v. OED. KEY: greven@v
greven v 40 greeve 2 greve 21 greved 5 grevede 1 greven 1 greveth 10

grevous adj. "grievous; painful; malicious; (as adv.) painfully," s.v. grievous a. OED. KEY: grevous@adj grevous@adj#adv
grevous adj#adv 1 grevous 1
grevous adj 25 greevous 2 grevous 20 grevouse 3

grevousli adv. "grievously, painfully; strenuously," s.v. grievously adv. OED. KEY: grevousli@adv
grevousli adv 10 grevosly 1 grevousliche 1 grevously 8

griffoun n.(2) "griffin, a fabulous beast," s.v. griffin sb.\1 OED. KEY: griffoun@n2
griffoun n2 1 grifphon 1

grille adj. "harsh, stormy," s.v. grill a. OED. KEY: grille@adj
grille adj 1 gryl 1

grim adj. "grim, angry," s.v. grim a. OED. KEY: grim@adj
grim adj 5 grym 3 grymme 2

grimli adv. "grimly, hideously," s.v. grimly adv. OED. KEY: grimli@adv
grimli adv 1 grymly 1

grimnesse n. "grimness, ferocity," s.v. grimness OED. KEY: grimnesse@n
grimnesse n 1 grymnesse 1

grinden v.(1) "grind; (ppl. adj.) ground, honed," s.v. grind v.\1 OED, grounden ppl. a. OED. KEY: grinden@v1 grinden@v1#adj
grinden v1#adj 4 grounden 1 igrounde 1 ygrounde 2
grinden v1 11 grond 1 grounden 1 grynde 3 grynt 2 grynte 1 ygrounde 3

grindinge ger. "grinding; payment for grinding," s.v. grinding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: grindinge@ger
grindinge ger 2 gryndynge 1 gryntynge 1

gripen v. "grip, seize," s.v. grip v.\1 OED. KEY: gripen@v
gripen v 3 gripe 1 gripen 1 gripeth 1

gris adj. "gray," s.v. gris a. OED. KEY: gris@adj
gris adj 1 grys 1

gris n.(2) "gray fur," s.v. gris OED. KEY: gris@n2
gris n2 1 grys 1

Grisel n. "name for a gray horse (or gray-haired old man)," proper n. KEY: grisel@n#propn
grisel n#propn 1 grisel 1

Grisilde n. "Griselda, heroine of ClT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: grisilde@n#propn
grisilde n#propn 32 grisild 1 grisilde 18 grisildis 13

grisli adj. & n. "(as adj.) grisly, horrible," s.v. grisly a. OED. KEY: grisli@adj
grisli adj 18 grisely 3 grisly 14 grysely 1

groin n.(1) "snout," s.v. groin sb.\1 OED. KEY: groin@n1
groin n1 1 groyn 1

groin n.(2) "scolding, rebuke," s.v. groin sb.\1 OED. KEY: groin@n2
groin n2 1 groyn 1

groininge ger. "grumbling, complaint," s.v. groining vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: groininge@ger
groininge ger 1 groynynge 1

grom n. "groom, male servant; boy," s.v. groom OED. KEY: grom@n
grom n 2 grom 1 gromes 1

gronen v. "groan, moan; complain," s.v. groan v. OED. KEY: gronen@v
gronen v 13 grone 7 gronen 2 groneth 2 groone 2

groninge ger. "groaning," s.v. groaning vbl. sb. OED. KEY: groninge@ger
groninge ger 1 gronyng 1

gropen v. "grope, feel; search for, test, examine," s.v. grope v. OED. KEY: gropen@v
gropen v 9 grope 6 groped 1 gropeth 2

grot n.(1) "bit, particle," s.v. grot sb.\1 OED. KEY: grot@n1
grot n1 1 grot 1

grot n.(3) "groat, a silver coin," s.v. groat OED. KEY: grot@n3
grot n3 5 grote 3 grotes 2

grouen v. "grow," s.v. grow v. OED. KEY: grouen@v
grouen v 22 grew 3 growe 5 growed 1 growen 5 groweth 3 growyng 1 growynge 3 ygrowen 1

ground n. "ground, foundation; earth, soil; material, fabric," s.v. ground OED. KEY: ground@n
ground n 56 ground 36 grounde 17 grownd 2 grownde 1

grounden v. "(ppl.) grounded, learned; based," s.v. ground v. OED. KEY: grounden@v
grounden v 3 grounded 2 ygrounded 1

grove n.(1) "grove," s.v. grove OED. KEY: grove@n1
grove n1 13 grove 13

grubben v. "dig," s.v. grub v. OED. KEY: grubben@v
grubben v 1 grobbe 1

grucchen v. "grouch, grumble, complain; resent," s.v. grutch v. OED. KEY: grucchen@v
grucchen v 16 grucche 7 grucched 1 grucchen 3 gruccheth 4 gruchched 1

grucchinge ger. "grouching, grumbling, complaint," s.v. grutching vbl. sb. OED. KEY: grucchinge@ger
grucchinge ger 5 grucching 1 grucchyng 3 gruchchyng 1

gruel n. "gruel," s.v. gruel OED. KEY: gruel@n
gruel n 1 gruwel 1

gruffe n. & adj. & adv. "(as adv.) face downward," s.v. groof adv. OED. KEY: gruffe@adv
gruffe adv 3 gruf 3

grunten v. "groan, complain," s.v. grunt v. OED. KEY: grunten@v
grunten v 1 gronte 1

guerdonen v. "reward, recompense," s.v. guerdon v. OED. KEY: guerdonen@v
guerdonen v 7 gerdone 2 gerdoned 2 guerdoun 1 gwerdone 1 igerdoned 1

guerdoning ger. "reward, requiting," s.v. guerdon v. OED. KEY: guerdoning@ger
guerdoning ger 3 gerdonynge 1 guerdonynge 2

guerdoun n. "reward, recompense, payment," s.v. guerdon OED. KEY: guerdoun@n
guerdoun n 25 gerdon 5 gerdons 1 gerdoun 6 gerdouns 2 guerdon 2 guerdoun 8 guerdouns 1

Guido n. "Guido delle Colonne, Latin author," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: guido@n#propn
guido n#propn 3 guido 2 guydo 1

gut n. "gut," s.v. gut OED. KEY: gut@n
gut n 2 guttes 2

Guy n. "Guy of Warwick, a hero of romance," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: guy@n#propn
guy n#propn 1 gy 1



-- H --



ha interj. "ha!" s.v. ha int. OED; also s.v. aha interj. MED, ha ha interj. MED. KEY: ha@interj
ha interj 11 ha 11

haberdasher n. "dealer in various small articles of trade," s.v. haberdasher OED. KEY: haberdasher@n
haberdasher n 1 haberdasshere 1

habergeoun n. "mail jacket," s.v. habergeon OED. KEY: habergeoun@n
habergeoun n 5 habergeon 1 haubergeons 1 haubergeoun 2 haubergeouns 1

habitacioun n. "habitation," s.v. habitation OED. KEY: habitacioun@n
habitacioun n 5 habitacioun 5

habitacle n. "dwelling place; niche," s.v. habitacle OED. KEY: habitacle@n
habitacle n 2 habitacle 1 habitacles 1

habit n. "habit, customary practice; clothing; physical appearance, condition," s.v. habit sb. OED. KEY: habit@n
habit n 16 abyte 1 habit 10 habite 3 habyt 1 habyte 1

habiten v. "dwell, inhabit," s.v. habit v. OED. KEY: habiten@v
habiten v 1 habiten 1

Habradate n. "Adabrates, king of the Susi," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: habradate@n#propn
habradate n#propn 2 habradate 1 habradates 1

hacche n. "hatch, decking (of a ship)," s.v. hatch sb.\1 OED. KEY: hacche@n
hacche n 1 haches 1

hail n. "hail, hailstone," s.v. hail sb.\1 OED. KEY: hail@n
hail n 5 hayl 3 hayle 1 hayles 1

Hailes n. "Hailes Abbey, in Gloucestershire," place name; not in MED. KEY: hailes@n#propn
hailes n#propn 1 hayles 1

hainous adj. "heinous," s.v. heinous a. OED. KEY: hainous@adj
hainous adj 1 heynous 1

hait interj. "giddap!" s.v. hait, heit int. OED. KEY: hait@interj
hait interj 3 hayt 2 heyt 1

hakeneie n. "hackney, saddle-horse," s.v. hackney sb. (a.) OED. KEY: hakeneie@n
hakeneie n 2 hakeney 2

hakken v. "hack, chop," s.v. hack v.\1 OED. KEY: hakken@v
hakken v 2 hakke 1 hakketh 1

halen v. "pull, drag; attract magnetically," s.v. hale v.\1 OED. KEY: halen@v
halen v 4 hale 1 haled 1 haleth 2

half adj. "half," s.v. half a. OED. KEY: half@adj
half adj 10 half 8 halve 2

half adv. "half," s.v. half adv. OED. KEY: half@adv
half adv 31 half 31

half n. "half; side; behalf," s.v. half sb. OED. KEY: half@n
half n 49 half 45 halfe 1 halve 2 halves 1

half-god n. "half-god," s.v. half-god OED, half adj. MED. KEY: half-god@n
half-god n 1 half-goddes 1

half-wei adv. "half-way," s.v. half-way, halfway a., adv., sb., and prep. OED. KEY: half-wei@adv
half-wei adv 1 half-wey 1

Hali n. "Hali, Arab authority on medicine," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: hali@n#propn
hali n#propn 1 haly 1

hali-dai n. & phr. "(as n.) holiday, religious festival," s.v. holiday sb. OED. KEY: hali-dai@n
hali-dai n 5 haliday 2 halydayes 2 holyday 1

halk n. "nook, recess, hiding place," s.v. halke OED. KEY: halk@n
halk n 4 halke 3 halkes 1

halle n. "hall (also as adj.)," s.v. hall sb. OED. KEY: halle@n halle@n#adj
halle n#adj 1 halle 1
halle n 50 halle 44 halles 6

halouen v. "(ppl.) pursued with shouts," s.v. halloo v. OED. KEY: halouen@v
halouen v 1 yhalowed 1

hal-peni n. "halfpenny," s.v. halfpenny OED. KEY: hal-peni@n
hal-peni n 1 halfpeny 1

hals n. "neck," s.v. halse, hals sb. OED. KEY: hals@n
hals n 6 hals 6

halsen v.(1) "implore," s.v. halse v.\1 OED. KEY: halsen@v1
halsen v1 1 halse 1

halten v. "limp," s.v. halt v.\1 OED. KEY: halten@v
halten v 2 halt 1 halten 1

halven-dele n., adj., and adv. "(as n.) half part, half," s.v. halfendeal, halven- sb., a., and adv. OED. KEY: halven-dele@n
halven-dele n 2 halvendel 2

halwe n. "saint; saint's shrine," s.v. hallow sb.\1 OED. KEY: halwe@n
halwe n 11 halwes 11

halwen v. "sanctify, consecrate; honor, worship," s.v. hallow v.\1 OED. KEY: halwen@v
halwen v 4 halwed 3 halwen 1

hamelen v. "(ppl.) maimed, made lame," s.v. hamble v. OED. KEY: hamelen@v
hamelen v 1 hameled 1

hamer n. "hammer," s.v. hammer sb. OED. KEY: hamer@n
hamer n 3 hamer 2 hamers 1

hamperen v. "(ppl.) beset, vexed," s.v. hamper v.\1 OED. KEY: hamperen@v
hamperen v 1 hampred 1

Hanibal n. "Hannibal, the Carthaginian general," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: hanibal@n#propn
hanibal n#propn 1 hanybal 1

hanselin n. "short jacket," s.v. hanselin OED. KEY: hanselin@n
hanselin n 1 haynselyns 1

hap n. "hap, chance, luck; unforeseen occurrence (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. hap sb.\1 OED. KEY: hap@n hap@n#propn
hap n 33 hap 28 happes 5
hap n#propn 1 hap 1

happen v.(1) "happen, occur by chance," s.v. hap v.\1 OED. KEY: happen@v1
happen v1 41 happe 8 happed 15 happede 4 happen 2 happeth 11 happith 1

happenen v. "happen," s.v. happen v. OED. KEY: happenen@v
happenen v 1 happen 1

happi adj. & adv. "(as adj.) fortunate, favored by fortune; (as adv.) fortunately," s.v. happy a. OED. KEY: happi@adj happi@adv
happi adj 4 happy 4
happi adv 1 happy 1

hard adj. "hard, firm; strong, cruel; difficult," s.v. hard a. (sb.) OED. KEY: hard@adj
hard adj 64 hard 42 harde 19 harder 2 hardest 1

hard n. "difficulty," s.v. hard a. (sb.) OED. KEY: hard@n
hard n 1 hard 1

harde adv. "hard, tightly; vigorously; with difficulty," s.v. hard adv. OED. KEY: harde@adv
harde adv 12 harde 11 harder 1

harden v. "(ppl.) hardened," s.v. hard v. OED. KEY: harden@v
harden v 2 ihardid 1 yharded 1

hard-herted adj. "hard-hearted," s.v. hard-hearted a. OED. KEY: hard-herted@adj
hard-herted adj 2 hard-herted 1 hardherted 1

hardi adj. "hardy, sturdy; brave, audacious," s.v. hardy a. OED. KEY: hardi@adj
hardi adj 30 hardy 30

hardili adv. "boldly; certainly, surely," s.v. hardily adv. OED. KEY: hardili@adv
hardili adv 22 hardely 7 hardily 11 hardyly 4

hardiment n. "courage," s.v. hardiment OED. KEY: hardiment@n
hardiment n 1 hardyment 1

hardinesse n. "hardiness, bravery; audacity, arrogance," s.v. hardiness OED. KEY: hardinesse@n
hardinesse n 15 hardinesse 2 hardynesse 13

hardinge ger. "hardening," s.v. hard v. OED. KEY: hardinge@ger
hardinge ger 1 hardyng 1

hardnesse n. "hardness, obstinacy; austerity; cruelty," s.v. hardness OED. KEY: hardnesse@n
hardnesse n 7 hardnesse 6 hardnesses 1

hare n. "hare," s.v. hare sb. OED. KEY: hare@n
hare n 9 hare 9

harlot n. "rascal; lecher; servant," s.v. harlot sb. OED. KEY: harlot@n
harlot n 7 harlot 5 harlotes 2

harlotrie n. "sexual misconduct, ribaldry," s.v. harlotry sb. (a.) OED. KEY: harlotrie@n
harlotrie n 6 harlotrie 2 harlotries 1 harlotrye 3

harm n. "harm, injury; disease; pain, sorrow; slander; matter for sorrow, a pity," s.v. harm sb. OED. KEY: harm@n
harm n 171 harm 145 harmes 26

harmen v. "harm, injure," s.v. harm v. OED. KEY: harmen@v
harmen v 5 harme 3 harmed 2

harmful adj. "harmful," s.v. harmful a. OED. KEY: harmful@adj
harmful adj 1 harmful 1

harmfullie adv. "harmfully," s.v. harmfully adv. OED. KEY: harmfullie@adv
harmfullie adv 1 harmfully 1

harminge ger. "harming," s.v. harming vbl. sb. OED. KEY: harminge@ger
harminge ger 1 harmyng 1

harmles adj. "without harm," s.v. harmless a. OED. KEY: harmles@adj
harmles adj 1 harmles 1

harneis n. sg. & pl. "arms, armor; equipment; circumstantial details," s.v. harness sb. OED. KEY: harneis@n
harneis n 15 harnays 1 harneys 14

harneisen v. "(ppl.) adorned," s.v. harness v. OED. KEY: harneisen@v
harneisen v 1 harneised 1

harou interj. & n. "(as interj.) help! alas!" s.v. harrow, haro int. OED. KEY: harou@interj
harou interj 8 harrow 8

harpe n. "harp, the musical instrument," s.v. harp sb.\1 OED. KEY: harpe@n
harpe n 12 harpe 10 harpes 2

harpen v. "harp, play the harp," s.v. harp v. OED. KEY: harpen@v
harpen v 1 harpe 1

harpere n. "harper," s.v. harper\1 OED. KEY: harpere@n
harpere n 4 harper 1 harpers 2 harpour 1

harpe-string n. "harp string," s.v. harp string OED, harpe n. MED. KEY: harpe-string@n
harpe-string n 1 harpe-strynges 1

harpinge ger. "harping, playing the harp," s.v. harping vbl. sb. OED. KEY: harpinge@ger
harpinge ger 1 harpyng 1

hasard n. "a dice game; dice-playing (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. hazard sb. (a.) OED. KEY: hasard@n hasard@n#propn
hasard n 3 hasard 3
hasard n#propn 1 hasard 1

hasardour n. "dice-player, gambler," s.v. hazarder OED. KEY: hasardour@n
hasardour n 7 hasardour 2 hasardours 5

hasardrie n. "dice-playing, gambling," s.v. hasardry OED. KEY: hasardrie@n
hasardrie n 4 hasardrie 1 hasardrye 3

Hasdrubales n. (gen.) "Hasdrubal, commander of the army of Carthage," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: hasdrubales@n#propn
hasdrubales n#propn 2 hasdrubales 2

hasel n. "hazel tree," s.v. hazel\1 OED. KEY: hasel@n
hasel n 1 hasel 1

haselwode n. "hazel thicket," s.v. hazel-wood OED, hasel n. MED. KEY: haselwode@n
haselwode n 3 haselwode 2 haselwodes 1

haspe n. "hasp," s.v. hasp sb. OED. KEY: haspe@n
haspe n 1 haspe 1

haste n. "haste, speed," s.v. haste sb. OED. KEY: haste@n
haste n 11 haste 11

hasten v. "hasten, hurry," s.v. haste v. OED. KEY: hasten@v
hasten v 28 haste 8 hasted 1 hasten 6 hasteth 12 hastith 1

hastif adj. "hasty, speedy; eager, rash," s.v. hastive, hastif a. OED. KEY: hastif@adj
hastif adj 8 hastif 8

hastiflie adv. "hastily, speedily," s.v. hastively, hastifly adv. OED. KEY: hastiflie@adv
hastiflie adv 3 hastifliche 1 hastifly 2

hastifnesse n. "hastiness, rashness, impetuosity," s.v. hastiveness, hastifnesse OED. KEY: hastifnesse@n
hastifnesse n 3 hastifnesse 3

hastilie adv. "hastily, speedily; eagerly, rashly," s.v. hastily adv. OED. KEY: hastilie@adv
hastilie adv 46 hastely 3 hastili 1 hastiliche 1 hastily 41

hat n. "hat," s.v. hat sb. OED. KEY: hat@n
hat n 9 hat 9

hate n. "hate," s.v. hate sb.\1 OED. KEY: hate@n
hate n 37 hate 36 hates 1

hateful adj. "hateful," s.v. hateful a. OED. KEY: hateful@adj
hateful adj 8 haatful 1 hateful 7

haten v. "hate," s.v. hate v. OED. KEY: haten@v
haten v 46 hate 11 hated 7 hatede 1 haten 13 hateth 12 hatid 1 yhated 1

hatrede n. "hatred," s.v. hatred OED. KEY: hatrede@n
hatrede n 1 hatredes 1

hauberk n. "coat of mail, plate armor," s.v. hauberk OED. KEY: hauberk@n
hauberk n 6 hauberk 3 hauberkes 2 hawberk 1

haue n.(1) "yard, garden," s.v. haw sb.\1 OED. KEY: haue@n1
haue n1 1 hawe 1

haue n.(2) "haw, hawthorn fruit," s.v. haw sb.\2 OED. KEY: haue@n2
haue n2 4 hawe 2 hawes 2

haue-bake n. "baked haws, poor fare," s.v. hawe-bake OED, haue n.(2) MED. KEY: haue-bake@n
haue-bake n 1 hawebake 1

haue-thorn n. "hawthorn, the tree," s.v. hawthorn OED. KEY: haue-thorn@n
haue-thorn n 1 hawethorn 1

hauk n.(1) "hawk," s.v. hawk sb.\1 OED. KEY: hauk@n1
hauk n1 14 hauk 8 haukes 6

hauken v.(1) "hawk, hunt with a hawk," s.v. hawk v.\1 OED. KEY: hauken@v1
hauken v1 1 hauke 1

hauking ger.(1) "hawking, hunting with a hawk," s.v. hawking vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: hauking@ger1
hauking ger1 2 haukyng 2

haunche-bon n. "hip-bone, hip," s.v. haunch-bone OED, haunche n. MED. KEY: haunche-bon@n
haunche-bon n 2 haunche-bon 1 haunchebones 1

haunt n. "haunt, territory; practice, skill," s.v. haunt sb. OED. KEY: haunt@n
haunt n 3 haunt 3

haunten v.(1) "haunt, frequent a place; practice habitually," s.v. haunt v. OED. KEY: haunten@v1
haunten v1 12 haunte 1 haunteden 1 haunten 5 haunteth 4 hauntyd 1

hautein adj. & n. "(as adj.) proud, arrogant," s.v. hautain, -tein a. (sb.) OED. KEY: hautein@adj
hautein adj 4 hautayn 1 hauteyn 2 hawtein 1

haven n.(1) "haven, harbor," s.v. haven sb. OED. KEY: haven@n1
haven v. "have," s.v. have v. OED. KEY: haven@v
haven n1 9 haven 6 havene 2 havenes 1

haven-side n. "harbor side"; not in OED, s.v. haven n1. MED. KEY: haven-side@n
haven-side n 1 haven-syde 1

haven v 4715 had 283 hadde 826 hadden 42 haddest 30 haddestow 2 hade 2 han 855 has 7 hast 216 hastou 2 hastow 49 hath 1131 have 1249 haven 4 haveth 4 havyng 2 havynge 1 nad 1 nadde 5 nath 3 yhad 1

havinge ger. "having, possessing," s.v. having vbl. sb. OED. KEY: havinge@ger
havinge ger 4 havynge 4

he pron.(1) "he (as pron., demon. adj., indef. pron)," s.v. he pers. pron., 3rd sign. masc. nom. OED. KEY: he@pron1 he@pron1_adj
he pron1_adj 16 he 16
he pron1 5837 he 5823 hee 14

hed n.(1) "head," s.v. head sb. OED. KEY: hed@n1
hed n1 226 hed 52 heddes 3 hede 2 hedes 4 heed 101 heved 47 hevedes 17

hed n.(2) "heed, attention, care," s.v. heed sb. OED. KEY: hed@n2
hed n2 68 hed 9 hede 26 heed 5 heede 28

heden v.(1) "provide with a head," s.v. head v. OED. KEY: heden@v1
heden v1 1 hedde 1

hegge n. "hedge," s.v. hedge sb. OED. KEY: hegge@n
hegge n 6 hegge 4 hegges 2

hei interj. "hey!" s.v. hey int. (sb.) OED. KEY: hei@interj
hei interj 1 hay 1

hei n. "hay," s.v. hay sb.\1 OED. KEY: hei@n
hei n 9 hay 1 hayis 1 hey 7

heien v. "go upward," s.v. high v. OED. KEY: heien@v
heien v 1 heye 1

heigh adj. "high, lofty; exalted, noble; strong; arrogant; much, great; (also as n.)," s.v. high a. and sb.\2 OED. KEY: heigh@adj heigh@adj#n
heigh adj 235 heghe 1 heie 4 heieste 1 heigh 97 heighe 28 heigher 1 heighest 1 heighist 2 heye 18 heyere 3 heyeste 1 heyghe 1 hie 2 high 10 highe 3 highest 2 hy 3 hye 40 hyer 10 hyeste 4 hygh 2 hyghe 1
heigh adj#n 25 heigh 8 hey 1 heyeste 2 heygheste 1 heyhe 1 high 4 highest 2 hye 6

heighe adv. "high, aloft; honorably; loudly," s.v. high adv. OED. KEY: heighe@adv
heighe adv 74 heghe 1 heigh 2 heighe 8 heigher 1 heyere 1 heyest 1 heyghe 2 heygher 1 hier 1 high 7 highe 2 hy 2 hye 44 hyest 1

heighli adv. "highly, nobly; solemnly, strictly," s.v. highly adv. OED. KEY: heighli@adv
heighli adv 3 heighly 3

heighnesse n. "high rank, authority," s.v. highnesse sb. OED. KEY: heighnesse@n
heighnesse n 4 heighnesse 1 hynesse 3

heighte n. "height, altitude; high degree; summit, most excellent part," s.v. height sb. OED. KEY: heighte@n
heighte n 48 heghte 2 height 18 heighte 13 heightes 1 heyghte 1 highte 13

heil interj. "hail!" s.v. hail int. OED. KEY: heil@interj
heil interj 3 hayl 3

heir n. "heir," s.v. heir sb. OED. KEY: heir@n
heir n 18 ayr 1 eyr 2 eyres 1 heir 9 heires 3 heyr 1 heyres 1

heironer n. "falcon trained to hunt heron," s.v. heroner OED. KEY: heironer@n
heironer n 2 heroner 2

heironseu n. "young heron," s.v. heronsew, -shew, -shaw OED. KEY: heironseu@n
heironseu n 1 heronsewes 1

heiroun n. "heron," s.v. heron, hern OED. KEY: heiroun@n
heiroun n 2 heron 1 heroun 1

hei-sugge n. "hedge sparrow," s.v. haysugge OED. KEY: hei-sugge@n
hei-sugge n 1 heysoge 1

helden v. "pour," s.v. hield, heeld, heald v. OED. KEY: helden@v
helden v 2 helde 1 hielde 1

hele n.(1) "health, happiness; salvation," s.v. heal, hele sb. OED. KEY: hele@n1
hele n1 39 heel 1 heele 14 hele 24

hele n.(3) "heel," s.v. heel sb.\1 OED. KEY: hele@n3
heleles adj. "deprived of happiness, miserable," s.v. healless a. OED. KEY: heleles@adj
heleles adj 1 heleles 1

hele n3 5 heele 1 heles 2 helis 1 helys 1

helen v.(1) "heal," s.v. heal v.\1 OED. KEY: helen@v1
helen v1 21 heel 1 heele 3 heeled 5 heelen 1 heeleth 2 hele 4 heled 1 helen 3 heleth 1

helen v.(2) "conceal, keep secret," s.v. hele, heal v.\2 OED. KEY: helen@v2
helen v2 3 hele 2 heled 1

Helie n. "Eli (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: helie@n#propn
helie n#propn 1 helie 1

helinge ger.(1) "healing, cure," s.v. healing bl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: helinge@ger1
helinge ger1 1 helyng 1

helle n. "hell," s.v. hell sb. OED. KEY: helle@n
helle n 128 helle 127 helles 1

helle-pit n. "abyss of hell," s.v. hell sb. OED, helle n. MED. KEY: helle-pit@n
helle-pit n 1 helle-pit 1

helm n. "helmet," s.v. helm sb.\1 OED. KEY: helm@n
helmen v. "(ppl.) armed with a helmet," s.v. helm v.\1 OED. KEY: helmen@v
helmen v 2 helmed 2

helm n 12 helm 8 helmes 4

Helowys n. "Heloise, lover of Abelard," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: helowys@n#propn
helowys n#propn 1 helowys 1

help n. "help, assistance, benefit; helper," s.v. help sb. OED. KEY: help@n
help n 53 help 39 helpe 13 helpes 1

helpen v. "help, assist," s.v. help v. OED. KEY: helpen@v
helpen v 187 heelp 4 help 63 helpe 58 helpen 16 helpest 1 helpeth 28 helpith 1 holpe 3 holpen 13

helpinge ger. "help, aid; helper," s.v. helping vbl. sb. OED. KEY: helpinge@ger
helpinge ger 7 helpyng 4 helpynge 2 helpynges 1

helples adj. "helpless," s.v. helpless a. OED. KEY: helples@adj
helples adj 3 helplees 2 helples 1

helplich adj. "helpful, useful," s.v. helply a. OED. KEY: helplich@adj
helplich adj 1 helply 1

hem n. "hem, fringe," s.v. hem sb.\1 OED. KEY: hem@n
hem n 1 hem 1

hem pron. pl. "them," s.v. hem pers. pron., 3rd pers. pl. dat.-acc. OED. KEY: hem@pron
hem pron 1354 hem 1353 them 1

Hemonides n. "Maeon (son of Haemon), a Theban augur," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: hemonides@n#propn
hemonides n#propn 1 hemonydes 1

hempen adj. "hempen, made of hemp," s.v. hempen a. (sb.) OED. KEY: hempen@adj
hempen adj 1 hempene 1

hem-self pron. "themselves," s.v. self pron., a., and sb. OED. KEY: hem-self@pron
hem-self pron 61 hemself 49 hemselve 9 hemselven 3

hem-ward adv. "their direction"; not in OED, s.v. hem pron. pl. MED. KEY: hem-ward@adv
hem-ward adv 2 hem-ward 1 hemward 1

hen n.(1) "hen, female chicken," s.v. hen sb. OED. KEY: hen@n1
hen n1 9 hen 3 hennes 6

hen n.(2) "rascal," s.v. hayne OED. KEY: hen@n2
hen n2 1 heyne 1

hende adj. "courteous, pleasing; skillful; handy, near," s.v. hend, hende a. and adv. OED. KEY: hende@adj
hende adj 15 hende 15

henne adv. "hence," s.v. hen, henne adv. OED. KEY: henne@adv
henne adv 6 henne 6

hennes adv. "hence," s.v. hence adv. OED. KEY: hennes@adv
hennes adv 13 henes 1 hennes 12

hennes-forth adv. "henceforth," s.v. henceforth adv. OED. KEY: hennes-forth@adv
hennes-forth adv 6 hennesforth 6

henten v. "seize, take, catch; strike, hit," s.v. hent v. OED. KEY: henten@v
henten v 56 hent 11 hente 43 henten 2

henter n. "one who seizes," s.v. henter OED. KEY: henter@n
henter n 1 henteres 1

hep n. "heap, multitude," s.v. heap sb. OED. KEY: hep@n
hep n 11 heep 8 hep 2 hepe 1

hepe n.(2) "rose hip, fruit of a rose," s.v. hip sb.\2 OED. KEY: hepe@n2
hepe n2 1 hepe 1

hepen v. "heap up, increase; (ppl. adj.) accumulated," s.v. heap v. OED, heaped ppl. a. OED. KEY: hepen@v hepen@v#adj
hepen v#adj 1 heped 1
hepen v 1 hepith 1

her adv. "here," s.v. here adv. OED. KEY: her@adv
her adv 401 heer 44 heere 151 her 18 here 187 hire 1

her-abouten adv. "hereabout, about this," s.v. hereabout adv. OED. KEY: her-abouten@adv
her-abouten adv 1 heer-aboute 1

her-after adv. "hereafter, after this," s.v. hereafter adv. OED. KEY: her-after@adv
her-after adv 12 heerafter 1 heere-after 1 herafter 5 hereafter 5

her-after-ward adv. "afterwards, later," s.v. hereafterward adv. OED. KEY: her-after-ward@adv
her-after-ward adv 3 herafterward 3

her n. "hair," s.v. hair sb. OED. KEY: her@n
her n 60 heer 30 heeres 3 heeris 5 her 8 heres 10 heris 3 herys 1

heraud n. "herald," s.v. herald sb. OED. KEY: heraud@n
heraud n 5 heraud 1 heraudes 4

herauden v. "announce praise (of someone)," s.v. herald v. OED. KEY: herauden@v
herauden v 1 heraude 1

her-ayenes adv. "against this," s.v. here-against adv. OED. KEY: her-ayenes@adv
her-ayenes adv 3 heer-agayns 2 here-ayeins 1

herbe n. "herb; leafy vegetable; plant," s.v. herb sb. OED. KEY: herbe@n
herbe n 30 erbe 1 erbes 1 herbe 6 herbes 22

herber n.(1) "garden," s.v. arbour, -or OED. KEY: herber@n1
herber n1 2 herber 2

herbergage n. "lodging," s.v. harbergage, herbergage OED. KEY: herbergage@n
herbergage n 4 herbergage 4

herbergeour n. "officer who rides ahead to arrange lodgings," s.v. harbinger OED. KEY: herbergeour@n
herbergeour n 1 herbergeours 1

herberwe n. "lodgings; harbor; astronomical house," s.v. harbour, harbor sb.\1 OED. KEY: herberwe@n
herberwe n 6 herberwe 6

herberwen v. "provide lodging; be lodged," s.v. harbour, harbor v. OED. KEY: herberwen@v
herberwen v 2 herberwe 1 herberweden 1

herberwinge ger. "providing lodging," s.v. harbouring vbl. sb. OED. KEY: herberwinge@ger
herberwinge ger 1 herberwynge 1

her-bi adv. "by this, concerning this," s.v. hereby adv. OED. KEY: her-bi@adv
her-bi adv 5 heerby 2 herby 3

her-biforen adv. "before now, previously," s.v. herebefore adv. OED. KEY: her-biforen@adv
her-biforen adv 51 heer-biforn 3 heerbiforn 3 her-biforn 1 herbyforn 6 here-before 1 here-beforn 1 here-biforn 1 here-byforn 3 herebefore 2 herebeforn 1 herebiforn 1 herebyforn 25 herebyforne 2 hirbyfore 1

