Manuscripts: Descriptions and Newly Discovered Texts


    Findern (R. Beadle & A. E. B. Owen: Scolar 77); 

    Auchinleck (I. Cunningham & D. Pearsall: Scolar 77); 

    Gg.4.27 (R. Beadle & M. B. Parkes: Brewer 79); 

    Bannatyne (D. Fox: Scolar 80); 

    Fairfax 16 (J. Norton-Smith, Scolar 80); 

    Tanner 346 (P. Robinson: Brewer/Pilgrim Books 80); 

    Bodley 638 (P. Robinson: Brewer Pilgrim 81); 

    Winchester, BL MS Add.60577 (E. Wilson: Brewer 81); St. 

    John's L.1 (R. Beadle & J. Griffiths: Pilgrim 83); 

    Vernon (A. I. Doyle: Brewer 85); 

    Pepys 2006 (A. S. G. Edwards: Pilgrim 86);

    Morgan 817 (J. Krochalis: Pilgrim 86); Trinity 

    R.3.19 (B. Y. Fletcher: Pilgrim, 1987); 

    Ellesmere (R. Hanna: Brewer 89); 

    Selden B.24 (J. Boffey & A. S. G. Edwards: Brewer 95); 

    Digby 86 (J. Tschann: EETS 97)

J. Quinn   Bodleian Library Record 4 52-3   Earlier owners of Vernon MS

A. Kurvinen   NM 54 53   Porkington 10: disc. & extracts [also NM 73 '72]

N. S. Baugh   A Worcs. miscellany (Add. 37787)   56

N. Ker   MAE 34 65   Verses by John Morton of Berwick St. John. Wilts, early 15th c.

L. Bessermann &c.   NM 71 70   3 unpub. poems from Harley 2252

R. H. Robbins   SP 67 70   Victory at Whitby 1451 in Trinity Coll. Dublin MS E.5.10

S. Wenzel   NM 72 71   A Latin miracle with English verses

M. Benskin & A. McIntosh   MAE 41 72   Med. Eng. MS of Irish provenance [HM 129 of N. Homily Cycle. See earlier general article on MSS of Irish prov. in MAE '88]

R. H. Robbins   NM 73 72   Convertimini: refrain poem in Trin. Dubl. 516

I. Cunningham   Spec 47 72   Technical notes on Auchinleck

Betty Hill   NQ 19 72   Fitzwilliam McClean MS 123

W. L. Braekman   NM 74 73   7 virtues & 7 vices: unpubl. poem

O. S. Pickering   NM 74 73   Unpub. Resurrection poem

A. S. G. Edwards   PQ 52 73   Prayer to Cross, unpub., in H 2251 & Add 34360

P. D. Roberts   ES 54 73   Unpub. lyrics (Hoccleve etc.) in MS of prose trans. 

A. S. G. Edwards & A. Jenkins   MS 35 73   A Hymn to the Virgin: By Lydgate?

M. C. Seymour   MAE 43 74   Scribe of HM 114 [includes PPl]

S. Ogilvie Thomson   RES 25 74   Unpub. verses from Lambeth 559

S. Wenzel   Ang. 92 74   Unrecorded ME verses [mostly in Latin works, sermons, &c.]

R. Handley   NQ 21 74   Cotton Vesp.D. xiv (12th c.)

Betty Hill   NQ 22 75   Notes on Jesus 29

T. Stemmler   Ang. 93 75   More English texts from CUL Ii.3.8

Peter Revell,    15th c. Eng. prayers &c. A desc. list of BL MSS   Garland 75

P. G. Arakelian   NM 76 75   Punctuation in the Pageant of Beauchamp 1389-1439

Alan Fletcher   NQ 1976. 341   3 new death-lyrics from 15th c. sermon MSS.

Philippa Hardman   RMS 2 76   The unity of the Ireland MS

V. DiMarco & L. Perlman   Neoph. 61 77   Letter of Alex. to Aristotle in Worc. MS F.172

H. Hargreaves   MS 39 77   De spermate hominis in Adv. 23.7.11

Alan Fletcher   NQ 1977. 11   another new death lyric from 15th c. sermon MSS

E. Wilson   NQ 1977. 295   Coughton Court MS & Harley 4012

E. Wilson   NQ 1977. 485   An unpub. passion poem in Harley 4012

K. Reichl   Ang. 95 77   Ed. of 1768-line poem on Wedding of Virgin, CUL Add.4122

Philippa Hardman   MAE 47 78   A med. library in parvo (Adv. 19.3.1)

W. L. Braekman   NM 79 78   ME poem on Works of Mercy, Harley 3954 & CUL Ii. 4.9

Betty Hill   NQ 25 78   BL Egerton 613 (eg. Moral Ode)

E. Wilson   NQ 27 80   Two poems from Lincoln Coll. Oxf. MS 141: Shoemakers' testament & carol

Clifford Peterson   NQ 27 80   Two poems in the `Yorkist' MS of Hardyng

Sarah Horrall   NQ 27 80   Watermarks of Thornton MSS

B. O'Donoghue, &c.   NQ 27 80   3 Early 15th c. poems in Magdalan Coll. Oxf.

E. Wilson   NQ 27 80   A newly identified trans. of Petrarch's Secretum

Cameron Louis,    The Commonplace Book of Robert Reynes of Acle (Tanner 407)   Garland 80

Kath. Gottschalk   MP 77 80   Discoveries concerning Harley 6910 (16th c. MS)

