Manuscripts & Textual Criticism

D. B. Sands    NM 71 70   Orthographic changes in ME verse

G. L. Brook    NM 73 72   M. E. Spelling [evidence from recopied passage in Caligula Brut that Scribe's own spelling varied widely]

F. Bowers    Library 27 72   Multiple authority: new problems & concepts of copy text

A. McIntosh    NM 75 74   Towards an Inventory of ME scribes

V. J. Scattergood    Archiv 211 74   Revision in some ME Political verses

A. McIntosh    NM 76 75   Scribal profiles from ME texts

Hans Zeller    SB 28 75   New approach to critical constitution of lit. texts

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J. B. Hall    St. Med. 19 78   On editing Latin texts

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Gerald Bruns    CL 32 80   The originality of texts in a MS culture

P. L. Heyworth    Bennett F/S 81   Punctuation of M. E. texts 

J. J. McGann    Text 1 81   Shall these bones live? (also Text 3, 4, 5)

----------,    The text, the poem, & the problem of historical method   NLH 12 1981 269-88

G. Thomas Tanselle    Classical, biblical & med. textual critics & modern editing   SB 36 '83 21-68

C. W. Marx    Beginnings & endings: narrative-linking in 14th & 15th c MSS and the problem of textual `integrity'   In Pearsall, MSS & Readers 85

J. McLaverty    Library '84   Concept of authorial intention in textual crit. 

D. Pearsall    Texts, textual criticism & 15th c. MS production   In R. F. Yeager (ed.), 15th c. Studies 84

D. Pearsall    Editing med. texts: some developments & some problems   In J. McGann (ed.), Textual criticism & literary interpretation   Chicago 85

T. M. Smallwood    NM 87 86   Another ex. of double copying of a ME passage [in Manning's Chronicle]

R. Vance Ramsey    SAC 8 86   Palaeography & Scribes of shared training

D. Pearsall (ed.),    MSS & Texts: Editorial problems in later ME lit.   Brewer 87

A. S. G. Edwards,    Observations on the history of ME editing   In Pearsall, MSS & Texts 87

J. J. McGann    Text 3 87   Interpretation, meaning & textual criticism

Ralph Hanna    SAC 10 88   Authorial Versions, Rolling Revision, Scribal Error: The Truth about Truth

Tim Machan    SB 41 88   Editorial method & Med. Trans. : Boece

Julia Boffey    Text 4 88   French lyrics & English MSS

Ralph Hanna    Text 4 88   Editing ME Prose translations

David Greetham    PBSA 82 88   The place of F. Bowers in Med. editing

John Bowers    PBSA 83 89   Hoccleve's `Lerne to Dye'

Charlotte Brewer    YLS 3 89   Textual Principles of Kane's A-text

George Kane    In Chau. & Langland (repr. essays, Athlone 89)   Text of LGW in Gg 4. 27 (1983)

-----------, ibid.   `Good' and `Bad' MSS:   In Texts and Critics

David Greetham    SB 42 89   Textual & literary theory: redrawing the Matrix

Randall McLeod (ed.),    Crisis in editing: texts of the Eng. Renaissance   AMS 1989 

David Greetham    Edition 4 90   Politics & ideology in current Anglo-Am. textual scholshp. 

Stephen Nichols    Spec. '90   Introd: Philology in a Manuscript Culture [includes Suzanne Fleischman, Philology, Linguistics, and the discourse of the med. text; see also ORALITY & LIT. ]

Hoyt Duggan    NM 91 90   Scribal self-correction & editorial theory

J. J. Thompson    Text 5 91   Textual instability & the late med. reputation of some ME relig. lit. 

Geo. Bornstein (ed.),    Representing Modernist Texts: Editing as Interp.   Mich. 91   [post-Gabler fall-out]

Jenny Fellows    Editing M. E. romance   [In Romance in Med. Eng. 5-16 Brewer 91]

David Greetham    SB 44 91   [Textual] Crit. & Deconstruction

Tim Machan (ed.),    Med. literature: texts and interpretation MRTS 79 SUNY 91

A. S. G. Edwards    ME romance: the limits of editing, the limits of crit.   In Machan 91

R. Beadle    The York cycle: texts, performances & the bases for crit. inquiry   In Machan 91 

J. Boffey    ME lyrics: texts & interp.   In Machan 91 

G. Keiser    Ordinatio in the MSS of Lydgate's Life of our Lady   In Machan 91

S. Reames    Mouvance and interp. in late med. latin: Leg. of St. Cecilia   In Machan 91

F. Riddy (ed.),    Regionalism in late med. MSS. & Texts   Brewer 91

J. Boffey & C. Meale    Rawlinson C. 86 & some other London books   In F. Riddy, Regionalism 91

Robert Adams    YLS 5 91   Editing & the Limits of Durior Lectio

Robert Sturges    Exemplaria 3 91   Textual scholarship: ideologies of lit. production

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T. W. Machan    ME Text Production & Modern textual crit.    (in Crux 92 1-18)

Anne Hudson    The variable text   (in Crux 92 49-60)

Nicholas Jacobs    Regression to the commonplace in some vernac. textual trads.   (in Crux 92 61-70)

S. S. Hussey    Editing the Scale: return to recension   (in Crux 92 97-107)

Ralph Hanna    Producing MSS and Editions (in Crux 92 109-30)

D. Pearsall    Authorial revision in some late-medieval texts    In Crux 92 39-48

Robert Adams   SB 45 92   Editing Piers Pl. B

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T. W. Machan    Textual authority & the works of Hoccleve, Lydgate, Henryson    Viator 23 92

Peter Dembowski    MP 90 92-93   The "French" tradition of editing med. texts

R. & M. Rouse,    Authentic witnesses    Notre Dame 93

T. W. Machan,    Textual criticism & med. texts   Virginia 94

D. Pearsall    TEXT 7 94   Theory & Practice in ME Editing

J. Thompson    Lincoln MS 91   In Doyle essays 1995

D. Burnley    YES 25 95   Scribes and hypertext

J. P. Gumbert,    The speed of scribes, in Emma Condello, &c. (eds.), Scribi e Colofoni   95

R. Hanna    Miscellaneity and vernacularity: lit. prod. in late med. England   In Nichols & Wenzel 96

A. S. G. Edwards    Selden B. 24: a `transitional' collection   In Nichols & Wenzel 96

Sylvia Huot    The shaping of BN fr. 24429   In Nichols & Wenzel 96

David Greetham    Phylum-Tree-Rhizome   In Lerer, Reading for the Margins 96

--------------      PMLA 111 96   Textual forensics

--------------,    Theories of the text   Oxford 96

--------------,    The margins of the text   Mich. 97

R. Hanna,    Pursuing History: ME MSS and their texts   Stanford 1997

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D. Ganz    Status of autograph as expression of personality   In Parkes Studies 97

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D. Pearsall (ed.),    New directions in later med. MS studies   Brewer/YMT 00