Hercules n. "Hercules, the Greek hero," proper n. KEY: hercules@n#propn
hercules n#propn 28 ercules 13 hercules 15

herde n.(1) "herd, flock," s.v. herd sb.\1 OED. KEY: herde@n1
herde n1 1 herde 1

herde n.(2) "herdsman, shepherd," s.v. herd sb.\2 OED. KEY: herde@n2
herde n2 4 herde 1 hierde 2 hierdes 1

herde n.(3) "coarse part of flax," s.v. hards, hurds sb. pl. OED. KEY: herde@n3
herde n3 1 heerdis 1

herde-grom n. "herdsman, shepherd," s.v. herd-groom OED, herde n.(2) MED. KEY: herde-grom@n
herde-grom n 1 herde-gromes 1

herdesse n. "female herd, shepherdess," s.v. herdess OED. KEY: herdesse@n
herdesse n 1 herdesse 1

here n.(2) "haircloth; (as adj.) hair," s.v. haire OED. KEY: here@n2 here@n2#adj
here n2 5 haire 2 heyre 1 heyres 2
here n2#adj 1 heyre 1

here pron. poss. pl. "their," s.v. her poss. pron., 3rd pl. OED. KEY: here@pron
here pron 992 heer 1 her 102 here 86 hir 527 hire 271 hyre 4 thair 1

hered ppl. "(as n.) haired," s.v. haired a. OED. KEY: hered@ppl#adj_n
hered ppl#adj_n 1 herd 1

heremite n. "hermit," s.v. hermit sb. OED. KEY: heremite@n
heremite n 1 heremyte 1

heren v. "hear," s.v. hear v. OED. KEY: heren@v
heren v 461 heer 1 heere 85 heeren 6 heereth 2 herd 122 herde 120 herden 5 herdestow 1 here 89 heren 14 herestow 4 hereth 6 herist 1 herith 3 heryng 2

Herenes n. (pl.) "the Erinyes (Furies)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: herenes@n#propn
herenes n#propn 2 herenus 1 herynes 1

Hereos n. "love-sickness"; not in OED. KEY: hereos@n
hereos n 1 hereos 1

heres pron. "(pl. poss. absol.) theirs," s.v. hers poss. pron.\2 OED. KEY: heres@pron
heres pron 2 hirs 2

heresie n. "heresy," s.v. heresy OED. KEY: heresie@n
heresie n 1 heresye 1

herien v.(1) "praise, worship," s.v. hery v. OED. KEY: herien@v1
herien v1 18 herie 1 heried 3 herieth 1 herye 2 heryed 4 heryen 1 heryest 1 heryeth 1 herying 1 iheryed 1 yheried 2

herien v.(2) "plunder, despoil; drag," s.v. harry v. OED. KEY: herien@v2
herien v2 4 harwed 2 harye 1 haryed 1

heriinge ger. "praise, glory," s.v. herying vbl. sb. OED. KEY: heriinge@ger
heriinge ger 3 heriynge 2 heryinge 1

heringe ger. "hearing," s.v. hearing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: heringe@ger
heringe ger 5 herynge 5

her-inne adv. "herein," s.v. herein adv. OED. KEY: her-inne@adv
her-inne adv 2 herinne 2

heritage n. "heritage," s.v. heritage sb. OED. KEY: heritage@n
heritage n 21 heritage 17 heritages 1 herytage 3

herken v. "hark, listen, take heed," s.v. hark v. OED. KEY: herken@v
herken v 13 herke 10 herken 2 herketh 1

herkenen v. "hearken, listen, take heed," s.v. hearken, harken v. OED. KEY: herkenen@v
herkenen v 95 harknyng 1 herkene 2 herkenen 1 herkeneth 8 herkenyng 1 herkne 28 herkned 6 herknen 8 herkneth 38 herknyng 1 herknynge 1

herkeninge ger. "hearkening, listening," s.v. hearkening, harkening vbl. sb. OED. KEY: herkeninge@ger
herkeninge ger 1 herknynge 1

Hermanno n. "Heremianus, son of Zenobia," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: hermanno@n#propn
hermanno n#propn 1 hermanno 1

her-mele n. "hair's breadth," s.v. hair sb. OED, her n. MED. KEY: her-mele@n
her-mele n 1 heer-mele 1

Hermengild n. "Hermengyld, a character in MLT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: hermengild@n#propn
hermengild n#propn 9 hermengyld 8 hermengyldes 1

Hermes n. "Hermes Trismegistus, legendary alchemist," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: hermes@n#propn
hermes n#propn 2 hermes 2

Hermion n. "Hermione, lover of Orestes," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: hermion@n#propn
hermion n#propn 1 hermyon 1

Hermus n. "Hermus (modern Sarabat), a river in Asia Minor," place name; not in MED. KEY: hermus@n#propn
hermus n#propn 1 hermus 1

hernia n. "hernia," s.v. hernia OED. KEY: hernia@n
hernia n 1 hirnia 1

Herodes n. "Herod (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: herodes@n#propn
herodes n#propn 3 herodes 3

her-of adv. "hereof," s.v. hereof OED. KEY: her-of@adv
her-of adv 19 heerof 4 hereof 1 herof 14

her-on adv. "hereon," s.v. hereon adv. OED. KEY: her-on@adv
her-on adv 1 hereon 1

herre n.(1) "hinge," s.v. harre, har OED. KEY: herre@n1
herre n1 1 harre 1

herre n.(2) "lord, master," s.v. her, here sb. OED. KEY: herre@n2
herre n2 1 here 1

Herro n. "Hero, beloved of Leander," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: herro@n#propn
herro n#propn 2 erro 1 herro 1

Herry n. "Harry (Bailly), the host," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: herry@n#propn
herry n#propn 1 herry 1

herse n. "structure for holding candles around a coffin," s.v. hearse sb. OED. KEY: herse@n
herse n 2 herse 2

hert n. "hart, male red deer," s.v. hart OED. KEY: hert@n
hert n 20 hert 15 hertes 5

herte n. "heart; sweetheart, love; also as adj. (with blood)," s.v. heart sb. OED. KEY: herte@n herte@n#adj
herte n#adj 7 herte 7
herte n 911 hert 12 herte 814 hertes 82 hertis 2 hertys 1

herte-blod n. "heart's blood," s.v. heart-blood, heart's-blood OED. KEY: herte-blod@n
herte-blod n 3 herte-blood 3

herteles adj. "cowardly; lifeless," s.v. heartless a. OED. KEY: herteles@adj
herteles adj 2 hertelees 1 herteles 1

hertelie adj. "hearty, sincere," s.v. heartly a. OED. KEY: hertelie@adj
hertelie adj 3 hertely 2 hertly 1

hertelie adv. "heartily, sincerely, cordially; earnestly, exceedingly," s.v. heartily adv. OED. KEY: hertelie@adv
hertelie adv 16 hertely 16

herte-rote n. "bottom of one's heart, depths of the soul," s.v. heart-root OED, herte n. MED. KEY: herte-rote@n
herte-rote n 2 herte-rote 2

herte-spoon n. "hollow at the end of the breast-bone," s.v. heart-spoon OED, herte n. MED. KEY: herte-spoon@n
herte-spoon n 1 herte-spoon 1

hert-hunting n. "hunting the hart"; not in OED, s.v. hert n. MED. KEY: hert-hunting@n
hert-hunting n 1 hert-huntyng 1

her-to adv. "to this, concerning this," s.v. hereto adv. OED. KEY: her-to@adv
her-to adv 7 heer-to 1 heerto 1 hereto 1 herto 4

her-toforen adv. "heretofore," s.v. heretofore adv. (a., sb.) OED. KEY: her-toforen@adv
her-toforen adv 2 here-to-fore 1 heretofore 1

her-upon adv. "concerning this, thereupon," s.v. hereupon adv. OED. KEY: her-upon@adv
her-upon adv 8 heerupon 2 her-upon 1 hereupon 5

her-withal adv. "herewith, thereupon," s.v. herewithal adv. OED. KEY: her-withal@adv
her-withal adv 2 her-withal 1 here-withal 1

Hesperus n. "the evening star," s.v. Hesperus OED. KEY: hesperus@n#propn
hesperus n#propn 3 esperus 1 hesperus 2

heste n.(1) "command, commandment; promise," s.v. hest sb. OED. KEY: heste@n1
heste n1 27 heeste 13 heestes 4 heste 7 hestes 3

hete n.(1) "heat, warmth; passion," s.v. heat sb. OED. KEY: hete@n1
hete n1 34 heet 2 heete 13 hete 19

heten v. "heat, warm," s.v. heat v. OED. KEY: heten@v
heten v 1 hette 1

heterli adv. "fiercely," s.v. heterly, hetterly adv. OED. KEY: heterli@adv
heterli adv 1 heterly 1

heth n. "heath," s.v. heath sb. OED. KEY: heth@n
heth n 3 heeth 3

hethen adj. & n. "heathen," s.v. heathen a. and sb. OED. KEY: hethen@adj hethen@n
hethen adj 7 hethen 5 hethene 2
hethen n 2 hethen 2

hethen adv. "hence," s.v. hethen adv. OED. KEY: hethen@adv
hethen adv 1 heythen 1

hethenesse n. "heathendom, land of the heathens," s.v. heathenesse OED. KEY: hethenesse@n
hethenesse n 2 hethenesse 2

hething n. "mockery, contempt," s.v. hething vbl. sb. OED. KEY: hething@n
hething n 1 hethyng 1

heu n. "hue, color; complexion; pretense," s.v. hue sb. OED. KEY: heu@n
heu n 68 hew 2 hewe 58 hewes 6 hewis 2

heue n.(1) "servant," s.v. hewe OED. KEY: heue@n1
heue n1 1 hewe 1

heuen v.(1) "hew, chop," s.v. hew v. OED. KEY: heuen@v1
heuen v1 2 hewe 1 hewen 1

heuen v.(2) "colored; (ppl. adj.) hued, colored," s.v. hued ppl. a. OED. KEY: heuen@v2 heuen@v2#adj
heuen v2 1 hewed 1
heuen v2#adj 5 hewed 5

heven n. "heaven; (as adj.) heavenly," s.v. heaven sb. OED. KEY: heven@n heven@n#adj
heven n 197 heven 17 hevene 169 hevenes 11
heven n#adj 14 heven 1 hevene 13

heven v. "heave, lift; make an effort," s.v. heave v. OED. KEY: heven@v
heven v 12 haaf 1 haf 1 hef 1 heve 3 heven 2 hevest 1 heveth 1 hevyth 2

hevenish adj. "heavenly, celestial," s.v. heavenish a. OED. KEY: hevenish@adj
hevenish adj 5 hevenysh 1 hevenyssh 3 hevenysshe 1

hevenishli adv. "heavenly, divinely (in manner)," s.v. heavenish a. OED. KEY: hevenishli@adv
hevenishli adv 1 hevenysshly 1

hevenli adj. "heavenly, celestial," s.v. heavenly a. (sb.) OED. KEY: hevenli@adj
hevenli adj 3 hevenely 1 hevenlich 1 hevenliche 1

hevi adj. "heavy; grievous, burdensome; hard, difficult; gloomy; serious, important; sluggish," s.v. heavy a.\1 (sb.) OED. KEY: hevi@adj
hevi adj 42 hevy 40 hevye 1 hevyere 1

hevi n. "the elemental quality of heaviness," s.v. heavy a.\1 (sb.) OED. KEY: hevi@n
hevi n 1 hevy 1

hevien v. "make heavy," s.v. heavy v. OED. KEY: hevien@v
hevien v 1 hevyeth 1

hevinesse n. "heaviness, weight; sorrow; hostility; sluggishness," s.v. heaviness OED. KEY: hevinesse@n
hevinesse n 51 hevynesse 51

hic Lat. adv. "here." KEY: hic@lat_adv
hic lat_adv 1 hic 1

hiden v. "hide; (ppl.adj.) hidden," s.v. hide v.\1 OED, hid ppl. a. OED. KEY: hiden@v hiden@v#adj
hiden v#adj 4 hid 1 hidde 2 yhidd 1
hiden v 108 hed 1 hid 10 hidd 3 hidde 7 hide 15 hiden 7 hideth 6 hit 1 hyd 17 hydd 2 hydde 1 hyde 23 hyden 3 hydestow 1 hydeth 1 ihid 1 ihidd 2 yhed 1 yhid 2 yhidd 1 yhidde 1 yhud 2

hider adv. "hither," s.v. hither adv. and adj. OED. KEY: hider@adv
hider adv 17 hidder 1 hider 9 hidre 1 hyder 6

hidere n. "hider," s.v. hider OED. KEY: hidere@n
hidere n 2 hidere 2

hider-to adv. "hitherto, until now," s.v. hitherto adv. (a.) OED. KEY: hider-to@adv
hider-to adv 3 hiderto 2 hidirto 1

hider-ward adv. "hither, toward this place," s.v. hitherward adv. OED. KEY: hider-ward@adv
hider-ward adv 2 hiderward 1 hyderward 1

hidous adj. "hideous, repulsive; terrifying; violent," s.v. hideous a. (adv.) OED. KEY: hidous@adj
hidous adj 7 hidous 5 hidouse 1 hydous 1

hidousli adv. "hideously, fiercely; violently," s.v. hideously adv. OED. KEY: hidousli@adv
hidousli adv 2 hidously 1 hydously 1

hie n.(2) "haste," s.v. hie, hy sb. OED. KEY: hie@n2
hie n2 5 hie 1 hye 4

hien v. "hie, go quickly, hasten," s.v. hie v. OED. KEY: hien@v
hien v 23 hie 1 hied 1 hiest 1 hieth 1 hy 1 hye 15 hyed 2 hyen 1

hiene n. "hyena," s.v. hyena, hyaena OED. KEY: hiene@n
hiene n 1 hyene 1

Hierse n. "Herse, loved by Mercury," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: hierse@n#propn
hierse n#propn 1 hierse 1

highten v.(2) "beautify, adorn," s.v. hight v.\3 OED. KEY: highten@v2
highten v2 2 highteth 1 ihight 1

hille n. "hill," s.v. hill sb. OED. KEY: hille@n
hille n 15 hil 7 hill 4 hille 2 hilles 2

him pron. "him (as pronoun, demonstrative adj. and indef. pronoun)," s.v. him pers. pron., 3rd sing. masc. (and neut.) dat.-accus. OED. KEY: him@pron him@pron_adj
him pron_adj 10 hym 10
him pron 2511 him 210 hym 2301

him-self pron. "himself," s.v. himself pron. OED. KEY: him-self@pron
him-self pron 247 himself 9 himselve 2 himselven 2 hymself 197 hymselve 21 hymselven 16

himself-ward n. "(for) himself, his own interests"; not in OED; s.v. himself pron. MED Suppl. KEY: himself-ward@n
himself-ward n 1 hymself-ward 1

him-ward n. "(to) him, himself," s.v. -ward suffix OED, him pron. MED. KEY: him-ward@n
him-ward n 2 hym-ward 2

hinde n. "hind, female red deer," s.v. hind sb.\1 OED. KEY: hinde@n
hinde n 3 hynde 2 hyndes 1

hinder adj.(1) "rear, back," s.v. hinder adj.\1 OED. KEY: hinder@adj1 hinder@adj1#n
hinder adj1 2 hyndre 2
hinder adj1#n 1 hyndreste 1

hindren v. "hinder, impede; slander," s.v. hinder v. OED. KEY: hindren@v
hindren v 4 hynderest 1 hyndre 3

hine n. "servant," s.v. hind sb.\2 OED. KEY: hine@n
hine n 2 hyne 2

hipe n. "hip," s.v. hip sb.\1 OED. KEY: hipe@n
hipe n 3 hipes 1 hippes 1 hypes 1

hire n. "hire, payment, wages," s.v. hire sb. OED. KEY: hire@n
hire n 12 hire 7 hyre 5

hire pron.(1) "(fem. sg. poss.) her," s.v. her poss. pron., 3rd sing. fem. OED. KEY: hire@pron1
hire pron1 1731 her 80 here 14 hir 799 hire 809 hyr 10 hyre 19

hire pron.(2) "(fem. sg. dat. acc. reflex., as pronoun, demonstrative adj. and indef. pronoun) her," s.v. her pers. pron., 3rd sign. fem. dat.-accus. OED. KEY: hire@pron2
hire pron2 1087 her 55 here 19 hir 194 hire 802 hyr 8 hyre 9

hiren v. "(ppl.) hired," s.v. hire v. OED. KEY: hiren@v
hiren v 1 hyred 1

hires pron. "(fem. sg. poss. absol.) hers," s.v. hers poss. pron.\1 OED. KEY: hires@pron
hires pron 7 heres 1 hires 5 hyrs 1

hire-self pron. "(fem.) herself," s.v. herself pron. OED. KEY: hire-self@pron
hire-self pron 74 herself 2 herselven 1 hireself 13 hireselve 3 hireselven 5 hirself 29 hirselve 7 hirselven 8 hirsilf 3 hyreself 2 hyrself 1

hirne n. "nook, hiding place," s.v. hern, hirn sb. OED. KEY: hirne@n
hirne n 2 herne 1 hernes 1

his pron.(1) "(sg. masc. and neuter poss.) his," s.v. his poss. pron., 3rd sing. masc., and neut sb. OED. KEY: his@pron1
his pron1 5011 his 4872 hise 17 hys 122

his pron.(2) "(sg. masc. poss., absolute uses) his," s.v. his absol. poss. pron. OED. KEY: his@pron2
his pron2 13 his 11 hise 1 hys 1

historial adj. "historical," s.v. historial a. (sb.) OED. KEY: historial@adj
historial adj 2 estoryal 1 historial 1

hit pron. "it," s.v. it pron. OED. KEY: hit@pron
hit pron 4070 hit 138 hyt 228 it 3662 yt 42

hit-self pron. "itself," s.v. itself pron. OED. KEY: hit-self@pron
hit-self pron 27 hytself 1 itself 25 itselve 1

hitten v. "hit," s.v. hit v. OED. KEY: hitten@v
hitten v 4 hit 1 hitte 3

hive n. "hive, beehive," s.v. hive sb. OED. KEY: hive@n
hive n 5 hive 1 hyve 4

ho interj. "stop!" s.v. ho int.\2 and sb.\3 OED. KEY: ho@interj
ho interj 5 ho 1 hoo 4

ho n. "stop, end; command to stop," s.v. ho int.\2 and sb.\2 OED. KEY: ho@n
ho n 2 hoo 1 oo 1

hoche-pot n. "mixture, jumble," s.v. hotchpot, hotch-pot OED. KEY: hoche-pot@n
hoche-pot n 1 hochepot 1

hod n. "hood," s.v. hood sb. OED. KEY: hod@n
hod n 18 hod 1 hood 16 hoode 1

hodles adj. "hoodless," s.v. hoodless a. OED. KEY: hodles@adj
hodles adj 1 hoodles 1

hogge n.(1) "hog," s.v. hog sb.\1 OED. KEY: hogge@n1
hogge n1 2 hogges 2

Hogge n.(3) "Hodge (nickname of Roger, the Cook)," proper n. KEY: hogge@n3#propn
hogge n3#propn 1 hogge 1

hok n. "hook," s.v. hook sb. OED. KEY: hok@n
hok n 6 hok 1 hokes 1 hook 4

hoker n. "disdain, contempt," s.v. hoker sb. OED. KEY: hoker@n
hoker n 1 hoker 1

hokerliche adv. "disdainfully, contemptuously," s.v. hokerly adv. OED. KEY: hokerliche@adv
hokerliche adv 1 hokerly 1

hold n.(2) "possession, keeping; castle," s.v. hold sb.\1 OED. KEY: hold@n2
hold n2 7 hold 1 hoold 6

holden v.(1) "hold, grasp; support, hold up; keep, retain; restrain; maintain, continue; hold to (one's word, etc.); keep, observe (festival); manage (household, etc.); think, consider; (with in hand) cajole, deceive; be obligated," s.v. hold v. OED. KEY: holden@v1
holden v1 358 halde 1 halden 2 haldeth 1 halt 29 heeld 26 heelde 2 heelden 1 held 31 helde 6 helden 1 hild 3 hold 13 holde 133 holden 73 holdest 1 holdestow 3 holdeth 16 holdith 1 holdyng 1 holdynge 1 hoold 10 hoolden 2 hooldeth 1

holdere n. "holder (up), supporter," s.v. holder\1 OED. KEY: holdere@n
holdere n 1 holder 1

Holdernesse n. "Holderness, a district in Yorkshire," place name; not in MED. KEY: holdernesse@n#propn
holdernesse n#propn 1 holdernesse 1

holdinge ger. "holding," s.v. holding vbl. sb. OED. KEY: holdinge@ger
holdinge ger 3 holdynge 3

hole adj.(2) "whole, entire; healthy, unhurt," s.v. whole a., sb., adv. (int.) OED. KEY: hole@adj2
hole adj2 48 hol 4 hole 3 hool 37 hoole 4

hole adv. "wholly, completely," s.v. whole a., sb., adv. (int.) OED. KEY: hole@adv
hole adv 10 hol 1 hool 9

hole n.(2) "hole, perforation," s.v. hole sb. OED. KEY: hole@n2
hole n2 24 hole 13 holes 7 hool 3 hoole 1

hole n.(3) "whole, entirety," s.v. whole a., sb., adv. (int.) OED. KEY: hole@n3
hole n3 1 hool 1

holi adj.(2) "holy," s.v. holy a. (sb.) OED. KEY: holi@adj2
holi adj2 132 haly 1 holi 8 holy 13 hoolier 1 hooly 109

holiliche adv.(1) "in a holy manner," s.v. holily adv. OED. KEY: holiliche@adv1
holiliche adv1 4 holily 3 hoolily 1

holinesse n.(2) "holiness," s.v. holiness OED. KEY: holinesse@n2
holinesse n2 13 holynesse 4 hoolynesse 9

holli adv. "wholly, completely," s.v. wholly adv. OED. KEY: holli@adv
holli adv 29 holly 9 holy 1 hoolly 7 hooly 12

holme n.(2) "holm-oak, evergreen oak," s.v. holm\2 OED. KEY: holme@n2
holme n2 2 holm 2

holnesse n.(2) "wholeness," s.v. wholeness OED. KEY: holnesse@n2
holnesse n2 2 holnesse 2

holour n. "fornicator," s.v. holour OED. KEY: holour@n
holour n 4 holour 3 holours 1

holsom adj. "wholesome, healthful; beneficial," s.v. wholesome a. (sb.) OED. KEY: holsom@adj
holsom adj 6 holsom 3 holsome 2 hoolsome 1

holsomnesse n. "wholesomeness, good health," s.v. wholesomeness OED. KEY: holsomnesse@n
holsomnesse n 1 hoolsomnesse 1

holt n. "woodland, grove," s.v. holt\1 OED. KEY: holt@n
holt n 2 holt 1 holtes 1

holwe adj. "hollow," s.v. hollow a. and adv. OED. KEY: holwe@adj
holwe adj 5 holowe 1 holwe 4

holwenesse n. "concavity, inner surface," s.v. hollowness OED. KEY: holwenesse@n
holwenesse n 1 holughnesse 1

hom adv. "home, homeward," s.v. home adv. OED. KEY: hom@adv
hom adv 77 ham 1 hom 36 hoom 40

homage n. "homage," s.v. homage sb. OED. KEY: homage@n
homage n 2 homage 1 hommage 1

hom n. "home, residence," s.v. home sb.\1 and a. OED. KEY: hom@n
hom n 21 hom 9 hoom 12

hom-cominge n. "homecoming," s.v. home-coming sb. OED. KEY: hom-cominge@n
hom-cominge n 5 hom-comyng 1 hom-comynge 2 hoom-comynge 2

Homer n. "Homer," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: homer@n#propn
homer n#propn 7 homer 2 omer 5

homicide n. "homicide, murder; murderer," s.v. homicide sb.\1 OED, homicide sb.\2 OED. KEY: homicide@n
homicide n 23 homicide 2 homycide 18 homycides 3

hominis Lat. n. "man's." KEY: hominis@lat_n
hominis lat_n 1 hominis 1

homli adj. "homely, simple; domestic, of the household," s.v. homely a. OED. KEY: homli@adj
homli adj 5 homly 1 hoomly 4

homli adv. "simply, plainly; familiarly," s.v. homely adv. OED. KEY: homli@adv
homli adv 5 homliche 1 homly 2 hoomly 2

homlinesse n. "familiarity; meekness," s.v. homeliness OED. KEY: homlinesse@n
homlinesse n 2 hoomlinesse 1 hoomlynesse 1

hom-ward adv. "homeward," s.v. homeward adv. OED. KEY: hom-ward@adv
hom-ward adv 18 homward 17 homwarde 1

hond-brede n. "hand's breadth," s.v. handbrede OED. KEY: hond-brede@n
hond-brede n 1 hande-brede 1

honde n. "hand," s.v. hand sb. OED. KEY: honde@n
honde n 273 hand 93 hande 3 handes 35 hond 77 honde 42 hondes 20 hondis 3

hondlen v. "handle, touch," s.v. handle v.\1 OED. KEY: hondlen@v
hondlen v 5 handle 3 handleth 2

hond-werk n. "handwork, creation," s.v. handwork OED. KEY: hond-werk@n
hond-werk n 1 handwerk 1

honeste adj. "honest, truthful; honorable, virtuous; respectable, proper," s.v. honest a. OED. KEY: honeste@adj
honeste adj 21 honest 18 honeste 3

honeste n. "honesty, honor, reputation; decency; chastity; (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. honesty OED. KEY: honeste@n honeste@n#propn
honeste n 13 honeste 4 honestee 9

honeste n#propn 1 honeste 1

honestete n. "honesty, truthfulness; virtue; decency, good appearance," s.v. honestete OED. KEY: honestete@n
honestete n 6 honestete 1 honestetee 1 honestitee 4

honestliche adv. "honestly, honorably; decently, suitably," s.v. honestly adv. OED. KEY: honestliche@adv
honestliche adv 5 honestly 5

hongen v. "hang," s.v. hang v. OED. KEY: hongen@v
hongen v 69 hange 7 hanged 8 hangen 4 hangeth 5 hangith 1 hangyng 3 hangynge 8 heeng 5 heng 17 henge 2 honge 7 hongeth 1 hongyng 1

honginge ger. "hanging," s.v. hanging vbl. sb. OED. KEY: honginge@ger
honginge ger 2 hangyng 2

honi n. "honey; sweetheart; (as adj.) eloquent," s.v. honey sb. (a.) OED. KEY: honi@n honi@n#adj
honi n 14 hony 13 honyes 1
honi n#adj 2 hony 2

honi-comb n. "honeycomb," s.v. honeycomb sb. OED. KEY: honi-comb@n
honi-comb n 2 hony-comb 1 honycombes 1

honied ppl. "(as adj.) sweetened with honey," s.v. honeyed, honied a. OED. KEY: honied@ppl#adj
honied ppl#adj 1 honyed 1

honi-swete adj. "sweet as honey," s.v. honey-sweet a. (sb.) OED. KEY: honi-swete@adj
honi-swete adj 1 hony-sweete 1

honourable adj. "honorable, worthy of respect," s.v. honourable, honorable a. (sb., adv.) OED. KEY: honourable@adj
honourable adj 21 honourable 8 honurable 13

honour n. "honor, respect; fame, good repute (also as proper n.); nobility of character; high rank, sign of respect," s.v. honour, honor sb. OED. KEY: honour@n honour@n#propn
honour n 198 honor 1 honour 175 honoure 1 honours 18 onour 3

honouren v. "honor, respect; venerate, worship," s.v. honour, honor v. OED. KEY: honouren@v
honouren v 32 honoure 6 honoured 12 honouren 6 honoureth 4 honured 4
honour n#propn 1 honour 1

hope n.(1) "hope, expectation (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. hope sb.\1 OED. KEY: hope@n1 hope@n1#propn
hope n1 70 hope 69 hopes 1
hope n1#propn 1 hope 1

hopen v.(1) "hope, expect; trust; suppose," s.v. hope v. OED. KEY: hopen@v1
hopen v1 52 hope 40 hoped 3 hopen 5 hopeth 3 hopin 1

hoppen v. "hop, dance," s.v. hop v.\1 OED. KEY: hoppen@v
hoppen v 4 hoppe 3 hoppen 1

hoppere n. "hopper, container for feeding grain into a mill," s.v. hopper\1 OED. KEY: hoppere@n
hoppere n 2 hopur 2

hoppestre n. "(as adj.) hopping, dancing," s.v. hoppestere OED. KEY: hoppestre@n#adj
hoppestre n#adj 1 hoppesteres 1

hor adj. "gray, gray-haired; (as n.) grayness," s.v. hoar a. and sb. OED. KEY: hor@adj hor@adj#n
hor adj 10 hoor 8 hoore 1 hore 1
hor adj#n 1 hor 1

Horaste n. "Horaste, a character in Tr," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: horaste@n#propn
horaste n#propn 2 horaste 2

hord n.(1) "hoard, store, stock; hoarding," s.v. hoard sb.\1 OED. KEY: hord@n1
hord n1 6 hoord 4 hord 2

hore n.(1) "filth, slander," s.v. hore, hor OED. KEY: hore@n1
hore n1 1 horowe 1

Horn n.(1) "Horn, hero of English romance," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: horn@n1#propn
horn n1#propn 1 horn 1

horn n. "horn (of an animal); drinking horn; hunting horn," s.v. horn sb. OED. KEY: horn@n
horn n 27 horn 15 hornes 12

horned adj. & ppl. "(as ppl.) provided with horns," s.v. horned a. OED. KEY: horned@ppl
horned ppl 1 horned 1

horoscopum n. "(astro.) degree of the ascending ecliptic or zodiac," s.v. horoscope sb. OED, ?horoscopum MED. KEY: horoscopum@n
horoscopum n 5 horoscopo 3 horoscopum 2

horrible adj. "horrible," s.v. horrible a. (sb., adv.) OED. KEY: horrible@adj
horrible adj 39 horible 1 horrible 36 horryble 2

horribli adv. "horribly," s.v. horribly adv. OED. KEY: horribli@adv
horribli adv 3 horribly 3

horrour n. "horror," s.v. horror sb. OED. KEY: horrour@n
horrour n 2 horrour 2

hors n. "horse, the animal; (astro.) small wedge in an astrolabe," s.v. horse sb. OED. KEY: hors@n
hors n 80 hors 73 horse 4 horses 3

horsli adj. "horse-like," s.v. horsely a. OED. KEY: horsli@adj
horsli adj 1 horsly 1

hos adj. "hoarse, indistinct (in sound)," s.v. hoarse a. OED. KEY: hos@adj
hos adj 2 hoors 1 hors 1

hose n. "leggings, stockings," s.v. hose sb. OED. KEY: hose@n
hose n 10 hose 3 hosen 3 hoses 4

hospiteler n. "monastic official in charge of the hospice," s.v. hospitaller, -aler OED. KEY: hospiteler@n
hospiteler n 1 hospitaliers 1

hoste n.(1) "host, army," s.v. host sb.\1 OED. KEY: hoste@n1
hoste n1 25 hoost 8 host 1 oost 11 oostes 1 ost 4

hoste n.(2) "host, landlord," s.v. host sb.\2 OED. KEY: hoste@n2
hoste n2 61 hoost 38 hooste 20 host 1 hoste 1 hostes 1

hostel n. "lodging," s.v. hostel sb.\1 OED. KEY: hostel@n
hostel n 1 hostel 1

hostelrie n. "inn," s.v. hostelry OED. KEY: hostelrie@n
hostelrie n 9 hostelrie 2 hostelries 1 hostelrye 5 hostelryes 1

hostesse n. "hostess," s.v. hostess OED. KEY: hostesse@n
hostesse n 2 hostesse 1 oostesse 1

hostiler n. "innkeeper; groom at an inn," s.v. hostler OED. KEY: hostiler@n
hostiler n 5 hostileer 1 hostiler 3 hostilers 1

Hostillius n. "(Tullus) Hostillius, king of Rome," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: hostillius@n#propn
hostillius n#propn 1 hostillius 1

hostilment n. "(pl.) utensils, equipment," s.v. hustlement OED. KEY: hostilment@n
hostilment n 2 ostelementz 2

hot adj. "hot; intense, eager, rash; passionate; dominated by the quality of heat," s.v. hot a. (sb.) OED. KEY: hot@adj
hot adj 64 hoot 26 hoote 17 hot 3 hote 13 hotter 5

hot n.(1) "the elementary quality of heat," s.v. hot a. (sb.) OED. KEY: hot@n1
hot n1 5 hoot 1 hot 2 hote 2

hote adv. "hotly, passionately," s.v. hot adv. OED. KEY: hote@adv
hote adv 6 hoote 4 hote 1 hotter 1

hoten v.(1) "name, be named, be called; promise, assure; command," s.v. hight v.\1 OED. KEY: hoten@v1
hoten v1 128 hatte 3 heet 2 heete 3 het 3 hete 2 hette 2 hight 15 highte 73 highten 5 hightyn 1 hoote 1 hote 1 hoten 1 hyghte 13 hyghten 3

hotte n. "basket," s.v. hot\1, hott sb. OED. KEY: hotte@n
hotte n 1 hottes 1

hou adv. & conj. "how," s.v. how adv. (sb.\3) OED, hou interrog. adv. MED, hou conjunctive adv. MED. KEY: hou@adv&conj
hou adv&conj 721 hou 24 how 697

hou interj. "hey!" s.v. how, howe int. (sb.\4) OED, hou interj.(1) MED, hou interj.(2) MED. KEY: hou@interj1&2
hou interj 6 how 6

hou-ever adv. "however," s.v. however adv. OED. KEY: hou-ever@adv
hou-ever adv 1 howevere 1

hou-gates adv. "how, in what manner," s.v. howgate, -s adv. OED. KEY: hou-gates@adv
hou-gates adv 1 howgates 1

houlen v. "howl," s.v. howl v. OED. KEY: houlen@v
houlen v 2 howleth 2

hound n. "hound," s.v. hound sb.\1 OED. KEY: hound@n
hound n 36 hound 12 houndes 22 hownd 1 howndes 1

houndes-fish n. "dogfish, small shark," s.v. hound-fish, houndfish OED. KEY: houndes-fish@n
houndes-fish n 1 houndfyssh 1

houne n.(2) "members of a household," s.v. howne sb. or ?a. OED. KEY: houne@n2
houne n2 1 howne 1

houpen v. "whoop," s.v. hoop v.\2 OED. KEY: houpen@v
houpen v 1 howped 1

houre n. "hour," s.v. hour OED. KEY: houre@n
houre n 101 hour 5 houre 59 houres 36 hours 1

hous n. "house, household; religious establishment; astrological house," s.v. house sb.\1 OED. KEY: hous@n
hous n 225 hous 195 house 2 houses 26 hows 2

hous-bonde n. "husband," s.v. husband sb. OED. KEY: hous-bonde@n
hous-bonde n 119 housbond 1 housbonde 85 housbondes 22 husbonde 9 husbondes 2

houselen v. "administer the eucharist," s.v. housel v. OED. KEY: houselen@v
houselen v 1 housled 1

hous-hold n. "household," s.v. household OED. KEY: hous-hold@n
hous-hold n 4 houshold 4

hous-holdere n. "householder, head of a household," s.v. householder OED. KEY: hous-holdere@n
hous-holdere n 1 housholdere 1

hous-holding ger. "maintaining a great house, hospitality," s.v. householding sb. OED. KEY: hous-holding@ger
hous-holding ger 1 housholding 1

housinge ger. "housing, residence," s.v. housing vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: housinge@ger
housinge ger 1 housynge 1

houve n. "cap, head dress," s.v. houve, hoove OED. KEY: houve@n
houve n 3 howve 3

hoven v.(1) "hover; wait, linger," s.v. hove v.\1 OED. KEY: hoven@v1
hoven v1 3 hove 1 hoved 1 hoven 1

