Lesson 7

The General Prologue

Begin with reading through the interlinear translation of The General Prologue. There are quizzes for you to take to gauge your progress. Go through them carefully; these are harder than the quizzes set for the Shipman's Tale (which stressed very basic vocabulary items), so do not be disturbed if you have some initial difficulty with them.

When you feel confident about your reading of the interlinear text, return to this page and then read through the General Prologue in your printed text. Go slowly and read for enjoyment as well as understanding. Consult the Explanatory Notes, which will often help increase your understanding of the text as well as some aspects of life in Chaucer's time.

When you have finished this reading (and taken the vocabulary quizzes along the way, then to see how much you learned from the explanatory notes, take a quiz on those notes.