General Prologue

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Arthur Hoffman    ELH 21 54    The Two Voices in GP

J. Swart Neoph. 38 54    Construction of GP

Rosemary Woolf    Critical Quarterly 1 59    Ch. as satirist in GP

John M. Major    PMLA 75 60    Personality of Ch. the pilgrim

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R. Pearcy    NQ 17 70    Friar -- at his owne cost

D. E. Berndt    SP 68 71    Monastic acedia and Chaucer's Monk

C. Wood    ES 52 71    Jousting & dancing as attrib. of Squire [symbols of lechery in Livre de Seyntz Medecines]

D. L. Jeffrey    JEGP 70 71    Friar's rent

R. B. White    JEGP 70 71    Chaucer's Monk

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Roy Pearcy    ChauR 8 73    Ch.'s Franklin & the literary vavasour

G. Engelhardt    MS 36 74    Lay pilgrims of CT

G. Engelhardt     MS 37 75    Ecclesiastical pilgrims: a study in ethology

C. D. Eckhardt    YES 5 75    The number of Ch. pilgrims

Gerald Morgan    ES 58 77    Universality of portraits

Penn R. Szittya    Spec 52 77    Antifraternal trad. in ME lit. 

Gerald Morgan    ES 59 78    Design of GP

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Gerald Morgan    ES 62 81    Rhetorical perspectives in GP

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Karl Wentersdorf    StN 53 81    The termes of Ch. ML

Leger Brosnahan    ChauR 16 82    Authenticity of preestes thre

Eamon Grennan    ChauR 16 82    Use of but in portrait of Pars

G. A. Lester    Neoph. 66 82    Ch. Knight & the med. tournament [cf. also NQ 28 81]

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C. A. Owen    LSE 14 83    Dev. of art of portraiture in GP

Nigel Saul    MAE 52 83    Social status of Franklin

Pat. Eberle    ChauR 18 83-84    Commercial Language & outlook in GP

Wm. Urban    ChauR 18 84    When was Ch's Knight in Ruce?

Melvin Storm    ChauR 19 84    Ch's Franklin & distraint of knighthood

W. Rothwell    MLR 80 85    Stratford atte Bowe & Paris [French borrowing attested before Chauc]

Wm. McColly    ChauR 20 85    Ch's Yeoman & the rank of knight

Glending Olson    ChauR 21 86    Ch's Monk: the Rochester Connection

Barbara Nolan    PMLA 101 86    Ch's voices in GP

John Pratt    ChauR 22 87-8    Was Ch's Knt really a mercenary?

B. J. Harwood    RES 39 88    The `fraternite' of Ch's guildsmen

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Malcolm Andrew    ChauR 23 88-9    Context & judgment in GP

Bruce Moore    MAE 58 89    The reeve's rusty blade [rusty referring to corrosive power of envy]

Laurel Braswell-Means    ChauR 25 90-91    Ch's Summoner & physiognomia

Laura Hodges    ChauR 26 91    The Monk's costume

Rob. Swanson    SAC 13 91    Ch's Parson & other priests

Andrew Breeze    RMS 17 91    Ch, St Loy & the Celts

D. Maxfield    ChauR 28 93    St Mary Rouncivale

S. Eisner    ChauR 28 93    The Ram revisited

Emerson Brown    Medievalia 15 93    What's wrong with being a worthy Knt?

F. B. Jonassen    SAC 16 94    Carnival food-imagery in the desc. of Franklin

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Laura Hodges    ChauR 29 94-5    Costume rhetoric in portrait of Knt

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J. I. Wimsatt    Spec. 71 96    Duns Scotus, Charles Saunders Pierce, and the portrayal of Ch. pilgrims

Mary Maleski    ChYb 5 98    The culpability of Ch's Prioress

Brian Castle    NM 99 98    Ch's `shaply' guildsmen and mercantile pretension

L. Purdon & J. Wasserman    ChauR 33 98-9    The Franklin, food and the Freemen of York

P. Hardwick    ChauR 33 98-9    Ch: the poet as ploughman

Mel Storm    SP 96 99    Speech, circumspection and orthodontics in MancPT and WB's portrait

Colin Wilcockson    RES 50 99    The opening of GP: a diptych

Laura Hodges    ChauR 34 99-00    Ch's Friar: `typet' and `semycope'

Laura Hodges,    Chaucer and Costume: the secular pilgrims in the GP    Brewer 00

A. Blamires    RES 51 00    Ch the reactionary: ideology & GP