Piers Plowman -- General Studies

Elizabeth Salter    PP & the Visual Arts   In J. D. Hunt (ed.), Encounters   Studio Vista 71

Pietro Cali,    Allegory & Vision in Dante & L   Cork 71

Barbara Palmer   LSE 5 71   The guide convention in PP

M. C. Davlin   RES 22 71   Kynde knowyng as a major theme in PP

Elizabeth Kirk,    The dream thought of PP   Yale UP 72

Mary Carruthers,    The search for St Truth: a study of meaning in PP Northwestern UP 73

D. Aers,    PP & Christian allegory   Arnold 75

J. S. Wittig   NM 76 75   The dramatic & rhetorical development of Long Will's pilgrimage

R. Adams   SP 73 76   L & the liturgy revisited

Judith Anderson,    The growth of a personal voice, PP & FQ   (Yale UP 76)

John N. King   MP 73 76   Crowley's editions of PP: A Tudor apocalypse

J. Alford   Speculum 52 77   The role of the quotations in PP

Guy Bourquin,    PP: Etudes sur la gènese des trois versions   Paris 78

A. J. Colaianne,    Annotated bibliography for PP   Garland 78

Maureen Quilligan   EC 28 78   L's literal allegory

D. Aers   Lit. & History 7 78   Imagination & Ideology in PP

D. M. Murtaugh,    PP & the Image of God   Florida 78

L. Clopper   M & H 9 79   L's Trinitarian analogies as key to meaning & structure

Priscilla Martin,    PP: The Field and the Tower   Macmillan 79

E. Salter   E & S 32 79   L and the contexts of PP

J. Mann   E & S 32 79   Eating & drinking in PP

P. Gradon   PBA 66 80   L and the ideology of dissent

A. V. C. Schmidt   L & the mystical tradition   In M. Glasscoe (ed.), The Mystical Trad. in England   80

A. V. C. Schmidt    EC 30 80   L's structural imagery

D. Aers,    Chaucer, L and the Creative Imagination   RKP 80

G. Kane   Music `neither unpleasant nor monotonous'   In Bennett essays 81

M. E. Goldsmith,    The figure of Piers Plowman: the Image on the coin   Brewer 81

Janet Coleman,    PP and the Moderni   Rome 81

A. Baldwin,    Theme of Govt in PP   Brewer 81

M. C. Davlin   MAE 50 81   Kynde knowyng as ME equivalent for `wisdom' in PP B

Guy Bourquin   The dynamics of the signans in the spiritual quest (in PP, etc.)    In M. Glasscoe (ed.), The Mystical Trad. in England 82

N. Orme   Hist. of Educ 11 82   L & Education

A. Middleton   The audience & public of PP   In D. Lawton (ed.), ME Allit. Poetry 82

V. DiMarco,    PP: a reference guide   G. K. Hall 82

Mary Carruthers   Time, Apocalypse & the plot of PP   In Donaldson essays 82

A. J. Colaianne   AnnM 22 82   Structure & `foreconceit' in PP B: some observations on L's psychology of composition

G. Kane   The perplexities of L   In Bloomfield essays 82

M. Carruthers   Narration & the invention of experience: episodic form in PP   In Bloomfield essays 82

Mary Dove   Parergon 1 83   Perfect age in PP

B. Harbert   Truth, Love & Grace in PP B   In P. Boitani & A. Torti (eds.),    Lit. in 14th c. England 83

J. Norton-Smith,    William Langland   Brill 83

B. J. Harwood   MP 80 83   L's Kynde knowyng & the quest for Christ

A. C. Spearing   LSE 14 83   L's poetry: some notes in critical analysis

G. Shepherd   Poverty in PP   In Hilton essays 83

D. Aers   LSE 14 83   PP & problems in the perception of poverty

A. V. C. Schmidt   RES 34 83   Word play in PP

Denise Baker   Viator 15 84   Dialectic form in Pearl & PP

M. Godden   RES 35 84   Plowmen & Hermits in PP

A. P. Baldwin   Tripartite reformation of the soul in Hilton, Pearl and PP   In M. Glasscoe (ed.), The Mystical Trad. in England   Brewer 84

