Index to Tales and Subjects in the Confessio Amantis

This index is based on Macaulay's marginal notations, which are a running analysis of the contents of the Confessio Amantis. These have been used for subdivisions of the work in order to break it into smaller, more useable units and to serve as a very rough index of contents.


Design of the Book; Dedication CAPro.1-92

Temporal Rulers CAPro.93-192

The Church CAPro.193-498

The Commons; Man the cause of Evil CAPro.499-584

Nebuchadnezzar's Dream; The Empires of the World; The latest Time CAPro.585-848

Division the Cause of Evil CAPro.848-1088

Book I

Love rules the world; example of the author CABk1.1-92

Author's woful Case; His Complaint to Cupid and Venus; The Fiery Dart; Venus Queen of Love; Genius, the priest of Love CABk1.93-202

The Lover's Shrift CABk1.203-288

The Five Senses; Seeing CABk1.289-332

Tale of Acteon CABk1.333-388.

The Tale of Medusa CABk1.389-435

Hearing; Prudence of the Serpent CABk1.436-480

Tale of the Sirens CABk1.481-529

The Sins of the Eye and Ear CABk1.530-574

The Seven deadly Sins; Pride; Five Ministers of Pride; i. Hyocrisy; Hypocrisy of Lovers CABk1.575-760

Tale of Mundus and Paulina CABk1.761-1076

The Trojan horse CABk1.1077-1189

Hypocrisy in Love CABk1.1190-1234

Inobedience CABk1.1235-1342

Murmur and Complaint CABk1.1343-1406

Tale of Florent CABk1.1407-1882

Surquidry or Presumption CABk1.1883-1976

Tale of Capaneus CABk1.1977-2020

The Trump of Death CABk1.2021-2274

Tale of Narcissus CABk1.2275-2358

Presumption of Lovers CABk1.2359-2398

Avantance or Boasting CABk1.2399-2458

Tale of Albinus and Rosemund CABk1.2459-2680

Vain-glory CABk1.2681-2717

The Lover's Confession CABk1.2718-2784

Nebuchadnezzar's Punishment CABk1.2785-3042

Humility CABk1.3043-3066

Tale of the Three Questions CABk1.3067-3402

Humility CABk1.3403-3446

Book II

Envy; Sorrow for another man's Joy CABk2.1-96

Tale of Acis and Galatea CABk2.97-220

Joy for another man's Grief CABk2.221-290

The Travellers and the Angel CABk2.291-382

Detraction; Detraction of Lovers CABk2.383-586

Tale of Constance CABk2.587-1612

Demetrius and Perseus CABk2.1613-1878

False-Semblant CABk2.1879-2144

Deianira and Nessus CABk2.2145-2326

Supplantation CABk2.2327-2458

Geta and Amphitrion CABk2.2459-2500

Tale of the False Bachelor CABk2.2501-2802

Pope Boniface; Joab. Ahitophel. Nature of Envy CABk2.2803-3110

Nature of Envy; Charity and Pity CABk2.3111-3186

Tale of Constantine and Silvester CABk2.3187-3539

Book III

Ire or Wrath; Melancholy CABk3.1-142

Tale of Canace and Machaire CABk3.143-360

Tiresias and the Snakes CABk3.361-394

Melancholy CABk3.395-416

Cheste CABk3.417-638

Patience of Socrates CABk3.639-730

Jupiter, Juno, and Tiresias CABk3.731-767

Cheste CABk3.768-782

Phebus and Cornide CABk3.783-817

Jupiter and Laar CABk3.818-842

Hate CABk3.843-972

King Namplus and the Greeks CABk3.973-1088

Contek and Homicide; Contek within the Heart CABk3.1089-1200

Tale of Diogenes and Alexander; CABk3.1201-1311

Contek CABk3.1312-1330

Pyramus and Thisbe CABk3.1331-1494

The Lover's Confession; Danger; More haste worse than speed CABk3.1495-1684

Tale of Phebus and Daphne CABk3.1685-1728

Fool-haste CABk3.1729-1756

Athemas and Demephon CABk3.1757-1884

Tale of Orestes CABk3.1885-2200

Lawful Homicide CABk3.2201-2250

Evil of War CABk3.2251-2362

Alexander and the Pirate CABk3.2363-2438

Wars and Death of Alexander CABk3.2439-2484

Are Crusades Lawful? Guilt of Homicide; CABk3.2485-2558

A Strange Bird; Mercy CABk3.2559-2638

Tale of Telephus and Teucer CABk3.2639-2774

Book IV

Sloth; Lachesse CABk4.1-76

Eneas and Dido CABk4.77-146

Ulysses and Penelope CABk4.147-233

Grosteste; The Foolish Virgins CABk4.234-260

Lachesse CABk4.261-312

Pusillanimity CABk4.313-370

Pygmaleon and the Statue CABk4.371-450

Tale of Iphis CABk4.451-538

Forgetfulness CABk4.539-730

Demephon and Phillis CABk4.731-886

Negligence CABk4.887-978

Tale of Phaeton CABk4.979-1034

Tale of Icarus CABk4.1035-1082

Idleness CABk4.1083-1244

Tale of Rosiphelee CABk4.1245-1446

Idleness in Love CABk4.1447-1504

Tale of Jephtha's Daughter CABk4.1505-1614

Lovers must approve themselves in arms; Arguments to the Contrary; The Confessor replies CABk4.1615-1814

