Poems of Harley 2253

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A. Matonis   MP 70   Celtic in H.2253

V. H. Keller   Archiv 207 71   Recipes in H.2253

B. Hill   NQ 19 72   Way of Christs/womans Love in H.2253

A. Shannon   PQ 53 74   grein in Winter waknep al my care   

J. C. Hirsh   NM 75 74   15 Oes

E. G. Stanley   NQ 22 75   Richard Hyrd (?) in Weping have my wonges wet in H. 2253 [cryptogram]

J. E. Hallwas   NM 77 76   The two versions of `l syke al whan I synge'

R. H. Osberg   JEGP 76 77   Allit. lyric & 13th c. devotional prose

H. Bergner   NM 79 78   Miles in H.2253

Daniel Ransom   SP 75 78   `Annot & John' & the ploys of parody

T. Stemmler   NQ 25 78   Difficult bits in Harley 2253 political poems

Carter Revard   NQ 26 79   Richard Hurd & Harley 2253

J. J. Anderson   MAE 49 80   Two difficulties in The Meeting in the Wood

Andrew Howell   ELH 47 80   Reading the Harley Lyrics - master poet & conventions

T. L. Burton   EC 31 81   `Fair Maid of Ribblesdale' & problem of parody

Carter Revard   NQ 28 81   3 more holographs in hand of Scribe of H. 2253

Carter Revard   Spec 79 82   Gilote & Johane and Harley 2253

David Jauss   Neoph. 67 83   Ironic use of med. poetic conv. in Fair Maid of Ribblesdale

Helen Fulton   MP 82 84-85   Theory of Celtic Influence on Harley lyrics

Richard Osberg   MP 82 84-85   Allit. technique in Harley lyrics

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A. D. Wilshere   FMLS 24 88   The AN bible stories in H 2253

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J. A. Dane   MAE 68 99   Page layout and textual autonomy in H.2253 - `Lenten is come'

Carter Revard   MAE 69 00   From French `fabliau MSS' and Harley 2253 to the Decameron and CT

Susanna Fein (ed.),    Studies in Harley 2253: scribes, contents, social contexts   Univ. W. Michigan, for TEAMS 00 [essays by S. Fein, Carter Revard, Theo Stemmler, Michael P. Kuczynski, John Scattergood, Richard Newhauser, Karl Reichl, Helen Phillips, David L. Jeffrey, John J. Thompson, Barbara Nolan, Mary Dove, Elizabeth Solopova, Frances McSparran, Marilyn Corrie]