[The text is lightly glossed; see the glossary in the Riverside Chaucer for words not glossed here.]

NOAH: Mightfull god verray, 
Maker of all that is, 
Three persons wihouten nay, 
oone god in endles blis, 
5 Thou made both night and day, 
beest, fowle, and fish, 
All creatures that live may, 
wrought thou at thy wish, 
As thou wel might; 
10 The son, the moone, verrament, 
Thou made; the firmament, 
The sternes also full fervent, 
To shine thou made ful bright. 
Angels thou made ful even, 
15 all orders that is, 
To have the blis in heven; 
this did thou more and les, 
Full mervelus to neven,  say
yet was ther unkindnes, 
20 More by foldes seven,  times seven
then I can well expres;
For why? 
Of all angels in brightnes 
God gaf Lucifer most lightnes, 
25 Yit proudly he flyt his des, fled from his assigned place 
And set him even Him by. i.e., sat next to God 
He thoght himself as worthi 
as him that him made, 
In brightnes, in bewty. 
30 Therfor he him degrade; i.e. God degraded him 
Put him in a low degre soon after, in a brade, brief time
Him and all his menye, retinue, followers 
wher he may be unglad, 
For ever. 
35 shall thay never win away 
Hence unto Domesday, 
Bot burne in bale for ay, pain 
Shall thay never dissever. get away (form the pain) 
Soone after that gracious lord 
40 to his liknes made man, 
That place to be restord, 
even as he began, 
Of the Trinite by accord, 
Adam and Eve that woman, 
45 To multiplie without discord, 
in Paradise put he thaym, 
And sithen to both 
Gaf in commaundement, 
On the tree of life to lay no hend; 
50 Bot yet the fals feend, 
Made him with man wroth, 
Entised man to Glotony, 
stird him to sin in Pride; 
Bot in Paradise securly 
55 might no sin abide, 
And therfor man full hastely 
was put out, in that tide, 
In wo and wandreth for to be, 
in paines full unrid, misfortune. . . cruel 
60 To knowe, 
First in erth, sithen in Hell 
With feendis for to dwell, 
Bot he his mercy mell mingle (with justice) 
To those that will him trowe.  promised 
65 Oile of mercy he us hight, 
As I have herd red, 
To every living wight 
that wold luf him and dred, 
Bot now before his sight 
70 every living lede, creature 
Most party day and night  The majority 
sin in word and dede
Full bold; 
Som in Pride, Ire and Envy, 
75 Som in Covetise and Glotiny, Covetousness 
Som in Sloth and Lechery, 
And other wise many fold. many times 
Therfor I drede lest God 
on us will take venjance, 
80 For sin is now 
alod without any repentance;
Six hundreth yeres and odd 
have I, without distance, 
In erth, as any sod, 
85 lived with grete grevance 
All way; 
And now I wax old, 
Seke, sory, and cold, Sick 
As muk apon mold muck on earth 
90 I widder away; wither 
Bot yet will I cry 
for mercy and call; 
Noe thy servant, am I, 
lord over all! 
95 Therfor me and my fry  children 
shal with me fall;
Save from velany 
and bring to thy hall 
In heven; 
100 And kepe me from sin, 
This world, within; 
Comly king of mankin, mankind 
I pray thee here my steven! hear . . . voice 
[God speaks from above] 
GOD: Sin I have made all thing 
105 that is livand, living 
Duke, emperour, and king, 
with mine awne hand, 
For to have thare liking 
by see and bi sand, 
110 Every man to my bidding 
shuld, be bowand bowing 
Full fervent; 
That made man sich a creatoure, 
Fairest of favoure, 
Man must luf me paramoure, love me devotedly 
By reson, and repent. 
Me thoght I shewed man luf 
when I made him to be 
All angels abuf 
120 like to the Trinitee; 
And now in grete reprufe 
full low ligges he, lies 
In erth himself to stuf 
with sin that displease me 
Most of all; 
Venjance will I take, 
In erth for sin sake, 
My grame thus will I wake, anger 
Both of grete and small. 
