English Mystery Plays - Towneley (Wakefield)

M. Stevens   Spec. 45 70   The missing part of Towneley cycle 

J. W. Earl   SP 69 72   OT history in Towneley plays

Linda Marshall   Spec. 47 72   Sacral parody in 2nd Pastorum

John Gardner,    Construction of Wakefeld cycle   S. Illinois 74 

B. Brockman   Spec. 49 74   Judicial process as satire in Wakefield Abel

Jean Forrester & A. C. Cawley   LSE 7 74   A new look at Wakefield records

A. C. Cawley & M. Stevens (ed.),    Towneley cycle: facsimile   Leeds Mon. 76 or Hunt. Lib. 76 

E. Schell   MLQ 37 76   Action imitated by Secunda Pastorum

Jeanne Martin   M&H 8 77   History & Paradigm in the Towneley cycle

George West   PQ 56 77   Analysis of Towneley Lazarus

B. Brockman   MS 39 77   Comic & Tragic counterpoint in Wakefield Mactacio Abel

Martin Stevens   Spec. 52 77   Language as theme in the Wakefield plays

Maynard Mack   PMLA 93 78   The 2nd Shep. Play: a Reconsideration

Cherrell Guilfoyle   YES 8 78   Riddle-song & Shepherds' gifts in 2nd Shepherds

Theresa Coletti   M&H 9 78   Theology & politics in Towneley Play of Talents

T. J. Jambeck   MP 63 78   Canvas-tossing allusion in Secunda Pastorum

T. J. Jambeck   ELN 17 79-80   `Ayll of Hely' allusion in Secunda pastorum

Edgar Schell   MLQ 41 80   The distinctions of the Towneley Abraham

Josie Campbell   ChauR 14 80   Farce as function in Wakefield Shep. plays

M. F. Vaughan   Spec. 55 80   The three Advents in Sec. Past.

Jeffrey Helterman,    Symbolic action in plays of Wakefield master   Georgia P. 81

Suzanne Speyser   SP 78 81   Dramatic illusion & sacred reality in 2nd Past. 

Lauren Lepow   MP 80 82-3   Shepherds Feast in Prima Past. 

Lauren Lepow   PQ 62 83   Drama of Communion: Life of Christ in Towneley cycle

Lois Roney   Spec. 58 83   Wakefeld 1st & 2nd Sheph. as Complements in Psychology & Parody

D. Mills   LSE 17 86   Towneley plays or Towneley cycle?

A. A. Cawley & M. Stevens   LSE 17 86   Towneley Processus Talentorum

Robert Adams   ChauR 21 86-87   Egregious feasts of Chester & Towneley shepherds

T. J. Jambeck   MLQ 50 90   The day star allusion in Secunda Pastorum

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Lauren Lepow,    Enacting the sacrament: counter-Lollardy in Towneley   92

G. D. Schmidt   Neoph. 76 92   Shepherding and cultural expectation in Secunda Pastorum

Mavis Fiondella   Exemp. 6 94   Derrida, typology and the 2nd Shep. Play

Myra Stokes   Masters and servants in plays of Wakefield Master   In 

O. Pickering,    Individuality and ach.    1996

Canri Agan   SP 94 97   Liminality and salvation in York and Wakefield

J. H. Morey   SP 95 98   Plows, laws, and sanctuary in med. England and the Wakefield Mactacio Abel