Book II, Metrum 8

Fair chain of Love

Page 54

'Through Love the universe with constancy makes changes all without
discord: earth's elements, though contrary, abide in treaty bound:
Phoebus in his golden car leads up the glowing day; his sister rules
the night that

Page 55

Hesperus brought: the greedy sea confines its waves in bounds, lest the
earth's borders be changed by its beating on them: all these are firmly
bound by Love, which rules both earth and sea, and has its empire in the
heavens too. If Love should slacken this its hold, all mutual love would
change to war; and these would strive to undo the scheme which now their
glorious movements carry out with trust and with accord. By Love are
peoples too kept bound together by a treaty which they may not break. Love
binds with pure affection the sacred tie of wedlock, and speaks its bidding
to all trusty friends. O happy race of mortals, if your hearts are ruled as
is the universe, by Love!

Translated by: W.V. Cooper, J.M. Dent and Company. London, 1902.