Other Alliterative Poems

A. B. Ferguson   St. Ren 2 55   Problem of Counsel in Mum

P. Moe   MAE 39 70   French source of allit. Siege of Jerusalem

R. Hanna   MLQ 31 70   Awntyrs off Arthure

R. F. Lawrence   ES 51 70   Formula & Rhythm in Wars of Alex. 

M. Rigby   RES 21 70   Review of Miskimin's ed. of Susannah

D. Klausner   MS 34 72   Exempla & Awntyrs

E. E. Foster & G. Gilman   NM 74 73   Text of W Palerne

T. M. Smallwood   MAE 42 73   The Interp. of Somer Soneday [NQ 238. 43]

T. Turville-Petre   RES 25 74   Summer Sunday, &c. poems in 13-line stanza

T. Turville-Petre   NM 75 74   Humphrey de Bohun & WP

W. Matthews   Spec. 49 74   Where was Siesia/Sessoyne?

C. D. Benson   NQ 21 74   Chau. allusion in Dest Troy

D. Embree   NQ 22 75   Richard the Redeles & Mum [2 separate poems]

A. G. Blamires   NM 76 75   Mum & Sothsegger & the Langlandian idiom

M. Sundwall   RES 26 75   Dest. of Troy: relation to Troilus & Troy-Book

V. M. Lagorio   M&H 6 75   Joseph of Arimathea: Eng. hagiog. in transition

H. N. Duggan   Spec 51 76   Source of Wars of Alexander

T. Turville-Petre   ELR 6 76   Nicholas Grimald and Alex. A

A. McIntosh   RES 28 77   Text of De Tribus Regibus Mortuis

D. Lawton   LSE 10 78   Scottish Field: allit. verse & Stanley encomium

T. Turville-Petre   RES 30 79   A lost allit. Alexander romance

Caroline Eckhardt   NQ 27 80   Another historical allusion in Mum & Sothsegger

D. Lawton   StN 52 80   Dest Troy as trans. from Latin prose

D. A. Lawton   StN 53 81   Alex A & C: Form & Style in trans. from Latin prose

D. A. Lawton (ed.),    Joseph of Arimathea   Garland 82

T. Turville-Petre   Spec. 57 82   `The Lament for Sir John Berkeley'

Ian Baird (ed.),    Scottish Feilde & Flodden Field   Garland Med. Texts 82

Gert Ronberg   Neoph. 67 83   Two N. W. Midland MSS revisited

Andrew Wawn   YES 13 83   Truth-telling & the tradition of Mum & Sothsegger

Erik Kooper   LSE 15 84   Grace: the healing herb in Wm of Palerne

G. Bunt (ed.),    Wm of Palerne    84

R. Allen   Observations on editing Awntyrs   In D. Pearsall (ed.), MSS & Texts 85

T. Turville-Petre    Editing the Wars of Alexander    In ibid. 85

T. Turville-Petre   MAE 57 88   The author of the Dest. of Troy (John Clerk of Whalley)

S. Fein   YLS 2 88   Poetic art of Death and Life

Helen Phillips   MAE 58 89   The ghost's baptism in Awntyrs

Eliz. Walsh (ed.),    The Tale of Ralph the Collier   Peter Lang 89

Joseph Donatelli (ed.),    Death and Liffe   Speculum Monog. 89

H. Barr   YLS 4 90   New evidence on relationship of Mum and Richard

J. Simpson   Constraints of satire in PP & Mum   Hussey essays 90

H. Phillips   The Quatrefoil of Love   In ibid. 90

J. Dean (ed.),    6 eccles. satires (Piers the Plowman's Crede, Jack Upland, etc)   TEAMS 91

R. Peck (ed.),    OT heroic women (Pistill of Susan, etc.)   TEAMS 91

R. E. Stratton (ed.),    Chevelere Assigne   Mellen 91

Helen Barr (ed.),    Poems of PPl tradition (PPlCrede, etc.)   91

Helen Barr   LSE 23 92   Natural law in Richard and Mum

Susanna Fein   MLQ 53 92   Two stanzaic allit. poems: Dispute between Mary & Cross, `Quatrefoil of Love'

Donna Crawford   ES 73 92   Prophecy and paternity in Wars of Alexander

R. Hanna   YLS 6 92   Contextualizing the Siege of Jerusalem

J. Noble   ChYb 1 92   Typological patterns in Joseph of Arimathie

Elisa Narin Van Court   ChauR 29 94-5   Siege of Jerusalem: writing about Jews in the 14th century

N. Hinton   Werewolf in WP   In N. C. Flores (ed.), Animals in the Middle Ages   Garland 95

D. Lawton   Poetics of recreation and revenge in Siege of Jerusalem   In 

Pickering,    Individuality and ach.   1996

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Ros. Allen   Mills F/S 96   The awntyrs of Arthure

Diane Speed   Mills F/S 96   The pattern of providence in Chevelere Assigne

P. Dronke   In Gray essays 97   Poetic originality of Wars Alex

Christine Chism   JMEMS 28 98   The Siege of Jerusalem: liquidating assets

Bonnie Millar   RMS 24 98   Richard the Redeles and the concept of advice

Bonnie Millar,    The Siege of Jerusalem in its physical, literary and historical contexts   Four Courts 00

Rosamund Allen   RMS 26 00   The Awntyrs off Arthure: portraits & property