130 I repente full sore 
that ever made I man, 
By me he settes no store, 
and I am his soveran; 
I will distroy therfor 
both beest, man, and woman; 
All shall perish les and more; 
that bargain may thay ban, curse 
That ill has done. 
In erth I see right noght 
140 Bot sin that is unsoght; not atoned for 
Of those that well has wroght 
Find I bot a fone. few 
Therfor shall I fordo  destroy 
all this medill-erd earth 
With floodes that shall flo flow 
rin with hidous rerd, run. . . sound 
I have good cause therto; 
for me no man is ferd, 
As I say shal I do, 
150 of veniance draw my swerd, 
And make end, 
Of all that beres life, 
Sauf Noe and his wife, 
For that wold never strife that = he . . . strive 
With me ne me offend. 
Him to mekill win joy 
hastly will I go, 
To Noe my servant, or I blin  ere I cease 
to warn him of his wo. 
160 In erth I se bot sin 
reinand to and fro, reigning everywhere 
Among both more min, 
ichon other fo; more and less (in rank) 
With all thare entent; 
All shall I fordo 
With floodes that shall floo, 
Work shall I thaim wo, them 
That will not repent. 
[God descends and comes to Noah] 
Noe, my freend, I thee commaund 
170 from cares thee to keyle, be cooled, allayed 
A ship that thou ordand ordain 
of naile and bord, ful wele. 
Thou was alway well wirkand,  working 
to me trew as stele, 
To my bidding obediand, 
frendship shal thou fele 
To mede; As a reward 
Of lengthe thy ship be 
Thre hundreth cubettis, warn I thee, 
180 Of heght even thirtee, 
Of fifty als in brede. also in breadth 
Anoint thy ship with pik and tar  pitch 
without als within, 
The water out to spar  get out 
this is a noble gin; clever device 
Look no man thee mar; 
three chese chambres begin, choice 
Thou must spend many a spar 
this work or thou win ere 
190 To end fully. 
Make in thy ship also, 
Parloures oone or two, 
And houses of office mo, 
For beestis that ther must be. 
One cubite on hight 
a windo shal thou make; 
On the side a doore with slight 
be-neyth shal thou take; 
With thee shal no man fight, 
200 nor do thee no kin wrake. no sort of harm 
When all is done thus right, 
thy wife, that is thi make, mate 
Take in to thee; 
Thy sonnes of good fame, 
Sem, Japhet, and Came, 
Take in also Hame, 
Thare wifis also three. 
For all shal be fordone 
210 that live in land bot ye,  above 
With floodis that from abone 
shal fall, that plente; 
It shall begin full sone 
to rain uncessantly, 
After dayes seven be done, 
and endure dayes fourty, 
Withoutten faill. 
Take to thy ship also 
Of ich kind beestis two, 
220 Male female, bot no mo, 
Or thou pull up thy saill, Or = ere 
For thay may thee availl 
when al this thing is wroght; 
Stuf thy ship with vitaill, 
for hungre that ye perish noght; 
Of beestis, foull, and cataill, 
for thaim have thou in thoght, 
For thaim is my counsaill 
that som socour be soght, 
230 In hast; 
Thay must have corn and hay, 
And other mete alway; food 
Do now as I thee say, 
In the name of the holy gast. 
NOAH: A! benedicite! 
What art thou that thus 
Telles afore that shall be? 
Thou art full mervelus! 
Tell me, for charitee 
240 thy name so gracius. 
GOD: My name is of dignitee 
and also full glorius 
To knawe. 
I am God most mighty, 
One God in Trinity, 
Made thee and ech man to be; 
To luf me well thou awe. awe = owe, should 
NOAH: I thank thee, lord, so dere. 
that wold, vouch saf vouchsafe 
250 Thus low to appere 
to a symple knave; person 
Blis us, lord, here, 
for charitee I hit crave, 
The better may we stere  steer 
the ship that we shall have, 
GOD: Noe, to thee and to thy fry children 
My blissing graunt I; 
Ye shall wax and multiply, 
260 And fill the erth agane, 
When all thise floodes ar past 
and fully gone away. 