Huberd n. "Huberd, the Friar," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: huberd@n#propn
huberd n#propn 1 huberd 1

huge adj. "huge, great," s.v. huge a. (adv.) OED. KEY: huge@adj
huge adj 11 huge 11

Hugelin n. "Ugolino da Pisa," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: hugelin@n#propn
hugelin n#propn 1 hugelyn 1

Hugh n. "Saint Hugh of Lincoln," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: hugh@n#propn
hugh n#propn 1 hugh 1

Hulle n. "Hull, near the Humber estuary," place name; not in MED. KEY: hulle@n#propn
hulle n#propn 1 hulle 1

humanite n. "humanity, kindness," s.v. humanity OED. KEY: humanite@n
humanite n 1 humanitee 1

humble adj. "humble," s.v. humble a.\1 OED. KEY: humble@adj
humble adj 48 humble 47 humblest 1

humblen v. "humble oneself, kneel," s.v. humble v.\1 OED. KEY: humblen@v
humblen v 2 humble 1 humbleth 1

humblesse n. "humbleness, humility," s.v. humblesse OED. KEY: humblesse@n
humblesse n 20 humblesse 20

humbli adv. "humbly, meekly," s.v. humbly adv. OED. KEY: humbli@adv
humbli adv 5 humblely 3 humbly 2

humblinge ger. "faint rumbling," s.v. humble v.\2 OED. KEY: humblinge@ger
humblinge ger 1 humblynge 1

humiliacioun n. "humiliation," s.v. humiliation OED. KEY: humiliacioun@n
humiliacioun n 1 humiliacioun 1

humilite n. "humility," s.v. humility OED. KEY: humilite@n
humilite n 27 humilitee 4 humylitee 23

hummen v. "hum," s.v. hum v.\1 OED. KEY: hummen@v
hummen v 1 homme 1

humour n. "humor, one of the four bodily fluids," s.v. humour, humor sb. OED. KEY: humour@n
humour n 8 humour 3 humours 5

hundred card. num. "(as adj. and n.) hundred," s.v. hundred sb. and a. OED. KEY: hundred@num_adj hundred@num_n
hundred num_adj 47 hondred 7 hundred 39 hundrid 1
hundred num_n 6 hondred 2 hundred 4

hunger n. "hunger," s.v. hunger sb. OED. KEY: hunger@n
hunger n 20 honger 1 hunger 15 hungir 3 hungre 1

hungrie adj. "hungry," s.v. hungry a. OED. KEY: hungrie@adj
hungrie adj 3 hongry 1 hungry 2

hunte n. "huntsman," s.v. hunt sb.\1 OED. KEY: hunte@n
hunte n 7 hunte 5 huntes 2

hunten v. "hunt," s.v. hunt v. OED. KEY: hunten@v
hunten v 14 honte 1 hunte 5 hunted 5 hunten 2 hunteth 1

huntere n. "hunter," s.v. hunter OED. KEY: huntere@n
huntere n 4 hunter 1 huntere 1 hunters 2

hunteresse n. "female hunter," s.v. huntress OED. KEY: hunteresse@n
hunteresse n 3 hunteresse 3

huntinge ger. "hunting," s.v. hunting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: huntinge@ger
huntinge ger 13 huntyng 10 huntynge 3

hurlen v. "hurl, push violently," s.v. hurl v. OED. KEY: hurlen@v
hurlen v 1 hurlest 1

hurt n. "hurt, injury," s.v. hurt sb.\1 OED. KEY: hurt@n
hurt n 2 hurt 1 hurtes 1

hurtelen v. "rush (at), attack; strike down," s.v. hurtle v. OED. KEY: hurtelen@v
hurtelen v 4 hurtelen 1 hurteleth 1 hurtlen 1 hurtleth 1

hurten v. "hurt, injure; (ppl. adj.) hurt, injured," s.v. hurt v. OED, hurt ppl. a. OED. KEY: hurten@v hurten@v#adj
hurten v#adj 1 hurt 1
hurten v 22 herte 1 hurt 14 hurte 5 hurteth 1 yhurt 1

hurtinge ger. "hurting, injury," s.v. hurting vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: hurtinge@ger
hurtinge ger 1 hurtynge 1

hus-bondrie n. "skillful management, economy; household articles," s.v. husbandry sb. OED. KEY: hus-bondrie@n
hus-bondrie n 5 housbondrie 2 housbondrye 3

hust adj. "silent; (as interj.) silence!" s.v. hust a. OED, hust int. OED. KEY: hust@adj hust@adj#interj
hust adj 5 hust 5
hust adj#interj 1 hust 1

Huwe n. "Hugh, a name used for a fornicator in FrT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: huwe@n#propn
huwe n#propn 1 huwe 1



-- I -- ,



Iarbas n. "Iarbas, a suitor of Dido," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: iarbas@n#propn
iarbas n#propn 1 yarbas 1

iben v. "(ppl.) been," s.v. be v. OED. KEY: iben@v
iben v 12 iben 3 ybe 6 ybee 1 ybeen 2

iberen v.(1) "(ppl.) carried, borne; (ppl. adj.) born," s.v. bear v.\1 OED, born ppl. a. OED. KEY: iberen@v1 iberen@v1#adj
iberen v1#adj 5 iborn 1 ybore 2 yborn 2
iberen v1 16 iborn 1 ybore 6 yboren 1 yborn 8

ibouen v. "(ppl.) diverted," s.v. bow v.\1 OED. KEY: ibouen@v
ibouen v 1 ibowed 1

ibringen v. "(ppl.) brought," s.v. bring v. OED. KEY: ibringen@v
ibringen v 18 ibrought 5 ybroght 7 ybrought 6

ich pron. "I," s.v. I pers. pron., lst sing. nom. OED. KEY: ich@pron
ich pron 6784 ch 1 i 6579 ich 59 ik 2 y 143

idel adj. "idle, lazy; futile, worthless; empty," s.v. idle a. (sb.) OED. KEY: idel@adj
idel adj 35 idel 9 ydel 25 ydele 1

idel n. "idleness; (with in) (in) vain," s.v. idle a. (sb.) OED. KEY: idel@n
idel n 15 idel 3 ydel 12

idelli adv. "idly, in vain," s.v. idly adv. OED. KEY: idelli@adv
idelli adv 1 ydelly 1

idelnesse n. "idleness, indolence (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. idleness OED. KEY: idelnesse@n idelnesse@n#propn
idelnesse n 19 idelnesse 1 ydelnesse 18
idelnesse n#propn 5 idilnesse 1 ydelnesse 4

idiote n. "idiot," s.v. idiot sb. OED. KEY: idiote@n
idiote n 2 idiot 1 ydiot 1

idolastre n. "idolater," s.v. idolaster sb. and a. OED. KEY: idolastre@n
idolastre n 6 ydolastre 6

idolatrie n. "idolatry," s.v. idolatry OED. KEY: idolatrie@n
idolatrie n 1 ydolatrie 1

idole n. "idol," s.v. idol sb. OED. KEY: idole@n
idole n 6 idoles 1 ydole 1 ydoles 4

idouten v. "(ppl.) doubted," s.v. doubt v. OED; cf. ydout v. OED. KEY: idouten@v
idouten v 1 idouted 1

Idre n.(1) "Hydra, a monster," proper n. KEY: idre@n1#propn
idre n1#propn 2 idra 1 idre 1

Idus n. "Ides," s.v. Ides sb. pl. OED. KEY: idus@n
idus n 1 idus 1

i.e. Lat. abbrev. "id est." KEY: i.e.@lat_abbrev
ie lat_abbrev 1 ie 1

if conj. "if," s.v. if conj. (sb.) OED. KEY: if@conj
if conj 1365 gif 2 if 983 yf 71 yif 309

i-faith interj. "in faith," s.v. faith sb. OED, feith n. MED. KEY: i-faith@interj
i-faith interj 2 y-faith 1 y-fayth 1

ifere adv. "together," s.v. yfere adv. OED. KEY: ifere@adv
ifere adv 33 ifeere 1 yfeere 24 yfere 8

ifinden v. "find," s.v. yfind v. OED. KEY: ifinden@v
ifinden v 16 ifounde 3 yfounde 9 yfynde 4

igaderen v. "(ppl.) gathered, brought together," s.v. gather v. OED. KEY: igaderen@v
igaderen v 1 ygadrede 1

ignocius Lat. n. "the unknown." KEY: ignocius@lat_n
ignocius lat_n 1 ignocius 1

ignoraunce n. "ignorance," s.v. ignorance OED. KEY: ignoraunce@n
ignoraunce n 15 ignorance 3 ignoraunce 12

ignoraunt adj. & n. "(as adj.) ignorant," s.v. ignorant a. (sb.) OED. KEY: ignoraunt@adj
ignoraunt adj 1 ignoraunt 1

ignotum Lat. n. "unknown." KEY: ignotum@lat_n
ignotum lat_n 1 ignotum 1

igon v. "(ppl.) gone," s.v. go v. OED. KEY: igon@v
igon v 14 ygo 5 ygon 6 ygoo 1 ygoon 2

igreten v. "(ppl.) greeted," s.v. greet v.\1 OED. KEY: igreten@v
igreten v 1 ygret 1

ihalwen v. "(ppl.) worshipped," s.v. hallow v.(1) OED. KEY: ihalwen@v
ihalwen v 1 yhalwed 1

ihenten v. "(ppl.) seized, caught," s.v. hent OED. KEY: ihenten@v
ihenten v 2 yhent 2

ihered ppl. "(adj.) haired, having hair,"; not in OED. KEY: ihered@ppl#adj
ihered ppl#adj 1 yherd 1

iheren v. "hear, hear about," s.v. yhere v. OED. KEY: iheren@v
iheren v 3 yheere 3

ihevien v. "(ppl.) weighed down," s.v. iheveyed ppl. OED. KEY: ihevien@v
ihevien v 1 ihevyed 1

iholden v. "(ppl.) held; restrained; held for, considered," s.v. hold v. OED. KEY: iholden@v
iholden v 7 yholde 6 yholden 1

Ikarus n. "Icarus, son of Daedalus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ikarus@n#propn
ikarus n#propn 1 ykarus 1

ikepen v. "(ppl.) kept, watched," s.v. keep v. OED, ikepen v. MED. KEY: ikepen@v
ikepen v 1 ykept 1

ikissen v. "(ppl.) kissed," s.v. kiss v. OED. KEY: ikissen@v
ikissen v 1 ykist 1

iknitten v. "(ppl.) fastened, knit; tightly bound," s.v. knit v. OED. KEY: iknitten@v
iknitten v 3 yknet 1 yknit 1 yknyt 1

iknouen v. "know, recognize; (ppl. adj.) known," s.v. yknowe v. OED. KEY: iknouen@v iknouen@v#adj
iknouen v#adj 1 iknowe 1
iknouen v 22 iknowe 8 yknowe 10 yknowen 4

ile n.(1) "isle, island," s.v. isle sb. OED. KEY: ile@n1
ile n1 12 ile 5 yle 7

ileden v. "(ppl.) led, brought, guided," s.v. lead v. OED. KEY: ileden@v
ileden v 5 ilad 2 iladde 1 iled 1 ylad 1

ileien v. "(ppl.) put, laid," s.v. lay v.\1 OED. KEY: ileien@v
ileien v 4 yleyd 4

ileven v.(1) "(ppl.) left," s.v. leave v.\1 OED. KEY: ileven@v1
ileven v1 5 ilaft 1 ilefte 1 ylaft 3

ilich adj. "like, similar, equal; (as prep.) like," s.v. ylike a. and sb. OED. KEY: ilich@adj ilich@adj_prep
ilich adj 7 ilike 3 yliche 1 ylike 3
ilich adj_prep 1 ylyk 1

iliche adv. "alike, equally; together; constantly," s.v. ylike adv. OED. KEY: iliche@adv
iliche adv 31 ilike 4 ilyke 2 yliche 5 ylik 1 ylike 12 ylyche 6 ylyke 1

Ilion n. "Ilium, the citadel of Troy; the city of Troy," place name; not in MED. KEY: ilion@n#propn
ilion n#propn 5 ilion 1 ilyon 1 ilyoun 1 ylion 1 ylioun 1

ilke pron. "(as adj.) same, very same; (as pron.) same one," s.v. ilk a.\1 (pron.) OED. KEY: ilke@pron ilke@pron_gram_adj
ilke pron 1 ilk 1
ilke pron_gram_adj 60 ilk 1 ilke 54 ylke 5

ille adj. "bad," s.v. ill a. and sb. OED. KEY: ille@adj
ille adj 3 il 2 ille 1

ille-hail interj. "damnation!" not in OED, s.v. ille hail phr. MED. KEY: ille_hail@interj
ille_hail interj 1 ilhayl 1

illusioun n. "illusion," s.v. illusion OED. KEY: illusioun@n
illusioun n 7 illusion 1 illusioun 4 illusiouns 2

image n. "image, statue; appearance, resemblance; astronomical talisman," s.v. image sb. OED. KEY: image@n
image n 36 ymage 21 ymages 14 ymagis 1

imagerie n. "(pl.) images, statues," s.v. imagery OED. KEY: imagerie@n
imagerie n 2 ymageries 2

imaginable adj. "imaginable," s.v. imaginable a. OED. KEY: imaginable@adj
imaginable adj 4 ymaginable 4

imaginacioun n. "imagination; image-making capacity of the mind; forethought; scheme, fancy, ingenuity," s.v. imagination OED. KEY: imaginacioun@n
imaginacioun n 31 imagynacioun 2 ymaginacioun 22 ymaginaciouns 2 ymagynacion 1 ymagynacioun 3 ymagynacyoun 1

imaginatif adj. & n. "(as adj.) image-making, forming mental images; suspicious," s.v. imaginative a. (sb.) OED. KEY: imaginatif@adj
imaginatif adj 2 ymaginatyf 2

imaginen v. "imagine, form a mental image; suppose mistakenly; deduce, assume, posit; plan; worry; (ppl. adj.) imagined," s.v. imagine v. OED, imagined ppl. a. OED. KEY: imaginen@v imaginen@v#adj
imaginen v#adj 2 ymagined 2

imaginen v 19 imagenynge 1 imagynynge 1 ymagened 1 ymagenynge 1 ymagined 4 ymaginen 2 ymagineth 1 ymaginyng 1 ymaginynge 1 ymagyned 3 ymagynen 2 ymagynyng 1

imagininge ger. "imagination; plotting," s.v. imagining vbl. sb. OED. KEY: imagininge@ger
imagininge ger 4 ymagenyng 1 ymaginyng 1 ymagynyng 1 ymagynynge 1

imaken v. "(ppl.) made," s.v. make v.\1 OED. KEY: imaken@v
imaken v 24 imaked 4 ymaad 5 ymad 3 ymaked 10 ymakid 2

imenen v. "(ppl.) meant," s.v. mean v.\1 OED. KEY: imenen@v
imenen v 1 yment 1

Imeneus n. "Hymen, god of marriage," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: imeneus@n#propn
imeneus n#propn 3 imeneus 2 ymeneus 1

imengen v. "(ppl.) mingled," s.v. meng v. OED. KEY: imengen@v
imengen v 1 ymeynd 1

imeten v.(3) "(ppl.) met," s.v. meet v. OED. KEY: imeten@v3
imeten v3 3 ymet 2 ymette 1

immevable adj. "immovable," s.v. immovable a. (and sb.) OED. KEY: immevable@adj
immevable adj 1 inmoevable 1

immoevablete n. "immovability," s.v. immovability OED. KEY: immoevablete@n
immoevablete n 1 immoevablete 1

immortal adj. "immortal," s.v. immortal a. and sb. OED. KEY: immortal@adj
immortal adj 6 immortal 3 immortel 1 inmortal 2

imne n. "hymn," s.v. hymn sb. OED. KEY: imne@n
imne n 1 ympne 1

impacience n. "impatience," s.v. impatience OED. KEY: impacience@n
impacience n 6 inpacience 6

impacient adj. "impatient," s.v. impatient a. (sb.) OED. KEY: impacient@adj
impacient adj 5 inpacient 5

imparfit adj. "imperfect," s.v. imperfect a. (sb.) OED. KEY: imparfit@adj
imparfit adj 9 inparfit 6 inparfyt 3

impe n. "offshoot, sprig," s.v. imp sb. OED. KEY: impe@n
impe n 1 ympes 1

imperfeccioun n. "imperfection," s.v. imperfection OED. KEY: imperfeccioun@n
imperfeccioun n 1 imperfeccioun 1

imperial adj. "imperial," s.v. imperial a. and sb. OED. KEY: imperial@adj
imperial adj 3 imperial 2 imperiall 1

impertinent adj. "irrelevant," s.v. impertinent a. (sb.) OED. KEY: impertinent@adj
impertinent adj 1 impertinent 1

impetren v. "beg for," s.v. impetre v. OED. KEY: impetren@v
impetren v 1 impetren 1

implien v. "enfold," s.v. imply v. OED. KEY: implien@v
implien v 1 emplieth 1

importable adj. "unbearable; impossible," s.v. importable a.\1 OED. KEY: importable@adj
importable adj 2 importable 1 inportable 1

imposen v. "(ppl.) imposed, made compulsory," s.v. impose v. OED. KEY: imposen@v
imposen v 1 imposed 1

imposicioun n. "imposition, tax," s.v. imposition OED. KEY: imposicioun@n
imposicioun n 1 imposicioun 1

impossible adj. "impossible," s.v. impossible a. and sb. OED. KEY: impossible@adj
impossible adj 8 impossible 6 inpossible 2

impossible n. "impossibility," s.v. impossible a. and sb. OED. KEY: impossible@n
impossible n 5 impossible 3 inpossible 2

impressen v. "imprint, make an impression," s.v. impress v.\1 OED. KEY: impressen@v
impressen v 6 empressid 1 impresse 4 impressen 1

impressioun n. "mental image; emotional impression," s.v. impression sb. OED. KEY: impressioun@n
impressioun n 7 impression 1 impressions 1 impressioun 3 impressiounes 1 impressiouns 1

imprudent adj. "imprudent," s.v. imprudent a. (sb.) OED. KEY: imprudent@adj
imprudent adj 1 imprudent 1

impudence n. "impudence, shamelessness," s.v. impudence OED. KEY: impudence@n
impudence n 1 inpudence 1

impudent adj. "impudent, shameless," s.v. impudent a. (sb.) OED. KEY: impudent@adj
impudent adj 1 inpudent 1

in adv. "in," s.v. in adv. and a. OED. KEY: in@adv
in adv 78 in 76 yn 2

in Lat. prep. "in"; two entries s.v. in principio phr. MED. KEY: in@lat_prep
in lat_prep 4 in 4

in n. "lodgings, dwelling place, temporary dwelling," s.v. inn sb. OED. KEY: in@n
in n 7 in 7

in prep. "in," s.v. in prep. OED. KEY: in@prep
in prep 6528 in 6518 yn 10

inceste n. "incest," s.v. incest OED. KEY: inceste@n
inceste n 1 incest 1

inche n. "inch," s.v. inch sb.\1 OED. KEY: inche@n
inche n 1 ynche 1

inclinacioun n. "inclination due to planetary influence," s.v. inclination OED. KEY: inclinacioun@n
inclinacioun n 1 inclinacioun 1

incominge ger. "entry, arrival," s.v. incoming vbl. sb. OED. KEY: incominge@ger
incominge ger 1 in-comynge 1

inconstaunce n. "inconstancy, fickleness," s.v. inconstance OED. KEY: inconstaunce@n
inconstaunce n 1 inconstance 1

inconvenient n. "inconsistency, fallacy," s.v. inconvenient a. and sb. OED. KEY: inconvenient@n
inconvenient n 1 inconvenient 1

incubus n. "incubus, demon that has intercourse with women," s.v. incubus OED. KEY: incubus@n
incubus n 1 incubus 1

incurable adj. "incurable," s.v. incurable a. (sb.) OED. KEY: incurable@adj
incurable adj 1 incurable 1

inde adj.(2) "indigo blue," s.v. inde OED. KEY: inde@adj2
inde adj2 1 ynde 1

Inde n.(1) "India," place name. KEY: inde@n1#propn
inde n1#propn 13 inde 5 ynde 8

indeterminate adj. "not specified," s.v. indeterminate a. (sb.) OED. KEY: indeterminate@adj
indeterminate adj 1 indetermynat 1

indifferentli adv. "equally," s.v. indifferently adv. OED. KEY: indifferentli@adv
indifferentli adv 1 indifferently 1

indigence n. "indigence," s.v. indigence OED. KEY: indigence@n
indigence n 2 indigence 2

indignacioun n. "wrath, insubordination; scornful speech," s.v. indignation OED. KEY: indignacioun@n
indignacioun n 2 indignacions 1 indignacioun 1

indulgence n. "indulgence, forgiveness; permission," s.v. indulgence sb. OED. KEY: indulgence@n
indulgence n 2 indulgence 2

induracioun n. "(alchem.) hardening (of soft materials)," s.v. induration OED. KEY: induracioun@n
induracioun n 1 induracioun 1

Indus n. "the river Indus, in India," place name; not in MED. KEY: indus@n#propn
indus n#propn 1 indus 1

inequale adj. "unequal," s.v. inequal a. OED. KEY: inequale@adj
inequale adj 15 inequal 8 inequale 3 inequales 4

inestimable adj. "immeasurable," s.v. inestimable a. (sb.) OED. KEY: inestimable@adj
inestimable adj 1 inestimable 1

infecten v. "infect with disease, contaminate; invalidate; darken," s.v. infect v. OED. KEY: infecten@v
infecten v 7 enfecteth 2 infect 2 infecte 3

in-fere adv. "in company," s.v. fere sb.\2 OED, fere n.(2) MED. KEY: in-fere@adv
in-fere adv 7 in-feere 4 in-fere 3

infernal adj. "infernal," s.v. infernal a. (sb.) OED. KEY: infernal@adj
infernal adj 4 infernal 3 infernals 1

infinite adj. "infinite; (as adv.) infinitely," s.v. infinite a. (adv.) and sb. OED. KEY: infinite@adj infinite@adj#adv
infinite adj#adv 1 infinite 1
infinite adj 11 infinit 4 infinite 3 infynit 2 infynyt 2

infinite n. "infinity," s.v. infinite a. (adv.) and sb. OED. KEY: infinite@n
infinite n 2 infinit 1 infinite 1

infirme adj. "infirm, feeble," s.v. infirm a. OED. KEY: infirme@adj
infirme adj 1 infirme 1

infirmite n. "infirmity, weakness," s.v. infirmity OED. KEY: infirmite@n
infirmite n 2 infermetee 1 infirmite 1

influence n. "(astro.) astrological power," s.v. influence sb. OED. KEY: influence@n
influence n 3 influence 2 influences 1

informacioun n. "counsel, advice," s.v. information OED. KEY: informacioun@n
informacioun n 2 enformacioun 1 informaciouns 1

infortunat adj. "causing misfortune," s.v. infortunate a. OED. KEY: infortunat@adj
infortunat adj 3 infortunat 3

infortune n. "misfortune; (astro.) evil power of a planet," s.v. infortune sb. OED. KEY: infortune@n infortune@n#propn
infortune n 7 infortune 7

infortunen v. "(ppl. adj.) afflicted with misfortune," s.v. infortune v. OED. KEY: infortunen@v#adj
infortunen v#adj 1 infortuned 1

infortuninge ger. "(astro.) causing misfortune," s.v. infortune v. OED. KEY: infortuninge@ger
infortuninge ger 1 infortunyng 1

ingot n. "ingot, mould for casting metal," s.v. ingot OED. KEY: ingot@n
ingot n 7 ingot 5 yngot 1 yngottes 1

inhelden v. "pour in," s.v. inhelde, -hielde v. OED. KEY: inhelden@v
inhelden v 1 inhielde 1

inimen v. "(ppl.) took, embraced," s.v. nim v. OED. KEY: inimen@v
inimen v 3 inome 1 ynome 2

iniquite n. "iniquity," s.v. iniquity OED. KEY: iniquite@n
iniquite n 6 iniquitee 5 iniquitees 1

injure n. "injustice," s.v. injure OED. KEY: injure@n
injure n 1 injure 1

injurie n. "injury," s.v. injury sb. OED. KEY: injurie@n
injurie n 4 injurie 1 injuries 3

inke n. "ink," s.v. ink sb.\1 OED. KEY: inke@n
inke n 6 inke 2 ynke 4

inli adv. "completely, extremely; inwardly," s.v. inly adv. OED. KEY: inli@adv
inli adv 5 inly 3 ynly 2

inne adv. "in, inside," s.v. inne adv. and prep. OED. KEY: inne@adv
inne adv 9 inne 8 ynne 1

inne prep. "(in predicate or following the object) in, inside," s.v. inne adv. and prep. OED. KEY: inne@prep
inne prep 19 inne 19

innen v.(2) "provide with lodging," s.v. inn v. OED. KEY: innen@v2
innen v2 1 inned 1

innerest adj. sup. "innermost," s.v. innerest a. OED. KEY: innerest@adj
innerest adj 2 innerest 1 innereste 1

innocence n. "innocence," s.v. innocence OED. KEY: innocence@n
innocence n 22 innocence 22

innocent adj. "innocent," s.v. innocent a. and sb. OED. KEY: innocent@adj
innocent adj 4 innocent 4

Innocent n.(2) "Pope Innocent III," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: innocent@n2#propn
innocent n2#propn 2 innocent 2

innocent n. "innocent," s.v. innocent a. and sb. OED. KEY: innocent@n
innocent n 17 innocent 11 innocentz 6

inobedience n. "disobedience," s.v. inobedience OED. KEY: inobedience@n
inobedience n 1 inobedience 1

inobedient adj. & n. "(as adj.) disobedient," s.v. inobedient a. and sb. OED. KEY: inobedient@adj
inobedient adj 1 inobedient 1

inordinate adj. "excessive," s.v. inordinate a. OED. KEY: inordinate@adj
inordinate adj 1 inordinat 1

inough adj. "enough, sufficient; plenty, abundant; great," s.v. enough a., sb., and adv. OED, enow a. and adv.\1 OED. KEY: inough@adj
inough adj 18 inow 1 inowe 1 inowh 1 ynogh 7 ynough 5 ynowe 3

inough adv. "enough, sufficient; very much, extremely; fully, completely," s.v. enough a., adv., and sb. OED, enow a. and adv.\1 OED. KEY: inough@adv
inough adv 68 inoghe 2 inough 1 inow 3 inowhe 1 ynogh 19 ynoghe 1 ynough 34 ynow 5 ynowe 1 ynowghe 1

inough n. "enough, sufficiency; plenty, abundance," s.v. enough a., sb., and adv. OED. KEY: inough@n
inough n 48 inoghe 1 inough 3 inowghe 1 ynogh 16 ynough 20 ynow 2 ynowe 5

inquisitif adj. "inquisitive," s.v. inquisitive a. (sb.) OED. KEY: inquisitif@adj
inquisitif adj 1 inquisityf 1

insetten v. "(ppl.) implanted," s.v. inset v. OED. KEY: insetten@v
insetten v 1 inset 1

insight n. "insight, understanding," s.v. insight sb.\1 OED. KEY: insight@n
insight n 3 insight 1 insyghte 2

insolence n. "insolence, arrogance," s.v. insolence sb. OED. KEY: insolence@n
insolence n 1 insolence 1

insolent adj. "insolent, arrogant," s.v. insolent a. (sb.) OED. KEY: insolent@adj
insolent adj 1 insolent 1

insonder adv. "asunder, apart"; not in OED. KEY: insonder@adv
insonder adv 1 ysonder 1

instaunce n. "insistence; present time," s.v. instance sb. OED. KEY: instaunce@n
instaunce n 3 instaunce 3

instede adv. "instead," s.v. instead phrasal comb. OED, in stede of prep. MED. KEY: instede@adv
instede adv 1 instede 1

instrument n. "instrument, tool; musical instrument; bodily organ; means, agent," s.v. instrument sb. OED. KEY: instrument@n
instrument n 31 instrument 18 instrumentes 4 instruments 2 instrumentz 7

insufficient adj. "insufficient, inadequate," s.v. insufficient a. OED. KEY: insufficient@adj
insufficient adj 2 insufficient 2

intellect n. "intellect," s.v. intellect sb. OED. KEY: intellect@n
intellect n 2 intellect 2

intelligence n. "intelligence; angel governing a heavenly sphere," s.v. intelligence sb. OED. KEY: intelligence@n
intelligence n 9 intelligence 9

intercepten v. "(ppl.) included (between two points)," s.v. intercept ppl. a. OED. KEY: intercepten@v
intercepten v 1 intercept 1

interesse n. "interest, concern," s.v. interess sb. OED. KEY: interesse@n
interesse n 1 intresse 1

interminable adj. "interminable, everlasting," s.v. interminable a. OED. KEY: interminable@adj
interminable adj 4 interminable 3 intermynable 1

interrogacion n. "scientific calculation," s.v. interrogation OED. KEY: interrogacion@n
interrogacion n 1 interrogaciouns 1

intervalle n. "interval, pause," s.v. interval sb. OED. KEY: intervalle@n
intervalle n 1 intervalle 1

in-til prep. "into," s.v. intill, intil prep. OED. KEY: in-til@prep
in-til prep 1 in-tyl 1

in-to prep. "into, onto, to, unto, towards, until," s.v. into prep. OED. KEY: in-to@prep
in-to prep 322 into 322

introduccioun n. "introduction," s.v. introduction OED. KEY: introduccioun@n
introduccioun n 1 introduccioun 1

introductorie n. "introductory treatise, textbook," s.v. introductory a. and sb. OED. KEY: introductorie@n
introductorie n 1 introductorie 1

invisible adj. "invisible," s.v. invisible a. (sb.) OED. KEY: invisible@adj
invisible adj 3 invisible 2 invysible 1

invocacioun n. "invocation," s.v. invocation OED. KEY: invocacioun@n
invocacioun n 1 invocacion 1

in-ward adj. "inward, internal," s.v. inward a. and sb. OED. KEY: in-ward@adj
in-ward adj 2 inward 1 ynwarde 1

in-ward adv. "inward, inside; inwardly, privately," s.v. inward adv. (prep.) OED. KEY: in-ward@adv
in-ward adv 6 inward 6

in-wardli adv. "intently," s.v. inwardly adv. OED. KEY: in-wardli@adv
in-wardli adv 1 inwardly 1

inwith prep. "within, inside," s.v. inwith prep. and adv (a., sb.) OED. KEY: inwith@prep
inwith prep 16 in-with 5 inwith 11

Iole n. "Iole, beloved of Hercules," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: iole@n#propn
iole n#propn 1 yole 1

ipassen v. "(ppl.) passed, past," s.v. pass v. OED. KEY: ipassen@v
ipassen v 4 ipassed 2 ypassed 2

Ipermystra n. "Hypermnestra, daughter of Danaus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ipermystra@n#propn
ipermystra n#propn 8 ipermystre 1 ypermystra 3 ypermystre 4

Ipocras n.(2) "Hippocras, the Greek medical authority," proper n.; s.v. ipocras n. MED. KEY: ipocras@n2#propn
ipocras n2#propn 2 ypocras 2

ipocras n. "red wine flavored with spices," s.v. hippocras OED. KEY: ipocras@n
ipocras n 2 ypocras 2

ipocrisie n. "hypocrisy," s.v. hypocrisy OED. KEY: ipocrisie@n
ipocrisie n 3 ypocrisie 1 ypocrisye 2

ipocrite n. "hypocrite," s.v. hypocrite OED. KEY: ipocrite@n
ipocrite n 5 ipocrite 1 ypocrite 2 ypocrites 1 ypocryte 1

Ipolita n. "Hippolyte, queen of the Amazons," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ipolita@n#propn
ipolita n#propn 6 ipolita 1 ypolita 5

Ipomedoun n. "Hippomedon, one of the seven against Thebes," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ipomedoun@n#propn
ipomedoun n#propn 2 ipomedon 1 ypomedoun 1