Tale of Nauplus and Ulysses CABk4.1815-1900

Examples of Prowess; Protesilaus; CABk4.1901a-1934

Saul CABk4.1935-1962

Education of Achilles CABk4.1963-2023

Prowess CABk4.2024-2044

Tale of Hercules and Achelon CABk4.2045-2134

Penthesilea CABk4.2135-2146

Philemenis; Eneas CABk4.2147-2199

Gentilesse CABk4.2200-2291

Effects of Love; Love contrary to Sloth CABk4.2292-2362

Uses of labour; discoverers and inventors CABk4.2363-2456

Alchemy; The Three Stones of the Philosophers; The First Alchemists CABk4.2457-2632

Letters and Language CABk4.2633-2700

Somnolence CABk4.2701-2759

The Lover's Wakefulness CABk4.2760-2890

Dreams CABk4.2891-2926

Tale of Ceix and Alceone CABk4.2927-3123

Sleeping and Waking CABk4.3124-3186

The Prayer of Cephalus CABk4.3187-3316

Argus and Mercury CABk4.3317-3388

Tristesse or Despondency CABk4.3389-3514

Tale of Iphis and Araxarathen CABk4.3515-3712

Book V

Avarice CABk5.1-140

Tale of Midas CABk5.141-362

The Punishment of Tantalus CABk5.363-397

Avarice; Jealousy of Lovers CABk5.398-634

Tale of Vulcan and Venus CABk5.635-746

Belief of the Chaldeans; Belief of the Egyptians CABk5.746-834

Belief of the Greeks CABk5.835-1496

Origin of Idol Worship CABk5.1497-1590

Belief of the Jews CABk5.1591-1736

The Christian Faith CABk5.1737-1970

Coveitise CABk5.1971-2020

Tale of Virgil's Mirror CABk5.2031-2224

Coveitise CABk5.2225-2272

Tale of the Two Coffers CABk5.2273-2390

Tale of the Beggars and the Pasties CABk5.2391-2441

Coveitise of Lovers CABk5.2442-2642

Tale of the King and his Steward's Wife CABk5.2643-2858

False Witness and Perjury CABk5.2859-2960

Tale of Achilles and Deidamia CABk5.2961-3218

Perjury CABk5.3219-3246

Tale of Jason and Medea CABk5.3247-4242

Tale of Phrixus and Helle CABk5.4243-4382

Usury CABk5.4383-4572

Love Brokerage; Tale of Echo; CABk5.4573-4670

Parsimony CABk5.4671-4780

Tale of Babio and Croceus CABk5.4781-4884

Ingratitude CABk5.4885-4936

Tale of Adrian and Bardus CABk5.4937-5162

Ingratitude CABk5.5163-5230

Tale of Theseus and Ariadne CABk5.5231-5504

Ravine CABk5.5505-5550

Tale of Tereus CABk5.5551-6074

Robbery CABk5.6075-6144

Neptune and Cornix CABk5.6145-6224

Tale of Calistona CABk5.6225-6358

Virginity; Chastity of Valentinian CABk5.6359-6492

Stealth and Michery CABk5.6493-6542

Stealth of Lovers CABk5.6543-6712

Tale of Leucothoe CABk5.6713-6896

Tale of Hercules and Faunus CABk5.6807-6960

Sacrilege CABk5.6961-7031

Sacrilege of Lovers CABk5.7032-7194

Tale of Paris and Helen CABk5.7195-7590

Sacrilege of Lovers; Divisions of Avarice CABk5.7591-7640

Prodigality and Largesse CABk5.7641-7760

Prodigality of Lovers CABk5.7761-7844

Book VI

Gluttony; Drunkenness; CABk6.1-75

Love-Drunkenness CABk6.76-324

Jupiter's Two Tuns CABk6.325-390

Prayer; Bacchus in the Desert CABk6.391-466

Love Drunkenness; Tristram CABk6.467-484

Marriage of Pirithous CABk6.485-536

Galbus and Vitellius CABk6.537-616

Delicacy; CABk6.617-664

Love-Delicacy; Delicacy CABk6.665-974

Dives and Lazarus CABk6.975-1150

Delicacy of Nero CABk6.1151-1227

Love-Delicacy CABk6.1228-1260

Sorcery and Witchcraft CABk6.1261-1390

Tale of Ulysses and Telegonus CABk6.1391-1788

Tale of Nectanabus CABk6.1789-2366

Zoroaster; Saul and the Witch; Magic to be Eschewed CABk6.2366-2440

Book VII

The Education of Alexander; Three Parts of Philosophy CABk7.1-60

Theoric; Theology CABk7.61-134

Physics CABk7.135-144

Mathematics CABk7.145-202

Creation of the Four Elements CABk7.203-392

The Four Complexions of Man CABk7.393-489

The Soul of Man CABk7.490-520

The Division of the Earth CABk7.521-632

Astronomy CABk7.633-684

Planets and Signs CABk7.685-720

The Planets CABk7.721-954

The Signs CABk7.955-1280

The Fifteen Stars CABk7.1281-1438