T. J. Heffernan   MA 43 81   4 ME lyrics from 13th c. - CUL Add.2585

Sarah Horrall   Ang. 99 81   Unknown ME trans. of Distichs of Cato

T. J. Heffernan   NM 83 82   Unpub. ME verses on `The 3 Sorrowful Things'

M. C. Seymour   Library '82   Reviews of seven Scolar and Brewer facsimiles

I. Cunningham & J. Mordkoff   Script. 36 82   New light on signatures in Auchinleck

Jon. Nicholls   NQ 29 82   A courtesy poem from Magdalene Coll. Camb. Pepys 1236

J. J. Griffiths   Archiv 219 82   Reexamination of Rawlinson C.86

Marg. Laing & A. McIntosh   NQ 29 82   A poem in Rawlinson D.375: a historical puzzle

Sarah Horrall   MS 45 83   Latin & ME proverbs in a Windsor Castle MS

E. Wilson   Davis St.   Poem presented to Wayneflete, Bishop of Winchester   In D. Gray (ed.), ME Studies   OUP 83

V. J. Scattergood   NQ 30 83   Proverbial verses in Trinity Coll. Dublin MS 212 (=D.4.l)

D. C. Baker   MAE 52 83   New MSS of De arte lacrimandi

C. Woolgar & B. O'Donoghue   MAE 52 83   2 ME lyrics in Magdalene Coll. Oxf. MS.

Alex. Barratt (Waikato)   MAE 52 83   ME lyric in OF MS

S. Wenzel   NQ 30 83   A new occurrence [elsewhere] of an Eng. poem from Red book of Ossory

G. A. Lester,    Sir John Paston's Grete Boke: descriptive catalogue   Brewer 84

D. C. Cox & Carter Revard   MAE 54 85   A new ME O-and-I lyric (from Lilleshall)

T. A. Shonk   Spec. 60 85   Books & bookmaking in early 14th c.: Study of Auchinleck

Paul Acker   NM 87 86   Harvard MS 1032: Exemplary verse concerning Charlemagne &c.

Julia Boffey,    MSS of English courtly love lyrics in the 15th c.    Brewer 86

J. J. Thompson   Rob. Thornton & the London Thornton MS   Brewer 88

Susanna Fein   MP 86 88-89    Unedited tr. of Ps.51 from London Thornton MS

E. Wilson   RES 41 90   Local habitations & names in Rawl.C.813

J. Boffey & C. Meale   Rawlinson C.86 & some other London books   In F. Riddy (ed.), Regionalism 91

J. Griffiths   Library 6th ser 14 92   A newly identified MS inscribed by John Shirley

O. Pickering   RES 43 92   Newly discovered secular lyrics from 13th c. Cheshire

Mary A. & R. H. Rouse,    Authentic witnesses (coll. essays)    Notre Dame 92

D. Pearsall (ed.),    Studies in the Vernon MS   1992

P. Hardman   MAE 63 94   Reading the spaces in Lincoln 91 & Add.31042

J. Griffiths   MAE 63 94   Unrecorded ME verse in Holkham MS

Avril Henry   Scriptorium 48 94   Lichfield Cathedral Library MS 16: its illuminated borders & original order [med. relig. miscellany]

F. N. M. Diekstra   ES 76 95   `A good remedy against temptations' - new text in Royal 18.A.x

G. Keiser   MAE 65 96   Thornton's Herbal (MSS)

S. Partridge   EMS 6 97   A newly identified MS by the scribe of the New College CT [Dugdale 45, of Regement]

Bradford Fletcher & A. Leslie Harris   EMS 7 98   A Northampton Poetic Miscellany of 1455-56 (Harley 5396)

Edward Jones   EMS 7 98   Jesus Coll. Oxf.MS 39: signs of a medieval compiler at work

L. Mooney   MAE 67 98   New courtly love lyrics in TCC R.3.19

V. J. Scattergood and J. Boffey (eds.),    Texts and their Contexts (Early Book Society conf. Dublin)    Four Courts 97.   Includes L. Mooney (Almanacs), A. S. G. Edwards (verse-inscriptions), P. Hardman (unfilled spaces in MSS), S. Mullany (Add.37049), B. Donaghey (Thynne's Collected Ch.), S. Powell (Quattuor Sermones), M. Jurkowski (Findern MS)

T. Turville-Petre   SAC 21 99   Poems by Chaucer in John Harpur's Psalter

R. Hanna   Library 6th ser 21 99   Unnoticed romance fragments in Bodl.MS Eng.poet.d.208

A. I. Doyle   Another MS by the scribe of Corp. Christi Oxf.MS 201   Griffiths essays 00

L. Mooney   A new MS by the Hammond scribe   Griffiths essays 00

J. Boffey   MS Arch.Selden B.24 & definitions of `household book'   Griffiths essays 00

L. Mooney   Professional scribes? Identifying scribes with a hand in more than one MS   In D. Pearsall (ed.), New Directions 00

K. Harris   Longleat 24, Pupilla oculi, illustrated by the master of the Troilus frontispiece   In F. Riddy (ed.), Prestige, authority & power 00

Margaret Connolly   Library, 7th ser.1 00   Books connected with Battle Abbey before the Dissolution: some new discoveries [in St Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork]

Sian Echard   JMEMS 30 00   House arrest: modern archives, medieval MSS [the Morgan MSS of Gower]

Ralph Hanna   MAE 69 00   Humphrey Newton & Bodleian Lib. MS Lat.misc.c.66

R. Hanna   Reconsidering the Auchinleck MS    In D. Pearsall (ed.), New Directions 00