English Mystery Plays - York

A. H. Nelson   MP 67 70   Principles of processional staging: York cycle

C. Wall   MS 32 70   York play of Our Lady & Thomas

J. W. Robinson   JEGP 70 71   York play of birth of Jesus

C. Wall   Spec. 46 71   Music in York Our Lady & Thomas

R. A. Brawer   SP 69 72   Character of Pilate in York Cycle

Marg. Dorrell   LSE 5 72   Mayor of York & Coronation pageant

A. Johnston & M. Dorrell   LSE 5 72, 6 73   Doomsday pageant of York mercers 1433

M. Stevens   LSE 6 73   York cycle: from procession to play

M. Dorrell   LSE 6 73   Two Studies of York C.C. play

J. F. Hoy   MP 71 73-4   Corpus Christi plays & procession in York

T. N. Grove   NM 75 74   York & Chester Harrowing of Hell

M. Stevens & M. Dorrell   MP 72 74   Ordo Paginarium gathering of York A/Y mem. bk.

A. Johnston & A. C. Cawley   LSE 7 74   Procession & play at York after 1426

A. Johnston   Spec. 50 75   Plays of relig. guilds in York: Creed & Paternoster plays

D. L. Jeffrey   Mosaic 8 75   Franciscan Spirituality & use of drama [on Melton]

C. Davidson   Spec. 50 75   Realism of York realist & York passion

A. Johnston   MS 38 76   Guild of Corpus Christi & Procession of C.C. in York

J. A. Hirschberg   St. Icon 2 76   Iconography of Noah's wife

M. Rogerson   LSE 10 77   York Play: some practical details

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R. Beadle & P. Meredith   LSE 11 79   Evidence for dating York Register

P. Meredith   LSE 11 79   York Tilemakers Pageant

A. Cawley   LSE 11 79   Later owners of York Register

Sally Mussetter   NM 81 80   The York Pilate & the 7 Deadly Sins

P. Meredith   LSE 12 80-1   John Clerke's hand in the York Register

R. Beadle   YES 11 81   Origins of Abraham's Preamble in York Ab. & Isaac

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R. Beadle   On editing York cycle (In Machan's Med. Lit.)   SUNY 91

Jonathan Nauman   PQ 70 91   Role of BVM in York Cycle

Pam King   Archiv 232 95   York plays, urban piety, and Nicholas Blackburn, mercer

S. Beckwith   JMEMS 26 96   York cycle as a contemporary theatre of memory

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Sarah Beckwith   In R. Copeland (ed.), Criticism and Dissent 96   Ritual, theatre, and social space in the York plays

Canri Agan   SP 94 97   Liminality and salvation in York and Wakefield

Kathleen Ashley   In Stevens essays 98   Sponsorship, reflexivity, resistance: cultural readings of the York plays

Pamela King   MAE 67 98   Calendar & text: Christ's ministry in York plays and liturgy

Ruth Nissé   JMEMS 28 98   Staged interpretations: civic rhetoric & Lollard politics in the York Plays

S. Beckwith   Absent presences: the theatre of resurrection in York   Pearsall essays 00