Piers Plowman -- Studies of Particular Passages

M. Amassian & J. Sadowsky   NM 72 71   mede and mercede: a study of the grammatical metaphor in PP

A. Middleton   ELH 39 72   Two infinites: grammatical metaphor in PP

J. S. Wittig   Traditio 28 72   B. 9-12: elements of design in the inward journey

S. A. Barney   MS 35 73   `The plowshare of the tongue': the progress of a symbol in PP

B. J. Harwood   MP 70 73   Clergye & the action of the Third vision of PP

B. J. Harwood   PQ 52 73   Liberum-Arbitrium in PP C

K. B. Trower   MS 35 73   Temporal tensions in the Visio

E. C. Schweitzer   JEGP 73 74   Patience's riddle

R. E. Kaske   Holy Church's speech and the structure of PP   In B. Rowland (ed.), Ch & ME studies for R. H. Robbins   Allen & Unwin 74

B. J. Harwood   MAE 44 75   Imaginatyf in PP

B. J. Harwood   JEGP 75 76   L's `kynde wit'

C. Clutterbuck   RES 28 77   Leaute in PP C

Susan H. McLeod   PQ 56 77   The tearing of the Pardon in PP

E. D. Kirk   `Who suffreth more than God?' Narrative redefinition of Patience in PP & Patience   In G. Schiffhorst (ed.), The Triumph of Patience    Florida 78

R. Adams   Traditio 34 78   The nature of Need in PP

J. L. Selzer   PQ 59 80   Topical allegory: Meed's debate with Conscience

C. D. Benson   ES 61 80   The function of Lady Meed in PP

Denise Baker   Speculum 55 80   From plowing to penitence: PP & 14th c. theology

Ruth M. Ames   The pardon impugned by the priest   In B. S. Levy & P. E. Szarmach (eds.), The Allit. Trad. in the 14th c.    Kent State UP 81

D. A. Lawton   PQ 60 81   On tearing - and not tearing- the pardon

M. W. Bloomfield   MAE 50 81   The allegories of Dobest

A. J. Minnis   Comparative Criticism 3 81   L's Imaginatyf & late-med. theories of the Imagination

J. Burrow   Langland `nel mezzo del cammin'   In Bennett essays 81

P. Dronke   Arbor caritatis   In Bennett essays 81

A. P. Baldwin   MAE 50 81   The double duel in PP B. 18/C. 21

B. B. Gilbert   MAE 50 81   `Civil' and the notaries in PP

T. Tavormina   MP 80 82   `kindly similitude' - L's matrimonial trinity

T. Tavormina   JEGP 81 82   Marriage & virginity in C. 18

Mary-Jo Arn   ES 63 82   L's triumph of Grace in Dobest

A,Barratt   Traditio 38 82   Characters `Civil' and `Theology' in PP

A. V. C. Schmidt   The treatment of the Crucifixion in PP & Rolle   In J. Hogg (ed.), Spiritualität Heute und Gestern   Salzburg 83

E. T. Donaldson   LSE 14 83   Apocalyptic style in B. 19-20

P. Gradon   Trajan in PP   Davis essays 83

R. Adams   Traditio 39 83   Piers's Pardon & L's semi-Pelagianism

Denise Baker   NM 85 84   The Pardons of PP

J. B. Allen   Speculum 59 84   L's reading & writing: detractor & the Pardon passus

S. A. Overstreet   Traditio 40 84   Theological aspects of L's grammatical allegory

Myra Stokes,   Justice & Mercy in PP Visio   Croom Helm 84

Gordon Whatley   Viator 15 84   Legend of Trajan in M. A. 

Gordon Whatley   MP 82 84-85   PP B. 12. 277-94 (Trajan)

Lawrence Clopper   MLQ 46 85   The Contemplative matrix of PP B 

D. Bertz   JEGP 84 85   Prophecy & apocalypse in PP B. 16-19

Marie Collins   LSE 16 85   Will & the penitents, B. 10. 420

N. Gray   LSE 17 86   Reading of Glutton's confession in PP

A. V. C. Schmidt   MAE 55 86   The inner dreams of PP

Penn Szittya   The Trinity in L & Abelard   In Kaske essays 86

J. S. Wittig   The ME `absolute infinitive' and the speech of Book   In Kaske essays 86

H. Barr   NQ 231 86   The Latin quotations in B. 18

J. Simpson   The role of Scientia in PP    In Russell essays 86

R. Waldron   L's originality: The Christ-Knight and the Harrowing of Hell   In Russell essays 86

Gerald Morgan   MP 84 86-87   Meaning of kind wit, Conscience & reason In PP first version