Ipotis n. "Ipotis, child hero of a pious M.E. poem," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ipotis@n#propn
ipotis n#propn 1 ypotys 1

ipreien v. "(ppl.) invited," s.v. pray v. OED. KEY: ipreien@v
ipreien v 1 yprayed 1

irascimini Lat. v. "be angry." KEY: irascimini@lat_v
irascimini lat_v 1 irascimini 1

ire n. "anger, wrath; irritability; (also as proper n., personified)" s.v. ire sb. OED. KEY: ire@n ire@n#propn
ire n#propn 2 ire 2
ire n 96 ire 92 ires 1 yre 3

ireden v. "(ppl.) read, told," s.v. read v. OED. KEY: ireden@v
ireden v 1 yred 1

iren adj. "iron, made of iron," s.v. iron a. OED. KEY: iren@adj
iren adj 2 iren 1 yren 1

iren n. "iron, the metal," s.v. iron sb.\1 OED. KEY: iren@n
iren n 20 iren 13 yren 7

irennen v. "(ppl.) run; travelled; flowed; completed," s.v. run v. OED. KEY: irennen@v
irennen v 10 ironne 1 yronne 8 yronnen 1

irous adj. "angry, wrathful, irascible," s.v. irous a. OED. KEY: irous@adj
irous adj 10 irous 10

irreguler adj. "in violation of church law," s.v. irregular a. and sb. OED. KEY: irreguler@adj
irreguler adj 1 irreguleer 1

irreverence n. "irreverence," s.v. irreverence OED. KEY: irreverence@n
irreverence n 2 irreverence 2

Isaac n. "Isaac (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: isaac@n#propn
isaac n#propn 2 ysaac 1 ysaak 1

is n. "ice," s.v. ice sb. OED. KEY: is@n
is n 1 yse 1

Isaude n. "Iseult, lover of Tristan," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: isaude@n#propn
isaude n#propn 3 isaude 1 isawde 1 ysoude 1

Isaye n. "Isaiah (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: isaye@n#propn
isaye n#propn 5 isaye 1 ysaye 4

isechen v. "(ppl.) sought," s.v. seek v. OED. KEY: isechen@v
isechen v 3 isought 1 y-soght 1 ysought 1

iseien v. "(ppl.) said," s.v. say v.(1) OED. KEY: iseien@v
iseien v 3 ysayd 3

isen v.(1) "see," s.v. i-see v. OED. KEY: isen@v1
isen v1 33 ise 1 isene 2 iseye 1 iseyn 2 yse 7 ysee 6 yseene 4 ysene 4 yseye 1 yseyn 5

isenden v. "(ppl.) sent," s.v. send v.\1 OED. KEY: isenden@v
isenden v 7 isent 1 ysent 6

isetten v. "(ppl.) set," s.v. set v. OED, set ppl. a. OED. KEY: isetten@v isetten@v#adj
isetten v#adj 1 yset 1
isetten v 13 iset 7 yset 6

ishapen v. "(ppl.) formed, fashioned; devised; destined," s.v. shape v. OED. KEY: ishapen@v
ishapen v 6 yshape 2 yshapen 4

isheden v. "(ppl.) shed; scattered, dispersed," s.v. shed v.\1 OED. KEY: isheden@v
isheden v 4 ischad 3 ischadde 1

ishen v. "come out," s.v. ish, iss v.\1 OED. KEY: ishen@v
ishen v 3 issen 1 issist 2

ishenden v. "(ppl.) put to shame, rebuked," s.v. shend v.\1 OED. KEY: ishenden@v
ishenden v 1 yshent 1

isheuen v. "(ppl.) shown," s.v. show v. OED. KEY: isheuen@v
isheuen v 4 ischewid 1 yschewid 1 yshewed 2

ishriven v. "(ppl.) confess," s.v. shrive v. OED. KEY: ishriven@v
ishriven v 3 yshryve 1 yshryven 2

Isidis n. "Isis, an Egyptian goddess," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: isidis@n#propn
isidis n#propn 1 ysidis 1

Isidre n. "Isidore of Seville, theological writer," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: isidre@n#propn
isidre n#propn 2 ysidre 2

Isiphile n. "Hypsipyle, daughter of King Toas," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: isiphile@n#propn
isiphile n#propn 6 isiphile 3 isiphilee 1 ysiphele 1 ysiphile 1

Isope n.(3) "Aesop, the fabulist," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: isope@n3#propn
isope n3#propn 1 isope 1

isouen v. "(ppl.) sown (seeds), spread (fame)," s.v. sow v.\1 OED. KEY: isouen@v
isouen v 2 ysowe 1 ysowen 1

ispeden v. "(ppl.) fared; accomplished," s.v. speed v. OED. KEY: ispeden@v
ispeden v 3 isped 1 ispedd 1 ysped 1

ispeken v. "(ppl.) spoken," s.v. speak v. OED. KEY: ispeken@v
ispeken v 2 yspoke 1 yspoken 1

Israel n. "Israel," place name. KEY: israel@n#propn
israel n#propn 3 israel 3

issue n. "issue, progeny; result, outcome; expression of emotion," s.v. issue sb. OED. KEY: issue@n
issue n 5 issue 2 issues 3

istinten v. "(ppl.) stopped, brought to an end," s.v. stint v. OED. KEY: istinten@v
istinten v 1 ystynt 1

istonden v. "(ppl.) (of things) stood, been," s.v. stand v. OED, istonden v. MED. KEY: istonden@v
istonden v 1 ystonde 1

iswounen v. "(ppl.) swooned," s.v. swoon v. OED. KEY: iswounen@v
iswounen v 1 yswouned 1

Itaille n. "Italy," place name. KEY: itaille@n#propn
itaille n#propn 19 itayle 6 itaylle 1 ytaille 9 ytayle 3

itaken v. "(ppl.) taken," s.v. take v. OED. KEY: itaken@v
itaken v 18 itake 2 itaken 1 ytake 11 ytaken 4

Itakus n. "the Ithacan (Ulysses)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: itakus@n#propn
itakus n#propn 1 ytakus 1

itechen v. "(ppl.) taught, educated," s.v. teach v. OED. KEY: itechen@v
itechen v 8 ytaught 8

itellen v. "(ppl.) told," s.v. tell v. OED. KEY: itellen@v
itellen v 6 itold 1 ytold 2 ytoold 3

ithen v. "prosper," s.v. i-thee v. OED, ithen v. MED. KEY: ithen@v
ithen v 2 ythe 2

iturnen v. "(ppl.) turned," s.v. turn v. OED, iturnen v. MED. KEY: iturnen@v
iturnen v 5 ytorned 2 yturned 3

Iulo n. "Iulus (Ascanius), son of Aeneas," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: iulo@n#propn
iulo n#propn 1 iulo 1

iuris Lat. n. "of the law." KEY: iuris@lat_n
iuris lat_n 1 iuris 1

Ive n. "Saint Ives (probably Saint Yvo of Chartres)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ive@n#propn
ive n#propn 2 yve 2

ivel adj. "evil," s.v. evil a. and sb. OED. KEY: ivel@adj
ivel adj 20 evel 1 evil 1 evyl 1 yvel 15 yvele 2

ivel n. "evil," s.v. evil a. and sb. OED. KEY: ivel@n
ivel n 53 evel 5 eveles 1 evelis 1 ivel 1 yvel 31 yvele 4 yveles 7 yvelis 3

ivele adv. "evilly, wickedly; poorly," s.v. evil adv. OED. KEY: ivele@adv
ivele adv 31 evel 4 evele 1 yvel 8 yvele 18

ivi n. "ivy (also as adj.)," s.v. ivy sb. OED, ivi-lef n. MED, herbe-ivi n. MED. KEY: ivi@n ivi@n#adj
ivi n#adj 2 ivy 1 yvy 1
ivi n 1 yve 1

ivorie n. & adj. "(as n.) ivory," s.v. ivory OED. KEY: ivorie@n
ivorie n 4 yvory 3 yvoyre 1

iwar adj. "aware," s.v. aware pred. a. OED. KEY: iwar@adj
iwar adj 1 ywar 1

iwaxen v.(1) "(ppl.) grown," s.v. wax v.\1 OED. KEY: iwaxen@v1
iwaxen v1 4 ywaxe 1 ywoxen 3

iwenden v. "(ppl.) gone," s.v. wend v. OED. KEY: iwenden@v
iwenden v 1 ywent 1

iwerken v. "(ppl.) wrought, worked, made," s.v. ywrought pa. pple. OED. KEY: iwerken@v
iwerken v 16 iwrought 3 iwroughte 1 ywroght 6 ywrought 6

iwinden v. "(ppl.) wound, wrapped," s.v. wind v.\1 OED. KEY: iwinden@v
iwinden v 1 ywounde 1

iwinnen v. "(ppl.) won, captured; succeeded; got to (land)," s.v. win v.\1 OED. KEY: iwinnen@v
iwinnen v 8 ywonne 8

iwis adv. & adj. & n. "(as adv.) indeed, certainly," s.v. iwis, ywis adj., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: iwis@adv
iwis adv 155 iwis 25 iwys 28 ywis 55 ywys 47

iwiten v.(1) "(ppl.) known," s.v. iwite, ywite v.\1 OED. KEY: iwiten@v1
iwiten v1 6 iwist 2 iwyst 3 iwyste 1

iworthen v. "(ppl.) become," s.v. worth v.\1 OED. KEY: iworthen@v
iworthen v 1 yworthe 1

Ixion n. "Ixion, punished by Jupiter," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ixion@n#propn
ixion n#propn 2 ixion 1 yxion 1



-- J --



Jacob n. "Jacob (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: jacob@n#propn
jacob n#propn 4 jacob 4

Jaconitos n. "Jaconites, a city in Colchos," place name; not in MED. KEY: jaconitos@n#propn
jaconitos n#propn 1 jaconitos 1

jade n. "jade, nag," s.v. jade sb.\2 OED. KEY: jade@n
jade n 1 jade 1

jagounce n. "jacinth, a precious stone," s.v. jacounce, jagounce OED. KEY: jagounce@n
jagounce n 1 jagounces 1

jai n. "jay," s.v. jay OED. KEY: jai@n
jai n 6 jay 5 jayes 1

Jakke n.(1) "Jack, a generic name in the FrT," proper n. KEY: jakke@n1#propn
jakke n1#propn 1 jakke 1

Jakke n.(3) "Jack Straw, a leader of the revolt of 1381," proper n.; s.v. Jakke n.(1) MED. KEY: jakke@n3#propn
jakke n3#propn 1 jakke 1

Jakke n.(4) "Jack (meaning uncertain) (also as adj.)," proper n.; s.v. Jakke n.(1) MED. KEY: jakke@n4#propn jakke@n4#propn_adj
jakke n4#propn_adj 1 jakke 1
jakke n4#propn 1 jakke 1

Jame n. "Saint James (in the Bible)," proper n. KEY: jame@n#propn
jame n#propn 11 jame 11

jangle n. "idle talk, chatter," s.v. jangle sb. OED. KEY: jangle@n
jangle n 4 jangles 4

janglen v. "talk idly, chatter; (ppl. adj.) chattering," s.v. jangle v. OED, jangling ppl. a. OED. KEY: janglen@v janglen@v#adj
janglen v#adj 2 janglynge 2
janglen v 6 jangle 4 janglest 1 jangleth 1

janglere n. "idle talker, chatterer," s.v. jangler OED. KEY: janglere@n
janglere n 4 jangler 1 janglere 3

jangleresse n. "talkative woman, nag," s.v. jangleress OED. KEY: jangleresse@n
jangleresse n 3 jangleresse 1 jangleresses 2

janglerie n. "idle talk, chatter," s.v. janglery OED. KEY: janglerie@n
janglerie n 2 janglerie 2

janglinge ger. "idle talking, arguing," s.v. jangling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: janglinge@ger
janglinge ger 4 janglyng 2 janglynge 2

Janicula n. "Janicula, father of Griselda in ClT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: janicula@n#propn
janicula n#propn 4 janicle 2 janicula 2

Jankin n.(1) "Jankin (Jack), derisive name for a priest," proper n.; s.v. Jankin n. MED. KEY: jankin@n1#propn
jankin n1#propn 1 jankin 1

Jankin n.(2) "Jankin (Jack), an apprentice in WBT," proper n.; cf. Jankin n. MED. KEY: jankin@n2#propn
jankin n2#propn 2 janekyn 2

Jankin n.(3) "Jankin (Jack), fifth husband of the Wife of Bath," proper n.; cf. Jankin n. MED. KEY: jankin@n3#propn
jankin n3#propn 4 jankyn 4

Jankin n.(4) "Jankin (Jack), the squire in SumT," proper n.; cf. Jankin n. MED. KEY: jankin@n4#propn
jankin n4#propn 2 jankyn 2

j n. "the letter j," s.v. j OED. KEY: j@n
j n 1 j 1

Januarie n.(2) "January, the aged husband in the MerT," proper n.; s.v. Januarie n. MED. KEY: januarie@n#propn
januarie n#propn 39 januarie 39

Januarie n. "January (the month)," s.v. January OED. KEY: januarie@n
januarie n 2 januarie 1 januarius 1

Janus n. "Janus, god of entrances," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: janus@n#propn
janus n#propn 2 janus 2

jape n. "trick, deceit; joke," s.v. jape sb. OED. KEY: jape@n
jape n 30 jape 18 japes 12

japen v. "trick, deceive; joke; mock," s.v. jape v. OED. KEY: japen@v
japen v 17 ijaped 1 jape 11 japed 2 japedest 2 japen 1

japere n. "trickster; jester," s.v. japer OED. KEY: japere@n
japere n 5 japer 1 japere 1 japeres 2 japeris 1

japerie n. "jesting," s.v. japery OED. KEY: japerie@n
japerie n 2 japerie 1 japerye 1

jape-worthi adj. "ridiculous"; not in OED. KEY: jape-worthi@adj
jape-worthi adj 1 japeworthi 1

jargoun n. "chatter," s.v. jargon sb.\1 OED. KEY: jargoun@n
jargoun n 1 jargon 1

jargouning n. "twittering (of birds)," s.v. jargon v. OED. KEY: jargouning@n
jargouning n 1 jargonyng 1

Jason n. "Jason, son of Aeson," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: jason@n#propn
jason n#propn 43 jason 37 jasoun 6

jaspre n. "jasper, a precious stone," s.v. jasper sb. OED. KEY: jaspre@n
jaspre n 4 jasper 1 jaspre 3

jaumbeus n. pl. "leg armor," s.v. jambeau OED. KEY: jaumbeus@n
jaumbeus n 1 jambeux 1

jaunis n. "jaundice," s.v. jaundice sb. OED. KEY: jaunis@n
jaunis n 1 jaunyce 1

jay Fr. v. (with pron.) "I have." KEY: jay@fr_v
jay fr_v 2 jay 2

je Fr. pron. "I"; s.v. je-vous-di interj. MED. KEY: je@fr_pron
je fr_pron 2 je 2

jelous adj. "jealous; fervent, eager; (as n.) jealous person," s.v. jealous a. OED. KEY: jelous@adj jelous@adj#n
jelous adj 21 jalous 11 jalouse 2 jelos 1 jelous 7
jelous adj#n 2 jalous 1 jelous 1

jelousie n. "jealousy (also as proper n., personified); zeal; solicitude," s.v. jelousy OED. KEY: jelousie@n jelousie@n#propn
jelousie n 31 jalousie 19 jalousye 5 jelosie 1 jelosye 3 jelousies 1 jelousye 2
jelousie n#propn 5 jalousye 1 jelosie 2 jelosye 2

Jepte n. "Jeptha (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: jepte@n#propn
jepte n#propn 1 jepte 1

Jeremye n. "Jeremiah (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: jeremye@n#propn
jeremye n#propn 4 jeremie 1 jeremye 3

Jerome n. "Saint Jerome," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: jerome@n#propn
jerome n#propn 11 jerome 11

Jerusalem n. "Jerusalem," place name; not in MED. KEY: jerusalem@n#propn
jerusalem n#propn 9 jerusalem 9

Jesu n.(1) "Jesus Christ," proper n.; s.v. Jesu n. MED. KEY: jesu@n1#propn
jesu n1#propn 128 jesu 1 jesus 2 jhesu 111 jhesus 14

Jesu n.(2) "Jesus (filius) of Sirach, author of Ecclesiastes," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: jesu@n2#propn
jesu n2#propn 5 jhesus 5

Jeu n. "Jew," s.v. Jew sb. OED. KEY: jeu@n
jeu n 22 jew 4 jewes 15 jues 3

jeuel n. "jewel," s.v. jewel sb. OED. KEY: jeuel@n
jeuel n 4 jewel 1 jeweles 1 jueles 2

Jeuerie n. "the Jewish people; ghetto," s.v. Jewry OED. KEY: jeuerie@n
jeuerie n 4 jewerye 2 juerie 2

Joab n. "Joab, a general of David's army (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: joab@n#propn
joab n#propn 2 joab 2

jo v. "move, go"; not in OED. KEY: jo@v
jo v 1 jo 1

Job n. "Job (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: job@n#propn
job n#propn 11 job 10 jobes 1

Joce n. "Saint Judocus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: joce@n#propn
joce n#propn 1 joce 1

jocounde adj. "gracious, pleasant," s.v. jocund a. OED. KEY: jocounde@adj
jocounde adj 2 jocounde 1 jocunde 1

jogelerie n. "jugglery, conjurer's trick, sleight of hand," s.v. jugglery OED. KEY: jogelerie@n
jogelerie n 1 jogelrye 1

jogelour n. "juggler, conjurer, sleight of hand artist," s.v. juggler OED. KEY: jogelour@n
jogelour n 4 jogelour 1 jogelours 2 jugelours 1

John n.(1) "Saint John the Evangelist," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: john@n1#propn
john n1#propn 21 johan 1 john 20

John n.(2) "John, husband of Alison in MilT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: john@n2#propn
john n2#propn 6 john 6

John n.(3) "John, one of the clerks in RvT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: john@n3#propn
john n3#propn 29 john 29

John n.(4) "John the Baptist," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: john@n4#propn
john n4#propn 1 john 1

John n.(5) "John, the monk in ShipT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: john@n5#propn
john n5#propn 23 john 23

John n.(6) "John, derisive name for a priest," proper n.; s.v. Jon n. MED. KEY: john@n6#propn
john n6#propn 2 john 2

John n.(7) "John, the Nun's Priest," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: john@n7#propn
john n7#propn 1 john 1

John n.(8) "Saint John Chrysostom," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: john@n8#propn
john n8#propn 1 john 1

joie n. "joy, happiness," s.v. joy sb. OED. KEY: joie@n
joie n 220 joie 68 joies 11 joy 8 joye 132 joyes 1

joien v. "rejoice, take pleasure in," s.v. joy v. OED. KEY: joien@v
joien v 1 joye 1

joiful adj. "joyful," s.v. joyful a. OED. KEY: joiful@adj
joiful adj 8 joieful 1 joyeful 5 joyful 2

joinant adj. "adjoining," s.v. joinant a. OED. KEY: joinant@adj
joinant adj 1 joynant 1

joinen v.(1) "join, unite; bring together," s.v. join v.\1 OED. KEY: joinen@v1
joinen v.(2) "(ppl.) enjoined," s.v. join v.\2 OED. KEY: joinen@v2
joinen v2 1 joyned 1

joinen v1 27 ijoygned 1 ijoyned 2 joignen 1 joygnen 2 joyned 12 joyneden 1 joynen 4 joyneth 3 joynynge 1

joininge ger.(1) "joint," s.v. joining vbl. sb. OED. KEY: joininge@ger1
joininge ger1 1 joynynges 1

jointlie adv. "together," s.v. jointly adv. OED. KEY: jointlie@adv
jointlie adv 1 joyntly 1

jointure n. "joining together, union," s.v. jointure sb. OED. KEY: jointure@n
jointure n 1 joynture 1

joious adj. "joyous," s.v. joyous a. OED. KEY: joious@adj
joious adj 1 joyous 1

joli adj. "jolly, merry; spirited, playful; lusty, amorous; pretty, attractive," s.v. jolly a. and adv. OED. KEY: joli@adj
joli adj 43 jolif 4 joly 33 jolyer 1 jolyf 5

jolili adv. "jollily, gaily, gracefully," s.v. jollily adv. OED. KEY: jolili@adv
jolili adv 2 jolily 2

jolinesse n. "jolliness, revelry," s.v. jolliness OED. KEY: jolinesse@n
jolinesse n 2 jolynesse 2

jolite n. "jollity, merriment, sport; passion, sexual desire; vigor, beauty; (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. jollity OED. KEY: jolite@n jolite@n#propn
jolite n 18 joliftee 1 jolite 4 jolitee 9 jolyte 3 jolytee 1
jolite n#propn 1 jolyte 1

Jonas n. "Jonah (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: jonas@n#propn
jonas n#propn 1 jonas 1

Jonathas n. "Jonathan, friend of David (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: jonathas@n#propn
jonathas n#propn 1 jonathas 1

jordan n. "glass flask," s.v. jordan OED. KEY: jordan@n
jordan n 1 jurdones 1

Joseph n.(1) "Joseph, son of Jacob (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: joseph@n1#propn
joseph n1#propn 4 joseph 4

Joseph n.(2) "Joseph, husband of Mary (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: joseph@n2#propn
joseph n2#propn 1 joseph 1

Josephus n. "Flavius Josephus Ebraecus, historian of the Jews," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: josephus@n#propn
josephus n#propn 1 josephus 1

jossa n. "(as interj.) down here!" s.v. jossa OED. KEY: jossa@n#interj
jossa n#interj 1 jossa 1

joue n. "jaw," s.v. jaw sb.\1 OED. KEY: joue@n
joue n 2 jowes 2

jouken v. "roost in bed, sleep," s.v. jouk v.\1 OED. KEY: jouken@v
jouken v 1 jouken 1

journei n. "journey; day's journey, day's work," s.v. journey sb. OED. KEY: journei@n
journei n 3 journe 1 journee 1 journey 1

Jove n. "Jove (Jupiter), chief of the Roman gods," proper n. KEY: jove@n#propn
jove n#propn 33 jove 15 joves 17 jovis 1

Jovinian n. "Jovinianus, adversary of Jerome," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: jovinian@n#propn
jovinian n#propn 3 jovinian 1 jovinyan 1 jovynyan 1

Jubaltare n. "Gibraltar," place name; not in MED. KEY: jubaltare@n#propn
jubaltare n#propn 1 jubaltare 1

jubbe n. "large container for ale or wine," s.v. jubbe OED. KEY: jubbe@n
jubbe n 2 jubbe 2

jubile n. "fiftieth anniversary celebration," s.v. jubilee sb. OED. KEY: jubile@n
jubile n 1 jubilee 1

Judas n.(1) "Judas Iscariot (in the Bible); traitor," proper n.; some entries s.v. Judas n. MED. KEY: judas@n1#propn
judas n1#propn 7 judas 7

Judas n.(2) "Judas Maccabeus (in the Apocrypha)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: judas@n2#propn
judas n2#propn 1 judas 1

Judeorum Lat. n. " of the Jews." KEY: judeorum@lat_n
judeorum lat_n 1 judeorum 1

judicial adj. & n. "(as adj.) concerning astrological rules," s.v. judicial a. and sb. OED. KEY: judicial@adj
judicial adj 1 judicial 1

Judicum Lat. n. "the Book of Judges (in the Bible)." KEY: judicum@lat_n#propn
judicum lat_n#propn 1 judicum 1

Judith n. "Judith, slayer of Holofernes (in the Apocrypha)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: judith@n#propn
judith n#propn 4 judith 4

juge n.(1) "judge," s.v. judge sb. OED, juge n.(1) MED Suppl. KEY: juge@n1
juge n1 62 juge 50 juges 12

juge n.(2) "yoke, restraint"; not in OED; s.v. juge n.(2) MED Suppl. KEY: juge@n2
juge n2 2 juge 2

jugement n. "judgement, opinion; decision, decree; justice," s.v. judgement, judgment OED. KEY: jugement@n
jugement n 49 jugement 20 jugementz 2 juggement 24 juggementz 3

jugen v. "judge, think; render judgement," s.v. judge v. OED. KEY: jugen@v
jugen v 20 juge 4 juged 1 jugen 1 jugged 3 juggen 7 juggestow 1 juggeth 2 juggid 1

Juil n. "July, the month," s.v. July OED. KEY: juil@n
juil n 4 julie 1 julius 2 juyll 1

Juin n. "June, the month," s.v. June OED. KEY: juin@n
juin n 3 junius 2 juyn 1

Julian n. "Saint Julian, patron of hospitality," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: julian@n#propn
julian n#propn 2 julian 1 julyan 1

Julius n. "Gaius Julius Caesar, the Roman emperor," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: julius@n#propn
julius n#propn 12 julius 12

jumperen v. "jumble together," s.v. jumper v.\1 OED. KEY: jumperen@v
jumperen v 1 jompre 1

Juno n. "Juno, wife of Jupiter, goddess of women," proper n. KEY: juno@n#propn
juno n#propn 19 juno 19

juparten v. "jeopardize," s.v. jeopard v. OED. KEY: juparten@v
juparten v 1 juparten 1

jupartie n. "jeopardy, risk, danger; risky enterprise; chess problem," s.v. jeopardy sb. OED. KEY: jupartie@n
jupartie n 12 jeupardyes 1 jupartie 6 jupartye 1 jupertie 3 jupertye 1

Jupiter n. "Jupiter (Jove), chief of the Roman gods; the planet Jupiter," proper n. KEY: jupiter@n#propn
jupiter n#propn 29 jupiter 15 jupiteres 1 juppiter 13

jupon n. "tunic," s.v. gipon OED. KEY: jupon@n
jupon n 2 gypon 1 gypoun 1

jurisdiccioun n. "jurisdiction," s.v. jurisdiction OED. KEY: jurisdiccioun@n
jurisdiccioun n 4 jurisdiccion 1 jurisdiccioun 3

juste adj. "just, fair; exact," s.v. just a. OED. KEY: juste@adj
juste adj 20 just 11 juste 9

justen v. "joust," s.v. just, joust v.\1 OED. KEY: justen@v
justen v 8 jousteth 1 juste 2 justen 3 justeth 1 justyng 1

justes n. pl. "jousting, tournament," s.v. just, joust sb.\1 OED. KEY: justes@n
justes n 1 justes 1

justice n. "justice; judicial punishment; judge," s.v. justice sb. OED. KEY: justice@n
justice n 22 justice 12 justise 9 justyse 1

justinge ger. "jousting," s.v. justing, jousting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: justinge@ger
justinge ger 1 justing 1

Justinus n. "Justinus, character in MerT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: justinus@n#propn
justinus n#propn 4 justinus 3 justyn 1

justli adv. "exactly," s.v. justly adv. OED. KEY: justli@adv
justli adv 5 justly 5

Juvenal n. "Juvenal (Decimus Junius Juvenalis), the author," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: juvenal@n#propn
wqB>juvenal n#propn 2 juvenal 2

juwise n. "judicial sentence, punishment," s.v. juise OED. KEY: juwise@n
juwise n 2 juwise 1 juyse 1



-- K --



Kayrrud n. "Kayrrud, in Brittany (not further identified)," place name; not in MED. KEY: kayrrud@n#propn
kayrrud n#propn 1 kayrrud 1

kechel n. "small loaf," s.v. kechel OED. KEY: kechel@n
kechel n 1 kechyl 1

keie n.(1) "key," s.v. key sb.\1 OED. KEY: keie@n1
keie n1 11 keye 10 keyes 1

kemben v. "comb; adorn," s.v. kemb v. OED. KEY: kemben@v
kemben v 13 kembd 5 kembde 2 kembe 2 kembeth 2 kempt 1 ykembd 1

kempe adj. "coarse, shaggy," s.v. kemp sb.\2 OED. KEY: kempe@adj
kempe adj 1 kempe 1

kene adj. "keen, sharp; bold, eager; fierce, cruel," s.v. keen a. (adv.) OED. KEY: kene@adj
kene adj 13 keene 4 kene 9

kene adv. "keenly, sharply, painfully," s.v. keen a. (adv.) OED. KEY: kene@adv
kene adv 3 kene 3

keneliche adv. "keenly, sharply, loudly," s.v. keenly adv. OED. KEY: keneliche@adv
keneliche adv 1 kenely 1

Kenelm n. "Saint Cenhelm, king of Mercia," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: kenelm@n#propn
kenelm n#propn 2 kenelm 2

kennen v.(1) "know, perceive," s.v. ken v.\1 OED. KEY: kennen@v1
kennen v1 3 ken 1 kend 1 kenne 1

Kent n. "Kent, the county," place name; not in MED. KEY: kent@n#propn
kent n#propn 2 kent 2

Kenulphus n. "Cenwulf, king of Mercia," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: kenulphus@n#propn
kenulphus n#propn 1 kenulphus 1

kep n. "(with take) attention, heed; care, concern," s.v. keep sb. OED. KEY: kep@n
kep n 44 keep 13 kep 30 kepe 1

kepen v. "keep, preserve; observe, hold to; take care of, protect; care about; guard, guard against; stay," s.v. keep v. OED. KEY: kepen@v
kepen v 225 keep 10 keepe 3 kep 2 kepe 105 keped 1 kepen 23 kepest 2 kepeth 12 kepin 2 kepith 3 kept 26 kepte 30 kepyn 2 kepyng 1 kepynge 3

kepere n. "keeper, guardian; administrator," s.v. keeper OED. KEY: kepere@n
kepere n 5 kepere 5

kepinge ger. "keeping, guarding; protection," s.v. keeping vbl. sb. OED. KEY: kepinge@ger
kepinge ger 16 keping 1 kepyng 7 kepynge 8

kerven v. "carve, cut," s.v. carve v. OED. KEY: kerven@v
kerven v 25 carf 4 corven 2 karf 3 kerve 4 kerven 1 kerveth 2 kervyth 1 korve 2 korven 3 ycorve 1 ycorven 1 ykorven 1

kervere n. "carver, sculptor," s.v. carver OED. KEY: kervere@n
kervere n 1 kervere 1

kervinge ger. "carving, sculpture; (as adj.) carving," s.v. carving vbl. sb. OED, carving ppl. a. OED. KEY: kervinge@ger kervinge@ger#adj
kervinge ger#adj 2 kervyng 2
kervinge ger 3 kervyng 2 kervynges 1

kichene n. "kitchen," s.v. kitchen sb. OED. KEY: kichene@n
kichene n 1 kichenes 1

kide n. "kid, young goat or sheep," s.v. kid sb.\1 OED. KEY: kide@n
kide n 2 kyde 1 kydes 1

kiken v.(1) "kick," s.v. kick v.\1 OED. KEY: kiken@v1
kiken v1 1 kike 1

kiken v.(2) "gaze, stare," s.v. keek v. OED. KEY: kiken@v2
kiken v2 2 kiked 1 kiken 1

killen v. "kill," s.v. kill v. OED. KEY: killen@v
killen v 5 kille 4 kylle 1

kimelin n. "tub," s.v. kimnel OED. KEY: kimelin@n
kimelin n 2 kymelyn 2

kin n. "kin, family, ancestry; kind, sort," s.v. kin sb.\1 OED. KEY: kin@n
kin n 21 kyn 20 kynnes 1

kinde adj. "kind, benevolent; natural," s.v. kind a. OED. KEY: kinde@adj
kinde adj 24 kynde 23 kyndest 1

kinde n. "kind, sort; nature (also as n., personified); humankind; disposition; form; ancestry; semen," s.v. kind sb. OED. KEY: kinde@n kinde@n#propn
kinde n 100 kende 3 kinde 1 kynde 94 kyndes 2
kinde n#propn 4 kynde 4

kindelen v.(1) "kindle," s.v. kindle v.\1 OED. KEY: kindelen@v1
kindelen v1 2 kyndle 1 kyndled 1

kindeli adj. "natural, innate," s.v. kindly a. OED. KEY: kindeli@adj
kindeli adj 7 kyndely 6 kyndelyche 1

kindeli adv. "kindly, benevolently; by nature, naturally," s.v. kindly adv. OED. KEY: kindeli@adv
kindeli adv 9 kyndeliche 1 kyndely 8

kindenesse n. "kindness, kind deeds; natural affection; constancy," s.v. kindness OED. KEY: kindenesse@n
kindenesse n 8 kyndenesse 8

king n. "king; (pl. as proper name of literary work) Book of Kings (in the Bible)," s.v. king sb. OED. KEY: king@n king@n#propn
king n 274 king 7 kinges 1 kyng 197 kynge 1 kynges 65 kyngis 3
king n#propn 2 kynges 2

kingdom n. "kingdom, sovereignty," s.v. kingdom sb. OED. KEY: kingdom@n
kingdom n 1 kyngdom 1

kinrede n. "kindred, family; ancestry," s.v. kindred sb. and a. OED. KEY: kinrede@n
kinrede n 25 kynrede 23 kynredes 2

kirtel n. "tunic; simple frock," s.v. kirtle sb.\1 OED. KEY: kirtel@n
kirtel n 4 kertels 1 kirtel 1 kirtle 1 kirtles 1

kissen v. "kiss," s.v. kiss v. OED. KEY: kissen@v
kissen v 80 kesse 1 keste 3 kis 1 kisse 20 kissen 1 kisseth 4 kissynge 1 kist 4 kiste 29 kys 3 kysse 5 kyssed 1 kyssen 1 kysseth 2 kyssyng 1 kyst 1 kyste 2

kissinge ger. "kissing," s.v. kissing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: kissinge@ger
kissinge ger 4 kissyng 3 kissynge 1

kite n. "kite, the bird," s.v. kite sb. OED. KEY: kite@n
kite n 5 kyte 5

kithen v. "make known; reveal, show," s.v. kithe, kythe v. OED. KEY: kithen@v
kithen v 17 kid 2 kidde 1 kith 2 kithe 3 kithed 1 kitheth 1 kyd 1 kythe 3 kythen 1 kytheth 2

knakke n. "trick, joke," s.v. knack sb.\2 OED. KEY: knakke@n
knakke n 2 knakkes 2

knarre n. "rock; muscular man," s.v. knar OED. KEY: knarre@n
knarre n 1 knarre 1

knarri adj. "gnarled," s.v. knarry a. OED. KEY: knarri@adj
knarri adj 1 knarry 1

knave n.(1) "knave, servant; peasant, churl; boy (also as adj.; s.v. knave-child n. MED)," s.v. knave sb. OED, knave-child OED. KEY: knave@n1 knave@n1#adj
knave n1#adj 5 knave 5
knave n1 22 knave 20 knaves 2

knavish adj. "crude," s.v. knavish a. OED. KEY: knavish@adj
knavish adj 1 knavyssh 1

kne n. "knee," s.v. knee sb. OED. KEY: kne@n
kne n 39 kne 2 knee 5 knees 24 knes 4 knowe 1 knowes 3

kneden v. "knead," s.v. knead v. OED. KEY: kneden@v
kneden v 2 knede 1 kneden 1

knedinge ger. "(as adj.) kneading," s.v. kneading vbl. sb. OED. KEY: knedinge@ger#adj
knedinge ger#adj 4 knedyng 4

knedinge-tubbe n. "kneading tub," s.v. kneading vbl. sb. OED, knedinge ger. MED. KEY: knedinge-tubbe@n
knedinge-tubbe n 1 knedyng-tubbes 1

knelen v. "kneel," s.v. kneel v. OED. KEY: knelen@v
knelen v 26 knele 6 kneled 4 knelest 1 kneleth 8 knelying 1 knelyng 1 knelynge 4 ykneled 1

knelinge ger. "kneeling," s.v. kneeling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: knelinge@ger
knelinge ger 1 knelynges 1

knif n. "knife," s.v. knife sb. OED. KEY: knif@n
knif n 25 knyf 23 knyves 2

knight n. "knight," s.v. knight sb. OED. KEY: knight@n
knight n 201 knight 1 knyght 172 knyghtes 27 knyghtis 1

knighthode n. "knighthood," s.v. knighthood OED. KEY: knighthode@n
knighthode n 10 knyghthede 1 knyghthod 9

knightli adj. "knightly, brave," s.v. knightly a. OED. KEY: knightli@adj
knightli adj 1 knyghtly 1

knightli adv. "knightly, bravely," s.v. knightly adv. OED. KEY: knightli@adv
knightli adv 1 knyghtly 1

knitten v. "knit together, unite; fasten; (astro.) be in conjunction; summarize, continue (a subject)," s.v. knit v. OED. KEY: knitten@v
knitten v 29 knet 2 knette 3 knetteth 1 knyt 12 knytte 3 knyttest 3 knytteth 5

knittinge ger. "knitting together, interconnection," s.v. knitting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: knittinge@ger
knittinge ger 3 knyttynge 2 knyttynges 1

knobbe n. "knob," s.v. knob sb. OED. KEY: knobbe@n
knobbe n 1 knobbes 1

knokke n. "knock, blow," s.v. knock sb.\1 OED. KEY: knokke@n
knokke n 1 knok 1

knokken v. "knock, beat," s.v. knock v. OED. KEY: knokken@v
knokken v 12 knokke 3 knokked 2 knokkeden 1 knokken 1 knokketh 4 knokkide 1

knokkinge ger. "knocking, beating," s.v. knocking vbl. sb. OED. KEY: knokkinge@ger
knokkinge ger 1 knokkynge 1

knoppe n.(1) "ornamental knob; flower bud," s.v. knop sb.\1 OED. KEY: knoppe@n1
knoppe n1 6 knoppe 1 knoppes 4 knoppis 1

knotte n. "knot; main point; intellectual difficulty," s.v. knot sb.\1 OED. KEY: knotte@n
knotte n 5 knotte 5

knotteles adj. "without a knot, smooth," s.v. knotless a. OED. KEY: knotteles@adj
knotteles adj 1 knotteles 1

knotti adj. "knotty, gnarled," s.v. knotty a. OED. KEY: knotti@adj
knotti adj 3 knotty 3

knouen v. "know, recognize, acknowledge; (ppl. adj.) known, famous," s.v. know v. OED. KEY: knouen@v knowen@v#adj
knouen v#adj 1 knowen 1
knouen v 560 knew 93 knewe 28 knewen 2 know 11 knowe 230 knowen 116 knowest 15 knowestow 3 knoweth 46 knowist 6 knowith 2 knowyng 1 knowynge 7

knouere n. "knower," s.v. knower OED. KEY: knouere@n
knouere n 1 knowere 1

knouinge ger. "knowing, knowledge; awareness," s.v. knowing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: knouinge@ger
knouinge ger 45 knowing 3 knowinge 1 knowyng 7 knowynge 31 knowynges 3

knouleche n. "knowledge," s.v. knowledge sb. OED. KEY: knouleche@n
knouleche n 4 knoweleche 2 knoweliche 1 knowleche 1

knoulechen v. "acknowledge," s.v. knowledge v. OED. KEY: knoulechen@v
knoulechen v 4 knowelecheth 1 knowelechynge 1 knowelichen 1 knowlecheth 1

knoulechinge ger. "knowledge," s.v. knowledging vbl. sb. OED. KEY: knoulechinge@ger
knoulechinge ger 3 knowlechyng 2 knowlechynge 1