Authors of the Science of Astronomy CABk7.1439-1506

Rhetoric CABk7.1507-1640

Practic; Five Points of Policy CABk7.1641-1710

The First Point of Policy; Truth CABk7.1711-1782

King, Wine, Woman, and Truth CABk7.1783-1916

Tale of Alcestis CABk7.1917-1949

King, Wine, Woman, and Truth CABk7.1950-1984

The Second Point of Policy; Liberality CABk7.1985-2060

Tale of Julius and the Poor Knight CABk7.2061-2114

Antigonus and Cinichus; Discretion in Giving CABk7.2115-2148

Prodigality of Kings; Flatterers CABk7.2149-2216

Tale of Diogenes and Aristippus CABk7.2217-2317

Flattery CABk7.2318-2354

The Roman Triumph CABk7.2355-2411

The Emperor and his Masons CABk7.2412-2448

Caesar's Answer CABk7.2449-2490

Flatterers of a King CABk7.2491-2526

Ahab and Micaiah CABk7.2527-2694

Justice CABk7.2695-2764

Justice of Maximin CABk7.2765-2782

Gaius Fabricius CABk7.2783-2832

The Emperor Conrad CABk7.2833-2844

The Consul Carmidotirus CABk7.2845-2888

Example of Cambyses CABk7.2889-2916

Lycurgus and his Laws CABk7.2917-3028

The First Lawgivers; Kings must keep the Laws CABk7.3029-3102

The Fourth Point of Policy; Pity CABk7.3103-3162

The Tale of Codrus CABk7.3163-3214

Pompeius and the King of Armenia CABk7.3215-3248

Cruelty CABk7.3249-3266

Cruelty of Leontius CABk7.3267-3294

Cruelty of Siculus CABk7.3295-3340

Dionysius and his Horses CABk7.3341-3354

Lichaon CABk7.3355-3386

Nobleness of the Lion CABk7.3387-3416

Spertachus and Thamaris CABk7.3417-3513

Mercy must be without Weakness CABk7.3514-3552

The Mountain and the Mouse CABk7.3553-3593

There is a time for War CABk7.3594-3626

Story of Gideon CABk7.3627-3806

Saul and Agag CABk7.3807-3845

David and Joab CABk7.3846-3890

Solomon's Wisdom CABk7.3891-3944

The Courtiers and the Fool CABk7.3945-4026

Folly of Rehoboam CABk7.4027-4146

Wisdom in a King's Council; Mercy and Justice CABk7.4147-4214

The Fifth Point of Policy; Chastity CABk7.4215-4312

Evil Example of Sardanapalus CABk7.4313-4343

David CABk7.4344-4360

Cyrus and the Lydians CABk7.4361-4405

The Counsel of Balaam CABk7.4406-4468

Evil Example of Solomon CABk7.4469-4514

Division of His Kingdom CABk7.4515-4573

Antonius CABk7.4574-4592

Tarquin and his son Aruns CABk7.4593-4753

The Rape of Lucrece CABk7.4754-5130

Tale of Virginia CABk7.5131-5306

Tobias and Sara CABk7.5307-5365

Chastity CABk7.5366-5438


Lechery; The Origins of Mankind CABk8.1-66

Laws of Marriage CABk8.67-198

Examples of Incest; Caligula; Ammon CABk8.199-222

Lot and his Daughters; Incest CABk8.223-270

Apollonius of Tyre CABk8.271-2028

The Lover requires Counsel; The Confessor replies; The Controversy CABk8. 2029-2216

The Supplication CABk8.2217-2300

Venus replies to the Supplication CABk8.2301-2376

Venus replies to the Supplication (continued) CABk8.2377-2439

The Companies of Lovers CABk8.2440-2744

Cupid and the Lover; The Fiery Dart withdrawn CABk8.2745-2807

The Healing of Love; The Absolution CABk8.2809-2897

Leave-taking of Venus CABk8.2899-2970

Author Prays for the State of England; Evil of Division in the Land; the Duty of a King CABk8.2971-3105

The Book Completed CABk8.3106-3137

Farewell to Earthly Love; Heavenly Love CABk8.3138-3172

Gower's Revisions

Design of the Book; Dedication CAvarPro.24*-92*

Virginity; example of Valentinianus introduced CAvar5.6395*-6439*

Tale of Lucius and the Statue CAvar5.7016*-7210*

Example of Dante CAvar7.2329*-2342*

Pity; example of Alexander CAvar7.3149*-3180*

Tale of the Jew and the Pagan CAvar7.3207*-3360*

Leave-taking of Venus CAvar8.2941*-2970*

Author prays for the King; The King commended CAvar8.2971*-3043*

The Author presents his Book to the King CAvar8.3044*-3069*

Farewell to Earthly Love; Heavenly Love CAvar8.3070*-3114*