Robert A. Wood   MAE 53 84   A 14th c. London owner of PP

G. Economou   Self-consciousness of poetic activity in Dante & L   In L. Ebin, Vernacular poetics in the MA   WMU 84

M. L. Samuels   MAE 54 85   Langland's dialect

R. Adams   Some versions of apocalypse: learned and popular eschatology in PP   In T. Heffernan (ed.), The Pop. Lit. of med. England 85

Lavinia Griffiths,    Personification in PP   Brewer 85

J. Simpson   NM 86 85   Spiritual & earthly nobility in PP

L. M. Clopper   MLQ 46 85   The contemplative matrix of PP

Howard Schless   14th c. imitatio & PP   In P. Boitani & A. Torti (eds.), Intellectuals & Writers of 14th c. Europe   Brewer 86

D. Aers   Reflections on the `allegory of the theologians', ideology & PP   In Aers, Med. Lit. 86

J. M. Bowers,    The Crisis of Will in PP   Catholic UP 86

J. M. Bowers   Medievalia 9 86    PP & the unwillingness to work

J. Simpson   MAE 55 86   From Reason to affective knowledge: modes of thought & poetic form in PP

Morton Donner   ChauR 21 86-87   Agent nouns in PP

J. F. G. Weldon   MS 49 87   Structure of dream-visions in PP

D. Lawton   YLS 1 87   The subject of PP

H. Duggan   YLS 1 87   Towards a theory of Langland's metre

A. V. C. Schmidt,    The clerkly maker: L's poetic art   Brewer 87

David G. Allen   The premature hermeneutics of PP   In Russell essays 88

Joan Heiges Blythe   Transitio & psychoallegoresis in PP   In Russell essays 88

Stephen Manning   L & Jean Piaget   In Russell essays 88

E. Kirk   YLS 2 88   L's plowman and the recreation of religious metaphor

M. C. Davlin   YLS 2 88   PP and the books of Wisdom

T. P. Dolan   YLS 2 88   L & Fitzralph - 2 solutions to the mendicant problem

C. van Nolcken   YLS 2 88   PP, Wycliffites and PPCrede

David Aers   PP: Poverty, Work & Community   In Aers (ed.), Community, Gender, Individual Identity 88

Hugh White,    Nature and Salvation   (PPl St.) Brewer 88

Steven Justice   The genres of PP   Viator 19 88

D. Pearsall   Poverty & poor people in PP   Kane essays 88

J. Alford   Idea of Reason in PP   Kane essays 88

J. H. Fisher   PP & Chancery tradition   Kane essays 88

J. Alford,    PP: A glossary of legal diction   Brewer 88

J. Alford (ed.),    Companion to PP   Calif. 88

E. T. Donaldson etc.    YLS 3 89   On translating PP

Wendy Scase,    PP: & the new anticlericalism   CUP 89

Sister Mary Davlin,    The Game of Heuene: wordplay & meaning in PP B   (PPl St.) Brewer 89

Lawrence Clopper   SP 86 89   Life of dreamer, dreams of wanderer, in PP

S. A. Overstreet   Traditio 45 89   L's elusive plowman

D. Pearsall,    PP: An annotated bibliography   Harvester 90

K. Scott   YLS 4 90   Illusts. in Douce 104

K. Kerby-Fulton,    Reformist apocalypticism & PP   CUP 90

Pamela Raabe,    Imitating God: The Allegory of Faith in PP B   Georgia 90

J. Simpson   Constraints of satire in PP & Mum   Hussey essays 90

A. Henry   Biblical imagery in PP   Hussey essays 90

B. Harbert   L's Easter   Hussey essays 90

A. Baldwin   Triumph of Patience in L & Julian   Hussey essays 90

B. Harbert   A Will with a Reason: theological development in the C-revision of PP   In P. Boitani & A. Torti (eds.), Religion 90