NOAH: Lord, homward will I hast 
as fast as that I may; 
My wife will I frast 
what she will say, ask 
And I am agast 
that we get som fray 
Betwixt us both; 
270 For she is full techee, tetchy, easy to anger 
For litill oft angree; angry 
If any thing wrong be, 
Sone is she wroth. 
[Noah goes to his wife] 
God spede, dere wife, 
how fayre ye? 
N'S WIFE: Now, as ever might I thrive, 
the wars I thee see; 
Do tell me belife, 
where has thou thus long be? 
280 To dede may we dryfe 
or lif for thee, because of you 
For want. 
When we swete or swink, sweat or work 
Thou dos what thou think, 
Yit of mete and of drink 
Have we veray skant. true scarcity 
NOAH: Wife, we ar hard sted, 
with tithinges new. tidings 
N'S WIFE: Bot thou were worthi be cled 
290 in Stafford blew; 
For thou art alway adred, 
be it fals or trew; 
Bot God knowes I am led, 
and that may I rew, 
Full ill; 
For I dar be thy borow, guarantor 
From even unto morow, 
Thou spekes ever of sorow; 
God send the ones thy fill! once 
300 We women may wary  curse 
all ill husbandes; 
I have one, by Mary 
that loosed me of my bondes! 
If he teen I must tary,  is vexed 
how so ever it standes, 
With seymland full sory,  semblant 
wringand both my handes 
For drede. 
Bot yet other while, 
310 What with game with gile, 
I shall smite and smile, 
And quite him his mede. pay him back 
NOAH: Wee! Hold thy tong, ram-skyt, ram-shit 
or I shall thee still. 
N'S WIFE: By my thrift, if thou smite 
I shal turne the untill. toward you 
NOAH: We shall assay as tyte!  right away 
Have at thee, Gill! 
Upon the bone shal it bite. 
N'S WIFE: A, so, mary! thou smytis ill! 
Bot I suppose 
I shal not in thy det, debt (i.e., because of you) 
Flyt of this flett! move from this place 
Take thee ther a langett strap 
To tie up thy hose! 
[The wife hits Noah] 
NOAH: A! Wilt thou so? Mary, 
that is mine. 
N'S WIFE: Thou shal three for two, 
I swere by goddes pine. pain 
NOAH: And I shall quite thee tho, 
in faith, or sine. ere long 
N'S WIFE: Out upon thee, ho! 
NOAH: Thou can both byte and whine, 
With a rerd! noise 
For all if she strike, 
Yet fast will she skrike, screech 
In fayth I hold, none slike like none such 
In all medill-erd; earth 
Bot I will kepe charitee, 
340 for I have at do. (work) to do 
N'S WIFE: Here shal no man tary thee; 
I pray thee go to! 
Full well may we mis thee, 
as ever have I ro; rest 
To spin will I dres me.  prepare 
NOAH: Wee! fare well, lo; 
Bot wife, 
Pray for me bisile, busily 
To eft I com unto thee. until again 
N'S WIFE: Even as thou prays for me, 
As ever might I thrive. 
[Noah goes to work on the Ark] 
NOAH: I tary full long 
fro my worke, I traw; suppose 
Now my gere will I fang  equipment. . . take 
and thiderward draw; 
I may full ill gang  go 
the soth for to knaw, know 
Bot if god help among 
I may sit downe daw melancholy 
360 To ken; 
Now assay will I 
How I can of wrightry. what I know of carpentry 
In nomine patris, & filii, In the name of the Father and the Son 
Et spiritus sancti, Amen. and the Holy Spirit 
To begin of this tree 
my bones will I bend; 
I trow from the Trinitee 
socoure will be send; 
It faires full fayre, think me, 
370 this work to my hend; hand 
Now blissed be He 
that this can amend. 