Gerald Morgan   Neoph. 71 87   Favel, Guile, Liar & False in PP 1st version

Ian Bishop   Relatives at the Court of Heaven, in PP & Pearl   In Cottle essays 87

A. Middleton   YLS 1 87   St Averoys (B. 13. 91)

H. Cooper   YLS 1 87   Langland's and Ch's Prologues

J. Simpson   YLS 1 87   Spirituality & economics in B 1-7

Eliz. Doxsee   `Trew Treuth' & Canon Law: Trajan in PP   NM 89 88

G. Morgan   Neoph 72 88   Status & meaning of Meed

R. Kaske   Character Hunger in PP   In Kane essays 88

R. Adams   Mede & mercede & the evolution of the economics of Grace in PP   In ibid. 88

A. Middleton   Making a good end: John But as a reader of PP   In ibid. 88

D. G. Allen   YLS 3 89   The Dismas distinctio and forms of B. 10-13

J. F. Weldon   YLS 3 89   Kneeling in PP B. 18-19

Cindy Vitto   The virtuous pagan in ME lit. (St. Erk. & PP)   Am Phil Soc. 89

R. W. Frank   YLS 4 90   The hungry gap - crop failure and crisis in PP

D. Pearsall   Lunatyk lollares in PP   Boitani/Torti, Religion    Brewer 90 

D. Burnley    Langland's clergial lunatic   In ibid. 90

F. Biggs   YLS 5 91   God as hand in B. 17. 138-205

T. D. Hill   YLS 5 91   Universal salvation in B. 18

D. S. Johnson   YLS 5 91   `Persen with a paternoster' (C. 11. 296)

J. H. Morey   YLS 5 91   The falling angels

J. Ruffing   YLS 5 91   Crucifixion drink in B. 18

R. St. Jacques   YLS 5 91   Christ the physician image

M. W. Twomey   YLS 5 91   Christ's leap and Mary's clean catch, C. 14. 81

P. J. Carlson   Traditio 46 91   Lady Meed & God's meed: grammar of B3/C4

P. Gallacher   YLS 6 92   Imaginatif and sensus communis

F. Grady   YLS 6 92   PP, Erkenwald and exceptional salvation

Lawrence M. Clopper   Need men & women labor? L's wanderer & the labor ordinances   In B. Hanawalt (ed.), Ch's England   Minn. 92

Thomas Ryan   Scripture & the prudent Ymaginatif   Viator 23 92

E. Wheatley   NQ 238 93   Selfless ploughman and Christ/Piers in PP

J. Alford   Fowler essays 93   Figure of repentance

T. F. Dolan   Fowler essays 93    Shame on Meed

P. Martin   Fowler essays 93 93    C's grammatical analogy and gender

A. Spearman   MAE 62 93   Langland's corlew B. 14. 43

Jane Toswell   YLS 7 93   Dogs, cawdels and contrition

Nicole Clifton   YLS 7 93   Romance convention of disguised duel and climax of PP

D. V. Smith   YLS 8 94   Labors of reward - mede and mercede

J. Friedman   YLS 8 94   Friar portrait in Douce 104 - contemporary satire?

T. Tavormina   Frank essays 94   The chilling of charity: eschatological allusion & revision in C 15-17

R. Hanna   Wenzel essays 94   Robert the Ryflare & Companions

J. Alford   Wenzel essays 94   Sources of Banquet Scene

H. White   RES 45 94   Langland, Milton and the felix culpa

J. H. Morey   JEGP 93 94   Legal & spiritual sanctuary in PP B. 17. 1-126

Lucy Lewis   NQ 240 95   L's Tree of Charity & Usk's `wexing tree'

A. W. Cole   ELH 62 95   Tree of Charity in PP

Eliz. Fowler   Spec. 70 95   Civil death and the Maiden: agency and contract in PP

Kathleen Hewett-Smith   YLS 10 96   Allegory on the half acre: the demands of history

Lawrence Warner   YLS 10 96   Christ-Knight, med. theories of atonement and `Round Table' sermons

S. Wenzel   YLS 10 96   L's Troianus

G. Rosanne   JEGP 95 96   Langland's "lewed vicory"

R. J. Pearcy   YLS 11 97   L's `fair field' [fair, n. ]

W. Scase   YLS 11 97   John But's PP and the politics of allegiance

Louise Bishop   YLS 12 98   Dame Study and women's literacy

Colin Wilcockson   NQ 243 98   Glutton's Black Mass in B. 5

K. M. Hewett-Smith   ChYb 5 98   Poverty and the transfiguration of history in central passus of PP