Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale (and 'marriage-group')

G. L. Kittredge    MP 9 1911-12    Ch's Discussion of Marriage (on marriage group: followed by Hinckley PMLA '17, Lawrence MP 1914, Kenyon JEGP 1916, C. Brown PMLA 1933, C. P. Lyons ELH 1935)

Margaret Schlauch    PMLA 61 46    The Marital Dilemma in WBT

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A. V. C. Schmidt    NQ 1967    [Husband no. 5 is not dead]

D. Silvia    NQ 1967    [Yes he is]

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Gloria Shapiro    ChauR 6 71 Dame Alice as Deceptive Narrator

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Donald Sands    ChauR 12 78    The non-comic, non-tragic wife -- Sociopath

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Marjorie Malvern    SP 80 83    Who painted the lion?

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Kathryn McKinley    ChauR 30 95-6    Silenced knight: power and reciprocity in WBP

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Susanne Thomas    ChauR 31 96-7    Buried legal argument in WBP

Warren Smith    ChauR 32 97-8    WB debates Jerome

Charles Henebry    ChauR 32 97-8    Apprentice/clerk Jankyn and development of WBP

Martin Puhvel    NM 100 99    WBT -- the mirror of her mind

James Marchand    NM 100 99    quoniam in WBP 608

Edgar Laird    ChauR 34 99-00    The astronomer Ptolemy and the morality of WBP

Robert Longsworth    ChauR 34 99-00    The WB and the Samaritan woman

Kathleen Biddick    JMEMS 30 00    The cut of genealogy: pedagogy in the blood [WBT]

S. H. Rigby    ChauR 35 00    The WB, Christine de Pizan, & the medieval case for women

J. B. Friedman    ChauR 35 00    Alice of Bath's astral destiny: a reappraisal