Lo, here the length, 
Thre hundred cubittes evenly, 
Of breed, lo, is it fifty, breadth 
The heght is even thirty height 
Cubittes full strength. 
Now my gowne will I cast 
and wirk in my cote, work. . . coat 
380 Make will I the mast 
or I flyt oone foote, ere. . . move away 
A! My bak, I trow, will brast!  break 
this is a sory note! sad business 
Hit is wonder that I last, 
sich an old dote fool 
All dold! grown dull 
To begin such a wark! work 
My bones ar so stark, 
No wonder if thay wark, pain, hurt 
390 For I am full old. 
The top and the saill 
both will I make, 
The helme and the castell 
also will I take, forecastle 
To drive ich a naill 
will I not forsake, every 
This gere may never faill,  gear 
that dar I undertake 
400 This is a nobell gin, good device 
Thise nailes so thay rin, run 
Thoro more and min, through great and small 
Thise bordes ichon; every one 
Window and doore, 
even as he saide, 
Three ches chambre 
thay ar well made, choice, fine 
Pik and tar full sure 
ther upon laide, pitch 
410 This will ever endure; 
therof am I paide; pleased 
For why? 
It is better wroght 
Then I coude have thoght; 
Him that made all of noght 
I thank only. 
Now will I hy me hasten 
and no thing be leder, evil 
My wife and my meneie  household 
420 to bring even heder. hither 
[Noah goes to his wife] 
Tent hedir tidely,  come here quickly 
wife, and consider, 
Hens must us fle 
all sam togeder all of us together 
In hast. 
N'S WIFE: Why, sir, what ailes you? 
Who is that asailes you? 
To fle it availes you, 
And ye be agast. And = if 
NOAH: Ther is garn on the reel  yarn 
other, my dame. 
N'S WIFE: Tell me that ich a del, every bit 
els get ye blame. 
NOAH: He that cares may keyll  cool, alleviate 
blissed be his name! 
He has for oure seyll  happiness 
to sheld us fro shame, 
And said, 
All this world aboute 
440 With floodes so stoute, 
That shall rin on a route, run with a roar 
Shall be overlaide. covered over 
He saide all shall be slain 
bot onely we, 
Oure barnes that ar bain  ready, obedient 
and thare wives thre; 
A ship he bad me ordain 
to save us oure fee, possessions 
Therfor with all oure main 
450 thank we that free noble one 
Beytter of baill; one who remedies evils 
Hy us fast, go we thider. hasten 
NOAH'S WIFE: I wote never whider, 
I dase and I dedir am dazed. . . dither 
For ferd of that taill. fear. . . number 
NOAH: Be not aferd; have don; 
trus sam oure gere, truss together our gear 
That we be ther or none ere noon 
without more dere. danger 
FIRST SON: It shall be done full sone! 
Brother, help to bere. carry 
SECOND SON: Full long shall I not hoyne delay 
to do my devere, duty 
320 Brether sam. (My) brothers all 
THIRD SON: Without any yelp, further talk 
At my might shall I help. 
NOAH'S WIFE: Yit for drede of a skelp blow 
Help well thy dam. mother 
[They go to the Ark; the wife gets in it] 
NOAH: Now ar we there 
570 as we shuld be; 
Do get in oure gere,  possessions 
oure catall and fe, 
In to this vessell here 
my chylder free. noble children 
NOAH'S WIFE: I was never bard ere barred, shut up 
As ever might I thee, prosper 
In sich an oostree as this. hostelry, inn 
In faith I can not find 
Which is before, which is behind; 
580 Bot shall we here be pind, penned, confined 
Noe, as have thou blis? 
[The wife leaves the Ark] 
NOAH: Dame, as it is skill,  reasonable 
here must us abide grace; 
Therfor, wife, with good will, 
com into this place. 
