Canterbury Tales -- General

P. Strohm    MP 68 69    Some generic distinctions [tale, story, &c.]

E. Reiss    SP 67 70    Pilgrimage narrative & CT

D. R. Howard    ELH 38 71    CT: Memory & Form

J. H. Fisher    MLR 67 72    Chaucer's last revision of CT

J. K. Anderson    Orbis 27 72    Framework Structure of CT

J. H. Wilson    NM 74 73    Pard. and 2nd Nun and order of CT

T. D. Cooke & B. L. Honeycutt,    The Humour of the Fabliaux    Missouri 1974

R. A. Pratt    PQ 54 75    Chaucer's title: The Tales of Canterbury 

S. Gallick    Spec. 50 75    A Look at Ch. & his preachers

G. D. Economou    PQ 54 75    Use of bird-cage imagery in CT

Walter Scheps    ChauR 10 75    The tale-telling competition

N. Harrington    ChauR 10 76    The framing of the CT

D. R. Howard    E&S 29 76    Chaucer's Idea of an Idea

J. Leyerle    E&S 29 76    Thematic interlace in CT

Z. Thundy    NM 77 76    Quest for wisdom in CT

E. D. Blodgett    Spec. 51 76    Chaucerian pryvetee & the opposition to Time

D. R. Howard,    The Idea of the CT    Calif. 76

C. A. Owen,    Pilgrimage & Storytelling    Oklahoma 77

Chas. Blyth    EC 27 77    [review of Howard]

D. W. Robertson    M&H 8 77    [review of Howard]

Ruth Ames    Acta 4 77    Prototype & parody in Chaucerian exegesis

David Pichaske & Laura Sweetland    ChauR 11 77    Host (and medieval monarchy)

T. Stemmler,    Ellesmere mins. of Cant. pilgrims    Mannheim 77

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V. M. Richmond    Viator 10 79    Chauc's presentation of marriage -- pacience in adversitee

P. Strohm    SAC 1 79    Form & social statement in CA & CT

Stewart Justman    ChauR 14 80    Literal & symbolic in the CT

Michael Stugrin    ChauR 15 80    Significance of Pathos in CT

Traugott Lawler,    The One and the Many in the CT    Hamden: Archon Books 80

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L. M. Leitch    ChauR 17 82    Sentence & Solaas: Function of host in CT

Douglas Wurtele    ChauR 17 82    Physiognomical lore in CT

Richard Rex    MP 80 82-3    `Spiced conscience' in CT

Kath. S. Gittes    PMLA 98 83    CT & Arabic frame tradition

Lois Roney    ES 64 83    Theme of Protagonist's intention vs. Actual outcome in CT

M. W. Bloomfield    LSE 14 83    The CT as framed narratives

D. Traversi,    The CT: A Reading    Delaware 83

D. Pearsall    Epidemic irony in modern approaches to the CT    In Boitani/Torti (eds.),    Med. & pseudo-med. lit. 84

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James Dean    PMLA 100 85    Dismantling the Canterbury book [closure themes in last 4 tales]

R. P. McGerr    CL 37 85    Retrospective Structure in CT

T. M. Smallwood    SP 82 85    Ch's distinctive digressions in CT

Carl Lindahl    ELH 52 85    The festive form of the CT

Saul Brody    ChauR 20 85-86    Ch's rhyme royal tales & secularisation of saint

A. Blamires    The Cant. Tales (Series: The Critics Debate)    Macm. 86

J. O. Fichte (ed.),    The Physical & the metaphysical: 6 lectures on the CT    Gunther Narr 86

Roger Ellis,    Patterns of Religious Narrative in the CT    Barnes & N. 86

J. Burrow    EC 36 86    Chaucer's Cant. pilgrimage [frame, esp. Ck/manciple]

Penelope Curtis    Russell F/S 86    Some disincarnational impulses in CT, in Med.