-- L --



la Fr. adv. "there." KEY: la@fr_adv
la fr_adv 1 la 1

la Fr. art. "the." KEY: la@fr_art
la fr_art 1 la 1

Laban n. "Laban, father of Rachel (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: laban@n#propn
laban n#propn 1 laban 1

labbe n. "blabbermouth," s.v. lab sb. OED. KEY: labbe@n
labbe n 2 labbe 2

labben v. "(ppl. adj.) blabbing," s.v. lab v. OED. KEY: labben@v#adj
labben v#adj 1 labbyng 1

label n. "(astro.) metal rule on an astrolabe," s.v. label sb.\1 OED. KEY: label@n
label n 35 label 34 labell 1

Laberinthe n. "the Labyrinth, in Crete," place name. KEY: laberinthe@n#propn
laberinthe n#propn 1 laboryntus 1

laborous adj. "laborious," s.v. laborous a. OED. KEY: laborous@adj
laborous adj 1 laborous 1

labour Fr. n. "labor." KEY: labour@fr_n
labour fr_n 2 labour 2

labour n. "labor, work, effort; pain, trouble," s.v. labour, labor sb. OED. KEY: labour@n
labour n 67 labour 65 labours 2

labouren v. "labor, work; make an effort, take pains," s.v. labour, labor v. OED. KEY: labouren@v
labouren v 13 laboure 4 laboured 3 labouren 5 laboureth 1

labourere n. "laborer," s.v. labourer, laborer OED. KEY: labourere@n
labourere n 2 laborer 2

lacche n. "snare for birds," s.v. latch sb.\1 OED. KEY: lacche@n
lacche n 1 lacche 1

Lacedomie n. "Lacedaemonia (Sparta)," place name; not in MED. KEY: lacedomie@n#propn
lacedomie n#propn 2 lacedomye 1 lacidomye 1

lacerte n. "muscle," s.v. lacert sb.\2 OED. KEY: lacerte@n
lacerte n 1 lacerte 1

lache adj. "lazy, dull," s.v. lash a. OED. KEY: lache@adj
lache adj 1 lache 1

Lachesis n. "Lachesis, one of the Fates," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lachesis@n#propn
lachesis n#propn 1 lachesis 1

lachesse n. "laziness, negligence," s.v. lashness OED. KEY: lachesse@n
lachesse n 1 lachesse 1

laddere n. "ladder," s.v. ladder sb. OED. KEY: laddere@n
laddere n 8 laddre 3 laddres 5

ladel n. "ladle," s.v. ladle sb. OED. KEY: ladel@n
ladel n 2 ladel 2

laden v. "load, cover," s.v. lade v. OED. KEY: laden@v
laden v 1 lade 1

ladie n. "lady, gentlewoman; woman; mistress, beloved," s.v. lady sb. OED. KEY: ladie@n
ladie n 361 ladi 10 ladies 7 lady 312 ladyes 25 ladys 7

ladishipe n. "ladyship, state of being a lady," s.v. ladyship sb. OED. KEY: ladishipe@n
ladishipe n 1 ladishippe 1

lai n.(2) "lay, lyric poem, song," s.v. lay sb.\4 OED. KEY: lai@n2
lai n2 13 lay 8 layes 5

lainere n. "thong, strap," s.v. lainer OED. KEY: lainere@n
lainere n 1 layneres 1

Laius n. "Laius, king of Thebes," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: laius@n#propn
laius n#propn 1 layus 1

lak n. "lack; fault, offense; blame," s.v. lack sb.\1 OED. KEY: lak@n
lak n 26 lak 23 lakke 3

lake n.(1) "lake, pond," s.v. lake sb.\4 OED. KEY: lake@n1
lake n1 3 lake 3

lake n.(2) "fine linen," s.v. lake sb.\5 OED. KEY: lake@n2
lake n2 1 lake 1

lakken v. "lack, be lacking; find fault, disparage," s.v. lack v.\1 OED. KEY: lakken@v
lakken v 41 lakke 4 lakked 9 lakkede 1 lakken 5 lakketh 18 lakkid 1 lakkide 2 lakkynge 1

lakkinge ger. "holding back, stint," s.v. lacking vbl. sb. OED. KEY: lakkinge@ger
lakkinge ger 1 lakking 1

lambish adj. "lamb-like, meek," s.v. lambish a. OED. KEY: lambish@adj
lambish adj 1 lambish 1

lame adj. "lame, defective," s.v. lame a. OED. KEY: lame@adj
lame adj 2 lame 2

Lamedon n. "Laomedon, father of Priam," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lamedon@n#propn
lamedon n#propn 2 lameadoun 1 lamedon 1

Lamek n. "Lamech (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lamek@n#propn
lamek n#propn 4 lamek 1 lamekes 1 lameth 2

lamentacioun n. "lamentation," s.v. lamentation OED. KEY: lamentacioun@n
lamentacioun n 4 lamentacion 1 lamentacioun 3

Lamuel n. "Lemuel (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lamuel@n#propn
lamuel n#propn 2 lamuel 2

lane n. "lane," s.v. lane sb. OED. KEY: lane@n
lane n 1 lanes 1

langage n. "language," s.v. language sb.\1 OED. KEY: langage@n
langage n 15 langage 12 langages 3

langour n. "suffering, sickness," s.v. languor sb. OED. KEY: langour@n
langour n 12 langour 12

languishen v. "languish, pine; suffer, grow weak," s.v. languish v. OED. KEY: languishen@v
languishen v 10 languisshe 2 languisshing 1 languyssest 1 languysshyng 1 langwisse 1 langwissheth 2 langwisshinge 1 langwisshyng 1

languishinge ger. "languishing; weakness, suffering," s.v. languishing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: languishinge@ger
languishinge ger 5 languisshyng 1 langwisshinge 1 langwissynge 3

lanterne n. "lantern," s.v. lantern OED. KEY: lanterne@n
lanterne n 4 lanterne 4

Laodomia n. "Laodomia, wife of Protesilaus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: laodomia@n#propn
laodomia n#propn 3 ladomya 1 laodomya 1 laudomia 1

Lapidarie n. "Lapidary, a treatise on precious stones," proper n. (literary work). KEY: lapidarie@n#propn
lapidarie n#propn 1 lapidaire 1

lappe n. "lap, loose part of a garment, hem; fold of a garment or sleeve used as a pocket," s.v. lap sb.\1 OED. KEY: lappe@n
lappe n 11 lappe 11

lappen v. "enfold," s.v. lap v.\2 OED. KEY: lappen@v
lappen v 1 lappeth 1

lap-winke n. "lapwing, the bird," s.v. lapwing OED. KEY: lap-winke@n
lap-winke n 1 lapwynge 1

large adj. "large, ample, extensive; generous; free-spending, lavish," s.v. large a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: large@adj
large adj 73 large 70 largere 2 largest 1

large adv. "largely, broadly; (with prime) fully; generously," s.v. large a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: large@adv
large adv 3 large 3

large n. "(at) large, free," s.v. large a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: large@n
large n 6 large 6

largelie adv. "largely, in a broad sense; fully; freely, generously," s.v. largely adv. OED. KEY: largelie@adv
largelie adv 6 largely 6

largenesse n. "generosity," s.v. largeness OED. KEY: largenesse@n
largenesse n 1 largenesse 1

largesse n. "generosity, generous gift (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. largess, largesse OED. KEY: largesse@n#propn largesse@n
largesse n 12 larges 2 largesse 10
largesse n#propn 5 largesse 5

larke n. "skylark," s.v. lark sb.\1 OED. KEY: larke@n
larke n 9 lark 1 larke 7 laverokkes 1

las interj. "alas," s.v. las int. OED, las interj. Suppl. MED. KEY: las@interj
las interj 1 las 1

las n. "cord, strap; snare," s.v. lace sb. OED. KEY: las@n
las n 8 laas 4 las 4

lasen v. "(ppl.) laced," s.v. lace v. OED. KEY: lasen@v
lasen v 1 laced 1

laser n.(1) "leper, diseased person; (as proper n.) Lazarus, the poor man in the parable (in the Bible)," s.v. lazar sb. and a. OED. KEY: laser@n1#propn laser@n1
laser n1 2 lazar 1 lazars 1
laser n1#propn 1 lazar 1

lashe n. "lash, end of a whip; blow from a whip," s.v. lash sb.\1 OED. KEY: lashe@n
lashe n 2 lashe 1 lasshe 1

lasinge ger. "lacing, fastening," s.v. lacing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: lasinge@ger
lasinge ger 1 lacynge 1

last n.(2) "large measure," s.v. last sb.\2 OED. KEY: last@n2
last n2 1 last 1

laste adj. sup. "last, final; farthest; (as n.) last, end; final day," s.v. last a., adv., and sb.\6 OED. KEY: laste@adj#n laste@adj
laste adj 34 last 4 laste 30
laste adj#n 131 last 6 laste 125

laste adv. sup. "last, the last time; farthest (from the place of honor)," s.v. last a., adv., and sb.\6 OED. KEY: laste@adv
laste adv 6 last 6

lasten v.(1) "last, endure; continue," s.v. last v.\1 OED. KEY: lasten@v1
lasten v1 58 last 4 laste 29 lasted 1 lasten 9 lasteth 13 lastynge 2

lastinge ger.(1) "lasting, continuance," s.v. lasting vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: lastinge@ger1
lastinge ger1 1 lastynge 1

lastinge ppl. adj. "lasting, continuing," s.v. lasting ppl. a. and adj. OED. KEY: lastinge@prp#adj
lastinge prp#adj 2 lastynge 2

lastinge prep. "during, for the duration of"; not in OED. KEY: lastinge@prep
lastinge prep 1 lastynge 1

late adj. "late," s.v. late a.\1 (sb.\2) OED. KEY: late@adj
late adj 4 late 4

late adv. "late, lately," s.v. late adv. OED. KEY: late@adv
late adv 17 late 17

latere adj. comp. "later," s.v. later a. and adv. OED. KEY: latere@adj
latere adj 6 latter 3 lattere 2 lattre 1

latere adv. comp. "later," s.v. later a. and adv. OED. KEY: latere@adv
latere adv 1 latter 1

late-rede adj. "sluggish, dilatory," s.v. latrede a. OED. KEY: late-rede@adj
late-rede adj 1 laterede 1

lathe n.(1) "barn," s.v. lathe sb.\2 OED. KEY: lathe@n1
lathe n1 2 lathe 2

Latin adj. "Latin," s.v. Latin a. and sb. OED. KEY: latin@adj
latin adj 4 latyn 4

Latin n. "Latin," s.v. Latin a. and sb. OED. KEY: latin@n
latin n 15 latyn 15

Latine n. "Latinus, king of Latium," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: latine@n#propn
latine n#propn 1 latyne 1

latitude n. "(astro.) latitude," s.v. latitude OED. KEY: latitude@n
latitude n 62 latitude 57 latitudes 5

Latona n. "Latona, the Moon," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: latona@n#propn
latona n#propn 1 latona 1

latoun n. & adj. "(as n.) brass-like alloy," s.v. latten OED. KEY: latoun@n
latoun n 5 laton 1 latoun 4

Latumius n. "Latumius (unidentified)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: latumius@n#propn
latumius n#propn 1 latumyus 1

laude n.(1) "laud, praise; (pl.) early morning church service; (as proper n.) Laude, a horn in HF," s.v. laud sb.\1 OED. KEY: laude@n1 laude@n1#propn
laude n1 10 laude 7 laudes 2 lawde 1
laude n1#propn 2 laude 2

laue n. "law, rule; religion; justice," s.v. law sb.\1 OED. KEY: laue@n
laue n 99 law 1 lawe 86 lawes 12

laueful adj. "lawful," s.v. lawful a. OED. KEY: laueful@adj
laueful adj 3 laweful 3

lauefulli adv. "lawfully," s.v. lawfully adv. OED. KEY: lauefulli@adv
lauefulli adv 3 lawefulliche 1 lawefully 2

laughen v. "laugh," s.v. laugh v. OED. KEY: laughen@v
laughen v 57 laugh 1 laughe 17 laugheden 1 laughen 9 laugheth 6 laughynge 2 lawghe 1 lawghed 1 leygheth 1 lough 17 loughe 1

laughinge ger. "laughing," s.v. laughing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: laughinge@ger
laughinge ger 1 lawghynge 1

laughter n.(1) "laughter," s.v. laughter OED. KEY: laughter@n1
laughter n1 4 laughter 3 laughtre 1

laumpe n. "lamp," s.v. lamp sb.\1 OED. KEY: laumpe@n
laumpe n 3 lampe 1 lampes 1 laumpes 1

launcegai n. "light lance," s.v. lancegay OED. KEY: launcegai@n
launcegai n 2 launcegay 2

Launcelot n. "Lancelot du Lac, hero of romance," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: launcelot@n#propn
launcelot n#propn 2 launcelot 2

launcen v. "buck, rear up," s.v. lance v. OED. KEY: launcen@v
launcen v 1 launce 1

launchen v. "thrust," s.v. launch v. OED. KEY: launchen@v
launchen v 1 launcheth 1

launde n. "glade, clearing," s.v. laund OED. KEY: launde@n
launde n 3 launde 3

laure n. "laurel," s.v. laure OED. KEY: laure@n
laure n 1 laure 1

laureate adj. "laureate, crowned with laurel," s.v. laureate v.OED. KEY: laureate@adj
laureate adj 2 lauriat 2

laurel n. "laurel," s.v. laureol OED. KEY: laurel@n
laurel n 1 lawriol 1

laurer n. "laurel," s.v. laurer sb.\1 OED. KEY: laurer@n
laurer n 13 laurer 11 lorer 1 loreres 1

laurer-crowned adj. "crowned with laurel"; not in OED, s.v. laurer n. MED. KEY: laurer-crowned@adj
laurer-crowned adj 2 laurer-corouned 1 laurer-crowned 1

laven v. "wash; resolve (a question)," s.v. lave v.\1 OED. KEY: laven@v
laven v 2 laven 1 lavyd 1

lavendere n.(1) "laundress," s.v. lavender sb.\1 OED. KEY: lavendere@n1
lavendere n1 1 lavendere 1

Lavine n.(1) "Lavinia, wife of Aeneas," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lavine@n1#propn
lavine n1#propn 4 lavina 1 lavyne 3

Lavine n.(2) "Lavinium, a city of Latium," place name; not in MED. KEY: lavine@n2#propn
lavine n2#propn 1 lavyne 1

lavour n. "water jug," s.v. laver sb.(2) sb. OED. KEY: lavour@n
lavour n 1 lavours 1

laxatif n. "laxative," s.v. laxative a. and sb. OED. KEY: laxatif@n
laxatif n 4 laxatif 1 laxatyf 1 laxatyves 2

Lazarus n. "Lazarus, brother of Mary and Martha (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lazarus@n#propn
lazarus n#propn 1 lazarus 1

le Fr. art. "the." KEY: le@fr_art
le fr_art 1 le 1

Leandre n. "Leander of Abydos, lover of Hero," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: leandre@n#propn
leandre n#propn 1 leandre 1

leche n.(3) "physician," s.v. leech sb.\1 OED. KEY: leche@n3
leche n3 19 leche 16 leches 3

leche-craft n. "medical science," s.v. leechcraft OED. KEY: leche-craft@n
leche-craft n 2 lechecraft 2

lechere n. "physician," s.v. leecher OED. KEY: lechere@n
lechere n 1 lechere 1

lecherie n. "lechery," s.v. lechery OED. KEY: lecherie@n
lecherie n 35 leccherie 12 leccherye 2 lecherie 14 lecherye 7

lecherous adj. "lecherous," s.v. lecherous a. OED. KEY: lecherous@adj
lecherous adj 4 leccherous 1 lecherous 2 lecherus 1

lechour n. "lecher," s.v. lecher sb. OED. KEY: lechour@n
lechour n 9 lecchour 4 lecchours 3 lechour 2

led n. "lead; cauldron," s.v. lead sb.\1 OED. KEY: led@n
led n 8 led 5 leed 3

leden adj. "leaden," s.v. leaden a. OED. KEY: leden@adj
leden adj 1 leden 1

leden n. "language," s.v. leden OED. KEY: leden@n
leden n 3 leden 1 ledene 2

leden v.(1) "lead, conduct; bring, take; govern, control," s.v. lead v.\1 OED. KEY: leden@v1
leden v1 133 lad 20 ladde 22 ladden 1 led 5 ledde 8 ledden 2 lede 40 leden 16 ledest 3 ledeth 11 ledist 1 ledith 2 let 2

ledere n.(1) "leader," s.v. leader\1 OED. KEY: ledere@n1
ledere n1 4 ledere 4

lef adj. & adv. "(as adj.) beloved, dear; (with ben or han) be willing, prefer," s.v. lief a. (sb.), and adv. OED. KEY: lef@adj
lef adj 125 leef 11 leeve 22 lef 1 leve 11 lever 5 levere 50 levest 3 lief 22

lef n.(1) "leaf of a plant; page," s.v. leaf sb. OED. KEY: lef@n1
lef n1 44 leef 12 leeves 3 lef 5 leves 24

lef n.(2) "beloved, dear one," s.v. lief a., (sb.) and adv. OED. KEY: lef@n2
lef n2 18 leef 7 leeve 1 lef 2 lief 8

lefful adj.(2) "permissible, lawful," s.v. leeful a. OED. KEY: lefful@adj2
lefful adj2 25 leefful 2 lefull 1 leveful 22

lefsel n. "bower of leaves," s.v. levesel OED, lef n.(1) MED. KEY: lefsel@n
lefsel n 2 leefsel 1 levesel 1

leg n. "leg," s.v. leg sb. OED. KEY: leg@n
leg n 9 leg 3 legges 6

lege adj. "liege, sovereign; liege, feudal inferior," s.v. liege a. and sb. OED. KEY: lege@adj
lege adj 5 lige 5

lege n.(2) "liege, subject," s.v. liege a. and sb. OED. KEY: lege@n2
lege n2 4 liges 4

legende n. "saint's life, biography; collection of saints' lives," s.v. legend sb. OED. KEY: legende@n
legende n 16 legende 14 legendes 2

legioun n. "Roman legion," s.v. legion OED. KEY: legioun@n
legioun n 1 legions 1

lei n. "religious law, faith," s.v. lay sb.\3 OED. KEY: lei@n
lei n 6 lay 6

leien v.(1) "lay, place; wager," s.v. lay v.\1 OED. KEY: leien@v1
leien v1 130 lay 1 layd 3 layde 1 laye 3 layth 1 legge 1 leggen 1 leid 3 leide 5 leith 4 ley 18 leyd 13 leyde 44 leyden 1 leye 29 leyn 2

leien v.(2) "blaze"; not in OED. KEY: leien@v2
leien v2 1 lye 1

leiser n. "leisure, time; opportunity," s.v. leisure OED. KEY: leiser@n
leiser n 30 laiser 1 layser 1 leiser 3 leyser 25

leit n.(1) "flame," s.v. lait sb.\1 OED. KEY: leit@n1
leit n1 1 leyt 1

lek n. "leek," s.v. leek OED. KEY: lek@n
lek n 7 leek 5 lek 1 lekes 1

lemman n. "beloved, lover," s.v. leman OED. KEY: lemman@n
lemman n 24 leman 1 lemman 21 lemmanes 1 lemmans 1

Lemnon n. "Lemnos, an island in the Aegean," place name; not in MED. KEY: lemnon@n#propn
lemnon n#propn 1 lemnon 1

lende n. "(pl.) loins, buttocks," s.v. lend sb.\1 OED. KEY: lende@n
lende n 2 lendes 2

lene adj.(1) "lean, thin," s.v. lean a. and sb.\2 OED. KEY: lene@adj1
lene adj1 15 leene 3 lene 12

lenen v.(1) "lean, incline," s.v. lean v.\1 OED. KEY: lenen@v1
lenen v1 4 lene 1 lente 1 lenynge 2

lenen v.(3) "lend; give, grant," s.v. lend v.\2 OED. KEY: lenen@v3
lenen v3 20 leene 1 lene 11 leneth 1 lent 1 lente 4 lenyth 1 ylent 1

lenenesse n. "leanness, thinness," s.v. leanness OED. KEY: lenenesse@n
lenenesse n 1 lenesse 1

lengere adj. comp. "longer," s.v. lenger a. and adv. OED. KEY: lengere@adj
lengere adj 24 lenger 22 lengere 2

lengere adv. comp. "longer," s.v. lenger a. and adv. OED. KEY: lengere@adv
lengere adv 88 lenger 80 lengere 8

lengest adj. sup. "longest," s.v. lengest a. and adv. OED. KEY: lengest@adj
lengest adj 1 lengest 1

lengest adv. sup. "longest," s.v. lengest a. and adv. OED. KEY: lengest@adv
lengest adv 1 lengest 1

lengthe n. "length; height," s.v. length sb. OED. KEY: lengthe@n
lengthe n 31 length 2 lengthe 29

lengthinge ger. "extension," s.v. lengthing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: lengthinge@ger
lengthinge ger 1 lengthing 1

Lenne n. "(Nicholas of) Lynn, an astronomer," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lenne@n#propn
lenne n#propn 1 lenne 1

Lenten n. "Lent," s.v. Lent sb.\1 OED. KEY: lenten@n
lenten n 4 lente 4

Leonard n. "Saint Leonard de Nolac," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: leonard@n#propn
leonard n#propn 1 leonard 1

leonine adj. "leonine," s.v. leonine a.\1 OED. KEY: leonine@adj
leonine adj 1 leonyn 1

leopard n. "leopard," s.v. leopard OED. KEY: leopard@n
leopard n 3 leopardes 1 leopart 1 lybardes 1

leos Greek n. "people." KEY: leos@greek_n
leos greek_n 2 leos 2

Lepe n. "Lepe, a wine-growing town in Spain," place name; not in MED. KEY: lepe@n#propn
lepe n#propn 2 lepe 2

lepen v. "leap; rush," s.v. leap v. OED. KEY: lepen@v
lepen v 20 leep 4 lep 1 lepe 9 lepte 1 lepyng 1 lepynge 4

leren v. "learn; teach; (ppl. adj.) learned, (ppl. adj. as n.) learned person," s.v. lere v. OED, lered ppl. a. OED. KEY: leren@v leren@v#adj leren@v#adj%ppl_n
leren v#adj 3 lered 3
leren v 33 leere 19 lere 12 lered 2

lernen v. "learn; teach; (ppl. adj.) learned," s.v. learn OED, learned ppl. a. OED. KEY: lernen@v#adj lernen@v
lernen v#adj 4 lerned 4
lernen v 63 leerned 2 leerneth 1 lerne 33 lerned 18 lernedest 1 lernen 3 lerneth 1 lernyd 2 lernynge 2

lerninge ger. "learning, erudition," s.v. learning vbl. sb. OED. KEY: lerninge@ger
lerninge ger 5 lernyng 2 lernynge 3

lese adj. "lying, untrue," s.v. lease a. and sb.\2 OED. KEY: lese@adj
lese adj 1 lees 1

lese n.(1) "pasture," s.v. lease sb.\1 OED. KEY: lese@n1
lese n1 2 leese 1 lese 1

lese n.(2) "lying, falsehood," s.v. lease a. and sb.\2 OED. KEY: lese@n2
lese n2 5 lees 1 les 4

lesen v.(4) "lose," s.;v. leese v.\1 OED. KEY: lesen@v4
lesen v4 115 ilorne 1 leese 5 leesen 3 leeseth 3 les 2 lese 40 lesen 8 leseth 9 lesith 2 lore 3 loren 1 lorn 34 lorne 1 yloren 1 ylorn 2

lesinge ger.(2) "lying (also as proper n., personified); lie"; not in OED. KEY: lesinge@ger2 lesinge@ger2#propn
lesinge ger2 24 lesinges 2 lesyng 3 lesynge 10 lesynges 9
lesinge ger2#propn 1 lesynges 1

lesinge ger.(3) "losing, loss," s.v. leesing vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: lesinge@ger3
lesinge ger3 5 lesyng 1 lesynge 4

lesse adj. comp. "less," s.v. less a., (sb.), adv., and conj. OED. KEY: lesse@adj
lesse adj 46 lasse 29 lesse 17

lesse adv. "less," s.v. less a., (sb.), adv., and conj. OED. KEY: lesse@adv
lesse adv 43 lasse 36 lesse 7

lesse n.(1) "leash; snare," s.v. leash sb. OED. KEY: lesse@n1
lesse n1 3 lees 2 les 1

lesse n.(2) "less," s.v. less a., (sb.), adv., and conj. OED. KEY: lesse@n2
lesse n2 16 lasse 4 lesse 12

lessen v. "lessen," s.v. lessen v. OED. KEY: lessen@v
lessen v 1 lessen 1

lessoun n. "lesson; reading from the Bible," s.v. lesson sb. OED. KEY: lessoun@n
lessoun n 7 lesson 1 lessoun 6

leste adj.(1) "least; (as n.) lowest in rank, (with atte) at least, in any case," s.v. least a., (sb.,) and adv. OED. KEY: leste@adj1 leste@adj1#n
leste adj1 23 leest 3 leeste 13 leste 7
leste adj1#n 37 leest 2 leeste 23 lest 1 leste 11

leste adv. "least," s.v. least a., (sb.,) and adv. OED. KEY: leste@adv
leste adv 8 leest 6 leeste 1 lest 1

leste conj. "lest," s.v. lest conj. OED. KEY: leste@conj
leste conj 69 lest 68 list 1

Lete n. "Lethe, a river in the Underworld," place name; not in MED. KEY: lete@n#propn
lete n#propn 1 lete 1

leten v. "(with inf.) let; grant, allow; give up, surrender; leave; consider," s.v. let v.\1 OED. KEY: leten@v
leten v 472 lat 289 late 6 laten 5 leet 40 leete 2 leeten 2 let 48 lete 66 leten 11 leteth 1 letyng 1 yleten 1

lether n. "leather," s.v. leather sb. OED. KEY: lether@n
lether n 1 lether 1

lette n. "delay, interruption," s.v. let sb.\1 OED. KEY: lette@n
lette n 7 lette 7

lette-game n. "spoilsport," s.v. let-game OED. KEY: lette-game@n
lette-game n 1 lette-game 1

letten v. "hinder, delay; prevent; stop, desist," s.v. let v.\2 OED. KEY: letten@v
letten v 50 let 7 leteth 2 lette 26 letted 3 letten 6 lettest 3 letteth 2 ylet 1

Lettow n. "Lithuania," place name; not in MED. KEY: lettow@n#propn
lettow n#propn 1 lettow 1

lettre n. "letter," s.v. letter sb.\1 OED. KEY: lettre@n
lettre n 107 letre 1 letter 9 letters 2 lettre 66 lettres 29

lettrure n. "book learning," s.v. lettrure OED. KEY: lettrure@n
lettrure n 3 letterure 2 lettrure 1

letuarie n. "medicine," s.v. lectuary OED. KEY: letuarie@n
letuarie n 4 letuarie 3 letuaries 1

leued adj. "ignorant, crude; uneducated; lay (not clerical)," s.v. lewd a. OED; some entries s.v. leued man n. MED. KEY: leued@adj
leued adj 31 lewd 1 lewed 29 lewedeste 1

leuedli adv. "ignorantly, crudely; simply," s.v. lewdly adv. OED. KEY: leuedli@adv
leuedli adv 4 lewedly 4

leuednesse n. "ignorance; crudity," s.v. lewdness OED. KEY: leuednesse@n
leuednesse n 5 lewednesse 5

leve n.(2) "leave, permission," s.v. leave sb. OED. KEY: leve@n2
leve n2 88 leeve 3 leve 85

level n. "level (instrument for determining levelness)," s.v. level sb. OED. KEY: level@n
level n 1 level 1

leven n. "lightning," s.v. levin sb. OED. KEY: leven@n
leven n 1 levene 1

leven v.(1) "leave, depart; quit, desist from; abandon; (math.) remain (after subtraction)," s.v. leave v.\1 OED. KEY: leven@v1
leven v1 95 laft 12 lafte 8 laften 1 leef 2 lef 4 left 22 lefte 17 leften 1 leve 18 leven 1 leveth 8 levith 1

leven v.(3) "grant, allow," s.v. leve v.\1 OED. KEY: leven@v3
leven v3 9 leve 9

leven v.(4) "believe, trust," s.v. leve v.\2 OED. KEY: leven@v4
leven v4 37 leeve 3 leevestow 1 leeveth 3 leve 26 leven 2 leveth 2

Lia n. "Leah (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lia@n#propn
lia n#propn 2 lia 2

liard adj. & n. "(as adj.) spotted with white or grey," s.v. lyard, lyart a. and sb. OED. KEY: liard@adj
liard adj 1 lyard 1

libelle n. "formal statement of charges," s.v. libel sb. OED. KEY: libelle@n
libelle n 1 libel 1

liberal adj. "generous, noble," s.v. liberal a. and sb. OED. KEY: liberal@adj
liberal adj 2 liberal 2

liberte n. "liberty, freedom; privilege," s.v. liberty sb. OED. KEY: liberte@n
liberte n 25 liberte 15 libertee 10

Libeux n. "Libeaus Desconus, a hero of romance," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: libeux@n#propn
libeux n#propn 1 lybeux 1

Libie n. "Lybia," place name. KEY: libie@n#propn
libie n#propn 5 libie 3 libye 1 lybye 1

