Chaucer -- Manuscripts, Texts, Editing (incl. Cant. Tales and Troilus)

F. W. Bateson     EC 25 75    Could Ch. spell? [on text and presentation]

E. T. Donaldson     Hornstein F/S 76    Some readings in CT [armee/aryuee, &c. ]

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Janet Cowen    NQ 28 81    18thc ownership of 2 Chauc. mss. 

L. D. Benson    SAC 3 81    The order of the CT

N. F. Blake    Bennett F/S 81    On editing the CT

N. F. Blake    Archiv 218 81    Critics, criticism & order of CT

C. A. Owen    PMLA 97 82    Alternative Reading of CT: Ch text & early MSS 

M. L. Samuels    SAC 5 83    The scribe of Hg and El

N. F. Blake    ES 64 83    Editorial assumptions in Manly-Rickert

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G. Kane    SAC Proc. 2 86    `Good' & `Bad' MSS: Texts & Critics

D. Mosser    SB 39 86    The Cardigan MS of CT

Emerson Brown    ChauR 21 86-87    KnT 2639: guilt by punctuation

J. H. Fisher    Spec. 63 88    Animadversion on text of Chaucer

R. Hanna    SAC 10 88    Authorial versions, rolling revision and scribal error: Truth

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J. Eadie    ES 71 90    Importance of Hengwrt: 2 studies

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Kathleen Forni    ChYb 5 98    The Ellesmere order -- is it Chaucer's?

S. Horobin    NM 99 98    The `hooked g' scribe and his work on 3 MSS of the CT

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Mary Erler    ChauR 33 98-9    Printer's copy: Bodley 638 & PF

Peter Robinson    Can we trust Hengwrt?    Blake essays 99

S. Horobin    Neoph. 84 00    Scribe of Helmingham & Northumberland MSS of CT

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Joel Fredell    SAC 22 00    The lowly paraf: transmitting MS design in CT

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