NOAH'S WIFE: Sir, for Jak nor for Gill 
will I turne my face 
Till I have on this hill 
spon a space spun for a while 
590 On my rok; distaff 
Well were he, might get me. 
Now will I downe set me, 
Yit reede I no man let me, advise. . . prevent 
For drede of a knok. fear 
NOAH: Behold to the hevens 
the cateractes all, 
That are open full even, 
grete and small, 
And the planettes seven 
600 left has thare stall, place 
Thise thoners and leven  thunders and lightning 
downe gar fall began to fall 
Full stout, 
Both halles and bowers, 
Castels and towres; 
Full sharp ar thise showers, 
That rennes aboute; run 
Therfor, wife, have done! 
Com into ship fast! 
NOAH'S WIFE: Yee, Noe, go cloute thy shone,  mend your shoes 
the better will thay last. 
FIRST SON'S WIFE: Good moder, com in sone, 
For all is over cast, 
Both the son and the mone. moon 
SECOND SON'S WIFE: And many wind blast 
Full sharp; 
Thise floodes so thay rin, run 
Therfor, moder, come in. 
NOAH'S WIFE: In faith yet will I spin; 
620 All in vain ye carp. talk, complain 
THIRD SON'S WIFE: If ye like ye may spin, 
Moder, in the ship. 
NOAH: Now is this twys Com in, twice 
dame, on my frenship. 
NOAH'S WIFE: Wheder I lose or I win, 
in fayth, thy felowship, 
Set I not a pin. 
This spindell will I slip 
Upon this hill, 
Or I stir one fote. Ere 
NOAH: Peter! I trow we dote; act follishly 
Without any more note business, talk 
Come in if ye will. 
370 NOAH'S WIFE: Yee, water nighes so nere 
that I sit not dry, 
Into ship with a byr 
therfor will I hy hasten 
For drede that I drone here. drown 
NOAH: Dame, securly, 
640 It bees boght full dere,  will be 
ye abode so long by 
Out of ship. 
375 NOAH'S WIFE: I will not, for thy biding, command 
Go from doore to myding. dunghill (privy) 
NOAH: In faith, and for youre long tarying 
Ye shal lik on the whip. i.e., accept your punishment 
NOAH'S WIFE: Spare me not, I pray thee, 
bot even as thou think, 
Thise grete wordes shall not flay me. 
NOAH: Abide, dame, and drink, 
For beten shall thou be 
with this staf to thou stink; to = until 
Ar strokes good? say me. 
[Noah strikes his wife] 
NOAH'S WIFE: What say ye, Wat Wink? 
NOAH: Speke! 
Cry me mercy, I say! 
385 NOAH'S WIFE: Therto say I nay. 
NOAH: Bot thou do, by this day, unless 
Thy hede shall I breke. 
NOAH'S WIFE: Lord, I were at ese, 
and hertely full hoille, whole, contented 
Might I ones have a measse  serving 
of widows coyll; pottage (i.e., were I a widow) 
For thy saull, without lese, 
shuld I dele penny doyll, dole (i.e., gladly pay) 
So wold mo, no frese,  fear (doubt) 
that I se on this sole in this place (in the audience) 
Of wives that ar here, 
For the life that thay leyd, lead 
670 Wold thare husbandes were dede, 
For, as ever ete I brede, 
So wold I oure sire were. our lord (i.e., Noah) 
NOAH: Ye men that has wives 
whils they ar yong, 
If ye luf youre lives, 
chastise thare tong! 
Me think my hert rivis,  splits 
both levyr and long, liver and lung 
To see such strifes wedmen among; wedded men 
680 Bot I, 
As have I blys, 
Shall chastyse this. 
NOAH'S WIFE: Yit may ye miss, 
Nicholl Nedy! 
[Noah and the wife fight, ad lib.] 
NOAH: I shall make thee still as stone, 
beginner of blunder! 
I shall bete thee, bak and bone, 
and breke all in sonder. 
NOAH'S WIFE: Out, alas, I am gone! 