Libra n. "Libra, the zodiacal sign," s.v. Libra OED. KEY: libra@n
libra n 17 libra 17

librarie n. "library," s.v. library\1 OED. KEY: librarie@n
librarie n 2 librarye 2

libro Lat. n. "book." KEY: libro@lat_n
libro lat_n 1 libro 1

licence n. "license, official permission; freedom of action," s.v. licence sb. OED. KEY: licence@n
licence n 9 licence 9

licenciate adj. "licensed," s.v. licentiate pa. pple. (and a.) OED. KEY: licenciate@adj
licenciate adj 1 licenciat 1

liche-wake n. "funeral wake," s.v. lyke-wake, lykewake OED, lich n. MED. KEY: liche-wake@n
liche-wake n 1 lyche-wake 1

licoris n. "licorice," s.v. liquorice, licorice OED. KEY: licoris@n
licoris n 5 lycorice 1 lycorys 4

licour n. "liquid, liquor," s.v. liquor sb. OED. KEY: licour@n
licour n 3 licour 3

Lide n. "Lydia, ancient kingdom (in modern Turkey)," place name; not in MED. KEY: lide@n#propn
lide n#propn 3 lyde 3

Lidiens n. (pl.) "Lydians, people of Lydia," s.v. Lydian a. and sb. OED; not in MED. KEY: lidiens@n
lidiens n 1 lydyens 1

lie n.(1) "lie, falsehood," s.v. lie sb.\1 OED. KEY: lie@n1
lie n1 13 lye 10 lyes 3

lie n.(2) "lees, sediment of wine," s.v. lee sb.\2 OED. KEY: lie@n2
lie n2 2 lyes 2

lien v.(1) "lie, recline; remain," s.v. lie v.\1 OED. KEY: lien@v1
lien v1 254 lay 116 laye 3 layen 3 ley 4 leye 1 leyn 6 lien 1 lieth 1 ligge 3 liggen 7 liggeth 2 ligginge 1 liggyng 2 liggynge 2 list 2 listow 2 lith 43 ly 2 lye 24 lyen 1 lyeth 7 lyinge 1 lyth 19 yleyn 1

lien v.(2) "lie, speak falsely," s.v. lie v.\2 OED. KEY: lien@v2
lien v2 65 leigh 1 lie 2 lieden 1 lien 1 lieth 3 lixt 2 lye 44 lyed 1 lyen 7 lyest 1 lyeth 2

liere n.(1) "liar," s.v. liar OED. KEY: liere@n1
liere n1 4 liere 1 lyere 2 lyeres 1

lif n. "life," s.v. life sb. OED. KEY: lif@n
lif n 460 lif 127 liif 1 lives 2 lyf 248 lyve 41 lyves 41

lifli adj. "lively," s.v. lively a. OED. KEY: lifli@adj
lifli adj 2 lifly 2

lifli adv. "in a lively manner; vividly, brightly," s.v. lively adv. OED. KEY: lifli@adv
lifli adv 2 lifly 1 lyvely 1

lif-lode n. "livelihood, sustenance," s.v. livelihood\1 OED. KEY: lif-lode@n
lif-lode n 1 liflode 1

lift adj. "left (hand, side)," s.v. left a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: lift@adj
lift adj 11 left 7 lift 3 lyft 1

liften v. "lift, raise," s.v. lift v. OED. KEY: liften@v
liften v 4 lifte 1 lifteth 1 lyften 2

liftinge ger. "lifting," s.v. lifting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: liftinge@ger
liftinge ger 1 liftyng 1

ligeaunce n. "allegiance," s.v. ligeance OED. KEY: ligeaunce@n
ligeaunce n 1 ligeance 1

light adj.(1) "light, bright, clear," s.v. light a.\2 OED. KEY: light@adj1
light adj1 3 light 1 lighte 1 lyghter 1

light adj.(2) "light in weight; nimble; easy; cheerful; frivolous; (as n.) quality of lightness in weight," s.v. light a.\1 OED. KEY: light@adj2 light@adj2#n
light adj2 50 light 18 lighte 8 lighter 1 lightere 1 lyght 14 lyghte 7 lyghtere 1
light adj2#n 1 lyght 1

light n. "light, illumination," s.v. light sb. OED. KEY: light@n
light n 78 light 44 lyght 33 lyghtes 1

lighte adv.(1) "brightly," s.v. light adv.\2 OED. KEY: lighte@adv1
lighte adv1 1 lyghte 1

lighte adv.(2) "lightly, easily; lightly clad," s.v. light adv.\1 OED. KEY: lighte@adv2
lighte adv2 5 light 3 lyghte 1 lyghter 1

lighten v.(1) "light, ignite (a candle, etc.); shine, illuminate; (ppl. adj.) ignited, lit," s.v. light v.\2 OED, lighted ppl. a. OED. KEY: lighten@v1 lighten@v1#adj
lighten v1#adj 1 lyghted 1
lighten v1 11 lighte 7 lighted 2 lighten 1 lyghte 1

lighten v.(2) "lighten, relieve; cheer; alight, dismount, descend," s.v. light v.\1 OED. KEY: lighten@v2
lighten v2 12 lighte 9 lyghte 3

lightles adj. "lightless, dark," s.v. lightless a. OED. KEY: lightles@adj
lightles adj 1 lightles 1

lightli adv. "lightly, with little weight; easily; readily, quickly; cheerfully, not seriously," s.v. lightly adv. OED. KEY: lightli@adv
lightli adv 57 lightly 46 lyghtly 11

lightnen v.(1) "lighten, illuminate," s.v. lighten v.\2 OED. KEY: lightnen@v1
lightnen v1 2 lightne 1 lightneth 1

lightnesse n.(1) "light, brightness," s.v. lightness\2 OED. KEY: lightnesse@n1
lightnesse n1 2 lightnesse 1 lyghtnesse 1

lightnesse n.(2) "lightness in weight; agility; frivolity," s.v. lightness\1 OED. KEY: lightnesse@n2
lightnesse n2 5 lightnesse 3 lyghtnesse 2

lightninge ger. "lightning bolt," s.v. lightning OED. KEY: lightninge@ger
lightninge ger 1 lightnynges 1

lightsom adj.(2) "merry," s.v. lightsome a.\1 OED. KEY: lightsom@adj2
lightsom adj2 1 lyghtsom 1

Ligurge n. "Lycurgus, king of Thrace," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: ligurge@n#propn
ligurge n#propn 3 ligurges 1 lygurge 2

liinge ger.(2) "lying, falsehood," s.v. lying vbl. sb.\2 OED. KEY: liinge@ger2
liinge ger2 1 liyng 1

lik adj. "like, similar; (as n.) the same thing," s.v. like a., adv., (conj.,) and sb.\2 OED. KEY: lik@adj lik@adj#n
lik adj 60 lik 9 like 8 likker 1 likkere 1 lyk 39 lyke 2
lik adj#n 1 lik 1

like adv. "(with as) like, as if; similarly," s.v. like a., adv., (conj.,) and sb.\2 OED. KEY: like@adv
like adv 3 lik 1 lyche 1 lyk 1

like conj. "like, as," s.v. like a., (conj.,) and sb.\2 OED. KEY: like@conj
like conj 1 lyk 1

like prep. "like, similar to," s.v. like adv. a., adv. (conj.,) and sb.\2 prep. OED. KEY: like@prep
like prep 124 liche 1 lik 27 like 4 lyche 4 lyk 84 lyke 4

liken v.(1) "like, take pleasure in; please, give pleasure (to someone)," s.v. like v.\1 OED. KEY: liken@v1
liken v1 132 like 18 liked 12 likede 3 liken 8 liketh 64 likide 2 likith 2 lyke 7 lyked 9 lykede 3 lyketh 4

likerous adj. "amorous, wanton, lascivious; gluttonous; pleasing," s.v. lickerous a. OED. KEY: likerous@adj
likerous adj 12 likerous 11 lykerous 1

likerousli adv. "amorously, lasciviously," s.v. lickerous a. OED. KEY: likerousli@adv
likerousli adv 1 likerously 1

likerousnesse n. "amorousness, lasciviousness; gluttony, greed," s.v. lickerousness OED. KEY: likerousnesse@n
likerousnesse n 6 likerousnesse 6

likinge ger.(1) "pleasure; desire," s.v. liking vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: likinge@ger1
likinge ger1 13 likyng 5 likynge 5 lykinge 1 lykyng 1 lykynges 1

likinge ppl. adj. "pleasing," s.v. liking ppl. a.\1 OED. KEY: likinge@prp#adj
likinge prp#adj 5 likyng 2 likynge 2 lykyng 1

likli adj. "likely, probable; suitable," s.v. likely a. and adv. OED. KEY: likli@adj
likli adj 8 likly 7 lykly 1

liklihode n. "likelihood, probability," s.v. likelihood OED. KEY: liklihode@n
liklihode n 2 liklihede 2

liklinesse n. "likelihood, probability," s.v. likeliness OED. KEY: liklinesse@n
liklinesse n 1 liklynesse 1

liknen v.(2) "liken, compare," s.v. liken OED. KEY: liknen@v2
liknen v2 16 likne 2 likned 10 liknest 2 likneth 1 lykne 1

liknesse n. "likeness, appearance, image; resemblance; analogy," s.v. likeness OED. KEY: liknesse@n
liknesse n 12 liknesse 9 lyknesse 2 lyknesses 1

lilie n. "lily, the flower (also as adj.; s.v. lilie-flour n. MED)," s.v. lily OED, lilyflower OED. KEY: lilie@n lilie@n#adj
lilie n#adj 5 lilie 1 lilye 1 lylye 3
lilie n 10 lilie 5 lilies 2 lilye 1 lylie 1 lylye 1

liltinge ger. "(as adj.) lilting," s.v. lilt v. OED, liltinge-horn n. MED. KEY: liltinge@ger#adj
liltinge ger#adj 1 liltyng 1

lim n.(1) "limb, bodily member," s.v. limb sb.\1 OED. KEY: lim@n1
lim n1 26 lemes 2 limes 1 lym 1 lymes 21 lymmes 1

lim n.(2) "lime, quicklime, mortar," s.v. lime sb.\1 OED. KEY: lim@n2
lim n2 5 lym 4 lyme 1

limaille n. "metal filings," s.v. limail, lemel OED. KEY: limaille@n
limaille n 6 lemaille 5 lymaille 1

limen v.(1) "smear with birdlime; ensnare," s.v. lime v.\1 OED. KEY: limen@v1
limen v1 2 lyme 1 ylymed 1

limer n. "hound for tracking," s.v. limer\1 OED. KEY: limer@n
limer n 2 lymere 1 lymeres 1

limitacioun n. "allotted district," s.v. limitation OED. KEY: limitacioun@n
limitacioun n 1 lymytacioun 1

limiten v. "assign (a date)," s.v. limit v. OED. KEY: limiten@v
limiten v 1 lymyte 1

limitour n. "friar assigned to a district," s.v. limiter OED. KEY: limitour@n
limitour n 7 lymytour 6 lymytours 1

Limote n. "Elmyas the sorcerer (in the Bible) (probably)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: limote@n#propn
limote n#propn 1 limote 1

limrod n. "stick smeared with birdlime," s.v. lime-rod OED, lim n.(2) MED. KEY: limrod@n
limrod n 1 lymrod 1

linage n. "lineage, family; nobility of birth," s.v. lineage OED. KEY: linage@n
linage n 25 lynage 25

Lincoln n. "Lincoln, the city," place name; not in MED. KEY: lincoln@n#propn
lincoln n#propn 1 lyncoln 1

linde n. "linden, the tree," s.v. lind OED. KEY: linde@n
linde n 3 lynde 2 lyndes 1

line n.(1) "line, lineage; cord, rope; plumb line; straight line," s.v. line sb.\2 OED. KEY: line@n1
line n1 121 ligne 3 line 1 lyne 116 lynes 1

linen v.(1) "(ppl.) lined, with inner surface covered," s.v. line v.\1 OED. KEY: linen@v1
linen v1 1 lyned 1

line-right n., adj., adv. "(as adj. and adv.) straight," s.v. line-right OED. KEY: line-right@adj line-right@adv
line-right adj 1 lyne-right 1
line-right adv 2 lyne-right 2

Linian n. "Giovanni da Lignano," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: linian@n#propn
linian n#propn 1 lynyan 1

Lino n. "Lynceus, husband of Hypermnestra," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lino@n#propn
lino n#propn 6 lyno 6

linx n. "lynx," s.v. lynx OED. KEY: linx@n
linx n 1 lynx 1

lioun n.(1) "lion; (astro.) the zodiacal sign of Leo," s.v. lion sb. OED. KEY: lioun@n1
lioun n1 54 leo 3 leon 16 leoun 19 leouns 1 lyoun 12 lyouns 3

liounesse n. "lioness," s.v. lioness OED. KEY: liounesse@n
liounesse n 4 leonesse 1 lyonesse 3

lippe n.(1) "lip," s.v. lip sb. OED. KEY: lippe@n1
lippe n1 7 lippe 1 lippes 5 lyppes 1

lire n.(2) "flesh," s.v. lire sb.\1 OED. KEY: lire@n2
lire n2 1 leere 1

lisse n. "relief, remission; joy," s.v. liss OED. KEY: lisse@n
lisse n 4 lisse 3 lysse 1

lissen v. "relieve, mitigate," s.v. lisse v. OED. KEY: lissen@v
lissen v 5 lisse 1 lissed 1 lissen 1 lysse 1 ylissed 1

list n.(1) "ear," s.v. list sb.\1 OED. KEY: list@n1
list n1 1 lyst 1

list n.(2) "desire; pleasure," s.v. list sb.\4 OED. KEY: list@n2
list n2 10 lest 7 lestes 1 list 2

liste n.(2) "(pl.) lists, tournament field," s.v. list sb.\3 OED. KEY: liste@n2
liste n2 15 lystes 15

listen v.(1) "(impersonal) be pleasing, desirous to; (personal) wish, want, be pleased," s.v. list v.\1 OED. KEY: listen@v1
listen v1 337 lest 25 leste 80 lesteth 2 list 126 liste 63 listen 3 listeth 6 lyst 21 lyste 10 lysten 1

listen v.(2) "listen," s.v. list v.\2 OED. KEY: listen@v2
listen v2 2 listeth 2

litarge n. "litharge, lead monoxide," s.v. litharge OED. KEY: litarge@n
litarge n 2 litarge 1 lytarge 1

litargie n. "lethargy," s.v. lethargy sb. OED. KEY: litargie@n
litargie n 2 litargie 1 litargye 1

lite adj.(1) "little; humble," s.v. lite sb.\1, a., and adv. OED. KEY: lite@adj1
lite adj1 39 lite 19 lyte 20

lite adv. "little, not much," s.v. lite sb.\1, a., and adv. OED. KEY: lite@adv
lite adv 9 lite 5 lyte 4

lite n.(3) "little, little while, little bit," s.v. lite sb.\1, a., and adv. OED. KEY: lite@n3
lite n3 34 lite 26 lyte 8

litel adj. "little," s.v. little a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: litel@adj
litel adj 183 litel 155 litele 1 litil 9 litle 2 lytel 15 lytil 1

litel adv. "little, not much," s.v. little adv. a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: litel@adv
litel adv 72 litel 55 litil 10 lytel 6 lytil 1

litel n. "little, not much," s.v. little a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: litel@n
litel n 24 litel 15 litil 6 lytel 3

litelwhat n. "somewhat," s.v. littlewhat OED, litel what phr. MED. KEY: litel_what@n
litel_what n 1 litelwhat 1

litestere n. "dyer (of cloth)," s.v. litster OED. KEY: litestere@n
litestere n 1 litestere 1

lith n.(1) "limb, bodily member," s.v. lith sb.\1 OED. KEY: lith@n1
lith n1 2 lith 1 lyth 1

lithe adj. "easy, soft," s.v. lithe a. OED. KEY: lithe@adj
lithe adj 1 lythe 1

lithen v.(2) "ease, mitigate," s.v. lithe v.\2 OED. KEY: lithen@v2
lithen v2 1 lithe 1

litherli adv. "poorly," s.v. litherly adv. OED. KEY: litherli@adv
litherli adv 1 litherly 1

liven v.(1) "live, exist," s.v. live v.\1 OED. KEY: liven@v1
liven v1 215 ilyved 1 levede 1 live 5 livede 1 liven 3 livyng 1 livyth 1 lyve 96 lyved 18 lyvede 4 lyveden 1 lyven 46 lyvest 3 lyvestow 1 lyveth 26 lyvynge 7

livere n.(1) "liver, the organ," s.v. liver sb.\1 OED. KEY: livere@n1
livere n1 1 lyvere 1

livere n.(2) "liver, living creature," s.v. liver sb.\2 OED. KEY: livere@n2
livere n2 1 lyvere 1

livere n.(3) "livery, official costume," s.v. livery sb. OED. KEY: livere@n3
livere n3 1 lyveree 1

Livia n. "Livia Drusilla, lover of Sejanus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: livia@n#propn
livia n#propn 2 lyvia 2

livinge ger. "living, life; mode of life; sustenance," s.v. living vbl. sb. OED. KEY: livinge@ger
livinge ger 15 lyvyng 3 lyvynge 11 lyvynges 1

livinge ppl. adj. "living, alive," s.v. living ppl. a. OED. KEY: livinge@prp#adj
livinge prp#adj 3 livynge 1 lyvynge 2

Livius n. "Livy (Titus Livius), the Roman historian," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: livius@n#propn
livius n#propn 3 livius 1 lyvius 1 lyvyus 1

lo interj. "behold, lo," s.v. lo int. OED. KEY: lo@interj
lo interj 227 lo 175 loo 52

lode n. "load," s.v. load sb. OED. KEY: lode@n
lode n 1 lode 1

lode-sterre n. "the pole star," s.v. lodestar, loadstar OED. KEY: lode-sterre@n
lode-sterre n 3 lode-sterre 2 loode-sterre 1

lod-manage n. "pilotage, navigation," s.v. lodemenage OED. KEY: lod-manage@n
lod-manage n 1 lodemenage 1

lod-man n. "pilot," s.v. lodeman OED. KEY: lod-man@n
lod-man n 1 lodman 1

lof n.(2) "loaf (of bread)," s.v. loaf sb.\1 OED. KEY: lof@n2
lof n2 1 loves 1

lofsom adj. "lovely," s.v. lovesome a. OED. KEY: lofsom@adj
lofsom adj 2 lufsom 2

loft n. "upper room; high," s.v. loft sb. OED. KEY: loft@n
loft n 2 lofte 2

logge n.(2) "small building, chicken coop," s.v. lodge sb. OED. KEY: logge@n2
logge n2 1 logge 1

loggen v. "(ppl.) lodged," s.v. lodge v. OED. KEY: loggen@v
loggen v 3 logged 2 ylogged 1

logginge ger. "lodging," s.v. lodging vbl. sb. OED. KEY: logginge@ger
logginge ger 1 loggyng 1

logike n. "logic," s.v. logic sb. OED. KEY: logike@n
logike n 1 logyk 1

Loi n. "Saint Eligius," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: loi@n#propn
loi n#propn 2 loy 2

lok n.(1) "lock of hair," s.v. lock sb.\1 OED. KEY: lok@n1
lok n1 6 lokkes 6

lok n.(4) "look, looking," s.v. look sb. OED. KEY: lok@n4
lok n4 29 lok 8 look 21

loken v.(1) "lock, confine," s.v. lock v.\1 sb. OED. KEY: loken@v1
loken v1 2 loke 1 loken 1

loken v.(2) "look at, see; look, appear, seem; look for, search; consider, find out; see to, take care," s.v. look v. OED. KEY: loken@v2
loken v2 222 lok 1 loke 53 loked 12 lokede 1 lokeden 1 loken 21 loketh 20 lokid 2 lokide 2 lokith 4 lokynge 4 look 2 looke 50 looked 19 lookede 1 looken 6 lookest 1 looketh 16 lookid 1 lookith 2 lookyd 1 lookynge 2

lokinge ger. "look, gaze; appearance; astrological aspect," s.v. looking vbl. sb. OED. KEY: lokinge@ger
lokinge ger 41 loking 1 lokyng 12 lokynge 11 lookyng 6 lookynge 11

Lollere n. "Lollard," s.v. Loller\1 OED. KEY: lollere@n
lollere n 2 lollere 2

Lollius n. "Lollius, (fictitious) historian of the Trojan War," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lollius@n#propn
lollius n#propn 3 lollius 3

lomb n. "lamb," s.v. lamb sb. OED. KEY: lomb@n
lomb n 14 lamb 8 lambes 3 lomb 3

Lombard n. & adj. "(as n.) Lombard," s.v. Lombard sb.\1 and a. OED. KEY: lombard@n
lombard n 1 lumbardes 1

Lombardie n. "Lombardy, in northern Italy," place name. KEY: lombardie@n#propn
lombardie n#propn 7 lumbardye 7

lomb-skinnes n. (pl.) "lambskin," s.v. lambskin sb. OED, lomb n. MED. KEY: lomb-skinnes@n
lomb-skinnes n 1 lambe-skynnes 1

lond n. "land, earth; country, realm; property, farmland," s.v. land sb. OED. KEY: lond@n
lond n 95 land 22 landes 1 lond 58 londe 11 londes 3

London n. "London," place name. KEY: london@n#propn
london n#propn 7 london 1 londoun 6

lone n.(1) "loan; gift," s.v. loan sb.\1 OED. KEY: lone@n1
lone n1 2 loone 2

long adj.(1) "long, extensive; long-lasting," s.v. long a.\1 OED. KEY: long@adj1
long adj1 176 lange 1 long 66 longe 108 longest 1

long adj.(2) "on account (of), attributable to," s.v. long a.\2 OED. KEY: long@adj2
long adj2 2 long 2

longe adv. "long; for a long time," s.v. long adv. OED. KEY: longe@adv
longe adv 153 long 8 longe 144 longer 1

longe n. "lung," s.v. lung OED. KEY: longe@n
longe n 1 longes 1

longen v.(1) "long, yearn, desire," s.v. long v.\1 OED. KEY: longen@v1
longen v1 10 longe 4 longed 1 longen 2 longeth 3

longen v.(3) "belong, concern; befit, suit," s.v. long v.\2 OED. KEY: longen@v3
longen v3 25 longed 1 longen 5 longeth 15 longing 1 longynge 3

longinqua Lat. adj. "far removed." KEY: longinqua@lat_adj
longinqua lat_adj 1 longinqua 1

longitude n. "(astro.) longitude," s.v. longitude OED. KEY: longitude@n
longitude n 27 longitude 22 longitudes 5

Longius n. "Longinus, the centurion at the Crucifixion," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: longius@n#propn
longius n#propn 1 longius 1

Looth n. "Lot (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: looth@n#propn
looth n#propn 1 looth 1

loppe n.(1) "spider," s.v. lop sb.\1 OED. KEY: loppe@n1
loppe n1 2 loppe 2

lop-web n. "spider web," s.v. lop-web OED, loppe n.(1) MED. KEY: lop-web@n
lop-web n 1 lopweb 1

lord n. "lord (also as quasi-adj. as title; also as interj.)," s.v. lord sb. OED. KEY: lord@n lord@n#adj
lord n#adj 68 lord 68
lord n 423 lord 330 lordes 90 lordis 3

lorden v. "rule," s.v. lord v. OED. KEY: lorden@v
lorden v 1 lordeth 1

lordinge n. "lord, gentleman," s.v. lording sb. OED. KEY: lordinge@n
lordinge n 22 lordynges 22

lordli adv. "in a lordly manner," s.v. lordly a. and adv. OED. KEY: lordli@adv
lordli adv 1 lordly 1

lordshipe n. "lordship, authority, office of a lord; power, rule; patronage, protection," s.v. lordship sb. OED. KEY: lordshipe@n
lordshipe n 45 lord-shipes 1 lordschipe 5 lordschipes 2 lordship 2 lordshipe 26 lordshipes 9

lore n.(1) "loss," s.v. lore sb.\2 OED. KEY: lore@n1
lore n1 1 lore 1

lore n.(2) "lore, knowledge; teaching; advice," s.v. lore sb.\1 OED. KEY: lore@n2
lore n2 34 loore 24 lore 10

Lorein n. "Lorraine, in France," place name; not in MED. KEY: lorein@n#propn
lorein n#propn 2 loreyn 1 loreyne 1

lorel n. "scoundrel," s.v. lorel sb. and a. OED. KEY: lorel@n
lorel n 2 lorel 2

los adj. "loose, free, unrestrained," s.v. loose a. and adv. OED. KEY: los@adj
los adj 7 laus 2 lause 1 loos 3 lous 1

los n.(1) "loss; perdition," s.v. loss sb.\1 OED. KEY: los@n1
los n1 16 los 15 losse 1

los n.(2) "good reputation, fame, praise; infamy; news, rumor," s.v. lose sb.\1 OED. KEY: los@n2
los n2 19 loos 16 los 2 loses 1

losen v.(2) "lose, be deprived of," s.v. lose v.\1 OED, lost ppl. a. OED. KEY: losen@v2 losen@v2#adj
losen v2#adj 5 ilost 2 loste 1 ylost 2
losen v2 101 lost 78 loste 15 losten 4 ylost 4

losenge n. "lozenge, diamond-shaped ornament," s.v. lozenge sb. OED. KEY: losenge@n
losenge n 2 losenges 2

losenger n. "flatterer," s.v. losenger OED. KEY: losenger@n
losenger n 6 losengeour 2 losenger 1 losengeris 1 losengers 2

losengerie n. "flattery," s.v. losengery OED. KEY: losengerie@n
losengerie n 1 losengerie 1

loste n. "loss (of property)," s.v. lost sb. OED. KEY: loste@n
loste n 1 lost 1

lot n.(1) "lot, fortune; turn," s.v. lot sb. OED. KEY: lot@n1
lot n1 4 lot 4

loten v.(1) "(ppl.) lurking," s.v. lote v.\1 OED. KEY: loten@v1
loten v1 1 lotynge 1

loth adj. "loath, unwilling; hateful, distasteful," s.v. loath, loth a. OED. KEY: loth@adj
loth adj 26 looth 15 loothe 1 loth 7 lother 1 lothest 2

loth adv. "loath, with difficulty," s.v. loath a. OED. KEY: loth@adv
loth adv 1 looth 1

loth n. "something (or someone) hateful, distasteful," s.v. loath sb. OED. KEY: loth@n
loth n 2 looth 1 loth 1

lothli adj. "loathly, ugly," s.v. loathly a. OED. KEY: lothli@adj
lothli adj 1 loothly 1

loud adj. "loud," s.v. loud a. OED. KEY: loud@adj
loud adj 10 loud 5 loude 3 lowde 2

loude adv. "loud, loudly," s.v. loud adv. OED. KEY: loude@adv
loude adv 41 loude 31 louder 1 lowd 2 lowde 7

loue adj. "low; soft, quiet; humble; inferior," s.v. low a. and sb. OED. KEY: loue@adj
loue adj 42 lough 3 low 6 lowe 21 lower 4 lowere 3 lowest 1 loweste 3 lowist 1

loue adv. "low; quietly; humbly," s.v. low adv. OED. KEY: loue@adv
loue adv 38 low 1 lowe 36 lowest 1

loue n.(3) "(something or someone) low in rank or importance," s.v. low a. and sb. OED. KEY: loue@n3
loue n3 9 logh 2 lough 2 lowe 2 loweste 3

Louis n. "Louis, Chaucer's son," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: louis@n#propn
louis n#propn 3 lowys 3

louke n.(2) "accomplice," s.v. louke OED. KEY: louke@n2
louke n2 1 lowke 1

louli adj. "lowly, humble," s.v. lowly a. OED. KEY: louli@adj
louli adj 3 lowely 2 lowly 1

louli adv. "lowly, humbly," s.v. lowly adv. OED. KEY: louli@adv
louli adv 7 lowely 6 lowly 1

lounesse n. "lowness, humility," s.v. lowness OED. KEY: lounesse@n
lounesse n 2 lowenesse 2

louren v. "(ppl.) frowned; (ppl. adj.) frowning," s.v. lour, lower v. OED, louring, lowering ppl. a. OED. KEY: louren@v louren@v#adj
louren v#adj 1 louryng 1
louren v 1 loured 1

lousi adj. "lousy, infected with lice," s.v. lousy a. OED. KEY: lousi@adj
lousi adj 1 lowsy 1

louten v.(1) "bow, bend," s.v. lout v.\1 OED. KEY: louten@v1
louten v1 5 loute 3 loutede 1 lowteth 1

love n.(1) "love (also as proper n., personified)," s.v. love sb. OED. KEY: love@n1 love@n1#propn
love n1 564 love 544 loves 20
love n1#propn 110 love 94 loves 16

love-dai n. "day for settling disputes," s.v. loveday OED. KEY: love-dai@n
love-dai n 2 love-dayes 2

love-daunce n. "lovers' dance"; not in OED, s.v. love n.(1) MED. KEY: love-daunce@n
love-daunce n 1 love-daunces 1

love-drinke n. "potion for exciting love," s.v. love sb. OED, love n.(1) MED. KEY: love-drinke@n
love-drinke n 1 love-drynke 1

love-druri n. "courtship," s.v. love-drury OED, love n.(1) MED. KEY: love-druri@n
love-druri n 1 love-drury 1

love-knotte n. "intertwined device," s.v. love-knot OED, love n.(1) MED. KEY: love-knotte@n
love-knotte n 1 love-knotte 1

loveli adj. "loving, amorous," s.v. lovely a. OED. KEY: loveli@adj
loveli adj 1 lovely 1

love-likinge n. "romantic love"; not in OED; s.v. love n.(1) MED. KEY: love-likinge@n
love-likinge n 1 love-likynge 1

love-longinge n. "yearning for love," s.v. love-longing OED, love n.(1) MED. KEY: love-longinge@n
love-longinge n 4 love-longynge 4

loven v.(1) "love; (ppl. adj.) loving," s.v. love v.\1 OED, loving ppl. a. OED. KEY: loven@v1 loven@v1#adj
loven v1#adj 1 lovynge 1
loven v1 368 iloved 1 love 167 loved 78 lovede 18 loveden 1 lovedest 2 loven 36 lovest 5 loveth 58 lovynge 1 yloved 1

lovere n.(2) "lover," s.v. lover\1 OED. KEY: lovere@n2
lovere n2 83 lover 8 lovere 33 loveres 15 loveris 6 lovers 19 loverys 1 lovyere 1

love-tidinges n. "(pl.) news of love affairs"; not in OED; s.v. love n.(1) MED. KEY: love-tidinges@n
love-tidinges n 1 love-tydynges 1

lovinge ger.(1) "loving," s.v. loving vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: lovinge@ger1
lovinge ger1 16 lovyng 7 lovynge 9

Lucan n. "Lucan (Marcus Annaeus Lucanus)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lucan@n#propn
lucan n#propn 5 lucan 5

Luc n. "Saint Luke the Evangelist (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: luc@n#propn
luc n#propn 3 luc 3

luce n. "pike, the fish," s.v. luce\1 OED. KEY: luce@n
luce n 1 luce 1

Lucia n. "Lucilia, wife of Lucretius," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lucia@n#propn
lucia n#propn 2 lucia 1 lucye 1

Lucifer n.(1) "Lucifer, the Devil," proper n.; s.v. Lucifer n. MED. KEY: lucifer@n1#propn
lucifer n1#propn 3 lucifer 3

Lucifer n.(2) "Lucifer, the morning star," s.v. Lucifer n. MED. KEY: lucifer@n2
lucifer n2 4 lucifer 1 lucyfer 3

Lucina n. "Lucina (Diana), goddess of the moon," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lucina@n#propn
lucina n#propn 3 lucina 2 lucyna 1

lucre n. "illicit profit," s.v. lucre sb. OED. KEY: lucre@n
lucre n 2 lucre 2

Lucresse n. "Lucretia, wife of Lucus Tarquinius Collatinus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: lucresse@n#propn
lucresse n#propn 9 lucrece 1 lucresse 8

lullen v. "lull, soothe," s.v. lull v.\1 OED. KEY: lullen@v
lullen v 3 lulled 1 lulleth 2

Luna n. "(alchem.) the moon, a name for silver," s.v. Luna OED. KEY: luna@n
luna n 2 luna 2

lunarie n.(1) "moon-wort, a fern," s.v. lunary sb.\1 OED. KEY: lunarie@n1
lunarie n1 1 lunarie 1

lure n.(1) "device for recalling a hawk," s.v. lure sb.\2 OED. KEY: lure@n1
lure n1 3 lure 2 lures 1

luren v.(1) "recall a hawk," s.v. lure v. OED. KEY: luren@v1
luren v1 1 lure 1

lurken v. "lurk," s.v. lurk v. OED. KEY: lurken@v
lurken v 5 lurked 1 lurkinge 1 lurkynge 3

lushe-burgh n. & adj. "(as n.) a counterfeit coin," s.v. lushburg OED. KEY: lushe-burgh@n
lushe-burgh n 1 lussheburghes 1

lust n. "desire, wish; sexual desire; pleasure, delight (also as proper n., personified); object of desire; beloved," s.v. lust sb. OED. KEY: lust@n lust@n#propn
lust n 99 lust 90 lustes 9
lust n#propn 3 lust 3

lusten v. "(impers.) be pleasing to, wish," s.v. lust v. OED. KEY: lusten@v
lusten v 11 lust 8 luste 3

lusti adj. "lusty, vigorous; pleasing, attractive; cheerful; amorous; (as n.) lusty person," s.v. lusty OED. KEY: lusti@adj lusti@adj#n
lusti adj 52 lustier 1 lusty 50 lustyeste 1
lusti adj#n 1 lusty 1

lustihede n. "cheerfulness; pleasure," s.v. lustihead OED. KEY: lustihede@n
lustihede n 4 lustiheed 2 lustyhede 2

lustili adv. "cheerfully; pleasingly; eagerly," s.v. lustily adv. OED. KEY: lustili@adv
lustili adv 8 lustely 1 lustily 4 lustyly 3

lustinesse n. "cheer, merriment; pleasure; vigor," s.v. lustiness OED. KEY: lustinesse@n
lustinesse n 4 lustinesse 1 lustynesse 3

lute n.(1) "lute, the musical instrument," s.v. lute sb.\1 OED. KEY: lute@n1
lute n1 2 lute 1 lutes 1

luxurie n. "lechery, lust, sexual desire," s.v. luxury OED. KEY: luxurie@n
luxurie n 7 luxure 1 luxures 1 luxurie 4 luxuris 1

luxurious adj. "excessive, outrageous," s.v. luxurious a. OED. KEY: luxurious@adj
luxurious adj 1 luxurious 1

