Piers Plowman -- Manuscripts and Texts

D. C. Fowler   Review 2 80   Editorial `jamming': 2 new editions of PP

D. Pearsall   NM 82 81   The Ilchester MS of PP

G. H. Russell   The poet as reviser: metamorphosis of the 7 deadly sins   In Donaldson essays 82

A. G. Rigg & Charlotte Brewer (eds.),    PP: the Z-version   Toronto 83

A. V. C. Schmidt   MAE 53 84    Authenticity of Z: metrical examination

C. Brewer   MAE 53 84   Z and A, B, C texts of PP

G. H. Russell   Viator 15 84   Early responses to C-version

R. Adams   MAE 54 85   Reliability of rubrics in B

L. Patterson   The logic of textual criticism & the way of genius: The Kane-Donaldson PP in historical perspective   In J. McGann (ed.), Textual Criticism 85

G. Kane   Speculum 60 85   The `Z version' of PP

A. I. Doyle   Remarks on surviving MSS of PP   In Russell essays 86

Hoyt Duggan   MAE 56 87   Authenticity of Z text: metrical evidence

R. F. Green   MAE 56 87   Lost exemplar of Z-text

Teresa Tavormina   SP 84 87   Liturgy of St Lawrence: composition & revision in PP

Wendy Scase   NQ 232 87    Two PP C-text interpolations

Lawrence Clopper   MP 85 87-88   L's markings for structure of PP

G. Kane,    Historical & Textual Approaches to Ch. & L.    Calif 88

G. Russell   The imperative of revision in PP C   In Kane essays 88

G. Russell   LSE 20 89   Early responses to C-text

Ralph Hanna   SB 42 89   Scribe of HM 114

Charlotte Brewer   YLS 3 89   Textual Principles of Kane's A-Text

Hoyt Duggan   SAC 12 90   Langland's dialect & final -e

R. Adams   YLS 5 91   Editing and the limits of durior lectio

C. Brewer   Authorial vs scribal writing in PP   In Machan's Med. Lit.    SUNY 91

Robert Adams   SB 45 92   Editing PP B

C. Brewer   Geo. Kane's Processes of revision   In Minnis & Brewer, Crux   Brewer 92

K. Scott & D. Pearsall,    Facsimile of Bodl. Douce 104   Brewer 92

C. Brewer & A. G. Rigg,    Facsimile of Z-text   Brewer 93

M. Vaughan   Fowler essays 93   The ending(s) of A

R. Hanna   YLS 7 93   Studies in MSS of PP (the Holloway fragment, Bodley 851)

P. Barney   YLS 7 93   Line-number index to Athlone PP

James Weldon   Florilegium 12 93 559-75   Ordinatio and genre in Corpus Christi Oxford MS 201 of PP

Jill Mann   YLS 8 94   Reassessment of A and B

John Bowers   YLS 9 95   PP's Langland: editing the text, writing the author's life

Traugott Lawler   YLS 10 96   Reply to Jill Mann (YLS 94), reaffirming normal AB order

C. Brewer   MAE 65 96   Editing PP (review of Schmidt's parallel-text ed.))

C. Brewer,    Editing PP: The evolution of the text    CUP 96

S. Taylor   ES 77 96   F scribe and R MS in PP B

C. D. Benson and Lynne Blanchfield,    The MSS of Piers Plowman B   Brewer 97

H. Duggan,    Corpus Christi Coll. Oxf. MS 210 of PP B   SEENET, Mich. 97

Sean Taylor   YLS 11 97   The lost revision of B

C. Grindley   YLS 11 97   New frag. of C? [4 lines in HM 143]

Bryan P. Davis   YLS 11 97   Rationale for a copy of a text: constructing the exemplar of Add. 10574

Merja Black   MAE 67 98   A scribal translation of PP (Harley 2376)

Peter Barney   YLS 12 98   Line-number index to the Athlone edition of C

R. Hanna   YLS 12 98   Review of Athlone ed. of C

C. D. Benson   Authors, editors & readers of PP   In Pearsall (ed.), New Directions 00