English Mystery Plays - General and Non-Cycle

D. J. Leigh   MP 67 70   Doomsday mystery plays

T. Rendall   NM 71 70   Liberation from bondage in CC plays

R. A. Brawer   MLQ 32 71   Dramatic technique in Creation & Fall

E. Reiss   JMRS 2 72   Lamech in Med. drama

B. Brian   MAE 41 72   Franciscan scenes in a 14th c. Satire

F. I. Dunn   NQ 19 72   Norwich Grocers Play & Norwich records

F. I. Dunn   M&H 4 73   Pop. devotion in Eng. vernac. drama

L. Sinanoglou   Spec. 48 73   Christ child as sacrifice & Corp. Xti Plays

D. L. Wee   MP 72 74   Temptation of Christ & motif of divine duplicity

J. C. Coldewey   MLQ 36 75   Last rise & final demise of Essex town drama

M. C. Pilkinton   MAE 44 75   Lazarus prefiguring Harrowing of Hell

A. C. Cawley   LSE 8 75   ME verse Decalogues and CC plays

Joanna Dutka   LSE 10 77   Mystery plays at Norwich

S. Wenzel   MP 74 77   Early ref. to Corpus C. play (in Holcot c 1335)

Norman Davis (ed.),    Non cycle plays: facsimiles   Leeds Mon. 79

D. Mills   LSE 11 79   Doctor's Epilogue to Brome Abraham

R. J. Daniels   ChauR 14 79   Uxor Noah: raven or dove?

R. St. Jacques   NQ 27 80   Hegge Mary in Temple & liturgy of consecration of virgin

REED: Coventry,    ed. Ingram, '81, Chester, ed. Clopper 80; Newcastle, ed. Anderson '83, Norwich, ed. Galloway 85; Cambridge, ed. Nelson, '88, etc.

L. Clopper   MLQ 41 80   Tyrants & Villains: Chartn. in Passion Cycle plays

Joanna Dutka,    Music in Eng. mystery plays   Med. Inst. Pubs. 80

G. C. Britton   E&S 33 80   Language & character in some late med. plays

Kevin J. Harty   StN 53 81   Norwich Grocers play & other cycle plays on Fall of Man

Meg Twycross   Bennett F/S   Playing The Resurrection   In P. L. Heyworth's Med. Studies   OUP 81 

Pamela Sheingorn   M&H 11 82   The moment of Resurrection in Corp. Ch. plays

Paula Neuss (ed.),    The Creation of the world   Garland 83

Thos. Rendall   MP 81 83-4   Visual typology in Abraham & Isaac plays

C. W. Marx   MAE 54 85   Problem of doctrine of redemption in ME mystery plays

C. Davidson   LSE 17 86   Lost Coventry Doomsday

Martin Stevens,    4 ME Mystery Cycles: Textual, Contextual Interps.    Princeton 87

Melvin Storm   MLQ 48 87    Uxor & Alison: Noah's wife and WB

Theodore Lerud,    Social & political dimensions of the Corpus Christi?N-T drama   Garland 88

John R. Elliott,    Playing God: Med Mysteries on the Modern Stage   Toronto 89

R. D. S. Jack,    Patterns of divine comedy: med. Eng. drama   Brewer 89

H.-J. Diller   Theological doctrine & popular religion in the mystery plays   In P. Boitani & A. Torti (eds.), Religion in the Poetry & Drama of the MA 90

Lawrence Clopper   Spec. 65 90   Miracula & The Tretis of Miraclis Pleyinge

Meg Twycross   Black & white souls in Eng. mystery plays   Hussey essays 91

Hans-Jurgen Diller,    The ME mystery play: dramatic speech & form   CUP 92

John Coldewey (ed.),    Early English non cycle drama: an anthology   Garland 92

Michael Preston, etc.       Concordances to all 6 cycles   Garland (continuing)

E. Schell   LSE 25 94   Fulfilling the law in Brome Abraham

C. Davidson,    Technology, guilds and early Eng. drama    K'zoo 96

Al David   In Stevens essays 98   Noah's Wife's Flood

Colin Fewer   PQ 77 98   The `Fygure' of the Market': The N-Town Cycle and East Anglian lay piety

Clifford Davidson   JEGP 98 99   Nudity, the body, and early English drama

Gail M. Gibson   JMEMS 29 99   Scene & obscene: seeing & performing late med. childbirth

Theresa Coletti   JMEMS 29 99   Genealogy, sexuality & sacred power: the St Anne dedication of the Digby Candlemas

Jody Enders,    The med. theatre of cruelty   Cornell 99