Caesarius of Heisterbach - The Friars in Heaven

Caesarius of Heisterbach (d. 1240), Dialogue of Miracles, bk. xi, p. 279.

The Friars in Heaven


A CERTAIN monk of our Order, who loved our Lady well, was rapt in the spirit a few years ago and carried off to behold the glory of heaven, where he saw the divers Orders of the Church Triumphant -- angels and patriarchs, prophets and apostles, martyrs and confessors, all marked with the plain character of their Order, whether Canons Secular or Regular, Praemonstratensians or Cluniacs.

He, therefore, being anxious for his own Order, standing and gazing around and seeing none with the Cistercian habit in all that glory, looked up groaning to the Blessed Mother of God and said: "How is it, most holy Lady, that I see none of our Order in this place? Wherefore are your servants, who honour you so devoutly, shut out from so blessed a company?"

The queen of Heaven, seeing his trouble, answered: "Those of the Cistercian Order are so beloved and so familiar to me that I cherish them even under my arms": whereupon, throwing open the cloak wherein she seemed to be wrapped, and which was wondrous wide, she showed him an innumerable multitude of monks, lay-brethren, and nuns.

He, therefore, triumphant and thankful, returned to his body and told his abbot all that he had seen and heard.


from The Dialogue of Miracles, by Caesarius of Heisterbach (d. 1240), translated by H. von E. Scott and C.C. Swinton Bland (London, 1921). (Paragraphing added.)