690 Oute apon thee, mans wonder! 
[The fight ends with the wife sitting atop Noah] 
NOAH: See how she can grone, 
and I lig under; lie below 
Bot, wife, 
In this hast let us ho, stop 
For my bak is nere in two. 
NOAH'S WIFE: And I am bet so blo black and blue 
That I may not thrive. 
415 FIRST SON: A! Why fare ye thus, 
Fader and moder both? 
SECOND SON: Ye shuld not be so spitus, 
standing in sich a woth. peril 
THIRD SON: Thise ar so hidus, 
with many a cold coth. disease 
NOAH: We will do as ye bid us; 
we will no more be wroth, 
Dere barnes! children 
420 Now to the helme will I hent, 
And to my ship tent. attend, go 
NOAH'S WIFE: I see on the firmament, 
710 Me think, the seven starnes. stars (planets) 
[All go board the Ark] 
NOAH: This is a grete flood; 
wife, take hede. 
425 NOAH'S WIFE: So me thoght, as I stode; 
we ar in grete drede; 
Thise wawghes ar so wode. waves. . . wild 
NOAH: Help, god, in this nede! 
As Thou art stere-man good, 
and best, as I rede, steersman 
Of all; 
720 Thou rewle us in this rase, rule . . . race, rush of water 
As thou me behete has. promised 
NOAH'S WIFE: This is a perlous case 
Help, god, when we call! 
[Time passes] 
NOAH: Wife, tent the stere-tree, 
and I shall asay tend to the tiller 
The deepnes of the see 
that we bere, if I may. 
NOAH'S WIFE: That shall I do ful wisely; 
now go thy way, 
730 For upon this flood have we 
flett many day, floated 
With pine. pain 
NOAH: Now the water will I sound 
A! It is far to the ground; 
This travell I expound travail 
Had I to tine. time to lose 
Above all hilles bedeyn  at the same time 
the water is risen late 
Cubittes fifteen, 
740 bot in a higher state 
It may not be, I ween, 
for this well I wate, know 
This forty dayes has rain been. 
It will therfor abate 
Full lele. true 
This water in hast, 
Eft will I tast; 
Now am I agast, 
It is waned a grete dele. 
750 Now are the weders cest  ceased 
and cateractes knit, 
Both the most and the leest. 
NOAH'S WIFE: Me think, by my wit, 
The son shines in the eest. 
Lo, is not yond it? 
We shuld have a good feest, 
were thise floodes flyt gone away 
So spitus. cruel 
NOAH: We have been here, all we, 
760 Thre hundreth dayes and fifty. 
NOAH'S WIFE: Yee, now wanes the see; 
Lord, well is us! 
460 NOAH: The thrid tyme will I prufe 
what deepnes we bere. prove, test 
NOAH'S WIFE: How long shall thou hufe? 
Lay in thy line there. delay 
NOAH: I may touch with my lufe 
the ground even here. hand, palm 
NOAH'S WIFE: Then beginnes to grufe 
770 to us mery chere; come to us 
Bot, husband, 
What ground may this be? 
NOAH: The hilles of Armonye. Armenia 
NOAH'S WIFE: Now blissed be He 
That thus for us can ordand! ordain 
NOAH: I see toppes of hilles he, high 
many at a sight, 
No thing to let me,  prevent me (from seeing) 
the wether is so bright. 
NOAH'S WIFE: Thise ar of mercy 
tokens full right. 
NOAH: Dame, thou counsell me 
what foull best might 
And couth, knows how 
With flight of wing 
Bring, without tarrying, 
Of mercy som tokening 
Either by north or southe? 
