Deposition of Sir John Sully

The great age of this deponent is open to question; however, many very aged knights were called to testify, and it is notable how many of those of quite advanced years were still active in arms.

SIR JOHN SULLY, of the age of one hundred and five years, and armed eighty years, deposed that he had seen and known the arms of Sir Richard Scrope, borne by Sir Henry Scrope, at the battle of Halidon Hill, the field Azure, a bend Or, with a label Argent.

He afterwards saw the said Sir Henry armed in the same arms at the siege of Berwick; Sir William Scrope at the battle of Cressy, so armed with a difference; the said Sir Richard armed in the same arms at the battle of Espagnols-sur-mere; and afterwards saw the said Sir William Scrope armed in the same arms with the Prince at the battle of Poictiers, and the said Sir Richard so armed at the battle of Spain [Najara.]

Sully said he had also seen and known others of the name and lineage armed in the same arms in journeys and expeditions, with differences; and in his time he had always heard that the said arms belonged to Sir Richard Scrope by descent, who, with others of his lineage, had peaceably enjoyed them from beyond the time of memory.

As to Sir Robert Grosvenor, he never saw or heard of him or of his ancestors, until the time of his examination.

[The arms of the family of Sully were, Ermine, three chrevronels Gules, but, according to the plate of the Deponent's arms in his stall at Windsor, he bore Ermine, four barrrulets Gules; and two bulls horns for his Crest.]

The text is from The Controversy between Sir Richard Scrope and Sir Robert Grosvenor in the Court of Chivalry A.D. MCCCLXXXV-MCCCXC, ed. Sir N. Harris Nicholas. London. 1832. pp. 242-43 [paragraphing added].