B. J. Harwood   ELH 57 90   Dame Study and orality in PP

Malcolm Godden,    The making of PP   Longman 90

J. Burrow   EC 40 90   The Sinking Island & the Dying Author: R. W. Chambers 50 years on

James Simpson,    PP: An introd. to the B-text   Longman 90

Lawrence Clopper   ChauR 25 90-91   Langland's Franciscanism

Theodore Steinberg,    PP & his Prophecy   [C-text, based on OT prophecy]   Garland 91

H. Cooper   YLS 5 91   Gender & personification in PP

P. Gallacher   YLS 5 91   Imagination, prudence and sensus communis

H. H. Schless   YLS 5 91   Allegory in Dante and PP

L. K. Stock   YLS 5 91   Parable, allegory, history in PP

M. Vaughan   YLS 5 91   Conversion of dreamer into narrator

F. R. du Boulay,    The England of PP   Brewer 91

Steven Kruger   Spec. 66 91   Mirrors & the trajectory of vision in PP

J. R. Thorne   MAE 60 91   Piers or Will: confusion in early reception of PP

J. M. Bowers   YLS 6 92   PP and the police: Wycliffite Langland

A. Galloway   YLS 6 92   PP and the Schools

V. DiMarco   YLS 6 92   Godwin on Langland

Terry Dolan   Langland's women   In D'Or (ed.), A Wyf Ther Was   Liege 92

John Alford,    PP: a guide to the quotations   MRTS 77 92

A. V. C. Schmidt,    PP: new transl. of B   OUP 92

Caroline Barron   Wm. Langland, a London Poet   In B. Hanawalt (ed.), Ch's Eng. Minn. 92

B. T. Harwood,    PP & the Problem of Belief   Toronto 92

A. Middleton   Langland's lives: reflections on late med. religious & literary vocab.    Howard essays 92

Leslie Anne Crowley,    Spenser's debt to Langland   92

M. E. J. Hughes   NM 93 92   Image of the document in PP

Jill Mann,    L & allegory   Kalamazoo 92

John Burrow,    Langland's Fictions   OUP 93

A. J. Fletcher   RES 44 93   Social trinity of PP

Anne Savage   ES 74 93   PP - transl. of scripture and food for the soul

M. Vaughan (ed.),    Suche werkes to werche (Fowler essays)   1993

R. K. Emmerson   Fowler essays 93   Ambiguous dream-experience

D. Lawton   Fowler essays 93   Allit. metre in PP

R. K. Emmerson   YLS 7 93   PP and prophecy

Stephen Manning   YLS 7 93   L and the tradition of spiritual growth

E. Wheatley   NQ 238 93   A selfless ploughman and the Christ/Piers conjunction in PP

R. Hanna,    William Langland [biography]   Variorum 94

G. Kane   YLS 8 94   Reading PP

R. Adams   YLS 8 94   L's ordinatio: Visio and Vita once more

A. Hudson   YLS 8 94   PP and the Peasants' Revolt

D. Aers   YLS 8 94   Christ's humanity and PP

C. Dyer   YLS 8 94   PP and plowmen - historical perspective

Gillian Rudd,    Managing Language in PP.    PPS 9   Brewer 94

C. D. Benson   Frank essays 94   Frustration of the reader & narrative in PP

Eliz. Kirk    Frank essays 94   L's narrative Christology

Anna Baldwin   Frank essays 94   Debt narrative in PP

R. Hanna   Doyle essays 94    Meddling with makings and Will's work

V. Gillespie   Doyle essays 94   Paternoster in PP

T. W. Machan   Spec. 69 94   Language contact in PP

John Alford   YLS 9 95 (Papers from 1st Langland conference)   L's learning

Richard Barnes   YLS 9 95   L's stance and style

Helen Barr   YLS 9 95   PP and poetic tradition

Mary Carruthers   YLS 9 95   Imaginatif, Memoria and `need for critical theory' in PP studies

