Physician's Tale (and Fragment VI)

Lee Ramsey    ChauR 6 72    The sentence of it sooth is: PhyT

Thomas Hanson    ChauR 7 72    Ch. 's Phys. as storyteller and moralizer

Anne Middleton    ChauR 8 73    PhyT & Love's martyrs: `ensaumples mo than ten'

Anne Lancashire    ChauR 9 74-5    Ch. and the sacrifice of Isaac: PhyT

Gerhard Joseph    ChauR 9 74-5    Fragment VI

Martha Waller    Spec 51 76    PhyT: Chaucer and Fray Juan Garcia

Michael Haines    ChauR 10 76    Fortune, Nature & Grace in Fragment C

Jerome Mandel    ChauR 10 76    Governance in the PhyT

Emerson Brown    PQ 60 81    What is Ch doing with Phy. and his Tale?

S. Delany    SAC 3 81    Politics & the paralysis of the poetic imag. in PhyT

Daniel Kempton    ChauR 19 84    PhyT: the doctor's diplomatic `cure'

Brian Lee    ChauR 22 87-88    Position & purpose of PhyT

D. W. Robertson    ChauR 23 88-89    The Phys. comic tale

M. P. Harley    JEGP 91 92    Final judgment and the worm of conscience in PhyT

J. Hirsh    ChauR 27 92    The discourse of the PhyT

John Crafton    Signs, comedy and mystery in CT Fragment VI    In Jost, Chaucer's humour 1994

M. Pelen    ChauR 29 94-5    Murder and immortality in Fragment VI

C. Collette    ChYb 2 95    Virginia as image in PhyT

Brian Lee    ChYbk 4 97    Justice in PhyT/PardT

Angus Fletcher    ChauR 34 99-00    The sentencing of Virginia in PhyT