Lyeys n. "Ayas, in Armenia," place name; not in MED. KEY: lyeys@n#propn
lyeys n#propn 1 lyeys 1



-- M --



ma Fr. pron. "my." KEY: ma@fr_pron
ma fr_pron 1 ma 1

Mabely n. "Mabely (Mabel), the old woman in FrT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: mabely@n#propn
mabely n#propn 1 mabely 1

mace n. "mace, steel club," s.v. mace sb.\1 OED. KEY: mace@n
mace n 6 mace 3 maces 3

Macedo n. "the Macedonian," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: macedo@n#propn
macedo n#propn 1 macedo 1

Macedone adj. & n. "(as n.) Macedonia," place name. KEY: macedone@n#propn
macedone n#propn 3 macedoyne 1 macidonye 1 macidoyne 1

Machabee n.(1) "Book of Machabees (in the Apocrypha)," proper n. (literary work); not in MED. KEY: machabee@n1#propn
machabee n1#propn 2 machabee 2

Machabee n.(2) "Judas Maccabeus (in the Apocrypha)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: machabee@n2#propn
machabee n2#propn 2 machabee 1 machabeus 1

Macrobeus n. "Macrobius (Ambrosius Theodosius Macrobius), an authority on dreams," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: macrobeus@n#propn
macrobeus n#propn 4 macrobes 1 macrobeus 2 macrobye 1

mad adj. "mad, insane; frenzied, distraught," s.v. mad a. OED. KEY: mad@adj
mad adj 8 mad 7 madde 1

ma-dame n. & phr. "(as n.) my lady (also as title as quasi-adj.)," s.v. madam sb. OED. KEY: ma-dame@n ma-dame@n#adj
ma-dame n#adj 3 madame 3
ma-dame n 26 madame 26

madden v. "go mad, be crazy; rave," s.v. mad v. OED. KEY: madden@v
madden v 5 madde 5

madere n. "plant used as a dye," s.v. madder sb.\1 OED. KEY: madere@n
madere n 1 mader 1

madnesse n. "madness," s.v. madness OED. KEY: madnesse@n
madnesse n 2 madnesse 2

Madrian n. "a saint(?), not identified," proper n. KEY: madrian@n#propn
madrian n#propn 1 madrian 1

mafai interj. "by my faith," s.v. mafey int. OED, feith n. MED. KEY: mafai@interj
mafai interj 1 mafay 1

mageste n. "majesty," s.v. majesty OED. KEY: mageste@n
mageste n 15 mageste 1 magestee 11 majeste 2 majestee 1

magicien n. "magician," s.v. magician OED. KEY: magicien@n
magicien n 4 magicien 3 magiciens 1

magike n. "magic, sorcery; natural science," s.v. magic sb. OED. KEY: magike@n
magike n 9 magik 3 magyk 6

magistrat n. "magistrate," s.v. magistrate sb. OED. KEY: magistrat@n
magistrat n 1 magistrat 1

magnanimite n. "magnanimity," s.v. magnanimity OED. KEY: magnanimite@n
magnanimite n 2 magnanimitee 1 magnanymytee 1

Magnesia n. "(alchem.) ingredient of the philosophers' stone," s.v. Magnesia OED. KEY: magnesia@n
magnesia n 2 magnasia 2

magnificence n. "magnificence, splendor; doing virtuous great works," s.v. magnificence OED. KEY: magnificence@n
magnificence n 5 magnificence 5

magnifien v. "(ppl.) magnified, made great," s.v. magnify v. OED. KEY: magnifien@v
magnifien v 1 magnified 1

magnifiinge ger. "magnifying, enhancement," s.v. magnifying vbl. sb. OED. KEY: magnifiinge@ger
magnifiinge ger 1 magnyfyinge 1

Magus n. "(Simon) Magus, a sorcerer (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: magus@n#propn
magus n#propn 2 magus 2

Mahoun n. "Mohammed," proper n. KEY: mahoun@n#propn
mahoun n#propn 2 mahoun 2

mai n.(1) "maiden," s.v. may sb.\1 OED. KEY: mai@n1
mai n1 3 may 3

Mai n.(2) "May, the month," s.v. May sb.\3 OED. KEY: mai@n2
mai n2 43 maius 1 may 40 mayes 2

Mai n.(3) "May, the young wife in MerT," proper n.; s.v. Mai n.(2) MED. KEY: mai@n3#propn
mai n3#propn 29 may 25 mayus 4

maide n. & adj. "(as n. and adj.) maid," s.v. maid sb.\1 OED. KEY: maide@adj maide@n
maide adj 3 mayde 3
maide n 71 maide 2 mayde 68 maydes 1

maiden n. "maiden," s.v. maiden sb. and a. OED. KEY: maiden@n
maiden n 52 mayden 30 maydenes 5 maydens 17

maidenhede n. "maidenhood, virginity," s.v. maidenhead\1 OED. KEY: maidenhede@n
maidenhede n 20 maidenhede 1 maydenhed 1 maydenhede 17 maydenhod 1

maille n. "mail, chain armor," s.v. mail sb.\1 OED. KEY: maille@n
maille n 2 maille 2

maime n. "maiming, mutilation," s.v. maim sb. OED. KEY: maime@n
maime n 1 maheym 1

maimen v. "maim," s.v. maim v. OED. KEY: maimen@v
maimen v 1 mayme 1

maintenaunce n. "bearing, deportment," s.v. maintenance OED. KEY: maintenaunce@n
maintenaunce n 1 meyntenaunce 1

maintenen v. "maintain, support," s.v. maintain v. OED. KEY: maintenen@v
maintenen v 6 mayntene 6

maister n. "master, teacher; Master of Arts; (also as title as quasi-adj.); (as adj.; cf. maister-strete n.) chief, main," s.v. master sb.\1 OED. KEY: maister@n maister@n#adj
maister n 54 maister 44 maistre 1 maistres 5 mayster 4
maister n#adj 5 maister 4 mayster 1

maisterful adj. "masterful, domineering," s.v. masterful a. OED. KEY: maisterful@adj
maisterful adj 1 maisterfull 1

maister-hunte n. "master huntsman"; not in OED, s.v. maister n. MED. KEY: maister-hunte@n
maister-hunte n 1 mayster-hunte 1

maister-strete n. "main thoroughfare, main street," s.v. master sb.\1 OED, maister n. MED. KEY: maister-strete@n
maister-strete n 2 mayster-strete 2

maister-toun n. "main city," s.v. master sb.\1 OED, maister n. MED. KEY: maister-toun@n
maister-toun n 1 mayster-toun 1

maister-tour n. "main tower," s.v. master sb.\1 OED, maister n. MED. KEY: maister-tour@n
maister-tour n 1 maister-tour 1

maistresse n. "mistress, sovereign lady; governess, teacher," s.v. mistress sb. OED. KEY: maistresse@n
maistresse n 16 maistresse 11 maistresses 1 maystresse 3 mistresse 1

maistrie n. "mastery, dominion; power; skill; masterful achievement, (with for the) extreme degree," s.v. mastery OED. KEY: maistrie@n
maistrie n 27 maistrie 21 maistrye 5 maystrye 1

major Lat. adj. "greater." KEY: major@lat_adj
major lat_adj 1 major 1

make n.(1) "mate; equal; rival," s.v. make sb.\1 OED. KEY: make@n1
make n1 28 make 26 makes 2

makeles adj. "matchless, without equal," s.v. makeless a. OED. KEY: makeles@adj
makeles adj 1 makeles 1

maken v.(1) "make; create, compose; bring about a condition, cause," s.v. make v.\1 OED. KEY: maken@v1
maken v1 1090 maad 55 maade 3 mad 27 made 251 maden 17 madest 9 mak 1 make 332 maked 71 makeden 1 makedest 1 maken 147 makes 1 makest 6 makestow 2 maketh 128 makid 19 makith 11 makyd 1 makyng 2 makynge 5

maken v.(2) "match, achieve equality," s.v. make v.\2 OED. KEY: maken@v2
maken v2 1 make 1

makere n. "maker, creator; composer, author," s.v. maker OED. KEY: makere@n
makere n 20 maker 3 makere 17

makinge ger. "making; composing; literary composition," s.v. making vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: makinge@ger
makinge ger 7 makyng 6 makynge 1

Makomete n. "Mohammed," proper n. KEY: makomete@n#propn
makomete n#propn 2 makomete 1 makometes 1

maladie n. "malady, disease," s.v. malady OED. KEY: maladie@n
maladie n 43 maladie 13 maladies 3 maladye 24 maladyes 3

malapert adj. "presumptuous," s.v. malapert a. and sb. OED. KEY: malapert@adj
malapert adj 1 malapert 1

male adj.(2) "male, masculine," s.v. male a. and sb.\2 OED. KEY: male@adj2
male adj2 1 male 1

male n.(1) "male, man," s.v. male a. and sb.\2 OED. KEY: male@n1
male n1 2 male 2

male n.(2) "bag, pouch," s.v. mail sb.\3 OED. KEY: male@n2
male n2 5 male 5

malefice n. "sorcery," s.v. malefice OED. KEY: malefice@n
malefice n 2 malefice 2

malencolie n. "melancholy, black bile; the melancholic humor; anger; gloom, depression," s.v. melancholy sb. OED. KEY: malencolie@n
malencolie n 8 malencolie 5 malencolye 2 melancolye 1

malencolik adj. "melancholic, composed of black bile," s.v. melancholic a. and sb. OED. KEY: malencolik@adj
malencolik adj 1 malencolik 1

malencolious adj. "melancholy, sad," s.v. melancholious a. OED. KEY: malencolious@adj
malencolious adj 1 melancolyous 1

malice n. "malice, hatred," s.v. malice sb. OED. KEY: malice@n
malice n 29 malice 23 malyce 6

malicious adj. "malicious, hostile," s.v. malicious a. OED. KEY: malicious@adj
malicious adj 1 malicious 1

malignite n. "malice, ill will," s.v. malignity OED. KEY: malignite@n
malignite n 1 malignitee 1

Maline n. "Malyne, the Miller's daughter in RvT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: maline@n#propn
maline n#propn 1 malyne 1

malisoun n. "curse," s.v. malison sb. OED. KEY: malisoun@n
malisoun n 5 malisoun 5

Malkin n.(1) "Malkin, a servant girl in NPT," proper n.; s.v. Malkin n. MED. KEY: malkin@n1#propn
malkin n1#propn 1 malkyn 1

Malkin n.(2) "Malkin, generic name for a lower-class woman," proper n.; s.v. Malkin n. MED. KEY: malkin@n2#propn
malkin n2#propn 1 malkynes 1

Malle n. "Malle, name of a sheep in NPT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: malle@n#propn
malle n#propn 1 malle 1

malliable adj. "malleable," s.v. malleable a. OED. KEY: malliable@adj
malliable adj 1 malliable 1

malorum Lat. n. "of evils." KEY: malorum@lat_n
malorum lat_n 2 malorum 2

maltalent n. "ill will, hostility," s.v. maltalent OED. KEY: maltalent@n
maltalent n 2 maltalent 2

malt n. "malt," s.v. malt sb. OED. KEY: malt@n
malt n 3 malt 3

malvesie n. "malmsey, strong sweet wine," s.v. malvoisie OED. KEY: malvesie@n
malvesie n 1 malvesye 1

manace n. "menace, threat," s.v. menace sb. OED. KEY: manace@n
manace n 5 manace 3 manaces 2

manacen v. "menace, threaten," s.v. menace v. OED. KEY: manacen@v
manacen v 6 manace 1 manaced 1 manaceth 2 manasyng 1 manasynge 1

manacinge ger. "menace, threat," s.v. menacing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: manacinge@ger
manacinge ger 1 manasynge 1

man n. & indef. pron. "man; (as indef. pron.) one, someone," s.v. man sb.\1 OED, man indef. pron. OED, man n. MED, man pron. indef. MED; cf. men pron. indef. KEY: man@n
man n 2334 man 1312 mannes 81 mannys 4 men 926 mennes 11

mane n. "word that appeared on the wall at Belshazzar's feast"; not in OED; s.v. mane n. MED Suppl. KEY: mane@n
mane n 2 mane 2

maner n.(1) "manor, dwelling-place," s.v. manor OED. KEY: maner@n1
maner n1 1 maner 1

manere n. "manner; sort, form; way, means; custom, behavior (also as proper n., personified); due measure; (as adj.) sort, kind of," s.v. manner sb.\1 OED. KEY: manere@n manere@n#adj manere@n#propn
manere n#adj 165 maner 95 manere 70
manere n 328 maneere 2 maner 18 manere 257 maneres 30 maneris 18 maners 2 manneres 1
manere n#propn 3 maner 2 manere 1

Manes n. pl. "Manes, gods of Hades," s.v. Manes sb. pl. OED. KEY: manes@n
manes n 1 manes 1

manhede n. "manhood, manliness, qualities proper to a man; courage, nobility," s.v. manhead OED, manhood n. OED. KEY: manhede@n
manhede n 10 manhede 3 manhod 7

mani adj. & n. "many," s.v. many a. and sb. OED; some entries s.v. mani-fold n. MED, mani-fold adj. MED, mani on phr. MED. KEY: mani@gram_adj mani@n
mani n 12 many 3 manye 9
mani gram_adj 530 manie 1 many 444 manye 84 mony 1

mania n. "mania," s.v. manie OED. KEY: mania@n
mania n 1 manye 1

manifeste adj. "manifest, clear, evident," s.v. manifest a. OED. KEY: manifeste@adj
manifeste adj 3 manifest 1 manyfest 2

manifeste adv. "manifestly, clearly," s.v. manifest a. OED. KEY: manifeste@adv
manifeste adv 1 manyfest 1

manifesten v. "manifest, make public," s.v. manifest v. OED. KEY: manifesten@v
manifesten v 1 manyfesten 1

mani-fold adj. "numerous," s.v. manifold a., adv., and sb. OED. KEY: mani-fold@adj
mani-fold adj 1 manyfold 1

man-kinde n. "mankind," s.v. mankind sb. and a.\1 OED. KEY: man-kinde@n
man-kinde n 55 mankende 1 mankynde 54

manli adj. "manly, with the qualities proper to a man; noble, generous," s.v. manly a. OED. KEY: manli@adj
manli adj 12 manly 12

manli adv.(1) "in a manly way, as proper to a man; boldly, nobly," s.v. manly adv. OED. KEY: manli@adv1
manli adv1 4 manly 4

mannish adj. "mannish, unwomanly; human," s.v. mannish a. OED. KEY: mannish@adj
mannish adj 4 mannysh 1 mannyssh 3

mansioun n.(1) "mansion, residence; (astro.) planetary house; position of the moon," s.v. mansion sb. OED. KEY: mansioun@n1
mansioun n1 8 mansions 1 mansioun 5 mansiouns 1 mansyon 1

man-slaughter n. "manslaughter," s.v. manslaughter OED. KEY: man-slaughter@n
man-slaughter n 9 manslaughtre 8 manslawhtre 1

mansuete adj. "gentle, meek," s.v. mansuete a. OED. KEY: mansuete@adj
mansuete adj 1 mansuete 1

mansuetude n. "gentleness, meekness," s.v. mansuetude OED. KEY: mansuetude@n
mansuetude n 1 mansuetude 1

mantel n. "mantle, sleeveless cloak, cover," s.v. mantle sb. OED. KEY: mantel@n
mantel n 6 mantel 4 mantell 1 mantyl 1

Mantoan n. "of Mantua," s.v. Mantuan a. and sb. OED. KEY: mantoan@n
mantoan n 1 mantoan 1

manus Lat. n. "hands." KEY: manus@lat_n
manus lat_n 1 manus 1

mapel n. "maple tree," s.v. maple OED. KEY: mapel@n
mapel n 2 maples 1 mapul 1

mappe-mounde n. "map of the world," s.v. mappemonde OED. KEY: mappe-mounde@n
mappe-mounde n 1 mapamounde 1

marble n. "marble, the stone (also as adj.)," s.v. marble sb. OED. KEY: marble@n marble@n#adj
marble n#adj 2 marble 1 marbul 1
marble n 3 marble 1 marbul 2

marchaundise n. "merchandise, wares; trading, doing business," s.v. merchandise sb. OED. KEY: marchaundise@n
marchaundise n 8 marchandise 7 marchandises 1

marchaunt n. "merchant," s.v. merchant sb. and a. OED. KEY: marchaunt@n
marchaunt n 34 marchant 21 marchantz 5 marchaunt 5 marchauntes 1 marchauntz 1 merchantz 1

Marche n.(1) "March, the month," s.v. March sb.\2 OED. KEY: marche@n1
marche n1 11 march 11

Marcia n.(1) "Marsyas, a satyr," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: marcia@n1#propn
marcia n1#propn 1 marcia 1

Marcia n.(2) "Marcia Catoun, faithful Roman wife," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: marcia@n2#propn
marcia n2#propn 1 marcia 1

marcial adj.(1) "martial," s.v. martial a. and sb. OED. KEY: marcial@adj1
marcial adj1 1 marcial 1

Marcian n. "Martianus Capella, Latin author," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: marcian@n#propn
marcian n#propn 2 marcian 2

Marcien adj.(1) "ruled by the planet Mars," s.v. martian a. and sb. OED. KEY: marcien@adj1
marcien adj1 1 marcien 1

Marcius Lat. n. "March, the month." KEY: marcius@lat_n
marcius lat_n 1 marcius 1

Marcus n. "Cicero (Marcus Tullius Cicero)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: marcus@n#propn
marcus n#propn 3 marcus 3

Mardochee n. "Mordecai (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: mardochee@n#propn
mardochee n#propn 1 mardochee 1

mareis n. sg. & pl. "marsh," s.v. marish sb. and a.\1 OED. KEY: mareis@n
mareis n 3 mareys 3

margine n. "margin, rim," s.v. margin sb. OED. KEY: margine@n
margine n 1 margyn 1

mariage n. "marriage," s.v. marriage OED. KEY: mariage@n
mariage n 62 mariage 55 mariages 3 marriage 1 maryage 3

mari-bon n. "marrowbone," s.v. marrowbone OED. KEY: mari-bon@n
mari-bon n 1 marybones 1

Marie n.(1) "the Virgin Mary (in the Bible)," proper n.; s.v. Marie n. MED. KEY: marie@n1#propn
marie n1#propn 15 marie 14 marye 1

Marie n.(2) "Saint Mary the Egyptian," proper n.; s.v. Marie n. MED. KEY: marie@n2#propn
marie n2#propn 1 marie 1

marien v. "marry," s.v. marry v. OED. KEY: marien@v
marien v 5 maried 3 maryed 1 ymaried 1

mariner n. "mariner, seaman," s.v. mariner OED. KEY: mariner@n
mariner n 3 maryneer 1 maryneres 1 maryners 1

Mark n. "Saint Mark the Evangelist (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: mark@n#propn
mark n#propn 2 mark 2

marke n.(1) "mark, sign; birthmark; image, descendents (of Adam); (with sette) (make an) agreement," s.v. mark sb.\1 OED. KEY: marke@n1
marke n1 7 mark 5 marke 1 merk 1

marke n.(2) "mark, the monetary unit, two-thirds of a pound," s.v. mark sb.\2 OED. KEY: marke@n2
marke n2 3 marc 2 mark 1

marken v.(1) "mark, inscribe," s.v. mark v. OED. KEY: marken@v1
marken v1 12 marke 2 marked 5 marken 2 markide 1 merkid 1 ymarked 1

market n.(1) "market," s.v. market sb. OED. KEY: market@n1
market n1 2 market 2

market-betere n. "one who hangs around markets, bully," s.v. market sb. OED, market n.(1) MED. KEY: market-betere@n
market-betere n 1 market-betere 1

market-place n. "market-place," s.v. market-place OED, market n.(1) MED. KEY: market-place@n
market-place n 1 market-place 1

markis n. "marquis," s.v. marquis, marquess OED. KEY: markis@n
markis n 33 markys 33

markisesse n. "marchioness," s.v. marquisess OED. KEY: markisesse@n
markisesse n 4 markysesse 4

marle-pit n. "pit for digging marl, loam for fertilizer," s.v. marl-pit OED, marle n. MED. KEY: marle-pit@n
marle-pit n 1 marle-pit 1

Marmorike adj. "(as n.) Marmarica, in Lybia," place name. KEY: marmorike@adj#n_propn
marmorike adj#n_propn 1 marmoryke 1

Marrok n. "Morocco," place name; not in MED. KEY: marrok@n#propn
marrok n#propn 1 marrok 1

Mars n. "Mars, god of war; the planet Mars," proper n. KEY: mars@n#propn
mars n#propn 61 mars 61

marshal n. "marshal, master of court ceremonies," s.v. marshal sb. OED. KEY: marshal@n
marshal n 2 marchal 2

Marte n. "Mars, god of war; the planet Mars," proper n. KEY: marte@n#propn
marte n#propn 10 marte 5 martes 5

Martin n. "Saint Martin of Tours," proper n. KEY: martin@n#propn
martin n#propn 1 martyn 1

martir n. "martyr," s.v. martyr sb. OED. KEY: martir@n
martir n 8 martir 4 martirs 2 martyr 2

martirdom n. "martyrdom," s.v. martyrdom OED. KEY: martirdom@n
martirdom n 5 martirdom 5

martire n. "martyrdom," s.v. martyre OED. KEY: martire@n
martire n 1 martire 1

martiren v. "martyr, torment," s.v. martyr v. OED. KEY: martiren@v
martiren v 1 martireth 1

marwe n.(1) "marrow," s.v. marrow sb.\1 OED. KEY: marwe@n1
marwe n1 3 marie 1 mary 1 maryes 1

masculine adj. & n. "(as adj.) masculine," s.v. masculine a. and sb. OED. KEY: masculine@adj
masculine adj 1 masculyn 1

mase n. "maze, labyrinth; source of confusion," s.v. maze sb. OED. KEY: mase@n
mase n 3 mase 1 maze 2

masednesse n. "bewilderment," s.v. mazed ppl. a. OED. KEY: masednesse@n
masednesse n 1 mazednesse 1

maseline n. "maple drinking bowl," s.v. maselin OED. KEY: maseline@n
maseline n 1 mazelyn 1

masen v. "bewilder, stupefy; be bewildered; (ppl. adj.) bewildered, confused," s.v. maze v. OED, mazed ppl. a. OED. KEY: masen@v masen@v#adj
masen v#adj 3 mased 1 mazed 2
masen v 3 mased 1 maze 2

masken v. "(ppl.) ensnared," s.v. mask v.\1 OED. KEY: masken@v
masken v 1 ymasked 1

masonrie n. "art of masonry; stonework," s.v. masonry sb. OED. KEY: masonrie@n
masonrie n 2 masoneries 1 masonrye 1

Massinisse n. "Masinissa, king of Numidia," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: massinisse@n#propn
massinisse n#propn 1 massynisse 1

mast n.(1) "mast of a ship," s.v. mast sb.\1 OED. KEY: mast@n1
mast n1 5 mast 5

mast n.(2) "nuts of forest trees, food for swine," s.v. mast sb.\2 OED. KEY: mast@n2
mast n2 2 mast 2

masti adj. "(of swine) fattened with mast," s.v. masty a. OED. KEY: masti@adj
masti adj 1 masty 1

mat adj. "defeated; exhausted," s.v. mate a. OED. KEY: mat@adj
mat adj 6 maat 3 mat 3

mat interj. & n. "(as interj.) (chess) checkmate; (as n.) checkmate, defeated," s.v. mate sb.\1 OED. KEY: mat@n mat@interj
mat n 1 mat 1
mat interj 1 mat 1

mater Lat. n. "mother." KEY: mater@lat_n
mater lat_n 1 mater 1

matere n. "matter, material; activity, business; subject matter; cause," s.v. matter sb.\1 OED. KEY: matere@n
matere n 159 mateere 39 mater 7 matere 89 materes 5 matiere 18 matires 1

material adj. "material, physical," s.v. material a. and sb. OED. KEY: material@adj
material adj 3 material 3

material n. "material, physical substance," s.v. material a. and sb. OED. KEY: material@n
material n 2 material 2

Mathew n. "Saint Matthew the Evangelist (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: mathew@n#propn
mathew n#propn 6 mathew 6

matin n. "(pl.) matins, office recited at the first canonical hour," s.v. matin OED. KEY: matin@n
matin n 1 matyns 1

matrimoine n. "matrimony," s.v. matrimony OED. KEY: matrimoine@n
matrimoine n 5 matrimoigne 2 matrimoyne 3

Maudelaine n.(1) "Mary Magdalene (in the Bible)," proper n.; s.v. Maudelaine n. MED. KEY: maudelaine@n1#propn
maudelaine n1#propn 5 magdalene 1 magdaleyne 2 magdelene 1 maudeleyne 1

Maudelaine n.(2) "Maudelayne (Magdalene), the Shipman's barge," proper n.; s.v. Maudelaine n. MED. KEY: maudelaine@n2#propn
maudelaine n2#propn 1 maudelayne 1

maue n. "maw, throat; belly, stomach," s.v. maw sb.\1 OED. KEY: maue@n
maue n 3 mawe 3

maugre prep. "in spite of, despite," s.v. maugre sb. and prep. OED. KEY: maugre@prep
maugre prep 19 malgre 1 maugre 6 maugree 10 mawgree 2

maumet n. "idol," s.v. maumet OED. KEY: maumet@n
maumet n 3 mawmet 3

maumetrie n. "idolatry," s.v. maumetry OED. KEY: maumetrie@n
maumetrie n 2 mawmettrie 2

maunciple n. "manciple, officer in charge of provisions," s.v. manciple OED. KEY: maunciple@n
maunciple n 13 manciple 8 maunciple 5

maundement n. "summons, writ," s.v. mandment OED. KEY: maundement@n
maundement n 3 mandement 2 mandementz 1

mauntelet n. "short sleeveless cloak," s.v. mantelet, mantlet OED. KEY: mauntelet@n
mauntelet n 1 mantelet 1

Maure n. "Saint Maurus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: maure@n#propn
maure n#propn 1 maure 1

Maurice n. "Maurice, son of Constance in the MLT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: maurice@n#propn
maurice n#propn 5 maurice 3 maurices 1 mauricius 1

mavis n. sg. & pl. "song thrush," s.v. mavis OED. KEY: mavis@n
mavis n 2 mavys 2

Maximus n. "Maximus, Roman prefect in SNT," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: maximus@n#propn
maximus n#propn 4 maxime 1 maximus 3

mea Lat. pron. "my." KEY: mea@lat_pron
mea lat_pron 1 mea 1

me pron.(2) "me," s.v. me pers. pron., 1st pers. sing., acc. and dat. OED. KEY: me@pron2
me pron2 1934 m 9 me 1922 mee 3

Mecene n. "Messinia, in Greece," place name; not in MED. KEY: mecene@n#propn
mecene n#propn 1 mecene 1

mede n.(1) "mead, alcoholic drink made from honey," s.v. mead\1 OED. KEY: mede@n1
mede n1 4 mede 1 meeth 3

mede n.(2) "meadow," s.v. mead sb.\2 OED. KEY: mede@n2
mede n2 15 mede 14 meede 1

Mede n.(3) "(pl.) Medes, inhabitants of Media," s.v. Mede sb. OED. KEY: mede@n3
mede n3 1 medes 1

mede n.(4) "payment, reward (also as proper n., personified); bribe, bribery; consequence," s.v. meed sb. OED. KEY: mede@n4 mede@n4#propn
mede n4 48 mede 26 medes 10 meede 9 meedes 3
mede n4#propn 1 meede 1

Medea n. "Medea, sorceress and lover of Jason," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: medea@n#propn
medea n#propn 11 medea 11

mediacioun n. "mediation; means," s.v. mediation OED. KEY: mediacioun@n
mediacioun n 6 mediacion 1 mediacioun 5

mediatour n. "mediator," s.v. mediator OED. KEY: mediatour@n
mediatour n 2 mediatour 1 mediatours 1

medicine n. "medicine," s.v. medicine sb.\1 OED. KEY: medicine@n
medicine n 15 medecyne 1 medicine 2 medicyne 5 medicynes 5 medycines 1 medycyne 1

meditacioun n. "meditation," s.v. meditation OED. KEY: meditacioun@n
meditacioun n 2 meditacioun 2

medle adj. "multicolored," s.v. medley sb. and a. OED. KEY: medle@adj
medle adj 1 medlee 1

medlen v. "meddle with, stir up; mix, intermingle," s.v. meddle v. OED. KEY: medlen@v
medlen v 23 imedled 4 medeleth 1 medle 4 medled 5 medleth 7 medlid 1 medlyd 1

medler n. "fruit of the medlar tree," s.v. medlar OED. KEY: medler@n
medler n 1 medlers 1

medlinge ger. "meddling; intermixing, mixture," s.v. meddling vbl. sb. OED. KEY: medlinge@ger
medlinge ger 4 medlyng 1 medlynge 3

medwe n. "meadow," s.v. meadow sb. OED. KEY: medwe@n
medwe n 4 medewe 4

Megera n. "Megaera, one of the Furies," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: megera@n#propn
megera n#propn 1 megera 1

megre adj. "meager, thin," s.v. meagre a. (sb.) OED. KEY: megre@adj
megre adj 2 megre 2

meine n. "household, servants; troop of followers, company," s.v. meinie OED. KEY: meine@n
meine n 33 meignee 2 meyne 13 meynee 18

mek adj. "meek, gentle," s.v. meek a. OED. KEY: mek@adj
mek adj 27 meeke 8 meke 17 meker 1 mekeste 1

meken v. "abase, humble," s.v. meek v. OED. KEY: meken@v
meken v 1 meke 1

mekli adj. "meek, humble," s.v. meekly a. OED. KEY: mekli@adj
mekli adj 1 mekely 1

mekli adv. "meekly, humbly," s.v. meekly adv. OED. KEY: mekli@adv
mekli adv 15 mekely 15

meknesse n. "meekness, humility," s.v. meekness OED. KEY: meknesse@n
meknesse n 5 mekenesse 4 meknesse 1

mel n.(2) "meal, repast," s.v. meal sb.\2 OED. KEY: mel@n2
mel n2 4 meel 3 meles 1

Meleagre n. "Meleager, son of the king of Calydon," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: meleagre@n#propn
meleagre n#propn 4 meleagre 4

mele n.(1) "meal, flour," s.v. meal sb.\1 OED. KEY: mele@n1
mele n1 8 mele 8

Melibee n. "Melibee, hero of Mel," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: melibee@n#propn
melibee n#propn 51 melibee 35 melibees 1 melibeus 15

melodie n. "melody, music," s.v. melody sb. OED. KEY: melodie@n
melodie n 26 melodie 8 melodye 18

melodious adj. "melodious," s.v. melodious a. OED. KEY: melodious@adj
melodious adj 1 melodious 1

melten v. "melt," s.v. melt v.\1 OED. KEY: melten@v
melten v 9 malt 2 melte 3 meltith 1 molte 3

mel-tid n. "mealtime," s.v. mealtide OED, mel n.(2) MED. KEY: mel-tid@n
mel-tid n 1 meeltid 1

membre n. "member, limb; organ," s.v. member sb. OED. KEY: membre@n
membre n 25 membre 3 membres 17 membris 4 membrys 1

memorial adj. "inspired by memory," s.v. memorial a. and sb. OED. KEY: memorial@adj
memorial adj 1 memorial 1

memorie n. "memory, consciousness; the faculty of memory," s.v. memory sb. OED. KEY: memorie@n
memorie n 21 memorie 17 memorye 3 memoyre 1

men indef. pron. "(as impersonal pron.) one, someone," s.v. men indef. pron. OED. KEY: men@pron_impers
men pron_impers 23 men 23

mencioun n. "mention; description, narration," s.v. mention sb. OED. KEY: mencioun@n
mencioun n 16 mencion 3 mencioun 12 mensyon 1

menden v. "amend; benefit," s.v. mend v. OED. KEY: menden@v
menden v 2 mende 2

mendinaunt n. "mendicant," s.v. mendinant sb. and a. OED. KEY: mendinaunt@n
mendinaunt n 2 mendynantz 2

mene adj.(2) "mean, average; intervening, intermediate," s.v. mean adj.\2 and adv./2 OED; some entries s.v. mean time, meantime sb. and adv. OED, mene-while adv. MED. KEY: mene@adj2
mene adj2 16 meene 6 mene 10

mene n.(3) "means, method, instrument; go-between, intermediary; middle state, moderation," s.v. mean sb.\2 OED. KEY: mene@n3
mene n3 18 meene 5 meenes 5 mene 8