Wendy Scase   YLS 9 95   Writing and the Plowman: language and literacy

Teresa Tavormina,    Kindly Similitude: Marriage & Family in PP   (Piers Plowman Studies 11) Brewer 95

Helen Barr,    Signes and Sothe: Language in the PP tradition (Piers Plowman Studies 10)   Brewer 95

K. Keller   Love and Marriage in PP   In C. J. Itnyre (ed.), Med. family roles   Garland 95

A. Galloway   Spec. 70 95   Rhetoric of riddling in PP

D. Aers   Labor in PP   In A. Frantzen and D. Moffat (eds.), The Work of Work: servitude, slavery and labor in med. England

Louise Bishop   In ibid.    (on spiritual labor in PP)

Louise Bishop   YLS 10 96   Will and the law of property in PP

Elisa Narin van Court   YLS 10 96   Revision of Jews in B and C

Mary Davlin   YLS 10 96   PP and Gospel and 1st epistle of John

D. Aers   Humanity of Christ in Piers and Wycliffite texts   In Aers and Staley, Powers of the Holy 96

S. Justice & K. Kerby-Fulton (eds.),     Written Work: Langland, Labor and Authorship   Penn 97   [Essays by D. Pearsall, K. Kerby-Fulton, A. Middleton, R. Hanna, L. Clopper] [review by G. Kane in NQ 243 98]

Jas. Simpson   In Copeland, Criticism and Dissent 96   Desire and the scriptural text - Will as reader in PP

C. D. Benson   YLS 11 97   PP and parish wall-paintings

Edward Jones   YLS 11 97   L and hermits

R. F. Green   YLS 11 97   Friar Wm Appleton and the date of B

Laurence Clopper,    Songes of rechelesnesse: Langland and the Franciscans   Mich. 97

J. Wittig,    PP revisited   Twayne 97

Murray Evans   Exemplaria 9 97   PP and the sublime

S. Trigg   YLS 12 98   The traffic in med. women: Alice Perrers, feminist criticism and PP

Joan Baker & Susan S. Morrison   YLS 12 98   The luxury of gender: PP & MerchT

J. J. Paxson   YLS 12 98   Gender personified, personification gendered, and the body figuralised in PP

A. Galloway   YLS 12 98   Intellectual pregnancy, metaphysical femininity and the social doctrine of the Trinity in PP

R. Hanna   YLS 12 98   Reading prophecy/reading PP

K. Kerby-Fulton and D. Despres,    Iconography and the professional reader: the politics of book production in Douce 104   Minn. 98

K. Kerby-Fulton & S. Justice   Traditio 54 99   Reformist intellectual culture in the English & Irish civil service: the Modus tenendi parliamentum and its literary relations

Kathleen Hewett-Smith (ed.),     PP: a book of essays   Garland 99

N. Zeeman   NML 3 99   `Studying' in the MA - and in PP

R. Hanna   NML 3 99   School & scorn: gender in PP

B. Holsinger   SAC 21 99   L's musical reader: liturgy, law, and the constraints of performance [15thc. poem of The Chorister's Lament]

G. Wilsbacher   Exemplaria 11 99   Anachronistic responsibility (a proposal), ethics, history and PP

John Chamberlin,    Med. arts doctrines on ambiguity and their place in L's poetics   McGill/Queen's 00

N. Zeeman   The condition of kynde   In Pearsall essays 00

C. D. Benson   PP as poetic pillory: the pillory & the cross   In ibid. 00

G. Kane   Word games: glossing PP   Waldron essays 00

K. Kerby-Fulton   Professional readers of L at home & abroad: political & bureaucratic codicology of PP   In ibid. 00