English Religious & Ethical Lit.,    G. Kratzmann (ed)    Brewer 86

Stephen Knight    Russell F/S 86    Ch's religious Cant. Tales

R. W. V. Elliott    Russell F/S 86    Ch's clerical voices

Paul A. Olson,    The CT & the Good Society    Princeton 86

Jon Cook    In Aers, Med. Lit. 86    Carnival and the CT

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D. Lawton    SAC 9 87    Ch's 2 ways: the pilg frame of the CT

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Caroline Eckhardt    MP 87 89-90    Ch's Franklin & others of the Vavasour family

C. D. Benson    The aesthetic of Ch religious tales in rhyme royal.    In Boitani/Torti, Religion    Brewer 90

Jill Mann    PBA 76 90    Anger and glosynge in CT

Linda Georgianna    SAC 12 90    Love so dearly bought: The terms of redemption in CT

H. Marshall Leicester,    The disenchanted self: representing the subject in CT    Calif 90

Dolores Frese,    An Ars Legenda for CT: A re-constructive reading    Florida 91

Susanna G. Fein, David Raybin & Peter C. Braeger (eds.),    Rebels & rivals: the contestive spirit in the CT    91

Richard Neuse,    Chaucer's Dante: allegory & epic theater in CT    Calif 91

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C. D. Benson & Elizabeth Robertson (eds.),    Ch. Relig. Tales Ch. St. XV    Brewer 91 [general essays by D. Pearsall, B. Nolan, R. W. Frank, L. Georgianna; also essays on individual tales, separately listed]

P. B. Taylor    ES 72 91    The uncourteous knights of the CT

Denise Baker    MAE 60 91    Ch and moral philosophy: the virtuous women of the CT

W. Martindale    ChauR 26 91    Ch's merchants

S. Eisner    ChauR 27 92    The Canterbury day

R. Hanning    Pryvetee & poetry in CT: Howard essays 92

D. Weisberg ChauR 27 92    Framing strategy in the CT

J. Lionarono    ChauR 27 92    Technology & deception in CT

Jerome Mandel,    Building the fragments in CT    AUP 92

Eliz. Dobbs    SAC 14 92    Literal, legal and last judgments in CT

Michaela Grudin    PMLA 107 92    Discourse & the problem of closure in CT

Glending Olson    Chaucer's idea of a Canterbury game    In Howard essays 92

Brenda Schildgren    SAC 15 93    Jerome's Prefatory Epistles to the bible, and the CT

Grace Wilson    ChauR 28 93    Seneca and the CT

P. Portnoy    ChauR 28 93    Beyond the Gothic cathedral: reflections on the CT

Mary F. Braswell    SAC 16 94    Chaucer's `court baron': law and the CT

J. R. Andreas    ChauR 29 94    Rhetoric of CT links

K. Jacobs    ChauR 29 94    Adultery in CT

Susan Crane,    Gender & Romance in CT    Princeton 94

R. Boenig,    Chaucer & the Mystics: CT & Devot. Prose    Bucknell UP 95

P. B. Taylor    Exemplaria 7 95    Time in the CT

Angela Jane Weisl,    Gender and genre in Ch's romance    Ch. Studies XXII    Brewer 95

I. Taavitsainen    ChauR 30 95-6    Narrative patterns of affect in 4 genres of CT

Anne Laskaya,    Ch's approach to gender in CT    Ch Studies XXIII    Brewer 96

N. S. Thompson,    Ch's Boccaccio and the debate of love: CT and Decameron    OUP 96

John Hirsh    ChauR 31 96-7    Ch's Roman tales

H. A. Kelly    ChauR 31 96-7    Neo-revisionist look at Ch's nuns

Anne McIlhanney    ChauR 31 96-7    Role of fiend in CT

Helen Cooper    SAC 19 97    Sources and analogues of Ch's CT [general structure]

D. Pearsall    Burrow Essays 97    Pre-empting closure in CT

David Carlson    Library 19 97    Woodcut illustrations of the CT, 1483-1602

Wendy Harding    ChauR 32 97-8    Function of pity in 3 CT (KnT, ClkT, ParsT)

J. S. Russell,    Ch and the Trivium: the Mindsong of the CT    Florida 98

W. A. Davenport,    Ch and his English contemps -- Prol and tale in CT    St Martins 98

Helen Phillips,    Introd. to CT    Macmillan 99

Edward I. Condren,    Ch & the energy of creation: design & organisation in CT    Florida 99

Leonard Koff & Brenda Schildgen (eds.),    The Decameron and the Cant. Tales: new essays on an old question    Fairleigh Dickinson UP 00

Carter Revard    MAE 69 00    From French `fabliau MSS' and Harley 2253 to the Decameron and CT