Menelaus n. "Menelaus, husband of Helen of Troy," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: menelaus@n#propn
menelaus n#propn 1 menelaus 1

menelich adj.(2) "moderate," s.v. meanly a.\2 OED. KEY: menelich@adj2
menelich adj2 1 meneliche 1

menen v.(1) "mean, intend; signify; say, speak," s.v. mean v.\1 OED. KEY: menen@v1
menen v1 120 meene 16 mene 48 meneden 1 menen 2 menest 4 menestow 1 meneth 7 ment 1 mente 40

mene-while n. & adv. "(as n.) meanwhile, intervening time," s.v. mean while, meanwhile sb. and adv. OED. KEY: mene-while@n
mene-while n 1 menewhile 1

meninge ger.(1) "meaning," s.v. meaning vbl. sb.\1 OED. KEY: meninge@ger1
meninge ger1 4 menyng 3 menynge 1

meni-ver n. "squirrel fur," s.v. miniver OED. KEY: meni-ver@n
meni-ver n 1 menyver 1

menouresse n. "Franciscan nun," s.v. minoress\1 OED. KEY: menouresse@n
menouresse n 1 mynoresse 1

mercenarie n. "mercenary, hireling," s.v. mercenary a. and sb. OED. KEY: mercenarie@n
mercenarie n 1 mercenarie 1

Mercenrike n. "Mercia," place name; not in MED; cf. Merce n. MED. KEY: mercenrike@n#propn
mercenrike n#propn 1 mercenrike 1

merciable adj. "merciful," s.v. merciable a. OED. KEY: merciable@adj
merciable adj 9 merciable 9

merci n.(1) "mercy (also as proper n., personified); (with graunt; cf. gramercy n. & interj.) thanks," s.v. mercy sb. OED. KEY: merci@n1 merci@n1#propn
merci n1 148 merci 16 mercy 132
merci n1#propn 2 mercy 2

merciful adj. "merciful," s.v. merciful a. OED. KEY: merciful@adj
merciful adj 1 merciful 1

Mercurie n.(2) "the roman god; the planet Mercury,"; proper n.; s.v. Mercurie n. MED. KEY: mercurie@n2#propn
mercurie n2#propn 17 mercurie 12 mercurius 2 mercurye 3

mercurie n. "mercury, quicksilver," s.v. Mercury sb. OED. KEY: mercurie@n
mercurie n 3 mercurie 3

mere n.(1) "mare, female horse," s.v. mare\1 OED. KEY: mere@n1
mere n1 6 mare 3 mares 2 mere 1

mere-maide n. "mermaid," s.v. mermaid OED. KEY: mere-maide@n
mere-maide n 1 mermayde 1

mere-maiden n. "mermaid," s.v. mermaiden OED. KEY: mere-maiden@n
mere-maiden n 3 mermaydenes 1 mermaydens 2

meridian adj. "meridional, midday," s.v. meridian a. OED. KEY: meridian@adj
meridian adj 5 meridian 5

meridian n. "(astro.) meridian line (crossed by sun at noon)," s.v. meridian sb. OED. KEY: meridian@n
meridian n 5 meridian 3 meridians 2

meridional adj. "(astro.) meridional, concerning the sun's position at noon, southern; (as n.) position at noon," s.v. meridional a. and sb. OED. KEY: meridional@adjas_n meridional@adj
meridional adjas_n 1 meridional 1
meridional adj 36 meridional 28 meridionall 8

merite n. "merit, deserts, character; reward; spiritual credit," s.v. merit sb. OED. KEY: merite@n
merite n 16 merit 1 merite 10 merites 2 meryt 1 meryte 2

meritorie adj. "meritorious," s.v. meritory a. OED. KEY: meritorie@adj
meritorie adj 2 meritorie 2

merlioun n. "merlin (a small falcon)," s.v. merlion sb.\1 OED. KEY: merlioun@n
merlioun n 2 merlioun 2

mershi adj. "marsh-like, swampy," s.v. marshy a. OED. KEY: mershi@adj
mershi adj 1 mersshy 1

merveille n. "marvel, wonder," s.v. marvel sb. OED. KEY: merveille@n
merveille n 21 marvayles 1 mervaille 4 mervailles 1 mervayle 2 mervayles 1 merveile 2 merveille 7 merveyle 2 merveyles 1

merveillen v. "marvel, wonder; (ppl. adj.) marvelling," s.v. marvel v. OED, marvelling ppl. a. OED. KEY: merveillen@v merveillen@v#adj
merveillen v#adj 1 merveylynge 1
merveillen v 8 merveile 1 merveillen 2 merveylen 4 merveyleth 1

merveillous adj. "marvelous, astonishing," s.v. marvellous a. OED. KEY: merveillous@adj
merveillous adj 8 merveillous 4 merveilous 1 mervelous 1 merveylous 2

mes n.(1) "range for shooting," s.v. mes OED. KEY: mes@n1
mes n1 1 mes 1

mesel n. "leper," s.v. mesel a. and sb. OED. KEY: mesel@n
mesel n 1 mesel 1

meselrie n. "leprosy," s.v. meselry OED. KEY: meselrie@n
meselrie n 1 meselrie 1

message n.(1) "message, communication; errand; messenger," s.v. message sb.\1 OED. KEY: message@n1
message n1 16 message 13 messages 3

messager n. "messenger," s.v. messenger OED. KEY: messager@n
messagerie n. "sending of messages," s.v. messagery OED. KEY: messagerie@n
messagerie n 1 messagerye 1

messager n 28 messageer 1 messager 20 messageres 1 messagers 4 messangeer 1 messanger 1

messe n.(1) "mass, eucharistic service (also as adjective)," s.v. mass sb.\1 OED. KEY: messe@n1 messe@n1#adj
messe n1#adj 1 masse 1
messe n1 11 masse 8 messe 3

messe-dai n. "feast day," s.v. massday OED, messe n.(1) MED. KEY: messe-dai@n
messe-dai n 1 messe-dayes 1

Messenus n. "Misenus, trumpeter to Hector and Aeneas," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: messenus@n#propn
messenus n#propn 1 messenus 1

mesuage n. "dwelling place," s.v. messuage OED. KEY: mesuage@n
mesuage n 1 mesuage 1

mesurable adj. "moderate, discreet," s.v. measurable a. OED. KEY: mesurable@adj
mesurable adj 5 mesurable 5

mesurablie adv. "moderately," s.v. measurably adv. OED. KEY: mesurablie@adv
mesurablie adv 1 mesurably 1

mesure n. "measurement; moderation, due proportion, restraint," s.v. measure sb. OED. KEY: mesure@n
mesure n 30 mesure 30

mesuren v. "measure, reckon; mete out, distribute," s.v. measure v. OED. KEY: mesuren@v
mesuren v 8 mesure 1 mesured 2 mesuren 4 mesureth 1

mesuringe ger. "measurement," s.v. measuring vbl. sb. OED. KEY: mesuringe@ger
mesuringe ger 1 mesuryng 1

met n. "measurement," s.v. met sb. OED. KEY: met@n
met n 1 met 1

metal n. "metal," s.v. metal sb. and a. OED. KEY: metal@n
metal n 15 metal 11 metall 1 metals 3

Metamorphoseos n. "Ovid's Metamorphoses," proper n. (literary work). KEY: metamorphoseos@n#propn
metamorphoseos n#propn 1 methamorphosios 1

mete adj. "suitable, fitting; (as n.) equal," s.v. meet a. and adv. OED. KEY: mete@adj mete@adj#n
mete adj 4 meete 1 mete 3
mete adj#n 1 mete 1

mete n.(1) "meal, food," s.v. meat sb. OED. KEY: mete@n1
mete n1 60 mete 52 metes 8

meteli adj. "well proportioned," s.v. meetly a. OED. KEY: meteli@adj
meteli adj 1 metely 1

Metellius n. "Metellius, a character from Valerius Maximus," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: metellius@n#propn
metellius n#propn 1 metellius 1

meten v.(3) "dream," s.v. mete v.\2 OED. KEY: meten@v3
meten v3 47 meete 1 met 4 mete 7 meten 1 mette 34

meten v.(4) "meet," s.v. meet v. OED. KEY: meten@v4
meten v4 65 meete 12 meeteth 1 met 7 mete 15 meten 3 meteth 1 mette 24 metten 1 metynge 1

metinge ger.(3) "dream," s.v. meting vbl. sb.\2 OED. KEY: metinge@ger3
metinge ger3 1 metynge 1

metinge ger.(4) "meeting," s.v. meeting vbl. sb. OED. KEY: metinge@ger4
metinge ger4 2 metyng 1 metynge 1

metre n. "meter (poetic), verse," s.v. metre sb.\1 OED. KEY: metre@n
metre n 3 meetre 1 metres 2

meue n.(1) "cage; hiding place," s.v. mew sb.\2 OED. KEY: meue@n1
meue n1 8 mewe 3 muwe 5

meuen v.(1) "change color," s.v. mew v.\1 OED. KEY: meuen@v1
meuen v1 1 muwe 1

meum Lat. pron. "my." KEY: meum@lat_pron
meum lat_pron 1 meum 1

mevable adj. "moveable, changeable; (as n. with firste) primum mobile," s.v. movable, moveable a. and sb. OED. KEY: mevable@adj mevable@adj#n
mevable adj 10 moevable 10
mevable adj#n 3 moevable 3

mevement n. "movement," s.v. movement OED. KEY: mevement@n
mevement n 2 moevement 2

meven v. "move; impel; control; raise, set forth (question, accusation); stimulate, provoke; move emotionally; (ppl. adj.) moving," s.v. move v. OED, moving ppl. a. OED. KEY: meven@v meven@v#adj
meven v#adj 1 moevynge 1
meven v 67 imoevid 2 meve 3 meved 3 moeve 12 moeved 8 moevede 2 moeven 8 moeveth 17 moevid 2 moevith 1 moevynge 2 moveth 6 ymoeved 1

mevere n. "mover, cause," s.v. mover\1 OED. KEY: mevere@n
mevere n 4 moevere 3 mover 1

mevinge ger. "motion, movement; (with firste) (primum) mobile; disturbance; stimulus; change," s.v. moving vbl. sb. OED. KEY: mevinge@ger
mevinge ger 50 mevynge 3 moeving 6 moevyng 10 moevynge 16 moevynges 13 moevyngis 1 movynge 1

meward n. "my direction," s.v. -ward suffix OED, me pron. MED. KEY: meward@n
meward n 3 me-ward 1 meward 2

Michias n. "Micah, the prophet (in the Bible)," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: michias@n#propn
michias n#propn 1 michias 1

mid adj. & pref. "(as adj.) mid, middle," s.v. mid a., sb.\1, and adv. OED. KEY: mid@adj
mid adj 1 myd 1

mid n. "middle," s.v. mid a., sb.\1, and adv. OED. KEY: mid@n
mid n 2 myd 1 mydde 1

Mida n. "Midas, king of Phrygia," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: mida@n#propn
mida n#propn 3 mida 1 myda 2

middel adj. "middle," s.v. middle a. and sb. OED. KEY: middel@adj
middel adj 9 middel 1 myddel 7 mydel 1

middel n. "middle," s.v. middle a. and sb. OED. KEY: middel@n
middel n 9 myddel 7 myddill 1 myddle 1

Middelburgh n. "Middleburg, in Holland," place name; s.v. middel adj. MED. KEY: middelburgh@n#propn
middelburgh n#propn 1 middelburgh 1

middes n. "middle, midst," s.v. mids sb., adv. and prep. OED. KEY: middes@n
middes n 2 myddes 2

mid-night n. "midnight (also as adj.)," s.v. midnight sb. OED. KEY: mid-night@n mid-night@n#adj
mid-night n#adj 2 mydnight 2
mid-night n 10 midnyght 1 mydnight 5 mydnyght 4

mid-ward n.(1), adj., & adv. "(as n.) middle," s.v. midward a., sb., adv., and prep. OED. KEY: mid-ward@n1
mid-ward n1 1 myddeward 1

Mighel-messe n. "Michaelmas," s.v. Michaelmas OED. KEY: mighel-messe@n
mighel-messe n 1 michelmesse 1

might n. "might, power, strength; ability, capacity," s.v. might sb. OED. KEY: might@n
might n 175 might 2 myght 167 myghte 5 myghtes 1

mighti adj. "mighty, powerful, strong; big; capable," s.v. mighty a. and adv. OED. KEY: mighti@adj
mighti adj 98 mighti 1 mighty 2 myghti 14 myghty 80 myghtyere 1

mightili adv. "mightily, strongly; greatly," s.v. mightily adv. OED. KEY: mightili@adv
mightili adv 8 myghtely 1 myghtily 6 myghtyly 1

Milan n. "Milan, in Italy," place name. KEY: milan@n#propn
milan n#propn 1 melan 1

milde adj. "mild," s.v. mild a. OED. KEY: milde@adj
milde adj 1 milde 1

mile n.(1) "mile; (as adj. with wey) twenty minutes," s.v. mile sb.\1 OED. KEY: mile@n1 mile@n1#adj
mile n1#adj 3 mile 1 myle 2
mile n1 17 mile 6 miles 3 myle 7 myles 1

Milesie n. "Miletus, a town in Asia Minor," place name; not in MED. KEY: milesie@n#propn
milesie n#propn 1 milesie 1

mile-wei n. "twenty minutes," s.v. mileway OED, mile n.(1) MED. KEY: mile-wei@n
mile-wei n 1 mile-wei 1

milioun num. "(as n.) million," s.v. million OED. KEY: milioun@num_n
milioun num_n 1 millioun 1

milk n. "milk," s.v. milk sb. OED. KEY: milk@n
milk n 14 melk 1 milk 12 mylk 1

milki adj. "milky," s.v. Milky Way OED. KEY: milki@adj
milki adj 1 milky 1

milk-sop n. "milksop, feeble man," s.v. milksop OED, milk n. MED. KEY: milk-sop@n
milk-sop n 1 milksop 1

milne n. "mill," s.v. mill sb.\1 OED. KEY: milne@n
milne n 11 melle 3 mille 8

milnere n. "miller," s.v. miller OED. KEY: milnere@n
milnere n 39 millere 36 milleres 2 milleris 1

milne-ston n. "millstone," s.v. millstone OED. KEY: milne-ston@n
milne-ston n 1 milnestones 1

min pron. "my, mine (also absolutely, as quasi-noun)," s.v. mine poss. pron. OED. KEY: min@pron
min pron 2745 mi 1 my 2060 myn 638 myne 46

minde n.(1) "mind, thought, memory," s.v. mind sb.\1 OED. KEY: minde@n1
minde n1 79 minde 1 mynde 78

minen v. "undermine, as in a siege," s.v. mine v. OED. KEY: minen@v
minen v 3 myne 3

Minerve n. "Minerva, goddess of wisdom," proper n. KEY: minerve@n#propn
minerve n#propn 4 minerva 1 mynerva 1 mynerve 2

ministre n. "minister, agent, deputy; public official," s.v. minister sb. OED. KEY: ministre@n
ministren v. "administer, control," s.v. minister v. OED. KEY: ministren@v
ministre n 8 ministre 5 ministres 3

ministren v 1 mynystreth 1

minnen v.(1) "remember," s.v. min v.\2 OED. KEY: minnen@v1
minnen v1 1 mynne 1

Minos n. "Minos, king of Crete, judge of the dead," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: minos@n#propn
minos n#propn 15 minos 1 mynos 14

Minotaure n. "the Minotaur," s.v. Minotaur OED. KEY: minotaure@n
minotaure n 4 mynotaur 4

minour n. "miner, digger of tunnels," s.v. miner\1 OED. KEY: minour@n
minour n 1 mynour 1

minstral n. "minstrel, musician, entertainer," s.v. minstrel sb. OED. KEY: minstral@n
minstral n 5 mynstrales 2 mynstralles 2 mynstrals 1

minstralsie n. "music, musical entertainment; musical instrument," s.v. minstrelsy OED. KEY: minstralsie@n
minstralsie n 12 minstralsye 1 mynstralcie 5 mynstralcies 1 mynstralcye 5

minte n.(1) "mint, the herb," s.v. mint sb.\2 OED. KEY: minte@n1
minte n1 1 mentes 1

minten v. "(ppl.) intending," s.v. mint v.\1 OED. KEY: minten@v
minten v 1 myntynge 1

minute n.(1) "minute," s.v. minute sb.\1 OED. KEY: minute@n1
minute n1 19 minute 2 minutes 8 mynute 1 mynutes 8

miracle n. "miracle; story of a miracle; miracle play," s.v. miracle sb. OED. KEY: miracle@n
miracle n 21 miracle 9 miracles 1 myracle 8 myracles 2 myrakles 1

mire n.(1) "mire, bog," s.v. mire sb.\1 OED. KEY: mire@n1
mire n1 5 mire 2 myre 3

mirie adj. "merry, cheerful, pleasant; (as n.) merriment," s.v. merry a. and adv. OED. KEY: mirie@adj mirie@adj#n
mirie adj#n 1 myrie 1
mirie adj 72 merie 4 mery 10 merye 7 mirye 1 murie 8 murier 2 mury 2 murye 5 myrie 32 myry 1

mirie adv. "merrily, cheerfully," s.v. merry a. and adv. OED. KEY: mirie@adv
mirie adv 11 mery 1 murier 2 murye 2 myrie 5 myrier 1

mirili adv. "merrily, cheerfully," s.v. merrily adv. OED. KEY: mirili@adv
mirili adv 13 meryly 1 murierly 1 murily 4 myriely 1 myrily 6

mirinesse n. "merriment," s.v. merriness OED. KEY: mirinesse@n
mirinesse n 1 myrynesse 1

mirour n. "mirror; magnifying glass; model, exemplar," s.v. mirror sb. OED. KEY: mirour@n
mirour n 30 mirour 20 mirours 1 mirrour 5 myrour 3 myrrour 1

Mirra n. "Myrrah, metamorphosed into a tree," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: mirra@n#propn
mirra n#propn 1 mirra 1

mirre n. "myrrh," s.v. myrrh\1 OED. KEY: mirre@n
mirre n 1 mirre 1

mirthe n. "mirth, gaiety (also as proper n., personified); joy, pleasure; cause of mirth," s.v. mirth sb. OED. KEY: mirthe@n mirthe@n#propn
mirthe n 28 mirth 1 murthe 4 myrthe 22 myrthes 1
mirthe n#propn 14 mirthe 2 myrthe 12

mirtheles adj. "mirthless, joyless," s.v. mirthless a. OED. KEY: mirtheles@adj
mirtheles adj 1 myrtheles 1

mis adj. "amiss, wrong," s.v. mis a. OED. KEY: mis@adj
mis adj 6 mys 6

mis n. "wrong, evil," s.v. miss sb.\1 OED. KEY: mis@n
mis n 1 mis 1

misaccounten v. "(ppl.) misreckoned," s.v. misaccount v. OED. KEY: misaccounten@v
misaccounten v 1 misacounted 1

misaventure n. "misadventure, misfortune," s.v. misadventure sb. OED, misaunter n. OED. KEY: misaventure@n
misaventure n 9 mysaunter 1 mysaventure 8

misavisen v. "(reflex.) misadvise, be ill-advised, act imprudently," s.v. misadvise v. OED. KEY: misavisen@v
misavisen v 1 mysavyse 1

misbeden v. "(ppl.) injured, offended," s.v. misbede v. OED. KEY: misbeden@v
misbeden v 1 mysboden 1

misberen v. "(ppl.) misbehaved," s.v. misbear v. OED. KEY: misberen@v
misberen v 1 mysborn 1

misbileve n. "suspicion, distrust," s.v. misbelief OED. KEY: misbileve@n
misbileve n 1 mysbileeve 1

misbileven v. "(ppl. adj.) unbelieving, faithless; (ppl. adj. as n.) unbelieving one," s.v. misbelieved a. OED. KEY: misbileven@v#adj%ppl misbileven@v#adj_n
misbileven v#adj 2 misbileeved 1 mysbyleved 1

miscarien v. "miscarry, suffer harm," s.v. miscarry v. OED. KEY: miscarien@v
miscarien v 1 myscarie 1

mischaunce n. "mischance, misfortune (also as proper n., personified); wrongdoing," s.v. mischance sb. OED. KEY: mischaunce@n mischaunce@n#propn
mischaunce n 49 meschance 7 meschances 1 meschaunce 24 meschaunces 1 mischaunce 3 myschance 1 myschaunce 12
mischaunce n#propn 1 meschaunce 1

mischef n. "mischief, wrong; bad luck, misfortune; distress, ailment," s.v. mischief sb. OED. KEY: mischef@n
mischef n 28 mescheef 5 meschief 16 myscheef 1 myschef 6

misconceiven v. "misconceive, perceive wrongly," s.v. misconceive v. OED. KEY: misconceiven@v
misconceiven v 1 mysconceyveth 1

misconstruen v. "misconstrue," s.v. misconstrue v. OED. KEY: misconstruen@v
misconstruen v 1 mysconstruwe 1

miscounting ger. "embezzlement," s.v. miscounting vbl. sb. OED; an emendation, hence not in MED; cf. miscounten v. MED. KEY: miscounting@ger
miscounting ger 1 myscounting 1

misdede n. "misdeed," s.v. misdeed OED. KEY: misdede@n
misdede n 3 mysdede 1 mysdedes 2

misdemen v. "misjudge," s.v. misdeem v. OED. KEY: misdemen@v
misdemen v 3 mysdeme 1 mysdemen 1 mysdemeth 1

misdeparten v. "distribute unfairly," s.v. misdepart v. OED. KEY: misdeparten@v
misdeparten v 1 mysdeparteth 1

misdoere n. "wrongdoer," s.v. misdoer OED. KEY: misdoere@n
misdoere n 2 mysdoeres 1 mysdoers 1

misdoinge ger. "wrongdoing," s.v. misdoing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: misdoinge@ger
misdoinge ger 1 mysdoynge 1

misdon v. "do wrong," s.v. misdo v. OED. KEY: misdon@v
misdon v 2 mysdoon 1 mysdooth 1

misdrauinge ger. "pulling in different directions," s.v. misdraw v. OED. KEY: misdrauinge@ger
misdrauinge ger 1 mysdrawynges 1

mi-self pron. "myself," s.v. myself pron. OED. KEY: mi-self@pron
mi-self pron 70 myself 51 myselve 6 myselven 12 mysilf 1

misentrechaungen v. "(ppl.) turned upside down"; not in OED. KEY: misentrechaungen@v
misentrechaungen v 1 mysentrechaunged 1

misericorde n. "mercy, pity," s.v. misericord sb. OED. KEY: misericorde@n
misericorde n 17 misericorde 16 misericordes 1

miserie n. "misery," s.v. misery OED. KEY: miserie@n
miserie n 3 miserie 2 myserie 1

misese n. "distress, suffering," s.v. misease sb. OED. KEY: misese@n
misese n 8 misese 1 mysese 3 myseses 1 myseyse 3

misesed ppl. "distressed, in want," s.v. miseased a. OED. KEY: misesed@ppl
misesed ppl 1 mysesed 1

misfallen v. "suffer misfortune," s.v. misfall v. OED. KEY: misfallen@v
misfallen v 1 mysfille 1

misforyeven v. "cause to have misgivings," s.v. misforgive v. OED. KEY: misforyeven@v
misforyeven v 1 mysforyaf 1

misgien v. "(ppl.) misled," s.v. misgye v. OED. KEY: misgien@v
misgien v 1 mysgyed 1

misgon v. "(ppl.) gone astray," s.v. misgo v. OED. KEY: misgon@v
misgon v 4 mysgo 1 mysgon 1 mysgoon 2

misgovernaunce n. "misconduct, wrongdoing," s.v. misgovernance OED. KEY: misgovernaunce@n
misgovernaunce n 1 mysgovernaunce 1

mishap n. "mishap, misfortune (as proper n., personified)," s.v. mishap sb. OED. KEY: mishap@n#propn
mishap n#propn 1 mishap 1

mishappen v. "suffer misfortune," s.v. mishap v. OED. KEY: mishappen@v
mishappen v 3 myshappe 2 myshapped 1

mishappi adj. "unfortunate, unhappy," s.v. mishappy a. OED. KEY: mishappi@adj
mishappi adj 1 myshappy 1

misknouen v. "(ppl.) ignorant," s.v. misknow v. OED. KEY: misknouen@v
misknouen v 1 mysknowynge 1

misknouinge ger. "ignorance," s.v. misknowing vbl. sb. OED. KEY: misknouinge@ger
misknouinge ger 1 mysknowynge 1

misleden v. "mislead, lead astray," s.v. mislead v. OED. KEY: misleden@v
misleden v 4 mysledden 1 mysledeth 3

misledinge ger. "mistaken way," s.v. misleading vbl. sb. OED. KEY: misledinge@ger
misledinge ger 1 mysledynges 1

mislien v. "lie in a wrong position," s.v. mislie v. OED. KEY: mislien@v
mislien v 1 myslay 1

misliken v.(1) "displease," s.v. mislike v. OED. KEY: misliken@v1
misliken v1 1 myslyketh 1

misliven v. "(ppl. adj.) of evil life," s.v. mislived a. OED. KEY: misliven@v#adj
misliven v#adj 1 myslyved 1

mismetren v. "spoil the meter," s.v. mismetre v. OED. KEY: mismetren@v
mismetren v 1 mysmetre 1

misseien v. "speak amiss; slander," s.v. missay v. OED. KEY: misseien@v
misseien v 8 myssayd 2 mysseid 1 mysseyd 1 mysseyde 1 mysseye 1 mysseyest 1 mysseyeth 1

missen v.(1) "miss, notice to be missing; fail to find; lack; fail," s.v. miss v.\1 OED. KEY: missen@v1
missen v1 10 mis 1 misse 1 missed 2 mysse 6

missette ppl. "misplaced, poorly chosen," s.v. misset v. OED. KEY: missette@ppl
missette ppl 1 mysset 1

missitten v. "be unsuitable, misbecome," s.v. missit v. OED. KEY: missitten@v
missitten v 2 myssat 2

misspeken v. "speak wrongly," s.v. misspeak v. OED. KEY: misspeken@v
misspeken v 2 mysspak 1 mysspeke 1

misspendinge ger. "squandering," s.v. misspending vbl. sb. OED. KEY: misspendinge@ger
misspendinge ger 1 mysspendynge 1

mistaken v. "mistake, make a mistake; do wrong," s.v. mistake v. OED. KEY: mistaken@v
mistaken v 4 mistakith 1 mystake 1 mystaken 2

mist n.(1) "mist," s.v. mist sb.\1 OED. KEY: mist@n1
mist n1 3 myst 2 mystes 1

mister n. "occupation; situation; need; (as adj.) kind of (s.v. mister-man n. MED)," s.v. mister sb.\1 OED. KEY: mister@n mister@n#adj
mister n 3 mester 1 myster 2
mister n#adj 1 myster 1

misterie n.(2) "ministry, spiritual office," s.v. mystery sb.\2 OED. KEY: misterie@n2
misterie n2 2 mysterie 1 mysterye 1

misti adj.(1) "misty, foggy," s.v. misty a\1 OED. KEY: misti@adj1
misti adj1 1 misty 1

mistiden v. "have bad luck, suffer misfortune," s.v. mistide v. OED. KEY: mistiden@v
mistiden v 1 mystyde 1

mistihede n. "mystery," s.v. mistihede OED. KEY: mistihede@n
mistihede n 1 mystihed 1

mistili adv. "mistily, obscurely," s.v. mistily adv. OED. KEY: mistili@adv
mistili adv 1 mystily 1

mistristen v. "mistrust," s.v. mistrist v. OED. KEY: mistristen@v
mistristen v 1 mystriste 1

mistrust n. "mistrust," s.v. mistrust sb. OED. KEY: mistrust@n
mistrust n 2 mistrust 1 mystrust 1

mistrusten v. "mistrust," s.v. mistrust v. OED. KEY: mistrusten@v
mistrusten v 6 mistrust 1 mistrusten 1 mystruste 2 mystrusted 1 mystrusten 1

misturnen v. "misguide," s.v. misturn v. OED. KEY: misturnen@v
misturnen v 3 mystorned 1 mystorneth 2

misusen v. "misuse," s.v. misuse v. OED. KEY: misusen@v
misusen v 3 mysusen 1 mysuseth 2

miswandringe ppl. "(adj.) going astray, erring," s.v. miswandering ppl. a. OED. KEY: miswandringe@prp#adj
miswandringe prp#adj 2 myswandrynge 2

miswei n. "false path, digression," s.v. misway OED. KEY: miswei@n
miswei n 2 mysweyes 2

miswenden v. "(ppl.) gone astray," s.v. miswend v. OED. KEY: miswenden@v
miswenden v 1 myswent 1

miswriten v. "miswrite," s.v. miswrite v. OED. KEY: miswriten@v
miswriten v 1 myswrite 1

mitaine n. "mitten, glove," s.v. mitten OED. KEY: mitaine@n
mitaine n 2 mitayn 1 miteyn 1

mite n.(1) "mite, small insect," s.v. mite\1 OED. KEY: mite@n1
mite n1 1 mytes 1

mite n.(2) "mite, coin of very small value," s.v. mite\2 OED. KEY: mite@n2
mite n2 11 myte 11

mitre n. "bishop's miter," s.v. mitre sb.\1 OED. KEY: mitre@n
mitre n 3 mytre 3

mixen n. "dunghill," s.v. mixen OED. KEY: mixen@n
mixen n 1 mixne 1

mo adj. "more," s.v. mo adv., quasi-sb. and a. OED. KEY: mo@adj
mo adj 88 mo 68 moo 20

mo adv. "more, again," s.v. mo adv., quasi-sb. and a. OED. KEY: mo@adv
mo adv 55 mo 46 moo 9

mo n. "more, others," s.v. mo adv., quasi-sb. and a. OED. KEY: mo@n
mo n 37 mo 33 moo 4

mocchen v. "munch," s.v. munch v. OED. KEY: mocchen@v
mocchen v 1 mucche 1

mocioun n. "motion; inclination, desire," s.v. motion sb. OED. KEY: mocioun@n
mocioun n 2 mocioun 2

mod n. "mood," s.v. mood sb.\1 OED. KEY: mod@n
mod n 2 mood 2

mode n. "(pl.) melodies, kinds of music," s.v. mode sb. OED. KEY: mode@n
mode n 1 moedes 1

moder n. "mother (also as adj.); (astro.) plate on an astrolabe," s.v. mother sb. OED. KEY: moder@n moder@n#adj
moder n#adj 1 mooder 1
moder n 99 moder 18 modir 5 mooder 69 moodres 7

modifien v. "modify," s.v. modify v. OED. KEY: modifien@v
modifien v 1 modifye 1

moeble adj. "movable," s.v. moble a. and sb. OED. KEY: moeble@adj
moeble adj 1 moeble 1

moeble n. "movable wealth, personal property," s.v. moble a. and sb. OED. KEY: moeble@n
moeble n 5 moeble 3 moebles 2

moevablete n. "mutability," s.v. movability OED. KEY: moevablete@n
moevablete n 1 moevablete 1

Moises n. "Moses (in the Bible)," proper n. KEY: moises@n#propn
moises n#propn 7 moises 1 moyses 6

moisoun n. "size, dimension," s.v. moison OED. KEY: moisoun@n
moisoun n 1 moysoun 1

moiste adj. "moist, wet; supple, fresh," s.v. moist a. and sb. OED. KEY: moiste@adj
moiste adj 9 moist 1 moiste 1 moyst 2 moyste 5

moiste n. "moistness; the elemental quality of moistness," s.v. moist a. and sb. OED. KEY: moiste@n
moiste n 4 moiste 1 moyst 1 moyste 2

moisti adj. "(of ale) fresh, new," s.v. moisty a. OED. KEY: moisti@adj
moisti adj 1 moysty 1

moisture n. "moisture," s.v. moisture sb. OED. KEY: moisture@n
moisture n 2 moisture 2

mokeren v. "hoard," s.v. mucker v.\1 OED. KEY: mokeren@v
mokeren v 2 mokeren 1 mokre 1

mokerere n. "miser," s.v. muckerer OED. KEY: mokerere@n
mokerere n 1 mokereres 1

moleste n. "trouble, affliction," s.v. molest sb. OED. KEY: moleste@n
moleste n 2 moleste 2

mollificacioun n. "softening," s.v. mollification OED. KEY: mollificacioun@n
mollificacioun n 1 mollificacioun 1

molloke n. "rubbish," s.v. mullock sb. OED. KEY: molloke@n
molloke n 3 mullok 3

moment n. "moment," s.v. moment sb. OED. KEY: moment@n
moment n 8 moment 8

mon Fr. pron. "my." KEY: mon@fr_pron
mon fr_pron 4 mon 4

mon n.(1) "moan; lament, complaint," s.v. moan sb. OED. KEY: mon@n1
mon n1 13 mone 11 moone 2

mone n.(1) "moon (also as adj.; s.v. mone-light n. MED); position of the moon," s.v. moon sb. OED. KEY: mone@n1 mone@n1#adj
mone n1#adj 2 mone 1 moone 1
mone n1 75 mone 39 mones 1 moone 32 moones 3

Mone-dai n. "Monday," s.v. Monday OED. KEY: mone-dai@n
mone-dai n 5 monday 5

moneie n. "money," s.v. money sb. OED. KEY: moneie@n
moneie n 22 moneie 3 moneye 19

Monesteo n. "Mnestheus, son of Priam," proper n.; not in MED. KEY: monesteo@n#propn
monesteo n#propn 1 monesteo 1

monk n. "monk," s.v. monk sb. OED. KEY: monk@n
monk n 31 monk 28 monkes 3

monstre n. "monster," s.v. monster sb. and a. OED. KEY: monstre@n
monstre n 10 monstre 7 monstres 3

monstruous adj. "monstrous," s.v. monstrous a. OED. KEY: monstruous@adj
monstruous adj 1 monstruous 1

month n. "month," s.v. month\1 OED. KEY: month@n
month n 29 month 18 monthes 11

moral adj. "moral, virtuous; edifying, concerned with morality," s.v. moral a. OED. KEY: moral@adj
moral adj 7 moral 7

moralite n. "morality, virtuous conduct; discourse on morals; moral significance," s.v. morality OED. KEY: moralite@n
moralite n 7 moralite 1 moralitee 5 moralitees 1

mordaunt n. "clasp," s.v. mordant sb. OED. KEY: mordaunt@n
mordaunt n 1 mourdaunt 1

more adj. comp. "more," s.v. more a. (sb.) and adv. OED. KEY: more@adj
more adj 16