For this is the first day 
790 of the tent moine. tenth month 
NOAH'S WIFE: The raven, durst I lay, 
will com agane sone; bet 
As fast as thou may 
cast him furth, have done, 
He may happen to day 
com agane or none ere noon 
With grath. readiness (without delay) 
NOAH: I will cast out also 
Douves one or two 
800 Go youre way, go, 
God send you som wathe! prey (something to fetch) 
[Noah releases the birds] 
Now ar thise foules flone  flown 
into sere countre; various countries 
Pray we fast ichon, 
kneland on our knee, kneeling 
To Him that is alone 
worthiest of degre, 
That He wold send anon 
oure foules som fee possession 
810 To glad us. 
NOAH'S WIFE: Thay may not faill of land, 
The water is so wanand. waning 
NOAH: Thank we God all weldand, ruling 
That Lord that made us. 
It is a wonder thing, 
me think sothle, truly 
Thay ar so long tarying, 
the foules that we 
Cast out in the morning. 
NOAH'S WIFE: Syr, it may be 
Thay tary to thay bring. until 
NOAH: The raven is a-hungrye hungered 
All way; always 
He is without any reson; 
And he find any carrion, And = if 
As peraventure may befon, happen 
He will not away; 
The douve is more gentill -- 
her trust I untew -- unto 
830 Like unto the turtell, turtle dove 
for she is ay trew. true 
NOAH'S WIFE: Hence bot a litell. 
She commes! Lew, lew! look, look! 
[The dove appears] 
She bringes in her bill 
som novels new; new things 
It is of an olive tre 
A branch, thinkes me. 
NOAH: It is soth, perdee, by God 
840 Right so is it cald. called 
Douve, bird, full blist, 
faire might thee befall! blessed 
Thou art trew for to trist 
as ston in the wall; trust 
Full well I it wist 
thou wold com to thy hall, knew 
NOAH'S WIFE: A trew token is't.  is it 
We shall be saved all 
For why? 
850 The water, sin she com, since 
Of deepnes plom, plumb 
Is fallen a fathom, 
And more hardely. 
FIRST SON: Thise floodes ar gone, 
fader, behold! 
SECOND SON: Ther is left right none, 
and that be ye bold. 
525 THIRD SON: As still as a stone 
oure ship is stold. fixed 
NOAH: Upon land here anone 
that we were, fain I wold; 
My childer dere, 
Sem, Japhet and Cam, 
With glee and with game, 
Com go we all sam, together 
We will no longer abide here. 
NOAH'S WIFE: Here have we been, 
Noy, long enogh, Noah 
With tray and with teen grief. . . sorrow 
870 and dreed mekill wogh. dreadful great woe 
NOAH: Behold, on this green 
nowther cart ne plogh neither 
Is left, as I ween, 
nowther tree then bogh, neither tree nor bough 
Ne other thing, 
Bot all is away; 
Many castels, I say, 
Grete townes of aray, great condition 
Flitt has this flowing. taken away . . . flood 
NOAH'S WIFE: Thise floodes not afright 
all this world, so wide 
Has meved with might 
on se and by side. moved 
NOAH: To dede ar thay dight death 
proudest of pride, put 
Ever ich a wight 
that ever was spide, 
With sin, 
All ar thay slain, 
890 And put unto pain. i.e., gone to Hell 
NOAH'S WIFE: From thens again 
May thay never win? come 
NOAH: Win? No, i-wis. 
Bot He that might has Unless 
Wold min of thare mys,  be mindful of their distress 
admitte thaim to grace.
As He in bale is blis  in evil (times) is a blessing 
I pray Him in this space, 
In heven hye with His,  high 
900 to purvaye us a place, provide 
That we, 
With His saintes in sight, 
And His angels bright, 
May com to His light 
Amen, for charitee. 
Here ends the play of Noah; that of Abraham follows. 

 The text, lightly regularized and glossed, is from the edition by George England and Alfred W. Pollard, EETS, e.s. 71. London, 1897 [Widener 11473.71]. A newer and better edition is ed. by Martin Stevens and A.C. Cawley, EETS 1994. Note that this new edition has lineation that differs from that in the old EETS edition and that in the version printed above. This form of lineation as been adopted in this text, but note the line numbers of the old EETS edition are used (since this text is based on that edition).